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Club 747 (Buffalo)

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4243 Genesee Street., Buffalo, New York


Jim Cosentino
Eugene Vitagliano

DJ "Doctor John" Bisci
"Capt. Disco" Charlie Anzalone

The Club 747 of Buffalo had the look of the interior of a Boeing 747 airplane and was in the Executive Resort Hotel along with the Playboy Club.

Photo below by Club 747 DJ, John Bisci
Description: The Executive Club 747 of Buffalo, New York, approx. 1977. Interior of club with its stainless steel dance floor. Dancers are John Batchelor and partner Trish. Photographer unknown. Lastly, a Club 747 bumper sticker from around 1979.
747 Club of Buffalo

747 Club of Buffalo

747 Club of Buffalo

747 Club of Buffalo

747 Club of Buffalo

747 Club of Buffalo

Photo below submitted by Diane
Description: Another photo of John and Diane dancing a Cha Cha in a fashion show for Man Two and Pantastik at the Club 747 in Buffalo.

Photo below submitted by Ann Bednarek
Description: Whoa is that really ME? Bunny Ann (Soooooooo long ago). Buffalo Playboy Club and 747 Club.
747 Club of Buffalo

Photo below submitted by Judy D. Bosch
Wow! Bunny Ann, you gave me the guts to post... so here it goes! What a hoot, uh? Buffalo PlayBoy Club 1982 (?)

The following news clipping from July 8, 1978 and later submitted by DJ "Dr. John" Bisci
747 Club of Buffalo
747 Club of Buffalo
747 Club of Buffalo
747 Club of Buffalo

Photos below by Club 747 DJ, John Bisci.
Photo #1. Here's what the hotel that housed The Club 747 looked like just before it was torn down in the mid-2000s.
Photo #2. 1978 or 1979 ad for The Club 747.
Photo #3. One more photo of the Club 747, circa 1978, after it was remodeled.
Photo #4. May 1979 Buffalo Evening News ad.

Photo below from Dawn.
Description: Me and my friend Judy going to Club 747 for a Halloween dance in the 1980s. Such fun.

Check out the hustle dancers inside 747 Club from 1978 archived video footage from Marty Angelo's television show Disco Step by Step (tm)

Photo below from "Dr. John" Bisci.
Description: Buffalo and the Club 747 made the pages of Penthouse Magazine in December, 1979, in a lengthy article entitled, "Disco Odyssey." In a nutshell, the editor found an a-hole who did not care for dance music -- or dressing up to go out -- and sent him across the USA to make fun of dance clubs.
Club 747 (Buffalo)

Photos below from Ann M. Bednarek (Dubravac).
Description: Yes, you are looking at a "Playboy Bunny" Me, when I was a Buffalo Playboy Bunny in the early 1980s.
Ann M. Bednarek
Ann M. Bednarek
Ann M. Bednarek

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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DJ "Dr. John" Bisci |

Nothing against Bunnies, but the Playboy Club was in the opposite side of the hotel and was its own nightclub. Maybe it needs its own page. Ex-Bunnies, get the moderator to start a page just for you -- Buffalo Playboy Club.

Kimberly |

I was a bunny girl mainly welcoming clients at the playboy club in buffalo - I was very young blond, greeting at the door... Any other bunnies back then reading this post, contact me!

Michael A Frisicaro |

Wow, this brings back vivid memories of the Playboy club. I worked in the VIP dining room with AnnLouise, Bubbles and Judy. I cooked tableside in my black velvet tuxedo with ruffles, great memories.Frisicaro

Joanne Brewer-Strell |

Hello all!! I worked at the 747 for a few years under Alky , Mike, Dan, and so many others! I also helped open the Club 747 Rochester Club! I have so many fond memories of the customers and fellow employees I worked with. It was like going out every night when you went to work, not sure if I remember some of the names from the posts above. Many will remember Charlie tending bar at the point!! i was the waitress featured on the 747 commercial that was shot in the 747. I also did schedules and time cards and spent many a late(early) morning in the "Planes and Aces" Anyone remember the flaming drinks in the 747 glass that you got to keep?? We used to top it with 151 rum light it and away we'd go, one waitress actually started her napkins on her tray on fire What a trip. There was a no camera policy at both 747, and yes it was about copyrights. I was at Harry Stewarts fundraiser and ran into so many old faces, it was a walk down memory lane. After a bit, I was taught to tend bar and worked the Club 747 bar , was there for many of the taping of the "step by step' show. Even Rick James tried to pick me up LOL, what a riot. Of course the "stars" came there. Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdink, , James Cann, etc. Jimmy always loved showing them the Club 747. About the pictures, once their was a photographer in the hall and we all went out and had pics taken, if I ever find mine again ( just moved) I will post it I was then put over in the Executive Lounge, as we called it, there I got to work with Della, Tony O., met the kitchen staff who were wonderful. Then it was the "Zigfeld Nightclub" lots of half naked ( more than the help that is LOL) pretty woman dancing with feathers and g strings!! was a lot of fun. Was there too as it then turned to "Playboy" with all the pretty Bunnies running around. boy those shoes they made them wear were murder on their feet, and of course they had to learn the proper way to serve a cocktail, was the famous Bunnie Dip!!!

Ginny Petrillo |

Fancy Dance Tricks! This is the place I learned those fancy dance tricks and proud of it. I used to go here every Saturday Afternoons listening to Roger Christian and Shane's Disco Music here, I learned those fancy dance tricks from Shane. Loved those Play Boy Bunnies too! had to get into those seats, buckled up and ready for take-off, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Club 747 Shane said. Then when ready, got up and did the dancing, learned those dancing tricks and it was amazing!!! Loved it! I remember others like John Bisci and some other DJS who played there too. This is where I became the Dancing Queen, I still am!

Gary C. |

Wow this site brought back some great memories! I played with Emerald City in the 70's when we when we were regulars at the night club. I remember working the same venue with so many great performers like Sony Turner and the Platters, Herman's Hermits, Mickey Dolenz and Davey Jones, Dion, Danny & the Juniors, etc. Great memories, Thanks for the site.

Karen Yantz Miconi |

Hey 747 friends!! Does anyone remember the 747's (Disco Danny) -Rocco Scanzuso?? and if so what happened to him?

"Dr. John" Bisci |

I think my line about Jim and Eugene ("...owner, Jim Cosentino, and his right-hand man, Eugene Vitagliano...") was misconstrued. Jim Cosentino and his brother Pat owned the Execustive Hotel and The Club 747. Eugene and Bill Dellamore were "right-hand men" (underlings).

vince sciandra |

I managed the 747 in the late 70's and was wondering if anyone had any pictures of the staff. Also anyone know what happened to Tommy Gaglione, Jimmy's brother in law, or gene Vitagliano? Great days those 70's

"Dr. John" Bisci |

"Dancing to the Legends of Disco"

A fundraiser for Hospice of Niagara (4675 Sunset Dr., Lockport, NY 14094 -- providing medical and comfort care to patients and their families).

Dance to the original, legendary DJs of the '70s disco era in Buffalo (so far):
"Dr. John" Bisci
Tony Spencer
Charlie Cimino
Paul Foxe
Tim Nowka
Roger Christian.

Friday, May 9, 2014
7 p.m.-1 a.m.

The Forum (Maple Ridge Plaza, 4224 Maple Rd, Amherst, NY 14226 -- corner of Maple and Sweet Home Rd.)

Tickets: $10 in advance (supposed to be available at all W.N.Y. Wegman's soon). $12 at the door.

DJ Dan DeGoski is organizing this -- that's where I obtained the info.

DJ "Dr. John" Bisci |

Can we get this page re-named to the club's proper name? As you can see in every ad posted here, it was The Club 747, not "747 Club of Buffalo" -- no one ever called it that and that may be making it more difficult for people to locate it here.

DJ "Dr. John" Bisci |

...and...for those of you wondering if there are more photos from this club, please keep in mind its owner, Jim Cosentino, and his right-hand man, Eugene Vitagliano, did not allow cameras in the club. Not even for taking birthday party photos. I guess they were afraid someone would copy their idea. (I am sure part of the reason also was for the privacy of the customers.) Many of the pics you see here are publicity stills from the TV show. The owners should have taken a cue from Studio 54, which used professional photographers to release celebrity photos to promote the club.

DJ "Dr. John" Bisci |

Let's not forget DJ Tony Spencer -- I did not see his name mentioned here, although I had to scroll quickly through all of the Bunny/Playboy Club stuff. The Playboy Club was a separate club in the same building (other side of the hotel). It deserves its own page -- and -- nothing against Bunnies -- this is THE CLUB 747 PAGE.

DJ "Dr. John" Bisci |

Shane Brother Shane, obviously neither Charlie nor I created this page for this club -- because if we DID, it would not say "Owner: Unknown!" LOL We all know who we worked for.... For those of you who are not familiar with the club, Shane was one of the original DJs and also was very well known because of his extensive radio work in the Buffalo area. That's what happens when someone's head is in the right place but they rush to be the first to create a page for a club here without knowing the real ins and outs of the bar.

"Big Brother Shane" |

I receive your notifications. Good. Have even chimed in at times when asked. Okay. Having been there at the very start when Club 747 was a patch of sand,dirt and pipes and having designed the entire sound system and flight deck, opened the club up and yada, yada, yada, even to being served a subpoena in the hallway, it hurts to not even see my name listed as one of the contributing Jocks in the Clubs glorious history. Both John Bisci and Charlie Anzelone know that I love them dearly. They and some of the Stewardesses, Bartenders and staff are still friends of mine on Facebook and off. If the contributions made to the building, opening and hard work are not enough to even be listed as part of the staff and public acceptance of Club 747 feel free to exclude me from a wonderful group of people and cease sending me notifications when contributions are made to the ongoing and prideful memories so many of us share. Not angry. Understand me. Just hurt. Thank you............. s

Jenna adam |

Great memories D.J. Watt, Choo Choo, Fred Farmer, and Marc MC' Dreamy Twichell who could sing me into a Sexually Submissive trance lol. Wow 37 years ago.

Ann Morgan |

I was hostess at the Charter House (also owned by Jimmy C) on the weekends - '78-'79 would end my shift and get shuttled to the 747 to pick up a couple extra hours - We would end ourshift - go out for breakfast and party till time to work again --worked with Tommy Gaggs (Gaglioni). I think he was related to Jimmy C.

Ruthie Yager |

To all you Bunnies....Yes it is so long ago....Gail & I, and Beautiful Janet....

Bob Hinckley |

Where is Dennis d***??

rononx |

I was a bartender here back when Dennis d*** was the manager...worked with Mike H, Janet Planet..and so many other great people that I have lost touch with over the years

Mike Dailor |

To Dr. David F. Stacco, "trying to find tapes from 70's disco tv show taped in Rochester, ny at a club in Brockport, NY - any ideas?"

That was Club 2 on 2 in Brockport; I was working there at the time (summer of 1979) and then DJ'd at the Rochester and Buffalo 747's and the Playboy Club 1979 thru 1981. Good times! Bill Levy hosted the show and I will bet you he's got a stash of them on tape. He currently owns TiLT Nightclub in Rochester NY, you can reach him through their Facebook page -> https://www.facebook.com/Tiltnightclub


Mike Dailor - MikeDailor.com

Cheryl Lorenzo |

Do any of the photo's that were snapped at "Friday's and Saturday's" still exist ? They used to take photo's of everyone there and project them on the wall as we danced. Would love to see them again. We had so much fun.

Karen Miconi |

Yes Bob, I still live in Batavia. I have 3 girls 31, 21, and Angelina is 13. I married Mike Miconi, and all is good. I still serve. I work at Terry Hills Golf Course and Banquet Facility. Jim Kelley has his benefit every summer. You should come out some time and see me. Maybe you and the wife and hubby and I could play a round of golf and have a few tottys..(: Look me up on Facebook under Karen Yantz Miconi. God Bless!!

Bob the Bartender/manager |

I haven't seen Michelle in a while. I see her husband Joe now and then. She has two grown boys. And do you remember Cory? She's my wife. We have two grown boys. One's married and I have a granddaughter. Good to hear from you. I live in Tonawanda. You still in Batavia?

Karen Yantz Miconi |

Yes Bob , its me !! I need to make a correction. Steve Vascoy was our manager at the 747, not the DJ.. I dont remember the DJ's name.. any help?? Bob I'm so happy to see you are still around !!!! How about Pepper??

Bob the Bartender/manager |

Karen Yantz is that you?

Karen Miconi |

worked as a cocktail waitress in the late 1980's. Bob, and Pepper were the bartenders. Steve was the DJ. This country girl from Batavia saw a whole new nightlife. I remember JimC, Ateek Ramon, Mr. d***, and the wonderful dinerin house, and their amazing seafood chowder!! I met Joan Rivers, Dex Dexter from Dynasty, Hulk Hogan, George the Animal Steele, Jimmy Hart and the Hart Foundation, Rick James, and Im sure at one point OJ Simpson must have visited.. Thank You Jim Constantino, for the oportunity to work in such a famous establishment.. I also still have the silver 747 jacket!!

Karen Miconi |

Love It!! Its Been Too Long

Ginny Petrillo |

I'm proud to say thatI learned to dance here at The Club 747. The Two Buffalo DJs who taught me to dance were Shane (WGR) and Roger Christain (ROCK 102, now Star 102.5). I remember Shane's most favorite disco hit is You Should Be Dancing and Roger's most favorite disco hit is Play That Funky Music. Shane was teaching me the disco dance called The Hustle, but it was too difficult. But I love the song. I only remember the disco hit Roger likes. Speaking of that dancing, I learned to dance there. Years later, from a Camp Crabapple counselor, Bridget Lynch, I recieved my special dance award I'm so proud of...my Merit Award for "Excellence In Dancing"!!! I remember I lead dancers when the song "Dancing Queen" by ABBA came out in 1977, and was called "Dancing Queen" by the dancers!!! I loved it so much and truly miss it. I loved The Playboy Bunnies who waited on people there. As a Tribute, Honor, and Salute to The Club 747, Shane, Roger, and the dancers this year I dressed up as "The Playboy Bunny" at The Statewide Self Advocacy Conference at The Albany Marriott Hotel, Albany, NY held on Oct. 25 to 27, at the Halloween Dance there held on Oct. 26. I helped DJ Manny Jones playing the music and danced too. I did a good job with him and everyone loved it, all had a great time and loved the music!!!

Paula Hunt |

This is awesome. It really brings back great memories. I was a bartender at the Playboy Club in Buffalo, NY. My name is Paula and they called me Pauli. Thanks again for the memories!:)

Bob the bartender/Manager |

I am reading all these awesome posts and thinking back to what great times we had. Jay, Mole man, Chris Williams, Lou Roberto, Cory the waitress. I married her. Have 2 grown boys and I'm a grandfather. Wow what great times. I remember most of them. Some are still a little foggy. We would get into fights with the canadians, the wrestlers. Anyone remember Greg "the Hammer" Valentine and our hotel security guy getting into a fight. Good times. I hope I here from others.

AnnLouise |

Jimmy Cosentino is in florida also his wife is jackie and she is alive and well. Pat Cosentinos wife Karen passes a few years back. She was a wonderful lady.

Tony |

Anyone have any info on Jimmy Cosentino and /or Anna his wife? I thought I heard she may have past away.

LInda |

I remember all this! It was delightful to see Marianne McCallum post about this. Have lost touch with her and seeing her name on here made me smile. MEMORIES! Hopefully she sees this and leaves a post. Look me up on Facebook Marianne!

Ginny Petrillo |

I definitely remember the tickets to get in were boarding tickets to get in! they were so neat too, were boarding passes to get in, pink ans even many of the girls like me too were dressed in pink! I love the Bunnies-the girl attendants were The Bunnies, very pretty and sexy too! I really miss that fun you know! Shane was not only the craetor with his friend, but one of the Buffalo DJS along with Roger Chriatain who brought disco here in Buffalo, NY until it stopped! Boy we learned to dance, got to fly, and had a great time!!!

Ginny Petrillo |

Shane Gibson wrote that we should have a Reunion of The Club 747 people-playboy Bunnies, Dancers, The DJS too like him and Roger Christain, and many others! I would attend it if there ever was one!!! Proudly I was one of those dancers there, and i loved learning to dance there!!! I surely miss it, but proudly I dance like i have learned it! I have to say i agree with Shane on that. It would be great if we have a Club 747 Reunion someday! well, may the memories of this continue!!!

Ginny Petrillo |

Hey, I remember The Club 747!!! I went there disco dancing every Saturday afternoons there many times. The DJS there were: Roger Christian, ROCK 102, and Shane, WGR "GR 55". Many people have asked me where i learned dancing because they like how good i dance, i dance so good. I described that I learned this dancing from this place!!! It makes me proud, a proud dancer and i love the great dancing so much I learned. I remember a most favorite Roger loved-Play That Funky Music, and Shane loved this one most You Should Be Dancing!!! The two DJS were there at the same time! I had such great fun learning the dancing! But the great highlight was when the 1977 song Dancing Queen by ABBA came out...it was the time I knew my dancing well, i lead the dancers dancing to this one, they called me "The Dancing Queen"!!! I'm so proud of that, and still remember this!!! It was great dancing to two of my most favorite DJS, and I loved it!!! I loved the seats I sat in, Shane described to get it the seats, they were ready to take off, it's a plane!!! it was loud, but cool, I thought I was going up in the sky for real and dancing up there!!! it was soo cool!!! I wanted to share those great memories!!! Thanks, Shane and Roger!

DJ "Dr. John" Bisci |

It's really wild to hang out at The Get Back (every first Friday) at Beauty Bar in Las Vegas and look up on the wall and see clips from "Disco: Step-By-Step" from The Club 747 projected on the wall by the VJ while the DJs are spinning vinyl from the early '70s...

Shane Gibson |

Don't mind me. I just built the thing with Jimmy and Pat and beloved Pat Senior and got if off the ground. Would there be a reunion and invitation offered, I'm in. Hilariously, the very first Wet Tee Shirt contest winner just found me on this silly-a** "Book" and shared memories of those wild, wild times. To be thought of, still, as a close friend of her and he best friend is .............very special. John, you know how to contact me. Best to all and, even more, love............. s

DJ "Dr. John" Bisci |

Let's not forget one of the original Club 747 DJs was WKBW/WYSL/WGR (all AM stations in Buffalo) "Shane Brother Shane" Gibson. I believe he designed the original mixer board too. Shane (you can find him on Facebook as Shane Gibson) currently is in the process of restoring the WYSL Mysl ('66 Chevy 427). He posts lots of Club 747 memories on his FB page.

DT |

My fond memory of the buffalo playboy club was a Talas concert in 1983. The band members almost killed themselves falling out of a dangling teacup that came out of the ceiling. I think the teacup was designed to support the weight of bunnies, not rock and roll musicians.

sharon (sherry) Flanders formally |

I was a playboy bunny at the Executive and 747 disco lounge club...used to wear the airline red uniforms...my dad thought it was a shirt not the whole outfit lol...who remembers and had a video they can send me from the show Peaches and Herb reunited step by step at 747 club!! really need it will pay good money for video of 1978 or 09 video's I was in a lot of the video scene with my silver disco shoes...lol please contact me at Sherry Lovett RI

AnnLouise |

omg judy , the reunion is happening! everyone is invited! the people that worked at the 747 and also the people that danced on the step by step program are invited. I worked at the 747 at the door. I was called the co-captain. I do remember the dance show ! It was a fun time

DJ "Dr. John" Bisci |

Judy Ferrentino Miller: Good to hear from you! Hope this finds you happy and well. Yeah, we need a REAL disco reunion of our own. Keep in touch: johnbisci@yahoo.com (Don't know how this got hijacked into a Playboy Club reunion page...)

Joeallen |

Ann, wow ! After seeing that picture I know absolutely remember you and more importantly .... Became very nostalgic! Memories of times and very dear friends came rushing back! A time when your family was your friends... Real friends ! Yeah ... This reunion has too happen
... We all need to connect ... This was a time that we all were a " Band of Brothers and Sisters" despite what those on the outside thought ! I look forward to all the success stories ....

AnnLouise |

Bunny Ann, look how pretty you look. Do you live in Buffalo? would you be interested on being on the committee? AnnLouise

AnnLouise |

Bunny Ann, look how pretty you look. AnnLouise

Ann Bednarek |

Let's all "HOP" to it......sounds like fun. "BUNNY ANN" Whooo Hooo!

Joeallen |

Fuzzy Tale is what I meant and tales is what it's all about!

Joeallen |

Hey! Greetings old Fizzy Tale friends - heal "tale" is what I meant! Anne Louise are on email finally and will start the planning. I am building a group Facebook page and a Web Page to disseminate info more easily! Stay tuned for info shortly! BTW - can't wait for this to happen - what a hoot this will be! JA

AnnLouise |

Hi, I think we need to set up a comittee, I have alot of the addresses of most of the bunnies from our last reunion, but again that was 10 years ago. anyone interested in being on the committee? bunny AnnLouise

Ann Bednarek |

Wow, I haven't been on this site in awhile......I agree with the idea of a Bunny and 747 Club reunion. That includes anyone that worked in either club, cooks, busboys, etc. We need someone who can get in touch with alot of these people. What a riot!!!!! Does anyone have any photos of those days? I have quite a few. Let's upload them onto this site so we can all share. "Bunny Ann" (more like an "Ole Hare"now LOL!!!!

Bunny Judy |

Hi All.....it is Bunny Judy again and I am really interested in having another "Bunny ReUnion" (I missed the last one). Bunny Ann Louise, Joe Allen......you seem to be the focal persons in which to make this happen. I thought that we could not leave personnel e-mail addresses, however here goes.......my email address is jjjbosch@comcast.net
Please contact me and catch me up!!! Looking forward to hearing from you guys and any other fellow Bunnies and our co-conspirators. (That's you Joe!)

Denise Amaya |

I was on this show while in college in Buffalo with my then boyfriend(we are still friends). Unsure of the year, but it was between1977 to 1979. I am interested in getting some tapes to see if we are on them. I recall being on with Donna Summer on one of the tapes. We would love to show them to our kids.

Judy Ferrentino Miller |

Dr. John, John Anzalone, Marty Angelo ah....the memories! I danced on the Step By Step show and I use to teach dance lessons at the 747 on Tues., Wed., and Thurs. evenings. We got paid by an "all you can drink" agreement. I didn't drink! I use to dance with a tall Puertorician guy named John. Bob and Lorraine were also another dance couple that taught. Clubs will never be the same. We all still have the moves like Jagger but no venue to let er rip.

AnnLouise |

Hi Joe Allen, Diane and I have both tried to email you but our email keeps getting sent back alciminelli@lpciminelli.com

Diane |

Hey, that is me, Diane, dancing with my partner John. We were models for Man Two and Pantastik which held these weekly dance fashion shows at the Club 747. The other dancers did disco, but we would do cha chas, and sambas, and swings because John and I were also Ballroom Dance teachers for the local Fred Astaire studio in amherst.

JoeAllen |

Ann Louise,

Too funny! I guess my attempt for a unique address has backfired! My email address is : emailjoeallen@yahoo.com The word "email" starts and is part of the address! LMAO! JA

AnnLouise |

Hey Joe Allen, do I have your correct email address? I tried to email you but joeallen @ yahoo.com didn't go through. . let me know ann louise

Judy |

I use to dance on this show. Great memories!!!!!!

John Bisci |

Worked as a DJ on Friday nights at the Club 747 during the summer of '77, then went back there full-time in 1979-1980, including the live disco radio show from the club on WYSL-AM 1400 Buffalo. -- "Dr. John"

AnnLouise |

Hi Joe, off to nyc this morning, but i am in contact with alot of the girls especially diane and julie we go out alot. It's great to here from you! I will email you when I get back. AnnLouise . I see a reunion in the future. We often talk about going to the playboy club in Vegas. sounds like fun to me!

Joe Allen |

I'm right here Ann Louise! Finally we hook up! I live in Miami ! Been in Florida for 27 years! Send me an email to " emailjoeallen@yahoo.com" . We can trade info there! :-)

AnnLouise |

Hey Joe Allen, Where are you? Louie Laser

joe puglia |

OMG was wondering also about getting video's from this show. I was on it also in late 79. Was with a group of 25 or so people at "The Three Coins" niteclub on Niagara Falls Blvd doing my robot, splits, and line dances when a woman from Tele-Tran productions came up to me and 3 other people in our group and gave us a card with all the info to be on the show. Still have the invitation in an album. Waited weeks to be able to see it on a saturday afternoon hopeing I wasn't working the frozen food section at Tops Markets on Kenmore Ave in Buffalo. To bad the only way to record the show back then was with a Sony Betamax. Would love to find a copy of that tapeing to show the kids!

Joe Allen |

Bunny Ann,

Great to hear back from you! Let's get something going! If you can call Anne Louise, that would be great! I will also track her down through Mark Gioele. Would love to see everyone again and celebrate everyone's success! Let me know! I have contact info on LinkedIn and Facebook!

Ann Bednarek (Dubravac) |

Hi Joe Allen, I saw your post on this site and am shocked to hear about Harry Stewart. I just saw him do a concert at the Italian Festival about 2-3 yrs. ago. And also a few times when he was working UPS. I am so sorry to hear this. Your name sounds so familiar. I do know you but cannot picture you. (I am so bad with names and faces) Most of the people you mentioned I do know. I used to hang out with Judy Koo, and Cindy Kline. Those were the good ole days. We did have a reunion a few years ago and it was awesome. Quite a few people showed up. I think we should definitely get another reunion going. I can call Anne Louise because she knows how to get on touch with alot of people. I have alot of photos of some fun promos and parties we all went to. We could request that everyone bring anything that has to do with the club. Souveniers, etc. Sounds good. Where and when do we start?! "Bunny Ann"

Joe Allen |

OMG, stumbled on to this site and recognize many who posted! I worked at both the Playboy Club with Donnie, JoAnn, Larry and Alkie up in the Playmate Lounge. Learned some "real money making tricks" from him. My roomate was Butch, the Doorman who worked with Bunny Lynnie. Later was moved to the Club 747 after it reopened with Barry Bronzino! Worked there with Zoe Ann, Janet "Planet", and others! What a time working there! I remember the parties, bar hopping and the roadtrips to Sunset Bay. I fondly remember Diane Bilowus (Bunnie Billie), Anne Louise (Bunny Louie), Bunny Julie (Evers), Bunny Judy, Bunny Anne, Bunny Connie, Bunny Vicki, Bunny "The Mouse", and I could go on and on! I left, went to Penn State and became an engineer. Served in the Air Force for 10 years, worked for the Walt Disney Company, Siemens, and currently Avaya as a Sales Engineer. I have two Sons in their early 20's and currently live in Florida! Sadly heard about the recent passing of Harry Stewart of Junction West, and about a month later, his brother died. Oddly got the news from a phone call from Marky Gieole. From that call, lots of Facebook contacts. Amazing! Went to Buffalo a few months ago and got to reconnect with many at Templetons on the waterfront! If you're interested in a reunion...let me know ... I get the ball rolling!

Joe |

OMG, stumbled on to this site and recognize many who posted! I worked at both the Playboy Club with Donnie, JoAnn, Larry and Alkie up in the Playmate Lounge. Learned some "real money making tricks" from him. My roomate was Butch, the Doorman who worked with Bunny Lynnie. Later was moved to the Club 747 after it reopened with Barry Bronzino! Worked there with Zoe Ann, Janet "Planet", and others! What a time working there! I remember the parties, bar hopping and the roadtrips to Sunset Bay. I fondly remember Diane Bilowus (Bunnie Billie), Anne Louise (Bunny Louie), Bunny Julie (Evers), Bunny Judy, Bunny Anne, Bunny Connie, Bunny Vicki, Bunny "The Mouse", and I could go on and on! I left, went to Penn State and became an engineer. Served in the Air Force for 10 years, worked for the Walt Disney Company, Siemens, and currently Avaya as a Sales Engineer. I have two Sons in their early 20's and currently live in Florida! Sadly heard about the recent passing of Harry Stewart of Junction West, and about a month later, his brother died. Oddly got the news from a phone call from Marky Gieole. From that call, lots of Facebook contacts. Amazing! Went to Buffalo a few months ago and got to reconnect with many at Templetons on the waterfront! If you're interested in a reunion...let me know ... I get the ball rolling!

Bunny Judy |

Hi Bunny Ann! I am so sorry for the late reply, but I couldn't remember how to get back onto the site. I would love for all of us to get together again, but just simply do not know how since from what I have read, you cannot post email addresses or phone numbers. How do I get in touch with you? Wish I could have been a part of the Bunny Renunion!

capt disco |

patti, the club on youngs road was called the ZODIAC, THEN BECAME FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS DISCO CAFE IN 1971, THE OWNER OF THE ZODIAC RONNY ADAMY OPENED HE AND SHES after he closed the zodiac, after fridays it was called septembers, then sinbads, now just an old building

capt disco |

disco step by step the marty angelo disco tv show is on youtube

capt disco |

wow ,super shannon, me and dr john were thining about you the other day, glad to see you in the site, you were one of the first ones to have a disco radio show in southern ontario and western ny, ive been in las vegas since 1996 and still dj from time to time, he club 747 was too much fun back in the day

Pattie |

On Youngs Road in Cheektowaga NY there was a great dance and bar place called He's and She's. Does anyone know the other names that this location went by other than He's and She's. I am trying to remember but just can't. Thanks.

Tricia Greenwood |

I worked at the EXECUTIVE club in tux - tails - pumps - Junction West was one of the hottest bands on the revolving stage and I worked on the dinner side serving excellent fare...where the Monkees played one weekend - remember, later I did the bump with Davie Jones in the 747 club- that place was sooooooo cool... I am a musician and my music is on itunes.... now.... http://www.tricia-greenwood.com

super shannon |

besides being a discjocky on wkbw I also was the disco dj at 747 in the mid to late 70s this was by far the hottest disco anywhere.

norma karcher dabney |

hi i was bunny norma it was really a great time in my life .but iam very happy with the life ihave now ,i have two great kids my husband for 26 years . my daughter is a model my son is afederal agent it would be agreat idea for a reunion

Dr. David F. Stacco |

trying to find tapes from 70's disco tv show taped in Rochester, ny at a club in Brockport, NY - any ideas?

Patricia Murphy |

Hey every one! I recently gave my boyfriend one of my cufflinks and he was like a little boy in a candy store, punn intended.

My boyfirend said he found this site and I thought I would be morified, yet here I am and I can't keep from smiling.

Yes there are memories of the best of times and the worst of times...

My fiance' is a world traveler, a puplished author, actor,retired AP reporter eccentric millionaire and so much more if that is even possible...

Lets put it this way some collect Bunny memorbilia and he thinks he won the jack pot because he has me...that works for me, as I am totally head over heels in love with him, and in his eyes I am invaluable...looking at it from his perspective, how many men can say they have their own bunny?

He has often descibed me as an international woman...though I have never traveled out of the US I probably come accross that way because the world came to us (meaning the bunnies.

How many other woman can say they hung out with the Buffalo Bills, or Sabres,dated a Phyilidelphia Eagle, knew Rick James,Goldie Hawn, Bennadette Peters,Bert Reynolds and not to mention the Buffalo famous Schinta brothers.

So now when I meet prospersous or famous person it barely phases me. However, I do not know if I will be able to contain myself when my sweetie introduces me to George Clooney who he was in a movie with...

I worked at the club from 1981-1982 under the name of Bunny Candy....I was nic named that by the girls because I had low blood sugar and always kept candy near by. I am told another Bunny used my name after I left.

Since then, I went to college to become a nurse, and worked on critical care units, and often often wondered what effect that would have had on my patients if they knew....lol

I playfully refer to myself as a born again bunny.....As I always put God first in my life.

I am also a mother of 10 children 3 biological and 7 adopted...yes, this would probably be a good place for a bunny joke, but I will leave that one to your imagination. So what would a man of my finacees calibur want with a woman with 10 children?

LOL he too has 10 adopted children from Monglia....he gets me....

JT |

I was the writer/producer of "Invitation to Dance" in the late 70s. The original show was produced by WIVB as a local show. Mr Arnold Niess took over and hired me. We would shoot musical guests and interviews in NYC then edit them into the show footage that we shot in Buffalo. He syndicated the program worldwide and inserted commercials for his cosmetic company E.T. Browne that made Palmers Cocoa Butter. I do not have any videotapes. The host was Curt May. We shot 2 shows every 2 weeks on Saturday mornings. We would scout other clubs in Western NY and Toronto to recruit dancers to be on the show.
I was involved in producing 14 shows but I think they shot 26.

Evers2010 |

My friends and I used to go to 747 all the time - we had a great time - I have some friends who were on the show Invitation to Dance - I'd like to get a copy of the tape - can anyone help me? thanks

Seggy |

I was on this show in late 1978 and early 1979. Where can I get tapes. I was on at least 8-12 weeks. We would do several tapings and had to change for each show.

"Bunny Ann" |

Hello Judy!
I saw your post on the Buffalo Playboy Club site and it is great to be able to write back to someone that was a Bunny the same time as me. I am not sure if you remember me. I was the oldest Bunny (age) there. I had blonde hair and hung around with Judy Koo,and Cindy Kline. Oh those were the days. Yes, I remember "The Scinta's" and "Junction West" And all the fun promos we did. What was your Bunny name? Did you go to the reunion a few years ago? I was there. I just talked to Ann Louise "Bunny Louie" about having another one and she thinks it is a great idea. We will have to track down alot of Bunnies. I remember Bunny Billie was at the reunion. It would really be great if we could all get each others e-mail addresses and send each other pics of the Club and each other. I know I have quite a few and also souveniers from the club. Please e-mail me back. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Ann

Lori |

We were there every Wednesday nights for drink and drown. Where else could you drink your weight for $2.50? Good Lord I am ashamed to say I don't know how we got home some nights. Friday and Saturday nights were a must, as well.
New Years Eve was always crazy! Met many great friends there and I wish we had kept in touch!

diane barry |

Was wondering if there was any video of the Saturday morning dance show Step by Step. My friends used to dance on that show, and of course, we were all there every Fri. & Sat. nite.

Judy D. Bosch |

Wow! I have only begun starting to use google and thought looking up the PlayBoy Club in Buffalo would be fun. I was quite surprised to see the activity on this site. I was a PlayBoy Bunny at this club from approximately 1978 till 1981 (dates are alittle fuzzy). I probably experienced some of my best times and some of my worst times while working there. I worked there while the Scinta Brothers were the opening act for a couple of years. I can still hear them playing their opening act of "Celebrate Good Times... Come On!" I made some wonderful friends their including Bunnies "Billie", "Chrissie", and "Janet". We all very hussled very hard to make our money and trust me it was not without alot of work and ignorant customers on occassion that we had to put up with. But over all, the majority of our patrons were extremely respectful. The 3 of us made alot of money because we worked extremely hard providing great customer service and never once thought we were "primadonnas" entitled to make money because we were pretty and that we were Play Boy Bunnies.

I am now a happily married mother of 1 teenage son with a very succesful career in the healthcare profession. It's rather funny where life leads you.

It would be wonderful to hear from any other Bunnies from this time frame.

Hollywood Joe |

I worked there as a doorman with big Jay,Dave,Steve, Rich and all the rest of the gang. Had a great time in the mid 80's. I realy miss those days. We all had a great time. Joe Cutre

Mike |

Kindof a related question...

At the same time that 747 operated at the Executive, the place had a lounge with live music. I think it was simply called the Executive Lounge (later, Zigfields, Playboy Club). Were the two clubs connected? Maybe they were in completely different parts of the hotel(?). And were they managed by the same people? Thanks.

Sounds funny, but I get sorta nostalgic when I go by the site (now a fairfield Inn). I believe the location of 747 is now merely open parking. Could be a good spot for a commemorative plaque of some sort. :)


Worked their as a Doorman in the early 80's. the Club was still as Hot as ever.What great times with the best employee's. Bob and Michelle,Richie Lang,Steve ( Van Scoy ) Vass at the bar,Frank in the booth,Hollywood Joe,Dave Irwin,Dave Edwards,Roco S.Drink and Drowned Wednesday's, Ladys night on Friday.We took Canadian Money at Par and they came down by the hundreds,made things intresting to say the least. miss those days and those great people. Big Daddy JP.

Robin Karcher Courtney |

I believe my great-uncle had part ownership in the 747 Club, but am unable to find any further information regarding him or his wife. If anyone knows the info, I would like to hear from you. My uncles name was Laddy Lackey and my aunt's name is Eleanor (Karcher) Lackey.

Marianne McCallum |

The 747 was the most exciting club in the Western New York area. I spent most of my weekends dancing the night away with my partner Brad Easton. We did the hustle, bus stop,and the football. Most of our friends John Hopkins, Linda Zwifka, etc. danced while the disco ball spun. Dr. John was an excellent DJ and kept the music moving. Brad and I danced to alot of the favorites like; SOUVERINORS, KNOCK ON WOOD, MAIN EVENTand so many other great tunes. The dissco era was the best and so was the 747.

Miff Mole |

We would put on our best disco suits and drive from Toronto to the 747. Party all night till 4AM and drive back gassed in the 71 Vega. I can't imagine crossing a border in that state these days.

Great place!

Christine Doze |

Loved this place. It was so much fun!
Great dance floor,lighting and music.
Use to go with a few girlfriends back in
1978-1979 ish. Was one of the best places
to go out to dance.

Ronni Goldstein |

I was on this show while in college in Buffalo with my then boyfriend. Unsure of the year, but it had to be after 1976 and before spring of 1980. I am interested in getting some tapes to see if I am on them. Tend to think it would have been somewhere between 1977 thru 1979. Only on a few times-know I wore a long cream colored skirt and believe a black halter top and probably eyeglasses in one taping.

Paul Foxe |

Club 747 was owned by Jimmy Cosentino and was inside the Executive Hotel. It was an innovative idea and was originally supposed to be a franchise startup. Jimmy & Pat Cosentino bought the interiors of seven 747 jetliners when the US Army converted the planes to carry cargo. They only built two clubs,Buffalo and Rochester. Bill Levy was the franchisee in Rochester. The clubs lasted into the mid 80's. In 1986 I worked for the hotel and dismantled the Buffalo club. They had a Playboy Club on the other end of the hotel. It was quite the entertainment complex. There was a TV show produced from the 747 called Disco Step by Step. It's owner was Marty Angelo. Later Marty lefrt the show and took the name with him but it continued as "Invitation to dance" with host Kevin O'Connell We have a copy of that show. We are having a fund raiser in Buffalo on Friday February 23 called "The Worlds Smallest Disco"(because it benefit the smallest people of Buffalo, the kids at Childrens Hospital. the party will feature 8 of the area's top original DJs. www.worldssmallestdisco.com

dj charlie anzalone |

hi bernie, i did 2 stints at this great club. ti was owned by jimmy cosintino and designed by don perrino. when american airlines soldthe interiors of their 747s to make them cargo planes, jimmy bought about 6 interriors to build a club in varios cities, i was gong to be corporate music director and had olaned to move to florida to open one in lauderdale, the company eventually went into another direction as they owned, hotels and other propeRties includint the 747s sister club next door THE PLAYBOY CLUB OF BUFFALO. ONE OF THE LAST PLAYBOY CLUBS THAT REMAINED OPEN

Harold |

The interior shots can be seen on the Disco Step By Step shows. I have six episodes of this dance show.


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