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Thread: Top 20 Disco Import with Tony Prince

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    Re: Top 20 Disco Import with Tony Prince

    Thanx delboy.
    This is how I learned to hate Rock 'n Roll

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    Re: Top 20 Disco Import with Tony Prince

    Hi all

    Great to read your memories of Tony Prince's top 20 Disco Import show on Luxembourg.

    I can hardly believe it myself that as a youngster (I was 12 years old in 1979!) I was always locked in to Mr Prince (the royal rular I believe?) on a Friday night checking out the disco Import show (clutching a Blues & Soul or Groove Weekly magazine to check what was being played!).

    Random highlights for me (off the top of my head!) - Not sure why these stick in my mind really?

    1) Lipps Inc 'Funkytown' being No.1 way before it came out in the UK (and became a pop hit!)

    2) Dee Dee Sharp Gamble - 'Breaking & Entering'

    3) Wont you let me be the one - Micheal Mcglory (?)

    4) My friend and I taking a transistor radio on school camp and listening to 'Movin & Groovin' by Atlantis while everyone else was trying to sleep (and getting a rollocking from a teacher!)

    5) Alan Coulthard's mixes were incredible.

    6) Adverts for Cutie Cura foot powder!!!

    And this was all good 2 years before I had ever stepped inside a credible club!!

    I did record some bits of the show (but as the quality was always so bad I never really got much and always stopped the cassette after Tony had announced the track) - of course its now somewhere in a box of 100's of tapes!

    Anyway, the reason why I found your chat room is because I have a show on colourful radio ( digital channel 194/soon to be DAB across London) where I play a selection of Disco/Boogie/Rare Groove/Northern Soul & a bit of reggae. A couple of weeks ago I actually ran down a City Slickers chart from a 1983 copy of B & S and was hoping to find out if anybody had anymore on line - I do have a stack of Groove Weeklys in the loft but again its finding them!

    If anybody has any charts they could send through I would be up for doing another rundown in the show (and I can give you a shout out).

    I did once meet Tony Prince (when judging a DMC competition) and I did mention how imspirational his show had been, but that was a while ago now.

    What great times!

    Andy Smith

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    Re: Top 20 Disco Import with Tony Prince

    Sorry about the late reply, but guess this thread will never really die as long as there's peoples remembering the Disco Imports show here. :)

    Just listening to Sharon Redd's "Beat The Street", then "Over Like A Fat Rat" had me down memory lane to the Disco Imports again, and found your interview online DJ Andy Smith...good one!

    Still have a shopping bag from Groove Records somewhere.

    Cute Cera...hell yes!...haha...always annoying with those commercials, and there was also another station interfering with the transmissions here with some Indian chanting music, and often when there was a brand new entry like Tony put it. :)

    Also remember him using that delay/reverb on his voice shouting thru it..impressive effect at the time.

    Alan Coulthard was the first DJ I heard mix that well...blending, and actually on beat, and messing about with doubles etc...then Sanny X from Sweden came along with mixes inspired by Grandmaster Flash's "Wheels Of Steel". I believe Sanny was the first DMC world champ in 84.

    I still have some tapes from Luxy...gotta dig 'em up some day.

    Thanks for the info about some of the early records on the show as I didn't start listening 'til 81. Didn't know Lipps Inc's Funkytown had been on the chart...good lookin' out!

    Any1 know when the show started and ended?

    ..and oh...Atlantis...what a great 12"! :)

    I did get an almost complete list of records on the charts from 1980 to 83 from an online friend, but have promised on my life not to share it with anyone, so I have to honor that, but I might share some tapes some time in the future. :)

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    Re: Top 20 Disco Import with Tony Prince




    Hi there,

    I have taped approx. 100 x top 20 imports pres. Radio tele Lux /Tony Prince and co.
    I have also almost every playlist from 81 to 83 or 84 (cant remember exactly)
    and on top almost every old Blues Soul Mgazine incl. "City Slicker Charts" which were close to "Top 20 Imports Charts" but not exactly the same.
    I live in Germany as I did in the early 80ies.
    If anybody wants to make contact:

    cheers mates


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