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Cameo Discotheque

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546 River Drive, Garfield, New Jersey


Cameo Discotheque DJ Frankie Beauchamp's Cameo Discotheque in Garfield, New Jersey 1977

Photos below and info by Phil LeBash.
Cameo DiscothequeCameo Discotheque Cameo Discotheque

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Added by Bernard Lopez


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Susan Molli |

I remember DJ Alan, and certainly Frankie Beauchamp. There was no disco like the disco of the mid 70s... The Cameo, the Meadowbrook, the Rainbow Room, the Second Half.... People think it was like Saturday Night Ever.... but we had none of that commercial nonsense. And everyone hustled. Ah, the era, the aura, it was magical. Who was the DJ at the Rainbow Room? Was his name something like "Papo"? I wish someone would have a reunion.... The Hustle, Bad Luck, Hijack, Supership, Free Man, A Hurricane is Comin', Sexy, There I Go.... If someone can give me a link to the music of that time, I'd love it. I wanna put on a dress, platform shoes, and Hustle!

Not a DJ |

My wedding reception was one of the first ones there in 1970. It was amazing. Don't know much about all the disco stuff tho; sounds fun. And now it's the Venetian? Can't imagine how much that venue has changed.

MsKit23Kat |

The cameo was one of my favorites. My second home. Loved the gigantic dance floor. Always found enough room to hustle!

Disco still rules...in 2014 and beyond!:) |

The first wedding I attended was here. That was in 1975.:)

All of the good places are gone. The "golden age" of "the places to be" are long over.:(

P Bosch |

Hippie Torrales: do you know how to get in touch with Frankie Beauchamp? he is a dear old friend Please email me at pilar@pboschlaw.com Thanks!!!

Peter J. Wallyo |

The Cameo? This place really sucked. My "good bud" Jules said it was a happening place on Tuesdays, but each Tuesday we came, there were 9 people there and 7 were Cameo waiters. We buzzed out for Dimples, Brer Rabbit in Paterson to hang with Ziggy, or over to Binghamptons in River Edge. Then over to The Second Half to Hustle with Jesus...We always made it home by 3:00am for breakfast sausage and tomato paste in an iron skillet.

Mary |

This is for DJ Louis, did you ever dj at Mr. Dees in Saddle Brook?

Kahuna |

Louis, were you a member of NJADD in Asbury as I was?

Hippie Torrales |

Hey Lou: Frankie is still around. He lives in Florida now and still does and takes care of sound systems for a couple of clubs. Alan what's happening? I'll try and get Frankie to hit this room.

DJ Alan |

Louie: I meant Barandaquaa! or whatever we used to say all the time when we saw each other. I think I read somewhere on this site that DJ Carlos had moved to Florida and then died of cancer in 1999. I have no idea where Frankie Beauchamp is. He sure was a pioneer back in those days.

DJ Alan

DJ Alan |

Louis Loria: DJ Alan Gohlke here. I rememeber you very well as we played at clubs together and hung out many times. Branadaquaa! What was the name of the DJ that hung out with us and the Peserchia brothers and he got in some legal trouble and had to go lay low in Chicago or somewhere with his sister I think? You can contact me via my profile on this website.


Louis Loria |

This is DJ Lou, one of New Jersey original "record pool members", and a one time very good friend of
Frankie Beauchamp from La Martinique clothing stores in Elizabeth to filling in for him to DJing at the Cameo from time to time and the Rainbow Room at Asbury Park, NJ. I DJ at the Palace, Surf Club, September's, Governor's Inn, South St and many others and still presently a mobil DJ. I really to get in touch with Frankie or other old DJs from the original NJ record pool members. I DJ downstairs at the CAMEO.

vyniljunkie |

This was an Awesome club, that featured two floors, a larger room as you walk in played Top 40, with a sharp flavor of Rock N' Soul. Saw the B.T. Express the first time I went there, and a band called CALHOUNE, which released "Soul Man" with a DISCO flavor. Down stairs there was a full fledged DISCO, that played Classic DISCO only. Saw the TRAMMPS, GLORIA GAYNOR , and SYLVESTER there once and D.C. LaRUE, GEORGE McCARE and the T.Connection another. It was a meat market downstairs, 5 to 1 women to men ratio. And upstairs it was a stud farm as the men outnumbered the women 10 to 1. It was in full stride in 76 and 77. But opened in late 74. One of the first DISCO'S in Jersey. On a scale of 1 to 10, the times I was there, always on weekends, it was a solid 9. The good old days!!


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