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Thread: I wonder Who

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    I wonder Who

    The title of this post is also the song I'm looking for; I;ve heard it several times before and it sounds late seventies to me, though perhaps early eighties, possibly, though it could be early 70;s. Anyways, I really want to to find out he name of the song;
    the lyrics I remember hearing are : I wonder wonder wonder wonder whoooooo....;
    and I have searched relentlessly for it. Anyone know?
    I remember there being flute in the song.

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    Re: I wonder Who

    Well, your clues make me think of...

    "well I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder whoooooo...
    who wrote the book of love?"

    but this song is from the Fifties:

    "The Book Of Love" - The Monotones (1958)

    so maybe a remake or I'll way off ....
    "Lost inside adorable illusion...."

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    Re: I wonder Who

    Alas! That is exactly what another oldies music afficionado said; and in reply to that one guy, I said there's no way; the two songs are completely
    different in nature; book of love is, to me very obnoxious sounding, while the one I'm searching for is quite the opposite and probably not as old. Remember, it has flute in it; it seems to be circa late 70's, maybe early 80's. It's chill sounding.
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    Re: I wonder Who

    Look here. Click the album cover at the bottom right. I think this is what you're after. :icon_biggrin:

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    Re: I wonder Who

    Jesus H. Christ!!!

    Bos Scaggs!!! of course, it's "Lowdown"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How could I not think of that???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :icon_rolleyes::icon_redface: :icon_exclaim::icon_exclaim::icon_exclaim:
    "Lost inside adorable illusion...."

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    Re: I wonder Who

    Boz Scaggs has a new version of his "Lowdown" classic. Smooth Jazz Radio Stations are spinning it.

    Here is a Mexican Album on the vaults.
    Boz Scaggs Muy Bajo (Lowdown) (Mexican 7")

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    Re: I wonder Who

    Thanks so much for the info- I knew it was a seventies song; I am very glad to have found out about Boz Scaggs; when I heard it I assumed the singer was black guy, but not so I guess! This song makes me want to groove; that flute is far out. Lowdonw-a name I haven't heard in ths ongl maybe if I listen to the it closely I will ;the main line I heard was I wonder wonder wonder wonder whooooo; this song kicks the **** out of that lame, obnoxious Book of Love Song by the Monotones!
    There are so many good songs to be found in the 70's! That's why it's my favorite decade.


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