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Los Angeles, California


This was the club used in the movie "Thank God It's Friday". There was another one in Long Beach, CA called Osko's Club Marina. I went there in the mid 80s but I do not know how long it was open or when it originally opened.

Photo below from Jauers.
Description: 1981 magazine cover with guy in front of Osko's.

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Added by tehuti


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Denise Stares |

yay Deroy!!! gonna add ya now!! so good to hear from you!!


Hey Denise! OMG...I can't believe that there is actually a "site" that people with fond memories of Osko's exists!!!! Amazing... That just goes to show you how significant that club was and how great it was. The very best of times... Do you know where Osko is now? Friend me on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/forDeROY I hope to hear from you soon.... ;-D

Denise Stares |

hey DeRoy!!! I remember you... how are things?


OMG!!! I used to open up the male exotic show as a dancer @ Osko's in L.A. I was very good friends with Osko and used to hang out in his office upstairs. I was only 18, but he let me go there and get free drinks (non-alcoholic, of course because I didn't like alcohol at the time...lol). WoW, what great memories! I was close to everyone that worked there, especially Doreen (The Coat Check Girl). What memories...

Jackie |

Osko's in Long Beach... crazy memories!! Excellent times! We went there all the time around '85 & '86. Met some amazing people - danced endlessly!! All good!!

Denise Stares |

was wondering if anyone knows where Mario is now....??

Denise Stares |

LIz!!!! How the hell are you??? wow and yes I am on FB. denisestares!! add me as a friend please!! long time. How r you??

Disco liz |

Omg Denise!! It's me Liz aka hot tamales, princess s eagle! How are u? Are u on fb?

Denise Stares |

OMG.... I used to work there. Used to run the male exotic shows and was a mud wrestler there. Lenny the bartender was my roommate and TJ and I used to dance there all the time. Had some wonderful memories there. Will never forget that place.

Adeline |

Hi good times does anyone remember Sharkie the door man he was really cool with me I even had a VIP Lots of fun. way back then

Pamela Boggan |

Wow, what a remembrance. I worked for KISS FM and we did some shows back in the day. I miss all of the people who made that time so special, and a special shout out to KISS FM for having a "promotion group" that I got to be a part of.

TJ |

Hi Angela,
I was an Osko's frequent clubby... Love the place. Do you remember bartender Lenny, or the door girl GiGi. I'm Tj, and was there almost every weekend, So much fun. I also went to "J. Sloans", in West Hollywood. I always hung out with my friend, and roomate Jeff West... Still trying to find him.

Angela Roach |

I remember Osko's fondly. I was just telling my girls about it. All the fun memories I had, the best memory was meeting and seeing the Jackson's erform. I wish it was still around.

Jayne Cates |

OMG!...I loved place...I even lied to the security guards that I knew Mr. Osko, and they better let me in...LOL...I was like 19 when I was going there...LOL...I remember there was this real skinny chick named Angelique, who'd wear skin tight leotards...pretty face, but, messed up teeth...I don't know if the guys were too afraid to get their ding dongs close to her mouth or not...but, she was so nice...I used to dance for hours...I had long black hair, pretty, and I would wear these skin tight shirred black pants with a black, blouson tied with a belt...and I would dance for HOURS...I would try to get the guys tuckered out...those were truly memories that I cherish...because I had fun, but it all started going down hill by 1982...Punk Rock was coming in...so, I went to Sloans...

Mark |

Osko's Club Marina opened in 1984. I worked there for several years as the head of security. Osko also owened the Osko's in LA. I had a lot of great times and old friends from this club.

girlslocker |

Thanks !!!!

Tj |

I do understand young lady...lol But it would have only been an email..lol But no, really... I understand. Np; you take care and reach out anytine.
Good luck in all that you do... Tj

girlslocker |

Hey Norm...I have a boyfriend...I don't think he'd appreciate me emailing a dude I don't know..I hope you understand. Anyway I really appreciate all your help w Osko's!! Those were the days. I'm glad to be in the here and now. What a trip...!!! Thanks for all..!!!

Tj |

I remember her mentioning it... Hmmm, well my mind's workingnow..lol
Tell you what? Why don't you send me an email so we can chat more. bignorm253 at the yahoo ;)

girlslocker |

Hey TJ!
so you're friend Gigi worked at the door at Osko's and she told you about the Runaways being there at Osko's???

Tj |

Well the Odyssey was down the street a ways. But I remember it.
Runaways? Wow, I was got there in the early 80's but heard about it from my friend GiGi that work the front door, and manager for awhile (Tall beautiful blonde female).

girlslocker |

...around 1977

girlslocker |

TJ..this will be the clue for me about Osko's...
do you remember The Runaways playing there???

girlslocker |

Wow! I think this is it...!!! thanks for that link!!! super awesome! how did you find that?
Was there another club called the Odyssey around there too?

girlslocker |

Was Osko's on the corner?? I know it was on La Cienega...but does anyone know if it was on the corner..and was it painted white? I'm trying to remember the name of a club that I went to...

Gabriel Bazurto |

I remember when oskos was The Cabaret. Great disco with three levels of dance floors. The basement dance floor was reserved just for line dancing. Everyone did the same dance. I jumped in and had to learn it or be trampled LOL.

Sixto Sicilia |

TGIF, the filming of Thanks God it's Friday. That place was so much fun. The dancing, the beautiful people, the energy!!!! Now of course, like everything else, it's a discount high-end Loehman's. Cheap.... we need the high life again!

Derrick |

Good memories of Oskos. I grew up in NYC and partied at some of the best clubs, but Oskos held its own. Met my girlfriend on many years there Thanksgiving weekend of 81', so very special memories.

Bat |

Oskos... wow.... Best club ever. And if any of you remember seeing two little white boys around age 10-12 or so skirting around the place - yup - that was me and my best friend. HAHAHA - Probably the youngest patrons of the club ever.

I remember one day we just ended up there in the middle of the day somehow (we lived very close by) and it was open AND THEY JUST LET US IN! HAHAHA. Never EVER did we get harassed in any way, shape or form. From then, we would go as much as we could get away with it. I remember seeing Sister Sledge debut We Are Family there and endless hours running around The Cave!

I think it was this incredibly positive experience that eventually led to my passion to run nightclubs myself which I've done over the years - mainly in the Bay Area but some in L.A. - Too bad so many promoters today run a venue that ends up sporting a pretentious and snobby attitude rather then what Oskos used to feel like. Or perhaps we were just too young and naive :D

Eventually I hung out there years later when it was the Goth/Death Rock club... meh... that was fun but it felt more like the theater in Escape From New York... Hahaha... I guess that would be cool too huh?

disco liz |

@ penetrating paul....which m.c.were you?? i did the shows there for a few years! "hot tamales", the original "princess _ eagle", "pistols malone".. i just fb'd robin "red snapper" and told her we need a wrestling reunion! were you darcy's bf?

George |

@ Disco Liz. Yea "pompei" was originally at the club in Palm Springs, i just asked and Osko says "Hi" back.

disco liz |

@ george..was "pompei" in palm spring osko's? we went to that club every weekend back in the day! drove all the way from l.a....did you ever tell him i said hi? osko's was the bomb back in the hey day..som many great memories!

Brad |

I worked at Osco's club in Studio City called the Point After.
His cousin Sam, same last name, was the manager. I bartended there for 6 months in 1979.

Penetrating Paul |

I worked at Osko's in '82 - refereeing the Female Mudwrestling shows Tuesday & Thursdat nights. Haven't seen a documentary yet on VH1, MTV, whatever, that comes close to depicting the feel-good-now decadence & debauchery of the club & the times... The majority who missed out on those endless parties dont believe it really happened. Fortunately, a few pictures exist.

Brian S. Hanish |

I lived in the area as a kid, and remember the outside very well. Does anyone know what it was before Oskos, or what it was built for. By the way I rescued the sign for the underground room OSKO's CAVE, I still have it.

Laurie Kriger |

Hi TJ,

Thank you for responding to my inquiry.
The group I remember at Osko's from 1979 to 1981 had a guy called "Ponch" who came out in a CHiPs uniform and an acrobatic dancer named Nucci. Was Bruce the tall blonde guy who almost always got an erection on stage?
Do you have any pictures of or know of any links to pictures of the group?


Tj |

Hi Laurie,
This is TJ...and the group was Hollywood Hunks. With Bruce (also did Conan), Diamond, ET (English Tom) Venchinzo (Prince). Osko's is on Facebook, add me Norman Whipple (TJ) and i'll send u the page.

Laurie Kriger |

I remember Osko's from 1979 to 1981, when there was a male stripper troupe with a hunk who looked like Ponch (Erik Estrada). Does anybody have photos of him and/or the other guys in the troupe? I couldn't find Osko's Facebook page.

disco liz |

BackToDisco.com has the best 70s & 80s disco parties, at least 2 per month. they play all vinyl..no cds, recorded music, etc. the djs are awesome, the crowd is super fun, and the venues are great! here's their facebook link:
https://www.facebook.com/backtodisco?ref=ts and you can always go to the home page of their website: backtodisco.com the main page is purple & black, and the message boards is where you can see the happenings.

Disco_Fever06 |

Where can you find a good disco club here in LA???

mbm |

clip of Donna Summer @ Osko's in '78 lip-syncing "Last Dance" for The Midnight Special promoting Thank God It's Friday. The Village People and Paul Jabara also performed

Tj |

Hey thx George..lol I just hate idiots that have no since of live and let be..you didn't like the club..fine...shut the hell up and let others talk about how they did..lol
By the way, if anyone remember GiGi (Gabriella) from the front door...She died on Jan 3rd...man she was so cool.
Go to the facebook page of Osko's. I put a pic up pf her there. Tall Beautiful Blonde on the front door.
Join th eOsko's page on Facebook...I'll see you there.

klove |

First club I went to when I visited LA. I was in the Navy, stationed in Los Alamitos. I took a bus, then hoped a cab. I went to a club which happened to be closed. A couple said they were going to Osko's & offered me a ride.
I heard it's been torn down. Oh, the memories . . .


haha nice Tj

TJ |


John Paul |

I didnt like this club at all. Cheap old crap happened there all the time. Ignornace is all i can think of right now

TJ |

Yes, i remember this place..anyone remember the dance troop there. No it wasn't Chippendale's like someone said. It was Hollywood Hunks.
I know because I dance with them a few times with; Diamond, Vincenzo (Prince), Myself-Pretty Boy TJ(Crackerjack Kid-Sailor), E.T. (English Tom- White guy in Space Outfit), Oh yea, lets not forget Bruce(Conan). That did dance at Chips once and awhile. Lots of memories, and lots of beautiful women..oohh, yyeeaaa, I remember Osko's, and the secret hallways where lots of things happen..lol Back Door Exit steps..lol

Derek |

I preferred Odyssey down the street. Oskos was a beautiful building. What a shame they tore down that Mid Century Masterpiece and put up a god awful ugly building in it's place. I first went to Odyssey in June 1979 and the glamor & glitz was in full swing. There will never be another time like that. Disco was also happy feel good music not the depressing crap they churn out today.

Susan |

Fondly remember Osko's and the man. Dated him for a while. Before your time George. Still remember him as a gentleman. They had the "chipndales" guys for a while. Took my mom after her divorce. Oh what fun the 80's were.

Tony Triche |

The holy grail of the disco clubs in Los Angeles. I remember going to Osko's on my 21st Birthday in 1979. Went with my sister and two friends, the place was LOADED with celebrities. I remember Osko's as a bit of a labyrinth, and what a light show.

My met my girlfriend of three years there that night, and sister met a guy who it turned out was not actually interested in her, LOL...he was going out with her because he was interested in ME!


Those crazy 70's and 80's. How I miss those years so.

Gilbert |

I think this club was also used in the film "Star `80" about the Barbara Straton murder because,odd as it seems,I recognized the mirror ball in one sequence where the Eric Roberts chracter was a male stripper...The mirrorball in that club had two mirrored rings attached to it..something I`ve never seen before or since

Mark Kascle |

I used to work at Oskos back in 1982-83, as one of the waiters, and ran some of the specialty events. It was a great way to make good money with minimal time investment, allowed me to pursue other venues,and I got a few bit parts in TV and Film that was shot at Osko's. It was a wild place to work, and definitely a lot of fun, at least for a while. I learned how it felt to be treated as a sex object. It was fun for a little while, but it quickly grew into a creepy feeling. I became aware of how women felt when guys treated them like a piece of meat. It is really amazing how much impact a job can have on you.

Frederic Salgado |

Leesa.. you forgoet to mention.. The Hollywood Palladium and Mr Js in Hollywood it was on Sunset blvd by Western.. The Home Depot store occupies the former clubs location. The original Mr Js was in El Monte I believe.. I remeber Dillions in Westwood becuase I worked for Mann Theaterss at the time and the club sat on the bottom half of the Mann Four Plex. When the theater closed I had an opportunity to sneak into the abandoned club interior and it was big area. kinda spook waling into the club alone and at night but walked through the whole place. I can only imagine the size and crowd of the club all packed down there..

Leesa |

Oh... I remember this club fondly! I used to go there a lot in High School and it was a great club! Always a ton of people we knew there... A great "hang out" for teens... Esp. back in the day! Along with Dillions in Westwood, 321 in Santa Monica, and Florentine Gardens in Hollywood!

mulhollanddr |

I remember the building where Osko's was; on La Cienega where it intersected with Burton Way, just south of what is now Beverly Center. Loehmann's sits on the the property now.

vyniljunkie |

I remember this club, but not cause I was ever there, but from the movie. A great looking club, did they really discover DONNA SUMMER?? Joke!!

George Karaghossian |

Yea, my dad was Osko the owner of the clubs. It was an awsome place well the one in palm springs I mean, I had never gone to the one in longbeach beacause i wasnt born yet, but i have been to the one that was in Palm springs. It was a realy cool club. I bet the one in long beach was just as Cool. But i bet it didnt have a volcano like the other!

Jimmy Martinez |

I do remmender Oskos indeed the Club were TGIF movie was filmed my friend Mario was a DJ there before that Mario had a gig in a Club called My Place in Encino..I lost contact with Mario when I moved back to Miami and started as DJ at The Top Draw on the 79 street Causeway any one know what became of Mario?


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