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    Grace Jones' twin brother

    I have read that Grace Jones had an identical twin brother. She has indicated that she thought they were genetically mixed up at birth because she was always the tom boy, and he played with dolls. According to what I read, he was gay, and he lived in NY and went to all of the legendary discos, and he was sort of her introduction to this world when she moved to NY to pursue modelling. I've been looking for pictures of the two of them to verify if this is true....and also just to see what he looks like, to see if he is as striking and fierce as his twin sister Grace!! So if anyone has any information about this, or better yet - pictures OR links to pictures - I would be so thankful.

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    Sorry to lay down the semantics, but...

    They couldn't be identical twins. If Grace had an "identical twin brother", then she'd be a man. Hey wait, that would explain a lot... :-?

    Seriously though, identical twins are just that -- identical. Same gender and appearance because they have the same DNA. If they're different in appearance and/or gender, they would be fraternal twins.

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    Ohhhh.... :oops:

    Thanks! :)

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