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2001 Odyssey

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802 64th Street, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York


2001 Odyssey


Phil Eskow (asst. mgr from 1975-1980)

Ralphie Dee (1977 -1980)
Mike Rella (1976 1977)
Chuck Rusinak (1976 1978)

2001 Odyssey (currently Spectrum): This disco landmark where "Saturday Night Fever" was filmed has sadly just closed it's doors on February 12, 2005 and will be demolished, as reported in the NY Times this week. The original light up dance floor will be auctioned on eBay in April.

I have so many great memories hanging out here on Saturdays & Thursdays during it's incarnation as the gay club Spectrum since 1987. Saw so many great shows here like Divine, Village People, France Joli, Hazell Dean, Lime, Evelyn Champagne King, Alisha, Chaka Khan..many many more! Regrettably I have not been there in about a year and I will miss this place! It was always such a throwback & off the beaten path type of blast and can never be duplicated.

Photos below submitted by Mike Rella
Description: These are three advertisements Charlie made up. Some were hand written while others were professionally done. I'm not sure who wrote them up. For all I know it could have been me. LOL Charlie was a business man. Whenever he could get anything at low cost he took it. I miss Charlie and the talks we used to have. Also for those of you that like to copy and paste. Be very careful what you do. Any and all photos that I upload to this site are exclusively my property and only my property. I have had everything all the photos I own of 2001 copyrighted in my name. I have the certificates from the US Government to prove it.
2001 Odyssey
2001 Odyssey
2001 Odyssey

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Mike R |


I haven't been able to get online due to problems with my Yahoo email. It seems to be working now its worked itself out.
Phil thanks for adding me as one of the DJ's.
It maybe 1974 --- 1975 when I started DJing at 2001. Who the heck remembers. What matters is you added my name Thanks...........

By The Way Chris from the band if your reading this look at early postings of mine to get my email address put the bands name in the subject line of the email so I know its you.. or put in your drum teachers name in the subject line so I know its you.

I'm talking to Mike . Guitar ---- Anthony . Guitar - ---- - I'm not talking to Ralph anymore
Bass Lead Singer Lead Vocals --- You played drums ------ I played percussion & conga's -------- I can't remember if John the keyboard player was with the band when you were with the band.

Email me Chris... Guess who is till playing drums. Your old teacher

Chris B |

Hello Rocko! ...Your post here (rocko | Nov 16, 2014 | 8:39 pm) was very special to me. Although 2001 was not my "hang-out" because I didn't live in Brooklyn, but I felt pretty much the way you did and do but I couldn't put it into words back then. I hadn't thought about that aspect in many, many years until your post made that come alive for me. You've helped me to realize what I felt and would have liked to have said about life and the places I hung out in and the times in which we both spent much of our young life. I never thought about where I was going or even wanted to go but I knew that the disco and club scene would not last forever! I always felt life would show me the path and it did...but I wish I had been conscious of it then so I could have given it more direction. What you've written is very insightful and, hopefully, will resonate and be important to many who read these posts! Thanks for putting it all into words!

Chris B.

PS...I had friends from Park Slope & Bay Ridge who used to go to 2001 and that's how I know it.

rocko |

I had some good times and some life changes back then. I loved the high I felt walking the streets specially in the winter, walking with my new duds, leather jacket, new shoes and the wind stinging my face was real good. Money was tight, working at the corner store would hand me enough dough to buy those clothes and hang out at 2001, but I had nothing to show for how I was living my life. I got bored and depressed. This disco tech was the magnet and always drew me in, the drugs,liquor and women where fanciful. Friends were all cool to hang out and everything, but I knew that being at this club until they died was a signed deal and I wanted more than that in life. Brooklyn was my backbone, dancin at 2001 gave me the high, everyone there knew it and I felt special there, as if I was of a prominent figure, now I see otherwise, I grew up. But that youthful feeling that I had back then is what got me where I am today. I will always hold 2001, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn dear to my heart.

Anthony B |

I remember when it was the club 802. I had a band called persuasion unlimited and we would play there. We also played there when it was 2001 odyssey. Remember the place well, had good times there. Band members: Ralph, Mike, Phil, John and myself. If any of you see this please look me up , you know where I am. AZ.

Michael |

Uaed to go there when it became spectrums in 1987(did go twice prior when it was 2001 Odyseey). Great times and one of the best sound systems (best outside Manhattan). I DJ back in 1987-1998 was DJ Carl Meyers.. Awesome DJ and was techniqually awesome.. Always played my request of house music songs... like Can You Party, Back to the Beat, Move Your Body (house music anthem) and Work to the Bone, to name a few. Used to love how DJ Carl would mix I will Survive with Your Used to Hold Me between the two songs at different intervals.. Great job Carl.! I am 54 years old, but sad still sad what has happened to club live in NYC today. Will always cherish the great times at Spectrums. Now, I DJ as hobby in my apt playing all thosee old classics. Will cherish my 20s to 40s and club live in NYC and spectrums.. These memories will last forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike |

Hi there.. Used to go there alot from 1997 to 2004. Thank you DJ Carl (Carl Meyers) for playing all that great house music at Spectrums. Love how after a show ended you would play Back To The Beat by Todd Terry in 1987. Great sound system and dance floor. Used to go Fridays and Saturdays. Good times and great party atmosphere. . Will take these memories to my grave.

Mike R |

Chris D.

Oh My God Chris D Its You!!! Heheehe This is Mike R from the band you played in at 2001. I played the conga’s. We have to talk!!! Chris email me at
in the subject line of the email put the bands name and your first and last name. Or I will not open the email.
I am no longer talking to Ralph.. … Wanna guess why?
Google my email address find my profile’s ONLINE have a look.
Mike R.

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Chris B. |

In the early 70's I used to go out with a girl from Park Slope whose sister lived in Bay Ridge. 2001 Odyssey was always popular but when it made the big time because of that dance floor and Saturday Night Fever...it really was wall to wall people and so special. I didn't go down there much since driving in from Westchester was a real PITA but I have really good memories from there. Ahhhh....the Hooples of Brooklyn! What a great place to be back in the day.

Jimmy B. Block |

I went to this club when it turned into SPECTRUMS back in the mid 80's and had some of the BEST times in that club. It was such a BROOKLYN Club and truly so much fun. Memories I still treasure today and still puts a smile on my face.

tiffany and richard |

I remember Saturday night fever a timeless classic if it didn't have the bee gees and john Travolta to bring the film to life and someother actor and group I don't fink it wud have made it to the big screen great film s.n.f

Mike R. |

chris g | posted Sep 06, 2012 |
Chris G. read all the postings please email me put your name in the subject line so I know its you. Also put the band name we were in at 2001 in the subject line.
Its been a long time Chris. Want to catch up on whats going on in our lives. ..

Mike R Conga player

Mike R |


Yes I go back LONG before the movie and that whole mess. Yes I remember the dance shows. Were you part of the male strippers when they danced on Friday Nights? Or were you part of the dancers that really danced? You were there to get people to take dance lessons? Ballroom Dance etc. . .
The floor you mention was not made of tin it was made of Stainless Steel. When the movie people came in and replaced the good dance floor with that plastic crap it was the day when going up to dance on the dance floor sucked. Because it was plastic there was no real slide/glide anymore. That was when I lost my dance partner Michelle because of the floor. She didn’t enjoy dancing anymore on the plastic floor. I think it was the worse thing Charlie ever let them do in the club. It broke your dance shoes because it was a solid dance metal floor.

Mike Ex-2001 DJ

Anthony Blue |

I don't know if any of you go back this far. But right before they made Saturday Night Fever I was a performer there and did dance shows every weekend with a dance troop for Dale Dance Studios in Manhattan.. Before the lighted floor was put in the floor was metal, Kind of like tin.. Broke a few pairs of dance shoes there but I always had the best time...

Mike R - Former Conga player in the Disco Band Persuasion |

I’m looking for Chris D. He played drums in the band. We were the house band at 2001.

Chris D. Where Are You?

Look at past postings to find my email addy.

PhilipW |

Had the weirdest experience there in - must have been - 2004. We rocked there on a Friday night. Apart from the 4 of us, another 3 people turned up. Total of 7 people there ALL night. Rather surreal being that I was a huge Sat Night Fever fan. Not exactly the same atmosphere as the movie!! But at least I can say we danced on THAT famous dance floor. Considering the impact of that movie on '70's music and NYC, it deserved a conservation order!

Carlos Escher |

I liked to live from inside to Odyssey...I loved Bee Gees, etc.
Good Time years inexplicables, simply fantastics. Who lived, lived, who can´t lived not lived...

chris g |

Good times, great memories, no hassles, no stress, living life to the fullness. Dancing the night away to The Trammps, Tavares, etc. THE HOTEST looking girls competing with The Sat Night Fever GUIDO"S. A hottie i met there was Doreen from queens. WOW, she could dance both on and off the club. What memories from the seventies.

Mike R. |

William Green I’ll sum it up just a few words, what ever happened to the NY Night Life? What you have said it very true. You did forget one more thing to add to the list - HIV AIDS. Back in the 70’s Disco Days, the worse thing we had to worry about was the social diseases that could be curded. Now if you get something the chances of a person contracting it for life and it killing them is better now. I wouldn’t want to be single in 2012. I’d be to scared to catch something. In fear of catching something keeps me very loyal to my wife.

Mike R PS. . . Chris D. Drummer check old postings please. I was in the band with you on Congas.

William Green |

What happened to New York Night-life?
It was more vibrant during prohibition than it is today.
Liberalism unfortunately was replaced by Post-Modern Feminism.
Liberalism is the "live & let live" approach to life,
whereas Post-Modern Feminist's (in the name of equality)
believe that modern culture needs to be reformed.
Isn't a thriving night-life symbolic of success and prosperity?
Are Post-Modern Feminist's succeeding and prospering?



Mike R. |

Mudbutt is that you?

Mike R. |

Look I'm 54 years old. What happened at 2001 are just that NOTHING MORE THAN MEMORIES. Whoever can’t see that they are nothing more than memories I’m sorry to say needs help. I don’t want those days back. Yes they were the best times of my life that will live in my memory. Things I have done at 2001 people only dream of doing. Not only was I part of it or as we used to say back in the day we were part of the scene, I LIVED IT.
I DJ’ed at 2001 for a few years. Before Ralphie Dee. Truth be told I got Ralphie Dee aka Dagostino, (did I spell it right?) I got him the job as the DJ at 2001.
Oh Ya me and Ralphie also went to HS together. So yes I know who I’m talking about. I may have a picture of him from HS. You don’t want to see it. LOL LOL LOL OMG!
Also when Charlie asked I also worked the front door, the coat check and did some other odd jobs around the club.


louie |

great times of my life disco was at the top of the list my friends and i would dance the night away i wish for one night i can go back in time and do it just one more time you had to be there to understand all of thisgreat groups like trammps village people harold melvin i can go on forever and so i must leave at this time thank you so much disco will always live

Jose |

I'm very sorry I was part of that club went there so many times it was like place to breed and have fun, sorry I'm excluded for that fun, let me tell you something I did have fun and it was fun may before but after too. I thought it was a friendly site, just because it was gay after don't mean nothing. Please remove me or tell me how to cancel my name immediately from here. What a shame.

Mike R |

This is to the OLD GANG at 2001. The ones that hung there before the movie ever started filming. To a time when it was FUN to hang at 2001. I’m to those of you that started going after the movie came out. After the movie I feel it became to crazy. Far to many people started, far to many things happening in and around 2001 that shouldn’t happen. I’m looking for
Chris D he posted about a house band Chris we need to talk Email me look at the other posting I wrote to find my email addy
As for the rest of you google my name or google my email address to find me to those of you listed below please if you email me in the subject line put what type of dance floor was there before the movie and your first and last name
Buttons aka Elizabeth
Michelle K. my old dance partner I sure miss those days

Mike R.

doreen t |

WOW, what memories @ elephes,crazy club, seconds, kisses., etc. those memories are in me forever. wish i could relive those hot memories now

Jose |

I have about3 videos and pictures with my gay friends but you could see the bar and also in the videos you couls see the flashing floor.

Mike R |

Chris D.

Oh My God Chris D Its You!!! Heheehe This is Mike R from the band you played in at 2001. I played the conga’s. We have to talk!!! Chris email me at
in the subject line of the email put the bands name and your first and last name. Or I will not open the email.
I am no longer talking to Ralph.. … Wanna guess why?
Google my email address find my profile’s have a look.
Mike R.

Spectrum aka 2001 Odyssey |

Just to let everyone know that Vince Capri is well and alive and still looking great !

Joey binky |

@alex, I do own the video. I had it filmed personally as a home movie, and years later used the footage as a music video, so there shouldn't be anyone complaining about whose photos they are.

Joey binky |

@alex, youre very welcome. I hope what you find in my video is somewhat useful . Sorry to say, I never took photos there.

Alex Kayne |

Many Thanks Joe, will do~!

Joey binky |

@alex, I used video of the inside and outside of the club. If you can make still prints from that youre welcome to it. Search joey binky "runaway" on youtube.

Alex Kayne |

Does anyone here know who took the picture of the outside of this club? Need permission to use it in a publication

ChrisD |

I remember this place pre-Saturday Night Fever. I was the drummer in one of the house bands that played there mostly on weeknights during the summer of 75/76? Played with guys named Ralph and Mike. Used to practice in my basement. Really inexperienced, but we always aspired to be like the headliners we used to see at the club all the time like Tavares, The Tramps, and Gloria Gaynor. I had a slightly different perspective of the place because I was under age (around 16 or 17), and looked like I was about 14 (100 pounds and hairless, unlike most of the guys there). Wasn’t even old enough to drive… had to have one of my parents lug my drums around every time we had a gig. As a 16 year old I had absolutely no game, did’t dance, and had absolutely no shot at any of the girls there, but I remember thinking all the time “how awesome is this” It was the beginning of a lot of great times to come.

Joseph Colon |

I still have like 2 videos from the Disco Spectrum, it was me and one of my friends dancing. You could see very clear the dance floor with those colorful lights from the Saturday Night Fever movie. interest send me a message at my e-mail. I know is not that much and the videos are to that long but if you want to see it, let me know.

Lee |

I remember opening night at 2001 Odyssey....Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes!!! I was there....what a night!!!

Joseph Colon |

I went the first time to Spectrum in 1992 and since then it was like my 2nd. house, good memories and good friends. I will never, ever forget those specials moments in my life. I even move closed to the club at those times. The crew was so good, the people, the music and all the crazy things and fun, me and everyone used to do and always keep it as the best fun ever we shared together. Spectrum you will be missed!!!!!!!

dave |

Hi Doreen:

Yes it was Gazebo. I remembered after I posted. Things form back then are a bit foggy. Might have been all the alcohol I drank.

doreen |

Hi Dave, just read your reply and yes, I do remember Crazy Country Club!!! That place was insane. Maybe the3 name of the club your thinking of is Gazebo? I do remember another club called Penthouse. I also went to the OBI disco's; the one on Long Island. Alot of good memories

djchristo4 |

Anyone have any good pics?...Love the Disco era. Such a good carefree time

dave |

Reading these comments brings back alot of memories. I performed there with my old group The Excellents when it was the Club 802. Recently found an old Polaroid photo with us and Charlie the owner.

Funny story when they were filming Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta went to get into another club in the neighborhood, it begins with a "G" can't remember the name right now, but they wouldn't let him in becuase he didn't have a sports jacket on. Brings back alot of memories. Anyone remember Crazy Country Club warm beer and lousy food, with the toilet bowls hanging form the ceiling? And the Golden Dove.

Wow I'm dating myself. Anyway, fun times.

Suli Velez |

Spectrums was the first gay club I ever went to. I loved that place. I remember when they had 2 for 1 drinks on Thursday nights. I meat my wife there almost 8 years ago. We miss it so much. We went to the last party they had it was GREAT!!! IT IS A GREAT LOSS TOO THE GAY & LESBIAN COMMUNITY!!

Connie |

Does anyone know if there are any clubs in the NYC, Brooklyn, Queens or Long Island area that still play disco??

sheila m |

I used to dance there and won prizes too . I went to Gatsbys on Nostrand ave. , adams apple in nyc and studio 54 those were the days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on and hustle!!!!

Ken |

I just watched Saturday Night Fever for 1000th time since it was released and will continue to watch it. It was a great time for all who had a chance to grow up in the Disco era as it should be never forgotten....

Alex Kayne |

2001 Oddyssey actually had live rock bands on Wednesday nights for awhile circa 1976. I played there in my band "Orpheus" at the time. I also went there the night the TRAMMPS played and it was so packed I got stuck just past the doors to the club and the main bar against the wall and could not move for a very long time.

Diane |

I used to go to 2001 Odessy almost every weekend...living in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, well in the late 70's / 80's that club was the bomb. I sang with Tavares when they performed on night...ah yes, those are great memories.....Diane

Jan Griffiths |

I went to 2001 Odyssey as well as Studio 54 back in 1979 when I visited NYC on vacation from Phoenix, AZ. It looked just like it did in the movie "Saturday Night Fever", which is one of my all-time favorite movies. It's a terrible shame that it's been demolished. I also visited the World Trade Center, and got some great photos from the top of Two Tower when there. I want to visit again so badly. NYC is a great city, and you are so lucky to be there.

Doreen Scadut |

I also remember the club Seconds and went there frequently. I also used to go to a club called Egberts, also in Queens on Queens Blvd. near St. John's hospital and I believe a movie theatre is there or used to be. Another club I went to all the time was Elephas on Northern Blvd. Really great memories

Mike R1957 |

Try this again. . . .
Does anyone have pics for 2001 before the movie from when a band Persuasion the Disco band played at 2001 for the summer.
I'm looking for any of the old crowd from 2001.
Michelle K.
Chris the dummer in the band I was in and Mike D. guitar.
Anyone else if you know these people I'd like them to know I'd like to reestablish contact with them.
I'm also looking for old pictures of 2001 when I was in the band there. Band name - Persuasion
Or any old old pictures of 2001 before the Movie.
I also DJ'ed at 2001 before the movie was filmed. I DJ'ed till I gave the job to Ralph Dag aka Ralph Dee. If you email me in the subject line put "2001 Disco Pics Info" or I will not answer the email I will just delete. Can't be to safe !

Thanks Mike R. Hawk_eye_1976@yahoo.com


I am now 81 yrs. lived in Flatbush and used to dance at this hall in Bayridge when it was a Sons of Norway Hall. Norwegian/American girl friends took me there. There were also Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish Clubs in the area. Believe there were frequent street fights between the Norwegians and Finns. Recall visiting a Norwegian Lutheran Church service at Christmas one year. Met my Norwegian husband there (He never became an American citizen- had fought in the Norwegian Free Army exiled in Britain during WWII) I married wearing a Bunad made in Lillehammer, Norway- one of my Norwegian girl friends helped me order it- I still have it and believe it is now worth quite a bit of money. Remember seeing the film SONG OF NORWAY, based on the life of Edvard Grieg. I named my first daughter Kari (in the film there's a song KARI WAITS FOR ME). Used to attend the 17th of MAY parade in Bayridge (Norwegian independence day)wearing my bunad. One of my husbands sisters lived in Bergen, Norway- close to Grieg's home. I am still in touch with the daughter of my husband's eldest sister.

Chris |

It is really cool how a nightclub can bring people together almost like a family. I am a retired DJ in Birmingham Alabama and I read these post all the time from people talking about clubs all over the country that have closed. Long live Disco and the nightclub families all over the country!

Mike R. |

I'm looking for any of the old crowd from 2001.
Michelle K.
Chris the dummer in the band I was in and Mike D. guitar.
Anyone else if you know these people I'd like them to know I'd like to reestablish contact with them.
I'm also looking for old pictures of 2001 when I was in the band there. Band name - Persuasion
Or any old old pictures of 2001 before the Movie.
I also DJ'ed at 2001 long before the movie was filmed. I DJ'ed till I gave the job to Ralph Dag aka Ralph Dee.

Thanks Mike R.

BklynMike |

In the comment left by "Beth" up above, this is Mike from Brooklyn, NY. Yes, I remember Seconds in Queens. It was a very intimate club on Queens Blvd. right across from the Courthouse.
Also if you remember it was also called "Garfields" at some time.
I loved that club.
You couldn't miss that awning that extended out from the Building right out to the street curb.
Friends of mine lived right above the club in that apt. building, so I would go there early and get dressed and not have to worry about parking late at night. We would just walk down the block a bit to Seconds.
Later on after the club closed we would all go to the Flagship Diner for Breakfast.
I remember those days well and so wish they were here again.
Mike (MikeNY1)

francisco |

Hi everybody.I envy everyone of you that really lived in america the wonderfull nights of saturday night fever. I feel bad to know, that 2001 odissey is dissapearing. Disco is eternal. One day someone will close the entire fifth avenue to celebrate disco days.

DJ Carl Meyers |

Wow... This is DJ Carl (Carl Meyers) formerly of Spectrum, 1986-1998. I came across this post and it brought back so many memories. Fun times, great music, great entertainment and probably the best sound system outside Manhattan. It had it's ups and downs, but was a great place and the highlight of my career. I retired from playing music in 1998, but I am glad my DJ career ended there.

sweetV |

i had the pleasure of DJ ing at 2001 back in the 80's.
Along side of the great DJ Doug DiAugustino....and the late Charlie Resnik the owner...and the some of the people I worked with his son Chuck, Charlies sister Mary, Lou, Clara, It was my home away from home......thru the years I bring the memories of so many things Ive done in that club...Its a shame...I miss it.....there will NEVER be anything thing like it again.....

DJ Frankee Cee |

winewhore, I used to work in that shopping center
at Cella Luna Pizza. I was a PIZZAMAN at that time.
We supplied the pizza for 2001 Central Islip.
After work I partied there often.

Other clubs i went to were Treehouse, Down and Under,
Lime Tree lounge, MacArthurs Smithtown,
Spectrums Patchogue, Chaz, Stonybrook Inn.
Then after a night of dancin,...

James |

Forget about all the hoopla about Saturday Night Fever. I went there when it was the Club 802 in the 1960's. I saw Fats Domino (I found my thrill on Blueberry hill) and Al Hibler's (Unchained melody) to name a few. In case your readers don't know these Rock 'n Roll singer.

Joey Binky |

Hi, I'm Joey Binky, I've already written in to tell about my memmorys about "2001 Odyssey"/ "Spectrum" night club and last I mentioned that I have home video footage of that club inside and outside. Reciently I recorded a song and used my video footage of "2001 Odyssey" and myself on the dancefloor. I eddited the video only using certain parts. I Put this together on my computer along with the song I covered called "Runaway" originally by "Del Shannon". It's a dance version, and I guess I'm officially the last one to film a music video at that fameous nightclub even though the video was originally filmed atleast 12 years ago. Well, now to get my song heard, and hopefully get a record company to give me a recording deal and get this on the radio. Anyway go to "Youtube" and search "Joey Binky" "Runaway", and go back to your favourite nightclub again. enjoy it.

joey binky |

As a child, my grandmother lived at 1342 64st. in Brooklyn. Thats 5 blocks down from 2001 odyssey / spectrum club. I was a 6 year old when "Saturday Night Fever" was filmed. I've always wanted to go there. When I turned 21, I finally went. What a place. I saw "Musique" and "Ce Ce Penniston" preform there. Ofcourse by that time it was no longer "2001 Odyssey", but "Spectrum", a gay club. I didnt care who or what, I loved that place. When the dance floor lit it was amazing. I even had recorded home video of the inside and outside of the club.I always hoped to preform there someday. When they closed down I found out that the contractors were demolishing. I called the Brooklyn historical preservation society.They did nothing. I also made oak tag posters in protest to hang on the front to be seen, and even spoke to the contractor who said they were not going to destroy the entire structure. I snuck in and took demolition photos with my phone. It was heartbreaking. No one cared to help fight this with me. I tried to contact Oprah, Travolta,Bee Gee,s, Local radio stations, and "Brooklyns own" Joe Causi at W.K.T.U. 103.5 FM. No one gave a damn to help preserve a Brooklyn / music,and motion picture history spot. Anywhere in the world, when Saturday night fever is mentioned, or Bee Gee's music is heard, That dance floor and that club at 802 64th street is thought of. I'd like to know what the owner was thinking when selling such a gold mine. Is money really everything when youre the owner of such a historical spot? Excuse me but what a d***! Atleast we can still watch the movie, and I still have my memmorys and home video I filmed there. Good times Rest In Peace.

phileskow |

The d.j. of the club was chuck resnick. his father was charlie resnick the owner along with his sister mary and brother in law louie. Chuck is the only left who owns the name 2001 odyssey disco home of saturday night fever. The club managers were Philip Eskow, Vito Bruno who now owns Am & pm Entertainment, still producing Saturday Night Fever concerts Reunions. Philip now writes books. Every year the gang gets together for a club reunion, along with the gang who once visted the club, and made saturday night fever what is for.

BrooklynBoy |

I brother Joey filmed in a commercial there for Crazy Eddie... If anyone remebers. I still have it on video which I will post along with the behind the sceens on Youtube one of these days. But I also had the chance to be there during the filming it, it was filmed right after Saturday Night Fever. After the commercial was over I started going there on I think it was Saturday afternoons for kids. The second to last time I went there was when I heard it was closing down, it was called Spectrum. Im straight but the place was gay at the time, I took my girlfriend. Everyone was nice and we had a great time, took pics. I could not believe a landmark to the disco era was comming to an end. So I went there while is was being torn down and stole a hand full of bricks from the building, lol. The story does not end there... I have been working part time in the movie business now and a few yrs ago I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Lynn Gorney (Stephanie Mangano from Saturday Night Fever) at a movie party one night in Manhattan. We were introduced through a friend of ours. I talked about my brothers commercial and also about how I am also friends with the guy who was in the process of buying the dance floor. She knew him too, it turned out to be a great convo. She then gave me tickets to a play of hers that she was doing off Broadway at the time. It turned out to be a night I will never forget.

philip eskow |

to those who worked or hang out with the crew of 2001, I invite you to contact me for a reunion party being held in early nov.2008. after 35 years the gang is getting together and talk about the good old days. d.j.chuck,vito,alex,billy,johnny,and the rest will be there.please rsvp to phileskow@yahoo.com phil eskow asst. mgr of 2001 odyssey. Home of saturday night fever. brooklyn, n.y. from 1975-1980

Bob Gambo |

I was in the house band at the original 802 club in the mid-70's. It was a nite club hosting acts like, The Platters, Lenny Welch, Jack Jones and neighborhood comedians. One nite Jack Jones said to Charlie the owner, "The piano is out of tune". Charlie replied " I just had it painted last week."

I remember the night the owner, Charlie, said to us " Boyz, they gonna film a movie here so we gotta close for a while. " That was the beginning of the end.

Lance Kelly |

I was the DJ @ 2001 Clubs Pensacola FL '81-'85. What a ride!!!! Also DJ'd @ Big Daddy's Lounge Pensacola '79-'81. Real good times!

vyniljunkie |

This is the club that helped put DISCO on everyones tongues in the mid-seventies. A very popular DISCO that was packed everyday. The dance floor was the first of its kind. The famous DISCO BALL was huge, and became a standard in every DISCO that followed. But Disco Tex and his sexolettes were not a part of the club itself. Monti Rock III played the deejay in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, but wasn't 2001 ODYSSEY' s deejay. I can't remember who the deejay actually was? But he was good, always packed the floor. A 5 to 1 female to male ratio on Saturday nights made this a place to go to. On my scale of 1 to 10, because of its importance to DISCO it has to get a TEN!!!

mike93 |

What an experience this club was. Of course when I started going it was a gay club called "Spectrum". I loved being around those gay Italian boys from Brooklyn..Being latino from Brooklyn!..lol But really, I started going in 1993 and I lived in queens at the time and my most memorable night was one day I went with friends to this club and they were with dates and I was dating at the time but nothing serious, and I was single for that night only and while hanging out with my friends we all went to the dance floor and the floor was lit up like Saturday Night Fever...lol and this guy walk in and just started dancing near me and I thought nothing of it until he came up to me and just started dancing with me without saying one word. So we dance and when it was time to go(closing time), he walk me to the R train not too far from there and we talked and I just made out with him and it was one of the best make out sessions I ever had. What a hottie he was. Too bad he was very married...to another man that is.

Jasper X Schmegly |


Dave |

The location, 802 64 Street, is now a medical building. A number of Brooklyn ex-discos have become medical buildings. I'm sure many a former dancer now in his/her 50s is now a patient of one of those many doctors! A weird irony indeed!

winewhore |

Yes, not too many people talk about that one but I lived in CI so that is where I went. If you listen to 1Club FM and click on Old school dance-70's, they will play all the 12inch remixes from that time...
Mary-aka winewhore!

Reds |

OMG Winewhore, when I divorced my 1st hubby I was a DISCO DOG GIRL there, at the Bayshore 2001 for awhile. I sold hotdogs...it really was fun. It was a great experience to meet guys. Thanks for those memories!! You don't hear anyone talk much about the Bayshore one.

Jim Phillips |

Was lead singer of the song Got To Getcha Back by The Sons Of Robin Stone performed here in the 70's anyone remember shoot me an e-mail ? Jim

Randall Chambers |

I was a DJ at the 2001 club in Memphis in the late 70's for 4 years. I also worked as the DJ for the Studio 16 that Susan talked about. I would love to hear from her, do you remember me.Randy Chambers email me Randallbe@aol.com

Eddie Brooks |

During my only visit to NYC (so far), I was in a record store in the Village and the subject of disco came up. The store owner told me of Odyssey. I went that same night and stayed for hours and hours, dancing on the famous floor. The DJ played almost everything I asked for and everyone was so friendly. That night easily eclipsed the rest of the time I spent in the city. It was like a gift from Heaven. It's regrettable that a place like this can't be saved from the wrecking ball. This lucky Texan will miss it.

winewhore |

There was another location on Long Island in Bayshore. It was located on Sunrise Highway in the what used to be Marshalls. It was tucked in a corner but you could hear the DJ practicing in the afternoon when you walk through Marshalls shopping in the rear of the store.

Steve |

I remember Vince Capri. There was also a singer there named Kathy Ashley. Unfortunately I can't shed any light on the who, what, when, where, or why of them. Don't know if they still singing or are still alive...Anybody???

Joe |

Does anyone remember a singer at the club called Vince Capri? He used to sing live with disco music...sort of like early Kareoki~!

Charles Cosentino |

Never have been to Odyssey, but have had many good times at Spectrum. How could anyone let this LANDMARK be demolished....for shame.



Beth |

I had the priveledge of being there when Saturday night fever was being filmed! My friend & I were there! We were visiting from Fla., and decided to check out this disco, and well the rest is history! Too bad they are going to destroy something that has so many memories. Does anyone remember seconds in queens? Thanks, Beth

Johnny |

So many good memories topped off by the making of the movie.


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