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    SOS: Lead Female Vocals

    My question is who sings the lead female vocals for the SOS Band

    I have recently have been listening quite a lot to them.....
    and have found that
    Altough musically they are not as gifted as the funk greats bands
    (Commodores, Kool and Dazz)

    They have this talented lady singing on most of their songs and she really lifts the whole group

    so my question is
    who is she

    I guess I am asking this out of shear laziness a :lol:
    little look around and I could of found it myself
    but since I know people here have Disco Enyclopedia's
    between their synapes
    I thought I first put the word here.......

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    I believe her name is Mary Davis.


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    Jol Is Correct About Mary Davies.

    The SOS was originally founded in ATLANTA (GEORGIA, USA), in 1977. The group originally consisted of Mary Davis (vocals/keyboards), Jason "T.C." Bryant (keyboards), Billy R. Ellis (saxophone) and James Earl Jones III (drums).
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