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Thread: Disco Traviata

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    Smile Disco Traviata

    Hi all and Happy New Year!

    I'm glad that I finally found this site! :icon_cool:
    I've been hunting a tune for a long time, and all I know is the title:


    Does someone know who played this song around 1979?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Disco Traviata

    Hi, welcome and a happy new year to you too..

    La Traviata (Verdi) (I looked it up ;-)

    Is a classical piece, and as far as I know never heard a disco song with the title 'Traviata' in it.

    Walter Murphy did a lot of 'disco/classic' tunes..

    But you have more info?

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    Re: Disco Traviata

    Maybe it was only released in Eastern-Europe? There was a lot of Disco from there that didn't reach our clubs.

    Maybe this Hungarian site is helpful? I hope because I don't understand Hungarian but they seem to mention Disco Traviata on this page.

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    Re: Disco Traviata

    It's funny...
    The link you provided is actually an interview with me!!!!! :icon_biggrin: (I'm talking about how I started in the radio business, and mentioned Disco Traviata as one of the first songs I ever spinned.)

    I will post an audio sample soon, hope that helps...

    Thanks anyway


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    Smile Vinyl copy Re: Disco Traviata


    I don't know if you are still interested in getting info on the Discotraviata (or Disco Traviata) vinyl. I just happen to have a copy of it. The label says it is by someone named "El Iconoclasta". Unfortunately my copy is stored in the other side of the world (in reference to where I'm living right now), but I remember quite well that in the B side there is a song named "Preludiata", which is also a Disco version of another popular classical theme.


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    Re: Disco Traviata




    Man, I totally gave up... Actually, I forgot this post, but you're my man, because this is exactly what I'm looking for. Now that I have the artist, I start to search...

    A zillion thanks, you're the only one in the Universe who was able to answer this question. I owe you one!