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Club Zanzibar

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430 Broad Street. Newark, New Jersey


Owner- Miles Burger

1st DJ- Hippie Torrales and Gerald T
Wednesday night jock was Larry Levan
After Hippie came such notararies as Larry Patterson, François K (Kevorkian), Tee Scott, Tony Humphries

Thanks to Hippie Torrales for the above info.

Dancefloor of Zanzibar with DJ Punch

In December of 2003 I received the following e-mail with further information on Club Zanzibar.:

Hi Bernie,
First thanks for taking the time and effort to maintain this great site dedicated to Disco.

Just a little history on Club Zanzibar. Zanzibar actually started off as Abe's Disco at the Lincoln Motel with Gerald T as the house DJ.

Miles Berger, the owner of the Lincoln Motel, wanted to bring some of the New York Disco Nightlife to New Jersey afer visiting the Paradise Garage in New York. He had Richard Long and Associates design a sound, lighting and special effects system and converted the 2nd floor ballroom of the Lincoln Motel to become, what was then, the premiere club in New Jersey.

Opening night was Aug 29, 1979. Club Zanzibar had two levels with DJ Hippe playing the larger 2nd level and House DJ Gerald T playing the 1st level (the original Abe's). Eventually DJ Hippie became the full time house DJ from 1979 to 1981.

Al Murphy was hired by Miles to promote and manage the club. Under Al's management, a Wednsday night party was added which had area DJ's playing on Wednsday nights. That's how Larry Patterson, Larry Levan, T-Scott, Tony Humphries and others came to play at Zanzibar. After Al left to pursue other interests, Larry Patterson became the manager. Tee Scott and Tony Humphries didn't become the house jocks until after 1981 when Hippie and I left.

I know this because I was Hippie's partner in the booth from 1979-1981. I operated the lights and special effects system.

Gracis para todos!
Rich Leon AKA "Chino"

The following photos kindly submitted by DJ Punch one of the former Zanzabar DJs.

Zanzibar dance floor
Zanzibar dance floor
Zanzibar dance floor
Zanzibar dance floor
Zanzibar dance floor
Zanzibar dance floor
Zanzibar dance floor
Zanzibar dance floor
Club Zanzibar
Club Zanzibar

The photo below of a Zanzibar membership card submitted by Rich "Chino" Leon: Chino Zanzibar Lightman 1979-1981
Picture was taken on July 26, 2008 at the Lincoln Park Music Festival feat. DJ Hippie. This is an original Club Zanzibar membership card from back in 1979.
Club Zanzibar membership card from 1979

Photos of Club Zanzibar during demolition submitted by ZanzForever
Description: The Zanzibar dance floor, the ceiling and a remnant of the cage moments before demolition in September, 2007.
Club Zanzibar Club Zanzibar Club Zanzibar

Photo of Hippie Torrales submitted by Hippie Torrales
Description: Hippie Torrales in the Zanzibar DJ Booth circa 1979.
DJ Hippie Torrales of Zanzibar Disco

Photos of Club Zanzibar 1987 flyers submitted by Greg Irick
Description: Club Zanzibar Re-grandopening 1987 Featuring: Colonel Abrams, Touch, Janice Christie, J.M. Silk, The Trammps, Carolyn Harding, Curtis Hairston, Sybil, Marshall Jefferson, Kellie Charles and DJ Tony Humphries...
Club Zanzibar Club Zanzibar Club Zanzibar

Photo of Rich "Chino" Leon submitted by Rich "Chino" Leon.
Chino working the lights at the 30th Anniversary Zanzibar Reunion Party Sept 2009
Club Zanzibar Chino working lights at 30th anniversary party in 2009

Photos below of vintage Richard Long Associates ( RLA ) speakers and associated DJ equipment as used at Club Zanzibar in Newark, New Jersey submitted by DJ Punch.
Richard Long Associates ( RLA ) speakers and associated DJ equipment as used at Club Zanzibar in Newark, New Jersey Richard Long Associates ( RLA ) speakers and associated DJ equipment as used at Club Zanzibar in Newark, New Jersey Richard Long Associates ( RLA ) speakers and associated DJ equipment as used at Club Zanzibar in Newark, New Jersey Richard Long Associates ( RLA ) speakers and associated DJ equipment as used at Club Zanzibar in Newark, New Jersey Richard Long Associates ( RLA ) speakers and associated DJ equipment as used at Club Zanzibar in Newark, New Jersey Richard Long Associates ( RLA ) speakers and associated DJ equipment as used at Club Zanzibar in Newark, New Jersey Richard Long Associates ( RLA ) speakers and associated DJ equipment as used at Club Zanzibar in Newark, New Jersey Richard Long Associates ( RLA ) speakers and associated DJ equipment as used at Club Zanzibar in Newark, New Jersey Richard Long Associates ( RLA ) speakers and associated DJ equipment as used at Club Zanzibar in Newark, New Jersey audio equipment audio equipment

Photos of former Zanzibar DJs Hippie Torrales and DJ Punch submitted by DJ Punch.
Hippie Torrales and DJ Punch Hippie Torrales and DJ Punch Hippie Torrales and DJ Punch Hippie Torrales and DJ Punch Hippie Torrales and DJ Punch

Photo below submitted by Hippie Torrales
Description: Here is the DJ booth and a skinny kid named DJ Hippie on the turntables at Docks.
Hippie Torrales in the DJ booth in Docks

Photo below sent in by Zanzibar Rockers
Description: Zanzibar anniversary party. The night they had alive tiger.

Photos below sent in by Shedrick Guy.
1) pic, "LP" Larry Patterson

2) pic, behind the DJ Both at Zanzibar with Joe Smith, Derek Jenkins, Shedrick Guy, Ace Mungin & the Late Tee Scott!

3) pic, Larkie, Curtis Hairston and Shedrick Guy in the Dressing Room @ Zanzibar

Photos below from DJ Hollywood.
Description: I was special guest dj played along side Punch, Tony, Tee Scott...
DJ Hollywood
DJ Hollywood

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

Click to Add Your Photos to this Page!

Added by Bernard Lopez


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Vincent Bryant Exclusive House Photography Of Club Zanzibar |

The Legendary Tony Humphries Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2104 Lecture
Watch, learn and listen. See the man behind the music. From church boy to music legend
Cub Zanzibar DJ extraordinaire

See the Pictures that captured the Club Zanzibar phenomenon
A Journey Through the House: Photo Memoirs of Club Zanzibar House Music Volume 1

Dee Jay J.J. |

"Keep the good, quality Disco, and Club Mixes ALIVE!"

Vincent Bryant Exclusive House Photography Of Club Zanzibar |

August 20, 2014
Come Celebrate
A Journey Through The House: Photo Memoirs of Club Zanzibar
By Vincent Bryant The Exclusive House Photography Of Club Zanzibar
Book Signing & Mixer
With DJ Omar Abdallah
The Original Club Zanzibar Crew
Robert Treat Hotel
Newark, New Jersey

Hippie Torrales |


Chino |

***SAVE THE DATE*** SEPT. 6, 2014
35th Anniversary of Zanzibar's Opening Night
Join the Zanzibar Memories Facebook Group to keep up to date on the party & add your own memories of Zanzibar

Steven Lucky Benson |

Nujerues I think the song you are looking for is: Billy Griffin - "Hold Me Tighter In The Rain"

Nujeruse |

Yo, can anyone tell me what's the name of a song that goes, something like this..."hold me tighter in the rain, shoo be doo be da"? I've been trying to find it. Thanks!

Smithe811 |

You are my breathing in, I possess few blogs and very sporadically run out from to brand. ddekedddfagbdgfc

Mr.X |

Hi Nujersue; the next event is June 21st in Bloomfield NJ. You can send e-mail to essentialshousemusic@mail.com You will get details from there. Thank you

Nujeruse |

Mr. X, please provide me with your email address. Thanks!

Mr.X |

Hello Nujeruse: There's a new event dedicated to classic house and danceable R&B that has been getting a nice vibe. It happens on a Saturday every 3 months. Next one is March 29th - the event is FREE (invite only) e-mail me if you want further information. It's in Bloomfield NJ.

Nujeruse |

Yo, a not too old club head, lookin' for a new spot (in Newark, Jersey or New York) to listen and dance to vintage club. Please respond...Peace!

Sonya |

SMH!!! Me & the girls were @ the Zanz every weekend... BTW.... Tryin to find Dj Mumbles my looong time friend/ prom date!! Yes he was my prom date in 1980... Lv ya mumbles. Peace get in touch.. House here in Baltimore Md. WILL NEVER COMPARE to the house from the North! and that's... WORD!!!

Sam Phillips |

In NYC it was first Studio 54.....then came the underground club scene and the Paradise Garage was born. But in New Jersey Club Zanzibar took the underground club scene to a whole nother level. A combination of the music, lights, sounds, and shows. Set Zanzibar apart from all the rest. It was a great experience. You had to be there and I'm glad to have had the experience of a lifetime. Zanzibar still lives on in the hearts of many. Thank you Al Murphy, Shelton Hayes may you both RIP and Miles Burger for making the dream & vision a reality.

billie prest |

Hello and thank you to "Miles" and The Berger Family who invested in downtown Newark, NJ way back in the mid-seventies (before it became fashionable to do so). Thus, bringing to Newark "Abe's Disco"/ "Club Zanzibar" and CLUB AMERICA. In East Orange... Club 88. DJBilliePrest/2013

Miles berger |

It is Great to see all the enthusiasm and nostalgia that Zanzibar generates, even till today... Those were great memories. Thanks to all and May Al Murphy and Shelton Hayes Rest in Peace.... I love you all...


martin armstrong |

hi guys love your stuff well wicked, could do me favour and check out this new trippy chillled video and tune we just made a few days ago, cheers guys the youtube link is here

Renee |

Shanique's was on Halsey Street Ron Neilson owned it. I was about 14 or so going up in that joint. lol It was sophisticated, all the suburban folks parties there, although I was from the projects, I had the surburban look. LOL Ghetto wanna be surburban...Guess that's why I live in Montclair now...17 yrs and counting. :o) But WE HAD A GOOD TIME THERE! I PAID RENT IN ZANZ! Tuesday's Gay Night Thursday's Afterwork and Fri and Sat Dance Party!!! smdh I had the time of my life in that place! :o) Danced ALL NIGHT LONG

M.A.R.V- Clifford J Scott '85 |

For ALL the club heads from Clifford J Scott and EO high...the Zanzzzzz was it, rembering;standing in the long lines to get in (with fake ID'S) the baby powder on the floor, sittin in the big A&$ speakers,watching Tony Humphries go into a zone!!!! and how bout the days when people like Grace Jones and Colonel Abrams put on a damn show!!!!!
Now dont forget East Orange and Orange was off the chain with CLUB 88 with two floors of music with DJ Burt on the second floor...and the Pepermint lounge on central ave in orange!!!!! My Clifford Scott homies (DJ Shake & Mumid) carried the flag of clubin with DJ Sammy Linzer with all the house parties in the basement on South Burnette and Alpha Sigma Mu!!!
Big Big ups to the 80's club seen in Jerzey represented by all the Dj's from 88, Zanz, Club America, Cheeta Club,Sensations...Ill never forget Larry L, Larry P, T scott, Naheem Johnson, Tony Humphries, DJ Burt, Sammy Linzer and RIP Comacho!!!
And I wanna send the FINGER to all those that shut the clubbin culture down in East Orange, Orange and Newark! CLASS OF "85-STAND UP!!!!!!!!

Virgil Gray..aka DJ DeepHouse |

The year was 1981 and Club Zan's had DJ Tee Scott on the wheels and it changed my life. I rep Brick-City(Newark...baby) and those who are from the Bricks know T-Scott is KING and no disrespect to the other DJ's(Hippie,Lavan or Knuckles) but like I said T-Scott King...long live the KING and may GOD bless his soul.

Steve Harris |

I feel sorry for the younsters on the come up. The clubs now are so weak. Zanz and the Paradise Garage will always rain as the best of the best. Can you remember Tee Scott running Walkin into sunshine
" I gotta get away, I gotta do it now, I gotta walk into the sun ah ah" Crazy! Tee Scott was a beast on the wheels. With all of us , the Zanz will always live on!!!!

maggie |

wow look @ hippie....i also remember him from docks. I miss those days. lol

Nujeruse |

C,mon peeps! No one's commenting on "Shaniques". Brandford Place, Newark!

Jayce Low |

Correction, White castle on Elizabeth Ave, Mcdonald"s was on Frelinghysen Ave by Dayton St, remember DJ Dave Morales, Naim Johnson,Tee Scott

Jayce Low |

Yeah the Newark club scene was huge, Zanzibar, club 88, Charades, Peppermint, Cheetah's (paterson nj) from 80-89 after that it got corny a** hell. Orange park on Sunday mornings with your car system bangin, white castles in Newark frelinghysen ave and central ave orange nj, summer basketball leagues at green acres (projects) and lyons ave, and branch brook park. Prince st, dayton st, Hawthorne Ave, South Orange Ave, Clinton Ave, etc SHABAZZ H.S., weequaihc, barringer, central, west side, vailsburg, and even east side hs. Times were great because they were based on fun and creativity. We can still create some great times today but we'll have those memories for ever

Chino |


Sandye "Goldie" Sowers |

Toni u are so right...I worked at ZB, Cheetahs & Club America. It was an experience that won't be reproduced ever. Who ever didn't get a chance to experience missed a treat. We had lots of fun every night and every week. We looked forward to seeing each other and dancing it up all night.

Tony |

Yo Club ZB the ultimate experience The Club of All clubs in Newark at that time you had other spots like Docs ,Club Sensations formerly known as New Experience even Club America's came through years later but there was nothing like The ZB like we use to say many fond memories of good music and good times dancing all night long,after dancing like four hours straight maybe stopping 2 seconds for some ice water then all of a sudden T.S. or Larry would drop that Pam Todd and Love exchange""Let's get together" around 4:45am it was over then you real ZB heads know exactly what I'm talking about man I miss those days One Love ...Wed nights was banging and Cheetah's in Paterson on Thursdays NEWARK STAND UP......

albert t trent |

contact me for real club info.zanz 80-90.p ga rage,palladium.keep dancin.tony trent
908-674-0004 peace.

dj madman |

what can't you say extraordinary about the ZANZ. Some wednesday nites fridays , saturdays most definitely not going home but being put out at 8-8:30 -9 o'clock n d mornin, come on TONY one more. You had to be there to hear dat crazy joint "spread your cheecks". Chino wit d fabulous lite show while Tony killed clouds-chaka khan, nothing better...ZANZIBAR A HISTORIC LANDMARK N D HEARTS OF D JERSEY MOB...PEACE N BLESSINGS ONE N ALL

Natalie |

Remember Club America, Club Zanzibar, Club 88, and Cosmos? Want that old thing back? Brown Sugar Promotions presents... Sophisticated Wednesdays at the C.I.C. nightclub located at 10 N. Center Street in Orange NJ, just off Main Street. It's happening each and every Wednesday night from 9pm-2am, starting March 21st. 21 and over, proper I.D. a must! Ladies $5 till 10 p.m. general admission $10 DJ Twin and DJ Rodzilla will be playing all the classic hits up to today's jams. This is strictly for the grown & sexy, so, dress to impress! For more information, to book a party, or reserve a V.I.P. section call: Natalie 973-609-4960 or DJ Twin 973-991-5585

anthony lucky wright |

the flow was PG on friday and ZAN on saturday

danny reid |

We the Djs are keeping the music alive! now with that being said. Dj Comacho you will be truly missed.He was a great Dj and person , gone way too soon. I am still residing in Orlando,Fl formly of jersey city, NJ. I missed those day going to Zbar and so many other clubs long gone too. I am attending Winter Music Conferance in Miami, fl for March 2012, that was the last place I hung out with DJ Comacho and other friends. If anyone else is attending, I would like to hear from you. Lets celebrate life for those whom are not with us now. R.I.P. DJ Comacho, Heavy D, Larry Paterson, David Cole, Larry Levan, and old time friend S.U.R.E. record pool founder Bobby, I hope you are hanging with DJ Comacho and other.

mbm |

Chaka Khan live at Club Zanzibar in '83
that's all the audio from her set that was on youtube. I believe she also performed Ain't Nobody, I'm Every Woman, Life Is a Dance, Roll Me Through the Rushes, Papillion, Do You Love What You Feel, Naughty, and Sweet Thing (if anybody can confirm this).

also, Wendy Williams was a regular here during her early years in radio.

Steve Harris |

Wow. What a history lesson. I lived in the Zanz from it's opening almost till the end. I will never forget those lines around to the pool. How about Chaka Kahn, Colonel Abrams, Grace Jones, The Peach Boys. All those great perfomances. How about the last song on Wednesday nights. Ian Dury " Spastacus"


We must not forget Mumbles,,,,,,he played at ZANZ TOO ....big up........I learned lights from Chino too and later went to CHEETAHS with TEE.......also I was DJ PUNCH first lightman at the CHANDELIAR........And big up to Lenny....lightman





sarah friedland |


I am a documentary filmmaker currently working on a project about Branch Brook Park Roller Rink in Newark, NJ. http://www.therinkfilm.com/

The film goes into the house scene in Newark because it is a huge influence for some of the DJs at the rink. Does anyone have any footage of Zanzibar? I would love to incorporate it in the film.

If so, hit me up- sarahema@gmail.com

-Sarah Friedland

Hippie Torrales |

As the opening jock of Zanzibar I also have fond memories. But before Zanzibar we had another club in Newark that was the lead into Zanzibar. That club was Docks. And this year will be the 35th Anniversary. I also was the opening jock to that club. So this year we will be celebrating the 35th Docks Reunion Party. All the original Docks jocks will be DJing. Naeem Johnson, Frankie Hernandez and myself. September 4th in Newark, NJ. Hit the facebook page and I will keep you up to date on all the info. Here is the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Docks-Reunion/142595842484610 I am very lucky to have been involved in the club scene in Newark for many years. Thank You too all the down to earth people that have supported me through out the years.

Peace, Hippie Torrales

Fiona |

Do you remember hearing Cher "Take me home"...then like a vampire start looking for your sunglasses?

Billie Prest |

*** BULLETIN *** Rare video footage from Club Zanzibar (circa '91) just released! The footage can be viewed via my fb page (until further notice). "Just a taste of what is yet to come". DJBillie Prest - Club Zanzibar FYI... I have very limited facebook friend list... plz mention Zanzibar in your fb friend request... peace, bp

Goldie Sowers (Sandye) |




DJ "(d-_-b)" Mr. Majestic! (aka) Hubert Boyd |

One of the worlds most outstanding entertainment structures ever constructed in the history of audio engineering! Richard Long engineered the one and only of it's kind sound system that actually moved the minds and hearts of the city of Newark, New Jersey, and all of the surrounding area, because of the octaves and decibels in depth that was unheard of and completely unbelievable unless you were one of its captives!

The sound of the music inside of the place was so overwhelmingly massive that the train station over 1000 feet way would actually pulsate from the rhythm of the world renouned audio engineer better know as: Mr. Tony Humphries!

This is from just one of you who wishes that someone would or could, or even myself, with a large amount of help from those who would really like to construct such a great entertainment complex once again to show the next generation what it meant to: (ENJOY A REAL NIGHTCLUB), that was engineered just for your musical entertainment!

Yours Truly:
Hubert Boyd (AKA) DJ "(d-_-b)" MR. MAJESTIC!

Nujeruse |

I received an email about viewing a "thread". I assume it's a response to a comment that I posted earlier. Can anyone assist me on how can I view the thread or response? Thnak you.

Rick G |

The Zanzibar or as we regulars called it The Zanz. Do people even take changes of clothes to the club anymore ... I mean like after "working out" (dancing) all night we would be sweated out and have to change.... you would freeze to death going out into those brutal winters with wet clothes on.... and I enjoyed the Zanz from like 80 to 86. I would leave the Club on Thursday mornings after partying all Wednesday night and catch the bus the # 13 so I could get to school (Weequahic) on time!!!! What!!??? them was the days. Peace

snell |

yo does anybody remem.this zan classic i cant find it nowhere ,some clubblers dont remem,it,,,it was a instrumental tony played it everynight ..the name was fox trox,,i am sure that was the name??????????

Nujeruse |

Mike, that was in Berlin, Germany.

I was there from 1982-84.

I might know you.

Hit me up...

backinthehouse |

Hi There, i am actually finalizing a movie docu about teh club scene from mid90s, very professionnal, not amateur...i found this forum very interesting...i am actually living in France, and i will probably release my movie end of the year...
Do not hesitate to send me your feedback and if some of you like Billie Prest have some footage to share, you are welcome...
Billie hw can i see your Zanz videos ? did you convert it ?
Also anybody gots some early, rare, past and amateurs videos ?
Drop me a mess on djhedi@orange.fr
Peace !

Zanzibar Reunion |

Zanzibar Reunion January 22, 2011@. RICH'S PLACE
18 Oliver Street (Off McCarter Highway; Across from McDonald's)
For more info check out www.officialallwhiteaffair.com
Or call Calvin (862) 252-0664.
Special guests lined up.
Must Attend Event of the Year

Wilfred Rivera |

I use to go to Abe's back in 79. Me and a Philipino girl i was dating. I will always remember it.

Mike |

I caught my ear for DJing from DJ Hippie. I took the Zanz flavor to Berlin as a young soldier for the Army, sharing my gift for house music with the Germans (80-82). My best Zanz memory is Hippie's mix of Disco Circus with Billie Jean; that mix is a classic. There were many great guest appearances that I can recall from Lolita Holloway to Chaka Khan. Gerald T warmed us up downstairs, but Hippie and Tony H completed the night upstairs.

julio |

I used to go to Abe's Disco every Thursday night for "Salsa Night". Met my present wife at Abe's Disco in 1979. We have been married 30 years and 2 kids ages 24 and 21 now. How time flies.
Love ya Hippie!

Calvin |

Taking it Back to the Zanzibar Days w/ Kenny Bobien
It's Going Down! Black & White Affair featuring House Music Icon Kenny Bobien January 22, 2011 Doors Open at 10pm. Surprise for Best Dressed Male & FemaleCover: $20 Free Food Cash Bar. @ Rich’s Place – 18 Oliver Street (Off McCarter Highway; Across from McDonald’s)Newark, NJ
Tickets can be purchased over our secure website
For More info or tickets Contact:
Calvin (862) 252-0664
Doug (973) 280-2652
Al'Turik (973)445-6520

Juan John Muniz |

WoW, from Docks to Zanzibar to Paradise Garage, etc...My Memories are Unbelievaable. Thank You DJ Hippie Torrales, My Mentor on the Turntables for inspiring me into such a Wonderful Art which still Lives Inside if Me as Mainly does Club Zanzibar, aka: Zanz...forever in my heart!

PS: The 30 year reunion was Incredible! Thanks Hippie and all involved!

billie prest |

I have hours of footage from various nites and shows... but I need the right person who is into video/movie editing professional to put the footage "out there" ....

ken brill |

can someone please tell me the name of the song & the group with there lyrics:

"when there's no one else around, i see you crying...there will be no more tears..SOMEDAY"

"You got to keep on reaching....reaching"

I think they were from NJ...maybe newark or east orange

danny reid |

Yes,Sure Record in da' Bronx, the last time I spoke to Misty,they said I was always welcome back into the pool. The Zan is gone and now the Shelter is closed.

billie prest |

SURE Record Pool.... da' BRONX!

danny reid |

I gainned my inspiration for becomming a Dj from attending zbar. Checking out Tony, man he know how to work that reel to reel. I use to live on that dance floor. Anyway, I went on to become a very good mobile Dj, and did lots of guest spot. I lived in Jersey City at the time. DJ Diamond was my call name @ Club LaRouge , Bill&Ruth were some local spot i played at. I became a member of SURE Record pool,there is so much to tell. I am now 47 living in Florida and still have all those Zan cuts, even
the orginal version of Release the Tension on reel to reel. i still go out dancing regular,even out dance those twenty something years old. I miss those time, I try to attend WMC in March every year in Miami,FL and meet up with old friends from those time.If i sound like someone you have meet or heard, drop me a few lines.RIP Larry Patterson, Larry LeVan, John Robinson

Gail |

CeCe Rogers is still going strong. He his my Facebook friend and is producing and writing music at this time. If you have facebook look him up he is soooo down to earth and his music thou he is saved now is still great!

China |

Hey... Does anyone remember a song that went, "Taking it easy, take take taking it easy".

Those are the only words I can remember and i think that is the only thing they played.

Please I would love to know who that was.


yes i will never forget those day's as a matter of fact i am djing now and most of the music if not all of the music i play is from the daze. my dj name is tony j and yes i am ready at any time to get with some one and really through it back were you brought your shorts and sweats in a bag so you could cut loose on the dance floor i have a passion for my club music and would love to put together a rip off your shirt heart pounding party i am working on some real powerful equipment and i am ready yesterday. were the dance floor was soaked in sweat and the bass is as if its going through your body and you walk out the club and its as if you just came from another planet eye's all red burning from the sunlight and you wake up the next mourning bones still hurting like hell from dancing all night but you go home just to get a little rest to be ready to do it all over again. tony j (973)384-6015

billie prest |


Rhano Burrell |

Well, folks I also have very fond memories of Zanz but from a very unique position...as one of Underground house music's first artists signed to a major recording deal (BURRELL 1987 Virgin )..Sprearheaded by Mr Timmy Regisford I could not believe my brother and I would be performing for Shelton,Byrd and the people of Zanz-I remember so many of House Music's superstarsin the front row at any performance...I always knew they ( Barbra Tucker, Lil Louie Vega, Kenny Bobien, Eddie Stockley, Roland Clark etc..) where also very special and by the love they alwyas showed....they too would would get...Tony H...the MAN broke all of my records from Nugroove and beyond there, particularly "I'm Glad you came to me" BAS NOIR..I truely heard my own creation for the first time when /how Tony played it... My entire professional MULTIPLATINUM music career was built on the love and support of the Zanzibar family...I to this day still drive past this site to pay my respects...and say to myself "if they only knew"


hi! i'm deep house label producer. anybody can help me find Eddie Matos (from Mateo & Matos) contact email or phone number?
thanks in advance. please mail me to softwarevst@gmail.com

shawn |

how can i get a with classic mixes.

shawn |

@zanzforever...yes the glory days.there will always be

billie prest |

@ZanzForever... '79-'84... The height of Club Zanzibar under the direction of the Legendary Albert Murphy.... Creative Director and Promoter of All Things ZANZIBAR... Albert did not officially exit Club Zanzibar until '86. .... Albert put the "Z"... in Zanzibar!!! peace to all... bp

ZanzForever |

Shawn, I know exactly how you feel and can certainly relate to everything you posted. My life is in no way in the club scene anymore but Zanz is in me FOREVER. Thank God for youtube. I can play those cuts all night long, which I frequently do on the weekends and "jam" all night long, reliving the days of the one and only Club Zanzibar!...particularly '79 - '84. The Richard Long system...OMG!

Shawn Rodriguez |

sorry. anyway, the MUSIC is what drew us all in. Having become a regular at the Zanz. was bittersweet for me. I couldnt survive the times without my Zanz. fix That created its own issues at home being at the club 4 nights a week. Another story:) Just knowing that after anything in my day I could always release with a night of working out on the dance floor. I have stopped this writing twice because of emotional stirrings so I think I'll quit while I'm ahead. So again thanks to all for letting me know that the CULTURE we created is still alive among us scattered over the world. I am looking for any information concerning the next Zanz. reunion 2010-2011 Peace/Love SROD

Shawn Rodriguez |

Where do I begin? First off thanks to all the subscribers for bringing back soooooooo many memories. I also was a "clubby" frequenting both Zanzibar and Paradise as well as Sensations, Loft and more. The one thing in my perspective is both venues shared a commonality of love for great music. I often tell my son of nights just standing in front of a R. Long speaker and literally seeing music come at me. (with a little help from a substance or two):) Or changing into a sweatsuit,sprinkling babypowder on the floor and working out for 3-4 hoursin front of the mirrors with Tony, Naeem, Larry or a host of other masters of the mix.

billie prest |

GOOD NEWS....RE: Footage from Club Zanzibar.... brother Ralph McDaniels says the footage from Club Zanzibar is very important to the history of Music and Dance. Looks like the creator of Video Music Box will lend a helping hand to... "Zanzibar Dayz" ... bp ps...a sneak preview will be available online just before the Memorial Day Holiday 2010. Stay tuned to 'new' YouTube Connection: ClubZanzibarJersey or The new fb page created by "Zanzibar Heads" (Naeem Johnson and Friends) ~ "Club Zanzibar" or my fb page: billie prest .... ~The Time Is Now~

billie prest |

VIDEO CLIPS SOON COMING n r off the chain!

billie prest |

@ZanzForever ... I feel you.... "soon come".... "soon come".... SPRING '10 ... 4sure. bp

ZanzForever |

Bro. Billie, still awaiting those old clips.

billie prest |

There is not one Large Venue where "Everybody" can go to these days....You find that folk are spread out in Little Clubs through out Essex County.... What a shame. The closing of The Peppermint Lounge ....was darn near "criminal" ...bp

tony trent |

i was a zanzibarian,hanging till they closed.anyone that ever went there knew me and my crew from montclair.lot of women and alot of fun.they have now closed all the clubs i went 2.glad to have the mems.

Huneybee7 |

I remember Zanzibar as the place to be. When I was in HS we would get dressed and hope we could get in. We figured out how to do it. We would get guys to go in with and we would never get carded. The music was ALWAYS hot, soooooo many trips there. We would party till the morning then go to the diner on route 1 before going home showering and going to work. I will miss Zanzibar.

Ingie |

Wat dats all I listen to when I work out could not work out without the mix, U got me love dancing! have all 32 mix love it still in shape and going 23/24 still a member 2010 club zanzibar Newwark/New York in da house 4 life!

ZanzForever |

At 49 years old, why can't I get Zanzibar out of my system? Not supposed to! I am Zanzibar! It's in me forever. New Years Eve, I drove past the vacant space deliberately just to "feel" those old New Years Eve parties back in the early '80s - the REAL years for Zanz - '79 - 84...Hippie, Larry Patterson, T Scott, Tony Humphries...the legends. Many of the House cuts on YouTube reference Larry Levan (as they should - he also spun at Zanz on Wednesday evenings), but let us never forget these four Brothers who brought us the "Jersey House Sound." Long live Club Zanzibar!!!

Godwellz |

I remember in summer 1990 I had just got down with BLACKWATCH and the rap group 'XCLAN' was to perform. That night me and my boy (who also just joined) got snatched up with a crew like 50 deep to ZANZIBAR for XClan's show. When we got there, I realized I wasn't in NYC anymore. lol. Newark was a different animal from NYC, but Zanzibar had that club CLUB feeling that you don't get anymore. It felt lived in. Frequented by regulars. The lights and sound were put together with love. A lower ceiling than I was used to and That sound system made me feel like my heart was about to explode and easily held up against those in NY. The crowd was DEEP, but gave us much love. When I saw the demolition pictures up top I felt bad. I always wondered with happened to the spot.

In light of the love we received all the way from Brooklyn...
'Long Live Zanzibar'.

Teresa |

I drove up to NJ to the 30th Reunion Zanzibar Party. I had a ball, and I would not have traded it for anythinG!!!

Mags |

Wow those were the days - I lived in BT (Baxter Terrace, went to Central High and Zanzibar was the thing for me.. It brings back memories of my sweetheart who was in the Navy at the time and we use to hang out in Zanzibar- great times - have pics (yes in the wicker chair) and I have to say I know I looked great :) I remember Hippie and the crew.. kudos to Docks and all the others - memories etched in my heart... Mags

David Cook |

In my post, my punctuation was terribly flawed , in no way, shape or form was I saying Bird was chasing Sue, I was doing the chasing and every other girl who would give me the time of day...... I was chasing Sue NOT Lady Bird, Sue knows this, in fact most who knew me back then knows this, I am so sorry if my post was taken out of context and misread, I love Bird and am very sorry for causing any problems.

JoaquinQuinonesjr |

I recall my !st time @ the door I was 11 years old ! Wilfredo Vargas was playing that night .AS A KID I WOULD GO THERE AND JUST HANG NEXT TO THE LINE JUST TO HEAR THE WINDOWS POUND THE HEAVY THICK BLACK GLASS! my EarsBoom BoOm, BoOM lol i useto get a kick out of dat. ja ja ja:) Zanzibar was my heart pounding as i sneaked out the 7th ave projects building 82, JUST TO GO TO BROAD ST.ZANZIBAR wow{ JOSE LUIS whats up ! my cousin then shows up with the band and like a brother and cousin that he was told me thaT IF I GRAB SOMETHING FROM THE VAN \\ CARRIED SOMETHING FROM THE BAND & THAT IT WOULD GET ME IN _____LOL WOW IT WORKED, ZANZIBAR... FINALLY INSIDE ENTERTAINMENT HEAVEN THAT GOD ALLOWED ME TO WITNESS AT THE AGE OF 11 YEARS OLD. THANK YOU MILES BURGER ,DJ HIPPIE & TONY HUMPHRIES FOR WITH OUT YOU PEOPLE I WOULD NOT BE WRITING ABOUT THIS BEAUTIFUL MEMORY. AND BUTCHY,I CANT FORGET ABOUT HIM. WAKEENANDWHY@AOL.COM


I had housed at the ZANS for 3 years.
Now spinning mixes of old school house mixes.
Miss it so.

Tony H still pumping.

Missed the reunion.
I won't missed the next one.
Would like to throw one.

One love

DJ Ronnie P

It's me from NJ |

Hello DJ Henrock

How are you
thank you for giving me the names of the songs.

I am here in VA where there is no club music and I go to youtube a lot to get some mixes but I heard the all b4 for. BORING

I just want an old New Jersey cd

dont make me wait
little help from my friends
bring u up
like this
theres another side of you
luv dancin
you aint really down
over and over
love cant turn around
tilt me
Grace in your face remix

I download the songs off on youtube but its no fun I will email you


Hey You,From NJ :]
I Got YOU!!

Moonfou-"Shut Up"
Circuit-"A Little Help"
Made In U.S.A-"Melodies"
Romanthony-"Bring U Up"(remix)

Hit me up djhenrock913@yahoo.com

Its Me From NJ |

Can someone help me find some more old clud mixes.

I am trying to find the following songs
I said shut up
With a little help from my friend
Feeling moody

Theres a club song that say Didn't I bring you up.. Who sings that


I was unable to make it to the reunion party...I had to work :(

Could someone let me know how I can get a Zanzibar T-Shirt? I'd like to get one for myself and my buddy in Phoenix.

billie prest |

@Carmen....The Legendary dj Larry Patterson passed on some years ago... I met Larry when he was @ LeJocks...myself being a dj at the time...he inspired me.... may he RIP....bp

carmen rivera |

Could someone tell me what happened to Larry Patterson? Can he be reached.

billie prest |

Thank You to dj Hippie Torrales for putting together The Zanz Re-Union.... a labor of love ...but a lot of work..... Thanks again, it was very nice indeed.... and Larky is the same beautiful Larky..... Cheers! billie prest

Hippie Torrales |

OK the day is here. Hope to see some of you there. For those out of town you can catch the party at cyberjamz.com. Thx U for the support.

Eddie Perez |

When I first started with Smack Music.. I was brought to Zanzibar to learn what "House" was...

billie prest |

With all due respect to my friend Shelton Hayes...to my understanding Shelton has health issues of late. I saw Shelton @ his last BDAY BASH @ his loft b4 the party started and gave him a big hug. The 30th Anniversary Re-Union has been put together by Zanzibar's original dj...dj Hippie Torrales... Hippie was at Zanzibar from day one of it's Super Grand Opening Celebration August 29, 1979. Zanzibar grew and evolved over the years with several people sitting in the "Captains' Chair" and many a great dj on the Turntables. It is all that and more that makes up the Legendary Club Zanzibar. Frankly speaking, it was Albert Murphy who actually took Zanzibar to another level....Shelton was part of "Al's Crew" .... Shelton was famous for his great decorating skills @ Zanz prior to him being in Charge of the Club. Just thought I'd share a little backround info here. If Shelton could attend the 30th Anniversary Re-Union ... I am quite certain that he would. Today all associated with the Legendary Zanzibar have much appreciation for each other...as it should be. peace...bp

billie prest |

Yes... I recall DRUCKERS well.... : ) ...my good friend shopped their and introduced me to DRUCKERS in '77 .... ahh those were the days!

jaye m |

thanx for all of this information that we are passing around. there are a few things that most of you seem to leave out.
SHELTON HAYES MADE THE ZANZIBAR!! Without him we would not remember club Zanzibar the way that we do. for all the great times we had there Shelton brought forth an energy & presence along with SWAGG. not to mention atomosphere to do die for. this is why we love when Shelton Hayes presents a Zanzibar Reunion, we all come out because it IS HAS BEEN & WILL ALWAYS BE " A NIGHT 2 REMEEMBER.This is not to take away from all of the greats who have come thru Club Zanzibar, just lets not forget who brought it all together,. AND STILL CAN !!!.
THANK God for Shelton Hayes. If ever there is a man who knew what night & when to throw a party it is Shelton. Some times it pains me that all you folks who contuine to have these Zanzibar Reunion parties just cause you somehow lead others to think that Shelton is somehow involved because it is known that folks will show up. no matter where the party is if Shelton Hayes is throwing it people show up.(this next party is not being by Shelton Hayes).
It is just good to know that when we do what we do, we get what we get.
let us contiune to kepp the past alive & look forward to having wonderful times like we once had.
love & respect J. Moore

Hippie Torrales |

Hey Billie: Crazy Eddie I remember that. But for those of us in the Newark area we use to shop at a place called Druckers. They use to beat everyone's price and were located right in Penn Station in Newark. You could catch the Path from NY buy your stuff and get back on the train without stepping out of Penn Station lol.Were talking early 70's here lol. Zanzibar reunion party in a week see you there.

billie prest |

@ DJ HENROCK.... regarding the Legendary Thornes Turntables.... They were replaced by Panosonic 1200's..... The Thornes were relocated to Club America....were they were eventually also replaced by 1200's ..... then the Thornes unfortunately "disappeared" ..... and HENROCK FYI: I go way back as a dj myself and experienced playing on Thornes turntables at Don Quixotes in Matawan, NJ and the Four Horseman Lounge in Asbury Park, NJ. and a bit of trivia....back in the day.... Crazy Eddie in Brooklyn was the source for a lot of dj/sound equipment including the Legendary Thornes turntables.... Now back to The Legendary Club Zanzibar...... 30th Anniversary/Reunion on 06Sept at Club Sensations....Newark, NJ...


Thanks Hippie!!

I'm not sure if some people understand...Thorens turntables were primarily used by rich folks who listened to Mozart or Beethoven!! Club Zanzibar was another work of acoustic genius by Richard Long...pitch control was performed by the DJs fingers...remixes and dubs were done by splicing reels...no such thing as "master tempo" back in those days. Mixing discs was truly an art!

Just giving credit where it's due. Don't get me wrong, I love the new technology, but it just ain't the same!!

Hippie Torrales |

That's what I'm using in the picture up above

Hippie Torrales |

Hey Henrock they were 125mk


Hey Hippie!

Just curious...I remember the Zanz used Thorens turntables...wanted to know if you remember what model.

Hippie Torrales |

OK here is the flyer if you don't get a physical copy. Print it and use it to get the discount.

Hippie Torrales |

Update: Zanzibar reunion has been moved to September 6th. It will be at The Mango Room in Club Sensations. From 3PM till 12Am. No work labor day Monday. Been planning this for 2 years and finally it will happen. 30 years since Zanzibar opened how time flies.

Carol Gilbert aka dirtyolelady |

I loved zanzibar it was one of the best times of my life.I was there weds,thurs,fri,sat and sun nites.I remember T telling me and my friends Swank,Freda and Baseemah get off the floor so we can close the club at 3 in the morning.same as it ever was,weekend,billie jean,martin circus,thanks to you, etc.i want to write my own book

billie prest |

Hippie, Thank you for the Invite and I look forward to being at Club Zanzibar's 30th Anniversary Celebration on Sept 6,09 ..... Big Up's for putting it all together and keeping "The Tiger Alive" .... Sincerely..... Billie Prest

Hippie |

Yes it's official. Zanzibars 30th anniversary party will be held at Club Sensations on August 29th. 2009. Line up in the main room Naeem Johnson, Tony Humphries and Hippie Torrales. Your host for the evening, Larkie, Billie Prest (if he gets back to me lol) and another surprise. On lights Zanzibars original lightman Chino. From 6PM till 3AM (so far). Make your travel plans hope to see a lot of you there. There will be free T_Shirts to the first 100 people.

Chino |

Afternoon party people!!! Just got off the phone with Hippie & it is now official. The 30th Anniversary/Reunion party for Zanzibar will be held on Aug. 29, 2009 at Club Sensations. More details to come. BTW for all of you that remember Larkie from Zanzibar she says "Hi" and is looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion party.

billie prest |

ahhh,,,, ZanzForever... said it all....in only four lines...I totally agree...the genius of Al Murphy and the sky's the limit investment attitude of the owner Miles ... was what made Zanzibar so special that even today in 2009 (30 years after it's Grand Opening) we and others are still talking about this great experience called The Original Club Zanzibar .... it is truely legend. I was just a mere "care-taker" of a great nite-club institution. I do not make claim to anything other than "keeping it alive" and operating in a manner that I think Al Murphy would appreciate.....The biggest compliment that I ever received regarding my "promotion" abilities was from Al Murphy ... not long before I stepped in to oversee Zanzibar for the first time in 1986 ....so yes ZanzForever know exactly what the real deal is....and my interest here is not to "hate' on anyone or anybody...but just to set the historic record straight. Haven't we had enough of "selective history" told to us in public schools years ago... On that note ..... Prayers for Shelton Hayes for at this very moment on the 8th of May 2009 there is a Tribute and Fund Raiser in his honor featuring Tony Humphries and others at the New Club Sensations on Brandford Place, Downtown Newark, N.J. ....I am presently in Japan and have communicated such to "BYRD" the host and co-ordinator (just hours ago).... Prayer Is The Most We Can Do ... Together. SIncerely, "billie"

ZanzForever |

Bro. Billie,

I always enjoy reading the comments as they come in. Zanzibar will always be a part of me. I grew up in there, but I must say, the REAL era of Club Zanzibar is 1979 - 1985. Zanzibar went through changes after that. Zanzibar's best years and most authentic years were '79 - '85.... Hippie, Tony, Larry and T Scott.

Zanzibar lives forever!

billie prest |

oop....please pardon typos and incorrect discription of flyer....The Flyer with Colonel Abrams was for the Re-Grand Opening of Club Zanibar.....later that year I put together 8 acts for Zanzibar's 8th Anniversary .... and by the way I video taped it....in that regard as previously indicated.....JVC finally have come out with the one piece of equipment that I need to transfer VHS and S-VHS to HD DVD.....so I will be picking up this piece of equipment ...presently it is Sold Out at J&R music in NYC ..... I intend on putting together footage that can be legally distributed....the only act that I can be sure to sign a release is CeCe Rogers since I was his manager and executive producer for "SOMEDAY: with Marshall Jefferson. Now if there are any "tech-heads" that would like to give me some advice on this matter .... I would greatly appreciate it. Best of the Best ....Billie Prest (Zanzibar/Club 88 director) ... prayers for Shelton Hayes....he can use all the prayers from all the club heads out there.... thanks.....

Melody M. Bryant |

I am 41 years old in now reside in Norfolk, VA. I am origainally from Montclair, NJ and I started partying at the Zanz when I was like 17 years old. I was so fascinated with that club from the very 1st time that I ever went there. I stayed at Club Zanzibar. Every Fri., Sat., and Wed. Including ALL holidays. I have seen some of the very bestess!!!!!shows there in my life. I have yet to see a club like that here in VA. I mean you have to leave clubs at 2am here. I used to just be arriving at the Zanzibar at 2am. I really really miss those days. Thanks for this website. Toast to all Zanzibar Club Heads!!! I miss all of you all. Peace

billie prest |

Hello All .... I am very pleased to see the flyer posted from Zanzibar's 8th Anniversay featuring Colonel Abrams and 7 other acts!....The flyer features a note from me with signature. It seems that the Billie Prest era of Zanzibar has been "overlooked" ... but truth be told ... Zanzibar was about to be shut down by the owner but for my convincing him to allow me to "bring Zanzibar back to life" ... he gave me a limited amount of time to do so .... and the rest is History....and by the way I also maintaine Tony Humphries as the House dj and in fact encouraged him to go to London & Europe for the first time. I assured him that his position would be there when he returned. Just thought that I would finally speak up on this part of Zanzibar's history and "rebirth" ...and another very interesting fact is that with great effort I convinced Larry Levan and his Manager to have Larry return to Zanzibar to play on Wed nite's (he played there on Weds in the early years of the "Al Murphy" era) ...shortly after The Garage closed Larry Levan returned to play at Zanzibar...but he stayed only a few weeks....(not feeling very comfortable or welcomed their by a dj who I will not name) ....now if folk want to know some back stories on Zanzibar then I have stories to tell .... as I am a bit tired of not being included in the history of Zanzibar ....especially since I literally save it from closing in 1987! .... The Facts ... nothing but the fact....and let the truth be the light... Billie Prest (former director of Club Zanzibar) circa 1986-1987 and 1990-1993....

goddessg |



I happened upon this site and have been teary-eyed reading through all the comments. I started going to Zanz when it was Abe's and we called the Lincoln Hotel the "Stinkin 'Lincoln." I lived in East Orange and bussed it down early, and would wait on the first floor until the 2nd floor opened.

The best time of my life were there on the dance floor, and getting contact highs in the ladies room. There is no other way to describe the feeling the music gave you except - tribal - I felt a spiritual connection to my African ancestors, a trance that was difficult to come out of (maybe it was the contact high). When you observed the other dancers there you could tell those who were in the midst of that ecstasy brought about by the bass rhythms and def beats. When I would come down from my high, usually during a song I did not like, I would curl up in the speakers and sleep for a minute. It has definitely been worth the hearing loss that I suffered. If like others, I knew it was going to end, I would have enjoyed it so much more if that is possible.

One site I found has a great list, year by year of house music titles and artists is Theparadisegarage.net. It has music from 1976 to 1987. Alot of the music played there was also played at the Zanz. Search for Coqui Garage Collection, the music is still difficult to find but at least you will recognize the titles. Let me know what luck you have. Blessed be.

djfuji |

Big Tone we had alot of fun you and little t always showed up with alot of gold on damn i was surprised you guys were able to dance with all that trunk jewerly on those were the days

Chino |

Evening to all the old Zanzibar heads. Chino here. Well just got of the phone with Hippie & it definitely looks like there will be a 30th Anniversary/Reunion Party for Zanzibar. Location has yet to be determined but it will definitely be in Newark with a tentative date of 08/29/09. COME HELL OR HIGHT WATER, I WILL BE THERE IN THE BOOTH WITH HIPPIE THAT NIGHT LOL. Just hope that whatever venue is selected it has a decent light system so I can do the lights. This has long been overdue!!! As more details are release, it'll be posted here. Peace my friends & hope to see a whole lot of familiar faces at the PARTY!!!


Yo Hippie,

You know I was waiting for your new album to come out since last summer, when you played at the music festival in Newark, especially "Always"! For all you club heads out there...the album is HOTT. You will definitely catch me at the 30th anniversary party as well.

billie prest |


Hippie Torrales |

Hi people: Hippie here. Well the album is finally out on Traxsource. Link: http://www.traxsource.com/index.php?act=show&fc=tpage&cr=titles&cv=31994

Also want to mention look out for the 30th anniversary party of opening night at Zanzibar. 30 years ago August 29th 1979 Zanzibar opened. We are going to have an anniversary party on the 29th of August this year. Again on a Friday night like the original night. Do not miss it Newark has been waiting for this party. Details will be available soon. I will be DJ my original lightman Chino will be on lights and some more surprises. Hope to some of you there.

Peace, Hippie

Big Tone |

What's up DJ Fu?

I remember you. You had the Skyblue Duster with the hole in the floor. That car got us to the Zanz plenty a nights. Did you ever get that hole fixed...lol Thanks for the memories Fu, we had a lot of fun.

Big Tone

La Orange Pjs |

Hey DJ KB Chill I had a party at The Mint (Peppermint) the food was the best. I also went to the Redwood and The Archway. I lived in Orange. You brought back some good ole time memories.

Big Tone |

Hi Billy,

Let me know if I could be of some assistants with the conversion. I work for an imaging company and I have converted that type of media for a lot of companies. No charge of course. I would be honor to be a part of anything associated with the Zanz.

Big Tone

djfuji |

man just looking at the pictures of the club brings back memories me and everyone from my wife family memebers went to the ZANZIBAR EVERY WEEKEND we came early to get our drink on until TONY came then we were ready to party till that very last song IT AINT NO BIG THING THAT YOU LEAVIN.

billie prest |

regarding footage from "The Original Club Zanzibar.....must transfer to digital format...and then post on You Tube (for starters) i project April 1st 2009 (April Fools Day) ...check this website for info in late March....like the "Paradise Garage" the footage will help tell the story of "Back In The Day" when all folk wanted to do "was dance" and listen to music all nite long....

zanzForever |

Yes, the footage would be great because it would balance out the footage of the Garage on You Tube. If anyone has old footage between '79 - '84 (my era), that would be MOST appreciated.

BigTone |

Billy what ever happened to the footage?

Ty |

Oh well, better late than never.

I have read all the comments, I have gone back in time and had fun doing it. I frequented Zanzibar in the early to mid eighties I think maybe sooner.

Me and my best friends used to have a contest for feircest outfit made that day to wear out that weekend at Zanzibar, Bonds and Better Days. Jamie, Daryl and sometimes Ray. Oh yeah we gave ya'll some flava. Jamie gave me one of my first jobs designing after FIT. I had to give it up though cause we just partied constantly and nothing was getting done, so I left. Jamie forgave me and we remained close for the years in between. We were fools who just loved the music and I still do. We all miss Jamie who passed away 3 years ago, or so.

I live in LA now and I would have loved to attend the reunion.

Shout outs to : Shelton Hayes ( how you doing these days)
Big Mac- Whats up neighbor remember 2nd grade-to the whole Arts High School class of 79- we always rule!
The lovely weequahic section and Zanzibar will live forever in my heart.


Tea-T |

OH How I remember, I actually had to use a fake ID to get in the very first time I went to Zanzibar, But then before I knew it I was old enough to get in on my own. I still remember waiting in those long lines wrapped around the building and then finally getting close enough under the bright red heated lights & feeling the thumb of the music only ment I was just minutes away from what I was so patiently waiting for.. a night of free spirit, a place all it's own ................... Zanz


Log on to Youtube, http://www.youtube.com/henrock911 and check out my compilation of Zanzibar tracks!! Any and all requests for new postings will be accepted.

Hope everyone has safe, happy, and healthy holidays!!
DJ Henrock

Msdee |

Jennifer - Think you were looking for the Clarke Sisters song. X-Zanhead too....

Rick Gee |

when is the Zanz reunion party....I grew up in the club and have just returned to Jerz from years in Atl.....like to see some old friends Naim Johnson is on that list....anyway let me know when the reunion party is so I can find myself a friend cause I ain't leaving till that party is over....anybody feel me?

lennie hatcher |

wow what ajoy to find this site.born and raised in newark(now resides in delaware)i had the pleasure of being a part of zans truly uniqe atmosphere.i remember during the time newark had its speedy job program that,and for whatever reason i didn't get picked for a job.my grandmother knew sharpe james(councilman at the time)and sent me to see him to ask for job since it seem all the teenagers on my block had summer jobs but me.after talking with him he made a call to miles berger who would have me come see al murphy at zans.zanzibar had it's anniversary party coming up and al put me to work .i was shocked to learn that i would be working at zanzibar at 15,the very same place where older members of my family attended regularly.complete awe that still has it's hold on me today.i remember tony and al used to send me across the street to capt ali;s for grub.i remember cleaning all those mirrors also sitting in those speakers listening to tony tranform me and the entire second floor.nothing can ever match zanzs.anybody know what happend to wendy or brian light man or lenny the light man or roger just a few that i remember from those days.truly the ultimate disco trip

billie prest |

ahh haaaaa.....i stand to be corrected!!!!! : ) ....but does anyone out there know that i have a picture of "hippie" doing the hustle in platform shoes!!!!??????......well actually not! ..hippie, you are the definitive voice here ...i have no problem playing "second banana"...hit me on facebook


I never will forget the first time I had the privilege to play at Club Zanzibar. A friend of mine by the name of DJ ROCK had a spot on Saturdays and asked me if I wanted to play with him. I was known as DJ KB CHILL from Lincoln, Ave in Orange, NJ and was Playing at the Peppermint Ballroom there, the Cheetah Club in Paterson, along with the Redwood Lounge, the Archway Lounge, & the Exit 11 (formally known as the Polar Star Lounge) all located on S. Essex Ave in Orange, NJ.

But Zanz, was in a class all by itself!!! Those Cerwin Vegas would actually have the windows puckering back & forth from the outside. I would've love to have been able to play during it's hay-day when DJ Hippie, DJ Tee Scott, & Tony were playing, they are the Grandmasters who have paved the way for us today. God Bless Them!!!

I now live in Jacksonville, FL, but I still have vivid memories of Zanz, I remember seeing Sylvestor there. I only spin for personal freedom now, (getting close to "50"). Club music is foreign and is not appreciated down here. These people only listen to R&B and Dirty South Hip Hop. Boy have they got a lot to learn!!!

Every year I go home to visit my family in East Orange, Newark, Orange & West Orange, NJ. When I ride down Broad St., although the Newark Bears Baseball Stadium now resides there, I can't help but look for Zanz with the Lincoln Motel right next door to it...("sniff, sniff" getting sentimental).

R.I.P. Club Zanzibar...Your Spirit will live on forever!!!

Hippie Torrales |

Miki that was Nicky Sianos track. Way before Zanzibar opened. I use to play it at Docks. I dropped at Zanzibar every once in awhile.
Billie actually Zanzibar had rap ties from opening night. Opening night Joe Robinson came to the booth with a record and said listen I have this record and it's only been played one time in Texas last week can you play it? The record was Rappers Delight and NY still had not been up on it. And in that first year we had a couple of rap acts perform including Sugar Hill Gang and Kurtis Blow to name a few. So you see Zanz has been into rap since the beginning.


anyone remember this track called "kiss me again"? i beleave the group was called dinosuar.

billie prest |

lamont...saw jerry a couple years ago at train station in elizabeth.....he looked well.....we talked for a few...he said family was fine...used to hang with kelly w. in dj booth at sensations as kelly/owner/musician etc ...used to spin too!...i brought rap/hip hop to zanzibar in '86 ...hosted b-day party for mr. magic....i believe that was the first insergence of "rap" into the zanz...al murphy had just left the zanz and i received call from mr. magic's manager ..i believe his name was "tony" ....interesting thing..it was a thursday night ......the new york scene was in the house ...fat gold chains, kangols etc...but actally ,,,,kelly's sensations were throwin' down and breakin' out the "new rappers and rap groups before then...as far as jersey city......it was the "name of the game" and the veldt.....in '75 & '76 ... : ) BP ...need i say more? ....

LaMont Carson - DJ X-Treme! |

Hey Billie - I have never met you but I am glad to see you doing your thing. What ever happened to Jerry? I was a member of his Record Breakers Record Pool in Jersey City and remember begging his girl Anna to send me the phat club records. It has been a looong while. I haven't heard from them since about 1982. I remember dancing to Naeem's vibe at Sensations / New Experience and on 'BLS.

billie prest |

hey lamon/dj x-treme......just went to your site...ohh yeah....naeem johnson....and jerry bloodrock???.....damn bro'....you know my people from "way" back in the day!.....i booked naeem at club zanzibar....i met naeem when he was just 16!....and years later he was jammin" at the "ZANZ" ....

LaMont Carson aka DJ X-Treme! |

The Zanz has always been an inspiration. I just put a site up with downloads to some classic club and house mixes. Goto: http://www.djxtreme.com/mixes/


Hippie Torrales |

Hey Carla from Chi. Check out deephousepage.com clubs section. There you will see whats up in the area when you come out.

Carla from Chi |

Nice site!
I'll be visiting Newark (from Chicago) 1/9-10/2009 and wondering where I can CURRENTLY hear classic house like from back in the day??

billie prest |

before "zanzibar" before "abe's" there was al murphy's "Lejock" aka "36 Halsey St." ...i remember meeting dj larry patterson there one afternoon ...he was "practicing" and let me listen to a new 12' that he said was going to be big! ...the song: "TEN PERCENT"...larry patterson later was one of al murphy's "preferred" d.j.'s at "the original club zanzibar"...the rest is "history" ....free spirited music & dancin' ...until sun-up .......and hippie torrales is one of few who participated that is still around to tell the story first hand...(from a d.j.'s perspective)...and the beat goes on! BP

Robin Lindsey |

Do you remember that Chaka Khan was a hot mess!!! She was so tore up security had to get her off the stage. She was high as a kite!!!! But, we still partied just the same after they got rid of her. I'm so glad she cleaned up her act!!! I wish I would have seen Phyllis Hyman.

Hippie Torrales |

Hey Billie other performers that performed there (when it was only Abe's) were Marc Sadane & also Phyllis Hyman. Some of the acts that performed (at Zanzibar)while I was there was Two Tons Of Fun, Grace Jones, Chaka Khan, Eddie Kendricks, Whispers and Kurtis Blow. There were others but those I remember best.


yo its mel i am as they say late zanzibar 90-93. Me and the fellas Dashawn Kendall James Jamil Jason the list goes on from roselle tour zanz up evey weekend chasing the girls riding a** hard on the dance floor and sometime trying and sometimes successful wit getting number from the ladies. one of the things i remember most was the system I have been to many clubs and bars and i have never heard and system til this day like it I remember standing in front of the glass with the bgw and crown amp racks with the upside down vu meters bouncing to the hard hitting club track lift every voice, hot for u, tears, damn i wish i had a time machine to go back to those days and even though we was late zanz i can imagine what the 70s and 80s was like

billie prest |

"the original CLUB ZANZIBAR" ...FYI: there were three distinct eras ...."the originator" Albert Murphy...Shelton Hayes (al's protege') ...and Billie Prest ...each director "left their mark" ...shelton is still active in "the business" billie prest is not and the extraordinary al murphy has passed on...dj Hippie is spinning internationally.



dj billie prest |


LA from Orange PJ's |

Thanks so much I listened to It's Ok over and over LOL

LA from Orange PJ's |

Thanks so much Dj Henrock I cannot wait to hear it thanks so much...

Oh yes yes yes I would love to see some old footage Thanks Billy.

Tre' |

DJ Henrock,
I sent an email to Shelton asking if the Birthday/Zanzibar Reunion party date and location has changed.
He responded that there was a possibly that it was going to change, but in fact, everything will Remain the Same.



Hey Billie Prest,

If your videos are in VHS format, you can transfer them yourself to your PC using a digital video camera. I would LOVE to see what footage you have!!!

P.S. I can assist you in uploading snippets of your vids to YouTube. If so, hit me up!!djhenrock913@yahoo.com

dj billie prest |

anybody interested in seeing some videos from club 88 and club zanzibar ....if so speak up or forever hold your peace! ....got tons of footage...just have to transfer from video to dvd format.....any technical suggestions.....????? billie prest ....."CLUB ZANZIBAR ROCKS!!!"

LA from Orange PJ's |

Hi Billy long time no see.. Its been years I use to bascially live in Club 88 and Zanz. I remember Club America also.. Have anyone heard from Burt?

Thanks to everyone for helping me find some old club. I am in VA now and theres no old club...

Still looking for the song "It's OK"



The date and venue for the Zanzibar reunion have changed!!! The new date will be Saturday, October 18, and the place will be the Cricket Club, 160 Eastern Parkway in Irvington, NJ. Contact Shelton Hayes at 973-202-4213 or email sheltonzan@aol.com

Hippie |

Hey Tony: The song was "Hold Me Tighter In The Rain" by Billy Griffin. Billie I'll hit you up soon. Hit me at myspace. Album coming soon people called Always by Hippie Torrales you can hear some snippets of the album at myspace.com/hippietorrales. Gonna put up a new classic mix this week on my podcast.

Peace Everyone, Hippie

dj billie prest |

hello to all you "jersey club-heads" ...from billie prest former dj at don quixotes in matawan,nj don't forget the "cave" with dj red....now i am talking way back in the day!!!! before i became director of club 88 and blessed with the appointment of director of "the original club zanzibar, newark (all praises due to albert murphy) the person that really kicked off "club zanzibar" in the fall of 1979 (as hippie knows before that the space was called "abe's)....and don't forget "my other club" ...CLUB AMERICA , NEWARK....yeah those days were all made possible by the owners of the "LINCOLN MOTEL" the Berger family...were not for "Miles and Bruce" there would have not been a ZANZIBAR or CLUB 88 ....Best Regards to all! ...and happy birthday to Shelton Hayes" ...(one of the "rocks" of "ZANZ" ...and mr. hippie....reach out...."BP"

Tony Henson |


What was the anme of the song you use to play at Docks--it was the last song played on most nights?
Part of the lyrics was "Walking in the rain"--I believe the artist last name was Griffin or Griffith... Help

LA from Orange PJ's |

There was this song that DJ Burt would play at club 88. All it said was "Its OK" with really nice music. I want to hear Running, With a litte help from my friends, Notice me, HELP HELP HELP

LA from Orange PJ's |


I am so happy to finally talk to people from the old days. I loved Club 88, The Peppermint, Zanzibar, Brokers, the Garage and More WOW I miss these places. I have been looking for some place to get old club music. I gave up on downtown Newark because they all were the same. Then I ordered some off some site and basically got robbed. I want to hear some old club HELP!

P M. Kreps |

Zan and the Garage were my hang out spots. The music and the artists, like Slvester and the Weather Girls, that saaang at the Zan blew my mind. The music went to core of being and stired deep. My peeps we all danced to the same beat of enjoyment. No fights just pure enjoyment everyone on a plane of ecstacy. HOW WONDERFUL IT WOULD BE TO HAVE THE ZANZABAR AGAIN TO DANCE AWAY AND TO. Peace and Love

pepe |

is there a link that has just club classic , i live in boston and there none here, i have the deep house and bernnie mac links already, if are any other please let me know


Hey China,
The first one,"Call Him Up" is by Voices of 6th Avenue on Acebeat Records. "Bang, Bang You're Mine" is by Bang the Party on Warriors Dance. Don't have either in my files or my crates, but I'll see what I can do to locate them.

Thanks for the additional info on the reunion!!

China |

Hi Henrock!

U have all the cuts... do you have this one...

I believe it is by a group 5th ave "Call Him Up". I cn't seem to locate it.

The other is "bang Bang your mine.

Hope you can help!


Hey Jennifer!

You asked me about this song a while back...still not sure, but if it was in the early 90's, my guess would be "Rejoicing" by Ultra Nate'.

Jennifer |

Do you remember a song Zanz played that had a tight bass line at the beginning, but the lyrics sounded like a church song. It said something like "express yourself, believe, and talked about joy? I know if you could hear the bass line the song opens with, you would probably remember it.

Pam |

Hi all, I remember back in the day at club zanzibar. I am trying to find the name of the club song they used to play back then. I dont know the lyrics, but it goes One Word, then in the middle it goes "keep dripping and dropping and dropping and dripping, keep dripping and dropping and dropping and dripping. Do someone remember?

Robin Lindsey |

Hippie and DJ Henrock, here is the info for the Zanzibar reunion:

The official Zanzibar Reunion @18 Oliver Street Nwk. N. J. On the corner of MaCarter Hwy. (Rt 21 ) and oliver st across from Macdonalds. Date Friday October 10th 2008. doors open @ 10 PM until.

DJs Naeem Johnson, Jihad Muhammad, Tony Humphries

$12 advance ticket
$15 @ Door
for Info and tickets purchase e mail or call.
Sheltonzan@aol.com (973) 202-4213

adv. Tickets must be purchased before October 1 2008.

Hope this helps!!

pepe |

please, send me more info about the reunion, i now live in boston,ma. I was born and raised in newark, and attended zans on a regular, my faviote music is club classics still to this day, someone let me know how to get tickets,also the date and tine thank you pepe


Hey Zanz fans & family!! A couple things I'd like to announce. First, check out my Podcast at http://djhenrock913.podomatic.com I put a Zanzibar mix on there I hope you all can enjoy. Thanks to Ladyl & Big Mac for the inspiration!! Also, I'll be on the 1's and 2's at The Mentors Club on Williams St., downtown Newark, Saturday October 18 for a fund raiser. Come out and support!!

Monique |

Hey All!!! There was a joint that I loved. I dont remember the title or who's song it was but a lady is singing about "Sunday" or "Sunday Morning"?...ring any bells lol?..I was at this spot called The Mentors Club on Williams street in newark recently and they played it!....Any info please let me know..I love this joint!....

Arthur |

(corrected typo URL 2-travelers site)DJ Henrock: The Shelton party is for real. Go to www.Axiomonline.tv; select the Luxury Music show from Sunday August 31st. This show (every Sunday from 6-10) features inteviews of prominent folks who brought life and continue to bring life to house music. Shelton was interviewed this past Sunday by DJ Alvero Jimenez (www.2-Travelers.com) who produces the show. It is an AWESOME interview. The show is then followed by a live mix show with Alvero and the other partner of 2-Travelers, Mike Wright, spinning to perfection. They invite guess DJs (who also spin the right stuff) to also do a session every Sunday. This past Sunday featured 4 guest DJs. I was the first DJ on after Alvero set the mood. I dropped Computer Games into my mix. DJ and producer Todd Gardner, DJ Estaban and Justine Imperiale also did a set as the show was extended to mid-night for the holiday. Enjoy!


CORRECTION>>>The DJs-Tony Humphries, Naeem Johnson, and JAHEED Muhammad.


I have in my hand a flyer that reads: THE OFFICIAL "ZANZIBAR" REUNION/BIRTHDAY FOR THE ONE AND ONLY "SHELTON HAYES". It claims to be from Shelton's Loft Productions, and it is suppposed to take place on October 10, 2008 at 18 Oliver Street in Newark, NJ. The DJ's listed are Naeem Johnson, Jihad Muhammad, and TONY HUMPHRIES!! $12 advance tix(purchased B4 10-1-08), $15 @ the door. There is no contact info on the flyer, so I wanted to see if anyone could verify this for me!!!1

Hippie |

Hey Al. Thx U. It felt good being back home. I'll be back sooner than next year.

Peace, Hippie


Yo this is to Hippie you did you thing bro at Linclon Park 7/16/08 iI haven't heard you play since you played at the remolding of Broker after club 88 in E.O you sounded great with those classics when you got it you got thanks man for that Saturday and God willing we will see you next year 7/09 hope to see you again,PEACE......DJ AL

Jennifer |

Is this the same reunion sherpard ave was speaking of the end of last year? I sent Ali an email, and I did get a response, but not a date/time. Is it gong to be in Texas?

Tre' |

Hey Robin
Thanks for the month and date. 'll keep checking for additional updates. I am sooooooooooo to ready to get my HOUSE ON.

Eve/HustleQueen |

Please, please do not forget to give the location as sonas you can as several people are flying in and we'll stay at the same hotel. If anyone else needs hotel let me know soon.


i was too young to go to the zanzibar when hippie played there.

the first time i went to the zanzibar was in 1980. i was 16 yrs old. it was my cousin's bachelor party and it was a friday night in june. i had just turn 16 in may and i was turned out i tell you.

needless to say i had never been to a nightclub before. i had listened to wbls and wktu back in those days and larry levan, shep pettibone and the paco super mix (at 10 after 4) were my favorite djs back then. outside of radio, i didn't know anything else about any other "hot" djs. well that night, my first night at zanzibar, dj tee scott turned it... you hear me. i was absolutely over come by the amazing sound system and radio just would not do it for me anymore.

during that time i had some older friends that told me, 'if you think zanzibar was amazing we are going to take you to philadelphia to hear a dj named david todd." well david todd worked a night club called catacombs in center city. a very laid back swing beat sound ... another amazing sound system. i was equally as impressed but i was still only 16. but we stayed the weekend and went to hear another dj called donald stone the next night at the same club. so for a while there i was hooked on the philly weekend thing.

during the philadelphia fling, which lasted about a year, all i could remember was this club in newark nj and i did not know how to get there. well i got bold enough to ask my cousin how do i get to zanzibar. he was skeptical because i was only 17 or so at the time. he told me how though. he said, get the train in trenton, get off the train in newark and head towards broad street make a right and it is right down that street. so i did. when i got there i didn't even realize that it was inside a hotel the first time i was there.

ok now i am in front of the place, 17 years old and no id and they were carding people left and right. well i was there and all they could tell me is get outta here. i waited in the line, hearing the walls creek for the power of the sound system and watched people get turned away. i just knew i wouldn't make it. back then i was a tall, too skinny young man. i looked like i just reached puberty. no hair on my face... no nothing. ok...it's my turn. he didn't even ask me for anything. i was totally not expecting that.
i'm in.

i walk up the dark stair to the main floor and salsa rhapsody was on the box. dance sing shake swing. i was there every week after it seemed. i bought so many people thru that door. a truly wonderful experience was club zanzibar.

Robin Lindsey |

Hippie, I'm really not sure. I was assuming it was going to be you all DJing at the reunion. How can there be a Zanz reunion w/o the zanz DJs. Let me do some investigating and I'll let you know tomorrow.

Hippie |

Hey Robin sorry to ask but are there any Zanz DJ's playin at this reunion?

Robin Lindsey |

The Zanzibar Reunion will take place October 10, 2008. I don't know the time or place as of yet, as soon as I do I will post it.

Hippir |

Hey Tre: The last Zanz reunion was over 10 years ago when Tony & me did it for Shelton up in East Orange. No ones contacted me or Tony that I know of so if I hear anything I'll let you know.

Tre' |

Does anyone know where and when will the 2008 Zanzibar Reunion take place?

DJ Steve |

The Zanz is where I always dreamed of DJing. Never got the opportunity however. A friend of mine at some point began carrying records for Tony H. and played some on Wednesdays. I am shocked no one mentioned Sensations, where the club thing started for me in the mid 80s. But that was only the warm up for Zanz.

Hippie |

Hello everyone. Hippie here. First want to Thank all the people that came out to the Lincoln Park Festival. There were so many old heads in the crowd I had a flashback. There is some video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN_BJsUcXLE It felt great playin for the crowd of over 10,000. I also want to mention I have set up my podcast site and have put up a classic mix (for those looking for classics) along with new songs podcast (from my live cyberjamz show on Tuesdays). For those looking to remember Zanz days I suggest you try and make it out to the Lincoln Park next year.

Peace, Hippie

PS: Billie Prest hit me at myspace.com/hippietorrales

Yolanda |

I lived in the Zanzibar,Weds, FRI, SAT.
Never missed a beat.ALL MY GOOD FRIENDS TONY HUMPHRIES, GERALD T, Larry Patterson, Tony EVANS ,
SHELVEN, LENOARD D. FOY, MY TRUE LOVE. Stephon,NAEEM JOHNSON There were so many!All The Staff Including sercurity.
There were so many people I had the pleasure of meeting; all types of celebrities just to name a few Colonial ABRAMS, GRACE JONES,THE ARTIST Formally know as PRINCE.
Thank You for the memories.

Dan |

Just so ya KNOW.... There is a book being published about Club Zanz, with lots of info about the performers, the DJs, and the crowds that came to hear them. The book is titled "The Tiger Behind the Stripes", and is authored by Shelton Hayes. It will be published later this year and I can hardly wait.

Yeah I was there nearly every Wed. night, and I loved it. The music was great, and Larry Patterson, and Tony had the crowd jumpin'. Zanz will be missed, and remembered, and loved. Does anyone have any video from any of the shows? I remember there was a show that came on TV on Friday nights the showed music viders and performances at clubs I think Carlos DeJesus from WKTU/WWRL was the host, and a few times they had a broadcast from Zanz. Thanks for the great memories and love in the posts. PEACE, from a ZAZIBARBARIAN.


Hey Jennifer you can also check out my podcasts I have what is called "SHOEBOX ClASSICS" that are old WBLS and KISS Dance parties and master mixes. Enjoy


Jennifer |

Thanks ladyl, you were right. I went to his sight and he added it a week ago!!! I don't know why I didn't think about checking it out.

DJ Henrock, thanks much!! Will definitely subscripe to your page on youtube.


ladyl |

Hi Jennifer,

Check out DJ Henrock see threads above (13-14) above. Then check his site on You Tube. He has stuff on his list that I forgot about. Contact him.


kyle |

Zanz was the greatest club ever. I remember waiting in line for an hour on new years eve, and dancing all night to Colnel Abrams, Shannon, and Ten City...now those were the days. Merlin Bobb and Tony Humphries carried you through the night.

ladyl |




brickcity59 |

Here's a link to mixes by a Newark DJ, Curtis Gilmore. He's Arts High Class 77 definitely from Zanz/Garage era. I've known him since the 4th grade (Maple Ave School)my oldest living acquaintance....

China |


I found a Larry Levan CD through Amazon: "Journey To Paradise: The Larry Levan Story". It is available via MP3 download or you can buy the CD. You can also buy some on HTFR.com.

Good Luck



You know I got you!! That song is "Feelgood Partytime" by J.R. Funk & the Love Machine. I found the instrumental on YouTube, and put it in my favorites. Keep on jammin'!!!

ladyl |

DJ Henrock,

Do you have? "Get Up,(repeat) it's partyime, clap your hands..etc...cause I'm
Dr. Feel good"

I'm laughing while typing, I may not know the title of a song...but I can sho' nuff give some of the lyrics-lol. Please put this on your "You Tube" list. This was the first song/mix I danced to at the Zanz.

Love the list you have stuff I forgot about. ok gotta finish jammin'-see ya!

ladyl |


Your best bet for now is Pleasure Island.
Disney's nightime attraction for adults. There's something for everyone out there. BET soundstage is there (don't know if it still is) Mannequin's (various house...classic & techno) there's a raggae club, 8 trax (70's, 80's disco) Or Universal Studios. I don't go there...too many kids. There's also club "Paris". Good luck.

ladyl |

DJ Henrock,

Thank you so much! Now, regarding Tramaine Hawkins, there would be club music playing while she was shouting, "Sing Hallelujah"
but since you mentioned having the acapella version of the song. I'm probably trying to describe just 1 of possibly many club mixes using it.


The song is "In the Morning Time" by Tramaine. A&M Records. Gotta look in the vault for that one!! I know I have the acapella version on CD.


Sorry, it wasn't Ruff City, it was Smokin' Records. I'll look into the other song, and check back with ya!


Hey Ladyl,
The song is "Celebrate" by Thibeaux on Ruff City records. I will post it on my Youtube channel.

ladyl |

Hi DJ Henrock,

I don't know the name of this song but I remember coming home a few times & hearing it at 88. There would be music, then.....Hey boy, I want to thank you (repeat), for what you did for me...you broke my heart...and set me free...now that this is over, gonna celebrate, the thing we used to do, etc...

Please tell me you know what I talking about. There was also a song, with Tramaine Hawkins (gospel artist) mixed in it saying "Sing Hallelujah" it was just music until she came in. Any ideas???



To All Jersey Club Headz !!!

I've created a YouTube channel dedicated to the love of club music, Zanzibar especially. Chceck it out!!!

ladyl |

Orlando offers the very same. Who ever told you that, must be from Fl or the south period. Get this... you'll hear complaints if club music is played but go-go (watch out!) will bring them to their feet...lol

brickcity59 |

Roz G? I didn't hear about that one, dayum; wish I had. I'm oblivious to happenings in WPB. Miami is knee-deep in salsa(cubans) and techno (whites). The rest of the night scene (blacks) is hip-hop-bling-bling-don-wanna-dance....I heard Orlando had some bumpin' black clubs? I was up there during Christmas week (time share tour, lol). Nope no disco/club down here, Parliament Funkadelic will be here on the 30th I guess I'll gte the funk uncut...lol

ladyl |

Hey brickcity59,

A friend of mine had a show in your city last week. Another home girl- Roz G. Did you catch her show ?

ladyl |

What's up brickcity59,

I'm in Orlando, Unless you go to certain clubs in Miami...Forget it ! The only time I've ever danced to club music here, is when there's a guest d.j. from N.J. A lot of people that I know from Fl don't like club music. Even the best clubs that I've been to in Miami could NEVER touch Zanz, New Experience or 88. Like me ,you'll have to commute to club-LOL !

Some friends have been trying to get me to have a "Club Nite" here. There are many NJ to Fl people that would support it. I may consider it this year.

brickcity59 |


down here in West Palm Beach; nize to know I'm not the only NJ to Fl transplant. Arts High Class of 77 in the house! Oh yeah, I'm a New Experience freak! Was there on opening night when First Choice's Dr. Love debut...Ladyl where are you in FL? I can't seem to find a club that plays true old school club/disco. Have you had any success?


Who could forget it!!! He use to pour ammonia in the basement level to keep us out from smokin!!! I went to my renunion, was like 30 peeps there. It was all good had a great time seeing people!!


ladyl |

Hi Big Mac !

Loving this message board. I have a little piece of home with me. Was home 2 yrs ago. stop by Arts, got a little choked up. Some of my favorite times were in that building. Remember Mr. Rimm (security) with a newspaper under his arm every time you saw him-lol. I remember Mr. Palestina- had a serious crush on him -most of the girls did !

Love,Love,Love your gospel mix #4 !
Genius !

Also LOVE gospel mix #4


LADYL ARTS class of 79 here!!!!!

ladyl |

I can't believe it! This website has made my day ! I'm from Newark, went to Arts High (class of 81) I talk about the great times I've had at all of the above mentioned clubs to friends here in Fl. (moved here in 86') I would fly home every 4 to 6 months just to get my "club on" (there was nothing in Orlando-trust!
(still isn't). We have to give props to Mark Thompson aka "Rico", who held it down at "New Experience" (later-"Sensations"). Also to Gene at "88". These brothers knew how to bring down the house also. I just wanted to throw some love their way

billie prest |

attention all those interested in "the original club zanzibar" i will be posting "club zanzibar videos " this year keep in touch ...i have plenty-as former club director...colonel abrams ? ...but of course :) ...hello to kenny and all those that kept zanz safe and secure over the years ....(all guns were left outside and peace and harmony prevailing thru the night at "the zanz" while the music thumped and pumped and vibrated broad street 'til sunrise! .... bp

billie prest |

attention all interested in "the original club zanzibar" ...keep in touch as i will be posting videos from club zanzibar...this year 2008 ...and as the former club director "i have some good stuff" ....nuff said......billie prest.....p.s. what's up kenny, i remember u well along with the other great seurity detail at club zanzibar. footnote ( never had any major incidents at club zanzibar while under my direction (security head was "big craig")

Emma |

Hi all, Just happen to run across this site while looking for some club music for my 50th birthday party. OMG reading all the theads brought back fond memories of Neet, Sharon & myself dancing all night at Zanibar, Shaniques, Docks etc and leaving just in time to go home to shower and get to work by 7 AM. Thanks for wonderful memories.


WOW I think the last time I saw you Kelly was at Cosmos on a Sunday night!!! lol I use to hang with Dawud!! I know your whole "CREW" from the Force!!! This is Scott from NWK. Hope all is well with you!!!


Kelly |

I was at Wilberforce, so you know what I'm talking about. They had no clue to what real club/house music was about. Just like now I'm out in Maryland and my DC friends are like, "There was a club in Jersey called Zanzibar"? And, many times I just give them the dumb look, because, again, they haven't got a clue.

Big Mac |

Wow Kelly we ran the same circles. I went to school out at Central State during that same time frame!!!!

Kelly |

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!These memories are too much. I've been to every club mentioned on this site and then some. California DJ, Love is the message, need I say more. My daughter who is 18 is always asking me about House Music because she is in college in Maryland and there seems to be some misconception on campus that House Music started in Baltimore. I distinctly remember going away to college in 1980, in Ohio and actually rooming with someone from B-more who knew nothing about house music and people knowing those Jersey/New Yorkers that listen to that stuff called house since we use to blast it all through the hallways of the dorms while people just stared and didn't understand. Anyway, I started at Doops, El Castile, Shaniques, Buttermilk Bottom (All up and down-town Newark, between Branford Place, Halsey, Broad Street, Central Ave., Main St.) and moved onto Zanz and Bogie's and every in-between. I lived in EO. But, when I read TWIN CITY!!!!!!!!! it almost brought tears to my eyes, running down the street, trying to get that last bus. People hanging on the back of the bus with those heavy skates around their necks. It just don't get better than that. And to think, music can bring such good memories such as those. I love it.

jett |

whats up billie prest. i worked for u atthe zanz and at 88. kenny the doorman

jett |

Hey whats up everyone? Jjust happened to run across this site looking for music, and man, didn't think I had all of those wonderful memories built up inside. Can't believe I'm here actually droping a few tears reading all the memories. It's amazing that this place had such an impact on so many in such a positive way. I also lived in the Zanz, it was my life, dont know where i'd b if it never existed. peace and love 2 all us old heads. i can finally accept that status now.


Hello China the name of the song is STAND ON THE WORD. PEACE.

China |

Hi all! I stubled across this site looking for a song that went something like: " We must not question the good Lord. Have faith in God and trust his word. We don't know we don't know when.... Stand by His Word, the Word of God."

When that played at the Zanz or Garage, it just did something to me. If anyone knows who this song is by/title please let me know. I have to add it to my collection and can't find it....



Listen from going to the Paradise Garage there was no was no place in Newark ever to compare to the Zanzzzz that was home I mean never from Tony.Tee,Larry,Timmy & Punch they kept Zanzibar on the map my night was Sunday loved it the whole weekend was cool though man I miss it the sound was crazy one place to get your dance on wiht no problems.Remember that will always be home. Memories WOW. Thanx.


That is my playing name as a DJ right now. I used to go to a club n downtown Newark at that time called New Experience. Once Zanzibar opened up that was it for me. I used to borrow money to go to Zanzibar. They had the best sound system in Jersey! I had to be there every Friday and Saturday and some Weds. I used to go home and mix the same music they played in the club. That's how I found out what people were listening to for party music. I used to go there just to hear my favorite song o all times to this day. Release The Tension. I don't care what iwas doing at the time. When that came on it was time to party. I hate at that time i never could get the original version of that song. I remember they came up with a crappy version by another group. It sucked but that's all we could get. I have the original version now. See there still is a site on Club Zanzibar made me start to get a little emotional. Super club of all times. To bad they changed things with the club and motel that it got shut down.

billie prest |

ps....thank you to all who supports and recalls one of the greatest clubs of all time.....the legendary club zanzibar! .......bp

billie prest |

hello to all that experienced "the legendary club zanzibar" and "club 88"....i once was the club director for both clubs...handling all promotions and entertainment..radio spots etc.....i was also friends with al murphy who along with miles berger(owner of both clubs} was the genius and actual creator of club zanzibar which opened 1979. i have numerous video tapes from both club zanzibar and club 88. i look forward to transferring the s-vhs and vhs tapes to digital format and then making available for the "world" to somewhat experience both cub zanzibar and club 88. sincerely ....d.j. "billie prest" also executive producer and manager for ce ce rogers "someday" circa 1987 : ) .......


LMAO!!!! I'm not sure how I landed on this site (some Newark Link) but I immediately stopped and saw the Old Holiday Inn. So, it appears the Zanzibar evolved from the Old Hotel.
I was the lifeguard for the pool just on the other side of this structure, which was the dining room at the time (1967).
I was paid $1.50 an hour for 40 hour week. I was also given a "room" that my girlfriend and I at the time would never enter. Taught some kids how to dive and do flips... Certainly not as exciting as the dance club it was to become. Newark was... and hopefully will be great again under Booker.

Kris F. |

Hi everyone...we are working on two projects 1. A book about the history of underground dance music in NJ and 2. a film documentary about the rise of underground dance music in Newark and Essex County (The Oranges, Montclair, Irvington etc.) All the posts are valuable to our project. We would love to speak to you in person or send out a Q&A to accurately document this dance music culture here in NJ esp Essex County. We can be contacted at letsthinksoul@yahoo.com Thank you.



I was 14 teen hanging in the Zanzibar every weekend this was my spot all the time.


Yo Big Tone!!

Thanks alot. Same to you and yours.

Honestly, I haven't bought vinyl in a good while. However, I mix both CDs and vinyl at parties.

Big Tone |

Happy New Year to you and your fam Henrock.

Are you still buying vinyl? or have you strictly converted to CD?


Happy New Year All!!


Check out my podcasts and if you like it tell your friends. I have what is called "SHOEBOX CLASSICS" that are tapes I collected from back in the day. Enjoy!!


JoeR |

Not sure if it was mentioned, but this place is now gone. It was torn down a few weeks back.

They are also tearing down the Westinghouse building across the street.

The face of Newark is changing.

Long remember Zanzibar...

David J. Reeves aka original Brick City |

Yeap, Scotto the New Experience on Branford Place was the grandaddy to Zanzibar which at the time (1977) was called Abe's Disco. I was at New Experience's opening night (January 1977) Some history was made that night since First Choice debut'ed Doctor Love, it was history after that, what a night!!!

Big Mac |

I"m from NWK as well and grew up in all the clubs mentioned with the help of my older brother and his friends. I just wanted to say that there is a distinguishing difference in the DJs from the NY/NJ area that cuts it all when it comes to CLUB MUSIC. I have traveled around the world for the most part in the military and there is NO SOUND BETTER THAN HOME!!!

You can put on all the tapes and listen to all the DJs you want to and you can TELL THE DIFFERENCE in who is from NY/NJ and everywhere else. I just started recording my shoebox tapes and it's been taking me back. I'm talking tapes from 78-83 that are in good condition thanks to cheap prices from Valley Fair. LOL

Shepard ave, I'll hit you up in a minute I"m from the Weequahic Section as well from the Ave between Bergan and Elizabeth. I"m in Reno, NV and I"m trying to get a house thing going for the summer with the casios. So far I have the Eldorado biting. I"m trying to do the Reno/Tahoe thing for Club/house music. Been down to Vegas and was at 54 didn't like the music at all. I'm a 46yr old Club head and proud of it!!! No one mentioned New Experience lol

Pepe hope all is well this is Scott. Be safe all!!!

David J. Reeves |

For all you Zans/Garage alumni, here's an invitation to join our yahoo group: "Love is the Message" Weequaqhic section in the hiz-zous. Arts High Class of 77....

Big Tone |

I need to see more pic's. I know I'm not the only one who took a picture sitting in that wicker chair. I will have mind up by Friday.

Don't be like that!

Anybody know whatever happen to Ce Ce Rodgers? I remember he use to play on the first floor for a while before "Someday" came out (1987).

Jennifer |

Sounds good to me too! This will present the opportunity to possibly meet those we've corresponded with on the site, dance to our old school again, and see people we partied with that we haven't seen or heard from in years. And if Tony's available to dj, that would really be the icing on the cake!!

Robin Lindsey |

That sounds like a great idea! I grew up in East Orange and my last year at EOHS (1982) I lived on Jelliff & Avon in Newark. As I stated earlier, I was a Zanzibar and Garage fanatic back in the day. The Zanz and Garage weekend in Vegas sounds like a really good idea. I haven't been to Vegas in years since my father passed away who lived out there, but this is something I will definitely be interested in being a part of. I will be willing to help in any capacity you need me. My email address is redrobin@bellsouth.net

shepherd ave |

To all house and classic heads pay close attention. My name is Ali and I grew up in Newark in the Weequahic section. I am a house head until the day I die. I even put in my Will to play nothing but classics at my funeral. Anyway, I've been living in Las Vegas for the past fifteen years. I am a promoter and marketing guy for Big Tyme Entertainment and U.M.G(Urban Marketing Group). I found this page about a week ago and I am so surprised and happy to see that I am not the only crazy person that talk and reminisce about some of the best times of our lives. I am so enthused about this whole thing that I want to put together a Zanzibar/Paradise Garage Party Weekend out here in Vegas. I would need some assistance in putting this together. Not monetarily, because I'm okay in that department but some help in getting the word out and setting up travel arrangements. If this is something that you guys and gals think will be successful then please get back at me. Again, I am open to any suggestions such as what time of year,what DJ's to hire(TONY HUMPHRIES) of course and what type of format should I follow. I have people that do all of this already but I don't want to interfere with there normal work duties and I think that getting input from the people that lived in this particular time and era and experienced the things that we had at that time would be more valuable to make this Weekend another unforgettable experience. Thank You all and I look forward to hearing from you about this matter.

Donna Mitchell |

Hi Iam in the middle of doing some homework, stared thinking about those days at club Zanzibar. I heard some music it started to to take me back to those days. I miss those days so much! It waes the best club in the world with some of the best DJ's that jersey would have ever known. Tony Humphies will always be missed. I will always keep Club Zanzibar alive in my heart.

Jennifer |

Yeah guys I can't find "Without You" either. My girl from east orange said it was by Hanson & Davis, but the only song I found by them was "Hungry For Your Love", which I rememember but don't really want. I tried looking for it under the the name "TOUCH" also, but I'm not having any luck.

DJ Prophet, If you find it on vinyl, maybe you can upload it for the rest of us :)

In the meantime, I'll keep looking

DJ Prophet |

Thanks DJ Henrock! It is so awesome to reminisce and remember these songs and great times we had during the original club era in this tri state area. It looks like I am going to have to go back to one of my boys who has about 20 crates of my vinyl classics that I need to put on CD or MP3. My DJ partner who works for UPS, says that there is a new vinyl to CD dubbing machine that allows you to place the vinyl record in it, and it will record and track the tracks to CD or MP3 files without interruption with no need to watch the record while recording. When I converted to CD's from vinyl it was so time consuming. There are some songs that we will never be able to get on download from Limewire because they are only on vinyl. It is a fact that vinyl will always live for those who want to experience the ultimate in club classics!


Yes, Robin, Ten City did that one. They had many hits back then like:
Whatever Makes You Happy
That's the Way Love is
I Should Learn to Love You
My Peace of Heaven

Robin Lindsey |

Thanks DJ Henrock! All this time I thought it was Ten City. Was Ten City the ones who did "Right Back to You"? I have that mix on CD also.


Dj Prophet, Robin, Jennifer:

Actually, it was TOUCH who did "Without You". I'm having trouble finding it on MP3, though.

Jennifer |

Robin Lindsey,
I had forgot about that song, it was a good one. I'm having trouble finding it. Are you sure it was Ten City? Do you know where I can find it?

Robin Lindsey |

DJ Prophet,
Was it the song by Ten City; Gotta Get you Back (Into My Life)? "Without you, I don't know what I'll do........My life feels so empty, like a puzzle you're the missing piece......" That's the only song I can think of that says anything about without you.


DJ Prophet |

Oh my goodness this is really taking me back to the days when music was "special". Between Zanzibar and the Paradise Garage I do not believe it gets any better. I am doing a throw back party tomorrow to that era. I get a chance to flash back to the time when it took us a couple of days to get the full capacity of ears working again from that awesome ZANZIBAR SOUND SYSTEM.. Got a question. Anyone remember a song "without you". It went something like..without you, I just can't know, I can't know, without you. Anyone remember the artist who made that track? be blessed everyone...

Robin Lindsey |

Since you are in the ATL, you can go to Earwax Records on Spring Street to get some really good club classic mixes. I've been in Atlanta since 1991 and was an avid member of Zanz and the Garage back in the day (1980 until they both closed). I posted a message early on when I first discovered this site. Anyway, I have some really good cd's I listen to everyday!! I have cuts like Love Sensation, You Ain't Really Down, Girl I'll House You,, Aint' No Mountain High, My Love is Free, etc. If you ever get a chance to go to Earwax, you'll be able to listen to the CDs before you purchase them; believe me, you will go absolutely crazy listening to them. Talk about going way back! I lost my mind when I heard Go Bang (Bango). Let me know if you can't find any good ones and I'll be able to burn some for you. I'm in Snellville, right next to Stone Mountain.

Jennifer |

DJ Henrock,
I wasn't at the last party, but I wish I had of been!!!! What lead to Zanz's closing anyway, and what year was it?

I don't remember Merlin, and your probably right, I bet we were in da club around the same time. I'll shoot you an email about limewire.

meme |

jennifer, i was just reading your post and like pepe and sheppard we were probably hanging the same tme. remember the fine guy at the door? merlin? what do i google at limewire?. just wanted to express how happy i was when when i found some funky mixes on itunes. found a mix by larry levin with . native new yorker and inside out by odyssey,baby im scared of you, womack,clouds, chaka, heartbeat, taana gardner, lost in music, sister sledge, once in a lifetime, talking heads,situation, by yaz etc... girllllll. i can go on. meme. in the ATL.

pepe |

hey, shepard ave i know every one you talking about, all the people you mention i grew up with, i lived on bergen and weequahic ave i live a few houes down from shaheed R.i.p and a few houses up from ali so i know i know you it good to hear from someone from the hood stay strong.



shephard ave |

Pepe if you grew up over there then you know what I'm talking about when i mention great dj's such as Tariq Yates, Tim and Lou from the Fog, Ali and Shaheed from weequahic ave. Daryl and Tony Woods, Big A Mcphearson and great dancers like Barry, Andre Hall r.i.p, (Gargage and Zanz favorite)Leroy r.i.p, man we probably are family through some way or another you know how we stuck togrther over there. I come from the Perry Family. Get back at me.




Jennifer |

DJ Henrock,
There's another cut I remember, but don't know the name. They played it at Zanz's and the lyrics were a gospel song, but it had a strong bass line. The only words I can remember are "respect yourself" and something about "joy". Do you know the one I'm talking about?

Jennifer |

DJ Henrock, thank you soooooooooo much!!! I have been looking for this song for awhile.

Meme: I found a bunch of the old cuts on limewire.com. The stuff they played at Zanz, cheetah's and the garage.

Girl I'll House You
Move your Body
Love Sensation
Nobody's Business
Follow Me
You Used to Hold Me
Just to name a few.

meme |






meme |

this page is so tight. i CAN'T get enought of reading all of the postings. pepe you seem to enjoy to. smile...
remember the motel next door, and seeing kids up all night. remember the song form the clark sisters? still trying to find th classic joints help meme.

Jennifer |

I'm looking for a song they used to play @ Zanz back in da day. I don't know the name of it, but it went, "Shooby Doo Run Run Run". Anybody know the cut I"m talkin bout? What's the title/artist?

pepe |

i just read a e-mail from shepard ave, which is in the weequahic section where i grew up, i lived on weequahic ave and now ilive in boston,ma the zanz was my second home i could never get enough hearing the re-mix of song like love sensation,love is the message and martin circus and other song that larry and t- scott did there magic on, these are timeless classic that will alway be in my heart i wish i could turn the clock back one day to relive this era if any body from the weequahic section is out there holla back. pepe

Shephard Ave |

Oh yeah, I can't forget to give my love and appreciation to Naim Johnson for holding us down when the Zans started to fold. Club Sensations was the second coming.

Shephard Ave |

I grew up in Newark. I was 16yrs old when I first went to the Zans. Tony Humphreys used to habg out on my block and do parties at Big A house. As soon as I stepped into the Zans and felt the vibration of the music bouncing of the walls I was hooked. It seemed like the second floor was going to come down at any minute. At that time Tony used to kill Colonel Abrams, Music IS THE ANSWER and my all time Tony Humphries mix RELEASE THE TENSION. Man if you only knew. The Zanzibar will always and forever be my first and last love for a nightclub. The best part of my life then was spent inside of THE ZANS. Thank you so much for having this sight, you really don't know the joy, happiness and memories that you give to people that were true Zan Heads. Thank You

nik |

OMG, I came in 2nd place in a Daisey Duke contest at the Zanz, and I had on jeans. Loved it all, black, black and more black did I own any other color? If I could turn back the hands of time. No one dances in the clubs anymore. I dont know what that mess is they do now. shot out to all you 7th ave heads.

jersey |

i have very few words...except to say miss you much tony and every one who ever went through those doors




I remember those days at the Zans.. The music the lights... the sound was awsome.. I also would hit "Sir Richards" and listen to my man Andre Torres spin the music. Anyone out there would remember the different levels and different vibes you would get once you entered the arms of the Zans.. Fake ID, I didn't have one. I had that look though which made it all the more adventurous... Getting the numbers and having the sun hit you and people looking at you in your dance clothes while you eat breakfast.. UUUUmmm that was some good eating..
Remember taking the pictues when you 1st got there... The bamboo chair with the palm tree. Those were the days.
Every time I return to Jersey I hit Market St to get at CD and bring it to the Carolina's. Turn my back its GONE..
Anyway, thanks for the memories

Dee Dee |

My memories were in the "90's" getting in @ 17 w/ a fake id. Every weekend that was the place to be!!! I just turned 30 and I can remember those times like it was yesterday. Times were bad then in Newark but not as bad as they are now. Zanz was the place to go & dance until you sweat. God how I had fun...

james ivera |

I remember the ZANZ REAL WELL! Growing up in Trenton, We could pickup WBLS and 92KTU and KISS FM back in the day. That was just the beginning, In 1982 me and my parents moved from west trenton to hamilton township right outside of trenton I met new friends my age and BAMM found about the ZANZ!

I was hooked I mean as soon as we parked and walked up to the line you could hear the mirrors inside rattling! When we finally got inside the system was mind blowing we were all kind of wanna be dj's back in the day. U NO technic 1200 and digital delays, cerwin vegas, but those were just basement party's we had nothing like the ZBAR.

I can actually remebering wearing a hole in a pair of penny loafers dancing all night long. The baby powder was awsome, so was standing in front of the speakers to cool off from the breeze of the woofers, and the drinks were on point. One night my friends were not going so I decided to go by my self good OL NJ TRANSIT, I walked from penn station up market st to broad st and it was on. I was dancing and all of the sudden I seen some old people i grew up with in west trenton so we hung out and had a good time. so had new friends who had turned me on to the ZANZ and old Homie's who also new what was up to. so just like I read on this web site previously It's all true leaving when the sun is up, going to breakfast whitecatles,MCKEY D'S. But one thing I think that was not mention does anybody remember every leaving the club and riding the train home and having the music still ringing in your ear to the rythm of the train and not losing your balance when walking on the train?

I started to go alot by my self I loved that place. I had a baby girl in 1987 and moved to san diego for a short while. they did not know anything about house music. I asked the dj at a local club about Mr Fingers, Joe smooth, D Train, and he look at me like I was crazy! It wasn't long before I was on a greyhound bus on my way back to JERZEE.

When i got back house had made it way south a little bit more to Trenton's little clubs and corner bar's, so when the money was a little short for newark trenton had to due, but philly was catching on, and it's cheaper to catch a train to philly from trenton, so philly was the spot for a while. nothing like the ZBAR. Then it was B-MORE, just like philly lots of hole in the wall clubs, nothing like the ZANZ, Now it about 92-93 I could not stand it anymore I jumped on amtrak in B-MORE and I did not get off until I got to NEWARK and just like before i walked to the ZANZ When I kinda had a feeling things had changed for the worse I could not hear the music outside when i got inside i could not believe it there was grafftie sprayed on the wall. the music was terrible No tony H I think i must have stayed a couple hours max. IT WAS THE END OF TIME FOR ME. I went back to B-MORE for a while Then decided to go west to the bay area, in the west they were calling house music rave and techno i was like that's BS, but there was a litte rival for me on a small scale, one night i was working at the desk of a homeless shelter in san francisco listening to the local radio station when they did a interview with the one and only TONY HUMPRIES I almost hit the ceiling telling my coworkers I used to watch him spin records in JERZEE.

Living out west i only get bits and pieces of real house music same thing when i lived in minneapolis. satellite radio or internet. I used to come up from trenton to E ORANGE to get my music Joe and ABBY always had the HARD STUFF. I don't care what any body say's I am a house head for ever I am 43 and I took all my collection and put it on CD'S My only regret is i should have followed house music when it moved to europe. it could have lasted a litte longer. it made me good to watch video's of axiom studio in newark on cyberjam radio but they disapeared all of the sudden. Can anybody tell me what happen with them? I use to sit back and watch and drink a saint pauly Girl and be with them in spirit here in portland OR. No house music clubs in the pacific northwest and very little black people but plenty of good jobs and real clean air.

The ZANZIBAR is permanently imbedded in my mind and soul.

pepe |

songs like love sensation,doctor love,love is the message,love thing,and the way larry master re-mixing them kept me coming to the zanz week after week i feel honored to have experience these times

David J. Reeves |

Aiiight, I found this site and I'm getting emotional. I'm from Newark, age 48 I went to Arts High (class uh 77) Remember? Yeap we wuz da crew, Al Murphy, The Shaniques crowd, James Taliferro(rest in peace), Russell Garnes, Ralph McNeal. Zanz was it! I remember, while attending Clark College, myself and three other NJ club addicts jumped in a yellow volkswagen beetle with no floor boards and drove 867 miles just to dance at Zanz. We got to Newark around 6pm saturday, hit the club at 11pm. After they put us out we jumped back in the volks and drove back to school. I slept for 2 days. I'm down here in the bible-belt and looking for links to get some of the music back. Let's do this again, the music's still got me.....D

Jennifer |

Man this website is so cool. It's like it connects us all in some way, and puts a smile on your face as you read the comments reminising about the fun you had. Hey I got a question for you guys, did any of you ever leave zanza's, go home shower, and then had to go to work? I couldn't do it, but I had some friends that used to do that often. Now that's some die hard partying!!!

pepe |

This was some of the best memories,of my life. d.j's like larry levan,t- scott and others inspired me to become a d.j of that era, club music and zanzibarn will alway be a part of me pepe

Jennifer |

Man, zanza's was the spot back in the day!! Hard to believe it's been over 20 yrs. I was 21 when I first went there. I had moved from union county to ocean county, so zanza's was an hour and 1/2 drive for me, but it was well worth it!!! I would sweat till there wasn't a curl left in my head. Daylight would smack you in the face when you would leave, and me and my girls would be lookin a hot mess from dancin and sweatin all nite!! We still would get da digits though :-) We enjoyed every minute of it, and it wouldn't be long before we were taking that drive to Newark again. Thanks for the memories, I had a ball!!!! :-)

Big Tony |

Hi Pepe,

Go to deephousepage.com you can download mixes from some of the great DJ's of all time. Larry, Tee Scott, Tony, Timmy, David Mancuso, Frankie Knuckles, Naeem and others.

PS is the Pepe that dated my sister Cherry?

Big Tone

pepe |

i grew up in zanzibar, this was the best memories in my life , iwish i could turn the clock back, if anybody have info of hoiw i could get cd's of larry or t scott pelase e-mail me

Candy |

I am so happy I found this page! I thought I was the only one holding a torch for my nights at Zanzibar, Better Days, etc. I'm 40 now, but I would be out there dancing tonight if I could find a place with the same incredible music, people and vibe happening...I would have enjoyed it even more if I know it would not last forever...sigh...

Chino |

OMG...it's been awhile since I've been here. It's amazing that people can still remember Zanzibar. What's more amazing is that I finally managed to locate my old booth partner Hippie. There are times when I hear an oldie but goodie come on & my fingers start going like I was still doing the lights there. BTW Dwayne, Zanzibar was jumping way before Tony took over as DJ.

leelee |

There will NEVER, EVER, be another Club like ZANS! I have been to numerous clubs in NY back in the late 70's early 80's and NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING beats ZANZIBAR's!!! We would drive in car loads from NY just to party there!! As soon as we got in, we would race upstairs and dance ALL NITE. Walking out in the daylite and all Wet from dancing, and taking a quick nap and back up dancing again!! Now adays these clubs do not measure up to the music and performances we used to see. I will forever miss those times at ZANZIBARS!!!


The Zan... Wow .. I remeber so much.. Going in the dark and comming out the sunlight welcomed me... That big mirror in front of the DJ .. I dance in front of it all night.. Saw Colonal Abrams there and other live groups.. White Castles after.. Its was a fantastic time for me to be me...



I give mad props to David Morales as well-I used to check him out when he was spinning at the World in NYC. Tony H., however, truly inspired me to learn how to spin myself, back in the day, and the present day!!
There was one thing that used to get me upset, though. When I was out shopping for those hot cuts I would hear at the Zanz-at record shops like "Movin' Records" in East Orange, or "Vinylmania" in the Village-I would bring in my cassette of the song in, and either Joe, Abby, or Jerry would just shake their heads and tell me "Oh, that's Tony's exclusive version" or "You won't be able to get that for months!!" Man, that would get me heated, but I understood...It was Tony Humphries after all.

I still have a WHOLE LOT of music from that time, dating from mid 70's to mid 90's. Right now I'm trying to convert all my wax to CD and/or MP3, and I'm also getting ready to hook up some mixes for everyone to enjoy and REMINISCE!! I'LL KEEP YA'LL POSTED!!

Tony |

If someone hasn't already. We should probably mention David Morales. I'm not a huge fan of Davids but I respect him as a DJ.

I didn't start going to the Zanz until 1986 so my memories are not as deep as a lot of the wonderful people on this page. So, I appreciate hearing about some of the other great Clubs that I never got to attend.

A Memory

One Wednesday night sometime in 88. My cousin and I went to the Zanz. At this point Wednesday nights were coming to an end. To our surprise Tony was spinning. Soon after David Morales showed up. We guessed it was an akward situation because Tony and David had a few words in the booth. Couldn't hear of course but it looked a little heated. We took it that David was suppose to spin but hadn't showed so Tony step in. I guess neither wanted to leave. Then Tony got back on the tables and lit it up. David then followed with a nice series of mixes. I had never heard David song so good. But my hat went off to Tony Humphries of course. You would have thought the place was packed. My cousin and I couldn't believe what we had Witnessed. I don't remember how it ended but we really enjoyed that night. I hope someone on this page was their that night. Because knowone believes us. We were not that high.

I would also like to big up all the artist who we watched perform: Sylvester, First Choice, Lolita Hollaway, Colonel Abrams, Vauhn Mason, Monfu, Joyce Simms, Entouch and a host of others. CeCe Rodgers on the first level (before he released his single Someday). Henrock thanks for mentioning those songs, I love them all. I also like hearing "BABY WANTS TO RISE", "WHITE HORSE", "GOING DOWN" and "VIRGO TRACKS REPLAYED".

I still have a lot of those records. My crate game is vicious.

Big Tony


Hey all Zanz headz!!

I too was mesmerized by the Zanzibar sound!! I was too young to experience the spinning of DJ Hippie, but I remember going crazy when TonyHumphries was in the booth. Songs like "CLOUDS" and "I KNOW YOU, I LIVE YOU" by Chaka Khan, "WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME" by Labelle, The Peach boys "DON'T MAKE ME WAIT", Jungle Wonz "TIME MARCHES ON", Eddy Grant "NOBODY'S GOT TIME"..... So many memories!!!!

meme |

hi Ruby, receied your email and tried to respond. Life is so funny we may very well know each other. I would love to chat about back in the day. Im from jersey city so you know I am very familiar with that path train. Im in atlanta . if you happen to stumble upon this page again send your email
peace... meme

ruby |

Same here I don't remember how I stumbled across this site either, however I too am from essex county (Newark, Irvington and EOrange) I was one of the younger models hanging with the local older models like Jasper, Rosemary Crusar etc. I remember when Grace Jones was there spitting on her mesculine head fans! I also remember Stanley Williams as a club dj also. Also the Coronet in Irvington had about 3 parties going on at the same time, and coming back from the Paradise Garage at 11am on the Path Train. Peace

meme |

I was feeling some good club music after coming back from vac. and zanzabar came to my head. after googling the zanz this page came up and blew my mind. I was between 17-20 when I first started. remember the fake ID's that you prayed was gonna work that night. I loved tony humphries. remember dancing to the gospel group the clark sisters? i

remember the fine a** guy at the door? I thimk his nAME started with a M. I need club music from zan bad for my ipod. any info please let me know

Tony Henson |

I don't know how I got to this site; but boy!!! it brought back many memories. I'm 44 years old from Newark, NJ; I started clubbing in the clubs in 1981 at Z-Bar & Docks. Wow I didn't know Hippie was at the Zanzibar; he was at Docks by the time I started and Naim Johnson was his understudy at Docks a few years later. I partied at all the clubs mentioned about Cheetahs, Cosmos, The Shadow, The Garage, Magoos etc. In 1981 at the age of 17, I finally got into Zanzibar after changing my clothes several times. Sheldon was a tough cookie; I got ejected many nights. But, once I got in it was all over. Sheldon never gave me any trouble from then on. At Docks, you has Butchie at the door you needed a membership to get in or come with somone with a membership to get in. Eventually, I got my own membership card. I remember Hippie playing the last song for the nite "Walking in the Rain" or something like that... But before 1981 living in Newark I had my share of house parties in Hillside and the Weequahic section and the bar louges on Clinton Ave in Irvington (I don't remember the names Club something and the Coronet) with the DJs from Mark 4 & Gentleman of Leisure. Does anybody remember those guys?

Sham |

btw,, if i ever come to US i want a free entrance to this club <3 <3 <3 <3

Sham |

lol.. a Zenji club in NJ ? thats cool.
i don't think Zenji/Jangbar people even know about this.

( Zenji/Jangbar/Unguja - pet names for Zanzibar )


Robin Lindsey |

Wow!! I just "googled" the site for the Paradise Garage and now I stumbled across this one. It is so great to see someone even took the time out to make such a great tribute to both of these world renowned clubs!! I too was an avid member of Zanzibar and the Garage. Larry Levan was a GOD to say the least. I would club it up at the Garage on Friday's and would hit Zanz on Saturday. Those were the days! I was even able to order some of Larry's classic CD's through the Garage website (just google Paradise Garage and click on his name). When I come home to visit in Newark, I always stop by the Dollar Store on Norfolk to buy some of Naeem Johnson's CD's. I am now in the process of ordering some mixes from Tony Humphries! I partied at those two clubs from '81 until both of them closed. The baggy pants and torn t-shirts -- and don't forget sprinkling the baby powder on the floor!!! Go Bang, Hip Hop Bebop (Don't Stop), I Was Born This Way, Martin's Circus (just to name a few). Dancing in front of the mirrors until daybreak!! Those never ending spins on the dancefloor. Oh yes, if you couldn't spin then take your a** someplace else!! I can still hit that same spin with my 42 year old a**!! It is so glad to read these thoughtful memories of the clubs we will never forget. Hippie, you keep doing your thing the way you always knew how to do it!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

--Robin Lindsey (E.O., NJ)

Dwayne |


Phyliss |

NO one has said anything about George Rodriguez? Has anyone heard from him? Where is he and what is he doing? Is he alright out there???? Who is in charge of Larry Levan's music? I am trying to find some of his stuff. Also the stuff Rodriguez produced for the Zanz....any info from anyone???please contact me...

gail |

Oh my how can you all forget the search lights and Happy Birth Tony at Zanzibar!!!! that was the red carpet event of NJ!!! If I was ever turned out it was by the zanz!!!! I can still hear the bass bumping and the way Tony use to bring my songs in under the current song almost like a wisper!!! Many a guy has been left flat do to me hearing my song coming on!!! The VIP Room, the tables of fruit!!!! Many have tried but no one I mean no one will ever be able to recapture the vibe and love of ZANZIBAR!!!!

Willie Rivera |

I remember going to Abe's one night. I'm Puerto Rican, grew up like a white guy from Belleville. I went with a girl i was dating. When i walked in, i was like....oh man....everyone was black. Some turned around and looked at us, then they carried on again like if nothing was going on. My girl was telling me, let's go. I said no. We got a drink and started to dance. No one bothered us at all. I felt like a rasin in a bowl of rice, but i will never forget Abe's. Thank you everyone that was there that night. We had a great time. Always in my memories.

Philise |


Hi partner, I hope you read all my party stories, because you know you were my sidekick, you and I experienced all of what I stated about the Clubs together!!!! I am so glad you found the site. I was praying that you would. When I remember those days, a picture of you dancing with me and other things immediately come to mind!!! We have to hook up at the next Paradise Garage Reunion Party and/or the Larry Levan Birthday party!! Need to know if your skills are still up. OH AND BY THE WAY, YOU DID MUCH MORE THAN JUMP OFF SPEAKERS, THE WAY WE DANCED TOGETHER WAS SO IN TUNE, WE WERE A PERFECT MATCH. KEEP ON DANCIN!!!!

rigo salas |

Hi All you old heads. I was doing a google search on my name and this site came up.Thank you all for bringing back some great memories.May GOD keep you all in his pease. NO MORE JUMPING OFF SPEAKERS.....

Will |

The Z-bar was the ultimate in club experience. The sound was incredable the in my mind and heart will live for ever. Thanks for the memories. Big ups Tony,Larry, T-scott and all the other legendary DJs that ever played there.


I didn't read all the threads, but I got the gist of what its all about. It's always good to read about the inner workings...me, I was just a lowly club-goer...most of the spots mentioned in the previous threads I'd been to at one time or another, but probably only Zanzibar can i say i was a regular at (there, Docks, Shaniques...but mainly Zanz).
A big thrill I had long after it was all over was sitting outside this little spot in South Beach Florida, a few people sitting, sippin' and reminiscing, with the main man Hippie Torrales. Man you brought me so much joy, it was a pleasure to be in your company.

I remember Hippie coming out of the woodwork (for me) to play a gig at Duplex in Brooklyn a few years ago, and at first we wondered if he'd lost the plot...then he dropped Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" (and what DJ's these days have the balls to do something like that...you can count them on one hand), and from there on, I was transported back to Broad Street Newark's Lincoln Motel...ZANZIBAR...up til 7 in the morning (my son wasn't a happy camper when Daddy came to pick him up...took him home and basically passed out for the rest of the day. Hippe, keep doing what you're doing, as long as it is viable and satisfying to you.

Thanks everyone else for the great behind-the-scenes, "for those who know" stories...like I said, I showed up, dance my a** off, and went home happy (that was from opening night in 1979 (yes folks, I'm old), right through to the latter part of the 80's (that is after 1985). Didn't know the names of the dance floor mavens, or the style kings(and queens), but I'm sure that I rubbed shoulders with some of the names mentioned.

Philise |


It was so nice to hear that you are still up and poppin. I remember you, even if you do not remember me. Me and Rigoberto Salas were an item back then. I was the black slender girl with the grace jones haircut and me and Rigo would tear up the floor. We were there on Wednesdays and Fridays, but our Saturdays was for the Paradise Garage. It is good to hear that you are doing okay. Me, myself, I am a paralegal now, but I still club, I am on the mailing list for West End Records, Disco Fundraiser, Deephouse and Ain't NothinbutaHouse Party, so that I can keep abreast of all upcoming classic club parties and the Larry Levan,Paradise Garage Tribute Parties.

JoeCool |

Born this way...song that I will not forget at the ZANZ. Just a taste of all the great underground sounds back in the early to mid 80's. Those days were the best, of course when I was in my early twenties. Keep clubbin' and housen' it. Joe cool AKA Mr. Sweets http://www.deephousepage.com/mixes

Trayday |

You are right those days will never be forgotten! I started going to Zanz in 82. Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I used to take my little brother to teen night. Teen nights was even poppin! Any downloads available?

Edward Campbell |

THose days will never be forgotten, I traveled from Brooklyn to Zanzibar hear Tee Scott tear the place up. I enjoyed those Saturday's and the Anniversary Party's. Never a dead moment, the club will be miseed forever. New Jersey had a vibe of it's own which differed from New York, I enjoyed the people in Jersey always welcomed you with love.

Hippie Torrales |

Hello people: Hippie Torrales here. First I must say that it warms my heart to know that Zanzibar has such fond memories for so many. I also have fond memories and am proud to have been one of the lucky people to have been involved with it. I'd like to shed a little more light on the whole scene as it was evolving in Newark. C. Jones is correct in giving Al Murphy and Larry Patterson credit for being some of the early pioneers of opening up Newark to great parties and bringing some of Galleries and Loft's part ideas to Newark. But there were also others that helped along the way. As mentioned Murphy's was already establishing itself as a hot pre party spot. and Showcase was also a great place on Brandford St (with DJ Acid Queen John at the tables). You also had Shaniques which though catering to a more straight crowd did have it's share of influence (with it's living room style club which I believe influenced Sensations later on). Now after Murphy and Patterson left Le Jocks Butchie (owner of Docks and Hardcore) and I took it over for sometime before we opened Docks. You had El Castillo up in the Oranges which was actually where Larry Patterson crossed over to a more varied crowd and made a big name for himself and El Central in Jersey City which was the spot to be even before I ever heard of Gallery or Loft. When Zanzibar opened Al Murphy was not involved in it. It was being managed by a manger named Desmond (who had been managing Abes for sometime before they opened Zanz) and that is how it was run for the first 3 months. I was the one that kept telling Miles Burger (Zanz Owner) he had to bring Al Murphy in. Al and I started working together when Butchie decided he wanted to start a gay night on Wednesdays at Docks (that was truly the start of Wednesday gay nights in Newark before Zanz) Al started the ball rolling by advertising and gettin the word out and the rest was history. Now when Miles finally decided to bring Al in it was originally just for Wednesday nights (and for those who don't know Larry Levan was the house jock for Wednesday nights, it was the only other club outside of Paradise garage he was allowed to do) but eventually he managed all the nights. Now when Al entered the picture I was Djing Fridays and Gerald T was doing Sat but Al wanted me to play both days on the weekend so he convinced me to give Miles the news that I should play both days. Miles went for it and I ended up the DJ on both days from that point on. Now I wanted to bring guest Dj's in every once ina while in return I would play at there clubs and everyone agreed in principal but in practice it was not to be. All of the jocks we were bringin in were gay and playing in gay clubs (levan, Scott, Patterson etc......) but for some unknown reason (to me) I would never get to play in there clubs. Maybe cause I was young and straight, can't really say but it never happened. Anyways I did Zanz from '79 till '81 when I was let go. By then me and Al were not seeing eye to eye. And I went on to other clubs (such as 88 evergreen, Magoos,etc....) and still to this day DJ around the world. If you guys would like to get in touch with me you can contact me at myspace.com/hippietorrales.

Peace, Hippie Torrales

GingerBread |

I stumbled over this site by accident and was brought to tears of joy when I read some of these postings. I was 16 and in HS when I first stepped foot in the Zans. It was the 1st club that me and my girls had been to. I rememnber dancing on that stage in front of those missors ALL night long. I mean danced until we sweat! I remember seeing Col. Abrams and The Peach Boys... The pictures that we took sitting in that wicker chair are long gone but the memories are still there. Long Live 7th Ave!

james evans |

I will never forget the first time I went the the Zanzibar. It was a Fri night. I been waiting to go to this club for 4 years. I finally got out the house when my parents were on vacation.
I met melven at the door r.i.p He Was very interesting. My Friend new him So it Was Easy to get in
Once You got in and you heard the base from downstirs and then you walked up stairs it was over !!!!!!
The 3 songs i will never forget on that sound system is we got our own thing , mu fum bay and, Tony use to kill it and lil lewis sax song.
I thank god every day I got to experience That. It changed my Life , clothing style and taste of music !!!!!
I did not hear Hippie at the Zanibar But I did hear him in the city
I had to bring a pad and pen to take notes Damm!!!!!!!!!
What happen to the music
DJ Jay Sample
groove music inc

RicoSauve |

It is absolutely wonderful to read that the spirit of these times are still alive and strong in the heart and minds of many of us who "made it" through those times. Being a bit younger than most of you (38) I cannot go back in memories as far as the early 70's but I too started clubbing at a very early age (13). I have very fond memories of being a card carrying member of the Garage, and a strong part of the second Loft. Many early days at Better Days, Zanz, cheetas, Club 88, the Loft, the Sancturary, the World, the Tunnel even some of the early NJIT/Keane College parties often dj'd by a crew from Orange and East Orange called "Franchise", not to mention the countless number of NY "children's" clubs. I can even say I was apart of the movement of "Club music" (not HOUSE...house was Chicago/Detroit music), in DC with The Underground on Upshur st NW, Tracks in SW, several underground clubs like the Warehouse on North Capitol in the late 80's and finally ending with Baltimore's own the Paradox in 1990 long before it became what it is today. I wanted to post here not so much of remember clubs and people but to post to say thank you for keeping the memories alive and CORRECT. I have long since moved from NJ/NY first going to college then starting a life elsewhere and often find myself wishing for those days to return. Even as I type this I have been listening to many old mixes from www.deephousepage.com Check it out if you are unaware, its a great site to submit old recordings for all the world to share and learn from and relive. Philise and C. Jones though I am a little younger and have never met either of you, we share so similar lives as I believe many who come here do. When you writ eof the trance like state and the addiction to going to club, I can remember quite well all of those DJ's on their prospective nights. Many of whom I got to meet after the word got out of a "true child" out dancing many folks here...It has been great to connect in a small way with those wonderful memories and people. I am very LUCKY and PROUD to have lived in the time and place it all started. I take great pride listening to younger folks talk about that which they NEVER lived or even know, only in my mind to be thinking "you have no clue". Also let's not forget this great time period brought so much joy for us but also brought us great sadness for this time took so many of our loved ones way too early, no matter how you define love. LOVE IS LOVE!!! May you ALL REST IN PEACE! "You go boys" up there in Heaven until its time for us to join you all once again!!!!

Philise |

To C.Jones, You are so right, I did not forget Al Murphy and Shelton Hayes, I just failed to mention them. There is so much clubbin history to speak of in the 70s and 80s that there is not enough submittal space here to do so. However, I give Al Murphy and Shelton Hayes their props. As a matter of fact, I had the pleasure of bringing in 2006 with Shelton Hayes. He still looks good and still has that joyful spirit. And Le Jocks, I had the pleasure of being in this club at the tender age of 13years old. I too hung out with the Jetsetters of Newark and I am straight but I was exposed to "CHILDREN OF NEWARK" gay community at a young age. I had a play sister who was gay and she took me everywhere with her and that is how the clubbin life began for me. Yes you are so correct, those were the days and I cherish them. The Loft, The Gallery, Buttermilk Bottom,Better Days, Garage, Docks, Cheetahs, etc. I too was at all of these clubs, and there was a system to it, certain nights were for certain clubs based on the crowd and the who was DJing. It is a blessing that we are able to share these memories together. Newark too was like a minature New York when it came to the club scene, as a matter of fact, alot of the patrons of the New York clubs were all from Jersey. However, lets not leave out East Orange, they had their little thing going on as well with the help of the Late Ronald Neilinson, Esq., who opened up clubs like Magoos, El Castille, Charades, and others. However, after the pioneering surge, YES ZANZIBAR BECAME THE HEARTBEAT OF IT ALL, JUST LIKE IN NEW YORK, AFTER THEIR PIONEERS, DAVID MANCUSO AND NICKY SIANO CAME LARRY LEVAN AND THE PARADISE GARAGE and it BECAME THE HEARTBEAT OF THE NEW YORK CLUB, which then considered Zanzibar to be the Jr. Garage. AND THOSE TWO HEARTBEATS INTERTWINED when LARRY LEVAN WOULD COME TO Newark at ZANZIBAR ON WEDNESDAYS TO DJ. Also, did you know that some of the engineering of the sound system and lights in Zanzibar imitated the Garage via Richard Long Systems. Mr. JOnes, I wish I could see your face, because I have a gut feeling, we even partied together and/or know one another. I am clubbing again, was just at the "LARRY LEVAN BIRTHDAY PARTY ON JULY 16, 2006 AT PANCHA, IT WAS LIKE OLD TIMES, AND the clubbin scene is on COMEBACK, Thanks for your submittal, GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP ON DANCIN!!! EMAIL ME DIRECTLY, philisestafford@yahoo.com

C. Jones |

Okay, let's clean up some of this hype. I am too happy to read and hear of the resurging interests of real dance music. But first let me give credit where credit is due. For those of us from Newark, NJ...we must hail the pioneers of this fantastic music history. Fortunately I am one who carefully watched and groomed by the experts of this experience. How could anyone mention Zanzibar without mentioning Albert Murphy, Shelton Hayes at the door, and Larry Patterson on the tables, of note due to the gay experience that was surfacing. The history of this era is rich and one must dig back a little bit farther than what I'm reading here. There was a fabulous small club on Halsey Street called Le Jocks, this was before the popularity of Zanzibar. Zanaibar is a whole new ball game. Many of nights me and my friends would destroy the dance floor of Zanzibar. And if you were a true patron of the club, I know you can recall Richard Cureton, Joey Calendar and myself wearing the dance floor out. Times were also good at climbing the stairs to the club docks and the fabulous DJ Hippie, but this was a club that leaned more toward straight children who was fascinated with the explosion of being gay and out, without any cares, concerns, or fears.

In 1972 I was youngster (14 years old) and was hanging tough with Newark's jet setters, Al Murphy and Shelton Hayes. I too remember the parties at Al's house. I even remember when Al was the manager of the shoe store Market street (famous for platform shoes) Arrowsimiths. Back in the day the fashion scene was exploding and Newark was represented, thanks to Al Murphy. We must remember the fashion shows downtown with models who remain icons today. Just to mention a few...Billie Blair, Pat Cleveland and our own Sherry Gordon, Tommy, Juice, and photograhper Karen McDonald who is sister to the late fashion designer Jaime McDonald, who popularized the leather beannie hats that one would kill for.

Before Zanzibar there was the Show Case, which was managed be James Telefaro and that was a hot spot for teenagers coming into their own. We also had a small place for meeting just before we marched off to the clubs, one being Murphy's, which was a very tiny bar downtwon. I was doing the Gallery in NY with DJ Nicki Siano, and the Loft, with DJ David Mancuso, long before things really took off and got really hot in Newark. Those were the days!!! Long before the dance that Madonna refers to as Vogueing was a vicious dance referred to as dueling. I realize I may be loosing some of you now because I'm really going way-back. And we cannot forget the drag queen Bobby White and the balls.

Newark was ready for dance, drugs and the care-free spirit of the disco era from the preparation of those who were in the forefront of creativity.

We were running to the clubs in NY - Better Days, The Loft, The Gallery and last but not least PARADISE GARAGE, just to "get life."

I have collected an assortment of music from the day that I know is very hard to find. I hope someone is out there who knows what I'm talking about, if so please add some words to this wonderful memory.

rajiibey |

Hippie and Chino we are so glad to see you are still holding it down do you remember us " Turk" the Bey Boys and Malcom Turajii, Adil all of us used to be right there with you at Zanz and work there too remember sheldon and arron please write back

Jay |

What ever happened to that mix that they played at the Zanz for Tony Humphries birthday "Happy Birthday Tony from Zanzibar..." A background of "Ma Foom Bey"..... ? That song always sticks in my head!!!!!

Juan Muniz/Phase II Productions |

DJ Hippie, Thanks for Being My Mentor on the Tables...I remember watching you for Hours at Docks and Zanz and Next Day Feeling Pumped to DJ all day... I Thank God for giving me the Clubbing Experiences that i had(Docks, Zanzibar, Paradise Garage, Studio 54, Limelight, Tunnel, Funhouse, Club America, Unos, Down-Under, 1018, Palladium, Red Parrot, The World, Copa, Cheetah Club, Paradisio, Levels, Club 88, Roseland, Studio 1, and many more...can't remember. THOSE WERE THE DAYS!


I am 45 years old now, however I started out at the Gallery when I was 13 years old hanging out with older people who were the forerunners of the underground music. I did not know then that Larry Levan was working the light show and/or hanging there as well.

Well, I then left the state and moved to Atlanta, Georgia and attended High School and then returned to New Jersey at age 18. Then went away to Pennsylvania to College and returned when I was 19 years. Its now the summer of 1979. Again, I meet an older guy who began to take me to the Village Clubs in New York, that being the ONE AND ONLY "PARADISE GARAGE". I immediately became addicted, because that disco experience was already implanted in my system at age 13.

I attended Upsala College, was a single parent and I was a Cheerleader and academically maintained my grades. However I always managed to party at Zanzibar on Wednesday nights, Chetas on Thursday night, the Garage on either Friday or Saturday night, I preferred Saturday night (Gay night) because even though I am straight, I appeared that Larry Levan really "played the sh*t" on Saturday nights and last but not least Docks on Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey on Sunday night. I just don't know how in the hell I maintained all that energy. But those were the days and sometimes I wish they could come back again.

I really miss the Garage, Zanzibar and last but not least, Larry Levan, he was a one of a kind DJ and way ahead of his time. I know that he is doing his thing in Heaven!!! Tragic that he left us at such an early age, 38. Imagine what heights he could have taken us to. Life is a vicious circle, as I read his background, we were always in the same circles and I did not even know it. To be in the Gallery when he was just the light man and to then go to the Garage only after six years had past, and he know was the HOST OF THE PARTY. AMAZING!!!! and I did not even know it, at that time, that he was the light man from the Gallery because he had not made a name for himself yet. I HELD THE GOLD MEMBERSHIP AT ZANZIBAR AND A MEMBERSHIP AT THE GARAGE!!!

Thank God I had brothers to babysit for me and indeed it was a sacrifice sometimes to have to leave Zanzibar to go be a Mother and a College Student. Sometimes, I was so addicted, that I would take my books with me to the Club Zanzibar and take a break from dancing and go in the bathroom to review my notes for Class. And as far as the Garage is concerned, I would pay heavy babysitter fees for my brothers to attend to my son because I was there until 12:00 NOON the next day. Thats an example of how much fun it was, I would do whatever it took to party on these specified nights no matter what.

LONG LIVE ZANZIBAR AND THE GARAGE. I sure hope someone opens another Garage and finds another Larry Levan, because I will be there!!!!!

HustleQueen |

Well, there were many Zanzibar fan's from outside of the NJ area. A group of girls from Brooklyn, Queens & Staten Island would spend the night at a girlfriends house in Staten Island and head to the Zanzibar. WOW!! It definately became a destination club, in driving rain, snow, & a 1/4 tank of gas !! We celebrated lots of birthdays there and brought visiting friends. A longtime fan of the Warehouse, Garage, and who remembers the early Tunnel!!! We danced until they put us out , went for breakfast at a local diner and met a lot of people from Zanzibar and recalled the awesome mixes, intro's and new sounds! Hip hop may be the wave but it's a wave.. somebody should be hosting one night a month of real, pure disco and revisit the music and atmosphere of Zanzibar. In the last few years I have started rebuilding my music collections with great compilation cd's of disco and enjoying this great music at home & on vacation. A small group of girlfriends, many who who partied together are getting together in summer '06 to celebrate 40 years of friendship & disco music!

Big Lock |

Man the Zanz was my first club expeience I lived right up the Street in Baxter Terrace projects right on Orange Street. When I got around 15 i got the Fake I.D joint and me and some of my boys got up in that piece. We got buzzed in the purple room on the second floor and just danced for hours, the 3 day parties was the bomb too fri to sun just dont wash off the glow hand stamp and you was straight. I think that even though Tony Humphries was the God in the Booth, Naim Johnson and Merlin B could put the crowd in a trance. There will never Be Another Club Zanzibar, NEVER!

David Cook |

Boy, just hearing the name Club zanzibar brings back fond memories, some of the best times in my life were spent there. standing next to the speaker and belting out ad-libs . watching Kareem dance his skinny behind off. Melvin Watson(RIP) walking around grand as if he owned the place. I miss Bird, chasing Sue trying to steal a kiss,actually chasing any girl who would stand still long enough(smile) dancing and acting crazy, Sheldon running things, so many memories, Halloween was always fun, wish I could find the pics from those days. Anybody from the 84-87 Zans heads drop me a line. flash and me on stage after trying to get famous, oh and the talent shows that I always used to win(smile)
Peace and Love

JeffW |

The early years of House Music 1984 to 1987 were, in my opinion dominated by one DJ and that's Tony Humphries. Early hits such as Like This, Music Is The Key, You Used To Hold Me were Zanzibar staples. Then Tony would mix it up with classics such as Just As Long As I've Got You, Where Were You When The Lights Went Out and his custom remixes of Love Is The Message and Music Is The Answer (those edits were crazy). The system was incredible the scene was cool. It was the right club at the right time. I enjoyed many a Saturday night there and the memories still make me smile to this day

keithfromdelite |

Who would belive that hotel would effect so many lives. Just to let you know on that opening night I took Kool & The Gang to the booth as a promo for the group and as a favor to Miles it was also being broadcast live over WNJR.

DJ Michael Vanderhughes |

I remember the first time I went to the Zanz. I was too young to get in, so my friends lied and said I was from outta town. See, I used to hear about the Zanzibar and thought what was all the hype was about it was just a club, Yeah until I got in there. You could feel the bass just standing at the door. But I wanted to go up stairs where everyone was talking about. That night Tony was expected to show, I have been a fan of his for a long time, so just being on the dance floor when he was spinning was a trip for me. I remember that was the night he introduced "Lift Every Voice and Sing" to the Zanz... The intro came on, and you know how Tony do it, he ran that intro for a minute, the lights were doing its thing and outta nowhere came the "Soul Clap". I stood in the middle of the floor in tears, waiting for the beat to drop and just when you thought is was Tony went back to the intro w/vocal, then came the beat. I started screaming !!!! That was a night to remember, and I will never forget the day Tony mad me cry in the middle of the dance floor.... Thank you Zanzibar

hkmsyr33 |

Zanz was a landmark in Newark, NJ not just jersey as most non-New Jerseyites would say. Tony Humphries, Larry Patterson, Tee Scott helped create what is now known the soulful house or New Jersey House music.

Like Larry Levan/François K at the the Garage, they tested the waters with B-52's Mesopotamia, Talking Heads's Once in A Lifetime, Sharon Redd's Beat the Street and Martin Circus's Disco Circus and many other cuts.

My Aunt, 3 years my senior, would come home around noon Sunday and she'd tell me how Zanz was rocking. It made me a well-informed young DJ. I could not wait until I was old enough to go the clubs.

She spoke of Zanz and the Garage in the same breathe as far as the music goes. Both institutions had geniuses for DJs.

Those of us in the Newark Area, still play those classic cuts made popular at Zanz/Garage at house parties or on mix cds/tapes. Any time people in North Jersey who love classics clubs, they want to hear those cuts from Zanz and Garage.

We need a spot like that one but hip hop has dominated the clubs in the region. The Streets of Downtown still play classic club, house, gospel house on the corner and hip-hop on the next with a little classic soul for good measure.

junglebunny |

The "Zanz" was my home! I practically lived there. I remember dj Larry Levan
spinning Yoko Ono's "Walking on Thin Ice". Wow what a trip. I remember the air raid sirens, and the earthquake system, confetti falling out of the ceiling, there will never be another club to compare. "Long Live Club Zanzibar"!!!!
I want to shout out to all my zanzibar peeps.

dirtyolelady007 |

I was a "dancing queen"during that time.I started at Abes and went through whole zanzibar scene.Weds Thurs after work,Fri ,Sat and Sunday nights I was there.I remember Mesophotania by B52s,Same as it ever was by talking heads mixed with Weekend,Youre the one for me by D-Train and billie jean.I remember T scott and Tony telling me and my girls to go home at 4am so they could close.please contact me dol007

the two of us |

Zanzibar music will be lost forever. There
is not enough information about this great
Club. It would be a ideal great to start a complete music list of all the 12" that was played, I asking somebody Please to start a complete Web Site...
with song, title, year, artist, Imports, remix's and other information about the music. NY/NJ needs the music histroy of (Underground (Zbar) house music) We must keep Zanzibar alive.......

mitch |

Zanzibar was the ultimate disco trip, there will never be another club in jersey that will match it, the sound system was off the hook the lights the crowd the whole experience, tony rocking the joint. I remember one of my first times getting in francios k was spinning he had the place rocking hard. thanks for posting this on the site


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