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Club 1018

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515 West 18 Street (and 10th Avenue), New York, NY


10-18 used to be the old Roxy.


Roman Ricardo

Photo below submitted by George Barberio.
Description: New Music Seminar Ticket stub from concert held Monday, July 13, 1987 Bad Brains / Circle Jerks - Vernon Reids' Living Color...
Club 1018 - Concert ticket stub for Bad Brains

1018 postcard featuring the February 1988 appearance of recording artist Terry Billy submitted by Justin Michael
Description: Memorable Times in New York City as a young kid, sneaking into clubs. LOL!

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Added by BIG L


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PeteFame |

1018 was the spot, we were there all the time from 86-88. JL, Teddy, E, Bustle and many others came from Astoria usually on Fridays. Was also there plenty with my wife of 24 years. Saw many freestyle artists perform; TKA, Sandee (RIP), Stevie B, Safire, Debbie Deb, Noel and many more. Roman Ricarrdo was the man! By late 88 it got violent, brawls all the time. One night there was some kind of female dance contest and some dude got on the stage and messed with the girl. The bouncers took him down and his boys jumped in. It was a riot. The music went off, the lights came on cops came rushing in. They made us leave thru some fire exit. Had great unforgettable times there.

DJ JAMS AKA Tom Smith |

I DJ'd there many times with Scotti Blackwell and remember when it first opened and remember the live radio wars with hot 103.5 and 98.7 kiss fm live saturday night mixes. I left there to take a short residence at palladium in 1990.

Millie Leon |

I was at 10-18 for a short time, 1987-1990. I remember the great people I meet there. I remember seeing so many artist, like Noel, Lydia Lee Love- and so on. I was always calling to be on the list and would take a few friends with me. I use to dance all night with the crew. Those were some of the best time. Everyone dressed with their own look- being in style with thigh-high socks with latex shorts or bike pants. I really miss those days, and the friends I made. Wish that time would have stood still just I so I could experience it again and maybe get their phone digits so I could had stayed in touch. Love that club..

Shaunita |

1018 was my second home - as was ROXY- So many amazing times nights and peeps - -used to hang in the booth with djs was fun but my spot was the left corner of the stage on the floor <3 I am still a freestyle freak y'all and miss those days BIGTIME! <3 one love :)

JPerez |

1018 will always be a special place for me, I would go there friday nights with my boy anthony we were in the Body mechanics back then and that was the place to show your skills, and after we closed the place down we would go to the chelsea square for breakfast. I also met my beautiful wife there, we've been together for over 25 yrs. now and have two teenage daughters.

Bigballer |

I worked as a bouncer at 10-18 with big Ral and Rudy people new me as Scotty, meet alot of people there and a lot of women. I remember when Salt & Pepper was first starting out as well as TKA and Many more very good times.

Tuan (a.ka Tuanski) Wife BROOKLYN |

Now this is a throw back 4real 4real! Brooklyn born but I came there Thanksgiving weekend '87 with a group of friends BPT CT. I stood out in the front in front of some bouncer(s) and some dude who swore that the only way we were going to get in...... if I could show him that I could dance right then and there. This was because it was freezing that night and I could not stay still. Loved that.... That was real partying.

Ruben |

wow 1018....damm i met so many women there anastacia,sara,la india,covergirls,maribel,the list is endless i was in good with bouncers and management hehe freeeeee =) to my boys aldo,carlos wilson, sal, fbi mike, crazy stan, christy bartender, then breakfast at 23st lol jeez now that was clubbing.... did some crazy things in that place..till this day still in contact with a few.....good laughs!

VIP Room Doorman |

Ran the VIP Door. The memories are vivid. Good times, hard times, dangerous times...some of the best times. Seems like yesterday.


My most memorable night in the Roxy/1018 was in 1982. I wanted to get into the club, but it was so jam packed, the line went all the way to 11th.ave. Out of nowhere, someone taps me on my shoulder. It was my boy,this kid named Bobby Potts a.k.a."FlipRock"& the first time l was introduced to Frosty Freeze RSC Rip & this dude named TyFly. The bouncers recognized them & we all got in ahead of the thousands of people waiting to get in. Once inside the club, the Dj started playing Scratchin' by the Magic Disco Machine. We got to the center of the dance floor & the dance floor parted like the Red Sea for FlipRock,Frosty & TyFly & they started doing flips & freezes & blew the whole club away with their b-boy skills.

Scooter |

I saw Big Audio Dynamite at 1018...it was a great venue.

Stelios T |

One Of My favorite nites was Marshall Jefferson Little Louie Vega Todd Terry Roman Ricardo Spinning and im not to sure it was the same night tho Latin Rascals TKA Saffire and others performed They Cranked the system so loud and it was jamm packed the dance floor vibrated it was insane... i also seen David Cole Playing his keybaod above me while clivilles was spinning.... jesus it was great time and moment....

Jose T |

Yo' 87-88 security team get back to me. Sal $$$$ 10 large


Jose T |

Yo' 87-88 security team get back to me.


Jose T |

Big Sal cash $ (I got a sack of pus)
Joe Zippy-Line control
Gene "Mr Hawaii shirts"
Gene (in the house) $
Billy "Voss"
The "sleeping bear" Bear Mike
All front door security in the house
Jose T
Brett $
DJ David Morales
Stan "Gaybo"

The best group of bouncers I've ever worked with.
Remember the hotel by the China Club
And 4am Wo Hop calls

Carmen Garcia aka Foxy |

i was there when Lydia Lee Love performed her freestyle hit "Dont take your love away"
Im hooking up with her on March 19th in NYC.

Scott S. |

My best memories of this venue...

First: As Roxy, in 1984 I remember being accompanied by my parents(I was 16)to the Roxy's anniversary party. It was like the scene out of 'Beat Street' all inclusive with Rock Steady Crew, NYC Breakers, and all the names of hip-hop during the time. It was an amazing experience!

Second: As Club 1018, in 1987 I won tickets on WNYU radio to see New Order. It was some sort of tribute show for somebody that was apparently killed in a traffic accident in NYC.

New Order was absolutely incredible!

Phil |

I was a regular at 1018 in Fall 1987 and I'll never forget this tall waitress with short brunette hair, big-loop earrings and a tight black bodysuit-miniskirt outfit with white panels on the sides. She was mesmerizing and used to work the railed catwalk area along the side of the dance floor as well as the bar in the back. She had a very special quality.

Does anyone remember her? Does anyone know her name, where she was from and what became of her?

Would love to know...

Jim |

I was a barback there (mostly in the VIP room) in 1998.
I was there one night when Mike Tyson got in a fight in the VIP room. I had no clue who he was as this was just when he was becoming famous. I saw so much sh*t go down in that place, culminating with a Chinese gang member getting shot 5 times in the stomach 10 feet from where I was working behid the bar at the backside of the dance floor.

I'm 42 now with a wife and kid living in LA. I was about 20 when I worked there,

Iridium |

Glad I could help. I loved that song and used to play it loads when I DJed back in the day :)

Jess |

thanx Iridium! made my nite!

Iridium |

Whoops.. now that I think about it.. I am not so sure it was that song.. ugh.. all that music is a blur from back then.. lol

I can even hear the guy say "Hey buddy, your stepping all over my shoes" but not sure what song it was 100%

Iridium |

Jess, the song was "Fly Tetas" by Jose Chinga I think.. I remember that song well.. Song is below.


I had great memories of 1018 and the Roxy, Those were the days.. all that great music in the mid 80s.

Jess |

Does anyone remember the freestyle/house song that referenced the club 1018.... Some guy came out in the song talking about standing in line and someone stepping on his shoes...

Scotty N |

Almost forgot I ran into pepper at the Fountain Bleu hotel in Maimi beach a few months back and she looks great. we chatted for a minute.

Scotty N |

I worked the door as a bouncer in 87 with big Sal. The Bouncers were bunch of great guys to work with. If there was a fight in progress all bouncers responded to that area. I rememebr puching one guy in the mouth for swinging at me and I knocked him out. I am not proud of that moment but I have to protect myself. I also remember Eddie Hamilton he was in the Movie back to America with Eddied Murphy he was the one in the candy strip shirt at the basketball game. I must say there were many gang Banger coming to the club back then and most of ius meet up back at FCI Otisville for those who don't know what that is that is the federal Prison upstate sorry to say. But for me i moved on with my life and I am doing well. But those were the good old days I must say. People stay safe

GeorgeB Hogan's Heroes |

10-18 have my ticket stub...it was leeway, vernon reids "Living Color", CIRCLE JERKS, BAD BRAINS...anyone remember the PA whole left side was going out during Bad Brains or the Multiple HUGE pits going on simultaneously !!!
Great Stuff.

i am at www.myspace.com/officialhogansheroes

I have the original ticket from that show at 10-18

Peace GeorgeB

ericg |

10-18 was THE club until LimeLight stole the show. PeeWee was always there, Stan the Man was the bomb, the sound system was the first true surround in NYC, you could jet to Traxx, Palladium, the Loft, etc easily, and the postcards kept coming (if you where on the list.) I remember kickin with Salt n Pepa b4 they were known, and the VIP room slammed!

huevo girl |

I went to all this clubs but we are missing Gothams west right at the corner of Roxy's or 1018 at the time..does anyone had pictures of Gothams or want to share the memories with me..feel free. I'm a guevett I was yelling the zena scream back in those days looking for my girls that was our cell phone back in those days..


I was good friends with lydia lee love and worked with her at canal jeans. I was there for her first performance at 1018 along w/Noel and several other artist. It was a fun place. Anyone who knew Lydia and worked at canal jeans e-mail me. Peace
P.S. Emeril City was a cool place as well.



Sam |

Roxy, 1018, Roxy... Spent alot of years there, from Rollerskatin, then to B-Boy Breakdancin w/ Afrika Bambatta DJ'in. and seeing Float...this guy who was the head-spinning king back in those days.

kevin |

Wow - I loved 1018, and Stanley - I think he was the manager - he hosted parties upstairs - such a great guy, and was very nice to me I think I was 18 or 19 at the time, Stan talked about the old days of clubs - and I was always mesmerized. RIP - Stan we miss you.

One of the things I loved most about 1018 - it was on 10th ave and 18th street - hence the name - but they also would not open their doors until 18 minutes after 10 - I think it was on their invites - my friends used to think I was making this up, so I would call the club, on speaker phone, and ask what time they opened that night and they would always say: "10:18" - before caller ID!!!! lol

Devin F |

I never could get past the bouncers from some reason. I looked pretty young I guess, but was 23 when 1018 opened. and I worked at traxx around the block and even with my traxx ID I couldn't get in. I helped build (well, I painted the some of the walls and helped carry one of the bars in) at traxx and worked there in the coat check from the very beginning. I think max was the name of one of the managers, anyway, I don't have many memories of 1018 other than finishing work at traxx, going around the corner and standing around trying to get inside 1018, then I'd end up going back to traxx & partying there or palladium or another small club called Moonshadow (I think). I actually lived on 18th street and 8th ave to be closer to the clubs there. wow, good memories.

Security |

I was a bouncer there from the day it opened up. Used to work fridays and saturdays, and special events. although i couldn't stand one of the promotors, vito, he did produce some of the best music there and shows. (gay)stan was a trip, as well as the owner with his hawaii shirts !!! i remember the summer nights would be filled with so many fights, we had to run back and forth to stop them like it was a full court basketball game.

Barkeep |

I worked at 1018 as a bartender when it first opened. Worked there until 1990 or so. It was an exciting and interesting place to work. If you survived the shootings and stabbings. Cops started busting the drug dealers and closing down the place after a while.

Savage, if you're reading this contact me dude!

WShade |

After 16 amazing years,
ROXY is closing it's doors for good on
Saturday, March 10, 2007!
It's the end of an era, but also the beginning of a new and exciting one!!!

The building is being demolished a couple of weeks after that and we'll be
moving our Saturday nights to a new location!!!

We thank you for your continued support, the amazing people we work with and
some of the world's best DJ's.

WShade |

I went to 1018 (the Roxy) back then,Big L. I remember it was usually empty (because, like u said, it was a mission to get past the bouncers...although, I never had any problem). Because it was so huge and so sparsely populated, the air conditioning froze you to the bone. We would always go in to have a drink and dash around the block to Traxx. The bouncers at Traxx were our "sistahs" and we could have anyone we wanted come in. Hell, I even walked in carrying a loaded gun one night and nobody cared.

Paul |

I remember seeing one of my favorite hardcore shows ever at Club 1018. It featured the Bad Brains, Circle Jerks, Vernon Reid's Living Color and possibly Leeway, I am not sure about them.
Possibly 7/15/87??



dj carl |

well, I guess Ill be first.When I first started clubing (at 16) I went to places like the Funhouse, Broadway96,Infernos,loft ect. It seemed like a progression with time and music.David Morales djayed at Infernos(mid town),when they got shot ,I mean shut down(samething) everyone there went to follow David at 1018s, Big space,good music and a mission to get in.To all my homies from Queens- big ups.


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