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    What's She Got That I Ain't female vocalist?

    Hi, any help is appreciated. I have this song recorded on an old cassette tape and I am trying to identify the artist. Shazam does not recognize it. Google comes up with nothing when I enter lyrics I know. You Tube also does not offer any help. The voice sounds like it is a solo black female artist. It is from the 70s. This is the chorus:

    What's she got that I ain't got.
    What's she have that I have not.
    What can she do that I can't do.
    What's she got over you.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Re: What's She Got That I Ain't female vocalist?

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    Re: What's She Got That I Ain't female vocalist?

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you so much! I actually resorted to recording it from the tape desk to my iPhone using the Voice Memo function. I then emailed the recording to myself and downloaded it and saved it to my iTunes library. Sound quality was horrific but it provided some temporary gratification. The recording of it I originally got from the radio had Vinnie Perruzzi (Disco Vinnie), who was a Boston DJ for a long, long time, talking at the end of it. Blast from the past! To top it all off, I already have Liquid Gold songs on my iPod, such as My Baby's Baby, so you would think I would make the connection just by using my ears! One Dope Slap for yours truly! Thanks again Dan. Much appreciated!



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