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    Which singer of today posess the qualities of

    a diva? Will it be Mary J, Celine Dion, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Gloria Estefan etc..

    If someone says Jeniffer Lopez, I'm going to



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    I would pick Celine Dion and Erikah Badu. There's probably a few more but what I think is lacking today is original writing and soulfull producers and arrangers to bring quality music or at least music an old fart like me can get into.
    Find them and destroy them!

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    with regards to house music, here are my picks:

    Sabrina Johnston

    Dawn Tallman

    Lisa Shaw

    Dajae (unfortunately, she has been doing these boring filter disco cuts as of late)

    Su Su Bobien

    Kim Beacham

    Judy Albanese

    Keisha Jenkins

    Viola Sykes ("Little Girl" is a cold, cold tune with the catchy "put your clothes back on yourself" refrain)

    will kind regards and well tidings,


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    if you like soulful and jazzy check out

    Regina Bell

    Cassandra Wilson

    and sweet Diana Krall


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