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    ...because I haven't been listening to all too much lately, but here goes:

    - Le Pamplemousse: 1st self-titled LP --- Thanks Paulo! I *love* this one.

    - El Coco: Mondo Disco --- Thanks again, Paulo!

    - Gina X Performance: Nice Mover --- bizarre, slutty, cheesy, plastic, freaktronic, so bad and yet so good...

    - Rinder & Lewis: Half Circle --- Has "contractual obligation compilation" written all over it...


    - Vangelis: Mythodea --- This opera-esque work is about as far away from disco as you can get, but I'm officially proclaiming this to be the first truly great work of the 21st century. This is so grand, so magnificent, and so deep that it just sucks you in and spits you out somewhere past Mars... which I think is the idea. Apparently it's coming out on DVD soon... I can't wait!

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    Tony Bennett: Playin' With My Friends. BTW, some time ago I posted a question on obtaining CD with CD TEXT. This is one of them. Sony Music, the record company for this CD told me all of their new CD have this feature. I guess it's kinda true. Their remastered newly released Best Of Sade does not have this feature. Anyway, this is a nice cd with many famous artist that perform Blues style music.

    Lisa Stanfield: Affection. I just love every bit of this cd. If you don't have it, I highly recommend it.

    The Best Of Candi Staton: I just had to hear "Victim" one more time.

    Start The Party - I'm still trying to figure out why I bought this CD.

    The Best Of The Stylistics - A nice collection of all the great songs we remember.
    Find them and destroy them!

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    I recently wasted a lot of time on the internet and in used record stores trying to find Claudia Cardinale's "Sun...I love you", only to discover that I already had it in my record collection. It is the A side of a song by her called 'Private Life', that I always thought was the 'hit', if one can call it that. It is true Euro-disco-trash and hilarious. I have been listening to both sides a lot lately.


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