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Camelot Inn

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Quentin Road, Brooklyn, New York


The Camelot Inn was the first Brooklyn club to feature the Trammps.

Photos below of the Diggers band who play often at Camelot Inn submitted by Chris Cam.
The Diggers: from left to right - Jimmy Duggan: Lead Guitar (later in Jersey band Trigger), Jimmy Santrello: Lead Vocals, Joe, Tony Fiorello, seen singing Lead also was Digger Bassist (later bass in Hollywood, the Westchester NY Band), Chris Camiolo on drums (later drummer for Hollywood & ex Ace Freahley's (KISS) Magic People & Cathedral drummer), Art Ebert far right on guitar. The band is the Diggers, in 1972 backing many oldie acts. They worked tri-state area for John Apostle and Banner Talents out of the Brill Bldg Manhattan.

Camelot Inn Camelot Inn Camelot Inn

Photo below sent in by Joey DiGirolamo
Description: Hokis Pokis 1975 played The Camelot Inn from 1973 to 1976. Hit Record Nowhere (1975) Left to right Joe Scarola, Steve DiGirolamo, Joey DiGirolamo Rob (Pudgy) Davies.
Camelot Inn

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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phil jacobson |

My brothers use to go to dlieos every weekend, they had the king arthur room, extra to get in there,we lived on e.32st. between ave.r& quentin rd. late 40s &50s, bobk pat h. rocco, tony d jack w. ps222, great memories, phil.j.

Arlene Birnbach |

Saw Peter Noon and the Herman's Hermits last night at Westury.....I thought I remembered seeing them in the 70's at Camelot Inn...anyone else remember them being there??

ellen |

before moriarty owned it. it was deleos. i lived on that block 35between p &quentin. met chubby checker outside camelot...such a nice man

GTO Joe |

Timmy, yes, I could not recall the first name, but yes that's him. I was thinking Timmy but had his name mixed up with bartender Tommy the older man with an extremely large family. Then again, I think bartender Larry had a bunch of kids too. Wow, those kids all must be pushing fifty by now.

carol |

Thankyou GTO. I thought it was Timmy Moriarty but wasn't sure. Wish I could say hi to him once again.

GTO Joe |

Hmmmmmm... Thinking of the owner, last name may have been Moriority.

carol |

Does anyone remember who the original owner of the "Camelot Inn" was?

Eileenspag@yahoo.con |

I remember doing the bump there and having a blast.

judy |

just wondering if anyone remembers the dukes..the very successful oldies band that my husband bill senning was a member of.. i believe they played there also! i was never at the camelot inn, a bit before my time, but i have heard really great things about it!! there were other bands i met later like sunroc/peacock and a group called forest..i think they played there also!!

maggie_01bklyn |

I was just talking about this place today to my fiends.... Jay Black and the American's they were there all the time... And Frankie Vallli and the Four Seasonss...... I lived right by there. As a kid I loved seeing the Knight on horseback over the doorway...The place was freaking fantastic.

carole |

I remember hanging out there at least 3-4 nights a week till they went out of business. My bestest friend/sister was also there. Tara O'Kelly for those who remember just passed away in her sleep.

judy |

camelot uncle met his wife of almost 40 years there!! clubs today are either messholes--drug dens--kiddy palaces--oldster bumps--people dress like welfare recipients and they all charge you a fortune for either admission or drinks!! i am noticing that these clubs,bars,discos, change names and clientele like the weather!!!

larrytheeight |

Camelot Inn on Quentin Road in Brooklyn NY was my home. It was the greatest club. I saw The Trammps (20x), Calhoon (20x), Gloria Gaynor, Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons, Tommy James And The Shondells, Gary US Bonds, Andrea True Connection, Morningside Drive, Hokis Pokis, Crown Heights Affair, Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Joneses, Vicki Sue Robinson, Musique, The Drifters, and so many more groups. I will never forget Earl Young from the Trammps walking around the club between shows in his bath robe teaching everyone the bus stop. I remember Don the bouncer at the door and Big Jim (he was giant). They kept the club very calm. LOL.

GTO Joe |

Some may remember my 1967 GTO thus the name I was called back then. I was at the Camelot a lot 1972 - 1975. I used to follow around the musical duo "Bob and Sal." I also saw Gary US Bonds, Maestro,
Newspaper Taxi, Hocus Pocus - oh boy good times.


Funny to see this posting my dad owned The Camelot Inn.

tommy b |

I lived on 33rd & Quentin in the 70s. The had a great statue of a knight on a horse over the entrance. I remember Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge, Tiny Tim, Jackie Wilson, Gary US Bonds and loads of others playing there. My parents went there in the early 50s but it had a different name then. I recently met Gary US Bonds and he remembered it well. All mobbed up he said!

freerad |

The first Disco I went to in 1974 or so. I remember fights there almost every night.


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