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77 Kinderkamack Road. Riveredge, New Jersey


Gay club in Riveredge right off Route 4. This club has seen lots of changes since 1978. I started going there in 1985. Monday nights is dollar night and back then the best Disco music was played. Later in the 90's Wednesday nite was Classic Disco night and one dollar drinks. The building is made of wood and probably dates to the 1900's. Two floors, first floor 2 Bars, second floor dance floor and 2 Bars.

It use to get packed on Mondays and holidays like the day before Thanksgiving there would be a line to get in. Across the street Big parking lot that during the day is used by commuters to New York City by train. Lots of sex behind the railroad tracks behind parking lot in the 80's and 90's.

I was always told that the owners are straight. Lots of New York DJ's played music at Feathers. I met some of my best friends at Feathers.
Leonardo Gomez

Photo below from Jimmytheparamedic.
Description: Feathers New Jersey My 23rd Birthday before opening. This Disco has decades of history. I have met many true great friends through the years. I those wall could tawlk! The crowds are the sign of the times, so if you think it sucks- its you. I do miss glass stemware and indoor smoking with little ventilation or air-conditioning. Its the true and original underground and smells of 36 years of beer and mansweat which has been well earned. As a former employee Feathers they cared greatly for my health, safety, and education. It was certainly a unique life experience. I miss all those who have passed and look forward to seeing my buddies during the holidays. XO -Jimmy

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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In 1975-6 DISCO hit the clubs blaring out disco hits. I frequented the BELL on Rt. 4 in Hackensack, First place I was truly OUT. My "LOVER" boyfriend Tad and I went there but he wound up picking up a trick and leaving without me many night. I was too stupid to notice the drugs but they were there. Met my husband there in 1978 thru a mutual friend ,Barrett, and we still are together today, The Bell changed over time then became a chain rest. Feathers was outside Hackensack, HPD so their payoff ceased, River Edge town fathers liked the Feathers LIQUOR license money but enforced parking laws rigidly. Too many nights both places had cover charges $2-$7 just because they could! And extorted their clientele whenever they could Even the cheapest -canned beer was sold at a premium. Married life kept us at home enjoying bliss instead of hoping to hookup for the night or a parking lot BJ or hand job .

Mike B |

Wed is a great night for the college crowd. It's a good split of girls & guys.
Thurs is the ways packed Latin night.
Friday is fun not too crowded so the Dance floor is where I'm at.
Saturday is a lot of fun too.
Good crowd , good music , it's the best full time gay club in NJ period.

Phillip |

Wednesdays are the worst night to go. The DJ blows, the crowd is s***, and the place smells.

Mike B |

It's sad Mora is no longer the GM.
She always made me feel welcome as all the bar staff always do.
Yes I'd agree the place could use a sprucing up but is it filthy No.
Could the bathrooms use a renovation yes but bringing in promotors with new ideas and more fun theme nights will for sure make it the NJ destination again.

Rob |

Eddy is now the assistant Manager and Paul from Security is the Manager. I have so many memories of feathers and I am sad to say the place has really taken a nose dive. It's filthy and the bathrooms are the most disgusting in the world. They have two of the best bartenders in the world Paul and Vinnie. With the new management changes its only a matter of time till this NJ gem dies. Unless the owners open there eyes and bring Moira back and let her paul and Vinnie run the place to be successful and put in new bathrooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario DelVecchio |

I used to entertain down the shore many may remember me as Divine,i am trying to find a picture of Jackie Nicole, and i can't I heard that feathers has a picture can someone post it it would bring back so many fond memories.

Philip |

Jackie Nicole,i wonder if you recall me i was a close friend of Anthony Niccosia and ages ago you gave me a ride home in harrison/kearny i did a couple of really bad shows at Follies in Passaic and one time you read me for filth from the stage because you thought i was making fun of your performance (it wasnt the case,someone kept whispering into my ear some really tasteless jokes and i just laughed) water under the bridge,so happy to see your alive and welll <3

Mike B |

Great hearing all the stories.
I've been a regular since the Mid 90's
When John & Eddie were the managers. RIP John aka Heather Fontane. I like Friday & Saturdays.
The DJs usually have a great mix and though I'm now 52 I dance my a** off with the young & old and always have a blast.
Eddie & Vinny I believe own the place and Mora is the manager.
She's very cool.
Wed is dollar night and the college crowd is out in full force.
Thurs is Latin night.
No more Mon or Tues.
Peace out
See Ya on The Dance Floor

Chris B. |

It is so good to hear from Jackie Nicole and know that she is not only alive and well but is surrounded by her loving family.. Jackie, I will never forget the Playroom, Fire Island and me, you and Switchy driving you home from Manhattan in my little red Triumph Convertible! I still don't know how we all fit in there! I remember too all the photographs I used to take of you at the shows. Yes...you were and still are remembered and very much loved.

Jackie Nicole |

Hi everyone it's me, Jackie Nicole, alive and well. Thanks to all of you who have fond memories of me. I transitioned in 1980 and had to move on. I often think of all the great times I had at both, Feathers and The Bell. I still love all the feathers and rhinestones. It's just in my blood...LOL
I have a very good life with a wonderful, loving and supportive family. I wish that for everybody. What I would like to say is, thank you for coming to see my shows back in the day. I will never forget all the fun, laughs and love you gave me.
All my love,

Philip |

when i was going to Feathers it was a weekly thing a group of us did one of my best friends would pick me up and we would go meet a group of people that all went to rutgers in newark oh and the friend that was picking me up later became Narciso Rodrigez

patrick |

miss p

Chris B. |

Since I was a Westchester kid and lived in Mt. Vernon and New Rochelle, spent a lot of time at "The Playroom" in Yonkers and on Fire Island but only went to Feathers once in a great while with a couple of NJ friends and then in the late 70's to see Jackie Nicole. Feathers had been around since the late 60's and I'm glad to see that it had re-opened. It was a great place with plenty of free parking in a wide open location too. Jackie was the very best as Shirley Bassey which was one entertainer we both loved. Jackie really was Bassey when she performed...I've never seen anyone as good and even with the "Battle of the Bassey's" at The Playroom one year...she had Bassey in her blood I think and Jackie was incredibly beautiful to begin with...but when she did Bassey no one could touch her! I can still smell the perfume as she approached the floor...Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

christina calvo |

P.S. She was Shirley Bassey and her costumes and performance were amazing!

christina calvo |

Jackie Nicole was the best of the best!!!!! I should know I am related to her. Yes,
she is alive and as fierce as ever!!! If you have any questions about her private email me ranchcalvo@embarqmail.com

ph |

Are Jimmy Lane Jackie Nicole and Elgin still alive?

Patricia |

Jackie was at Feathers every Tues Or Thurs nite. i can't recall the exact day but she had a show every week for years...I believe she only sang one song!! LOL

Peter |

Hi all! I was the original DJ at Feathers from 1978 - 1984 when Sandy & John were the Managers. Ricky Thompson & Archie were the owners and we all had moved over from The Bell which had sold to Howard Johnsons i believe. Joel Silver did a great job with the sound system and produced the live shows with Jackie Nicole, Jimmy Lane, Jimmy G, Alan Lozito, Ruby Rims, Elgin etc etc. We had really fun times. I eventually moved to Los Angeles Ca. to work for Geffen Records and later EMI and A&M Records in various executive positions. I owe my career in the Music Industry to my DJ days. Feathers was always a trend setting dance club that had a really wonderful crowd.
I miss those days and all the great people.

Bitter Old Queen |

I enjoyed Feathers and frequented it from 84 - 94, I met my first bf there, good times. I hated the shows, I remember queen Eddie was the worst drag queen ever.

DiscoCoqui |

I was in Feathers on opening night with my first boyfriend. I was a senior in high school, and he was a college graduate (older man)LOL. I remember it still had restaurant booths upstairs. Eventually they were removed to make room for the dance floor:) That night we went there after going to the movies to see Thank God Its Friday.Afterward we went to his home and had sex for the FIRST time. It was May 1978.It seems like ages ago. Saw Kevin Jackson and Jimmy Lane many Tuesdays & Thursday nights. It was the Best Times.

DJFruitLoops |

i dont ever recall Jackie Nicole playing at feathers I do recall her at the bell and she played a club in passaic a lot called Follies along with the infamous Ruby Rims
the last i heard Jackie transitioned

Bety P. |

Feathers has re-opened and is as fun as ever.

They are now only open Wed (retro nite), Thurs (latino nite), Fri (go-go boys), Sat (dance party).

Friday nite is the best music.

The remodeled and it looks great!

Jay |

Feathers was the first gay bar I went to when I came out. Growing up in NJ you don't have many options to meet other gay people so I naturally gravitated to the bar in the pre-internet era of the early 90's. I feel like part of me grew up there and prepared me for the gay lifestyle I now enjoy in NYC.

This is an important landmark for the gay community in the Northern NJ area and I look forward to seeing its doors reopened again.

Mike B |

Feathers has had their liquor license suspended.
When I got there Friday night 3-13-09 the sign on the door read.

Liquor License suspended. See you April 18TH,2009
The very cheezy website has no info.


I've been going to Feathers since 1993.
I was there Wednesday 3-11-09 all was cool.
Friday was a drag,no punn intended.

Saturday I went into the city.

I don't think there are any decent gay bars in North Jersey other than Feathers.
I guess it's NYC until 4-18-09

joe |

Jimmie Lane was Bette Midler and Elgin was Diana Ross...had alot of fun at Feathers, sad so many people I knew from there are no longer around...I remember my very first time there...the DJ was playing "Push Push In the Bush" I will never forget it..really alot of great memories there...I hope Eddie and the rest of the crew can keep it going...

leo |

well feathers is a great place to have fun with your friends and great place to dance get a deicious drink and meet new people when i went to feathers is was wonderful i had to much fun wishin the best for this club and the owner who make it muakzs :)

jcs |

About 30~31 years ago, "The Bell" in Hackensack converted from gay-bar to rock-club [yeah, tell be about it!] as required in a deal to sell-out to "The Ground Round." Sandy, John, Peter(dj), & myself scouted-out the area and found an ailing restaurant called "Feathers Publick House." A deal was struck with the 2 partners [Rick was one, briefly] and shortly thereafter, we opened: effectively transferring the crowd to River Edge into a space 1/2 the size of "The Bell." Nice crowd, nice employees, nice feeling - - A SUCCESS!
To answer some questions from above... Jackie Nicole has not done shows for ions, as there is no point to dressing in drag when you're a woman. Jimmy still lives locally, by I haven't talked to him this century. Kevin was Diana Ross. Elgin did several characters. Many "guest-drags" wandered thru the doors over the years.
Drag shows were short [1/2 hour] and limited to specific days, as not to give the bar a "drag" reputation or appearance. I was the dj for ONLY the shows; well at least until the 3rd manager [Frank] booted be out for ratting on him to the owner. Hmmm - life ain't fair!!
It was nice to work for the owners of "Feathers"; a welcomed change from the ever-manipulating, penny-pinching owner of "The Bell." [no offense, Irv]
I haven't walked thru their doors in over a dozen years. Who needs to see an "old man" there anyway?

vyniljunkie |

So this is the former BELLS??

rick thompson |

sorry Bob, i do'nt know,it would not surprise me if she's still performing, she was very talented, call Feather's they should know,all the best Rick.

bob scchuhlein |

Hi Rick,

Thanks,now I remember when she did Shirley Bassey's "what I did for love" What ever became od her?

rick thompson |

Hi Bob,Jackie Nicole portayed Shirley Bassey, Jimmie was Bette Midler, i forget who was Diana Ross,but it was a great show, Rick.

bob schuhlein |

I remember going there in the late 70's and early 80's. It was a great club with nice people and great drag shows on Thursday nights, I believe. I think that one of them was "Jackie Nicole". Spent many a great night there. It's great to remanice about when we were young and beautiful! Lol!!!!

rick thompson |

Hi everyone,i am the staight orignal owner and decorator who created feather's, when the bell was closing i approached the former manager who's name was Sandy Nausbaum and we have made history,is it still a pub downstairs with the big beams? happy holidays to all the loyal and fantastic patrons that make feathers a landmark , all the best RICK THOMPSON.

DiscoDiva |

After leaving Philly and moving to North Jersey my gay friends to me to feathers. Good music, good DJ's and some really good dancers to dance with.
Being a female I loved that. Sorry it went by the wayside like so many other places.
Linda Cafarella

Ray Murray |

The place where it all began, Feathers. Worked there back in 1982-83. Back then the guys who
ran the place treated me like family. Great place to meet people, dance and come out. Things were so much different then. Young people actually had fun.

Jason Levy |

Nights behind Feathers were some of the best I ever had, on the other side of the rainbow of course..tee hee hee. I think there must have been a stream or a lake nearby, because whichever car I was parked in would always "fog up". LOL. Oh well, to be young and gay again...Ciao!


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