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    I am listening to:

    1.Boogie Boogie - Ashford & Simpson

    2.Sun,Sun,Sun - Jakki

    3.Arabian Nights, Brazil and Best Disco in

    Town - Ritchie Family

    4.Where The Happy People Go - Trammps

    5.Hot Fun in the Summertime & Family Affair-

    Sly & The Family Stone

    6.Spring Rain - Silvetti

    7.You Can't Hide From Yourself/ The More I

    Get, The More I Want/ TKO - Teddy Pendergrass

    8.A Lil Bit of Jazz - Nick Striker Band

    9.Fantasy - Bruni Pagan

    10.Studio 54 Soundtrack

    11.I Love the Nightlife - Alicia Bridges

    12.Another Star - Stevie Wonder

    13.Hit & Run - Loeatta Holloway

    14.Cocomotion/Let's Get it Together - El Coco


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    Oops...I typed Boogie Boogie instead of


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    Some of my recent original vynil (12" & LP only) listen:

    Funk Masters: Love money (Siamese 1981)

    Game: gotta take your love (Peter Pan 1982)

    Skyy: First time around Levan remix (Salsoul 1979)

    Gladys Knight & Pips: It's a better than good time (Buddah 1978)

    Esther Williams: You gotta let me show you (Polydor 1976)

    Chocolate Milk: action speaks louder than words (RCA 1975)

    Lowrell: Mello mello right on (AVI 1979)

    Gabor Szabo: Keep smilin' (Mercury 1976)

    Fred Wesley: House Party (RSO 1980)

    Four Below Zero. My baby's got ESP (Roulette 1976)

    Joneses: Sugar pie guy (Mercury 1974)

    Salsoul Orch: It don't have to be funky (Salsoul 1976)

    Front Line Orchestra: Don't turn your back (RFC 1982)

    The Vast majority: Move it! (D&M 1976)

    Sonny Rollins: Harlem Boys (Milestone UK 1979)

    Reggie Griffin: Whisper in your ear (sweet Mountain 1981)

    Bruce Johnston: pipeline (Columbia 1977)

    Gerry Bribosia & the Tracks: Dance to the music (Smash CAN 1977)

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    I've been listening to a great compilation series by Robbie Leslie, particularly known for playing at the Saint and coming over to San Francisco to guest DJ at Trocadero, Dreamland and other parties. Just by accident, I discovered his website which offers his "Rarities and Lost" subscription series. I've received about 6 volumes so far. Most of the volumes are some of the best mixed CD compilations of disco/dance songs from the late 70s/ early 80s (and, no, this is not a paid endorsement!).

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    Hey Keefe, how soon before I can hear those magnificent Robbie Leslie compilations?

    I'm currently listening to "The Best Of T-Connection: At Midnight" on T.K Records CD

    distributed by Hot Productions. I remember the hits, but there's lots of other groovy good stuff on here like "Go Back Home" and "On Fire(Getting Higher)". The hits are all extended versions; what more could you ask for? Highly recommended!

    P.S. Their "Love Supreme" sure as hell sounds like Earth, Wind & Fire!


    Make My Feet Wanna Dance!


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    let's see, i finally got my best of personal records and society hill records compilations in the mail recently. In the former, i got it just for inner life's "let's change it up". it's got a few other nice club tunes on the personal label from 84-85 such as "din daa daa". Other standouts on that cd are Midway -- Set it Out, which takes the main riff from d-train: "you're the one for me" and then goes off into its own tanget. Klinite Jones -- in the heat of the night is nice too. Plus there's a good, slower remake of "push push in the bush" by Clair Hicks and Love Exchange produced in part by Shep Pettibone.

    Society Hill records is gorgeous, especially if you're into slower r&b tunes 80s mode. Major Harris -- "I Believe In Love" is the cream whip pie in this whole compilation. But there are other excruciatingly great tunes in this compilaiton such as blue magic -- my magic is real, michelle gold -- lost in love, babara mason -- another man (anyone remember the Tout Sweet response record?), Alcetra -- mr. man, roz ryan -- boy, where have you've been?

    i've tried acquiring the "Best of Ingram" compilation on Hot Productions, but most of the online stores that i have looked into are out of stock. Any leads where i can readily purchase this cd? Especially for "dj delight" and "i like it".

    Tunes that i would love to get my hands into (the're all new or recent house releases):

    Andy Caldwell feat. Omega -- "i can't wait"

    Kerri Chandler & Anthony Flanagan -- "Your Embrace"

    Dennis Ferrer -- "Soul Collective Vol. 2"

    UBQ feat Bobby Pruitt -- "we are one"

    Aureal -- "Make It Real"

    Shmoov!<???> -- Wrong Turnin Ep (DiY Records: UK)

    1050 East<???> feat Alma Horton: Count on Me (Sweet Abram Mix)

    Communication: Elizabeth Wilson<???> upcoming cut on Nuphonic Records out of the UK that has a lot of 80s influence on it.

    and the classics:

    The Next Movement: let's work it out

    Mystic Merlin : Sixtee Thrills A Minute

    Ritchie Family: All Night, All Right

    Kadenza: Let's Do It

    Eastside Connection: You're So Right For Me

    Staple Singers: Slippery People

    Jazz -- Get On Up (thanks to Masdefi:)

    Eugene Record -- Fan The Fire (even more thanks to Masdefi:)

    just earlier this morning, i got my hands on a batch of vinyl going for 25 and 50 cents each, in which i hope to report in the upcoming days. Lots of classic r&b and jazz-funk with the likes of Bob James, Hubert Laws...lot's of unfamiliar stuff as well (aah..the mysterious joys of vinyl hunting..)

    wishing all a merry holiday...let's keep this going.

    with kind regards and well tidings,



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