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Thread: Whatz Your Favourite Sport?

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    Whatz Your Favourite Sport?

    Well it seems that sport is dominating everything and that it even get worse. The whole Belgian premier football league is under justice investigation because of fraud by the Chinese Triades who "buy" games to cash in heavily on the betting.

    So, do you like Sports? And if so, what's your favourite game/competition. Or do you profoundly hate it?

    I usually hate it. Soccer is disgusting. Tennis is for girlz. Basketball makes me nervous. Athletics are boring. Cycling, where Belgians rule, just ain't my thing.

    What do I like? American football is cool. I like the raunchy and macho attitude of it. Formula 1 can be exciting. I'm starting to watch it again after a few years of sleep-provoking grand prix.

    I am a fan of boxing. They don't show it that much on tele here but if there's a game, I'm excited!

    And "Vinkenzetten" is cool! It's one of our national sports! A "Vink" is a bird that sings "Suskewiet" and they are placed in a box. A steward is counting how many times the bird sings the phrase "Suskewiet" in a certain period. Breathtaking sport!

    So, what's your opinion?

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    Basketball, especially college. The NCAA tournament is the best sporting event you'll find today. Second to that, I am a big baseball fan.

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    I only enjoy playing and wathcing 2 sports: Baseball and Tennis.

    I enjoy watching ladies tennis; there's just something that makes a lady attractive while playing tennis. At the recent tennis tournament in Indian Wells, Ca, I saw this hot chick in pink shorts. She won and is moving on to the semi-finals. I can't remember her name although her last name began with a D and was very long.

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    Well I love to play softball and baseball, football and every once in a while its WWF smackdown in my livingroom

    I like watching Football Baseball and Boxing.

    Green Bay!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Written by Angelina77
    while its WWF smackdown in my livingroom
    That's the great part in the reply. Lina, you and me, a bottle of oil and may the best one win!!!!

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    I've always liked Grand Prix and sports car racing. Yesterday I went to the Gatornationals Drag Racing! WOW! :o

    To smell the liquid dynamite, feel the ground shake and hear all of the auto theft alarms set off is truly a thrill that must be experienced! :o

    328MPH in a 1/4 mile...

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    Most sports are much better than we think they are.

    Put me down for;

    Cricket (probably the most civilised team game ever invented. Matches can last up to 5 days...5 days and still end in a draw. Far from being boring, once you know the game it is absolutely absorbing and fascinating. Opening batsmen are particularly fearless, {would you feel happy about having a very hard ball, travelling at 90 m.p.h. deliberately aimed at your head?} and it is one of the very few professional games where fair play is still important and largely practiced).

    Rugby (true blood, guts and violence on the field, but with absolutely brilliant non-violent fans who make football fans look totally stupid).

    Horse Racing (the National Hunt jockeys {i.e. over large fences @ 30 m.p.h.} must be among the bravest of all sportsmen and women and the comeraderie amongst them is heart warming to see).

    There are many others that I'll watch as I enjoy watching people overcome and succeed.

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    Living in the home of football (not the Amreican type) it has to be the game for me....although cricket comes a close second and Formula 1 third.

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    Quote Originally Written by QUINNY
    Horse Racing
    Yes, horses, I like 'em but I prefer Jumping and Military. That's pleasant to watch!

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    and I love waching rally on eurosport,
    and the Icelandic Handball team.

    but whenever I put my music on ,
    my friends say, now where did I put my rollerskates,,,,,,

    sorta puts me off,

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    re fav' sports

    Take away

    the NFL
    the NBA
    the NBL
    the NHL
    the NCAA

    and I would go craaaaaaaaazy!

    Tiger, Pistons, Lions, Redwings Wolverines!

    super d(motordetroit)

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    Quote Originally Written by Super D
    Take away

    the NFL
    the NBA
    the NBL
    the NHL
    the NCAA

    and I would go craaaaaaaaazy!
    And you know what, instead of all those useless channels that are on cable here in Europe, they should give us ESPN or something like that, coz' I like all these sports too and we hardly get to see them.:-x
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    SEX! I have always been and will always be an enthusiast of the bedroom sports.

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    Nope! Sports that involve 2 balls in the same game are too complex for me ;-)
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