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    male singer from Boney M did he sing for real

    Did the male singer from Boney M sing or was he miming someone else's voice?. He never looked quite right when singing!

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    The producer for the group would later go on to produce Milli Vanilli, and we know how that turned out. For all we know, none of the members did their own singing. Has anyone seen any performances that doesn't have them lip-synching?

    Disco Funk

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    Much of the male vocal on Boney M records is producer Frank Farian himself.

    However, I do believe the main female vocalist is who is listed -- she was the only one Farian viewed as indispensible, although I think there are a couple of Boney M albums without her.

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    Yes, ze Boney M muzik waz ol done by ze Frank vo started az a crooner in Germany ja. And you can ol see ze pics on his vebsite ja. Ven you hear ze records he sung you vil recognize ze voice zat made Boney M famous ja. and go to video/mp3 where there's a clip (free) of him singing the evergreen "Rocky".


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