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Thread: there are pictures taken inside Studio 54 in 1977

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    there are pictures taken inside Studio 54 in 1977

    on today's Daily News website.

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    Hi Cory,
    Do you have a link for those, which you could post.....??

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    I should have done that yesterday when I saw the pictures, and I will next time for sure. But if you go to the Daily News AMERICA website, click on the photo tab and put "Studio 54" into the search box you can see them. Every time I try my computer seems to freeze after I look at just a few of the pictures. There's pictures of James Brown, Michael Jackson, Liza Minelli and someone I sure wouldn't expect to see there....Keith Richards, though considering the kind of partying that was common then, maybe it's not so unusual that he was there after all.

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    Cory, I'm sorry but it's not that difficult to post a link, is it?
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    Hi Cory,
    ...and someone I sure wouldn't expect to see there....Keith Richards....
    Curious that. Here's a quote from last year's Keith Richards autobiography.....
    We didn't think much of "Miss You" when we were doing it. It was "Aah, Mick's been to the disco and come out humming some other song". It's a result of all the nights Mick spent at Studio 54 and coming up with that beat, that four on the floor. And he said, add melody to the beat. We just thought we'd put our oar in on Mick wanting to do some disco ****, keep the man happy. And we realised, maybe we've got a quintessential disco thing here. And out of it we got a huge hit. The rest of the album doesn't sound anything like "Miss You". couldn't be that Keef is trying to shy away from credit for "Miss You" ?
    Surely not?? Naaaahhhhh...


    Having just re-read this post I've noticed the ****, which was not how I typed it !!
    Is there some sort of filter at work here, saving us innocent, sensitive souls from naughty words ??
    ****, ****, **** !!
    Yup, so it would seem.....
    "Without music, life would be a mistake "

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    not unless you just don't think of it.