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Thread: Glee Does Disco....

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    Glee Does Disco....

    ...and perpetuates the myth.

    I'll confess that I am no fan of the show Glee. It's a bit too victim-coddling for me with a much-too-clever script that just comes out hollow and brash. The show definitely has its importance in the younger generation's culture and for that, I'm glad it's there....just don't make me watch it (much like Lady Gaga...great that she's putting out this music...I just don't need to listen to it).

    I saw the advertisements announcing that this entertainment carrier of all-things-cool was taking on a disco theme so I decided to tune in with the silly hope that the disco genre would be presented in a whole new light for a generation that has been distanced from the sovereignty of rock n roll. Alas, the show took the easy route and centred around the Saturday Night Fever stereotypes and within the first couple of minutes, after the regular characters are introduced to the suggestion of doing something disco, they exclaim in a loud, resounding "disco sucks"....letting all of the show's young fans in on this all-too-common meme.

    And that was disappointing. With its overly-hip team of writers, here is a show that pats itself on the back for breaking down some barriers and bravely forcing its way into middle America despite many controversies and pearl-clutching but it ends up portraying the musical genre of disco in its stereotypical, clownish caricature....long live afro wigs, white suits and disco-dissing. This was a chance to shed light on an incredibly skilled music era that was unfairly castigated by the bullying rock about being victimized!

    There was one highlight and that was the exuberant cover of "Boogie Shoes" sung by newcomer Alex Newell in a full drag performance.....would love an extended mix....

    Dancin' helps relieve the pain, soothes your mind, makes you happy again

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    Re: Glee Does Disco....

    I watched it too.
    I agree with you absolutely 100%
    It made me cringe.

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    Re: Glee Does Disco....




    Quote Originally Written by discodevil View Post
    I watched it too.
    I agree with you absolutely 100%
    It made me cringe.
    I've never been interested in "Glee". I don't even own a tv anymore, I can't stand advertisements and reality tv just pisses me off, so I stick to renting dvds. I suppose the only possible benefit this could have is young people seeking out "Boogie Shoes" and more and maybe putting some more money in Harry Casey's and Richard Finch's pockets. Maybe they'll investigate a little more, who knows. But it doesn't surprise me they took the easy way out.
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