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    Tony Valor Interview at

    Recently had the pleasure of talking to Disco producer Tony Valor about his many projects such as Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra, Fantasy, Soccer... He talks about his business relationship with Tom Moulton and how the song title "Ma-Mo-Ah" came about.

    The interview is now online at

    Feedback and comments welcome as always.
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    I have been seeking out as much of Tony Valor's work as I can find. I was very surprised when I heard "Love Has Come My Way" as well as Satin Soul and Soccer. These are such good works that it's surprising that they aren't better known. It's good to know that he is still active in the business.

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    Excellent read.... Tony Valor is definitely something of a "disco hero". His best tune IMO has to be "Dance the night away" by Carol Williams, a real gem that a lot of people don't know!

    I had a look around on his label's web site, and noticed that the Soccer track "Come on and get it on" (which I also love) is listed as "Take you away". Is that a mistake?

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    Fantasy's "Who's gotta funky song" is one of my all-time favourite disco song. It has a perfect intro, with a killer bass. You don't know why but your start to move your head, then you get up, and you start to dance. This song is really pure ecstasy to me.

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