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4077 Long Beach Road. Island. Park, N.Y.


Rumours was a small club out on Long Island's south shore,(Island Park). It was owned by the late Phillip Basile (no relation),who also owned (3) other club's on L.I.(Channel 80, Speaks(aka the Action House,(early-mid 70's)also in Is. Park,and Club 231 in Carl Place, L.I.

I worked at Rumours as a busboy and later as a bartender from 2/79-11/83.Monday night at Rumours,WAS the place too be! It was packed by 10:30pm. Some of the best song's of that era were cranked out by:
D.J.'s: Neal, Tommy, John, Ralph & Johnny Ace.

Bartender's;(front bar) Jack, Jimmy, Kevin, Terry, Tommy, Danny.

Back bar: Ronnie, Joey, Alexis and myself.

Waitresse's; Laurie, Cindy, Joanne, Karen(from N.M.), Barbara, Jane, Michelle (miss u Michelle) and other's who's name's escape me.

Our schedule; Mon.-Dance,Tues.-Closed,Wed.-New Wave(still have a t-shirt from Wed.night's),Thurs.-Oldie's,(clubber's,remember Johnny Meastro & the Brooklyn Bridge?),Fri. & Sat.-Dance & Sun.-Lifeguard Nite. It was a good club, good staff, good food, good patron's & GOOD TIME's 4 SURE!

Photos of various Rumours logos and items submitted by Tony Basile
Rumours Rumours Rumours Rumours Rumours

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Added by Tony B.


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Carl |

Hey Michelle, Hey Dennis, and everyone else.

Carl from the door here. Sorry to hear about Chubby, and of course Phil and Franky. Just saw on the 231 site that Danny passed. Such a shame...worked the door with John B. and him.

Hope you all are well.

Michelle...Remember when I ran into you, rather you ran into me on 58th St. in Manhattan? You had your friend who used to hang out at the door with us with you?

We had a lot of fun at the door a Rumours...you and Debbie coatcheck made those long nights bearable...especially the slow ones.

After I left the clubs I went to NYU and unfortunately lost track of everyone...except Arnie...saw him a couple of times at his Great Neck salon.

Let me know if there's ever a reunion set up. It'd be...err...interesting!

Take care, best to all!

Annette ( English ) |

I remember Rumours I used to tend bar at The Fireside in Long Beach for Gino & Edna in 1976. /77 I loved my time living there. On a sad note though I lost a girlfriend of mine who got killed in Island PK in 78 or 79 she had been to Rumours her name was Roni, went back to the UK in 1980.

Tony B. |

Dennis,........everything about those great daze are long gone. Such is life I suppose. Hope u're well.

dennis garren |

Tony, unfortunately Custom Bakers is long gone. I used to love their chocolate cake

Tony B. |

Hi Michelle,......ready for some sweet 16's again??? lol
Call custom bakers for 1 of those sheet cakes

Michelle Macaluso |

Wow. Sorry to hear about Chubby, loved that guy. I remember when i went for an interview to run the coat room before the club ever opened and he gave me the job.. He was a good guy.
Hi dennis .
Hey judy i dont do facebook so i couldnt get in touch with you and terry

dennis garren |

Sorry to say for those who knew Chubby he passed away recently

Tony B. |

@ Leona,.....were u the blond?

leona gagliardi |

I just saw this..I worked there..also..remember everyone!!!

lori michele |

i had my sweet 16 here on September 8, 1979......one of the happiest days of my life.....will never forget it !!!!

dennis garren |

The Night Club was across the street from Rumour's. Monty was aslo one of the original bartenders at Rumour's and then Phil B.pened 231 and made him the bar manager while Joey B. was the mgr.
We were doing so many parties at Roumours that we changed the name to Le Petit Jardin and just did parties there.
Rumours was the place to be on monday nights. Glass Garden was the band and Tommy Tunes was the dj. Alkl bars and clubs were usually closed monday so it was always filled with alot of people fromm the bar industry.
Carmine was actually the original DJ there

Judith Smith Donato |

OMG ! What memories..Michelle E Mail me...Vito passed last yr. Terri would love to say Hi.We saw you on Mom...Dad and Mom not with us any more...Please respond..My Facebook page Judith Smith Donato...12/24/2013 Merry Christmas..

Tony B. |

Hi Michelle d:)
Long time. Gonna' look 4 u on MOMS tonite.
I have hooked up on Facebook w/Mikey, Bobby Gillam, Laurie, Joey P. & Teddy.
If u're on Facebook look me up if u want. Remember my last name was the same as Smiley's! Hope 2 hear from u d:)

Michelle Macaluso |

Hi this is Michelle the coat check girl. I worked Rumours from the day it opened 1977 -1987. This was the club to be at . If you weren't going to studio 54 you were going to Rumours. All the great people that I worked with yes I remember you tony and steve ,chubby, neil, jack and the guys at the door and the list goes on. Always a great time and so many wonderful memories. Love to have those days back again.
I am an Actor these days been on a bunch of shows. Now on cbs show called MOM playing one of the chefs.
Still go out disco dancing at some of the clubs in los angeles. Cant get that out of my system.
Disco lives

Papageorgio |

Met her there Jan 1981, this Jan. 2013 well be married 30 years
From leisure suits to 2 grandchildren, holy SXXX.

Hillary |

It was the day after thanksgiving 1977. I was 20 years old. I litterally bumped into a guy while dancing to saturday night fever. We started to dance and the rest is history. We married 3 1/2 years later. Had a family but divorced In 1993. Rumours changed my life that night back in 1977. Who knewthen it would be so life changing. I would not have changed a thing.

Emilio Herrera |

It was my 2nd trip to USA, I stayed with 2 other friends at East Park Ave at Long Island, some other friend invited us to Rumours, we met some girls we danced, have a couple of drinks,...nice place...the year was 1982...a long time ago...

Bryan |

Rumor's used to be Barneby Rudge's Pub when I worked there. There were 3 clubs all across from each other. Philly owned 2 and the other was owned by an ex pilot from WWII that was married to Rennie Leonie's mother. You remember Leonie's from Long Beach in the 60's along with Dean's? That was my first bartending job. Then I worked the Action House and Rudge's.

Tony Basile |

worked rumours from 2/79 - 11/83

Jett |

What was Speaks changed to after? My sister says "The Night Club". Does anyone know???

John O |

This was a great find...we used to go here after Speaks to have a drink and enjoy better music. Great scene

Laurie Asnip-Lauricella |

Hi I worked at Rumours for 4 years waitressing. Does anyone know how I can reach Cindy and Joanne? Laurieblanche469@bellsouth.net I had so much fun working with great people. Laurie Asnip

KK |

I had my Sweet 16 here in Dec. 1979. Rumours was such a pretty place...very elegant for a disco. Awesome music too!


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