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Pete and Lenny's

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Commercial Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Pete and Lennys DiscoOwners:
Pete Boinis
Lenny Boyer

Bill Resnick

Barbara London
DJ Damian (1983-1988)

Pete and Lenny's Banana Boat was an awesome place in the late 1970s early '80s. That great band downstairs and watching Planet Patrol there live.. And hanging out upstairs in the dome.

Pete and Lennys

Photos submitted by Rigo of 305disco.com
1. Pete and Lenny's Banana Boat card
2. Pete & Lenny's female DJ Barbara London with Star Sounds Record Pool's Joe Perez,
Pete and Lenny DJ Barbara London and Joe Perez

Photo below submitted by Michael Romano
Remember these guys, thats Ecstacy on the second story dance floor at Pete & Lenny's circa 1980-81. L-R. Mike, Bert, Alex, Jim, Jay, Jesse, Arania.
Pete and Lennys - Ecstacy house band

Photos of exterior and interior of Pete and Lenny's submitted by Mike Mauzerall.
Pete and Lennys

Photos below submitted by Allan Stucki
Description: Cars parked outside of Pete & Lenny's 1978 and a few photos of the group Ecstacy performing on stage on New Year's 1979.
Cars parked outside of Pete and Lennys 1978

More vintage photos from Allan Stucki
#1 Lenny Boyer (co-owner) with Marilyn
#2 Bill Resnick (manager) with Bobby Kline (Crusher)
#3 Bradley Piccalo (bartender)

Photos below from Allan Stucki
Pic #1 Reid Hawley
Pic #2 Allan Stucki
Pic #3 Eddie Latorri
Reid Hawley, Allan Stucki, Eddie Latorri

Photos below by Allan Stucki
Description: Bartenders
Pic #1 Dana Coletti
Pic #2 Allan Stucki & Cindy Switherton
Pic #3 Rich.

Pete and Lenny's as featured on the television show Disco Magic

Photo below from Allan Stucki
Description: Tim Griffin (bartender) Paula, Darcy Heintz Darcy Heintz & George Ninko (bartender)
Pete and Lenny's bartenders

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Paul Donovan |

I worked as a cook with the chef that originally opened up the kitchen at Pete and Lenny's back in 1973. I knew all of the owners pretty good. Pete, Lenny and John were all good guys. The waitresses were the hottest girls in Ft Lauderdale and they made a ton of money. After closing the waitresses wanted to go out many nights to the Playpen that stayed open later than Pete and Lenny's. They would tale all of us in the kitchen out with them to keep guys from hitting on them. They would buy everything, dance with us and then take us all out to breakfast at the Denny's on the corner of Federal Highway and Commercial Blvd. That was some pretty impressive company for a 20 year old cook to be keeping !

Sean |

I worked there as a bartender in 1981-1982. Me, Paul "Zac" Zacaria, Susan, Dino the DJ, I think the house band was Ecstasy... The manager was Albert. Pete & lenny were also around all the time. Partied back then at Dallas, the Bottle Club, Art Stock's Playpen on Federal Hwy (worked there too) and on the strip, and the Candy Store! Happy Hours at Scalleys across the street from P&L's. Great club, and lots of wild times...

Nicholas |

I spent the summers working in other bars in Rehoboth Beach but spent all of my free time at Carl & Lennys and became very good friends with the one and only Lenny Boyar. Lenny led me to P&Ls during the winters and college spring break. What awesome memories. My favorite barmaid was Sara Ackerman and bartender at both clubs Brad Piccolo. Any idea where either of them are now?

Georgeann White |

Does anyone have any photos of Carl & Lenny's, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware? I lived in the Rehoboth Beach area and many fun nights dancing away! I would love to see some photos of this infamous disco! I went to Pete & Lenny's twice and will never forget it! Good times!

Diana Panagotacos |

HI, All,

I remember both Pete and Lenny from there. I met them a few times. They were both such nice guys. I'm sorry to hear of Lenny's passing in 1989. Also, I remember their house band, Ecstacy, who played there back in the mid-80s. They were a really great band and very nice guys. They gave me an autographed group photo for my 16th birthday in 1982, and I still have it. I remember a doorman/bouncer, Bruno, who worked there during the mid-80s, too. He was a real nice guy. Does anyone remember the manager, Ernie Panagotacos, who worked there in the 1980s? He was my Dad and the nicest and greatest guy. Sadly, he passed away last year. I'd love to hear your memories of him. Does anyone have any photos of him taken there during that time? I'd love to see them. Please, leave me a comment.



Bill and Allen you both asked if I remembered you, I sure do and I hope this message reaches you both in good health and spirits! If you would like to keep in touch look me up on Facebook or contact me at reid@rrhawley.com



Bill |

Reid, saw your comments, great time. Do not know if you remember me but I was there. Know Alan as well, I speak to Harvey from time to time. Hope you and all are well.

Allan Stucki |

Hey Reid,
Good to hear from you! Are you still living in FL? What have you been up to? Still practicing Karate? I remember working out at the gym with you and Eddie. After Eddie hit the Giant Punching Bag with a few punches and moved it around a little you came over and hit the bag a few times and nearly broke the chain...I was impressed! My daughter is currently taking Karate (Master Nestor Folta) and I still remember all of the Karate experts at P&L, Reid, Harvey, Rich Alford, Dana Colletti, etc. I'm married now currently living in VA working in Advertising.
Ciao, Allan Stucki


Thanks for the wild ride down memory lane, what a pleasant surprise even a picture of me to boot!
I started working at P&L after being hired by Harvey Hastings who was the club manager at the time. Not long after Bill Resnick took over the helm. Both Harvey and Bill were terrific guys to work for.
Lenny was a blast and a class act, Pete was quiet and collected. A special call out to Bradley who taught me how fill that TIP jar.....he was the MASTER! I'll tell everyone a secret about Bradley.....he would mend his vest not with a needle and thread but a staple gun....LOL!
I can honestly say I enjoyed working with everyone, from the waitressess / barbacks / and fellow bartenders. I remember working the TV shows and how enthusiastic the dancers were even after numerious takes over a 10 hour day without compensaton.
Would I do it all over again........Yes, WITHOUT HESITATION!

R.J. McCoy |

I first discovered "Pete and Lenny's" during February and March of 1975. It was the most classy
disco, I had ever been to. I attended once a week for at least two months during the winter of 1975.
There were just drop dead good looking women, and, being age, 26, I made sure I wore my
"portrait shirt" Italian Nik-Nik shirts, that were the craze of the Disco era. I also, frequented, in
Pompano Beach, Fla, :The Paddock International, and, also in Ft. Lauderdale, Art Stock's Playpen
South, in 1975. But, in my book, Number one was always, "Pete and Lenny's" as it was such a class act place. I returned, during the fall November of 1977, and again, during the winter of
1978, and it was better than ever, although, the "Disco Craze besetting the USA, had "Pete and
Lenny's (then) often, at full capacity, during the winter season, of February and March of 1978, I
only returned one more time, in August of 1979. Those memories were precious for me! Thanks everybody, for placing this website, for all the precious memories!!!! My last three visits I was
accompanied by my lusty, sex craved, University of Miami female partner, and, lost touch with her,
when she got married, in NYC during 1984. Ft. Lauderdale Florida, during the era, 1971 until 1981, was the hottest place to be for a single person, during the winter season, during that decade,
hands down. It isn't the same to me anymore, my last visit was in 1998, and, it may be my last. But
the memories of Ft. Lauderdale, to Miami's, "Big Daddy's @ 8100 Biscayne Blvd, and, "the Bayshore Whale and Sail Club" @1060 NE 79th St, Miami, were 3rd and 4th alternatives, during
1975 to 1981 era to the fabulous "Pete and Lenny's" @2660 Commercial Blvd, in Ft. Lauderdale.
(I still have one glittering gold matchbook, from the Pete and Lenny's Nightclub).

gary grossi |

Feel free to add your comments, notify us of corrections or add missing information...

Steve Marcus |

Here is a good memory for you. A clip from my TV series Disco Magic and Disco 77 shot at Pete and Lennys.


If you go to You Tube and search Disco 77 Disco Magic TV Show Historic films, you can view many of the clips. Enjoy.

Kim |

I worked with Brian several times in the tunnel. He was amazingly attractive, fun and witty. A blast to work with. Fun times.

Susie~Q |

omg..who didn't dance at Pete & Lenny's!!! Who remembers DJ Jovanny??!!!!
What great great memories of great great times - Yes dancing on Disco 77 - Rum Bottoms-Hollywood-Studio 51-Copa-Mr. Pips-Jockey Club-Limelight-Park Avenue
THOSE WERE THE BEST DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!! We ran HoJo's - partying & clubbing - then the after hours-then grab some breakfast and off to the beach where we ran that whole scene!! DJ Frankie & DJ Jovanny...mixed those tunes on the big speaker that tore up the beach and kept us moving to the best dance mixes!
There will never be a better time for us all to reflect back on and smile...cause those were the best times of our lives!!! And we all remember Dr. Pepper & Susie Q-DJ Bobby-BackStreets-DJ Freddie & Freddy-it goes on and on like the beat that goes on....And remember - who ended the night better than Frank Sinatra...My Way....last call people...Last Dance...these are the memories that we keep with us forever!!!

Kim |

I worked at Pete and Lenny's as a bartender in 1981. Albert was the manager. Worked in the main room and upstairs. It was a great time. I think there were seventeen bartenders when I was there. Left there and tended bar at Mr. Pips. Also worked at Stan's for a short time. Loved Ft Lauderdale.

Barbara |

I had the best times of my life at Pete & Lennys. Went every Friday and Saturday night in the early 80's. When I started going, the Banana Boat was still there, but eventually became part of Pete & Lennys. Always used to go in through that door and my favorite doorman was Gary. I often wonder what ever happened to him. Big Eddie was my favorite bartender in the tunnel along with Brian. I was only 15 when I started going there in 1980. I sure miss those days. When I finally was of age, started hanging out at Studio 51 and later at Club Magique with DJ Jimmy. Often wonder about him also.

Allan Stucki |

Hey Pete & Lennys alumni,
I am Allan Stucki and I worked at Pete & Lennys from 1977-1980. I remember some of the best times of my life working as doorman, barback & bartender. I was also a bartender at the Gazebo in OC in summer of '79. I have great memories and remember most eveyone there. I have pictures of all of the bartenders at P & L that I will post soon. I remember when Lenny saw the Village people came out of the downstairs bathroom in full costume and he wanted to get them out of the club. He didn't know who they were. Anyway, I'm living in Northen Va and I own a promotion-advertising company. I still get to Florida every year in fact I am in Boca right now on vaction.
Allan Stucki

Jack Richards |

Damn, Inner Cyrkle was Fantastic. I was a Investigator with OCPD back in the 70s and of course part of my responsiblities were keeping an eye on the clubs. I remember when Gabby Mancini and Richard Layfield operated the Paddock. There were some great clubs in OC at that time.

Eddie Wockenfuss |

Mabe I can get some info from someone from this site. I'm Eddie Wockenfuss, keyboard player for the Inner Cyrkle. We played at The Paddock as well as the Ships Cafe in O.C. Md and at P & L's in about 1974. My first wife Margie worked there in about 73,74,75? She got married to a bartender named Nick ?, and had two kids. It's been a long time and I'd love to get in touch with her. Last I heard, in about 1994 I had lunch in Bladensburg, Md, with her and two of her kids, she was married to someone else and had more kids with him, and thats the last time we communicated. If anyone knows her whereabouts of even her last name could you let me know. I'd really like to talk with her again.


Mark White |

I used to work the kitchen @ Banana Boat during the day('73-'75) Where can you go for a 10oz sandwich for $2.99 now! It was great seeing all the stars (Bee Gees, etc) & cooking for them, washing there limo hahahaha. They were great tippers. Lenny still is the BEST!!! Sorry, never saw Pete.

Robert Lazarus |

Eddie.....I can honestly tell you that those days in Ocean City at the Paddock nite club were the best days of our lives....My Dad and Mom ( Rosalie ) so looked forward to going to the Ocean every weekend to be with Lenny and Dottie AND you guys ( You, Phil Hanes, Doug Lewis,John Sankonis and Don Price).....If I recall,you were in the Army reserves and had to leave one week every month ( or am I mistaken ? )....sadly Lenny died in 1989, my Dad died in 1993 and my Mom died in 2007 BUT the memories of those days will live with me forever....I saw Doug Lewis about 3 years ago when he was playing with NEW MONOPOLY at Martin's caterers in Westminster, Maryland ( where I have worked for 35 years )....Hope everything is good with you and your family....Thank's so much for remembering mine.

Eddie Wockenfuss |

Amazing, it's great to see that these clubs are still being remembered. I played at Pete & Lennys in about 1974. What a time. Rob Lazerus... I knew your Mom and Dad (Jack) pretty well and Lenny was like an Uncle to us in the Inner Cyrkle. We played at the Paddock in OC in the summers of 1969, 70, 72 and 73 (some time at the Ships Cafe that year) I got some photos of the place from when we played there. I'll upload them if I can find them.

Bill Schroeder |

I wondered if anyone knew of Barbara Jane Graham who was the DJ when I worked there. I would love to hear. Thanks, Bill.

Coty girl |

The only place we ever went when vacationing in Florida. Met a wonderful man, Jorgen, the sweetest and kindest man in the crowd. Good times!

Michael Holland |

I want to acknowledge all the friends and fans of "ECSTACY". First of all to say thank you for your love and support throughout the seventeen of the bands existence. We love you all!! Second and most importantly I want to let everyone know that we are still alive and well and having a reunion for two nights at "Club Renaissance" in Miami May 27th - 28th. Don't miss this one show per night extravaganza. For those of you who have never been to "Club Renaissance", here's the address:

2340 Southwest 32nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33145-3142
(305) 445-1313

I want to see everyone there and be sure to bring your friends and family!!

Michael Holland

alexvilla |

hey Bob - congrats!! we're still alive. It's Alex, bass player of Ecstacy (the quiet one). I still miss Lenny as much as my Dad. I grew up @ P & L's you know. Lenny was the best! Taught me a lot. I learned early on when Lenny said "hey Alex, Meet my friend... Give her a kiss" I better say "no thanks Len... I know where those lips have been"! I hope everything is good with you. If time travel would be a reality, I would just be back @ the club. Peace

tommy |

i saw rocker's revenge one of my favorite songs the harder they come...anyway was there every friday and saturday night hung out in the dome upstair's great time's you'll never find another club as good as pete&lennys or casanova's ever, if we could turn back time for one more weekend.lol

Robert Lazarus |

A.N.....Lenny was my uncle....Great guy, wasn't he.

Arthur Hosking |

I am the guy that designed Pete & Lennys and later added the Dome that joined the Banana Boat to the main club. I later designed Carl & Lennys up in Rahobith (Sp) Delaware. Lenny was a one of a kind and one of the best clients I ever had. He also blessed me with my angle wife, Ruthie, who was Lennys "bean counter" and used to hand me my pay checks when I built the dome addition. Ruthie and I have been together since 1985 and I have enjoyed every minite of it. I'm glad that everybody enjoyed the Club so much. I was pretty proud of it myself. I designed all of the Benihana Steak houses in Florida also but never got the overwhelming response from them that I got from Lennys projects.

My Best to you all,

A. N. Hosking - Architect

peter carollo |


Gary Grossi |

I'll be turning 60 this year and i'm looking to get a harley FATBOY as a gift to my self


Gary Grossi |

Bill I been going back and forth to florida forever, retired from state of Rhode Island, and I've been bartending for 30 years since Pete and Lenny days where i got my start. I love florida in the winter, and when i'm down there I always manage to go to SHOOTERS 5 or 6 times between jan-april. ever hear from crusher, bradley, don burton, joe deitrich, raja, jock, cindy, marie, george ,tim who else.
keep in touch

Bill craig |

Gary, in Hawaii building customs for the rich and famous. Got out of the scene in Miami and straightened up, moved to Cal and now have licenses in 3 states. It was a hell of time we had down there, some good, some bad but it taught me a lot. I won a couple of body building and weight lifting champs once I escaped the south Florida life style. Where are you and how u been.

Gary Grossi |

Big Bill , where you been, back to New York all these years.

Bill craig |

Hey Gary, Big Bill here, hope all is well.

Gary Grossi |

I am also on facebook

Gary Grossi |

I still think of Pete & Lenny's when i look at some of the pictures I have, I was a doorman back in 1977, with rick {the karate kicker], alan [blonde hair tall] me [gary grossi from RI] and others i can't recall. Then i went on the bar, up stairs with Bradley piccolo,Joe deitrick,Eddy latore Raja, Jock, Cindy, Ralph Izzo, pam the waitress and her sister [who's mother owned a champion trotter horse] I remember Bill Resnick, Crusher,Ecstacy the band,big Bill the bartender,marie the bartender who went to school on los olas for Photograpy, donny burton the bartender from ocean city who later worked at CHI CHI's,Rico and barbra the dj"s would alternate nights,I have a cassete recorded by rico of the music back then which was "FANTASTIC", al the manager from new jersey, sleazy eddy the doorman,tommy the manager,albert another manager, anyone remember me Gary the bartender 77-81 email me Barkeep1025@aol.com I've been bartending the last 30 years Peace, Love, and Good Health to all.

[IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b360/jayvice/3081_844 |

This is a one-time performance by the first generation of my DISCO band ECSTACY. ECSTACY's career spanned 1974 - 1990. Five of six original members plus five other musicians have rehearsed for months.
The address is ... The Club @ Renaissance 2340 SW 32nd Avenue Miami, Florida 33145. Info@TheClubRenaissance.com 786.768.1555

Bill craig |

Jay, say hello to Jesse and Burt, this is Big Bill of Pete & Lenny's 30 years ago.

[IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b360/jayvice/3081_844 |

Hello Brad, THANK YOU for serving/protecting our country. Please meet me May 28th in Coral Gables if you can be there May 28th ... Jay of ECSTACY 2010 RE-UNION ...

tommy |

hey brad, i couldn't agree more, pete and lenny's was the bomb back then, I remember when i started hanging out there they just changed the drinking age from 18 to 21 but i was grandfathered in so me and the gang were allowed to drink, what memorie's i have, i would lobve to go back in time just for one more weekend. lol..take care tommy

Brad Reese |

I graduated Boca Raton High School (Go Boca Bobcats) in 1973 and went into the U.S. Army a week after graduation, however, I was back in Boca in August '73 for 2 weeks leave after my Army basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Drinking age was 18 in Florida at the time and I heard about Pete & Lenny's so I went. I walked in and immediately saw the hottest girl in Boca Raton at the time, Tonya Parks, I asked her for date and she accepted. Blew a hundred bucks on Tonya (well worth it as she was the very finest of babes) at Ft. Lauderdale's best restaurant at the time, the Down Under. I ended up at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. (BD981 - USAMSSA) and would visit Boca 3 times every year and each time from 73 - 76 (while in the Army) danced the nights away at Pete & Lenny's, the absolute best disco in the United States (Adam's Apple in NYC was a good runner-up to Pete & Lennys's). In 1976 went to college in Boston (Babson College) on the GI Bill and then started hanging out at Mr. Pips and the Playpen whenever I visited Boca. Nonetheless, Pete & Lenny's was the "creme de la creme" of discos. It was the definitive statement about Ft. Lauderdale at the time, the absolute best and clearly stamped with Ft. Lauderdale style! I lived in Palm Beach immediately after college (1980) and nothing ever compared to the scene at Pete & Lenny's! Sincerely, Brad Reese - http://www.bradreese.com/

[IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b360/jayvice/3081_844 |

IT OFFICIAL! Pete & Lenny's Night! May 28th 2010 at Club Renaissance in Coral Gables featuring ECSTACY Disco Band from 1974 - 1990. 2340 SW 32nd Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33145 305-445-1313
Please let us know you got this message .....

[IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b360/jayvice/3081_844 |

[IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b360/jayvice/3081_844 |

Hello Steve Marcus, It's me Jay. I was out back at Pete & Lenny's in the mid 80's when the DISCO 77 sign was waiting to be picked up by the trash collector. I should have thrown it in my truck!!

Pam |

Dance Fever was taped at the Limelight right???

Steve Marcus |

Beside shooting the series at Pete and Lenny's we did do a TV special there one night with Denny Terrio.

Pam |

OMG Deny Tario is that right. I was at a taping for Dico Fever..at the limelight...

Robert Lazarus |

Steve....my Mother ( Lenny Boyar's sister ) and Father were there the week that you taped THE VILLAGE PEOPLE,VICKY SUE ROBINSON,TAVARES,LOU RAWLS,DONNA SUMMER,ODYSSEY,....it was a week they never forgot....thanks for the memories....I see the clip of Vicky Sue Robinson every once in a while on VH1 when they show the Disco retrospective....you can sure tell that Pete & Lenny's stage and dance floor

bruce mc vay |

steve, the work and energy you put into that show was amazing. is there a chance for a "best of disco magic, maybe on dvd

the funniest things occured between tapings. do you remember the girls from tuxedo junction without makeup and wearing curlers. they were great and as excited to be there as we were. thank you.

Steve Marcus |

I produced and directed the TV series Disco 77 and Disco Magic. I have great memories of the tapings. I will never forget the first shooting of the show, after we sold the pilot. Pete looked at me and pointed to the stage and said "who is that? Should I now him" I said" his name is Lou Rawls and he has the number one song in the country. We shot 65 different artists and had a great success with the show. I was 27 years old with national TV show on the air. It won an Emmy award in 1978. It also aired in 75 countries. The first year we were on late night. The second year Saturday Night Fever hit and CBS said we need a disco show. We were picked up my most of the CBS stations in prime time. About 12 years ago I sold the entire series to Historic Films in New York. They have the right to license all the footage. My company is still in business. Marcus Productions in Hollywood Florida. Since the Disco days I have directed specials for Disney, Show Time and Fox Television. Don't be surprised if one day you see a movie about how this show, with a $10,000.00 investment from Miami, made the big time.

Bill craig |

Who is showing up from Ecstasy.

Jay M. |

Hello, ECSTACY is in full rehearsal, five original members plus five other members for the May 28th gig in Coral Gables. It is at CLUB RENAISSANCE and the event will be titled ......

pam |

not sure Bill. I may very well know you. Did you evr go to Playpen or limelight..my biggest places back then..then after Playpen we either went to La volconique or Backstreets..Tehn Subday was at Button south..my email address is plipki@yahoo.com

Bill craig |

Pam, do you know me? Hope you are fine now.

Pam |

I bet you I am either in that picture, or I know someone in it...Pete and Lennys was great. ish I had a place like that to go to. After looking at that picture above, brought me back to those days..Some time after graduating from the teen clubs Skips and Trails end..then came pete and lennys and also playpen..OMG..I am OLD!!!!!

Bill craig |

Whatever happened to Sal, Tommy and their brother Charlie. Sal was my side bartender down stairs and then he and I went upstairs when the dome opened. Lenny used to sit at my bar every night as we had the who's who coming to our section. I remember one night that the club was dead and I was upstairs alone in the dome. I had every good customer who you could imagine and Lenny was buying drinks for all. We had 4 bartenders down stairs, Bradley up stairs and me in the dome. I brought down over 400.00 in tips that night, we had a great night as far as the take home was. It was a greta place to work.

Bill craig |

What ever happened to Barbara Jane Graham. I was a bouncer and head bartender for a few years before moving on to California to construction. I turned down the managers job and it went to Bill Resnick back in the middle seventies.

LG |

"Lenny" would be the lead in this story. Honestley! Check out Barry Levinson for the project- He is primed for another blockbuster-this would be it." A great story"- is every one on board ?
Thank you,

Robert Lazarus |

LG.....I must agree with you about the old Ocean City days, they were the best, although I am a little prejudiced since Lenny Boyar was my uncle

LG |

"The Ships Cafe"-The finest place in Ocean City Md-Mr. Pete Boinis. I remember when Pete would bring his huge Sports Fisherman to Ships Cafe Marina for the summer and fish all the tournaments. The Paddock oozed the charisma of one of the greatest hosts,promoter and friend-Mr. Lenny Boyer. We would migrate to FL, to Pete & Lenny's, a few weeks after Labor Day-they always looked out for the OC group.
Call Barry Levinson- a movie should be made! He is the only one that would be qualified!

Laura |

Hey Jay, Sorry to hear Jimmy doesn't sing anymmore, you guys were great together! Thanks for posting the picture also. I remember most of them, but there's a couple I don't know. What about you, are you still in the music industry? And do you think Ecstacy will have more reunions? It has been a long time since I have heard you play! My sister introduced us at Pete and Lenny's. She would go all the time and one day she said I needed to meet a guitar player there and so I did!

[IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b360/jayvice/3081_844 |

Hello Laura and all, Jimmy was a fantastic singer the played with ECSTACY for five years, vocals, timbales and trumpet. He no longer sings and he won't be at this gig. He lives in South Florida and I speak with him once or twice a year. ECSTACY did have two reunions over the last twelve years and Jimmy attended the first. Six of the thirty two members will be at the show on May28th Friday in MIAMI! Here's a pic of the 1984 version ...

[IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b360/jayvice/3081_844 |

Hello Laura and all, Jimmy was a fantastic singer the palyed with ECSTACY for five years, vocals, timbales and trumpet. He no longer sings and he won't be at this gig. He lives in South Florida and I speak with him once or twice a year. ECSTACY did have two reunions over the last twelve years and Jimmy attended the first. Six of the thIrty two members will be at the show on May28th Friday in MIAMI! Here's a pic of the 1984 version ...

Laura |

I think it's great you guys are doing a show together. You were the best! Jimmy was the lead singer when I went to Pete & Lenny's. I would love to hear Ecstacy play again!

tommy |

boy we can sure use a club like pete & lenny's today, cant seem to find a club that play's those classic disco song's...couldn't wait for friday night to come along..lol spend fri and sat night's there every weekend...awesome club!!!!

[IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b360/jayvice/3081_844 |

MIKE, JESSIE, ALEX, JAY, ARANA ..... and others 03/12/2010

Laura |

What members of ECSTACY will be performing in April? Such great memories of PETE & LENNY'S and the band!!! Definitely a groupee and crushing on one of them back them. :)

[IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b360/jayvice/3081_844 |

And here's a pic of ECSTACY at PETE & LENNY'S circa 1977 ...

[IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b360/jayvice/4324_890 |

[IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b360/jayvice/4324_890 |

Hello, It's 03/03/2010 and ECSTACY is about to sign a contract for one show in Miami early April 2010. It will be at a Disco and the sponsors are calling it .... PETE & LENNY'S NIGHT. Here's a picture of ECSTACY at the FOUR O'CLOCK CLUB circa 1977.

bruce mc vay |

we knew those days would be the good old days even then. i would go to the club every night and dance till 1/2 a.m. paul was the first d.j. and i filled in for him on monday nights. the most fun was dancing on disco 76, disco 77, and disco magic

Michael |

Albert, this is Mike from CT. You hooked me up with your buddy Jimmy that owned the Budget Rental on George St. baby

Carlos Jurado |

I see that we all rememmber Ecstasy, and it was by far the BEST live disco band that I ever saw... I do not understand why they did not became famous as in chart busting famous..they were very good. There is NO club or place around today that can come even close to what Pete&Lennys was like in it's heyday back 30+ years ago. Today it is a Regions Bank but thankfully, the structure-although slightly modified-still stands. If anyone is in the Miami Ft Laud area, the Club on SW 32 Ave in Miami, and Alcazaba in nearby Coral Gables are your best choices.

Tony in Florida |

I was single and 22 in 1973 and went to Pete and Lenny's every night. By far the classiest club I ever saw. I'm a photographer and I never saw more beautiful women than in that club. I would just lean up against the wall downstairs with my drink and watch the dancers and the great bands for hours. Every once in a while a girl who liked the "Woody Allen" type would hit on me and I'd take her back to my apartment on a canal two streets behind the club. By far the best years of my life!!!!!

Albert |

To Michael
Was managing the club from 80-82, sorry I dont remember who you are but would like to communicate with you.

chica |

How do I find the facebook page with the pictures Jay mentioned in his May 9, 2009 post? Loved Pete and Lenny's and spent many nights there! Thanks for the help.

mike |

i am not roberto, my name is mike and you are correct, i went to the coup deville. i went there on a memorabile night back in may of 1979 with a groop of friends in my class. we partied and drank up a storm. we brought one of our teachers and to this day he talks about the cadillac inside the bar and how everyone was going crazy. he was a conservative type and after that night i think he was changed forever.

Steve Kaptain |

The girl [my friends] was the bartender,not the cocktail waitress. I beleive her name was Marie Sykes.

Steve K |

Good memories. I moved to ft.laud/Miami in 77 after
Grad. college in Texas. Met Bill R. Greatest guy I ever met. I didn't know many people. Bill always
was a true Gentman. I really liked the coctail waitres.
Marie[Michigan]. Became friends with her.I moved back
to Texas a long time ago. Plan on Moving to Miami
area in a year or two. Not a day goes by that I don't
think about those times. Every body was pretty cool there. Never had any problems.

Michael |

Hey Roberto, wondering if you remember the Coupe DeVille in New Haven. Lived in WH then moved to FLL in 79....Daniels was the bomb. Not too many clubs with a fireplace!

mike |

during my spring break college years in the late 1970s i fell inlove with ft lauderdale. i went to all the clubs. pete & lennys was one of my favorites. the music at p&l was fantastic and the first year i was there in 1978 the bee gees music was breaking all kinds of records. every club was playing disco but it was best at P&L'S. P&L'S was the best disco club i ever went to. i almost got into studio 54 in nyc but i can't beleive it could be any better. for anyone in connecticut a very good disco was named Daniels in hamden. but as good as it was it wasn't as good as P&L'S. down the street was big daddy's and over on federal highway was art stocks and mr pipps the strip was always packed at the candy store , summers and the button. those were days. i truely loved it and am greatful for being able to experience like all of you who have commented on this site.

Roberto |


Rob |

That was before the Drink nazi's, by the way.
I was 6'1" and i looked older.
The doormen were cool.
It was a different era.

My friends and I would go in like a group of !0 or so.
I see pictures of us from then and I think, WOW.
Silk shirts,tight pants and feathered hair.
A kid would get beat up for that now! LOL
But we were "cool".

6 days a week we were Rockers, but sat night, we danced with the babes

Rob |

Used to go there when i was 16-17.
I learned alot of stuff at Pete and Lenny's!
The woman were sooo hot...
Fond memories

Sue Law |

Trying to locate doorman Chip Lamb from the seventies. I owe him a huge apology. He may not be holding a grudge, but I feel terrible.

Michael |

I worked at the club from 80-82. I was at the front door. Albert was the Mgr. Had some great times and would like to say hello to anyone that remembers me. Would love to somehow get a reunion together. Any takers let me know!

njshore |

I used to go to Fort Lauderdale every winter for 2 weeks vacation from New Jersey. Pete and Lenny's was the best disco I ever been in other than Studio 54 in NYC. I went to Pete and Lenny's every night and my favorite band was Ecstacy. The girls were hot and scored quite often. There was one cute waitress I used to see but don't remember her name, a hot little blonde. Also I met these guys from Syracuse, NY and ran into them 2 years in a row at Pete and Lenny's. They grew up next door to each other in NY and their parents had houses next to each other in Florida. If either of you guys read this it would be great to touch base with you. Too bad we can't turn back the clock and return to those wonderful and crazy days. Thank Pete and Lenny for being a part on my history.

Robert Lazarus |

Hey Jay,
Thanks for remembering Lenny, he really was a great guy, and we still miss him even 20 years after his death. Do you remember THE INNER CYRKLE with Phil Hanes,Doug Lewis,Eddie Wockenfuss,John Sankonis etc.

Jay |

05/06/2009 and I am back on the Pete & Lenny's Blog. First I want to say hello to Bob Lazarus from earlier in this blog. I played in Ecstacy one of the house bands at Pete & Lenny's and we all loved you uncle. He was a father to us. We also played at the PADDOCK.
I have been posting pictures of the band I was in, ECSTACY, on my FACEBOOK page. Low and behold I have re-established contact with four of the thirty-two members of ECSTACY as I am posting promo 8" by 11" photos of the group and tagging them. Some of the pictures I am posting have hundreds of dancers in them and one of my friends now in N.Y., saw herself on the dance floor! Please contact me if you get a chance so I can link you to these pictures. Already I am getting pictures from people I haven't seen in twenty plus years.

Mark Gollub |

I was the Gazebo DJ in the summers of 1978 and 1979. After hours, I used to hang out with the waitresses and, when they were the first gigs of the summers, Ecstacy. Jay and Greg - I remember you well. Jay, I always had a great time with you and your bandmates. Greg, you went out with Monica C, the waitress who did spot-on imitations of bacon frying and country-club sprinklers with her body.

I outdrew the bands on the dance floor when the band was not Ecstacy!

I loved Crusher (Bobby Klein) and Marion, Pete's trusted cashier.

My closest friend was April Dalrymple. Most beautiful, inside and out. I wonder where she is, now.

Tony Scornavacca |

Pete and Lenny's was the hottest disco in S. Florida. We would drive up from Coconut Grove. The atmosphere was super-charged and the music was pumping til 5:AM.

Steve Jarrell |

I played with a band called "Our House" from Virginia. We played Pete and Lennys several times in the mid 70's. What I remember most are the long hours, I think we played 5 or 6 a night and it was 7 days a week. It was one of the hardest gigs on our east coast routing, but also one of the most fun!

There was also an older couple that came often. I can't remember his name but his wife's name was Pearl. They were delightful people to know.

The stage was high,and the disco was always louder than the bands.

The guys wore leisure suits and the girls wore sun dresses. The lighted dance floor was operated from the dj booth and the dj that worked there when we were there would turn the floor lights up high because where the dj booth was located he could see through the sun dresses when the lights were cranked up.

Tony Anger |

I worked as a doorman/bouncer at Pete and Lenny's in the mid 70's for a couple of years. My room mates were Joe Thall, a manager, and Crusher a bartender. I wish I could remember everyone, but a few that stand out were a young guy named Wesley, he and I had an interesting night with the singer Vickey Sue Robinson, we were staying at his dad's house (his dad was in an up-scale prison for tax problems) a mansion on the water and she and her manager stayed there since the hotel they had for the TV show sucked. Another guy was Rick a karate master, I think Bill was too from what I remember.
I also drove Lenny's limo for the bands when they came to do the TV show Disco 77 or Disco Fever, something like that. I got to drive several famous bands, but the guy I remember most was Al Green, he was very cool. The Tramps were another band and the Village People, but I pissed them off when I asked them if the goofy costumes made them sing better...lol

I was also working at the local airport trying to get all my ratings and have moved from the night club scene, and now am a Captain for US Airways based in Phoenix...long way from bouncer at the coolest club ever.

I hope all the girls I knew then still have the fond memories that I have, back them sex was safe and flying was dangerous...but so far neither one has hurt me :-)

If anyone remembers me that gets on here, I would love to say hi.

305DiscoDotCom |

My interview with Pete & Lenny's manager.

Bill Resnik of Pete & Lenny's

South Florida has seen many "Discotheque" establishments who use creative, exotic and fancy names to attract hoards of would be Disco heads to their dance floors, from Scaramouche to Nepenthes, South Florida has played host to countless trend setting Disco's whose names sometimes were difficult to pronounce, but this was the not the case for one legendary South Florida nightclub.

In 1973, lifelong friends Peter Boinis & Lenny Boyar began their nightclub careers as partners of one of the, if not the most important and historic nightclubs S. Fla. has ever seen, while simply naming it after themselves, " Pete & Lenny's" .

305Disco.com was able to track down the ever so busy real estate / entrepreneur and the brainchild of " Pete & Lernny's ", Peter Boinis for comments.

Unfortunately Mr. Boinis was not able to personally sit and chat with 305Disco.com at this time, but he did point us in the right direction by leading us to the best possible candidate to discuss the days of Pete & Lenny's with us.

But fear not 305Disco junkies, I will soon be sitting down with Mr. Boinis for a Discoview.

305Disco.com would like to welcome Bill Resnik, another of Mr. Boinis's lifelong friends and one time manager of not just Pete & Lenny's, but also Christopher's, the longest standing nightclub in the South Florida area whose original owner also sported the Boinis last name.

Welcome 305Disco.com Mr. Resnik.

(BR) My pleasure,it's always fun reminiscing.

As I understand it, you managed Pete & Lenny's through 77-79?

(BR) Yes I was the manager from 77-79, shortly after Pete's brother, John left to open Christopher's.

Who was the Disc Jockey during your time at Pete & Lenny's?

(BR) The DJ for the most part was Barbara Jane Graham. I don't know how many female DJ's there were back then. Do you?

What year did you start managing " Christopher's " for the other Boinis, John?

(BR)1980, as I mentioned, Christopher's opened in 1977. John and his partner, David Kelmanson managed the club for the first three years.

In 1977 Disco was at it's peak and Pete & Lenny's was one of the top clubs to be seen at, it was also the year Pete & Lenny's began playing host to a worldwide syndicated program "Disco 77", which was televised in over 70 countries.

Can you enlighten us on how that venture came about and what was the vibe surrounding the " Disco 77 " tapings?

(BR) Steve Marcus productions put the show together. They simply asked Pete and Lenny to use the facility on Monday afternoons. The set was closed to the public except for local dancers who wanted to participate. Pete and Lenny did not ask for much, just credits throughout the show.

Having been smack nab in the middle of things during the Disco era's peak, what do you think separated Pete & Lenny's from it's competitors that helped Pete & Lenny's draw so many loyal customers during it's many years of existence ?

(BR) Certainly the facility was like no other of it's time. Built in 1973, no other nightclub in the country was as nice. Remember this was two years prior to the Disco era. Our "base" had a jump start on the rest.

Longevity seems to follow not just any Peter Boinis project, but also his brother John who opened "Christopher's" in 1977 and still continues strong to date.

What is it about these two former University Of Maryland football stars that has made them so successful in the nightclub and hospitality business?

(BR) Their vision and passion along with their strong work ethics is arguably part of their success.

It's been 30 years since you worked for Mr. Boinis at Pete & Lenny's, but nothing has changed in your relationship with Peter Boinis, except the location and business concept as you still stand side by side with Mr. Boinis to this day while now managing a much more toned down establishment for Mr. Boinis, Pete's Restaurant in Boca Raton, a long standing eatery.

What is it about Mr. Boinis that has kept you next to his side for so long?

(BR) His loyalty to me. This is not unusual for Pete. Pete's Restaurant opened in 1987. He still has many employees who have worked for 15 or more years for Pete. His chef (Steve Galuzzi) has held the position from day they broke ground.

What do you think was Pete & Lenny's defining moment?

(BR) Certainly the success of Disco 77 and Disco Magic (1978) were important. A lot of the day to day success must be given to the house band "Ecstasy", possibly the best cover band in the country. During the disco peak the band would learn 5-6 new songs every week in order to keep up with the market. They had a huge local following.

Care to share a tale about Pete & Lenny's that no one knows about without getting in trouble with the Mrs.?

(BR) All good clean fun!!

What happened to Lenny Boyar and what was life like for Mr. Boyar after the closing of Pete & Lenny's? .

(BR) Lenny operated a neighborhood bar called Scally's on Commercial Blvd. Later he changed locations to Oakland Park Blvd. He was always good for a story about P&L's any given happy hour. He truly loved being the host. Unfortunately Lenny is no longer with us.

What groups do you remember had graced the Pete & Lenny's stage?

(BR)The most memorable for me was the Village People. They performed "YMCA" for the first time on our stage. But nearly every top Disco artist performed at the club.

Besides national acts performing at Pete & Lenny's, can you remember some of the faces and names of celebrities that would frequently visit Pete & Lenny's?

(BR) When initially speaking with you, I was at Pete's Restaurant. Not knowing Pete was of Pete and Lenny's, one of the servers overheard our conversation and said he danced the night away with Valerie Bertanelli. I'm sure many people had similar experiences with famous people. The real stars were the regulars who set the atmosphere with their dress and dance steps.

All around, how would you describe Pete & Lenny's, from it's customers to the atmosphere each time the doors opened?

(BR) The doors would open very quietly at 6:00pm with one bartender. The remainder of the staff arrived at 8:00pm. The band started at 9:00pm and it was packed by 10:00. That was every night!!!

Let's move on to word association, I say a word and you tell us the first thing that comes to mind.

Disco - More than anything, Disco brought SOUND AND LIGHTING SYSTEMS to the clubs.

Pete & Lenny's - The first of it's kind

Christopher's -Saloon Bar for the Boomers

Peter Boinis - A true entrepreneur

John Boinis - A great student of this industry. . .brought the Wine and Champagne Room to S. Fla.

South Florida - The demographic Pete Boinis saw before any of us.

Rolls Royce - The band or Lenny's car?

Disco 77 (Disco Magic) - A simple deal with a production company that exploded

Women at P & L's - Hard to find an unattractive one

Bellbottoms - That was early 70's. Later it was Leisure Suits and Polyester Shirts.

The 70's - Glad I was in my 20's then.

The 80's - Wish I was in my 20's then.

Today - Taking it easy.

Whether you danced the night away or not at Pete & Lenny's or the still standing Christopher's, these legendary hot spots helped shape the South Florida dance scene in gigantic fashion, which is probably why their names continue to be spoken from the mouth's of the many who strutted their stuff on their dance floors, and while perhaps having stood in the shadows of the well known Peter Boinis, Bill Resnik and his involvement with the South Florida disco scene can considered him a legendary S. Florida nightclub manager.

305DiscoDotCom |

The female DJ who spun at P & L's name was Barbra London.

I'll upload a picture of her soon as well as others.

setting the record straight |

After reading the comments I want to set the record straight and put the rumors to rest that Pat Deluca's brother was a judge in the marathon contest that Pat won fair and square. Frank Deluca was NOT A JUDGE and the contest was not rigged. I was dating Frank and went to the contest with him and remember carrying that well deserved trophy out of there. In my opinion Pat and Anna were much better dancers than Tommy and Cindy. In memory of Pat Deluca.

Bob |

I was doing a search for Septembers and found this site. Spent many nights entertaining various Motorola engineers there. Really liked the house band and a singer named Wanda Williams, what ever happened to her and the rest of the band? Sure do miss the 80's. Wasn't there a Banana Boat in Boynton Beach too?


Al Longobardi |

Hey there. I used to spin at Boomers in Davie, FL. That place was really jumping during Friday/Saturday nights. I used to spin with this other DJ whom I can't remmember his name and also heard he passed away quite some time ago. If you came to the DJ Booth to request a song I was the one with the tan skin and black hair muscular. The other DJ had a mustache I didn't. Wow, what memories of that place. It was really hot and the dance floor was always packed. Hope you remember me.

Orlando (Landy) Perez |

It is so good to hear from so many of you that are still out there and still remember the good old days of P&L.

Lisa |

Hi everyone. My husband always heard me talk about the old days and the fun times I had at P & L's back in the 70's and 80's so he did a search and came across this website. I was so happy that he found this. It was great to read everyone's comments. I started going to Pete & Lenny's when I was 15 years old. It’s hard to believe 30 years have passed. I remember my parents wouldn’t allow me to go unless my brother took me, so he would sneak me in. We danced on the show Disco Magic. (My brother actually danced on the show Disco 77 which was filmed before Disco Magic at the Cricket Club in Miami). I remember I used to skip school to dance on the show. We had to bring 3 different outfits for the taping. Evelyn Champagne King actually treated us to lunch next door in the Banana Boat. I still have all the P & L napkins with all the disco star's autographs. My husband tried to purchase the footage on historicfilms.com but they won't sell it to individuals. That would be great to see again. I wish Steve Marcus would do a "disco reunion" show and use the footage from Disco Magic.

After that, I practically lived there for years. I was born and raised in South Florida so I have seen so many changes over time. It’s kind of sad to drive past the old site and see a bank where the best place to have fun used to exist. (The Village movie theater which used to be across Commercial Blvd near Denny’s is now a bank too). I used to go to Mr. Pips, Studio 51, Fantasy Island (then it became Josephs) and even the Village Zoo off of A1A and Sunrise Blvd. My wallet was full of courtesy cards to all these places. We were crazy but it was so much fun.

Thanks for bringing back all the great memories. Maybe we will all meet again one day.

Have fun and keep dancing.

Jay |

It's been two years since I visited this site and in 2006 there were only ten comments. All you need to do is GOOGLE Pete & Lenny's and here you are.

Andrea - Ecstacy split up after 17 years in 1991 and we've had two reunions. 17 of the 32 members showed up to my birthday party in 2001.

I actually know a couple of the people who have written here recently.

I passed by the Pete & Lenny's location last weekend 06/14/2008 and the area has changed. STAN's is long closed and the surrounding eatery's have changed names. P&L's changed and it's a bank now. The bridge to the Banana Boat is gone, as well as the boat.

06/20/2008 it's good to see everyone's still around.

P.S. UPTOWN is now the CULTURE ROOM and SEPTEMBERS is a flat lot.

vyniljunkie |

Keep dreamin! Maybe one day it will actually happen. It has occurred before at other clubs!

Heidi Jean |

We have to have a reunion. It's a must.

carlos jurado |

Hi all:

Check out this link to youtube, I do not recall ever hearing this song back in the day. I found it by happenstance.

I think it is nice and if you like Eurodisco, this is right up your alley.


Andrea |

Hi all,

Hope all is well with everyone. I am wondering if anyone ever got the reunion together I hope I did not miss it.....

Well in the meantime check out my MYSPACE page because there is a song that totally reminds me of the Disco Nights and all the fun we had dancing ..... Even if I did not "hustle" the music was the best ever....

Keep dancing...


Jim |

Used to work for Pete at Ship's Cafe Marina in Ocean City, Md back in the 70's. Been to Pete and Lenny's too. Awesome memories

vyniljunkie |

Sorry EDDIE, you are not the MACHADO I was referring to. that MACHADO was a very good disc jockey in the seventies and eighties at various clubs. On slow nights, he would hang out. You wouldn't know me, I didn't hang out anywhere, I too was a deejay. But EDDIE, those were some good places to hang out in. I celebrate with you memories of those fantastic clubs, hope you enjoyed yourself! My name is Pete A.K.A. THE VYNIL JUNKIE.

EddyPR |

Viniljunkie,I use to hand out at P&L and Limelight alot, also at 747 in Hialeah. My last name is Machado whats your name...

vyniljunkie |

OYE MACHADO, if I remember you correctly, you put on a lot of tapes, and did a lot of hanging out!! I remember you at CHERRY'S and at CATS, you loved to hang out!!

mixmachine |

Tommy, if you were there at Bennet's in 1984, then we probably met, sometimes when the nights were really slow I played a tape and hung out by the hallway waiting for costumers, I left there in December to open Infinity, Bennett's main Bartender (I believe his name is Rick?) came along with us to Miami Springs.

tommy |

hi mix machine, i used to work at the marco polo, worked the front door sometimes at bennet's disco, then worked security after it closed, that was an awesome spot , didn't the owner's also opened up the trade wind's night club also? t.c tommy

Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

Infinity started right after the new wave era started to slow down, I had a lot of great memories spinning there, being there and dancing there, including the times that the cop's would stop on the way late at night after closing to harass me about something or other.

mixmachine |

I seem to remember there was a female Deejay that DJed at P&L, this was I believe before Rick Alonso took over.

During the years 82/83 I was Deejaying on weekends mainly on P&L's "teen" side, and covering for my old friend Rick Alonso other nights in the main room in between the great house band.

The teen side used to get wild with the "break-dancers" and it was a joy to spin in this room, the sound system here was so loud that my ears are still ringing to this day :).

But a few times the nights will end early (teen side) due to heavy duty gang fighting, one night they even shot Pete outside during a brawl, no one notify me as they kept me spining inside, I didn't hear the "news" until the end of the night :( The perpetrators were later convicted.

I don't even remember how much longer P&L stayed opened after this, as soon after this incident I left P&L for a full time residency at "Bennets Disco" inside the Marco Polo hotel in Miami Beach,--mostly a tourist spot-- my DJ friend Jimmy E was leaving this club to concentrate on opening his Mega club "Infinity" in Miami Springs.

carlos jurado |

Hi Landy:

It is now late February 2k8 and I was wondering if there is anything new on the reuning yet.

Curious Carlos.


Orlando (Landy) Perez |

Yes sir I am aware of the limelight and when Lewis took over, and rumor had it that the reason that the limelight had its dramatic exit, is because the city of hallandale did not want to renew their licence to open until 6 am anymore, and a limelight closing at 3 or 4 am was not what we wanted, so it met it's doom. there will never be another time like the one we had back then, what an experience.

vyniljunkie |

Actually LANDY, Lewis Martinee is my friend as well, and he was the deejay at The LIMELIGHT only after BOBBY LOMBARDI left for San Fransisco. By the time Lewis was there, the club was on a steady decline, headed for an appointment with JEWISH LIGHTING. Lewis has worked at so many places I couldn't attempt to write about all of them. I can tell you, that he used to drive a 69 or 71 Chevy Impala, then the next day he had a PORSHE that he totaled near DADELAND. From rags to riches, thanks to EXPOSE and Pantera records signing with ARISTA. I don't have a negative thing to say about him and those days, on the contrary, I give him much praise as one of the guiding lights of the MIAMI SOUND. After all, he won GRAMMY'S for being a producer, who else can make that claim down here?

Orlando (Landy) Perez |

Lewis Martinee was a close friend of mine, he was the man behind the lime lights turntables also, besides being part of PANTERA prod.

vyniljunkie |

While there were other deejays that worked there, you must be talking about FRANK DIAZ who was the driving force behind PABTERA or maybe the fabulous Lewis Martinez, sorry, MARTINEE .

vyniljunkie |

While there were other deejays who played there, you must be talking about Rick Alonso's partner FRANK DIAZ. While Frank wasn't in Rick's league as a mixer, he did a good job and was the driving force, along with Lewis Martinee(HA HA) at PANTARA Productions.

Orlando (Landy) Perez |

hey there vyniljunkie, I am not sure if you read all of the postings on this forum, but I do remember and I was one of the dancers of this tv show that was on national tv from P&L back then, and the other dj that was part of pantera productions, do you know his name.

vyniljunkie |

I forgot to mention that Rick (BILLY BOB) Alonso went on to be one of the big player for PANTERA records and was very influential in the creation and development of groups like SEQUEL and EXPOSE. When I last saw Rick in 1996, it was on Alton Road in Miami Beach. From Pete and Lenn's he went to Coconut Grove and the ultra-exclusive and ultra-chic CATS.

vyniljunkie |

What everyone on this forum forgets, is that Pete & Lenny's was around before them. In the mid-seventies, it had a TV show filmed there and aired nationally. It's DJ was Billboard reporter Rick Alonso. He was an old school mixmaster who blended with the best of them. The tourist factor made the local crowd irreverent. Always a steady club, that featured some of Ft. Lauderdale's prettiest faces. Poor sound and lights weren't important factors to its success.On my scale from 1 to 10, a strong 9.

Robert Lazarus |

Greg, Just read your post,you're right,Lenny did sell the Paddock nite club a number of times,he kept getting it back when the new buyer couldn't make the payment (It's funny that you knew that, I thought that was a family secret) What do you do now, where do you live? I am still in the Catering business in Baltimore, I have worked at Martin's Caterers for 30 years now, in fact I still see some members of the old Ocean City bands ( I will see Doug Lewis tomorrow night, he used to play in the INNER CYRKLE, do you remember them?) Take care and it was great talking to you, it's always fun talking to someone that remembers Ocean City from the 70's and 80's. Robert Lazarus

Randy Locrotondo |

sorry for the misspelled words. I did not check it before I posted

Randy Locrotondo |

I still talk to Jimmy C. one of the DJ's from Pete & Lenny's.Jimmy also worked in Studio 51 and Joesphs. I got into spinning by lisyening to his tapes when I worked in a small Italian rest.I worked for Blue Martini In West Palm and then in FT.Lauderdale for 4 1/2 years.I now live in Port St Lucie Fl. I am also working with a new club being built off of 95 and exit 121. very nice apscale ( NO KIDS AND HIP HOP!!) I would love to do a real disco night there.If people are interested please reply . Randy my email is RL1200@COMCAST.NET

GregDarlin |

I do remember your uncle, Lenny Boyer. I worked for him in Ft. Lauderdale in the Fall of 1978 at P&L's. He also bought and sold the Paddock in Ocean City, Md, I think four times. He was one helluva PR man.
I worked for Pete at the Gazebo during the summers of 1978, 79 and 1980. I think I remember you.
Anyway, those were great days and cannot be duplicated.
Have a Happy New Year!

tommy |

hope u all have a merry xmas and a happy & healthy new year. see u all at the reunion

Orlando (Landy) Perez |

Merry Christmas to you all, yes please remember it is Christmas and a very happy new year's to all of you Disco ducks out there, I hope to see you all on the dance floor real soon

carlos jurado |

Happy Holidays to all and I hope the new year brings you joy and happiness....and the long awaited for reunion.

AndreaJ |

Well I just got done watching Saturday Night Fever. That has to be the best movie ever!

pammydance |

Hi Tommy...

Unfortuntley not very much, .... they play a vaiety of music. The band is relatively new and they play some 80's during the night, but it is a mix of everything. It seems that you can pick out a few good songs and hussle anyways :)


tommy |

does gaby's play disco music?i'm real close to that place. thx tommy

carlos jurado |


I sent you an email this morning before I left for work. It should be in your inbox.


Pam |


Thanks for responding.. I LOVE to dance, I suppose thats why many many years ago when I first got my computer, Andrea gave me the screen name pammydance :).. When I go to the local club "Gaby's" in Pembroke Pines, there are a few couples that still hussle. I think to myself "hey I can do that" and I start thinking of my days on the dance floor when the dance floor would open up for me and my partners..(I think I still have some kind of follwing skills left.. lol) My free style dancing skills are pretty darn good and my disco skills, well might need a little brushing up, but with the right partner I could be a "disco queen" ...care to connect... my email is pammiedance@yahoo.com

Boogie on down,

carlos jurado |

HI Pam:

Glad you came over to talk to us, and hope all is well with you. If you ever need a partner (specially a sight unseen one like yours truly), let me know. I would like to find someone who actually LIKES to Dance and that is at least halfway decent on the floor (that means she will not step on my toes more than 3x's a minute).

Any that is the short and long of it. Regardless, I hope you have fun the next time you dance with whomever the lucky guy might be.

a big John Travolta boogie to you!



pammydance |

Hi Disco friends... My sister Andrea told me about this site. Sounds very cool. "Hi Carlos" It was fun reading all the posts and it sure does bring back wonderful memories of friendships and clean good fun. Pete and Lenny's was alot of fun, I loved the idea of having different rooms. I spent lots of time there, along with Mr. Pips, Studio 51, the limelight on the beach and finally as the disco era started to wind down for me Boomers in Davie

Pam |

Hi Disco friends... My sister Andrea told me about this site. Sounds very cool. "Hi Carlos" It was fun reading all the posts and it sure does bring back wonderful memories of friendships and clean good fun. Pete and Lenny's was alot of fun, I loved the idea of having different rooms. I spent lots of time there, along with Mr. Pips, Studio 51, the limelight on the beach and finally as the disco era started to wind down for me Boomers in Davie.

carlos jurado |


I am not "the greatest dancer", but I can more or less hold my own on the floor. I am local here in Miami and not presently engaged to anyone. If your sister is interested, feel free to let me know. I work Friday and Saturday, but I get off early in the evening.

Keep boogieing..


Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

the limelight and rum bottoms was the same place, and the limelight had more lights then any club in florida and the stainless steel dance floor, plus 50 thousand watts of power, to the point that the drinks would fall of the tables, i believe the limelight had 8 turn tables which was more than rum bottoms had, you mean the little limelight of hollywod beach, i went there after the original was burned down, never like the original one.

AndreaJ |

She would kill me to say but her age is 49......... She wants to have a Disco Party for her 50th. It has always been her dream.

I remember the original Limelight. It was originally called Rumbottoms. I can still hear the advertisement on Y-100. The night of my High School graduation in 1977 we all went to Rumbottoms. Most of us got in except for one or 2 in the group. That was really the first New-York club to come to town. I remember seeing The Tramps at there.

When that club finally closed they opened a limelight on Hollywood Beach. I know it was not as nice as the one near the Hollywood Dog Track but it was fun just the same.

Keep on Dancing

Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

hey there mr. web site site host, what is the deal with the time of the message postings, i just posted a message at 5 45 pm central time and it is showing 11 38 am

Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

that is so cool Andrea, is your sister in our age group, because those circles did not go on for ever, those were the days when you either had it to be able to go in to the circle and stay in or you would be taken out as soon as you got in in., I still remember those nights of none stop dancing, if you go to the limelight page from this place you will see there from page of the tracks magazine of a circle at the limelight, that was tommy and cindy , I am one of the ones on the center of the picture watching them dance, because this was not open for others to cut in, they were doing an excibition for a tv show or something, but go there and see it, i have that magazine, i published that picture

AndreaJ |

If I can volunteer my sister she would love to dance with a guy who can lead. She was really the Hustle dancer in my family. Sad to say I never acquired the coordination to partner dance although I loved trying. She is single with one daughter. She loves going out dancing so if you are ever in Davie/ Ft. Lauderdale area just drop a note on this site. I get the updates on my e-mail. She always went to a place called Boomers in Davie and had a really good dance group. They were always doing the circle thing and cutting in and out. It was amazing to watch them. I also listen to a local Spanish station here, WCMQ 92.3 FM. From 5 to 6:30 its totally Disco..

Keep Dancing!

Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

Hear Hear my friend, lets just get it on and keep on dancing
bring on the new year and the reunion.

carlos jurado |


Hear Hear!!!

You know what? We cannot change reality, we can only accept it. So, we will keep on doing what we do and get our fun when and where we can.

No matter what maybe, there are more Saturday's ahead for us to enjoy, so let us make the best of it. We are STILL young enough.



Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

I totally understand you y friend, about finding ladies that are our age or not that have no clue what is to synchronized with a man, or letting a man lead, times have changed so much and women do not allow to do much in the area of being in charge, they have become too liveral and there fore it is showing on the dance floor, they can go on it and do free style and go cracy, that is there way of unwinding,and dancing there way, with out being controled but when it comes to a man leading or taking charge, they do not know what that is or they do not remeber it, that is why when i go with my students or my dance partners, so that I do not make a full of my self on the floor with some one that does not know how to dance or wont do it our way, and I am having more fun dancing with younger ladies that want to dance or want to learn, then with the ladies our age, not many of them are in to it no more, between the marriage and the kids and the divorced if applicable, they just don't do it the same way that they use to, in my case, dancing is my career it is what i do for a living, soi have to look for the young ones to get my dance fix, and yes I love this site, and I am dying for a reunion, i was down there in miami 2 weeks ago, and I went to Mistique's and dance salsa all night and had most of them just sitting around watching me do my thing, and that made me feel great to have a group of young and older people, just stop dancing to watch me, it give me the strenght and the memories of before, when we use to do the circle and one couple would go on the center alone for a while with disco, it tells me to never stop dancing, but it is hard to find dancers our age now. i do not know anyone here that can hustle with me.

carlos jurado |


Dancing is great and fun, but I also enjoy the fellowship of people of our generation and tastes, in other words, I miss our "crowd". Let me explain: When I go to Christophers or even on my daily life, I do meet people in my age group, but many are from out of the area or out of the country and our experiences just do not add up. I have danced with more than one woman of around my age that do not have a clue of what a dance floor is. They will either shake like an Osterizer blender gone haywire, or else they resemble soldiers learning how to march and not having an easy time of it.

So, I just go out on the weekends and hope that I can at least find a woman that can more or less move at my tempo and I can take care of the rest. As for the rest, I do not really want to go back to the past(which in any case is totally impossible) but rather I would like to be able to enjoy myself with people who like the same things I do and who share more or less a background similar to mine, hence the need for a reunion so that we can all reconect even if we do not know each other personally. With our collective experiences and love of dancing we would go a long way.

In closing, I do not believe that I am the only one in the whole world that feels this way, and that there are many out there who would love to be with other like minded fellow dancers at least every so often.

Besides, I need to practice with someone who can actually dance, lest my dancing bones start rusting or whatever the medical condition or word is that defines when your bones are not up to snuff.

By the way I appreciate this site very much and I have bookmarked in my sites, and if I come across someone that I think would like this, I will pass the web address along.

Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

Life does change my friend Carlos, and we deal with it if we still want to be part of the dance scene as we use to be, I can do the disco if they got it or the salsa if that is what is offered, lets just dance my friend, that is who we are dancers, we started the disco era and I also am part of the start of the salsa era in miami, I will never lose that dancing edge that I have.

carlos jurado |


I am a "Disco Veteran" of the late 70's club scene here in SoFla, and I have searched high and low for a good club and the best I have found is Christophers. The Martini Lounge in Coco Walk in Miami has too many young folks and plays to much Salsa for my taste. I supposed that it is natural that by the time people reach their mid to late 40's, the single and swinging population is quite a bit smaller due to people having families, careers, and other comittments that life piles up on all of us as we pass through this world.

I wish that there were more places to go to, but like you I am at loose ends in that regards. Believe me, finding myself single again after almost 25 years, this clubbing scene is quite a bit different than the carefree days of long ago.

Orlando (Landy) Perez |

I know that 305disco is working on the reunion, i hope that they choose a club with a large enough dance floor to hustle on, and I hope that the reunion is after the end of the year, because I have got too many performances here locally, that I can not get out of

tommy |

is there anymore clubs that play disco in ft. lauderdale? since bellbottoms closed i can't seem to find any place else thAT PLAYS DISCO, any word on the reunion?

AndreaJ |

I am pretty sure it was opened in 79 because my best friend at the time was married to the bass player and had a baby in 1980..... I went to a club located at the rooftop building about 8 years ago.... I remember dancing a bit and leaving.... I am not sure it even exists still but the next time I am near there I will totally check it out. If it is still a club maybe we could all meet there for a reunion. I am pretty sure that Christophers is still open. I remember that the dance floor there was so small and I hated it. There has got to be a place around town to still do out and dance....

Orlando (Landy) Perez |

that was it Andrea, let me ask you this, when did that club open, I do not think that it goes back to P&L days, I think that it came about in the early to mid 80's

Andrea |

.......And the club next to Mr. Pips was the Rooftop, right on the corner of Oakland and US1. Manhattan Skyline played there. They were another really great house band........

Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

the club next to Mr. Pip's was called the playpen, man all of these memories coming back to me. it took me a whole night to remember this name.

mair |

I would definitely be down for a reunion in January.My brothers and sisters who used to frequent there already all said they would go their names are Peter,Milton, Denise and Dolores in case anyone knows them.I only went once when it was toward the end of their era but I would definitely go too!

Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

and the limelight was in the same building as the previous GREAT club called rumbottoms. on the corner of hallandale blvd and A1A I believe

Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

THE OTHER PLACES NEAR P&L were Mr. Pip's then right next to it was another club and yes studio 51, at mr pip. i use to always see the comodores there, then on the south corner of mr pips on the next intersection there was another club but that was from mid 80's not sure of the name, and in reference to the ex lady, that is the way it is, my girlfriend from then and I could have been married today, if it was not for her father back then oposing it, but that is destiny, I would not be where I am today, if that would not have happened, I am not sure about a new years reunion, to many of us have things to do with family and friends remember we are not those kids anymore that can take of no matter what day of the week it is, but hopefully right after the new years, would be good to have it, what do the rest of you all say?

carlos jurado |


I know I used to go to the limelight, and that it was in Hallandale, but I just do not recall ecxactly where it was, do you remember by any chance? I do recall that another decent place near P&L was Studio 51 which was on Federal south of Commercial, but try as I might, I cannot recall the location of the limelight...I wish I could tell you that my story with Nadine had a better ending but it did not. We saw each other again by fate 21 years later but it did work out...Life had caught up to us both and our personalities and commitments were just too far apart. But it did at least put an end to something that had been left unfinished way back then.

Landy, would it not be great if we could have the reunion for a new year's eve bash?...

I know it is asking quite a bit much, but that be one great way to have it. Just an idea. I wonder how many people we could muster?

Anyway, got to go now. I will stay in touch,an if anyone has a question that I can help with, please drop yours truly a line.

Keep on boogieing!


Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

My dear friend Carlos, that was a wonderful story that you told, I also have a great memory from P&L her name is Sara, I met her there and we dated for a few great years, she is still a friend of mine of course she is married to some one else, but we are still in touch and we are looking forward to the reunion, but P&L was the bomb back them, it was that and the Limelight.

carlos jurado |

HI all!!

Today, I was at loose ends, and decided to visit the old haunt. If my memory serves me right and I asked the right questions, P&L is located at 2680 E Commercial Blvd., Ft Lauderdale. It is now a Region's Bank, but the old "Bridge" is still there and I recognized the parking lot behind. The old Commercial Bank of Broward building is still a block down across the street as it was back in the day. When I first got to the bank and asked, not one person there knew that the spot where they were working was once part of the lower floor round veranda. I pointed to them the lobby area where the dance floor was and the part of the branch where the bandstand once stood as well as pointed to them the location of the DJ booth...Being there brought me back to a night in mid March '79 when the first girl of my life that I really fell for went with me in a VERY sexy kind of see through dress that made me the most envied guy in the joint that magic night. (Nadine if perchance you read this even though you probably don't even know about this website or care, you will remmember that aquamarine dress you wore that night so long ago...)

Anyway, if those of you who live outside of Miami-Ft Lauderdale area come to visit the old haunt, just drive from I-95 towards the coast and before you get to Bayview Drive, you will see the building that was once a place of fun and magic for all of us so many years ago, before life started pilling on us years and experiences.

Hope this was both of help and interest to you all.

Boogieing for ever,


Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

hey there Tommy, yes I dance at the limelight almost every night, and I knew the Deluca brothers, I remmber when the dico dance marathon happened how frank deluca was one of the judges and his brother Pat was the one that ebded up winning the contest with Ana, and they won the convertible corvettes that bight, which was first price, i remember there were 150 couples to start, I ended up being couple number 15 near the end to be eliminated, but after the event most of us said that it was rigged, and after that we all went to this wonderful italian ladies house at the beach and partied and drank our selfs siily the rest of the night untill the following morning, so yes I remember them very well, they where know as the funeral guys

tommy |

orlando you said you danced at the limelight, i had 2 cousin's that were alway's there i was to young, their names were pat and frank deluca

tommy |

has anyone heard anything about the reunion or was that just a joke i'd really like to know thank's tommy....disco live's forever

Bob Lazarus |

Hey Greg,I worked at the Embers restaurant in Ocean City,Maryland during the 70's and remember THE GAZEBO.In fact Lenny Boyar was my uncle but I was too young to work in his niteclub THE PADDOCK at the time.Great reading your posting, I hope you have fond memories of Lenny, he was a great guy. Bob Lazarus

Andrea |

Hi Greg,

Sorry I don't remember you but I do remember that the bouncers at the door were so nice and really good looking!!!! My friend's and I always had a great reception from the bouncers and knew that we never had to wait to get in because of the courtesy cards we were so graciously given from you guys. I have already said that those were the best days and I really mean it! I loved going there and listening to the band! I keep checking for updates on the reunion but so far nothing. I hope I did not miss it.

Does anyone watch Dancing with the stars? My husband said that Arthur Murray enrollment has gone straight through the roof since then. Dancing was always the most important thing about clubbing.... Meeting guys was 2nd! Well maybe not 2nd.

Keep dancing everyone!

Greg Darlin |

Man, do I remember Pete & Lenny's!!! I worked for Pete in Ocean City, Maryland at his club, The Gazebo during the summer of 1978. I took off a year of college, was broke, and went to work for him at Pete & Lenny's as a doorman in the Fall of 1978. "Crusher" was the door manager, Esctasy was the band and they would always open with, "Love is in the Air." I remember the guys who worked the door: Joey, Al, the bartenders, especially Bradly, and the rest who worked there. What a time to live!
I went back to school and worked for at The Gazebo during the summers of 1999 and 2000.
My memories of those time are priceless. I was just a 19 year old kid from Delaware going down to the wild world of Ft. Lauderdale! I learned a lot, had tons of fun and the girls at Pete & Lenny's!! Whew---Crusher even got laid! Wild, good times that cannot be replaced. Glad I was a member of that time.
To all those who went there and remember me, thanks for the memories. (I had blonde hair, mustache, six feet and muscular. But, wasn't everyone then?)
If anyone reads this and remembers me, drop me a line.
Greg Darlin

Eddie Ganz |

I used to sing in a band called RUBY i remember filming & performing at P&L i used to live in miami back then..does anyone remember its mostly a blur for me i remember that slammin' stage...ahhhhhh the memories...

tommy |

where is it? and when? I need sometime to tell everyone. If someone hears anything please let me know thank's

Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

Hey there my dear friend Sara, I am sorry that feel old, but it will be great to be able to see some of our friends from those days again.

Sara Ordonez (sara Puig) |

Hi Landy,
I am the ex-girlfriend, I hope I get to go to the reunion, and see old friends.

carlos jurado |

Good to Boogie!!

Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

thank you my friend, I want to be there so badly it is driving me nuts, I even found my girlfriend from those days at P & L she was 15 then when i met her there, and she is ready to go, but yes I have a long distance to travel and I am also very bussy here with all of my dance performances.

305Disco |

Tommy the event is open to the public,anyone can come!

Orly, Im trying my hardest man,believe me I am!

orlando (landy) perez |

thank you for the update 305disco, please try to get a date as soon as possible even if you do not have a lofcation, so that i can get out of here before it conflicts with one of my events here where I live in Texas.

tommy |

guess i'll see u at the 94th on the 22. is anyone invited or is it vip only?

305Disco |

Sorry guys for not keeping you up to speed on the Pete & Lenny's reunion.

Right now I've been planning the South Florida Dance Reunion at the Aero Squadron.

This event has NOTHING to do with the P & L reunion,but it's going to be hot nonetheless!

We have 6 hot acts and many guest DJ's from the old days,including Lewis Martinee of the Limelight!

Please visit my site www.305Disco.com to keep up to date on things.

We're still working on the P & L reunion,but some things need to fall in place to make it as close to the old days as possible,but we're still working on it!

Thanks for the support!

And Carlos, there will be tons od hot single women at the 94th Aero Squadron September 22nd event!

carlos jurado |


I am as much in the dark about this as you are. It APPEARS that such will be the case, but as they say in Washington, I would like to have it independently confirmed. If it is a go, then we shall all have a grand old time, we will be freakin out-as we used to say back in the day. I hope some single girls (well I guess the term now would be women since we are all in our mid to late 40's)show up..:)))))

Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

ok, what is deal you all, when and where is the reunion going to be at?????????

tommy |

carlos is that a yes or no at the 94th aero squadron? on 9/22/07?

orlando (landy) perez |

are you saying that the reunion is on september 22nd at the squadron, i thought that we were all going to get plenty of time in advance to make arrangements, can some one pls get back to me and tell me this is not true, i do not have the 22nd or 29 of september available anymore.

carlos jurado |

Ok you all, it is now September, is it going to be the 22nd at the 94th Aero Squadron?

I love to go to a REAL disco for once as the last time I was in P&L was July of 81 during my army leave. There is no place that I know of down here that still caters to our tastes 100% even though it was DISCO that put MIAMI on the map insofar as being an international jet setting world renown city. Any suggestions for a local spot here in Dade county would be most appreciated

tommy |

does anyone have some pic's of the club, remember the post cards at the bars?

Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

please remember, I need to make plans ahead of time for this reunion and I do not want to cancel any of my dance performances here, I am traveling from South Texas

tommy |

whats the update on the reunion? come on i'm to excited...lol

mair |

Hey I'll be at Christopher's tonight too!!!!Still love the nightlife!

Orlando (LANDY) Perez |

hey there Carlos, you hit the nail on the head, what memories, and for those of you that still live down there, please keep doing it for us, see you at the reunion.

carlos jurado |

Hi all:

I look at all of your postings, and they remind me of the best years of my youth if not my life. I started going to P&L's in November of '77. As I recall it, the cover was $2-3 and the drinks were in that same range (wisky sour was $1.50). I remember that the band there was actually GOOD..I think it was Ecstacy..I remmember they used to sing "...This song will last forever.." and I to my mind, it was the best night spot I ever went to in my now 47 years in this earth. Nowadays, I hang at Christopher's, but it is only a pale comparison to what P&L's used to be. Also 30 years have not gone by in vain I should add.

Tonight I will head out to Christopher's once again, but in my mind, I will always have the memory of Pete and Lenny's.
Sorry to hear about Lenny's passing.

Love to you all, who were once part of "the crowd" and my former life.

tommy |

any update on the reunion? and what location will it be at? thanks tommy

Orlando (Landy) Perez |

hey there eddie, go to my web site and get my email address from there so that we can communicate and see or share pictures from then and now www.salsamcallen.com

EddyPR |

Hi Orlando (Landy) Perez, yes that was us. We used to live in Miami, know we are back in Puerto Rico. We all get together once in a while. We still disco party and remember the girls that used to dance with us...

Orlando (Landy) Perez |

Hey there Eddypr, I also use to be in the circle at Pete & Lenny's and I also use to go to the Limelight after wards, there was one guy in our group called Carlos also, we where from Miami, how about you..

EddyPR |

I started looking up Disco CD's "Love & Kisses Albums" and I ended up at this website. It's a great idea for Disco reunion. My friends and I used to go Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday nights. If anyone remembers the Latin guys that used to hang around the dance floor making dancing circles that was us. Jorge, Emi, Carlos, Tato, Hector and Eddy. Yes, those were good college days. Still remember the bridge with the round circle dance floor. This bridge connected Pete & Lenny with Banana Boat. When it closed we finished at the Limelight Disco. You can count with us for the disco fever reunion

305Disco |

You can actually purchase or license Disco Magic episodes over at, http://www.historicfilms.com/library_pages/disco.html

Also, I will be hosting a Disco/Freestyle event at the 94th Aero Squadron in late September, with Evelyn Thomas, Madelin Red, Ray Guell,Connie & Secret Society and possibly others performing through out the night.

Lewis Martinee of the Limelight will be the guest DJ!

Complete details will be posted on my site www.305Disco.com soon.

Orlando (Landy) Perez |

Wow, there is someone else that remembers the days of Disco Magic, I think that I was there for every taping, I was part of the group of dancers that where always on camera dancing, it would usually take all of the day to to do the taping for one or two shows, and it was usually taped on a monday starting early in the morning, what memories.

Robert Lazarus |

Pete Boinis owns Pete's Place in Boca.Unfortunately Lenny passed away in 1989 and is buried here in Baltimore, where he was born.

tommy |

does pete own that club in boca? what is lenny up to these day's? that had to be the best club in the late 70's early 80's had some great time's there. any update on the reunion?

Robert Lazarus |

Wow,on a whim I typed Pete and Lennys on Gooogle and didn't realize so many people remembered that club.My uncle Lenny Boyar owned that club along with Pete Boinis.It was one of the first Disco's in the country and they taped a T.V. show there called Disco Magic.Sometimes when VH1 does a Disco retrospective, they show clips from Pete and Lenny's.In fact my parents were there the week that Vicky Sue Robinson,Tavares,Odyssey,Rev. Al Green etc. were taping.My Uncle Lenny was a GREAT GUY and he knew all his customers by name.I have one of those VIP customer cards along with a satin jacket from Pete and Lennys in my closet.

mair |

I only went to P & L once when I was 15 cuz my brother knew someone who got me in.My club was Nepenthe & Backstreets.My brothers and sisters frequently went to P& L.Let me know about a reunion!


tommy |

the old pete&lennys club is no longer there they knocked it down

Orlando (Landy) Perez |

hey there 305disco, is it on a saturday, and do you have a date yet. and will it be in the old pet & lennys club, so that i can fly in to lauderdale and stay near by

305Disco |

Everything is about set, just trying to locate Rique Alonzo!

tommy |

remember to fill me in on this reunion everyone's excited to go if it dosent happen i'm a dead man.lol be good tommy

Orlando (Landy) Perez |

I would not want pet & lenny's anyother way than the late 70's club that I knew it to be, I put 150k miles on brand new car that i bought in 76 in less then 4 years from going to pet & Lenny's so often, I even skipped school every Monday to go there for the taping of the TV show that were televised every Friday night. so yes the Pet & Lenny's from the late 70's is what I go to see and most of my friends would also. 305disco I will also contact you so that you can keep me in the loop.

305Disco |

Tommy email me at Miami305Disco@aol.com and I'll fill you in about the reunion.

By the way the description mentions Pete & Lenny's as a late 70's club when in fact it opened in 1973!

tommy |

reunion????? i have 100's of people lined up..from ny to miami... keep me posted

Orlando Perez (Landy) |

if you get a reunion together, I would even try to come all of the way from Mcallen Texas, please make it a saturday and give me plenty of time to book a decent fair to ft. laud.

AndreaJ |

BTW to Jay of Ecstacy:
You guys were the reason me and my friends went to Pete and Lennys. Seriously, your band was off the chain! I still remember it like it was yesterday. Are you still preforming?

AndreaJ |

Good luck on getting a reunion together. I would come and I would try and get my old friends to come as well. Keep us posted

305Disco |

Ppete and I are actually working on a Pete & Lenny's reunion!

Stay tuned!


Orlando Perez (Landy) |

I remember NEPENTHE, but dont recasl where it was, and for me it was the limelight after pete & lenny's and the the denny's on hollywood blvd, or on 163, but it will never be that way again, is pete & lenny's still there, at least the building, because I am sure that the club is gone, so much has changed in south florida, since i left there.

tommy |

anyone hang out at nepenthe?

tommy |

305 was the place to get primed before pete& lennys then hit the pizza place by 7-11 around 2 am or dennys by 95 you cant replace those times, never forget those were the day's

Orlando Perez (Landy) |

yes, the 305 concept, was really fun, i enjoyed it alot, and it did get my evenings started sometimes, first there and pete & lenny's, those days will never return again, todays generation is not even dancing anymore



305Disco |

Pete & Lenny's was owned by Peter Boinis,a bigtime south Florida developer,I booked many of the acts at Pete & Lenny's, including Planet Patrol.

Pete always delivered the best money could buy, check out his restaurant at http://www.Petesbr.com

DiscoDiva |

I lived in Philly and was hitting all
the clubs there and some in NY. I did
get to go to Pete and Lenny's a few times while visiting Fl. There was also
a club called Studio 51 that I went to alot when I moved there. It's funny but I would always run into my Philly/NYC friends when I was there. I may even have some pix yet from back then.
Linda Cafarella


hey paulett profeta i know you renember me because we had the greatest times together after i picked you up inthis club i will never forget the most beutifull 42 ddd you had and the fun we had wile we were young i hope you renember me babe because i never forgot you .thanks for the most beutifull experience a guy could have had you beutifull italian woman it is true
we really had it all muaaaaaaaaaa tu
papi jc .

Orlando Perez (landy) |

well the update is that making does t shirts in these small quantiies, is not cost effective according to my friends, they are now in a position of high end volume and i understand them, but if we have the logo wich is here on the site any one has access to a t shirt printer that may be able to give us a good price.

Orlando Perez (landy) |

I will try them again tonight, and I will post the reply in a few days

Orlando Perez (landy) |

I wish I did, thoose days for me where very wild, and all i have is my mentall memories, it is something that i will never forget, but it sure feels great to be able to share some it here.

linguini43 |

orlando you have any pic's from pete and lennys you could submit?

linguini43 |

yes thats the one, what a riot that was , pretty cool, get primed there first then hit pete and lennys. did you find out how many shirts we have to order before they print them? thx tommy

Orlando Perez (landy) |

I am not sure about area code 305, was the bar with all of the phones init, that you could call some ones table from your's?

linguini43 |

did you ever go to area code 305 across the street?

Orlando Perez (landy) |

I think that I may be able to get a few dozen of them done by my friends, and I use to hang out all over, but I was one of the top disco dancers, so i hung out down stairs on the large floor next door to the 2 level building

linguini43 |

orlando, probably in the 20's or 30' will that work? where did you hang out in there? i was alway's upstairs in that bubble dome with the booths and that little round dance floor, get back to me , thanks again tommy

Orlando Perez (landy) |

how many do we need, it is very possible that they can print them if we have a resonable order.

linguini43 |

will they print them if i order it from them? your name sounds familiar, thanks orlando, tommy

Orlando Perez (landy) |

i beleive that i still have a t shirt from pete & lenny's, and it is in brand new conditions, as a matter of fact the guys that made those t shirts back then for the club are my best friends, and they now own a very succesfull printing and garment company in Oppalocka florida, but i will look for the t-shirt and take a picture of it.

linguini43 |

i'm looking for some pic's of the club if anyone one has anything , the post cards at the bar or the vip cards please let me know. tommy. p.s. anyone remember area code 305 across the street from the club?

Roadrunner |

Hi everybody.
It is good to be here every once in a while and read all your memories of Pete and Lennys because it makes me remember all the good time that I used to have there and how much I used to look forward to go. I leaved in Miami then and so it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get there, however, I didnt minded the trip because I loved the higher classic atmosphere there.
It was 1976 to 81 and the way I remember it, as you drove in, there was some sort of canopy? To the right side and it was valet parking therefore you would just get off and walked in. Once inside you had the choice of like, three different types of music, each in there own space with their unique atmosphere. They also always had good musical groups playing in the main space, which you could also see from a partial second floor and I used to go upstair's to spy or look for friends dancing or seating around in that lower level.
It was always a lot of fun, the kind you keep thinking of until the next weekend.

Orlando Perez (landy) |

I use to be on that show disco 77, they use to tape it an a monday all day once a month, i remmber skipping school once a month to be on it, I will look for it on the internet to see if any one is sharing it or something

Danny |

I remember the TV show they filmed there DISCO77 does anyone know if any copies of it exist? I think it aired on channel 4

jay martin |

I used to play in the band at Pete & Lenny's. The name of my band was Ecstacy. We played there six of the seventeen years we were together. I miss the good old days even though I am still active in music today.

Andrea |

This club was my home away from home between 1977 and about 1980. As a senior in High School (Cooper City High) my girls and I started clubbing after becoming bored with the teen dance centers ( Skips Dance Machine) and such. Although Trails End was the bomb we liked the club scene and after stepping into Pete and Lennys there was no turning back. We had our courtesy card and had no problem flashing it. We spent most of the time on the dance floor on the first floor listening to the house band Ecstasy and dancing till we closed the club. We would then move down the street to Mr. Pips and close that club I think there was one more spot we would go to called The 4 Oclock club. Anyway I had the best times of my disco days there and I want to thank everyone there that made it great. Especially the bouncers that always had a hug for me and my girls and the bartenders that held out handbags for us so we could dance and not worry.The memories are great !!
Keep Dancing!!!

Mark DeStefano |

I used to run the valet parking concession at Pete & Lenny's, way back in '76. I was 20 at the time, and made a lot of friends, who I would love to see again.

Al Longobardi |

This was another choice club that my brother, Ricki and the rest of the Palm-aire venezuelan crew used to hang out during the late 70's and early 80's. In particular, I used to hang out upstairs DJ level. They used to have small dance areas which was pretty cool. The ambiance was kicking and the sound system was a blast. They used to have live bands. I remmeber in particular "The Real Thing". My syster dated the drummer. What really made the club stand out from the rest, was that it was like a community for partying. We did a lot a drinnking and dancing. It was just a great time everytime. I miss all my friends which we all have spread around the world. Miss the good times and the great music. Ohh I forgot..the basement was amazing for dancing to. I remember the huge wall full of speakers. Wow..if you wanted to be in a room with really loud music, this was the place.
Has anyone hear what is called "neo-Disco". I kinda like it now, but I always go back to basics.

Enjoy and Long live disco music !!!


tommy |

i'm looking for the post cards they had at the bar, does anyone still have a copy?

orlando perez |

i use to dance at pet and lenny's on fridays and saturday at the limelight, I was also on the tv show that they use to tape on modays, i remember i use to skip school and spend all day at the club taping, I met my girl friend Sara Rosa there, she was under age she use to go with her mother, I am not sure if Jimmy was the DJ there or not, but i enjoyed going back and forth through all of the floors and dance with so many diferent girls in one night., i still have a t shirt from Pet and lenny's

freerad |

I got picked up there by 2 hot girls, went back to their place for my first and last threesome. I was 19 :)

casnovadude |

Was close to a "regular" here on Saturday night. Went here or 94th Aero Squadron at Miami Airport. First poster said they saw Planet Patrol here. So did I. Saw other awesome shows such as Rockers Revenge (Walking on Sunshine, The Harder they Come the Harder they Fall). Loved the 3 different dance floors here. My second favorite disco to hang out next to Casanovas in Hialeah. Many a good memory. Will come back to read more.


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