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    Love & Kisses Video

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    I remember watching this when it was aired. This ersatz "Love And Kisses" lip-synched their way onto every U.S. disco and pop show that summer and early fall. The funniest part is the guy mouthing Alec's vocal ("When I saw you...) :icon_mrgreen: .
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    I don't know if that guy really was part of the Studio-L&K. Coz' I don't believe that the deep voice on that record is Alec's. Maybe this dude is the real "Fraaaaih-deeey", maybe it's not.

    Now for the girls. As far as I know only Madeline Bell was black, the other girls on the Costandinos' productions were white (I think) but....maybe some of these lipsyncers are part of the real deal too?

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    nice memories. By the way, I'm going to ask a VERY silly question. I used to start EVERY Friday night by playing "Thank God" before I left home to hit the clubs. Any one else do that?