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3390 Mary St., Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida


Stringfellows In 1988 the wild friend to the stars and legendary nightclub owner Peter Stringfellows had open yet another of Coconut Groves catered to the rich, exclusive type clubs.

Stringfellows Of Miami to this day is infamous for it's cocaine and sexually driven client base.

Stringfellows featured a large rotating aluminum truss filled with the latest lights and special effects equipment.

Stringfellows staff had looked to be torn from the pages of GQ and Playboy who were more then happy to flirt & play with the clients.

The demise of Stringfellows can be mainly placed on the shoulders of it's owner and his wild spending sprees and even though Stringfellows cash registers over flowed with C-notes and credit card slips,it could not control it's owners addiction for shopping.

Stringfellows had become the Groves busiest dance venue,so much so that it's doors would open as many as 5 nights a week while hosting an above capacity crowd willingly ready to to pay as high as $8 for a well drink, $11 for call and a whopping $500 for Perrier Jouet,$650 for the Don.

Even though the likes of city oficials as well as local and state government types danced the night away while socializing with local drug trafficers.

Stringfellows government friends & clients would later on leave him out in the cold when the local authorities came ringing the doorbell.

The constant visits from officers was do to Fellows lack of following local drinking rules as Fellows would keep the party going hours after it's liquor licsense called for.

Stringfellows would constantly appear before court,as many civil suits were filed against Strinfellows,mainly complaints filed from local vendors and with claims as little as $100.00,a measley sum even by those days living standards.

Dj Paul and many others including owner Peter Stringfellows provided the music to a crowd that was ready,aimed and fired up to enter what best describes Stringfellows,a Disco Debauchery.

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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brazen |

I worked at Stringfellows and had the best time! Made wonderful friends, whom I still have contact with. I was downstairs running the cash register so I didn't see what was going on up stairs..but everyone left happy :)
I never saw violence or drugs..but again..I was down stairs

Anthony |

I'm looking for a friend that left England in the mid 80's to work in stringfellows u.s.a not sure if it was new york or miami he work at stringfellows London before moving his name was richard has anyone any info on him please

royalbebe |

Tuesday nights were the nights - but it was your typical "let everyone get in club" but always had a good time - lots of fist fights I remember.....

andrea Pressas |

I worked there from 1989-1991. It was the most fun place in Miami. The people were glamorous, the staff was like a family, and Peter was wonderful to work for. The problem was that it opened in coconut grove instead of south beach which was up and coming at that time. Anyway, Stringfellow's had a great run. I met my husband there and am still friends with my fellow coworkers to this day.


Stringfellows would hit you for that 20 dollar cover charge.20 bux in 1988 was serious business if were'nt a drug dealer. ;^D I got a club card & stayed tight with the hot chick at the cash register...just in case.The DJ sucked.The best that could be said about him is that he at least would'nt have you leaving the place.His was a pop dance mix.Safe...and un-inspired.
Peter himself was a charming cokehead who had the vision to get things rolling -but horribly mismanaged the joint.Wonder if he's still alive? He had some dude named Didier who ran the day to day.You could tell he was in over his head.I think his specialty was running the dining side of things.He was lost when it came to the club portion.Hit on many a drug princesses in that place.Surprisingly I never took a bullet for such a faux pas.

vyniljunkie |

Easily the most OVER-RATED club of its time. It was a playhouse for not just drug dealers, coke whores and dirty politicians, but for Narcotic Traffickers as well. Too violent and expensive for the average guy to go. After it was closed down, a less-expensive version, called CATS took over. With Rick Alonso and Octavio Machado doing the spinning, it was much better than STRINGFELLOWS. CATS was a solid 9 on my scale, STRINGFELLOWS was a poor 5.


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