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1254 Stanley Street, Montreal, Canada


Limelight Discotheque - MontrealOwners:
Yvon LaFrance

Michel Cadoch
Louis-Georges Cazabon
Georges Cucuzella
Michel Landry
Pierre Mainville
Robert Ouimet
Ronald Santerre
Michel Simard
Mario Tremblay

Michel Manzo

The Limelight in Montréal on Stanley Street was quite something, especially in the 1970s when deejay Robert Ouimet was providing the music. I remember the wall of sound in the late 1970s and in the early '80s when Michel Simard was spinning the tables. The first floor was known as Le Jardin for many years and has now become one of the most popular strip club in North America

(Above text provided by DiscoMusic.com member: Cyberwing)

Photo below of Limelight owner Yvon La France submitted by Yvon Lafrance fondateur et propriétaire de la discothèque Lime Light ltée
Limelight owner Yvon La France

Photos below of Limelight Top 20 chart, Robert Ouimet with reel to reel recording equipment and 'Le Mur Du Son' newspaper clippings submitted by Cookipuff
Limelight Limelight Limelight Limelight

Photo below sent in by Louis.
Description: Montreal's Lime Light was a dance mecca in the disco era, and the inspiration for the club in Funkytown. Photograph by: Lime Light Montreal.

Photo below from Ted.
Description: Throw Back! Found this yellow "Get Down Monday..." button. Great Times!
Limelight yellow button

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Leonardo Nascimento |

Sou oficial da marinha mercante brasileira, e na década de 70, foram inúmeras as vezes que eu fui a LIMELIGHT. Doces lembranças. Eu fui, eu vivi essa aventura! I Love Montreal.

marc Patch |

I was 16 in 1974, I was always going to the next door club The Lorelei, which was so special, I did go to the Limelight on several occasions and every time it was MAGIC, but soon the clubs opening in the east of the city would gradually bring us apart from the Stanly street's 2 major world class clubs, I am so lonely for that time, I am nostalgic, Geez where did all this time go ? now we are in 2014 and look at this we are still amazed by our beloved Limelight, can anyone in Montreal try to revive it ? Could it ever be the same ... No but we can try we could have something that is still the BEST ON THE PLANET !!! Please do it !!! Yours truly : Marc Patch

Denis |

Contrary to popular belief it was more than just a gay club, we used to spend the evening at the Plexi in Old Montreal then go to the Limelight t6o dance till dawn... Never any objections to our girlfriends and the best Music and Atmosphere in town! Also the biggest dance floor! Really miss those days!

stephen kontoes |

Worked as a electrician during the building of the limelight in atlanta. Bobby lombardo was the DJ. I had
a rare opportunity to be the light man for a couple nights to replace a sick chipper. I worked as a light man
part time at numbers on chesire bridge a gay 24 hour club. Atlanta is nice with a lot of charm and attractive
people . Without the limelight , backstreet ,numbers , the cove and disco. atlanta is not the same Give me
the 70s and 80s back . Im clean now i think it would be fun... stephen lived in the atl since 1965

Myk Darly |


mframm |

When I was a college student outside of Bostonin the mid 70,s, we'd make two or three trips to Montreal a year. I fondly remember The Lime light and Altiteque. But, the best was the night we went into the Stork Club with a group of 25 people and took over a nearly empty club. Valentino's in The Queens Hotel was great also..the dj being up in the Romeo and Juliet Balcony and those red velvet couches behind the curtains where you could do whatever you pleased.

Alfonso |

I was a -very young, very fat, not very well dressed nor good looking- foreign student (living in Kingston Ont.) back in 1978 when I first went to Montréal and for the very first time went to a disco: it was the Lime Light! Of course, they didn't let me (and the other 3 people that were with me, don't know if because of the was we looked or because we didn't speak English or French) in. So we went to the place downstairs (Hollywood) and was shocked (then) by what I saw. But I guess the idea of going back never really left my mind because two years later (spring 1980) I moved to Montréal. Then, a bit older, after having lost lot of weight, dressed in the most fashionable manner and looking gorgeous, I finally made it and found myself dancing the night away at the lime Light! I spent so much time there that my fellow students called me the "Disco Kid". What shocked me two years earlier became quite familiar to me when I discovered Le Jardin: the music was great, the shows were excellent. Raymond was the name of one of the artists (because that's what they were), impersonating several female singers. There was this other guy (whose name I can't recall) who performed Natalie Cole with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds... The audience went crazy!!!

Groogs |

What I remember about the Limelight: dancing madly to "African Queens" by the Ritchie Family on the shining steel floor, the vibrations from the bass pounding in every inch of my body, the lights hynotizing me. I remember "La Vie En Rose" by Grace Jones being played as the number one song of 1977 at midnight on New Year's Eve. (I still play it every New Year's Eve in tribute...) I remember many gold or silver disco tops and matching bell bottoms, so thin and so tight! Afros and perms and feathered hairstyles, clogs which I could never bear to look at. I remember one night there was a raid, all the lights came on, and I was underage. I was 17, looked about 14, but NO ONE ASKED ME FOR I.D! Ever. (Until I got to Toronto!) I remember dancing with straight friends from high school, but always wanting to get away asap to go downstairs to Le Jardin, or Studio One, a few streets east of the Limelight. I remember long waits on the snow-covered stairs, fur coats in abundance. I remember staggering out at closing time, in broad daylight, at 6am, waiting for my bus to Chateauguay to start running so I could go home and crash. I remember Carol Jiani ("Queen of de gays") performing "The Woman In Me" in a garbage bag and Playtex gloves. And I was at Alexis Nihon when the Ritchie Family lip-synched to "Best Disco In Town" and their other hits in a little penned off area. I remember watching Grace Jones, Sugar Hill Gang, the Raes, and many other acts performing on "Feel Like Dancin'" on CTV, and the Village People getting raunchy on "Et Ca Tourne"! I didn't know at the time that Limelight was a world-class club and that the DJ was ahead of his time and an innovator who influenced other DJ's. I just thought it was the place to go 5, 6 nights a week during the summers, and every weekend during schooldays. It was the greatest show on earth, and we were a part of it!

Danielle Tapin |

In early 80's, I was a driver in/for the Canadian Forces and would bring some dignitaries to the Lime Light and enjoyed ourselves immensely and go back to camp. My best friends were gay men, very feminine I was taught how to wear make-up from one person and loved them all.
It never dawn on me that homophobe was taboo. My soul friend was Philippe very personal, he made me the thoughtful person I am today. Would anyone know if and where we still can purchse the logo shirt? I miss you all very much XOXOX

Jasper |

I was a young guy from Edmonton, Alberta. Traveled across country to Montreal and found myself in a vortex of creativity. Montreal in the late '70s was truly inspirational. On weekends, St. Catherine's was jam-packed with people and everyone seemed fun, social and elegant. Long before Saturday Night Fever, Lime Light and Le Jardin were showing us how to do it on the dance floor. I took dance classes at Les Ballets Jazz, dressed outrageously and worked at Studio 55. It was a fabulous swirl of glamour and imagination. Montreal at that time in the late '70s was a great springboard for the rest of my life. I left after a couple of years and returned to Edmonton to get a degree in theater design at the university. Ten years later I landed in Los Angeles and bumped into Douglas Leopold. There we became best friends and were absolutely inseparable. Then he died. Some other Montrealers had come to LA,including Malcolm Kelso and Bill Glazer. In LA I became a successful designer of theme park attractions. Going to the Lime Light, Le Jardin and Studio 1 was a commitment to having a profoundly moving experience in the presence of other people. Boogie on! Don't let computers, Facebook and computers make you lazy.

JoeyM |

Limelight was great!!

I was 14 the first time walked into this place( yeah....14 ) . Having grown up in the suburbs it was a culture shock....-a culture shock my friends and I quickly embrassed.
The music, the lights were like no other...and the people .....diverse in every way and all there together to have a good time.
I remember live shows of Grace Jones and Carol Jiani and partying until 5am,,wow!
Robert Ouimet always played the underground stuff way before you would hear it elsewhere...

I have great memories from the Lime Light, Le Rendez Vous, Regines and Rhapsody's.....

Louis |

I am from West Hollywood, California and I moved to Montreal, Canada for one year from 1976 to 1977.

Le Jardin was the first gay bar I ever went to. I was going to school at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. My neighbor said the Limelight had 3 floors and the 1st floor was a gay disco for men only. I remember it had a square shape with the dance floor in the middle and booths to sit in around the dance floor. In 1976 they were playing the song "Troublemaker" by Roberta Kelly.

I also remember seeing the original Ritchie Family on the top floor who performed "The Best Disco in Town."

I also went to the Peel Pub, Studio 1, and the Rose Rouge. The Montreal police closed down Studio 1 one night when I was dancing in there to the song "Dance Little Lady Dance" by Tina Charles.

I also went to a gay dance at the University of Montreal and they were playing "Love for the Sake of Love" by Claudja Barry.

These were good times - the disco days!

evelyne vaccaro |

hI george,
Remember me ,Eveline Vaccaro , well I have a fantastic son in ft.Lauderdale, that is good in music AND DJ, he would be PLUS to someone who wants to listen to him ,please George , Alex is excellent can become better than Bieber, he has a GOOD music ear AND MIXER, please call me 954-341-5227 .
Love Eve,

Jacques P. Le Blanc |

I actually ended up here by fluke, and I was surprised to see in the comments the mention of Jimmy Torres. I played le Jardin with Jimmy, in fact we both started together as a team for awhile, his first real gig was next door at the "Plaza", then moved over to the "Lime". Left for the opening of "OZ", the old renovated "Stork Club". Those day's were great. Lost track of Jimmy when "OZ" got torched, with some of my vinyl that Jimmy had borrowed no less. I did "Studio 1" a few times too. Miss those days, life was simpler then. Still have my complete collection of vinyl from those day's, and some that I actually got before Robert was able to get his hands on. It was something when you got something befor Robert did!!!

Sally-Anne |

disco77 asked below a few years ago if anyone remembers clubs including Regines at the Hyatt....I was at the opening night early 70`s - don`t remember eact year - probably 1972/3. Never forgot that night - Telly Savalas took me - Regine was furious as he was one of her special guests. One of the best nights of my life - although she insisted quite rightly on having the 1st dance on her new floor with him herself! Does anyone else remember more about this night? I have 2 pics....

Tony |

this is a disgrace. the lime light was synonymous with ROBERT OUIMET!!! pointe finale. the only other dj's that should have any honorable mention IMO are george cucuzella and michel simard and that is simply out of respect and acknowledtgment of their pivotal involement. wasn't cazabon at studio 1? also where is Gilles Riberdy's name? he was Roberts opening dj. what about Jimmy Torres? he was a legend that played both the lime light and le jardin. the rest of the names imo cheapen and downplay the importance and impact Robert Ouimet had on our scene. to add insult to injury his name is down the list. WTF!!!???

i played at the limelight should i get a mention? i also played at le jardin for a year. shouldn't i have an honorary mention? GTFOH with that BS.

those who were there know the truth. trying to piggyback off the glory of legends is lame. get a life.

jim moses |

The good old days. I live in ottawa but partied in mtl. Hit em all twelve 34, rendevouz, thursdays, studio 55 and limelight. But on Sunday nights when things were dead back in ottawa, actually it was dead back home except for the viva and globe. I would go up the 3 floors to limelight and the bass pounding vibrating everything, i had the pulse of the city and free pizza on Sunday nights. That chrome dance floor and the busy crowds. You think I had enough partying from the night before not. I was dancing on studio 55's speakers. Hit the sheets at 9 in the morn but not before some food at bens, a smoked meat for breakfast. What a weekend drive back on five bucks of gas and 3 hours of sleep. Just one of hundreds of weekends in mtl. I still go up a lot, but nothing like the 70's.

Richard |

Hi, late 70's, I was 18 yo and was always down town Montreal for the night life.... Every night, I mean every night, we were ending at the LimeLight with my good body Yves (former DJ himself). We would sleep there, the music, the people and the ambiance was awesome. I was there when The King "Robert Ouimet" managed magical nights for hundreds of thousands of disco enthousiasts...We were near the box and behind the glass, we were going "2 thumbs up" every once in a while with The King himself...dawm this guy was incredible...a magician. Like we said in french: "Crisse qui est hot"...I would like very much to know were is he working now and if he is still in the business as a DJ... if any can help, please: les2sontfrimes@hotmail.com

Nostalgia, nostalgia...from Richard !!!


Yea, but I think when they changed the place, 3nd floor I mean,
Took the red carpet away the boots, the jet style disk jokey boot changed the space and put in the plastic floor it was over for me ? Liked it better before, and I guess I wasnt the only one. I just seemed that alot of people just stopped going I guess. It was sort of colder. Less party style. But I have the best memories in my life. Germain, can I go up ! hihi Please ! Best place to dance ever.

Eric Fontaine |

Best memories of my life Limelight rocked and had the most beautiful people in the world. what was the name of the theme song in 1980? I've been playing it in my head for 30 years but don't know what it is...

Diane Bernard |

The best times in my life! Funky town yeah! Thanks for amazing memories!

Stephane Lecavalier |

In the late 70's I worked at ''LE Jardin'' as a DJ and on the 3rd floor as a lightman with Robert.

I now work at Cirque Du Soleil as a lighting programmer.(Thanks to Yvon Lafrance).

My best souvenirs are from that period working at the Limelight.

Ivan Palmer |

Whow! I was such a lost kid in that era, Do you remember me? I Have become quit a successful dj in Toronto, I would love to perform for a big public audience in MTL and blow you away... lol...Contact me if you..... are still booking.... wow if you are... I was bartender in the 80's @ the lime light and Jardin you was my savior way back then

Ronald Santerre |

I see you added both Michel and Pierre to the list, this is the second time i write that im missing as well. Was spinning when Andre and Michel Manzo were running the place, would appreciate the add on. thx

Michel |

Joey, Robert Ouimet boldly introduced the NewWave music to the Montreal dance scene in the late 70's.

Michel |

Huge Limelight party officially launched today for Saturday night, July 10th 2010, legendary Canadian DJ Robert Ouimet will be spinning for the occasion, limelightmontreal.com for limited tickets, 1st come, 1st served.

DJ Michel Cadoch |

Would like to add an addition, There were a couple of more DJ's woho worked at the Lime including Me (Michel Cadoch) DJ Michel Simard (Louis-Georges Cazabon)
DJ Georges Cucuzella
DJ Michel Landry and
DJ Pierre Mainville

Joey |

How great was that club... from 70's to 80'S.

Disco Music was with Robert Ouimet but New Wave Music was with Michel Landry.

I can't forget these marvellous evenings at Lime Light.

Stephan |

I remember the Limelight from the early 80s when I was a college student studying in Montreal. What a place! The multi-floors. The walls of sounds, the light shows. It was fantastic! Unlike many other cities in North America, people in Quebec don't start partying until 11 p.m. or even midnight, but then when it starts watch out! It last all night long. I remember partying until 5 am, and then we would grab breakfast around the corner around 6 a.m and then take the subway back home. Great, fun loving, beautiful people. I miss those days and I miss the Limelight. Montreal one of the best cities in the worlrd!

Hould Jean |

=== Comment removed by site admin as it was not in English. ===

Claude Chapman |

Limelight was the best club I have ever seen. Never to be equaled by any other. Robert Ouimet was the Master and still is.

kyle |

Eh guys the website is finally open. limelightmontreal.com. It's only in french but you can see some interesting pictures. There on facebook too!

Eric Vennerbeck |

I met a guy on the Transcontinental Train from Vancouver to Montreal,(I was a hippie doing the cross country TRIP thing) after I got home we used to drive up from Vermont and visit and he would take us there, it must have been the summer of 1974. I think I was working in a blues & Jazz club in Mass. at the time. The limelight was amazing, I had never seen anything like it, it was unbelievable, I'm pretty sure it had a lit-from-below dance floor, but maybe that was just the acid. Anyway, we'd drive home at dawn and when we crossed the Border we would tell the guards that we we at the Limelight and they would laugh and wave us through.

Dawn |

The Lorelei was where it started the Lime Light came after.I was at the Lorelei the night it opened there was hardly anyone there it did not take long for the place to be packed.It was amazing I always perferred the Lorelei.We dressed in 30s and 40s style hats with viels fox tails we turned heads with our fashion creations.The Lorelei gang was wilder and more daring.Barry white and george Mccraw it was so much fun.The people in the Lorelei on the first night it opened were mostly gay.

sass |

I went to the lime light 76 to 80, loved it best music, best dance floor.
I now leave in the USA , would love to get a cd of that music. They had the best songs "broken English" etc.
I would love to invest in a club like that again.
If anybody has a list of the music they played please post it.

joel.k |

I will never forget the mix with blue monday/ and thoose boots are made for walkin, and of course i think the theme song of the limelight back in my days was Impi. if i am not mistaking micheal caddosh( how ever you spell his name). was the dj back then. I remember hearing live recording on 94.3. i think i was like about 21. i been to alot clubs in the usa/ and canada. but no question about it, the limelight was one of the best, next to lazer 2/ the business the beat.. ... Limelight you will be miss alot brings back tears and shivers..

Daniel Auclair |

Oh, those were the best years of my life, i lived thru the Lime's many changes and Robert Ouimet has moved me so much with his music. Then the Manzo family took over and there was that DJ Ronald Santerre working at Le Jardin first and then upstairs at the Lime playing tunes we rarely heard in any other places, great music and such loud music.

Nothing is like this anymore!

disco1999 |

Yvon Lafrance hmmmm... isn't this guy the main character from Hannibal . . .

Thanks Yvon for all the hard work, our Steve Rubell Montreal style.

Daniel Gilbert |

1981,It's saturday night, got a brand new Camaro Z28,
looking for a place to go, but on my black tshirt,the name of the destination is already write the Lime Light. Peoples are telling truth when there
talking about the light and the music it was great.
But dont forget the ambiance, we were not there to
juge the peoples, we were there to have fun.
Thanks Robert You gave me the most beautifuls years
of my life. The Lime Light is missing ...

kyle |

I got the information that the website: www.limelightmontreal.com will be open next month!!!

disco1999 |

Can't wait either for the website either
Who forgot about that infamous Limelight logo ;-)

I'd luv to see a second revival of the Limelight in the near future!

Limelighter |

Just listening to the CBC radio special on the Limelight now... wow!...memories! My girlfriends and I used to come up to Montreal on weekends from Toronto in the '70's ...'74-'75...just to go to the Limelight! I was a 20 year old girl then...and it spoiled me for good clubs forever after. It was such a fantastic atmosphere and the music was like nothing we got to hear in anywhere in Toronto clubs. Just a fantastic place to meet great people and dance! dance! dance!!

...and now thanks to The Pleasant Companion's post, I now know I must have been verrrry hot too!! ;-)

Those '70's days before all the world's terrible troubles were great times... and yes I still love to disco-dance!...been dancing all the way through the special!

Thanks for the memories CBC...

The pleasent companion |

Hi everyone i was there in late 70's 76,77,78 while Germain was carefully selecting peoples up the stairs if you weren't hot and i mean it,hummmmm no chances ...hot costumes appearance were no odds ,you had to search and shop at Drags (st-Paul street in Old Montreal)or other second hand store ...i had found myself a transparent plastic long sleeve shirt with a underneath aviator white tank top (does someone remember?),do you also remember the guy with a gaz mask ,or the other guy with long fishing (up to the waist boots) and fishes earings , earning his life by sketching figures at le 20/20 university basement,also vamps were sneaking all around from underground shick ultra high heels ,wigs ,and their long cigarettes filters eaven sometimes in japanese kimonos nylons stoking was a must no pants please was a requirements.. a total refinement ,everything was scrupulously dug in for a hot hot lime light night ah! the blond guy André working at the bar trowing bottles and jungling with them like a circus acrobat wath a skill person !also Silvain the coiffeur,well wath a period ......
Now were the hell can i see pictures of these good old days!

badaboom |

ON JANUARY 10th on CBC Radio 2 at NOON


The Montreal Disco Era:

A music fueled radio documentary

(Montreal is) “the second most important disco market on the continent, outside New York.”
—Billboard magazine- 1979

A thumping radio documentary as seen and heard through the eyes and ears of those who experienced the scene as it blew up around them

colinbadaboom |

AS mentioned if any of you limelight, Montreal disco era dancers are interested on talking about those days for a radio piece feel free to contact me.
badaboom (at) Gmail (dot) com

Bernard Lopez |

disco77 and all members,

Please don't take this the wrong way... It's not "me" that has to add them, it's you and the other members who know about these clubs as I do not know all of them. This is where I need your help in filing in the blanks by submitting them via the link in each posting that says: "Are we missing a club from the Disco era? Add it to the site now!" >>> http://www.discomusic.com/clubs-submit/

When you click on that link simply submit the name of the club, address, names of DJs who spun there and the names of management (if known) along with memories... You'll even have a chance to upload any photos you may have. Thanks for sharing your memories with all of us.

disco77 |

Do the following Montreal clubs ring a bell to anyone:

Stork Club, Le Jardin, Hollywood, Le Tube, Studio 1, 1234, Harlequin (at the Four Season's), Altitheque, Regine's (at the Hyatt), Rendez-Vous, Reflections, San Francisco (formerly Le Tube), The Beat (formerly Studio 1), Oz, Studio 55, Charlie-O, Dominique's, Kathryn 333, Glass, Metal, Camouflage, Business, Garage.

I think Bernie should definitely post some of these - they were quite historic -Oz with the girl on a swing overhead was a blast (for instance).

A reunion would be great - we should do it at this spring's Bal en Blanc - these kids need to learn. We could set up a veteran clubber's booth in the VIP.

Jazz |

WoW! What great memories everyone! If anyone has old pics of the Lime, and also the Lorelei next door that would be awesome!

I think a reunion would be a GREAT IDEA!

André |

=== Comment removed by site admin as it was not in English. ===

EvanRagsdale |

WOW. Limelight, there's a blast from the past. We used to take the train up from New York 30 or so years ago. My 1st impression was how clean Montreal was. There were a bunch of clubs nearby but the Limelight was the deal. I remember the music being so loud it sucked the air out of your lungs.. A Limelight opened in NYC years later but compared to the one in Montreal it was garbage.. I have not been up there in over 20 years. Sure do miss those trips.

colinbadaboom |

Anyone who used to hit the dance floor at the limelight in the 70s.. and wants to talk about the good old days, let me know. I am trying to put a radio documentary together about Montreal's disco ear.

disco1999 |

Wow thanks for reminding DELTA5 - Mind your own business! I've had the time of my life in this place, the sound system was out of this world. Hard times from Human League Dance on the groove from Love International, etc.
Debra Dejean doing her live show on stage.

Randy Smith |

Who remembers Tom The Peeper (Act One), Robot Death, Giorgio, Donna Summers, Roberta Kelly, Bohannon, Gloria Gaynor, Brass Construction, Creative Source, Mass Production, Ozo and hundreds more. Then when it turned Punk-Alternative (songs like I Can't Stand Myself, Mind Your Own Business, Reasons to Be Cheerful - don't forget the Flying Lizards and Money, and of course Kitchen Motors by Crash Course in Science.

Randy Smith |

Hi again - I think it would be a great idea if we all met once again somewhere in Montreal - us ex LimeLighters - we could even bring fotos from the era of ourselves. Where are you Nina Paulino, Candy, Francisco, Yvette and Yvonne, Joyce, Karim? I moved from Montreal in 1990 and moved to Ecuador. Stayed there 15 years, now I am living in Toronto collecting the LimeLight music -I have a great collection. Love to all you Limelighters and keep the dream alive. Remember Grace Jones and James Brown at the Limelight. I remember when it first opened - it was open til 5 a.m. Hope to hear from you all, Randy

Bernard Lopez |

Please post all comments in English. Thank you.


=== Comment removed by site admin as it was not in English. Please post in English only. Posts not in English will be deleted. Thank you. ===

Randy Smith |

I worked at the Limelight as a busboy in 1974 - what a place dude. The music, the wild individuals - the coolest people on the planet. After leaving as a busboy, I still went there for years after. I have most of the music and remember the wild nights throughout the year at that place. I remember dancing to Tom The Peeper, Robot Death, I Am Somebody, Hey Roots etc. Do not forget Giorgio Moroder, Donner Summers, Grace Jones and hundreds of others. I also remember the New Years Eve parties and the regular parties with Nina, Candy, Yvonne and Yvette from France, Francisco - yes, an amazing group of characters. Great memories. Do you remember when they sold the t-shirts and the limelight emblem for a necklace. Studio 54 was so American - nothing I mean nothing was like the Limelight - I do not care whether it was in Berlin, Amsterday, LA or New York - the Limelight was the best. The DJ Robert Ouimet and his unique and never copied style, and the people like you that survived over the years all made it what it was. It keeps on living in my head everytime I hear a song on my Ipod.

Dino |

Hey does anybody remember the fabulous show Grace Jones put on at the light - the elevated stage, the theatricalk row of spotlights aimed directly at the audience, her entry in silhouette against those lights, her whip ---now that was the end, it was disco heaven. Although Gloria Gaynor also made an impression. The Ritchie Family at Alexis Nihon Plaza however was not quite as elevating.

Sylvie |

Hi every body...Me too i'll remember all those years (1974-1982)at the Lime light Disco club with the legendary DJ Robert ouimet and Michel Simard. I remember also when The Trammps came for a live show, i was there. I don't know if someone takes pictures or videos of that event. But if somebody have that i will appreciate to obtain it.

It was a precious souvenir for me.
Now I sent my salutations to Robert Ouimet and Michel Simard and thank you again for your good work. Bye

Dino |

I grew up in the Limelight, it was my first introduction to disco (well after Maxwell's, but that doesn't count) and I could not get enough - the three floors with the slightly sleazy gay club Le Jardin on the ground floor, the second floor for the suburbanites and the fabulous third floor for the in-crowd - the SuperLime, with its stainless steel bouncing floor, reverberating beat, satin hot pants-clad disco barboys, secret nooks and crannies - it was truly the end. Not even 54, which I was lucky enough to get into, can hold a candle to the Lime and I will treasure those days forever and I will treasure the matchbook with that incredible logo that for some reason (never having been a smoker)I still possess.
Thank you F, thank you Paula and Laura, thank you twins, thank you G, M , thank you Julie S. (you were at the wrong place and at the wrong time)and all the fabulous disco bunnies, wherever you may be.

I never can say goodbye.

Gino Salotti |

The LIMELIGHT was in the 70's, and by far, the best DISCO Club in Montreal, if not Canada.

Robert Ouimet was also the first 'qubcois' to win the BEST DJ OF THE YEAR AWARD from New York City.
He was a true artist and 'pionner', with an approach that was very different than all the others.

I remember asking him once, how come the dance floor was always full, even when he introduced unknown tracks. His answer was simple:'' I play what I believe is the best music around and, in the beginning, most people would clear out the dance floor when I would spin something they had never heard. To remedy this, I started to bring them back on the dance floor with a popular tune to only later 'respin' the same previous track which was always good... After a while, they all understood what I was doing and they trusted my choice of music !''

And that's the whole truth since Robert Ouimet would often play new tracks that would become big hits many months later when they would hit the mainstream clubs.

He also had a great 'lighting man' working closely with him; Richard Joly. They would synchronize so well the music, lights and special effects that it was, each time I went there to listen and dance, an original experience.

Gilles Riberdy was the weekdays DJ and managed to do equally as well... but Robert Ouimet was the 'Premier DJ'.

Le 'MUR DU SON', made of several ALS4 loudspeakers, was created by Daniel Duffault of LE CENTRE AUDIO ACOUSTIQUE DE MONTREAL (Bourcherville)with close to 50,000 WRMS to power them.

For me, Robert Ouimet and the LIMELIGHT were the best thing the Montreal Disco Scene ever had, and even to this date, they would be very hard to beat...

Thank you Robert, Richard, Gilles and Mr. Lafrance who had the vision and trusted his people to make the LIMELIGHT a Disco legend in the Montreal Night Scene.

Gary Whalen |

WOW! Its good to ear good memories from The Lime Light. Music from Robert Ouimet and at the door Grermain. We should fix a reunion on this in Montreal! Nices people where at The Lime Light .

RICHER Norman |

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Kosta |

The Lime Light in Montreal was the best around. The ultimate in sound and music. Solid bass and shattering high end mixed with the most creative DJ (Robert Ouimet)in Montreal. The good old days. For those who were not there Too Bad you missed out. Dancing wasn't an option, The floor bounced enough to make you dance !!


Yves |

The Lime Light was the greateast discotheque in town. In 1980 I was working there, and have a lot a fun with the best staf like Robert Ouimet at the turntables and Richard for the light show, and Mr Lafrance the owner.
Like I said in french, c'tait le meilleur de tout les temps de la musique, with the wall sound and the best music mixed by mister Ouimet.

Remember this, we will never lives that no more, just in our hearth.

Yves 1980 Bustboy

Vito V |

The Limelight is a landmark in a city which prides its self as the party Mecca of North America. Countless records were broken in this famed establishment by pioneer djs such as George Cucuzzella and Robert Ouimet. The Disco Sceen in Montreal was legendary and its shockwaves were felt all over the world due solely to the innovation and hard thumping groove set out by this legendary club. The limelight gave birth to our party mentality. thanks


the limeligth is the best club in the world
for the music, for decoration , the poeples is very cool, staff is perfert , and the best dj in the world,is mister:
robert ouimet,and another one dj ,work
this place , is the best..
the limelight is legendery night club...
no club in the world is same now!! me pass ten year, every week , and week end i am here. for the people go this club , the last song 1987,you playe
this real limelight .not the new limelight after that reopening ,is the shut..
ok the last song is the title is{machinery} by the groupe german group PROPAGANDA.
me i am very nostalgic. LE LIMELIGHT
me manque! thank for the tripp, and thanks for my life because this one changing after the many years passing in the limelight!! ME LOVE THE LIMELIGHT FOREVER!!!


Hi people, Limelight was a club in Montreal, three floors with the best damn sound I have ever heard. The floor actually bounced when people danced. Man, those were the days.


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