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    Question a woman sings "tooroorooroo or turururu" HELP

    hELLO guys! im new here. well, at my work i was listening a lot of disco tracks like i feel love, more more more or get down tonight, but then a unknown song came sounds like hi-nrg or something like that i dont know, reminds me of Vogue´s Dancing the night away mixed with One for you one for me by LaBionda xD, the woman sings softly and at the end of the first verse says something like " its me" or "thats me" and then in the chorus repeats the same phrase and then, in the background says something like DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! a lot of times, but not the main voice i mean a girl chorus.....and at the end of the song she only sings....Tooroorooroo toorooroo, again, a lot of times.....but, she doesnt sings a lot, most of the song is instrumental, like a trance track....sorry if im confused or if i write sooo bad, but im from argentina so i cant write english very well thats makes all worst LOL......i hope you can help me.
    sooo....good bye and happy hollydays. :)

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    Re: a woman sings "tooroorooroo or turururu" HELP

    This could be The Ring - Savage Lover, listen on youtube :

    Maybe i'm totally off, but give it a try :-)
    The best things in life are free :-)


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