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LeJuene Road, Miami Springs, Florida


Brasseries Across from the Holiday Inn by the Airport.

Photo of Brasseries logo submitted by Rigo of 305disco.com.

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Added by Silversea


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Katy |

Hey Guys anyone remember a guy named Oscar Rodriguez? His real name was Tranquilino? If so please let me know! Thank you!

Diennie |

From what year to what year did you DJ at Level 3, I was more of Brasserie regular, however my best friend back then lived right on S. Royal Poinciana and we went there when it was 747 and later when it changed to Level 3. Later on I was a regular at Hunters Lounge on the circle when it was owned By David & David, Shorty was the bar tender and the Dj there was a good friend...dam I can't remember his name now??? It will come to me, we used to stay after hours and go back to Shorty's house. (Steve....maybe) anyways those were really great times, there was no S. Beach, it was all about music and dancing, all we had were those airport joints and Ft. Lauderdale. I cant't believe we drove to Broward like it was nothing. The Playpen (disco side and rock side, brilliant!) , Limelight, Pete and Lenny's, Brother Jim's, Napenthes, you name it we went. But we always ended up at the "Bra" where "everyone knew our name"...we drove our parent's hand me down cars and were happy to have them. Is it just me or was it more about dancing, great music, having fun, meeting someone and not about getting drunk and/or wasted???

pepi gato |

hi diennie , well my name is pepi i was the dj at level 3 .i was the one that had the place in the springs .we whoul leave the club at 3:00 am ,and every body would party there, well into the next day!my aptm was two blocks down from level 3 on royal poinciana. i had the blue mach 1.great times!

Diennie |

Let's see, for starters Diennie is not quite my real name, What can I say... I was a Springs rat and a Casablanaca regular. Didn't you and a few of your friends rent a place in the Springs? I drove a white Camaro back then...?

Orlando (Landy) Perez |

tell me about it Diennie, how do you know me so well????

Diennie |

The "Bra" as we called it back then was our stomping grounds. Madison played live, Homestead AFB boys were there. The best times of my life. My best friend lived on South Royal Pociana, we walked there. It's where I met my first love. I drove my 15 yr. old daughter there recently and was surprised to find it so changed. (She thought I was hallucinating!) Oh yeah Landy I know you well!!

vyniljunkie |

Vastly over-rated. It wasn't as good as many thought, because that was the only place they knew. A meat Market. Fot that reason alone, it gets a 7.

Orlando Perez (landy) |

oh yes, i remember that club, you are correct the ladies from north miami and the ones that worked there at the cracy horse, would love to hang out at flanigans, and it was easy

Silversea |

Flanigans in 163rd and Biscayne Bld.,North Miami was one of the easiest places to pick up single ladies
it was less than three miles from Halouver Beach's parking lot(no lights)A lot of the ladies from Crazy Horse(ladies only club,across the street)would come into Flanigans willing and able to mingle.

Orlando Perez (landy) |

there was three flanigans, the one on 49th street hialeah, no i am sorry that one was big daddys and the one on 135 and biscayne was also big daddy's, the other flanigans besides the one in the springs or level 3 was on 163 and biscayne, then it became a strip bar, we will never see those places again and that type of atmosphere, i remember ralph was the dj at 163 and his cousin pepi was the dj at 135 and they both alternated at level 3 and when ralph left level 3 i came in, by this time it was some disco but also new wave.

marcomarco |

Hey Mix Machine, my cousins would talk to me about Brasserie and Flanigan's 747 and finally Level 3. I remember the lines outside, but was too young..I did become a regular at Club Infinity....wow, what great memories. Yes, Infinity's would compete with Casanova's when Casanova's started playing too much Freestyle during the weekend...Thursday night Ladies' Night were great...The music and shows were awesome! They played a lot of NRG along with a good mix of just about everything....Good Times!

Orlando Perez (landy) |

but my picture in the booth at level 3 was never posted, at least i do not think so, i would love to see who you are, i have been gone for so long, and do not get to see any one or the area anby more.

mixmachine |

Yes, you are right, I forgot about it, the Level III building is sadly gone too, I just recently noticed as I usually avoid that area because of the construction still going on, I dont know if you remember me of if we ever met but I remember you from your picture under 747 section, I used to be a regular there and remember you inside the 747 cockpit shaped Dj booth, during those years a I was beginning to DJ professionally, and guess what? I DJed in that very same building later when it reopened as Club Infinity in 1985, we used to compete for a while with Casanovas but judging from that clubs thread apparently many dont remember. Nice talking to you

Orlando Perez (landy) |

IT is a shame how that corner disappeared, and if I am not mistaking level three is also gone, I am not sure any mre, I left miami 10 years ago, but those where the best days, and by the mix machine, do i know you?

mixmachine |

The famous NYC recording group Calhoon out of NYC was the resident band in here sometime during this clubs existence, they used to do Dance Dance Dance and Soul Man all the time, Brasseries was also famous for having one of the best wet T shirt contest in Miami, with beautiful blonde chicks from Miami Springs and surrounding areas competing with each other for attention.

I believe that by this time across the streets Level III had taken over already, sometime around 1976, yes ? short-lived Miami Miami later opened, this was a beautiful club with confetti machines and great sound and light show.

Until a few years ago a Sub Chain shop stood where the old Brasserie building once was , today youd be hard press to even recognize the area if you drive by, where the Brasseries once stood there is now a huge Ramps over path pillar, and road ways completely swallowed up all the property that used to be like an island in a sea of pavement, every thing is gone, well, everything but old memories...

orlando perez |

Brasserie, was good, it was like a pool bar, I was not old enough to get in but I would every once in a while, after it closed it became Miami Miami, I became a member there, it only lasted a few months and then it had the usuall kitchen fire, but accros the street we had 747 or level 3 as the other option.

Pablo |

Hi to all. The Brasseries to me was a lot of fun and I used to go sometimes twice a week when I was barely legal to enter and Im talking like 1974. The place always had a good crowd and you could count on really good DJ and live music. The place had a terrace (An open area above the roof) looking southwest to the international airport of Miami and to me it was a romantic setting because you could get away from the crowd and the loud music and just take your drinks with you and have that cozy chat with the girl that you just got dancing with. Because of its location, there was a mix of the locals and visitors from out of town as well as airport personnel. I will never forget the good memories that I have of this times, associated with this club/ discotheque.


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