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Studio 54

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254 West 54th Street, New York, New York


Studio 54

Studio 54 Owners:
Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager (Studio 54 was active from approximately April 26, 1977 - March, 1980 under original management.)
After 1982: Mark Fleischman and Stanley Tate

Johnny 'Jellybean' Benitez
Kenny Carpenter
John Ceglia (1982 Thursdays and Sundays)
Frank Corr
Dwayne Holt (April 1982 - November 1984)
Richie Kaczar
Osvaldo Labrador
Robbie Leslie (Thursday and Sundays for John Blair Parties)
Oscar Padilla (Saturdays)
Richie Rivera
Nicky Siano
Leroy Washington

Lighting men:
Reggie Craddock (second lighting man)
Bobby DaSilva

Michael Fesco (Promoter): "Sundays at the Studio" (1982 - 1986).
John Blair (Promoter): Thursday nights (1982 - 1986).

Watch a video overview of the fabled Studio 54:

Photos of a 1985 invitation for a Lime concert at Studio 54 submitted by Tony L.:
A BLAST FROM THE PAST! An original invitation to a LIME Concert at Studio 54 on November 23, 1985! Only $12 w/invite. Where were you? Those were the best party days!

Photo of a hot invite at the peak of the disco era. December 31, 1978 New Years Eve at Studio 54 metallic silver invite submitted by Cole Green.
Studio 54 Studio 54

Photo of dancer with red shorts at Studio 54 submitted by Jauers.
Studio 54

Photos below submitted by Billy Smith (Amato)
1. Steve Rubell, Richie Kaczor DJ at Studio 54, a friend who was the singer in the MJ Band and Billy Smith (Amato) at Studio 54 circa 1977-1978.
Steve Rubell, Richie Kaczor and Billy Smith Amato

2. Steve Rubell (L) and Ian Schrager (R) founders of Studio 54 taken in 1981 by Billy Smith
Steve Rubell, Ian Schrager, Billy Smith

3. And this invite to Studio 54 - Madonna at Studio 54, Saturday June 4, 1983

Billy Smith and Studio 54 were responsible for the launch of the "record" career of Madonna when on Saturday, June 4th in 1983. (See Madonna's invite below) Madonna had her first major Studio 54 performance for her hit record "Holiday" - with the help of Johnny "Jellybean" Benitez DJ of the "Fun House" disco in the Chelsea area of Manhattan and at the time Madonna's boy friend. Madonna record "Holiday" was added to the Z100 play list on the following Monday morning after her performances at Studio 54. Madonna in return did two more performances later that year in gratis, that was the deal said..." Billy Smith (Amato) said on 60 Minutes an CBS TV news show.
Studio 54 Madonna invite 1983

Photo of Studio 54 membership card submitted by Bill Clayton.
Studio 54

Photos below submitted by Todd Green
Description: Front and back of a Studio 54 invite from 1985. Guess we didnt have the act booked before the invites were printed.
Studio 54 Studio 54

Photo of DJ Kenny Carpenter and light man Robert De Silva from 1980 submitted by Kenny Carpenter.
Kenny Carpenter and light man Robert De Silva from 1980

Photos below of Steve Rubell from Studio 54 newspaper pieces from the early 1980s or so submitted by Surferboy
Steve Rubell from Studio 54
Steve Rubell from Studio 54
Steve Rubell from Studio 54

View a video compilation taken from various sources of Studio 54. Thank you to mbm2 for making us aware of this video in the comments section.
(1:04 Valerie Perrine, 1:14 Nikki Haskell, 1:22 [from left to right] Halston, Neil Sedaka, Christopher Atkins, Lorna Luft, and Barry Manilow [just out of focus], 1:26 Richard Dupont, 1:41 Potassa, 2:07 Nikki Haskell, Egon Von Furstenberg, Carmen D'Alessio, Yves Saint Laurent, 3:07 Halston and Victor Hugo)

Watch a video on the history of Studio 54 [Part 1].

Watch a video on the history of Studio 54 [Part 2].

Watch a video on the history of Studio 54 [Part 3].

Watch a video on the history of Studio 54 [Part 4].

Watch a video on the history of Studio 54 [Part 5].

Watch a video on the history of Studio 54 [Part 6].

Photos below sent in by Richard W Weinand
Photo #1. 2 and 3: I worked at Studio 54 from January 1979 to March of 1979 as a day laborer. I used to bring a change of clothing and stay in the club for the night's festivities thus bypassing the front door .I laid sod in the entire club except the dance floor for the Valentines Party. I had to water it every day. On Valentines Day they lined both sides of the entrance hall into the club with televisions showing all the famous love scenes from cinema. Mariel Hemmingway loved the live grass so much she asked Steve Rubel to keep it for her birthday party at the club. I was at her party also. She had Tito Puente as her entertainment. This is the original invitation for the Valentines Party. It came in the black box wrapped around a wooden gold cupid's arrow.
Photo #4: Studio 54 VIP drink tickets 1979.

invitation for the Valentines Party
invitation for the Valentines Party
invitation for the Valentines Party

Studio 54 VIP drink tickets 1979

Photo below by Lisa Miller.
Description: This black t-shirt, which says "Playboy's Second Coming - Studio 54: 2/15/78," belonged to T.J. Walsh who worked at Studio 54 in the Steve Rubell days.
Studio 54

Photos below from Jauers.
Description: Photo of "Billboard's lighting man of the year, Studio 54's Bobby DaSilva" from March 1980 Michael's Thing and a 1984 ad from Michael's Thing.
Bobby DaSilva

Photos below from Reggie Craddock.
Description: Reggie Craddock at Studio 54 as second lighting man and party DJ. With Wilt Chamberlain & Ashford and Simpson. Great times.

Photo below from Christopher Duquette.
Description: 1. Eddie and I dressed for Halloween party (me: prince charming in white, eddie: prince of darkness in our Fr. Greene parlor floor apartment with Cael, or Persian).
2. I was a dancer at the Gaiety 1976 - 1978, ran around ALL the downtown clubs, went to Hurrah once, then, started frequenting Studio as they NEVER gave me a hard time getting in (my photo going into the club). Music was so-so, but good to be in extra in the celebrity circus.
Christopher Duquette
Christopher Duquette

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Added by Bernard Lopez


Your Comments

Christopher Duquette |

Halloween at Studio so much more sophisticated than other clubs, what with the spooky entrance to the over the top costumes of the transsexuals. Above is a picture of my BF and I dressed to go a princes of light and dark, as our Ft.Greene Parlor Floor apt. that hosted many Grand scale parties before we broke up for our respective clubs.

Christopher Duquette |

I was young enough (22 yrs old), attractive enough, dressed correctly (not overdone in Izod polo shirt and tight levi's), and discreet enough to not bother celebrities (maybe help Halston as he dropped pills on floor by water fountain) and danced well enough ( I was an alumni of Gaiety Burlesque, the Gallery, Flamingo, the Anvil,...) to have always been let in, mostly for free.

Cara |

Does anyone remember my cousin Lance Wise? He was a DJ but I don't believe he went by his real name. My aunt has had a stroke and can't tell me. She showed me a poem that Sid Vicious wrote about him when I was much younger. He ran away from home at 16 and made his way to NYC to become a DJ at Studio 54. I remember the wild stories he would share at Christmas!

Judy's Sister Maureen |

Hi - I am replying to the person who posted 2 1/2 years ago! wow, time flies - Judy hung around Studio 54 in 79 & 80, the last time she was seen, alive, by her family was 11/30/1980, and she was definitely covered at the Reagan inaugural in January 1981. The footage is not available via the Reagan library (sta. Barbara) or via the Vanderbilt media collection. She loved to dance. She claimed to have been a regular at Studio 54. I'm her sister. I'm desperate for answers. I *know* that there is *someone* who has to know *something* about her disappearance. Even if you don't know her, maybe you have seen her ? She got tied up into some bad stuff -- I don't believe she is still among the living -- and I expect that at the moment she is known somewhere as "Jane." I'd like to give her back her name. Will you look through the pictures on the facebook page -- and if you recognize them - at all - even if it's just to know that she wasn't completely invisible - will you let me know? I appreciate it. Here's her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LookingForJudy/

Billy Smith - BillyNYC |

The show on the Thursday would have to be on the 16th or 23th not the 30th, The 30th would be to close to July 4th and everyone would be heading out to Fire Island or the Hamptons. "Holiday" was the song. I booked all 3 shows.

Johan |

Thank you, Billy !
So all her 3 performances were in the same month ? In June that is ?
The last performance, could it have been at the big party for Fiorucci ? I read on the web that she made an appearance at Studio 54 on that party in 1983. I checked a calender from June 1983, do you remember if it was Thursday the 16th of June, 23rd of June or the last of June 30th she did that show. What is your guess ?

These 3 shows were booked by you, do you know if Madonna came back later in 1983 and performed at Studio 54 again or was it these 3 performances you mentioned she did ? Do you remember what songs she did ? Was it Holiday only or perhaps even Everybody and Burning up ?
Sorry..many questions I know, but you seem to remember a lot so I take my chance :)

Thank you !
All the best

Billy Smith - BillyNYC |

Yes, Sunday June 5th (Michael Fesco's "Sunday's at the Studio" - Gay night) not advertised and later that month on a Thursday for a big Studio 54 event - I think fashion also not advertised. That was my agreement with Madonna. Only one day I would be able to advertised and that was on the Saturday night June 4th. She did not charge me for any of the shows.

Johan |

Dear Billy Smith !
As far as I know, Madonna did 3 performances at Studio 54 in 1983.
The first one, 4th of June. Do you know the other dates ?? I Have been searching the net for ages about this but cannot seem to find it anywhere.

Thank you !

Bill Maughan |

@William Mays: sorry, disregard my last post, this recording was from The Saint, apologize!!

Bill Maughan |

@William Mays...Just saw your post about closing night and your question about who DJed; get in touch with Robbie Leslie, he was one of the closing night DJ's. I have his cd recording called: "The Last Party," great music! Find him on facebook and linkedin.com.

Billy Smith (BillyNYC) |

Happy New Year!

Reggie |

I want to thank Hugh and Neil Wilson for mention me as one of the DJ's that played at Studio. I learned from the best and wanted to do my best so people would enjoy their visit. I know I was not one of the big names that played at Studio, but I did play and also did lighting there.

If Leroy Washington is out there, please contact me.

Billy Amato (Smith) |

2nd owner of Studio 54 "Mark Fleischman" 1981 - 1986 is writing a book.

Billy Smith - BillyNYC |

I always loved Sylvester, he's been my friend thou out the 70's/80's.

mjm2 |

rare Richie Kaczor mix from Studio 54, 1981

martin |

billy and neil you boys play nice. hey neil hows howard ?p.s guess who i see from time to time?????? kevin murra.y

Ross "Rosco" Cigna |

Worked as a part time DJ for Steve when I was at the Ice Palace in 1979. I would fill in on nights when DJ's got sick.

wen |

as a design student, i thought the Studio 54 logo on the membership card was great graphic design.
the last time I was there Lorna Luft performed.

Michael B. |

I remember Salsoul Records artist DOUBLE EXPOSURE @ studio54 and they are still together today all original members for bookings e-mail mibullo7@gmail.com we also celebrated The JACKSON 5 release of there Lp GOING PLACES and MICHAEL JACKSON in the Wiz, the good old days.....

DeRajj |

Sorry to ask this again about Studio 54 New York Music Concept
What genre of music did the DJs play, was it only disco?
Did they play R&B, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Rock, New Wave, Hip Hop, house , Latin etc ?
Any help will be appreciated.
I am spinning for studio 54 night and just want to get my facts right.

I hope someone who had been to Studio 54 can help me :)

Jochanan Ver Walensis |

A post script, if anyone tell you they used to go to 54, ask them if they remember anything about the restrooms. The layout was unforgetable, esp having to wait in line so long. There was one characteristic about it that everyone who went to 54 would recall.

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

When exactly did studio 54 close: First week of April 1986 - Billy Amato-Smith

jack |

biographical novel Last Dance at Studio 54 on amazon.com

DeRajj |

Studio 54 New York Muisc Concept

When exactly did studio 54 close?
What genre of music did the DJs play, was it only disco?
Did they play R&B, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Rock, New Wave, Hip Hop, house , Latin etc ?
Any help will be appreciated.
I am spinning for studio 54 night and just want to get my facts right.

I hope someone who had been to Studio 54 can help me :)

djjazz. |

a massive big ups to dj Richie kaczor the true original dj of studio 54 a true pioneer of the disco era

Jochanan Ver Walensis |

What else can be said of such an experience at 20 to 24 years of age for a young male ushered in at the whim of the party master Stevie, or, as much as they were called rude by many, to those who belonged, Stevie, and especially Marc, were always warm, inviting and real. Thank you for those memories



Dj Sepo |

Below 54 is now open now just to open studio 54 well be waiting ......

Michael Rosenberg |

Aditional djs who worked at Studio 54.

Wayne Scott
Howard Meritt
Dwayne Holt

jack |

"Last Dance at Studio 54," a biographical novel on amazon.com

SiriusXM_Elisa |

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the opening of Studio 54, Ian Schrager will share his stories of the club tonight at 7pm ET, exclusively on SiriusXM’s Studio 54 Radio (channel 15). For more information and broadcast times visit:

mark bennion |

Hi there everyone,if you have seen the youtube clip of studio 54 grease opening party does anybody out there know who the young lady was who was dancing with grace jones and the late allan carr?????

jack |

I wrote about my nights of dancing at Studio 54 during the 1970s in NYC in my eBook on amazon.com. "Last Dance at Studio 54."

Pablo Villalobos |

Back then I used to live in México and was very young but I remember seeing all this pictures on COSMOPOLITAN and other magazines. I remember Warhol, Jackson, Bianca on the horse, and I am trying to remember the name of a socialité, maybe host, who was not a celebrity, but was always there partying, she was a little on the chubby side, very short hair, maybe in her 40s, and still now I wonder who she was or what was she doing there, since I dont remember the footnotes from those pictures... anyone remembers?

A John,Green |

I went to a lot of club's back in the day,from Philly where i live to The Big Apple i was there to see my 76ers play the Nicks then on to Studio 54,it was the year of 1982 i can't forget it
because i saw.... Michael Jackson's Thriller
Video for the first time it had just come out.
Me and my date had a great time,the floor was
so packed at one time the only place to dance
was on top of these giant speakers on the dance
floor....so i can say i went there what a blass.

William Mays |

Does anyone remember who the DJ's were on closing night of February 4,1980 at the End of Modern Day Gomorrah event? I'm also looking for information on the playlist for that night. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

DJ SePo |

DJ SePo |

Hugh i know Reggie"s son he's a dj also

DJ SePo |

I wish i was around in the days of 54

DJ SePo |

I wish Studio 54 would open again one day for good and do it like it was done before again

Melissa |

I'll start by apologizing for posting a not so happy post in the mist of your good memories. I know its a long shot but, Trying to help someone find her sister who went missing in 1981. Judith Erin O'Donnell AKA: Judith Tuffy; Tuffy O'Donnell She knows her sister hung around Studio 54 in 1980
This is an article about Judith's disappearance, if anyone that hung around then can please look at the story and picture and pass it on to anyone you know that may have been part of that scene I would greatly appreciate it. Last time her family saw her in person was when they dropped her off at the bus station to head back to the city. She is almost certain Judy made it back to the city b/c she believes she saw Judy on TV at Ronald Reagan's Inaugural concert ( she thinks it was the concert from what she can remember back then) and then again during the Sanitation Strike. If anyone knows about Judy please come to websleuth and find her post to help her sister. Thank you. :)

mbm2 |

neat montage of vintage clips inside Studio 54:
(1:04 Valerie Perrine, 1:14 Nikki Haskell, 1:22 [from left to right] Halston, Neil Sedaka, Christopher Atkins, Lorna Luft, and Barry Manilow [just out of focus], 1:26 Richard Dupont, 1:41 Potassa, 2:07 Nikki Haskell, Egon Von Furstenberg, Carmen D'Alessio, Yves Saint Laurent, 3:07 Halston and Victor Hugo)

jack |

I recently completed my biographical novel "Last Dance at Studio 54," which pretty much explains what it was like going a little (Iwell, maybe a lotta) crazy at Studio 54 in its heyday. Available as an ebook on amazon.com

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012 to all that are still with us and to all the were with us and we will never ever forget you and will always remember you. - Billy Smith (Amato)

jack |

One time when I went to Studio 54, in mid-70s, I wore my brown leather bells with suspenders, and a necktie, no shirt. Shitkicking boots. But most times I wore my 501s and a white t-shirt, which invariably was pulled off when I began sweating and hooked it through a belt loop of Levi's. And those s***-kicking boots.

ray |

Curious about something I've never seen discussed - what did people wear to Studio 54? I'm guessing there was a minimum of John Travolta-style polyester (which, incidentally, was well on its way out of style when that movie came out). I'm guessing, also, that trendy casual was way more common than trendy dressy. I suppose anything from Fiorucci was cool (it's been called the "daytime Studio 54"). Fashion for both men and women in the 70's was actually quite varied and interesting if you take away the cliches and mainstream stuff that always seems to be mentioned. In '78 there was a major change in menswear when the collars suddenly got small, the ties got narrow, and all jeans were straightleg, while women's clothes got kind of draped and had gathered seams everywhere. Also, did the gay guys take off their shirts to dance? My own recollection from going to clubs in Phila. and New Hope, Pa., is that 78/79 had some of the coolest stuff ever, it looked so new and basically bridged the gap between 70's and 80's - I would imagine that the criteria for admittance to Studio 54 had just as much, if not more, emphasis on one's clothing than one's physical attractiveness

GrahamDavies |

I remember Sybil Burton setting up "Arthur" when she emigrated to the USA after her divorce from Richard Burton. If you search on the Web you find stories about her giving the club that name after hearing the joke in which one of the Beatles (George Harrison) referred to his hairstyle as "Arthur" in an interview with a reporter in the USA:

Press reporter: What do you call that hairstyle that you are wearing?
George: Arthur.

This exchange also appears in the film "A hard day's night".

But the story is incorrect. Sybil Burton and I share an aunt, Gwyneth Davies (née Lewis) - now deceased. Gwyneth often mentioned that that the night club was named after Sybil's favourite uncle, Arthur Lewis, who was Gwyneth's brother. Arthur confirmed this and was very flattered that she used his name. I knew Arthur very well and often used to meet him in London when I was a student in the 1960s. He was in show business too and managed the Black and White Minstrel Show at the Victoria Palace.

harvey garcia |

BAR NONE best times DJ OSCAR CAPT MIDNITE ....... what an exclamation point to the 80's .. Till today most fun ever had and of course BEST music from a DJ who DIDNT give a hoot what others thought... TURNED the tables on the CLUB and MUSIC SCENE. Not only considered a good friend of mine , but also why years later I started to DJ myself. Why , because I miss our music!!!!

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

Johnny "Jellybean" Benitez is the executive producer for the SiriusXM Radio-Studiuo 54 channel. Thay already interviewed Carolina Herrera, Bob Colacello, Jackie Rogers, Richie Notar, Nicky Siano, Chuck and a number of others that worked there including me. We are only talk about the early period 1977 - 1979. So if you were not around then -"forget about it!".

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

I did a 1.5 hr interview on SiriusXM with Marc Benecke (The Studio 54 doorman) who is now the "On-Air Talent at SiriusXMRadio-Studiuo 54 and Myra Scheer who is co-hosting with Marc this past Friday, July 22, 2011 . It will air in September on the NEW Studio 54 SiriusXM radio channel. It was a lot of fun and I told my Madonna story they loved it all. Johnny "Jellybean" Benitez is the ex-producer for the SiriusXMRadio-Studiuo 54 channel. Thay already interviewed Carolina Herrera, Bob Colacello, Jackie Rogers, Richie Notar, Nicky Siano, Chuck and a number of others that worked there. they tape for about an hr and the musical interludes are thrown in. Its been great so far Marc said with everyone's personal stories, and people just talking about their influences from the period and what they are doing now. We only talk about the early period 1977 - 1979. So if you were not around then - "forget about it!". - Billy (Amato) Smith.

mbm2 |

video from the 'Grease' opening night afterparty from raw ABC News camera feed in '78. besides Rubell and Schrager, among the celebs who can be spotted in this video include Olivia Newton-John, Alan Carr (who hogs much of the camera time), Jeff Conaway, Stockard Channing, Elton John, Lorenzo Lamas and his mother Arlene Dahl, Grace Jones, Frankie Valli, Amanda Lear, and Yvonne Elliman

mbm2 |

video from Studio 54 in '77. a Kenzo fashion show w/ models including Iman, Jerry Hall, Beverly Johnson, Janice Dickinson, Carol Alt, Kelly Preston, Debbie Dickinson, Gia Carangi, and Margeaux Hemingway. Grace Jones lipsyncs to "I Need a Man" in s&m gear and whips Valentino Garavani.

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

"Front and back of a Studio 54 invite from 1985. Guess we didnt have the act booked before the invites were printed."

JB |

Hey LB remember those nights of you stuffing extra invites for the count

anthony abbott |

Sad,E.W. Why so bitter.What,s up with that. Relish your moments,because that,s all they are.Live every minute as if it was your last.Best of life. A.A.

neil wilson |

wow billy what a gush of confirmations, loved them,
only check your dates, if you went from la jardin where stevie worked as a doorman in 1974 downtown to 12 west in a cab. the cab ride would have had to be several years long as 12 west and la jardin were never open at the same time, 12 west came later.


BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

Well for Arthur Weinstein - RIP, I am the guy who got him into it. I met him one night leaving La Jardin(1974)heading downtown to meet up with friends at 12West, he drove me there in a yellow cab - the rest is history I also knew his brother. The World! loved it and I did a big Lifeguard Long Island Party there for Frank - Tuesdays was so hot. Went there with Steve Cohen and Fred and Jake, every Tuesday. Steve Lewis! he is still arond - god bless him and the Limelight.

TonyAbbott |

Gratitude Billy.Tell me,did you have any business with Frank Roccio,Arthur Weinstein, Steven Lewis at the World disco on E2 and Houston in 85.Great sound system.Tuesdays was the hottest night there.IT use to be an old yiddish theatre.My only job was to follow Roccio around when he walked the room. Then when he would go upstair to the office/v.i.p. room I would word the door.All good. Best of life Anthony.

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

Anthony Abbott from the Red Parrot!
Boy, I sure miss both Jimmy's and Michael and Steven, all were very good friends. I did know Tommy and Rudy very well. Yes, I have more stories than anyone could have, I go way back with Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, more stories than you could think, what I know would freak you out from when Steve and Ian found their $$ to open the club to the better, better end and then some. When Studio 54 closed Rudy and Tommy called on me and Steve Cohen and Nikki 'Bankrupted' Haskell and gave us The Undregound on a silver platter! I am sorry, I have lost contact with Rudy and very sorry about Tommy - if that is true. Tommy was such a gentlemen and so nice to Steve Cohen and me. Rudy was very fair to all of us and knew when Studio 54 re-opened after Steve and Ian got out of jail that we were going to jump ship. But, The Underground had a good run and at that time Disco's were good for two years, so it was it's time when Studio 54 "2nd time around" that The Undergound would go under.... But I had a great run in Disco's from 1963 - 1986, I loved everyday, we must have crossed paths and few times.....

Studio 54
Starship Discovery
Club A
Le Jardin
New York New York
The Anvil!
Crisco Disco! - The Red Parrot hang out!
Page 6
...and many more.

TonyAbbott |

Hello Billy,Iam Anthony.Reading about all of your comments on Bernies site,you must have many great stories.I wish I knew you,unfortunately not.I was wondering Billy if you knew Rudy and his kid brother Tommy DiPaola.They both were at Underground.Rudy was a manager and Tommy was at the door.I understand that Tommy passed away.Would you anything about Tommy passing.Appreciation. Anthony.

neil wilson |

billy i am not your enemy, i always enjoyed the billy smith show, i still do. i am just trying to curb some of the redoric.....

who's red o ric, you must know, you remember everybody, was that another name for rick james cause he is so light?

he he he, whoops billy doesn't think this is funny

i'm sorry i will try to be good

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

"You know you get to 500 million friends without making A Few Enemies....

This is Billy Smith living in Manhattan - over looking Central Park West at 81 Street in my wonderful PH alive-and-well and living the good life/Feb. 5, 2011.

-- It was nice running into Ian Schrager over the holidays and miss you in the neighborhood.
Only thing missing is our good friend Steve Rubell....
Ian, you have has achieved international recognition for concepts that have revolutionized both the entertainment and hospitality industries.

Dinner is on me next time dude!

Billy Smith (NYC)


BILLY you go boy

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

Michael Jackson at Studio 54/Grace Jones/Truman Capote/Richard Bernstein
All my buddy's and friends since the 60's.
True storys ....


let me set the record correct for a second, my name is neil wilson i was technical director and resident designer during the steve and ian daze. after the boys went to jail i was general manager during the mark fleishman daze. and yes billy booked disco play backs during the fleishman daze,
and worked with some of the promoters steve cohen, mike fresco, etc... but he did not book acts during the steve and ian daze, i should know because i would have had to put them on stage. moreover i don't even have any memory of billy having any thing to do with the running of the club in the steve and ian daze.

now ya'll



later ya'll

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

Check this out - a normal Thursday Night at Studio 54.

via The Insider

neil wilson |

was i supposed to say the "mike stoned daze"




TonyAbbott |

Hi Billy, Thanks for your input.I met Steven when I worked at underground.He was a sweet man.Great smile and what a flirt.He was always there. Very popular, always alot of friends.So many bar people gone.they sure knew how to party.Live for the moment,thats what I do.Billy if you could go to the underground site and see if you could shed any light on my data.Much thanks.Best of life. Anthony

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

Anthony that was a great party that Steve Cohen gave, he was a great guy to work with and loved hanging with I did all his booking for his shows he gave at the Underground Disco and Studio 54 that New Yeras Eve you worked. That was the year that it was closed and we all went to the Underground Disco until Studio 54 reopened later that year when the guys (Steve and Ian) got out of jail. There was no alcohol sold but you could BYO. I went on about 5/7 runs that night for cases of beer after 12AM. Onece the cops left that night and saw it was all gay we broght in tons of beer into the back door and gave it away.Did you know that Steve Cohen was to be the gay promoter at Studio 54 when Steve and Ian got out of jail.... to bad the deal did not go though. KUDOS to Steve Cohen!

TonyAbbott |

hI I worked a private party on new years eve for the late Steven Cohen in 1981. at that time S.R. was away. There was no alcohol being served,never the less the turn outwas large.My only job was to count people entering into the club.The lobby was decked out with 12 palm trees 10 feet tall. From the lobby through the entire club was 10 inches of artifical snow.The N.Y. Times wrote that studio was the best party of any that night.As for me,well I WILL NEVER FORGET IT. Best of life Anthony

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

Alex -







BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

Bonnie Pointer - Heaven Must Have Sent You

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

I found the Studio 54 invite of
Madonna's performance - Saturday June 4, 1983.

Madonna had her first "major" Studio 54 performance for her hit record "Holiday" - with the help of Johnny "Jellybean" Benitez DJ of the "Fun House" disco in the Chelsea area of Manhattan and at the time Madonna's boy friend. Madonna record "Holiday" was added to the Z100 play list on the following Monday morning after her performances at Studio 54. Madonna in return did two more performances later that year in gratis. I sent it in to be posted.

Hugh |

Hey all-

Wow it is interesting to see all this talk and chatter about Studio 54. I was fortunate to be bringing you the light show nightly in 1978 and 79 and I must say these were the best and most memorable times in my life.

I was studying Theatrical Tech and Design and SUNY Purchase and left the school to work there... it was a most magical place and I can't explain how or why, but we all who worked there knew that we were part of something that was much bigger than any one of us. Richie was the main house DJ and Reggie Kraddock would take over on some days. Reggie became a dear friend and I had lost touch with him... if anyone knows his whereabouts these days I would love to reconnect. I started my own Design and production company in 1980, I worked the clubs Studio 54, then went to the Playboy club on 59th and 5th for a while with our production team who redisigned Hefs, reggie worked there as well, chip re-designed the lighting, then went to High Roller, roller rink which then became the red parrot then got out of the club madness.....

Lot's of great memories...

I have been doing some Studio 54 events last few years, complete with some impersonators, we have some recreations by the actual effect manufacturers of the chase poles and spinning prism and The man in the moon which was actually faithfully recreated by the person who actually made the original. Because this was done for Corporate events, it was done without the coke spoon and the twinkle lights that were in the spoon (no spoon) and up the nose.... LOL

Anyhow I can be reached at agalaevent@getgala.com.. my website is www.getgala.com and +1-516.826.7200 (xt#11)

Best of luck to all my studio 54 friends...



Suan |

Hey Billy - How close to the truth was the movie "54"? It was supposedly told through the eyes of an employee.

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

DJFruitLoops - So very true, It was the best time of my life all 11 yeras of it at Studio 54 and so many new people are still today are talking about it, so much fun and never again. I told my friends back then that... "you will never see this again in our life" So very true.

DJFruitLoops |

one of my hag friends was friends with one of the doorman so we never paid and we always got in
where else could you see Liza eating sheet cake with her hands and walter cronkite snorting coke all in the same night
halston walked up to me there and said they were pumping acid thru a water fountain which there actually was a water fountain nearby so that kind of freaked me out a little not that it was there but that i didnt seem to be getting high from it
unknown at the time alex baldwin would flirt with me Loved that LOL
andy warhol would pretend to take pixs with a cam with no film
it was a freakshow and i mean that in the best possiable way it was never boring

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

April 17, 1977 - Apple II was Introduced and I was on Fire Island - Pines getting Steve Rubell's house ready for him to move into on the beach side. Steve was in NYC at the Studio.

ibdman |

your funny billy where were you on april 17 1977 and what was the cellabration

ibdman |

what was spinners real name?

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

About Studio 54? moore than happy to but what can you tell me that i don't know, after all I have been working with Steve and Ian since 1975.

James |

I love reading these stories! I have loved disco since I can remember and hate that I missed it. I am only 22 :( I guess I was born in the wrong generation. Anyway I just moved to NYC and I would love if anyone else lives here to meet and they can tell me all about it! It is a minor obsession of mine I guess because I know I will never get to experience it.

Suan |

Boy Billy you need to write a book! I most recently got back in Studio 54 and its history and I must say I am fascinated all over again. I only had the pleasure of going there once but loved being treated like the Senators daughter which I was for 1 night courtesy of my limo driver. I could listen to your stories all night long. Thanks!

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

When Studio 54 re-open in 1981 though the closing April, 1986 - Saturday nights were the hot disco nights at Studio 54 with Billy Amato's "WPLJ" and "Z100" disco radio nights. I have been working with owner Steve Rubell for 11 years from 1977 - 1986 as director of Special Events, Corporate Networking, Theme Parties and In-House Show Producer. I was responsible for the launch of the career of Madonna on Saturday, June 4th in 1983 (invite below) when Madonna had her first Studio 54 performance of "Holiday". Madonna record "Holiday" was added to the Z100 play list on the following monday morning. Madonna in return did two more performances later in that year in gratis, that was the deal. Other Various Artists - Legendary Performers Wham!, Duran Duran, Culture Club, Menudo, Run-DMC, Dolly Parton, The Village People, The Weather Girls, Selvester, Diana Ross, Robert Flack, Eartha Kitt. Some of the world's most famous performers also performed their new songs: Donna Summer,Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band, Grace Jones, Gloria Gaynor, Sylvester, The Village People, Cheryl Lynn, Brooklyn Dreams, James Brown, Phyllis Hyman, Amii Stewart, Chic, The Ritchie Family, Rick James, Stephanie Mills, Roberta Kelly, and Arthur Russell all sang their most famous songs during the partying. There were many many other artists performed onstage before becoming famous.

How Steve Rubel found Billy Smith (Billy Amato) - In-House Show Producer/Studio 54

John Addison owner of the disco "La Jardin" on West 43rd Street, New York City in 1974 introduced Steve Rubell to Billy Smith and then to Ian Schrager. Billy Smith later in 1975 was ask by Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell to handel the promotions for their new disco club called "Enchanted Gardens" a dinner/disco in Douglaston, Queens New York while still in the music business Billy Smith then joned Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager at Studio 54 in the spring of 1977 part time and full time in 1981 until the closing of Studio 54 in April 1986.

Billy Smith (Amato)(NYC)

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

...before there was a Studio 54 there was - ARTHUR

I use to party with Judy/Liza/Peter Allan and Lorna Luft at Sybil Burton's night club in 1965/6/7/8 discotheque called "Arthur" on East 54th Street. That was when I was a hottie club kid.... Other guest were Liz Taylor, Tennessee Williams, Princess Margaret, Lee Remick, Nureyev, Truman Capote, Andy Warhol, Bette Davis, Sophia Loren and the astronaut... Scott Carpenter were all regulars. That was the real Studio 54.

This is so funny! both clubs were both on 54th Street here in Manhattan one on the East side and the other on the West side, hmmm... history does repeats itself like a mirror on a wall...

Billy Smith (Amato) NYC

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

"Studio", as it came to be called, was notorious for the hedonism that occurred within it; the balconies were known for sexual encounters, and drug use was rampant. Its dance floor was decorated with a depiction of a Man in the Moon that included an animated cocaine spoon. Michael Fesco and Billy Smith presented "Sundays at Studio 54", which catered to a homosexual clientèle. John Blair had 50% of Thursdays to blend in his young homosexual people with the Steve Rubell's people.

Billy Smith's (Billy Amato) WPLJ/Z100 radio "Saturday Night Fever" nights...
1981 - 1986 all cash saturday nights was the night of the hot disco nights at Studio 54 with Billy Smith's a/k/a Billy Amato "WPLJ" and "Z100" radio nights. For the record: Billy Smith a/k/a Billy Amato working with Steve Rubell for 11 years from 1977 - 86 at Studio 54 as director of Special Events, Corporate Networking, Theme Parties and In-House Show Producer was responsible for the launch of the career of "Madonna" on Saturday evening June 4th in 1983 when Madonna had her first Studio 54 performance (at no-charge) at one of Billy's Z100 radio nights and had Moadonna's first record added to the the Z100 play list called "Holiday".

Event planner Robert Isabell had four tons of glitter dumped in a four-inch layer on the floor of Studio 54 for a New Year's Eve party, which owner Ian Schrager described as like "standing on stardust" and left glitter that could be found months later in their clothing and homes.[13]

Frank Ponte |

when i worked at studio peter strong was my manager and frank corr dj'd they both were from crisco disco peter was the door man.... and on friday night its was WLRI night with new wave and saturtday night was WPLJ hit radio night ..i still have my tee shirts from those days friday was bla shirt and saturdays was a white shirt......

William Hamilton/GQ |

Got into the Studio Nine times, the first time the "doorman" bouncer whatever pointed to me and I fell into the front door and was picked up my Madame Jaquleine De Ribes, she looked at me and said you are a baby! Come with me and immediately introduced me to Biaca Jagger and Halston. I thought I would just die right there.

Billy Smith |

You are so welcome Spocabo... i just did a PBS Doc on Studio 54 and the Disco's in NYC of the early 60's - the late 80's it will air on WETA in DC in March and scheduled for all PBS TV in early April. It will be a 2 1/2hour special.

Happy Holidays to you and all living souls of Studio 54!

Billy Smith

Spocabo |

Hi everybody. I was never a patron of Studio or any other New York disco of the 70's. (I was about a week and a half shy of seven when Studio 54 opened it's doors for the first time.) I have lived my life in the Midwest. I remember my parents subscribing to People Magazine wherein I got my first glimpse of Studio in an article showing Bianca Jaeger astride a white steed at her birthday celebration. Back then, I didn't even know what a disco was, much less that Studio WAS a disco. It just seemed sophisticated and glamourous. Reading everybody's recollections is like traveling in time and when I read them I feel like I was there. Such a fun and glamorous time. My favorite stories are the ones from Studio 54, Crisco Disco, and The Mudd Club. And of course, I have since gone on to my own club and rave and party adventures. Thanks everybody, for laying the groundwork for what was to come.

bjarema |

Does Billy Smith remember when we used to go to Sparks Steak House b4 work or when Mick Jagger used to visit us and share some "favors" with you and I and Peter Strong???

bjarema |

You can also add Willobee from WLIR as a DJ to your "list". Hello Billy:)

joeny54 |

Can anyone tell me how to reach John Bello he was a bartender at 54 and moved up to doorman, he had a business called JB Tours.We use to be good friends way back and I lost contact with him.


capt12nite |

You can ontact me at djdisco54@aol.com

ellena |

By the way..as far a music how about
Romeo & Juliet, France Joli, Jealous Love, There Before the Grace of God, So Macho

ellena |

Hi Oscar.....
we all remember your music & still love it!
Would love it if you did a reunion for everyone, there is no place to go dancing anymore like the old days.
I use to go to Omni every Saturday & buy your tapes..anywhere we can buy your music still?

Billy Smith |

davidarias - That is one of the best story's! I am so happy you did that to Lester that is so funny! love hearing stories like that and there were so many of them durning the Studio days, somthing i would have done. I have at airports just to get a ride into the cities I travel to all over the world when i was 18/21.


Billy Smith

davidarias |

My first time to Studio 54 was the night of my Junior Prom in 1978. After dropping off my date I boarded an Eastern Airlines flight from Miami to JFK still in my tux. I has just turned 17 and back then you didn't need ID to fly. I took a limo from the airport directly to 54. When I hopped out of the limo Steve Ruebell motioned to Mark Benekie and the velvet rope dropped. Steve opened the center door and I walked right in. Inside was like fantasyland. Celebs all over the place. My most memorable encounter was Andy Warhol and Fred Hughes with whom I remained friends with for years after. Andy and Fred dragged me around that evening introducing me to their friends. Halston, Liza, Peter Allen, Egon Von Furstenberg. I was there till it closed and headed back to JFK for the flight home that morning. I didn't make it back for several years and by this time Steve was out of the picture and John Blair had started promoting. John recreated the closest atmosphere that the original 54 had. One memorable night I was at a loft party and ran into Lester Persky who was a dear friend. I wanted to head over to 54 but he wanted to stay at the party for another hour. When I left the party I saw a limo at the front door of the building. I asked the driver if it was Lesters and he affirmed it was. I told him Lester wanted the limo to drive me to 54 and come back and pick him up. About an hour later Lester comes screaming into 54 saying someone had stolen his limo. I really didn't have the heart to tell him I had borrowed it for the ride over.

Billy Smith |

Hi Neil, No not yet - this is the right address:


neil wilson |

hey billy i sent u a e-mail did u get it
w smith 7 @nyc. rr.com

Billy Smith |

Yes - List all of them- some people never knew about


neil wilson |

thought i would add additional djs that spun for us
@ studio
reggie craddock x tech crew started spining private parties and some off nights before moving over to the platboy club.1979

LARRY LEVAN spun some nights for us during the michael stone dazes when the boys were in jail

grand master flash did a couple of nights for us in the mark f dazes

Billy Smith |

By the way Neil, you very funny. I did a dinner/show at the White House a few months ago for The Liberty of Congress/Stevie Wonder for WETA, there was a guy who worked at the White House in the events dept. and his name was "Neil" and he came into the Green Room near the East Wing and asked me about 3/4 times that afernoon before the show that night "where is the act 'Stevie Wonder' and when are r they going on again?" - Very Very Funny!

Lets be in touch... WSmith7@nyc.rr.com

Billy Smith |

Hey Neil! cool to hear from you! I am alive and well and having a great time! I have a house in East Hampton and Lake Placid New York and travel all over the world,Just got back from LA via UK and on the way to my home in the Hamptons. Hope all is well with you. Have a great summer.

Disco Billy Smith

ibdman |

billy u mother f--ker i can't belive u r still alive i am sure u might feel the sam about me.
i could say guess who but i won't

this is your boy neil where is the act and when r they going on

Billy Smith |

Bob Petti live in Florida, that is the last i heard about him about 7 to 10 yeras ago.

Richard Z |

Does anyone know Bob Petti. He was a bartender at the main bar. Any news or info would be appreciated.

Billy Smith |

Hey Guys! I have a idea, let's take a roll call of all the guys that worked at Studio 54!

Who's still around?

Than we get an official reunion going!

Billy Smith - NYC

Billy Smith |

Anyone knows where Danny is? he was the bar back at Studio.

Richard Zangrillo |

It is impossible to put into words what the experience of Studio and the club culture was. The 60's times one hundred! When I think back on those nights, friends, lovers and assorted characters a euphoric rush comes over me and a joyful ear to ear grin.

paintboy |

hello from France and sorry for my english.. but i read all the comments and i think you could try to create another "54": disco, funk, older and young people,... an another old theatre and a help by the City (i think). the new identity of USA (new Pesident)is a good thing for that i imagine. I went to Studio 54 in april 1979. I was 19 y old and i'll never forget it. There was few people this night. the real memorise for me is the sound, i didn't saw any celebrities but i discovered something looking like life... very strange for a french boy even we had the same 54 in Paris: Le Palace. Today, i have a project about memorial disco music, social and nightlife 1975-1980. you can see that on my french blog. welcome ideas... thanks (Paul) http://projet54.weebly.com

Lil Robby |

wow....billy it's been a long time...good to see that you still going strong....lil robby(82-85ish) here....I was bar back working with Ronny...hope he is still around....god I miss those days...

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

ANDY EPSTEIN! OMG! YOU WERE SO COOL AT STUDIO 54: (Jay Berstein) You don't know how many times i have said your name in the last 23 years, how have you been! Hit me back would love to say hi and see what you have been up to!

Billy Smith

Andy Epstein |

Those july 28th 1984 passes are worth about .0125 each. If I'm not mistaken they were $500/40,000, from Patane printers in NYC. Billy Smith would know best. Sorry Pinchee

marco |



Studio 54
In the seventies there were disco's and the one that "nailed it" as far as an image
of the true disco was concerned, was STUDIO 54.
I never had a chance to go then, and if I did would I have been turned away?
Who cares.
The icon of my past is back as theatre now and just seeing the Studio 54 doors
and a remnant of leopard patterned stair carpet takes you back to when?
To when you strutted your young stuff and imagined being part the zeitgeist
rhythm of your time all revolving around a disco ball in NY Studio 54!!!

Mannyforty |

What drinks were served at Studio 54: Heineken,Heineken,Heineken....Only Beer sold in Studios peak..
and drugs.

Billy Smith |

What drinks were served at Studio 54:

The majority of the times we were drinking Heineken beer and Absolute and soda or anything with Absolute and Rum & Coke. That all went well with pot and coke and a quaalude all night.

Steve Rubell always had a Heineken in one hand and Quaaludes in the other.

Hope this will help you and your party, Happy 2009!

Billy Smith - NYC

Kate |

Hi, we're having a Studio 54 themed NYE's party and I was wondering what drinks were served there and popular during that time.

Billy Smith |

Remember Michael Fesco "Sunday At The Studio" Were the best shows in the city! Even the Thursday bois were showing up.

Let's here what was your best Sunday stories were all about. Billy Smith - Manhattan

marco |


Mannyforty |

Billy Smith,I think I remember you Billy. I most definitely remember Hank @ Crisco.He lived in jersey and drove a Rolls.Hank was the owner of Crisco he was a nice guy.By any chance do you remember Dale Sims the Bartender at studio? One of the real people,he use to get me free drinks.Worked the bar upstairs.I hope he made it.Anyway you are absolutely Right Billy,not many of us still standing we are true survivors...nothing but the best...Ciao

Billy Smith |

Hey Mannyforty,
That was so true, so very true what you said about Studio, you had to a hot teen, i mean with Randy feeding you lines and Mark had an eye on you and Steve must likly had too. Oh yes! I loved Crisco Disco - remember "Hank"!. You had to know me, I did the Saturdays/Sundays and Thursdays nights stage shows for Studio from (1977 - 1986/RIP) Staurdays I had Z100 or WPLJ there.

Stay well not to many of us around anymore.

Billy Smith (NYC)

pinchee |

i was too young for the best times at the studio..but made up for it later. paladium foxes passions limelight 82 club...still i wish i could turn back the clock..i still have passes for july 28 1984.a party with eddie murphy for film best defense at studio 54...are these worth anything?

Mannyforty |

The greatest Club ever!!Nobody will ever duplicate or come close, to recreating the Magic that was Studio 54.
I attended studio and I say attended because if you were there in those days you would know what I mean. My first time was around early in February or March of 1978. I did not leave till Steve Rubbel and Ian Schrager went to federal prison two years later.I'm still mad at them for being so stupid.I felt they deprived us of at least two more years of great nights.I was a young kid from jersey barely 17.Mark at the door was the best Club Maitre'D ever period. He made me feel special and part of a very exclusive few.
For a 17 year old from jersey that was still in high school. It was an amazing feeling to expirience.One thing about Mark he never let me come in with anyone else,just me and me alone.I tried bringing people and he would make me wait to long so after a while I stopped bringing anyone with me."I meet you inside your on your own"I would tell friends.Wearing my Sticky Finger jeans Nike sneakers and either Hawaiian shirt in the Summer or Tweed jacket in the winter with same jeans and sneakers.I always came whipping around the southeast corner of ninth and 54th street.I would raise my right arm high in the air with just my index finger showing.Most times Mark would be standing on the hydrant for a clear visual of who was there.Given the mass crowds what else could he do.
He would always point at me within a few seconds.As I got closer and through the crowd. I would say Mark one please and he would repeated one coming in.I would go right through the crown and in the door.My heart would always be racing and my knees weak from the exhilaration of the moment.With always the thought that maybe he will not let me in tonight.As I waited to pay more times than not Steve was hanging with Chuck the bouncer giving people the once over.I saw Steve ask people to leave while waiting to pay.Steve was always on a trip of some kind. My most fondest memory at Studio was the night Steve celebrated his 36th birthday December of 79.Wow what a party!He had Shetland ponies all over the place.Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream carts were strategicly placed through out the club..To top it all a marching
band that came right through the middle of a packed dance floor.They rolled out a fake 30 foot giant cake with stairs for Steve to climb to the top of the cake.A tricky proposition given the amounts of qualudes he use to take.Finally when he got to the top band stop playing and Bianca popped out as "IF MY FRIENDS COULD SEE ME NOW" started to play.The confetti came down and all hell broke loose.He opened the bar that night much to my delight.I can't begin to express how indelibly etched in my memory that club and that night are in my brain.There were so many things that made that club magical.From the time you came in to the awesome Music and most importantly.The mixture of people of all walks of life.Poor,Rich,infamous,famous,Gay, Straight you name it.Movie stars ,politicians,writers athletes on and on.All there to have a great time. Society was a lot more open then not as many restrictions.Anyway that is just a couple of my memories and observations.Favorite bartender there was Dale Sims great guy which I knew how to contact him.He later went to work at Xenon then Heartbreaks downtown.A bunch of us use to go down to Crisco Disco after Studio what a great transition that was and what great music too at Crisco's.
I remember doing lines with Randy the cowboy from the village people in the VIP room at Crisco's one night. Ok that is enough out of me.Like the poet said" it's Ok to visit the pass,just don't bring a suitcase".

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

I still count my blessing today on getting though the jaws of Studio 54 and living to talk about it today, I feel like I have gone through 11 years of collage all over again after Studio 54 closed ( 11 years with one year off - 1980)..... LOL! - But I had FUN! and being paid for it. I heard the day that Studio 54 closed in April of ’86 that I was ‘the one of the guys’ the made the real big $$$ at Studio 54.

Billy Smith - NYC

andy kim |

I remember DJ "Kenny Carpenter" at Studio 54 For Mike Stone Productions,in 1980 "the parties were" Awsome" Then came "Leroy Washington" in 1981 who was also greart! from 1982-1984 "DJ Dwayne Holt" did a lot of thursdays and sundays with "Robbie leslie" for john blair parties, the vibe was "Super HI NRG"

GoodBoys79 |

I've decided to just post the links to the Studio 54 podcast I mentioned above. Here it is...check it out...it's very interesting (Just scroll down -- It's under the pic of Andy Warhol, Halston & Bianca Jagger):


And here's a story celebrating the 30th anniversary of Studio 54 that appeared in New York Magazine. There's also a short video you can watch at the end of the article:


GoodBoys79 |

I went to see "Sunday in the Park With George" this past week which was playing at Studio 54. As much as I enjoyed the performance, I have to admit the REAL reason I went was because I wanted to see the inside of the theatre that hosted the historical Studio 54 club of the mid to late 1970's.

I wasn't disappointed...there is definitely an energy to the place and I tried to imagine what it would have been like to have actually been there back in the day. My seat for the evening was the very last row in the mezzanine. It was actually a great seat (and only $36) that gave me a full view of the theatre.

Based on all the photos I've seen online of Studio 54 from the 1970's, I always thought it was a HUGE club, but the space was actually much smaller than I expected. It was fun imagining the notorious events that took place there....the celebrities, the classic music, the drugs and sex, the hot bartenders and busboys, etc.

When I was walking into the theatre this past Friday, I was following two women. One of them said "So this is where it all happened." Obviously many people are still intrigued by the legacy of Studio 54. I for one am envious of those who have personal stories to share...particularly if you were lucky enough to be there between 1977 and 1979. I have the impression the the REAL studio 54 ended when Steve and Ian went to prison. The energy of the place just seemed completed different after that time and it was no longer genuine or original.

If you're interested, I've recently discovered a Studio 54 podcast that's available for free download on iTunes. It's a 31 minute long discussion celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the historical club and discusses the storied history of 254 West 54th Street. Also, there's a DVD documentary about Steve Rubell and Studio 54 available on Amazon.com as well.

carlos hernandez |

I must say there were many wonderful nightclubs through out the "BIG APPLE". nightclubs like "THE TUNNEL", "REDZONE", "DANCETERIA", "THE RED PARROT", "VISAGE", "THE PALLADIUM", "XENON", "MARS", "AREA", "THE LIMELIGHT", "CAFE SOCIETY", "1018", formerly known as "roxy", and "CLUB U.S.A.", just to name a few. but "STUDIO 54" was and always will be "KING OF THE DISCOS" I created memories there that will last a lifetime. A BIG SHOUTOUT to MARK FLEISHMANN, JOHN BLAIR, BILLY JAREMA, STEVEN KREY, OSCAR "CAPTAIN MIDNITE" PADILLA, JAY BERNSTEIN, ANDREW EPSTEIN, and JOHN BELLO.

capt12nite |

I still have those records in my home. Even though I burned them onto cd, I just can't let the vinyl go. To many fond memories with them. Some still have the Omni Records Sticker on them.

santi |

To Oscar (Capt. Midnight),

Glad to see you on the boards. I was a regular at 54 on saturdays and we met few times at OMNI records, XENON and last at OCTAGON. I was a mobile jock from Elizabeth and used to throw parties playing the newest HI-NRG and Classics, great times man. One night prior to opening at XENON, you parked the car in front of the place got out opened the trunk and had nothing but crates of records. No DJ does that now days!

Anyway, great memories and keep the spirit alive.


Dancing Queen |

Still in NY........I even went to Studio 54 when it went freestyle, hip-hop and house....I didn't like it one bit....

Dancing Queen |

I remember going to Studio 54 at the tender age of 14 with my friend and her mom who was a clothes designer because she had to meet her client at Studio and didn't have time to take us home so we got in with her. Of course we were told to stay in one place - no matter what. Yea right, with the sounds of the beat we ventured off and danced, danced, danced for hours. My mom's friend was tied up with her client and thought we were still waiting for her. The music was amazing we made friends with the bouncer and he let us in whenever we wanted. At Studio when you danced with all those celebrities it was amazing to really see them let loose. I also remember the Funhouse where Madonna danced the night away with her hairy armpits...wish I could of kept those pictures of her she was and still is a great performer....Studio set the road for my club hopping....I even remember going to (someone correct me if I am wrong)One's and when I saw my boyfriend I would leave and go around the corner to Gothams...or was it Bonds?

I wish there was a place like Studio, Bonds, Ones, Gothams, Paradise Garage, the Loft now just to go and listen to music and dance the night away....any suggestions? Of course with the musice from back in the days.....

vyniljunkie |

Studio 54 was always a fantastic time. No matter what day you went, no matter how many people were there, you always went home trilled at the knowledge that you could not have had a better time than the one you enjoyed at 54!! The balcony was a fantastic place, my favorite was the moving catwalk. I bet after you left 54, you weren't shy and naive anymore.

Kat |

Went to a party at 54 in '78 and was blown away by it. I was only 20 and didn't know what to look at first. I remember going upstairs and seeing what reminded me of the balcony of a movie theatre with hundreds of seats..and people making out in them. Hey - I was still shy and naive then!!!

BillyNYC (Billy Smith) |

Studio 54 was and always will be... with no duplication.

Billy Smith (NYC)

vyniljunkie |

This club, no matter how awesome and fantastic it was, became one of the main reasons for the "death" of DISCO. It was tough for the average patron to get in, so he didn't enjoy it at all. Inside, it was another world.Drugs everywhere, out in the open. A crazy a** owner who did too much of his own stuff, and believed he was un-touchable. WRONG!! The lights and sound were amongst the best of its time. The deejays were always talked about, one way or another. Usually they were regarded as the best, that remains argumentative. If Jellybean and Tom Moulton and guys like that weren't there, they weren't THE BEST!! Still as much as they hurt the industry, they helped much more. STUDIO 54 is synominous with DISCO, they helped put the night scene on the map. Of course it gets a strong, solid TEN on my scale from 1 to 10.

Julio |

Some of those imports were so hot ande somehow got lost in the shuffle like:
Casanova, Love Pains, Hearbeat, and many many more...

Julio |

How could you not know that? Think about how much time we really spent spinning disco and talking shop. Have you talked to Johnny? Tell him Chuchi says "what's up!". Are you still teaching? I retired from teaching. Let's exchange emails somehow and stay in touch. Julio

Billy Smith |

Studio 54 open on a Tuesday, April 26th 1977 and it closed on a gay Sunday night April 6th, 1986. Studio 54 really did not take of until all the Fire Island and Hampton's hotties were back in the city after a great "StarWars" summer in Fire Island Pines summer. You see from April 1977 they did not have a NYS Liquor License and at times they could not have liquor in the club. What they did was to start a Caretering company and went to the SLA and using there companys name applying for daily Caretering license's each weekly. They finely got there Liquor License in the fall of 1977 - just after lobor Day and just in time for their always to be remembered "Hollaween Party" where everyone was something from "StarWars" and put the club on the map. Before that just out of collage his father past away and left him all the "Stake Loft International resturants in the tri staet area of which one he made a disco club called "The Enchanted Garden" in Queens NY for about two years end of 1975 to January 1, 1977.

How i know all this is becaue i did all Steve and Ian's PR and promotions, we first met at La Jardin club on West 43rd Street in 1974 though the owner of the club "John Adison" and at that time I was with 20th Centry Records.

Billy Smith 2/09/2008

capt12nite |

Hey Julio,
I still remember those great times at Omni Records. Albert knew what he was doing when he opened that store. I remember Friday nights when his newest imports came in and he told the staff that no one was to take anything until DJ Oscar got what he wanted first. Talk about red carpet treatment. I'm glad I was such an influence in your music. I never knew that before.

Janet Moses |

The 1st time I went to Studio 54 I was 14 years old! We were dancing with the best group of queens that you could ever meet. We all became good friends...I was the baby!

Julio |


You were a mentor to me. My name is Julio. I am a newer cat to disco. Grew up in the 80s when most of the hotter clubs were gone. However, I got to party a Xenon where oscar was kickin just as hard. I used to work at Omni Records and Oscar would hang out sometimes. We would mix and sell records to customers. Disco kept going pretty strong through Euro-imports until late 80s. I absolutely loved spinning disco for an appreciative crowd.

Billy Smith |

Anyone from the Studio days wanna ago out and Party?

Billy Smith - Manhattan

Lindsey |

54 was a dynamite club not the best but so what....
Does anyone recall the exact date Steve R opened the doors ...
Also does anyone recall where Steve R worked before he opened enchanted garden which was the club he opened and closed prior to 54


capt12nite |

Anymore of those favorite songs from those glory days at Studio?

capt12nite |

Hey Matt E,
Thanks for the wonderful compliment. I'm a high school biology teacher now and my students always want to hear stories about Studio. I had one of my nights recorded on VHS which I later transferred to DVD. Every year, my students want to see it. They can't believe how the nightlife was like back then.

capt12nite |

Talk about a blast from the past! It's great to hear from you Andy. I can't believe you still have those cassettes. I hope they're still sounding good. Still living in NJ?

andrew epstein |

OSCAR PADILLA! Its been a long time my friend! We need to transfer your old casette tapes to DVD's I'm running out of places to play em. I hope all is well.

sabrina |

I was at 54 right when it had just opened, with my parents. We didn't wait in line, ushered in right away because of Phil Smith, my dear friend and DJ at my parents disco "the golden coach", Harrisburg Pa.Does anyone know him?
Oh, and my memory was kind of a blur. I had root canal that day and ate a whole bottle of codiene, thinking they were like asprin, anyway, there i was surrounded by such glam and I end up with my dad holding my hair back as i proceeded to throw up out in the street. but damn did i look good! my dad had taken me shopping at Fiorucci's, i was dressed in a turquoise glitter halter top with matching skirt trimmed with a leopard ruffle and leopard mules! I was only sixteen.

Matt E |

I was a bartender at Studio 54 and DJ Oscar was the sh*t....He rocked it like no other...Leroy Washington was okay....Robbie Lelsie totally rocked it....But DJ Oscar by far was the king....He always knew how to set off the room after the explosions....

For all those who where not there... Studio 54 was all what you heard and then some....

It was a just fun... and nobody since seems to have gotten that right....

Thomas MAschio |

I'm doing a social history of drinking behavior in NY.

Does anyone remember the sorts of drinks that were popular at Studio 54 - the beginnings of the whole Absolut and vodka phenom? Someone mentioned the bar there and the glitz being different from the dingy sorts of bars they were used to.

Gary Alan |

One of the greatest,talented and modest people ever.
Missed 4 ever.
Thanks so much for your friendship and all the memories.

Lou |

Here are a few of those songs!!!
let the night take the blame, love insurance, last call, unexpected lovers, heaven must have sent you.

capt12nite |

Capt12nite here. Would love to know those songs that made your nights at Studio so memorable.

MasterK |

anyone remembers who was the doorman with only one white glove on standing on a stool hunting for fun and kool people to let inside the club??...I am thinking Mark...I maybe wrong.
His glove ensemble came long before M.J. decided to make it cool in his video.

Lou |

talk about good times.....
we start at Passions in Fairview and end up by Oscar at Studio....
we had a great crew, and a lot of good memories. Studio54 or just Studio to us who were there every weekend...

JanetteS |

I started going to Studio 54 the first week it opened. I'm a straight female and I used to party with my male gay friends at many NY underground clubs that were the real deal long before 54.
Hate to say this but here it goes: By the time the clubs were being referred to as "Discos" the magic was gone. The original clubs were so much better than 54. Aside from being in the company of the many celebrities that frequented 54 and feeling special that Steve Rubell always let me in, there wasn't much else I liked about the place. I remember meeting too many uptight fakes and phonies that weren't there to party as much as to try to make an impression on anyone that gave a sh--. The original clubs (i.e. Infinity, LeJardin, Barefoot Boy, the original Limelight on 7th) were the inspiration that created Studio 54.

capt12nite |

It's good to know that Bill Jarema is still around. I was wondering when he was going to post something here.

Jean Pierre |

Hey Jussi, sorry for the late reply, but we didnt end up going ahead with Studio 54 night... Such a shame, but I work for Motorola, and the night had to be more in synch with the brand :) It was too much of drugs and sex and liberism for the brand to handle in an environment like Dubai. Dont get me wrong, Dubai, as you might have heard or seen in television, is a fantasy island in the midst of the Gulf, but still, you have to be cautious of what you promote, and Studio 54 - as much as i would have died to dance one night away in this club - Studio 54 is associated with a lot of CRAZY themes!
Thanks for your reply to my comment!

doc54 |

during the clubs 2nd incarnation after Steve & Ian remember doin C with Fleishman, Billy Smith & Hank of Criscos? If so e-mail me at duke9555@yahoocom

ya know the drill


clubencore |

i was only in the club 4 times, being a teen i remember much more the voyeurism i experienced on the top floor. am I the only person to remember the goings on

disco202 |

I was a good friend of Richie Kaczor back in the day. I was one of the fortunate ones who got into 54 without waiting. On one night in February, 1980. the last night Steve Rubell was in the club, i was fortunate to meet a beautiful woman who dared to take my number and call ME! She arrived as a guest with Frankie Crocker and a bunch of people who were with him that night.
A long courtship began that night and after seven years we were married. We have been together ever since. Thank you 54 for that disco magic!

Bill Jarema |

Ashley...the answer is April 10, 1977...closed 10 years to the day when the lease ran out...don't let anyone tell you different.

ashley. |

I'm writing a paper about Studio 54 and I can't find the date it was officially opened. Any help?

lisa |

I was never picked to go inside i guess you had to have a certain style and good looks i guess it was because i looked just like Bette Midler shes bueatiful....:-)

Barbara K. |

I have a Studio 54 Satin Jacket in MINT Cindition..I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone interested in buying it. Email me back at babsnj36@yahoo.com Barbara

jimmytelfer |

We didn't care about style, reputations, hedonism, or the drugs even though ludes were cool as we'd never tried anything like that, it was all about the music first and foremost, convincing Steve and Mark wasn't hard as we went during the day to apply for jobs, he had never heard our accents before and thought we had balls,.

Went to Studio54 a number of times after that first encounter which was the New Years Eve event 1978 with the beautiful silver invites, Great nite great music, I still look at my invite to this day and my complimentary ticket as pride and place on my wall at home, people ask me if i seen this person or that person, I cant answer because i didn't take much notice and i didn't care as it was all about the music.

Went a few more times during the eighties but when Steve went to jail, he took the stageshow with him, he set the standard that nobody could compete with and to this day Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager are still the only two club owners who have a club immortalized in the New York and American history, STEVE RUBELL may you rest in peace and thanks for giving me so many good times ,also thanks to Ian, and a big thank you to Mark who could have been a total idiot but he was cool and made our dreams a reality, I thank you all, James Telfer {THE DANCER}

Vero S. (St. Brendan's) |

Yea, you know. It was alot of drugs. And more importantly, like that "Elena" poster siad, I was a rainbow celebrity. If you were there, you would know what that was.

I know what was behind that moon girl.

Elena Chiribogaux |

The Studio was so fun! I did lots of drugs and felt like a rainbow celebrity. Anyone remember what was behind the moon? ;oD

Ritz |

Where can I get a copy of Midnight-the song? It always reminds me of Saturday night at Studio and Oscar.

Bert Bevans |

Comment to Jussik!! Yes I do remember you, You were quite rude, decided to interview me while i was working and when I didn't answer your questions fast enough, became quite annoyed. You were a HATER before you got there, didn't do anything to make the party any better and left in a huff. If you do remember our brief converstion, I told you I played Private Parties @ 54, courtesy of Leroy washington. I played 54 in the Virgin Island courtesy of Ritchie Kazor (not Jamaica as you so racistlty implied because I have dreads?) As for the 3 classics you refered to, I played 4.5 hours, Sorry if I didn't play the one's you wanted to hear but I'm sure you weren't in the club all night. I've done enough in my life not to be bothered by "Haters" but I suggest you put your energy to better use.
"Love Is The Message"

shane |

the best club of the music disco in new york, in the 70s

JussiK |

Jean Pierre - don't know when submitted your post about Bert Bevans, but just out of curiosity, did you book him, and if you did, whatever became of the night? This Bert came to Finland for a big budget "Studio 54" party for several hundred people, claiming he had been an original dj of The Studio during it's hottest years - and went on to spin regular nothing-special house stuff and a couple of the most obvious disco classics like I Feel Love, Bad Girls and Relight My Fire. I questioned him about his credentials and he said, well, I did spin at a Studio 54 that wasn't as much in New York really, rather over in Jamaica, the Caribbean...nuff said.

Tracy K |

Wow....Studio 54....I can't even begin to tell you about all the wonderful memories I have of Studio. There will never be another like it. It was a magical place to just be yourself and let go. Oscar Padilla (Captain12nite) thanks for the wonderful memories you gave me, you always made me feel like a queen during those special times.

Jean Pierre |

Has anyone heard of Bert Bevans that used to play in Studio 54?
I am jean Pierre and i live in Dubai. Am trying to make one night off in Dubai as a studio 54 night. Trying to find the right people.

Please help.


Tony |

It was truly a "Once in a Lifetime" experience having enjoyed partying with friends at Studio 54 in the early 1980s. I recall dancing to the awesome music as the great DJ Oscar Padilla (Captain Midnight) spun the records. Who can forget the great mixes by DJ Oscar, such as "Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" with "Moscow Disco" and followed by Fun Fun's "Gimme Your Love", or the crowd favorite "Wanna be Starting Something" with "Midnight". There were many other unforgettable memories at XENON as well, where DJ Oscar got his start. I just hope that there is a Studio 54 Reunion Party at some point in the future. There was such a reunion party for XENON in the late 1980's, and it was great!!! It was like reliving my early 20s with the great atmosphere, friends, acquaintances that unexpectedly showed up at the party, and the fabulous music by Captain Midnight that night. It could not have been better! I am all for helping tp organize a Studio 54 Reunion Party. You will probably need a bigger place than Studio 54, however, to accomodate the large turnout!!!

freerad |

I never got in until one day my sister reieved an invitation in the mail for a college reunion party at 54 for 4 people. My sister lived out of town, so I took 3 buddies (guidos from Brooklyn) and finally got in. We had the time of our lives. I just wish I knew there were millions hidden in the walls.

ginger |

I am such a fan of Studio 54! Im 32 and wish I was this age when it opened in the 1970s.

ron |

funhouse was like no other club in the world.
seriously it was insane. if you liked the disco,electro era of 1980-1984 then you would of loved this place.
i was only 15 years old and i would say im sleeping over someones house, or sneek out of house and go to funhouse. we would go about 11pm and stay till 830am. they were open so late cause there was no alcohol, but we were all wasted.
i dont get high now but if i can go back and change time. i wouldnt.
i remember madonna in there dancing.
i remember run dmc performing in 83.
i remember the lights and energy the place had. there was no vibe to describe the funhouse in manhatten.

Kenport |

The "new" Studio 54 in Las Vegas can never match the old one in New York. Wish New York's 54 would re-open, and show the world what a REAL nightclub is again! Not some place where teens stand around, but a place where you can live out fantasies!

twinpines |

STUDIO 54... I just loved going there every chance I got. Its hard to describe it since the atmosphere changed regularly. I felt special being there. I loved dancing all night at all the parties. The music, the people, the lights, the flowers...OK I love flowers. I took my camera sometimes and must say I am very glad I did. I collect music from that period. I love it when I remember something that happened so many years ago there. Just tonight reading all these stories made me recall hearing the WIZARD of OZ... Over the rainbow... I danced to it... imagine STUDIO and no one on the dance floor! So I start dancing ( saying to myself ballet???)... then other guys joined in... some where ballerinas... quite talented... but they must have gotten bored and I was back all by myself! Yet I could see people everywhere! Just not on the dance floor. At the end of the song I took a bow... laid completely face down on the floor... and would not get up until the spot light was off me and the fake snow stopped. Somehow, they had a spot light on me and the snow fell just on me. When I got up, there was a huge pile of fake snow, some of it I still have! I also have the black plastic membership cards ( gold ones, too!) I loved being there so much. It was truly magical in the sense that I felt like I belonged there... I was fortunate to have attended sooooo many parties there. Of course some of the best were HALLOWEEN, New Years Eve, and maybe just a Tueday night. It didn't matter. Those of you who were there know exactly what I mean. I was a loyal regular, greatful to have met Steve and all those wonderful people. I would love to see it re-open, although it could never be the same. I would also love to write a book , yes another book and maybe even another movie...the way it really was. The music alone would be so great so many of us would want to see/hear it. But that was part of its magic. The acoustics. The sleek decor compared to the dingy bars we were accustomed to. It was like a gift. A gift also reminding us to appreciate it and respect ourselves. The fashion ( or lack of it) was also a great draw. I must say I am very fortunate to have collected several items from the club. I even purchased a portion of the sign! I feel I was putting on a show there almost nightly it was my paycheck. Thank you to all of you who complimented me on my dancing... I will never forget that. It was truly my pleasure. I'd go home to recover and then find myself back there that night, and I didn't live in NY. I attended the KTU close the club down/tear the building down which thank GOD they did not do, but so many people recognized me from STUDIOS' GLory "NIGHTS". I am always interested in hearing from people who enjoyed the club as well as collecting memorabillia from it. I read earlier tonight that someone has a video tape from STUDIO. I would love a copy if anyone knows how to obtain one or getin touch with someone here ( if it is allowed) kindly let me know. Before I stop rambling, wouldn't it be great to have a 54 reunion? Lets try. Sure would be fun. I still have some gold glitter and you can wear my leather pants or STUDIO 54 jeans!

ZbarMy |

Besides the hype did I miss something?

tehuti |

I've only been there once, and it was long after the heyday, when it was just a typical disco. However it was still one of the coolest clubs I've been in.

Falcon |

I'm a little late but I can't beieve what I am reading, I was at Studio 54 six days a week back in the day and I know everyone who has made these comments. "I was the one who sold them all Coke"! and although I don't do it anymore and I am sure they don't either, I want to say that i don't regret the past and every great moment WE ALL HAD!!! THESE ARE THE BEST TIMES OF OUR LIVES and no one today will ever live-out some of the most important times in music and nightlife history.


Staying Alive |

Maybe 16 or 17 years old when I got in Studio 54, No ID was asked just the hand of that guy at the door call Steve, He always let me get in without a problem, I am wondering why was so easy for me than the rest of the people, only he knows and cant tell us now, nice guy. what can I say about Studio 54 that other people havent said before, well let me put it this way, no other club after Studio 54 could get together so many celebrities, Royal people from Europe,royal people from the arabians emirat countries, billioners and president's wives , lol , together at the same time and on the same space other than the The Gramys,the Oscars,or the United Nations conventions. it sounds like too much but honestly, if you were famous you had to stop by Studio after your dinner party, other wise the night was not complited.
Thats why when someone tells me oh my God!!! Madonna was at the club last night,I just look at that person for a little while and then I just turn around my head and keep taking a nap.

JussiK |

Judy Dearest, if NOBODY was in town during the summer back in 1979, the we both were right all along - those Dianas, Trumans and Andys teetering across the Studio floor that summer never amounted to anything. What the definition of a Somebody was in your no doubt lavish book I have no idea, but there certainly were perfect bodies in other, far better clubs in New York, and lots of them, my god! And yes, you're quite right, come the early 80's the Parrot etc were very good, during the winter. By that time, however, Madrid in Spain was already THE place to party.

JudyDoggie |

I'd like to answer JussiK, above. First, you're terribly critical of the experience that was, frankly, a wee bit passe in '79. However, you give yourself away later on in your post. NOBODY went to Studio in the summer, darling. We were either in the Hamptons or on Fire Island. And in the early '80s Red Parrot or Area or Palladium were the spots, IN THE WINTER.

JussiK |

For someone around 19yrs old Studio 54 in 1979 was a load of old rubbish...sorry to be this blunt but "a second opinion" is most certainly needed here and now! The overall vibe was just so past it, with hideous looking celebs drooling everywhere, unable to dance, looking sad. The music was good, as were the effects, but my god the people were tragic. The Studio was good for one paparazzi laugh, that's all. I went twice during that summer, then repeated my mistake sometime during the early 80's when the joint was already offically pronounced dead.

DJMack |

Don't forget DJ Leroy Washington who worked tirelessly to keep the club going after the star DJs went on to international status.

JudyDoggie |

Mr. Rubell, may his soul rest in peace, paved the way for so many of us in that he created and entertainment experience in which the audience became the entertainment, and for that I owe him a debt of gratitude. On the two occasions that I met him (once at his place, and once where I worked) we interacted civilly although we were both intoxicated on our respective drugs of choice at the time. What a pity that his greed took his wonderful world away from not only him but all of us who so thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of his creativity. Finally, I believe it was either Time magazine or The New Yorker who did a little one-column piece on him about two years before his death but after Fleischmann and Blair had closed the place down again. Rubell was walking down Fifth Avenue and turned down a side street and saw a bunch of his old regulars all hanging around talking and smiling. It was about 12:30 in the afternoon. Always wanting to know where the party was, he approached them, but then just grunted "hello" and walked across the street when he realized that all his old buddies were coming out of a church basement and that it was an A.A. meeting!

cloud nine |

Wow! what hasn't been said about "The Club" and rightly so. Having attended after the
Rubel period, I would have to say it still
rang tops with me. I've been to all of them during and since and none have ever compared. The energy, the freedom, the music, everyone was a star their. Dancer: Attended 1980 to 83.

spinner333 |

I worked a private party at Studio 54 to celebrate the premier of the movie Turning Point in 1977. I was 22 years old and had applied for a job as a waiter. I was told to wear black slacks, no shirt, a vest, and a tie. There were over one thousand people invited yet I and a couple of others served the VIP tables which were for the cast and other invited celebrities. The first two drinks that I served were to Anne Bancroft and Shirley McLaine who were talking about the opening. Mikhail Baryshnikov who was nominated for an academy award for his starring performance in the movie was talking to me about his first visit to New York City. Leonard Bernstein asked what nationality I was and then offered a compliment after I told him saying that it was a very attractive combination. Other guests who had their own tables included Dianne Von Furstenberg and a group of politicians who were their to accompany Jackie Onasis who hosted the event. The female members of the cast danced a ballet to the music as TV cameras captured their steps. The Studio regulars like Rollerina and Disco Sally were there. One very unusual woman dressed only in a cape with a string of ping pong balls from her behind that got shorter as the evening progressed got my attention. All in all it seemed to be a rather elegant and more reserved party than usual yet when the big moon and spoon descended it did snow inside as always. I had a very good time.


Well, I certainly remember being at Studio 54 the night my grand friend Oscar auditioned with the Legendary CRISCOS DJ, Frankie Corr having had the opportunity to audition the week before....Frankie Corr thought he had the Saturday night gig wrapped up until Oscar played and the rest was history.....Many great memories and Oscar at Studio and me by his side was a wonderful happy time in both our lives.....Anybody remember the SEARCHNG - HAZEL DEAN into SO MANY MEN -Miquel Brown mix??????

How about the night I dared Oscar to mix Haven't Stop Dancing : Gonzalez into Front Page's Love Insurance just because the beat changes were overbearing and Oscar being the HAM he IS, waited for me to get there and did the mix FLAWLESSLY sort of an "IN YOUR FACE, DJ ALEX" kinda look and feel.............

Love those days..............................

capt12nite |

Those days spinning at Studio 54 were the best times of my life. I'll never forget my "auduition night." It was Memorial Day weekend and I was nervous that no one was going to be there but looking at how packed that place was, was awe inspiring. Captain Midnight had found his home.

It was great being able to play high energy and disco music to people who really appreciated it. Remember such songs as "They Say It's Gonna Rain," "Eat You Up,""Goddess Of Love," "Exotic and Erotic," "I love My Radio," to name a few? Of course what night wouldn't be a Studio night without the classics. Hope you guys remember the "I'm A Man/MacArthur Park" mix. How about listening to the Wizard of OZ and hearing The Visitors in the background coming in?

Glad to see that so many people still think of those times back at Xenon's and Studio. I still have the video that was shot at Studio, still have my Studio 54 jacket, and a lot of other memorabilia. The video is filled with an hour of great visuals and songs.


Additional DJs who worked at Studio 54..

Leroy Washington
Frank Corr
Robbie Leslie (Thursday / Sundays) for John Blair Parties
Oscar Padilla (Saturdays)


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