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Tracks - New York City

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531 West 19th Street, New York, N.Y.


Marty Chernoff

General Manager:
Gary Delong

David Carnivale
Michael Fesco

Kat Abrams
David De Pino
Steve Fabus
Warren Gluck
Lucien Grillo (1986-1989)
George Morel
Nau Nakamura
Alan Pederson
Theo Rocca
Terry Sherman

Tracks N.Y.C.
Tracks N.Y.C.

Tracks NYC, a sister club of Tracks DC, opened in New York in 1985, at 531 W. 19th street at West street. It dared to open at the beginning of the health crisis as an alternative to the Saint.

It found a niche in New York after Michael Fesco, (from the Flamingo) was brought in to run the club. It was open seven nights a week and stayed open 24 hours a day on the weekends, from Friday night to Monday morning.

David DePino came in from the Paradise Garage to develop huge Tuesday nights at Tracks. George Morel also played on some Tuesdays. Michael Jorba, Nao Nakamura, Warren Gluck, Steve Fabus, Mark D' Aleo, Terry Sherman, and David Anthony played regularly on the crowded weekends.

Thank you to Steve Fabus for the above info and scans and David Carnivale for corrections, additions and photos.

The photo below submitted by David Carnivale
Description: As one of the three co-managers of Tracks, I, David Carnivale, did the artwork for their invitations, and the barback guide for the employees; this drawing is one I did for the cover of that guide.
Tracks N.Y.C. David Carnivale drawing for invite

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Vince |

Time: summer, mid-1980s. Two guys from California are on vacation in NYC. Someone tells them if they like to dance, try Tracks; there is a great dj named Theo Rocca playing on this particular night. The rest is history. One of the great music/dance nights of my life. I have never forgotten it in over twenty years. Thank you Tracks, and THANK YOU, Theo Rocca, for your incredible music.

Michael |

Used to go to Tracks in 1989 every Tuesday and Fridays (house music night).. It was awesome. Outside this cathdral you could here the vibrations from the Bass. Was like heaven on earth dancing to the house jams and loud bass that would shake the walls and vibrations felt throughout. It was the highlight of my club days and dancing to house music. Will take these memories to my grave. Tracks was a big part of my life in my late 20s.. Thank you David Depino and the other great DJs that played house music. I am 54 and retired from dancing put now i enjoy my hobby of djing in my apt and playing them out classics. Long live house music and music.

John McP |

David C took a chance and hired a young Canadian white-boy dance student to work the door, and eventually the bar - Conrad taught me a lot, and Willie Xtravaganza and everyone from House Xtravaganza and David Depino, were awesome to be around. Tracks was an amazing place to be - scary at times too! I grew up fast, David never stopped flirting - and looking back I wish I'd stayed in touch with all the people I met who touched my life... but you don't think that when you're a 21 year old kid. xxx

AJ Brown |

What a place to work ,dance,fall in love,and party!!

Jim |

I was a bartender here, an had so much fun with Jill, My best friend AJ Briwn an Bobby, an Billy, Conrad was an awesome manager, The DJs were all amazing an full if energy. Thanks for the chance to be part of the staff an let me meet some AMAZING people both staff an clients.


This is an amazing club with amazing DJs that are always open to new dance music you may not hear anywhere else. I respect and and thankful for them and the club owner. I.G.

Kenzo Nakamura |

Tracks is one of best club in NYC. I like that tight sound system and beautiful lighting. I was there every Tuesday for David DePino. Also, do NOT for get DANNY KRIVIT was at up stair room on Tuesday.
I also liked Dinner's Mac-Cheese and fried chicken!! LOL I have a lot of good memories from TRACKS!

Nao Nakamura |

Tracks was good old my home !!
I was start professional DJ job from tracks in New York.
Mr. Michael Fesco gave me a chance to be a DJ.
Since that time, I'm still DJing in tokyo.
Tracks has changed my life !!

derrek betts |

I was there almost every tues David played his azz off. I met and loss so many friends and that music david was pumping reminds me of them, I walk my first ball there and had many dates there. love love love tracks.

cc |

there was many a wednesday i didnt make it to work. yes tuesday night was hot there. we danced there one tuesday and a film crew came up to us to film us dancing. what fun

Jess |

Wow, by all these comments I feel like I missed out and I'm I. The Bay Area!


I am from Spain, fell in love and moved to NYC in '88. I had already been to TRACKS the summer of '87 but when I moved to NYC I went to Tracks EVERY tuesday and almost every friday relligiously, because IT WAS SOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!! DE PINO was just soooo GREAT! I had been to the Garage in 87 but DAVID DE PINO blew my mind. GOD BLESS HIM AND GOD BLESS TRACKS NYC, I had the best times of my life there.

DavidC. |

Site says Michael Fesco was "brought in to run the club"
-that IS NOT TRUE. Michael Fesco, myself and one other fellow (whose name now escapes me after so many years) each were equal managers reporting directly to the General manager Gary Delong and to the owner Marty Chernoff.

Steve Fabus had been having an 'off period' of his career, and because he was a good friend of mine, I told him that his working a non-music-related job that he found himself doing at one point was 'unacceptable' and so I got him some shifts as DJ at TRACKS and Steve was able to use that opportunity to re-ignite his career I'm happy to say. 20 years later I was shocked during a conversation with Steve to find that all these years he thought Michael Fesco had gotten him those shifts!

Tracks was a crazy place to work; 5 bars (the one in the main room was 85' long!) going full-steam around the clock all weekend and the crowd was, well, lets say, pretty wild too! I remember the State Liquor Authority wasn't thrilled with our being open around the clock, so we worked out a compromise where at 4pm we brought out these HUGE clumsy chain link fences , heaved them up atop the backbars covering the bottles, and then padlocked them together until alcohol could again be served at 8:00am.

I recall too that once, a DJ (not Steve) refused to lower the music- he had it up as loud as it would go and it was actually PAINFUL to the customers (we were under orders to call them 'guests' but jokingly referred to patrons as the 'patients')....I went to the booth several times asking the DJ to lower the music a little, but he raised it as soon as I went back to my office. I then fiddled with the dials myself until I figured out how to lower it, but again he raised it as soon as I left. I went up to the booth and remember exactly what I said...(it was midnight on a Saturday night and the place had 3,000 people in it)...I said"maybe I can't ask you to lower the music; maybe I can't make you lower the music....but I CAN CLOSE THE WHOLE DAMN CLUB! ANNOUNCE LAST CALL; WE'RE CLOSING! Next day I was called to Marty's (the owner) office; I was expecting to be fired. Instead he thanked me! He said another DJ at another of his clubs had blown out his $200,000 sound system recently and it was cheaper to close for the night! That DJ never worked at Tracks again.Marty was a kind and generous boss. He gave me and the other two managers stock in the place as a gift. Later, Tracks got out of the club business; for awhile it invested in medical supplies and later loaned money to China for some project....I stopped getting annual reports a few years ago and frankly don't know what- if anything- the corporation is doing these days.

- Dave C.

Jill |

I worked at Tracks, I loved the atmosphere.

David Depino was the best. He could make you dance all night.

The crowd was so awesome!!!!

L |

I remember Granny and hanging with my female friends during the week, it was great, it was great, worry-free fun, it got packed and very little if no fights it was an awesome time, and our friends night out every week....Hard to beat that.

Daniel |

Damn...Tracks was the biggest, and one of the wildest clubs I had gone to when I came out in high school. My bestfriend and I were so nervous to go inside. Once inside people started talking to us (and flirting) we felt like kids in a candy store, LOL.
Many memories and many SHOWS! The music, the men, and the atmosphere was off the hook!!!

I was a kid in a GROWN MAN'S world..And I grew up prrrrretty quickly! Thank you NY night life. Memories to you and those who are no longer with us.

Be well,

Ted |

I had gone to tracks for the first time in March of "88" while home on leave and I could not believe that on a tuesday night this huge club was jam packed with wall to wall dancers and vougers. The club totally turned my a**-out!!! I was discharged from the navy in March of "90" and my first Tuesday night in N.Y was spent at tracks. I got a job and had to work my schedule so that i was off on Wednesdays. Boy do I miss tracks. The music was off the chain back then.

winewhore |

I had gone to Tracks on my 30th birthday. Spent the whole night and after hours. Don't remember too much but ended up home on Long Island like 8am! I remember Warren Gluck!It was 1987 as a matter of fact!..I miss the days of tea dance!

WShade |

Anyone remember the dancing granny? There was this little old white gray haired lady that would dance, and dance, and dance, and dance, and dance. She put all us voguing queens to shame.

Charles Cosentino |

One of the best clubs in the city!! Tuesday and Friday nights. I was one of the few white boys there it was great. The first place I ever heard those Classic house hits by...Liz Torres, Royal House, Marshall Jefferson etc..spending the whole night there until the sun came up, and those special long island iced tea's. Great place will never forget it.

Webos |

Track on Tuesday nights was the main reason I missed a LOT of work on Wednesdays! David DePino made Tuesdays feel like Saturday night 7 he was cool people too. I remember being there early one Tuesday & he was blasting away even though the club wasn't crowded yet. I went to the booth to ask him to play something (I think it was the 12inch Intro to Rage Hard) & he explained that he couldn't just then because it was slower than what he was working with & it wouldn't mix well. He did work it in later that night. He could've just blown me off but he didn't. Tracks was the last club I was a "member" of in NYC.


Tracks on Tuesday nite, should by now,be considered legendary .,It was the first time I ever heard DAVID DEPINO play, apart from the GARAGE,and he would turn it out weekly with his blend of playing,what I would call disco diva classics,C,such as,CHAKA KAHNS"I KNOWN YOU I LIVE YOU", "CLOUDS",PATTI LEBELLE,"MUSIC IS MY LIFE",AND FIRST CHOICE"DOUBLE CROSS",LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY,"LOVE SENSATION",and "HIT AND RUN"and,"DOCTOR LOVE",etc ,etc,I could go o and on.Thank you,DAVID DEPINO,.Another thing I recall about Track was that it was the first time ,I watched ,a group of boys ,who called themselves"EXTRAGANGZA",all doing a then new dance called vogue-ing

robsf |

Tracks was fun. Nao had great nights. Jorba had his loyal crowd. We would end up there late on Sunday for Fabus where the hard core would dance into Monday morning.


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