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Thread: Thwarted!!

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    Perhaps some of you remember my mentioning this before... anyway, in my town, there is a store that is the be-all and end-all of 7" singles. They aren't cheap, but they have everything. If there was a place that had the equivalent in 12"s and LPs, I'd be bankrupt.

    Anyway, I went in there today, and as usual, headed for the disco section... and it was gone!

    I asked the guy where they'd moved it to and he replied "Oh, we shipped it all to the UK".


    On one hand, this will save me a lot of money. On the other hand, I am pissed off because even though they were only 7" singles, they had a lot of stuff that you'd *never* see in these parts, like that weird European stuff that Jussi always mentions. And I like to get the "complete set" whenever I can (7", 12", LP...).

    There isn't another place like it in the country. What's a dog to do?

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    Before joining me here Nevada, I moved first

    my wife had a yard sale and sold all my vinyls.Lost disco classics.

    Although they were only a few boxes...

    I feel your pain.

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    Masdefi is offline Underground Hit [Level 5]
    Graham - I've got many 7" I do not use. Please send me a list you are looking for, maybe I have.

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