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Club 1235

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1235 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida


Gary Brandt
Robert Brandt
John Brandt

Pete Denis (Guest DJ)

Carlos Cabrera

Prior to Club 1235 occupying 1235 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach, Club Z called 1235 Washington Ave. home, but not for long as one faithful night while recording artist "Prince" was in attendance, Club Z suffered damages from a fire, and while the fire damage was not at the level that burned down the Limelight in Hallandale years before, Club Z simply choose to go out in a blaze of glory.

In 1985 three New York native brothers, Gary, Robert and John Brandt brought back to life like a Phoenix while using the ashes of Club Z, a creature the likes no one had ever seen before, a monster named Club 1235 was born.

1235's dominance for about five years went unchallenged as the biggest draw in Miami, with its near 30,000 square feet 1235 swallowed the competition in size and public appeal.

Sparing no expense the Brandt Brothers equipped 1235 with the latest state of the art sound and lighting weapons that disintegrated the competition with a flick of a switch while engaging 1235's artillery of intelligent lighting lead by a furious and massive laser light show.

The success of 1235 did not solely rest upon the shoulders of it's owners, it's staff was second to none as a highly experienced management and public relations team that included former Studio 54 members, intelligently were able to fill the juggernaut to capacity on both Friday & Saturday nights, by playing host to the underage crowd on Friday's then adults on Saturday nights, a concept not easily favored by adult clients and always almost away's fails to. successfully host adults and teens under the same roof, even if it's on a different night

While the move of having a teen night was risking 1235's reputation, it proved to be a wise choice that did not affect the adult Saturday night attendance numbers.

Prior to hosting an underage crowd, teens in Miami had only experienced venues catered to them at a much smaller scale, most of those venues could only accommodate 500 or so dance crazed teens while just a couple could cram in close to 1000, numbers that seemed to not favor 1235, as no prior examples were available about a venue as big as 1235 was, to prove that more then just a thousand underage club goers even existed, which added even more pressure to whether or not host an underage night, a very risky idea for 1235, do to it's need of hosting twice as many teens as prior venues had in the past because of the high expense involved of just opening the doors of 1235 while also taking a chance as being stereotyped by adults in the area as the club that let's kids in.

Luckily, none of the two worries saw daylight, the adults came back on Saturdays, while Friday's teen night out drew the average of 1800 adults by close to a thousand more, loyally each Friday.

The idea of hosting teens on Friday's came about soon after 1235 opened for business while attempting to fill the venue on back to back nights strictly for adults, something that was not easily achieved by any club the size of 1235's, yet again, there was also no recent example available for that, but none was needed as the attempt to host Friday nights for adults as well as Saturday failed, probably do to it's size, but Saturday nights maintained a steady course that grew with time in attendance to equal the numbers of teeny bopper night.

When freestyle music began to take over the dance floors laying Disco and Italo Disco to rest, 1235 had already established it's self as the club a new artist needed to perform at because of the influence 1235 had gained over local radio stations, if an artist performed at 1235, they were almost guaranteed to have their song played on rotation on some stations.

The stage at 1235 was filled weekly with some of the top named recording artist of the time, such acts who graced 1235's stage include Level 42, Dead Or Alive,Wham, New Kids On The Block and many other globally known Billboard top 10 charters.

Although many big time acts performed at 1235, surprisingly it is three freestyle artist that hold the records for most in attendance as the top three draws at 1235.

As an individual who closely worked with nearly every club in South Florida as a booking agent and promoter during that time, I am able to share with the public accurate numbers of attendance.

New Kids - 2900
Level 42 - 1900
Dead Or Alive 3200

Local freestyle groups from Miami hold the top 3 spots for attendance and very closely followed by New York acts.

# 3 Secret Society - 3400
# 2 Stevie B - 3700 - 4000 whenever he performed

The top attendance ever gathered at 1235 just goes to prove how massive in size 1235 was.

It wasn't just the size of 1235's interior, it was the clever design it had to be able to host so many people while still offering a decent amount of resting areas with furniture which also had a very good view of the stage.

On a night where a local radio station was hosting a concert filled with many headliners just a mile away from Club 1235 at the convention center, it was a group named "Will To Power" who blanketed every attendance numbers prior to their performance by drawing a whooping 5200 patrons on a Saturday adult night none the less , that night was also the first time Will To Power set foot on any stage to perform their smash hit "Dreamin", a song that helped launch the group from a freestyle act to highly recognized chart toppers with hits like "They Say It's Gonna Rain" and the remake of the rock classic "Freebird".

After nearly 6 years and still doing well the Brandt brothers decided to sell 1235 which soon after became Deco's.

Like the Brandt's the owner of Deco's spent a large sum of funds, even far greater then what the Brandt's had spent. Club 1235 was completely remodeled, upgrading the sound & lighting to new heights, new furniture, bars, bathrooms you name it.

Deco's owner spent a fortune while giving Deco's it's own identity which helped separate 1235 from the new beast occupying 1235 Washington Ave.

Deco's had a decent run while continuing to offer the same format as 1235 had made successful.

Once Deco's closed, Passions quickly took it's place, and also holds the record for the fastest opening and closing of a club in that venue.

Other clubs that occupied 1235 Washington Ave. include Levels, Glam Slam which was owned by Prince, presently it is now Mansions, and right when you thought no one could out do the look and feel of 1235 and Deco's, Mansion has probably redesigned that venue better then anyone else while enjoying major success on a steady basis during every night that Mansions is open, which is almost every night, impressive to say the least.

Photos of 1235 and logos submitted by Rigo of 305disco.com
Club 1235

Photo below from Rainer Gomez Arndt
Description: Matchbook from Club 1235 in Miami Beach, Florida

Photo below from Dick Grayson.
Description: Cinema Theatre/Z 1235 Washington Avenue South Beach Miami.
Cinema Theatre/Z 1235 with seating
Cinema Theatre/Z 1235 with seating removed

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Your Comments

Diana |

Who knows Brett Masters and Pete Pérez?


Well well well, so many fans of Z (never 'Club Z'), I wonder if there is a film here? First off, hello Wade, I remember you and I remember it well.
Z and re-emerged South Beach originated in failure, let that be a lesson to all of you, kiddies, ("If at first...try again.) Z originated in a law firm that mal-practiced with sound man Richard Long (Magique, Regines, Studio 54, Annabelles in London & globally) as client. Long sought a club-like space to exhibite his sound systems (say hello to 'Big Bertha' - hello Ken Powers) and retained my old New York law firm (I had taken leave for the position of Assistant District Attorney at the time). My ex-partners secured a space on Laight Street in the southernmost street in Greenwich Village (renamed later as SOHO). C Factor a lighting company (Z's) came aboard to place their lights in the same space. As I wasn't there, probably over some pink fish-scale, anybody could have come up with the idea that if it looks and sounds like a club - "Let's make it a club..." After about $120,000 (1982 dollars were invested) it was determined that, contrary to the law firm's advice, the space was not zoned for a cabaret license, therefore no dancing allowed. There was a mad scramble for a solution and the Cinema Theatre on Washington Street in the Mariel Cuban ghetto of South Beach was the answer. The Cinema Theatre was designed by the architect, Robert Lamb who designed Radio City Music Hall (I seem to recall). It began in 1939 as the French Casino, a supper club. Later it became a movie theater where in 1960 the film Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor had it's premier. In 1983 (it had been abandoned for 7 years) I was there at the 'excavation' and it was truly like an archeology dig, the stagnant air tomb-like. Bingo Brandt owned the building. A deal was cut, Effx Inc. was spawned and the rest, as they say is history.
And that;s a fact, and I should know, I managed Richard Long & Associates in Long Island City during the construction of Z's sound system, the best for it's time. I built Z, negotiating every contract, was Project Director of the construction and General Manager at Z's pinnacle (until August1984 - Tina Turner - 4,700 in attendance) (as well as General Manager of 1235 - a poor imitation [1985]. At of respect for Steve Rubell, I go on record to say that Z was second to none as was it's first DJ, Frank (Studi 54, Silver Lining LI). And you got that straight from the source, F/K/A Disco DA. (RIP John Kappas)
PS For an image of the magical space, pre-construction Z see http://www.clubf---ed.com

Here's one fact,

the undertaker |

No mention of it being on Miami vice lol on the episode where Sheena Easton gets killed I think it was deliver us from evil lol

JC |

Of all the clubs that ever opened on the 1235 Washington ave, the worst of all had to be Passion. I remember they try to attract people by hosting a free pizza night on Fridays.How desperate was that? I remember being in my early 20s and bored to death in that place. No one have mention Pragon. That was a great club tha opened succesfully in that space. I`ll never forget money raining down to the dance floor right along great sound and light effect.

RickyDee |

Who remembers DJ Charlie Davis, kickass mix tapes at Paragon?

Carlos Cabrera |

I worked as a bouncer at 1235 and then at Decos until it closed worked at Passion for a few months. It was by far the best club in Miami then. I really missed those days. Missed when it got a little crazy and the fights started but always had somebody to cover my back.

Mike B |

I love to see the new comments... Yo Manny, hope you still got my back. Don't forget the Ramones Bill.
That was f'ing crazy!

Rainer |

Wow! This is a flashback! Great idea ,So Thank you to who ever made this site a reality! Bravo!
Whew, I was 16 and moved out of my house and in to Miami Beach when 1235 opened it's doors!
You bet I was there !
Back then Miami Beach was deserted. Washington Avenue had bakerys and lots of them , not much else .
This place was HEAVEN! Pictures are great but nothing like the way being there made us feel.
It was magic! Beautiful wooden dancefloor ( and that makes a big difference if you like to dance) and the lights and music were really something different and new!
We would dance all night and loved every minute of it.
Miami Beach was in it's infant stage and we were all so young. Of course we felt the world was ours ...And it was!
You can not imagine having this huge palace in a forgotten paradise as our playground.
Reading this brings a flood of music , Light and laughter rushing back ~ And all those wonderful people!
The staff was great ! To the doormen , the bartenders ~ Hello and Thank you !!!! ( Too many names to mention )
Club Z was fun as well ( same club, slightly different) ......And Tina Turner's performance ~ Well, Those are memories that I will treasure ALWAYS! ~ The best part was walking out after dancing all night , exhausted ,smiling , hugging eachother laughing and joking as we made our way home to 1390 Ocean Drive , The smell of the fresh baked goods from the bakeries filled the night air. We would usually go for a swim and then to sleep.
It was a beautiful dream that happened once upon a time. Not so very long ago .

Bill S |

I spent many great nights down at 1235. I don't remember everybody I saw there, but here's a few: Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Midnight Oil, Love and Rockets, Janes Addiction, Front 242 (I think), and Van Halen. Just kidding about Van Halen.

Ray |

One thing I remember doing there.... friends from out of town. We show up early, hang out in the front room having a few drinks. They're all impressed about the size of the place compared to what they have back home. I let them get comfortable with this being the club. Then the doors open and the jaws drop as they see the big room for the first time. The look on their faces was priceless.

peter fernandez |

lol the doors where ran by leo frank and peter while it was call club 1235 thoso where great times..

Eubert |

I'm glad I could live my 20's when Club Z came over and after 1235. I was able to see many singers performing on stage such as Lime, Stevie B, Secret Society, Will to Power, Inner Circle, and many more. I used to hang out until the music was over. I met many lovely girls and specially one I keep in my heart. I listen that special song called "Why did you run away" from Secret Society. I will never regret the great moments I spent at that club.

Wade Hughes |

I worked at Club Z from the opening night

To correct some of the information

It opened in 1984 - Tina did do the show the same time Private Dancer was released July 1984
Shannon, Grace Jones, Chaka Kahn were the first acts

Frank Corr and his side kick Tommy Moore ( RIP) Dj at the beginning

The Brandt Brothers Owned the building - and owned the Studio 54 Building in NY

the opening team was from Studio 54

I worked the bar at the top of the stairs

The Club lights came from the ELO concert tour

David |


susanne |

Well, sorry to disappoint. I worked for Club Z for the time it was there. First as general office stuff, then with the music promotions and themes for the weekends. The club did not burn down in any way. Unfortunately there is always corruption and pretty much that is what happened. The place was leased, and I really think no one thought it would take off as it did. South Beach was nonexistence at that point in time. Nothing but older people and very Jewish. So this was a beacon in the middle of nowhere. No club anywhere, even in New York had the atmosphere this place had. The lights were amazing, sound to match. DJ's rocked the house and featured live artists on a regular basis. I mean we had Tina Turner when she just released her Private Dancer LP. And yes I said LP. Prince was the last night. No performance, just an after party from his concert in the now gone Orange Bowl. The memories, cannot even begin to cover the behind the scenes drama's! If Lance ever reads this, I still remember you! I hope you are well. Cheers, Susanne Schneider

devora |

so sorry it was such an intense non profitable business experience. yes, for us (who were NOt in the know) it was a strange ending, like theives in the night .. we are all very sad . damn! because it was the best nightclub ever! and miami beach began it's 80's heyday with club Z and 1235 .. my brother and i danced when it was 1235 for only just a little while .club Z "Divine, Tina Turner, Prince. . then things started to get "weird shall we say .. and we all Had to leave . no money no honey .. @ dwight. so sorry .. everyone gets their just desserts as they say. i hope you're healthy and happy, sincerely.

John R |

I remember being in the lobby of 1235 before the main part of the club would open. We would be drinking, smoking and having a wonderful time then probably about 11 pm the main doors to the club would open. The green lasers formed a wall of light going up and down the huge room very slow. That along with the music, energy and anticipation was overwhelming. It was mesmerizing, and I had never before, or since seen anything like it. Thanks for this website and everyone's postings ..... such wonderful memories.

Dwight Sellars |

Hola All,
Figured I would through in my two Cents,
I was the orginal Contractor that Built Club Z. Also had my Birthday party there just at opening the club. Had some great times there,
But when Steve Pastore ran out of money, I finished the club with them owing me roughly 160K
Collected a small portiion of that till they ran off in the middle of the night , like the rats that they really were.
Any way live and learn,

devora |

i danced at club Z and at deco .. was there that night of the prince party ... divine as well as tina turner and many others all graced that glorious stage and nightclb .truly the last of it's kind . the owners spared no expense and we as dancers were treated very well! the shows we were able to create were brilliant. thanks to the brothers , thanks to the lighting crew and dj's! great memory's to say the least.

Michael B |

I must have been working at Club 7 an entire 2 weeks before it closed...I stayed on until the final months of Club Deco's, but Club 1235 was always my favorite..no tuxedos
I did work out front while it was Club Decos and although more money, I never had the chance to enjoy it as much as 1235.
Yo Manny..where are you these days? Manny was the best bouncer to have your back once things got a 'little' exciting. Man we had a few good fights but for 99% , it was a great place for a great time.
The Ramones brought the place down..and all in good fun.

Bill |

Anybody have any more info on Club Z?

Mike D |

Worked both 1235 and Deco's moving from inside the club to the front door right side when Club Deco's opened. Saturdays were off the wall. Nothing but great memories.

Angel |

Club 1235 was by far the best club in Miami, the had the best DJ's there - like Bob Rosenberg / Rick Quintero and the place was just beautiful. I posted on YouTube a video "Club 1235 "New years Eve" 1985 - 1986 in South Beach Miami - Live from Hot 105 FM" You might want to check it out. I recorded this on my Reel to Reel back in the days. Hope you enjoy it. - Thanks.

Eloise |

WHat time is this open till????? How much does it cost 4 atleast 30 ppl??? Plz tell me

Rick Quintero |

Hey Tom Flood.....DJ "Rick Quintero" here! glad to see thigs are going well. We had an amazing run in the day! Hope to speak to you soon! Look me up on face book

davidarias |

Why isn't there a Club Z listing?

Mike Harris |

Richard Long put the original sound system in as an investing partner with Phil Smith doing the lighting. I dont believe he ever got any return. It was the best system ever put in that room. A few years later I was called to come in to see how the sound system could be improved...and was shocked to see the DJ booth located where the sound system was...i recommended a complete system reposition...including returning the subs to their correct location under the booth...but was told we couldn't do that...as there would be no place for the DJ's friends to hang out. Talk about wrong priorities !!

Tom Flood |

It's been 3 years since I visited this site. I am responding to Bob Rosenberg's commentary, remarks regarding his Will to Power premiere that I orchestrated. Having had near 100% control of the entertainment bookings,negotiations, radio buy on behalf of the Brandt family from 1986-1987 before I ventured out with Porsche Productions, Makr Galob & Parrell Bar, I made this event happen which for my money was the single most electric evening in the space under the 1235 brand. (post Z) In all fairness, Bob did temporarily cancel mid-week after we put $7,500 in radio $$$ in motion to promote. I talked him back into performing, and the rest is history. I actually came right back 3 weeks later, and booked him again. The "monster stage" shot his "trac act" out like a cannon. PS/I personally fired the Studio 54 Dj we opened the club with, and postured ricky quentero into position. The "blonde" was Debi Alpe head of membership, and a ricky fan as well. She participated in DJ evaluations, and had some involvement with radio, promotions...

Bob R, lighten up, you sound like a cranky old man. You did good, but you can't deny I hit the bulls eye on your launch,not missing a beat...

call me ...tom flood 941-350-3001


Bob Rosenberg is the coolest dude ever. I love how people try to front like they were/are all that and then get smacked right back to reality. Man why cant people just be who they are.

Bob Rosenberg |

Tom Flood says "I nearly pulled out of a contract" which is not actually the fact. When I wrote Dreamin' I never intended on performing live shows.

It was Tom Flood who convinced me to perform live and then we drew up a contract. This was our very first show. Tom was thrilled so I don't know why the change of attitude all these years later. I will assume it is dementia or sour grapes as I will explain.

I released Dreamin' in March of 1987 (under a plain white label with "Will to Power - Dreamin" hand written with a Sharpie to Power 96). I had to do this as I was still officially contracted with Hot 105 (who ironically was the last station to add the song). Bill Tanner had no idea Will to Power was me until months later. I am going to quote Bill Tanner from a South Florida Radio Forum:

Bill Tanner also stated on "Vintage_SoFla_Radio@yahoogroups.com":

It was amazing to work with Bob Rosenberg, a very talented artist who also had a great sense of what played well on the radio. His "mixes" for Hot 105 were always at the top of every research list, and continued to be for years later at Power 96. With his "Will to Power" music, but before that, with his song mixes, Bob left a major, indelible stamp on South Florida's radio and music scene. BTW, "Dreamin'" would have been a #1 national hit if CBS hadn't blown the promotion of it.

Huge, memorable record.

Bill Tanner

That first Will to Power show was at the end of April or very early May of 1987. You say you worked there until early 1987 so I assume they fired you shortly after our first show. Since we pulled in the largest audience ever.

Now I also performed there on Halloween 1985 and New Years Eve 1985-1986 as Hot Mixer for Hot 105 and I know for a fact that you were not the manager. I don't remember her name but it was this hot blonde young lady who was dating DJ Rick Quintero that was managing during those dates.

The writer knows me very well and I am not one to talk sh*t unless talked sh*t about.

We still perform very few shows. In the past 2 years we did perform at Trump Taj Mahal, KTU's Beatstock and recently Power 96 NYE Blowout (2009). The only way to even book me is by becoming a Myspace friend (unless you actually know me like the writer does).

Rod |

I lived in South Beach in the mid 90's. This was THE club back then. It was called Paragon and was packed every weekend. I'm not sure why it closed but it wasn't very long before Prince bought it and made it Glam Slam. Then a fashonista and partners bought it and made it LEVEL.

They then reduced the dance floor area making the space less roomy. They put in a fancy lounge area and cut up all the rooms to make them more intimate. It looked nice but on busy nights you couldn't help but run into obsticles such as metal railings, bars, chairs people etc.

Mansion bought it up and they have thrown some great parties there. It still remains one of the biggest clubs I've attended and I love the Art Deco designs.

Today I read on a website that according to the infamous Page 6 that Mansion went bankrupt after taking over a NYC club and remodeling it. I wonder what will happen to the space now. Hopefully it won't be going anywhere fast!

michelle d |

Saturday's in 1987 The place was roaring and could not be beat! The two vip areas L and R of the stairs heading to the dance floor were always filled with hotties!
I don't even know how we had the patience to drive to s. beach, find parking, wait 30 mins. in line...all these things would be 'too much hassle' for much older me now. But back then, the idea of dancing to the cities hottest euro music and very fashionable crowd was the week's reward. 15$ entry was a lot back then, but we all still did it. IF anyone has photos, plz post or email. Some songs of 1235, and just imagine all those lasers while listening:
'living on video" by transx
'danger' by flirts

Tere Acanda |

Thank you so much for the wonderful memories of the greatest club of its time. I met my husband at 1235 22 years ago on Valentine day. Rigo fo 305 Disco again thank you ro the photos you submitted I can now share with my kids where I meet their dad and what an ultimate nightclub it was.. Love T


Club Z was the first shot fired that turned Miami Beach in to "SOUTH BEACH".I lived in Ft.Lauderdale then.Back Street was strong...but I still found myself curious enough to sample Z.When Z morphed into 1235-the rest of the South Beach scene started filling in: Cameo Theatre...Vandome..etc.1235 started doing a Thursday thru Sunday thing.Those core clubs triggered the BIG BANG of the 90's.South Beach became a 7 day a week thing.Saw Joey Kidd...Company B...Secret Society...and The Rippingtons @ 1235.A vivid memory of mine was rolling down to Club Z when it first opened.Parked out front was a Ferrari 308 in the VIP valet.We were clearly near the peak of the "Age of Swagger" for the cocaine cowboys...because the tag on the Ferrari read: F 55 MPH. Gotta love South Florida.Wonder what happened to the owner...the car...and the tags(? )

chris hodgson |

i couldn't wait for DEAD OR ALIVE to perform there at 1235. i drove down from ft. lauderdale, ate at the strand (natalie at the door) and later went next door to a funky clothing store called watergun(later W.P.A and 6 degrees) i talked the owner into letting change for the DEAD OR ALIVE show in his shop. i wore black bike shorts that i had sewn black lace into the sides of, tres risque. a red satin sash waist and a black bolero hat adorned with black pom-poms and red roses. i had cut of a tux jacket into a short waiter's style and had a plastic sleeve on the back which i could place various images into. this night it read "CHA CHA NEL". i penciled in a zorro moustache and had a red rose in my mouth, naturally. there was defininately "something in my house". i was overcome with joy as pete went into "SPIN ME ROUND" so i scaled the huge speaker stack on stage right. i was followed by security, but pete put a stop to that telling them to leave me alone. "MY HEART WENT BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG"! it was my very first gogo gig!!!

Rene Leon |

Club 1235 was without a doubt the ultimate nightclub experience. I miss the era, the place and the sounds. I have traveled all over the west coast, and they have some great clubs in L.A., San Fran, etc. But to this day (I'm nearly 40 now) Club 1235 is the measuring stick by which all the others will be gauged. Thanks to all of you who helped immortalize the memories.

vyniljunkie |

Here is another club that I once worked at. This place ROCKED. When it was Club Z, I worked at TUTTLES in the Charter Club, and again, the MOB torched Z. When the Brandt Brothers bought the property, I was a "Guest" deejay once a month. I remember the booth was huge, the women outstanding, and the drug scene was everywhere.

nelson castellano |

club Z Was The next best club after Backstreet and Casanova . But it was not the same. Fun Years


Best concerts I saw at 1235 were Hazel Dean, Secret Society and Tito Puente. It was truly a great place to go, I loved the spacious dance floor. I had some great memories in that place. It was my alltime favorite place to go back in the 80's.

Annette |

Atualy, I have a question about the club 1235 are minors allowed to go? If they are, is it every night or certain nihts? And how much is it per person??


The writer references WILL TO POWER as the ALL-TIME attendance gathering. I am the one who created the contract with Bob Rosenberg, and convinced him to keep the date as he nearly pulled out. I actually had control of the club entertainment from late 1985 - early 1987. Just ask Bobby, Johnny, or Gary.

Tom Flood

tojo6163 |

I remeber many concerts at Club Z and 1235 but the best was Grace Jones, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Dead or Alive, Romeo Void, Ministry and an impromptu session by Missing Persons. The 1235 space is my favorite of all time. The building is massive, elaborate and beautifully decorated in true Art Deco style. Unfortunately, "Mansion" ruined the interior but my memories will be with me forever.

305Disco |

Please excuse some spelling errors,was late and didnt bother to spell check it.

Also forgot to mention the likes of Ciro Llerena and a dozen other top Miami jocks spun their magic at 1235.


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