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Between 84th and 85th Street on 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, New York


Ritchie Attara and Peter


Cadabras was a favorite of many Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge club goers. Flashy lights, Good D.J. but I can't remember his name. Cadabras had a lot of pretty faces always there.

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Louis Peters |

Just found this page.....the best years of my life. My brother "Noel" and I would teach women how to dance the "Hustle" all night and do it again the next night! The original bartenders were Ronnie & Duke........they were doing the "Tom Cruise" thing in "Cocktail" way before the movie. Pete, the owner was cool and all those beautiful women..........

janet |

I practically lived there. My friend Melanie and I were there every Friday and Saturday night. Wednesdays, if I'm not mistaken they had Backgammon tournaments. What a blast from the past!

Dorothy Catalano |

Also Ritchie and Pete were Middle Eastern Americans Ritchie the handsomer of the two.. Me heartbroken you tell me the line went around the corner and every girl got a kiss on the cheek to Ritchie Pete did that number too.. Wild woman came into the club a shocker for me a girl I went to Catholic grade school with She turned into an animal.. The dark side of the club.. To thank fate the man who was my first Danny Campea got knocked out in there by Tony Monaca. Messy nights empty the amazing this was my girlfreinds could drink on the Wednesdays night for ladies then go to work in the morning on the train not me. The only thing I understand bout moving away from Brooklyn was that was killing me. Even though I quit going there for years, became so recluse. Warm weather climates force you to come out of your shell and get reallly healthy... All there is in Florida is Medical Jobs really straining or Retail or Restaraunt which you better be in shape for... In New York its so cold I used to say well this cold air is making me real young forever.. Ahhh I thought but I left the big apple for the south.

Dorothy Catalano |

The owners were Ritchie Attara and Peter I am Dorothy Catalano Jerry Seinfeld went there during his stand up beginning He wanted to meet me, I was so shy and introverted dispite dancing and talking to everyone else. I declined but I was talking about a show standing behind he and his freind that could be!!! He remembered me and mentioned my name my last name in a episode of the Chinese Restaraunt that never seats he and his freinds he runs into the old freind he could hardly remember but does Catalano, firstname. I think I gave him the show idea. I was so miffed that Ritchie or Pete did not tell me he was there. Jerry actually wanted to meet me and asked to be introduced to me I was too shy. I ws a jerk. My family problems were showing. I went on a date with Peter the owner and his friend and Petes girlfriend to manhatten his girl was Linda... To Dangerfields it ws closed or parking was bad we went out to eat... the guy was Joe a hairdresser. I created many shows I talked to Pete about getting mugged one night up by 21st ave. I said that Cadabras was safer I gave up my Bklyn.free apart. Mom dad had paid for while Dads destiny was to be near the daughter he always denied me as my half sister. Famous now thanks to me My mther was having a breakdown.. but all in all I gave my father four major tv comedy half sister step dad had connections and all in alll a sad life for me I gave that step dad 65 shows all hugh hits I sold out read my story at dorothy catalano shing blog @yahoo.com google me dorothy catalano giacalini@myspace.com Where is linda lotito and J.R. and Tony the cop along with Dale the bartender and Duke the tallest of them all they gave a rounding whoa when you arrived google my crook Dad at vinnycatalano/music/yahoo.com

DJ Dan Pucciarelli |

Jose Bonilla, Ron Rogers, Ronnie Delpin and Gary Baxter were some of the DJ's that played there. It was one of those Localjoints that just had the "IT" for a while. I also wnt there a few times, Thursdy & Sundays. I remember Dale the bartender and he was super fast!!!

judi |

Cadabras was the best place to be during the early and mid 70's. It was like "Cheers" to me, where everyone knew your name. I even met my husband there, 34 years ago, but it seems like yesterday.
If anyone ever hears of a reunion, please contact me. I would love to see the old gang.

Vinny |

The dj's name was Jose. The guy was really good with the music. I believe he also did the lights too.You guys mis-spelled the name of the club, it was called Cadabras. As in abra Cadabra.

Linda |

I used to go there with my friends from work (Fishermens Corner)all the time. There was a bartender named Dale he was so fast with the drinks and cash,


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