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Monastery, The

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1900 Boren Avenue, Seattle, Washington


SanctuaryThe Monastery (a.k.a. The Sanctuary) is a now forgotten and demolished club that was housed in an old church in downtown Seattle, Washington and served as the epicenter of the chic, underage, drug fueled disco addicts in the Seattle area. The owner was a guy named George who would dance the night away with a tambourine.

Anyone who was part of or wanted to part of the "beautiful" crowd went to the Monastery. It was primarily gay, but everyone went there especially when the other clubs (especially the Boren Street disco down the street) closed and heaven forbid we stop the fun! It was open till the sun went up and for all it's craziness, it was pure magic-the music was brilliant and cutting edge as was the light show. Every weekend, especially was a fashion show as we all had to one-up ourselves from the previous weekend. So many crazies-the naked dancing men, the glitter girls, the fashion fags, the leather gang-honey they were all there.

The following photos submitted by Darrel Fisher.
Remmember me Phase Linear Darrel!!!! Have original Patrick Cowley Record Covers Menergey!!! from John Kmetz and Peter Sanford we still have amplifiers from the Monastery a.k.a. Sanctuary and the bass cabinets. Darrel & Leroy still together after 24 years. The first picture is in the DJ booth and second is down below the DJ booth lookin at the amp rack in front call.

Rack of Phase Linear Amps at The Monastery Monastery disco Monastery, The

The Monastery / Sanctuary flyers and photo below submitted by Darrel Fisher.
1. A flyer from Halloween 1984
2. Sanctuary comming at ya 1982 est
3. Darrel & Leroy at the Monastery 1900 Boren Street before it was torn down.
4. An offical decoration from the Monastery
5. Monastery offical teeshirt close up
6. Monastery offical Tee shirt
7. One of My contracts with the Monastery
8. Patrick Cowley Menergy record album passed on to me from Peter Sanford my favorite Monastery record
Monastery Sanctuary Monastery Disco Monastery disco decoration Monastery disco tee shirt Monastery disco t-shirt Monastery disco Patrick Cowley record

Photo of the Monastery's owner George Freeman submitted by Scott Finnell.
George Freeman

Photo of The Monastery's fifth anniversary flyer from 1982 and the NW Fountain Bar Guide Feb 1982 of the Sanctuary / Monastery submitted by "Phase Linear" Darrel Fisher.
Monastery Monastery

Photo below submitted by Jim Carr
Description: Demolition of the Monastery in Seattle, approx. date Fall 1999

Photo of gold foil Monastery / Sanctuary ID submitted by Jeff1981
Description: My Monastery ID, I had one from 1979 as well. Does anyone still have an ID?
Monastery, The

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Jimi Nikkenen |

I went to the Monastery when I was 18, being from Montana they let me in. Got pickpocketed, saw the biggest s****** on the youngest guy I ever saw and danced like mad. What a f****** wild night that was.

viki larson |

I wish I could attend the great meet up . I am searching for Corey Roth nelly Kevin Manning, Candy who dated corey
Sbelby from tacoma Laura little Lee. Mark Bueshe pretty eyes Barb dilaudid dan.
It's viki plz contact me with info at kraziblondgurl@gmail.com

KatieM |

I was confused on the date. Corrected it on my FB page & emails. Hope everyone had a great time. We had fun!

KatieM |

Got an invite to the Sodo White Party event @ 7PM tomorrow night (July 24th). Anyone else going. I might be able to stop by for the first set.

John England |

You are invited to attend The Monastery "White Party" meetup. NYC film producer Suzanne Mitchell is directing a documentary file highlighting George and The Monastery and she needs your help to tell the story. All your needs will be catered to.

Come eat, drink, dance and reflect with George at the meetup next Wednesday, July 23rd 2014 at 7:00 PM. It will be held at SODO's Club SUR (2901 1st Ave S.) PLEASE WEAR SOMETHING WHITE. We look forward to reminiscing with you. Please RSVP to george@georgefreeman.com

Hollywood Mike |

I'll try to get a new FB profile up sometime soon, I may be traveling in late July or early August, I'll try to RSVP via FB prior to that date. Thanks for thinking of me!

Gena "Matias" Andreano |

Well believe it or not about 200 kids that were downtown at some point between 1975 and 1990, have somehow have all found each other the space of the last 4 months or so. After most not having talked to each other in over 30 years. So we have put together a group on Facebook called Streetwise 1984, Monastery and Donut Shop Family. Only people who were actually street kids are invited because of some problems with believe it or not a group of fans/groupies who have seen the film streetwise. On Saturday, August 2, 2014 we are having a Streetwise 1984, Monastery , Donut Shop Family Reunion Woodland Park Shelter #6 http://www.seattle.gov/parks/_image.. You should come you will know a lot of people there. Would also love it if you could make a Facebook account just so you could come yak about the old days with us, but I understand the feeling about Facebook if it were not for being in the group of all us old street kids I myself probably would not have a Facebook account. Ron Miles, Kelly Vick, Melody Young and many more are in the group. Let me have your email and I will send you an invite.

Hollywood Mike |

@ Gina: I used to, but I closed the account a few years back... FB has gotten too intrusive. ;)

Gena "Matias" Andreano |

Hollywood Mike do you have a facebook account?

littlewhootsie |

Hollywood Mike: My Kelly was very tall, gay, wore lots of wigs in many different colors--always dressed up; did lots of drugs and danced the nite away. Liked to smile and smoke. Have fun. We lived on Beacon Hill at the time. When he moved out, he moved to the "Scary House on Boylston" and...the rest is history. He is dead, now. HIV AIDS (cancer). Anyway...thanks for responding.

Hollywood Mike |

@littlewhootsie: The Kelly green I knew had blonde curly hair and was living in an apartment in Bellevue at the time. I don't remember the exact date, But I moved to Italy in the winter of 1984.

littlewhootsie |

This is to HOLLYWOOD MIKE who mentioned some names...one was Kelly Green. What do you remember about Kelly? You said you stopped going in '83 but it had to be '84, as we moved to Seattle in '84. Please respond! Thanks. --Kelly's roommate at the time

Kelly Vick |

Paris - Please contact me spanky_kv@msn.com I am looking for your mom, Bambi and Lilly. I used to live in Bremerton and Port Orchard with them. Missing them!

Kelly Vick |

michael lessard - Please contact me about RJ we are doing a reunion. spanky_kv@msn.com

Brandia (Breezy) |

For anyone still alive & kicking :) brandia11@yahoo.com is my email addy for anyone who wants to contact me

Paris |

Michael Lessard ~ My mom Becky would LOVE to hear from your brother RJ. Can you please email me @ parisnkatelyn@gmail.com??

Also, mom wanted me to post on here that Becky, Bambi (Connie), and Lily are all alive and doing well. (None of them use the computer well, so I do the dirty work! lol)

Paris |

Brandia ~ You dont know me, but you know my mom, Becky. Her and her sister "Bambi" used to hang out with you. We just stumbled across this website by accident and I showed it to mom. She would love to hear from you. Mom would also love to hear from R.J and or Scott.

If you could and you get this, can you please message me at parisnkatelyn@gmail.com?

Thank you so much!


michael lessard |

My Brother R.J.Wood and me are just letting you know we are still alive and kicking !

Dana |

Good lord that was a long time ago!! I used to sleep there on the wekends..lol To be so free ...

Kevin spinner |

I used to go there all the time for the last year and a half. I remember Lulu, and my friend from Persia, Joe, the really cool punk dancer, Neal Baumeister DJ, ... I was on mda all the time spinning like a top. I'm 49 now, live in Spokane and have a wonderful life. Thank God I'm not dead.

Dan |

Just watched the movie streetwise for the first time in about 20 years made me happy and sad at the same time. When they were making the movie I stayed as far away as possible did not want that life to be immortalized forever. Iulu was one tough chick nice to see Breezy and Brian glad to hear Tiny made it out ok. Kevin was a punk taking advantage of anyone he could heard he's still down there just where he belongs. Glad some made it out to do something with their life. It was tough but don't think I would change things.

Dan |

Wow this is wild to see this site. Think of this place often, I was just one of those street kids who would go to have the best time of my life when some of the other was the worst. See some posts from girl sam dont know if it was sam & will (sam had a limp) Amy and jeff, imp, Tony are just some that I remember. Just wish I could go back 30 years sometimes and go to the wicked place of my youth.

Kate McMillan |

Hi Bill ! wow. What a trip!
I remember you from the door...in 1978 & 79 I was an emancipated minor (16) with a job living on her own.
I could hear the club's bass all the way down at 6th & Stewart where I worked as a waitress. Doug H would come get me after work on Friday nights & we'd party until 4AM. It was better than having a prom. I was always bored with the kids in my old high school & this was the perfect thing for me at that time. I was there when they were tearing down the Monastery & saved a few bricks from the building. Please contact me at spiritlinepottery.com...I'm happy to send it to your PO box. I've said this before...Think it would be great to have a Monastery night at a local club once a year...admission includes a donation to NW AIDS foundation. I'd be happy to do the graphics & pay for the advertising if someone knows a venue like Neighbours?...If it was well advertised it would be fabulous. Rick Ashmun aka DJRMX has digitally remixed the old reel-to-reels from Dana Andrews...would know the playlists by heart. He's here on this comment page & on Facebook.
I still listen to the old songs in my car. dedicate Patrick Hernandez's Born To Be Alive to you today, Thanks & Blessings! It was a blast!

bill smith |

I was googling around the web and came upon the Monastery site. What a trip to see all the comments from the many people that came to the club. Even though its been 30 years since I left I still remember many of the people who have commented here. George, Nick and I started the Monastery in Seattle after George's club, Galaxy 21 closed in NYC. George had been vacationing in the Seattle area and found a church and wanted to start a new club. He called Nicky and I in NYC and 2 weeks later we arrived in Seattle to begin the work on the church. Needless to say it was an unbelievable run and some of the best times of my life running the door and partying with our thousands of friends every weekend till the sun came up. It truly was a church and we all had each others backs when needed. The music/staff/partiers were the best ever and will NEVER be duplicated anywhere. To say that being involved from the get go thru the best of times till the end was a fascinating journey does not fully acknowledge the enormous impact we had on so many people that lives on to this day. And by the way, the comments from many of the girls that said there weren't too many women let in was funny. If it wasn't for Nicky and I, both straight, there never would have been a girl in the place. Thanks for the memories all, and long live The Monastery.

BrIan |

It's The Park Bench, Andy. Thanks.

I only went to the Monastery a couple of times, but does anyone remember Mike Clark? He occasionally worked door, but I don't know for how long or how often. I met him the first time I went there in October of 1983, and we dated briefly. Quite sure he died of AIDS in the late '80s or very early '90s (I ran into him at the Brass Connection, and he looked thin and told me he had AIDS), but I definitely remember Mike. He was homeless for a long time and living at the YMCA downtown, but he didn't have that hardened, street-jaded attitude about him much at all. He remained very sweet through it all.

Andy Corona |

To Brian: Are you talking about "The Park Bench" or maybe "The Clock"?

Brian |

Does anyone remember the name of the gay bar & restaurant that was up on the corner of 9th & Stewart, across from the Greyhound station? It was kind of a nice little restaurant, set back a little from the street. There was Daddy's tavern half a block away towards downtown. But that restaurant/lounge was the first gay bar I ever went to, at age 17 (!) in 1983, and for the LIFE of me I can't recall the name. Anyone remember?

Ma Craig |

I'm still trying to find D.A.....anybody have any ideas where he might be now....? I imagine most of you will remember him...Young Asian guy...always seem to have a few dollars in his pocket and a pretty nice car to cruise around in......D.A. and I were pretty close for a long time and it sure would be nice to re-connect with him....think his family lived in the Ranier Valley area and had a restaurant and/or dry ccleaning business...and he had, at least an interest in, a car stereo store.....Thanks...Love you all....MC.

Katie McMillan 1979, Seattle |

Hi BREEZY! (Brandia Perez),

We've never met...but it was great to real your posts. Very cool you had a kid with D.H.
Happy to hear he's doing well...he taught me a lot of practical wisdom & common sense.
Was a very good friend. My life was a mess & he helped me make some sense of things.
Yeah, I remember the CLOCK restaurant and the BOREN STREET DISCO a block from the Monastery. I was still going there when it was the Timberline before they moved in 1997-1999.
They had a really good 1970's disco 'Tea Dance' on Sunday afternoons.
Got a brick or two from the Monastery foundation as it was being demolished...
I own a custom pottery studio today with my fiancé.
We have art pottery in the window of the Wild Ginger in Seattle & have items at the Volunteer Park Conservatory Gift Shop in Seattle.
I'd be happy to hear from any of my friends!



Gena Andreano |

He is fine talked to him the other day. I sent your message to him.

Kelly Vick |

Ron Miles is still alive he is on my facebook. spankyinspokane

jerry "J" north |

anyone remember a guy name ron miles? or as i called him one punch.stoner pot selling wild dude from alaska ?heard he died does anyone know if he did that wild motherf****r saved my life in los angeles had 5 guys beating s*** out of me and he literally 1 punched all of them holy crap that guy had a punch!!!!! if he is still kicking have him call my brother he will know what im talking about. still to this day NEVER SEEN anyone hit like that dude. thats my memory of monastery thats where i met him and hung out in parking lot all night getting blazed

Jack |

Writing abouit the Boren Street Disco. I moved to Seattle in 1977 and the Boren Street Disco has more great memories than I can recount. I moved from LA and found Seattle to be far more a party town than LA. We would also go to the Monestary after the Boren closed for the night. This Town was by far (compared to 2013) far more exciting, friendly and warm (not in the SunShine kind of way).
Mr. Larrys, S.U.C. (Seattle Uniform Company), the Macombo, Johnny's Handle Bar, The Marshals Office, Tuggs. I fell in love with Seattle on a Visit with some of my friends who moved here. I was up here 6 months after my visit. That was an exciting time in Seattle and I never felt so free in spirit as I did. Things now are very different as the world has changed and unfortunately we do not have the kind of clubs today that are inclusive. Anyway, I am a old man now but I will always remember Seattle as it was and wish we could have just a tiny bit of the warm friendly community we had back then. You know actually acknowledging people was you walk down the street, rather than people staring onto a phone. I have a i phone 5 but don't need it in my face everywhere I go. Anyway, the Monestary was a great place to finish the night and get the drugs out of your system by dancing the night away....(love that song). Will end with the Boren Street Disco was the best thing that Seattle has ever seen to this day. Wonderful memories of a great era!!!!

MissyT |

Does anyone remember Andrea of the latter Goth scene (mid 80's)? AKA Spaghetti Woman or Big Mouth Andrea? She hung out with the Brian's, Lee, Robert, Susan S., Mercy, Ray, Pauline etc... if so, please post a reply and let me know :)

Gena Matias (Andreano) |

I first went to The Monastery and the 107 Club in 1977. I remember the doughnut shop. Günter Manholt, “Crazy randy” “little man” (Michael Larkin) Bambi (Connie Supernor) her sister Becky. Alan Matias, Larry Lee, Panther & Cola, Lulu, Harry Greer” Angie, Linley, RJ, Boxcar, Ron Miles, and many others. There is also a facebook page for the Donut Shop.

Allison Sullivan |

Can't believe the memories this site brought back. I was brought in by Paige and April in the early 80's. Does anyone know what happened to these two? If you guys read this please contact me majorsullivan@msn.com

Cherie Patterson |

WOW!! Talk about bringing back a flood of memories!! The first time I ever went to The Monastery it was 1978 and I was 14. My Friend Allison and I had gone to our first dance. It seems like it was on Queen Anne Hill somewhere. We had met these two guys that were so handsome dressed in Disco suits and danced with them the whole dance. After the Dance was over they asked if we wanted to go to another place and Dance. We were 14 with faces full of makeup lying about our age saying we were 16. And up for any adventure life had to offer. When We pulled up to the parking lot beside THe Monastery it was almost scary... Then The guys took us down this little alcove stair case on the side of the building and we rang a door bell. A very Handsome Black Man with a Huge smile answered the door. And looked at us very strange. The Boys we were with were Super good lookin' but we were girls. And this was 1978 not many girls in the Monastery at that time. He asked our age and we gotten 2 years older from the 16 we had told the guys we were with, on the ride down to the club and we told him 18. He told us to turn around so he could see our butts. ANd he said okay U girls Have nice butts I guess You can come in. Its 5 dollar donation. We explained we didn't have any money so he asked what we had in our purses. I gave him a mirror out of my purse and we were welcomed in to the Monastery for the first time. Because we came thur side door first thing was just a maze of darkness and black lights. THen we came upon the large seats and the big screen with gay porn. Remember I was only 14. Never had seen porn. The Guy I was with brought me up to the dance floor where we danced till dawn. Never will ever forget my friend Allison running to me on the dance floor that night and dragging me off to the Hot tub area 'cause I had to SEE! I won't tell U what I saw here But I will tell U that I'm now 48 years old and have been to Burningman 10 times and stripped for over 20 years and never ever saw anything stranger. LOL K Then! George was always GOod TO ME!! Such A wonderful Man. Always remembered who I was. I hung out there years. He hung one of my C.C. English papers that was a description of 'My Favorite Place' The Monastery in the front window as U come in the main door. WHen I was 18 and started stripping he visited Miranda?Goldie and I at the club on Lake City Way and gave us money. Wonder if any of the guys he was with that night remember that? I'm the girl who wore the Rainbow costume to one of the WHite Parties. I Was ALWAYS on the dance floor! Do remember making a guy mad one Halloween... I was dressed in a yellow strapless gown and all made up as a princess and we were smoking and he thought I was a boy dressed up and when he caught a peak of my small boobs he realized I was a girl he got up and screamed YOUR FOR REAL!! LOL anyways some many teenage memories! Cherie from Greenlake And Lake City Way is alive in case anyone remembers one of the first girls ever let in the Monastery. My friend Allison Grey didn't fair as well may she Rest In Peace.

Kelly Vick |

This is to Shaun.....Is this Shaun that was with RJ? He is in prison in Montana for 60 months.

Brandia (Breezy) Perez |

Here is some trivia for you all:
Does any one know how Stacey Pireneas got his nickname Skoochie?
When he was a little guy his grandpa would give him tickles & say Gootchie Gootchie goo I'm gonna get you so he would say Skoochies gwampa, skoochies & the name stuck. His mother told me that story. Does anyone remember Ben Bullet? Or remember when he showed up at the Monastary after he "died", he just said bye, I'm sorry & I love you & he left. Who the hell was with me the night I was higher than a kite at the Clock Restaurant when the Osmond brothers walked in, but only Donny Osmond walked in at first, & I yelled OMG you look just like Donny Osmond but you're so short... then the rest of the brothers walked in & security guy Dave yelled at me for about a 1/2 hour LOL! I know Craig Ayres was on the bus that went over the Aurora bridge, after that he went to the Betty Ford Clinic & I think moved to Arizona, James Okada grabbed a live power line & lost his arm & his leg, I haven't seen him since 2000, Linley is in Seattle with a beautiful home & family, I never hung out too much around him because seeing him made me think of Bernie too much. Buck Normandy AKA Bud turns out he was my cousin, he is back in Montana, I miss Randy Renteria & his brother Chris. I had a baby with Doug Hopper & Gary Smith, Gary got fat bald & ugly, last I heard 16 yrs ago he was still living with his gramma & had finally held a job at the post office for almost 2 months. Doug is on his second marriage & he is a good dad. I finally married Hamo & we had twins. Here is a picture of me in case anyone doesn't remember me :) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150598155158906&set=a.489433578905.278440.640113905&type=3&src=https%3A%2F%2Fsphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net%2Fhphotos-snc7%2F381164_10150598155158906_471847256_n.jpg&size=382%2C758

Brandia (Breezy) Perez |

This message is for Katie too, you asked about Doug Hopper, he is doing well. I'll share your message with him, that'll make him feel good.

Does anyone know what ever happened to Ray the Native guy that did most of the wiring at the Monostary? If anyone wants to drop by & say Hi I am on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/finallyhomerescue I do animal rescue so I am mostly on that page. For all of the people here I knew & loved I wanted to say Hello & to all the one's we've lost I want to say God Bless & I'll see you all again someday! I have 7 adult children, had 4 of my own, adopted 3 & now I am a gramma! Who the hell thought we'd live long enough to say that?

David Adams |

Yes , remembering the Monastery... Started working there late in 1978, or was it early 1979 ? Stayed there for a year . Did a lot of different work there , from a 'black light mural, cleaning the dance floor, lots of different art stuff, to vacuuming pigeon droppings out of the attic .
With Nick & Bill at the door , good memories , a party every weekend. We were raided by the police at least three times during that year . I'll start digging through my old albums to see what I can find in the way of pics. Does anyone remember an old green Studebaker parked there (it was mine) .

Craig |

Does anyone remember D.A....? Always drove a flashy car of some kind and had a car stereo shop in either the Ranier Valley or Renton.......sure would lilke to reconnect with him.......

Tex |

Jaden Turner |

Ric Smith passed away the other day approx a month after seeing the legalized pot law get passed in Washington. There is a facebook page located here:
Anyone who wants to provide information about Ric for the Seattle Times in an article tomorrow please call Susan at 206 464 2204 . PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR MEMORIES ABOUT HIM! If you are uncomfortable sharing via phone please email your memories of him to Susan Kelleher at skelleher@seattletimes.com Please share amongst his friends to spread the word but no spamming. Thank you

steve westman |

maybe some remember when brad read was DJ and George Freeman got a call that westman had been killed in a car accident, November 1984 aprox?

turns out, I'm still alive :>)
anyone remember me?
I've read a lot from our past.

Sweater Steve |

Flash from the past. Anyone remember me as Sweater Steve. Loud car stereo in the parking lot. I was staying with Butterworth when he meet George to look at the church as only an idea.
I was friends with everyone till 1984 I left.
anyone remember me? 6'3" and skinny.

Shaun |

Wow, I remember hanging out with Mouse. I heard he told some judge to f*ck off and got sent up til age 18. Kenny Arms died from 25 years of Meth abuse, finally caught up to him, he dropped dead in an ally downtown Seattle in Spring 2012, body couldnt take no more of that poison, RIP brother. Diabetic Butch, little kevin, RJ and Scott. Anyone know what became of RJ? I have been looking for him and cant find a word about him anywhere. Crazy Randy died? Wow. Then there was sunshine, peaches, bambi, Vulture, chatterbox, Tojo, lulu and a million other lost souls that wandered between the international doughnut house and the Monastery. The clock, steves broiler, the Unique grill...I tell you this, as messed up as things were for most of us back in those days, I sure do miss em sometimes. Glad some of us are still kicking and doing fine. Peace,


Justin |

My Grandparents owned the Boren Street Disco in the early 70's till early 80's I believe. The way the story has been passed down to me is:

My Grandparents bought the building with the intent of starting a nightclub reminiscent of something from the clubs from their heydays of the 30's and 40's. Apparently it wasn't terribly successful until their son, My Uncle Jack Boden asked them to give him one night to try it as a disco (the next big thing at the time). They hesitated but gave him the "slow" night of the week to try it out and it was so successful they had more business that one night than the entire week combined. It became a fulltime Disco from then on.

I recall exploring the bulding as a child during the day while Grandpa and Grandma did office things and I vividly recall the undersea murals on the walls upstairs somewhere. If anyone has any memory of those days at The Boren Street Disco, or knew my family (Bill & Ruby as well as my Uncle Jack Boden), I'd love to hear your stories.


BigPoppa |

Peggy, I do remember him vaguely but have not kept up with any of those guys in years. PS, this is John England, I was the DJ there. Only one who I have talked to lately is Ezell, yes the northwest chicken king!

BigPoppa |

The Depot was located right off of Denny Way about one or two blocks north on Terry Ave N in the railroad cars you mentioned. Small world because the manager of that club was an old queen who came to help open up another club I worked at in the 80s called dandy's in South Seattle. That and I went there with Dana Andrews who was one of their DJs at the time.

BigPoppa |

The exact date of opening was May 13th, 1977.

Andy Corona |

To Jay Jay, I bet we ran into each other many times, I also went to Tugs, The Frontier Room, and I LOVED the Monastery, I would wear a long black wig, and my and Billy Gerald, and Corey Selgren, (both have passed on from AIDS) we would go to The Monastery, Billy was drop dead gorgeous, with blonde hair and brown eyes, and George the owner would ALWAYS let me in, I was pretty, and a damn good dancer, and I never had any problem getting in there, I respected George a lot, and he would always say hello to me, too. I bet I would of recognized you back then, now I have honey blonde hair, no one would recognize me now. I saw an earlier thread about someone named "Mouse" Billy brought him home one night, I wonder if he is still alive, he had health problens back then, but I am happy that you are alive and doing well!

JayJay |

Andy - We must have known each other by sight as our haunts sound the same. I was a tall thin guy with an ever-color-changing Ziggy Stardust 'doo (blonde to fire engine red to aubergine) in a thin leather jacket with a circle of stars on the epaulets. I would start dancing at the Depot, wind my way to Wrex/Vogue and end up at Tugs with breaks next door to the Frontier Room to clear my head. I wandered into the Monastery regularly and I remember being driven by one night when I was quite lit up, seeing all kinds of people out in the parking lot during a White Party and announcing to my driver that I thought I just saw the entire Osmond Family. He almost drove off the road laughing and we ended up there soon after. My first dance club was an under-age disco in Pioneer Square when I was a teenager (I think '75 or '76?). does anyone remember its name? That place gave me an abiding adoration for Earth Wind and Fire, AWB and Bootsy.

Andy Corona |

To Jay Jay, Yes! The Depot was in a actual train railroad car, and it was just off fairview, I probably couldn't find it to save my life nowadays. It was a Caberet at night too, we just went there to dance and we saw some good acts too, there. It had a small dancefloor was the only bad thing about it. I loved the Boren Street disco too, since I was a female, I like it because it attracted straight men, but some of them were really sleazy, I ALWAYS felt safe at Gay bars, I used to love to dance at the lesbian bar Eastlake East too, they had a great sound system, and they used to put on a wonderful drag show too, does anyone remember the Golden Crown at 4th and Stewart? They also put on a great drag show, I used to go there in the mid 70's to meet hot black men, it was more of a straight black persons bar, but it was a lot of fun too

richardmbowman |

Oh you crazy kids! (then and now ^_^) I too remember The Monastery and the entire club scene back then. At the M, I was an outsider looking in; of the circle but not in it. And yes, it was fun as all hell those few (10-15) times I actually went into the Monastery. Seattle has had nothing quite like it since. And, I don't think there ever will be again-since the suburban parents are horrified at the thought of their precious kids mixing witha bunch of street kids and gays, not realizing that their children ARE kids who hang on the streets of Seattle and are gay. But maybe, there will be a time, and place, for those kids to gather and be who they are. One hopes so. Peace out, to you all.

JayJay |

Yes! I was a cashier at the Temple (two doors down from Gunther's donut shop) and my roommates were all performers in the live show (including porn diva Sharon Kane - maybe the sweetest woman I ever knew!). Thanks for remembering the Depot! That was the one in the railroad car near Westlake or Fairview? That place was my first gay bar! I could not remember its name last night when I was reminiscing with a friend at the American Eagle. I just loved our city in those days (I must still love it since I stayed!).

Andy Corona |

Wasn't that Temple of Venus, that phony sex place next to the Showbox, that was supposed to be a religious place where people could have sex, and think that it was ok because it was religious? I remember the Gorilla room too, does anyone remember that pool hall with a combo/dirty book store way down on 1st ave by Columbia street, I believe? I remember The Clock restaurant, also "The Park Bench" The Depot" another disco, I remember Shelly's Leg, The Monastery, Wrex/Vogue, and those old hotels to do dope in, The Savoy, The Moore, I can't name the all, oh, the most popular was the Blackstone Hotel, on 8th and between Stewart st. and Pine st. does anyone remember that? God, I can't believe how wild I was back in the day!

JayJay |

I'm not hopeful because his last posting here seems to be from 2009, but... Tex, did you work at the Amusement Center down at First and Pike (would have been around '80 or '81). Cause if you are, I'm the blond who worked next door at the Temple of Venus (same owners and door that passed between them) and you and I got loaded one night and talked someone into giving us tattoos. I believe you (or the Tex I remember) and I went with Jim (who worked the other fun center down the block) for a walkthrough of the rail tunnel under the city streets (starting down at the waterfront and emerging up at the King Street Station). Loved you, LOVED Jim.

Clubs. Tugs. Monastery. Wrex/Vogue (did they have that weird side hall with the Movie seats in it?) Anyone remember the Gorilla Room in Pioneer Square? Too much of everything, too much of the time, all with the thump-thump-thump of the best sound systems playing the best music.

Stacey |

I remember. It was 1982. Maybe late 1981. I came from Renton. My friend had to shmooze us inside. I walked in and the music was nothing that I had ever heard before. My first experience was walking, either across the dance floor or taking an immediate left. Although I think we walked right into the throng. We, of course moved right along and ended up downstairs. Much to my surprise I was give a few choices. One, Just sit mesmerized by the boy porn being watch by several people sitting on airplane seats. Two, back up and go to the restroom, or Three, which meant any other direction. I think I sat there mesmerized for awhile. That was my first night.

peggy |

Does anyone know what happened to Andy/Ray Dustin or where he might be...he was the best dancer at Papa Bears...any info would be helpful...

Tony Tonetony |

I was only able to get over there and enjoy the Monastery a few times, but every time was a rtreat because My friends and I were audiophiles with several-thousand-dollar stereo systems at home, this was 1981. When I stepped into the Monastery, the quality of the sound system was far and away much better than anything else in Seattle. It sounded perfect wherever you happened to be in the building. Their sound engineering was perfect. And very loud and very clear. There was nothing else that came close. The amenities were awesome, and the people were nice ...everyone had fun.

Shawna |

Was that in Wallingford? I think that might be my moms' old place, 'cept when she and her girlfriend Rose bought it they changed the name to the Bus Stop...l could be mistaken...long time ago.......s

peggy |

Please, if anyone has any information on anyone connected to Papa Bears Tavern that was located in north Seattle in 1981, please email me. Thank you.

mike wright AKA Bambi |

Hello all from way back when I was the one known as BAMBI back in the day. We need a reunion!

Andy Corona |

I'm sorry, I am Paula, I changed my name to Andy in 1994, I didn't change my sex, LOL! Just my name, yes, Billy had moved from Edmonds, to OR with his mom in 76", and then he moved back in with me and my family in 77" because of some problems down there, then he moved in with his Dad down on Eastlake. Were you one of the 2 girls who lived next door to Corey, when Billy moved in with him? I stayed friends with Corey until about 83" and he got involved with a guy and moved to Ballard I believe. Billy went back to Portland, OR, and met a straight guy who was a roommate, ironically, the guy got AIDS, and Billy took care of him until he died, then Billy met the man of his Dreams, his name was Ron or Neil, (I always forget) he moved to San Diego, CA, and lived happily for awhile, the last time I saw Billy was when he was very ill, he was visiting his mom and sister Tracey at the mom's house in Oregon City. You would not of recognized him, he was yellow, had an IV hooked up on a roller, and had to give himself drugs all the time, his skin was was tight over his bones, he looked awful. I talked to him about a week before he died in May of 1993, I begged him to hold on, but he was going into hospice the next day, and he died on May 8th,at 12:15, just a few weeks short of his 33 birthday, (which was May 28th) I drove a bus for Metro transit for many years, and Corey once got on my bus, he looked fine, and we had not spoke for years, and lost touch before that. Tracey Billy's sister is the one who told me that Corey was sick, he was very secretive about it, I called him out of the blue once to tell him about some disco station that played, and he told me that his mom was staying with him, (I took that to mean he must of been really sick, as he never cared for her at all) his boyfriend had already died of AIDS, and gave it to Corey. I learned Corey died in the Obits of the Seattle times. When I called him about the radio station, he never mentioned it, and I wasn't going to, unless he did, I didn't feel it was my place. Please e-mail me at bunnycorona@hotmail. So we can talk there, ok?

Maribel |

To Andy, sadly I dont remember you by name. in those days I only knew first names. I had a short relationship with Billy while he was still living with his Dad on Eastlake. we broke up shortly after he moved in with Corey. I moved into the same building in 1979. Corey was my best friend but we lost touch. I knew he was ill but didnt have confirmation of his passing till now. Do you know where Paula is ?

Andy Corona |

To Maribel: Billy Gerald was my best friend since 1964, he died sadly of AIDS in 1993, Corey Sellgren died in 1994 of AIDS too, I don't remember you, I had black long hair, with big augmented fake t***? Do you remember me? I don't know if I had met you, Billy and Corey were roommates that lived right off the Aurora bridge, were you the one who kissed his window one time? I was always allowed to enter the Monastery, because I always dressed like a movie star, and did my make-up extensively too, and I would wear clothes that showed off my t*** too

Andy Corona |

I too first went to Shelley's Leg, the first place I ever saw 2 men dance together, I don't remember you, but I lived next door to Billy Gerald since 1964, sadly he died in 1993 of AIDS, and Corey Sellgren died in 1994 of AIDS as well. Remember they lived close to the Aurora bridge. To Doorman Bill, I worked the streets at that time, I worked at the old Claremont on 4th ave at that time, gorgeous men from Libya, or Iran, and they all smelled good, and were really sweet, they would show up at Larry's Take 5 and want to take us out for drinks,

Maribel |

I first went to the Monastery a week after it first opened. I think my membership card number was like 59. It was not long after Shellys leg had closed as I recall. It became my home. George tolerated me Nick and Bill loved me and I loved them. I drank too much communion wine and beer up in that balcony. I remember Danny Velasquez, Ruthy, Roxanne, LIsa, Colin Hansen, Danny , Ramon from the Conquistador. Billly Gerald, Corey Sellgren, Clemente. Dj Walter Gibbons from New York... was also there when the cast from "The Whiz" came and did a concert after hours when their performance at the Paramount was over. it was one of the best shows ever.



Andy Corona |

I think that the first time I went to The Monastery was 1978, I was dressed out in a low cut dress with a black wig, I always got in, because George seemed to like me, (or my dancing) I was never turned away, but it might also because I always came with some gorgeous gay boys. I remember dancing to "Try Me," by Donna Summer, they would play the best music, also, "Disco Inferno" by the Trammps, and my personal favorite, "Which Way is Up" by Stargard. If you knew someone who was a member you get get free wine or beer, which we would always get, they had the BEST DJ'S and the best music and dance floor of anyplace, I found Boren St. Disco stuffy, small dance floor, and being more of a str8 club, a lot more games were played. I bet no one remember's the first Gay bar in Seattle being, "Shelly's Leg" The first place that I ever saw 2 men dance together, it was in Pioneer Square, what about the gay restaurant on Pike, "Larry's Greenfront restaurant" or the pimp hangout, "Larry's Take-5" which was at 6th and Pike, all the pimps and prostitutes would hang out there? Does this sound familiar to anyone?





"Little Justin" Early |

This is Little Justin - wassup Linley - long time. I remember lot of your names but its been a while . damn. glad to hear people are doing well. peace J

Dave |

Hey Mother Bob, It's nice to hear from you. I can't walk by your old place on Capitol hill without thinking about you. I use to Hang out with Corey and Candy. My name was Tex back then. I'm sorry to inform you that crazy Randy just passed the other day.

We are all children of the universe.
Take care Dave

Mother Bob |

I remember my many weekends at the Monestary. The many weekends that I spent in Mark's room above the DJ booth, the many weekends spent in the booths downstairs. The first Red Party I attended there, I wore white tuxedo....best night ever. Many morning madness parties started at The Clock and ended at someone's place; sometimes even my own. I remember Hollywood Mike, Kenny Arms, Bambi, Becky, Sam (both male and female), Crazy Randy and the lot.

sheila yates |

Remember me,Sheila, I hung out with Alan, Tracie, speedy Ron. Really enjoyed dancing, hanging out in the parking lot, watching movies downstairs in the airplane seats, and of course sitting up in the balcony. Oh yea also hung out with Corey and Leif. Even good times standing in line waiting to get in. Then having bob the doorman wave me in past others. Then when it finally closed and they turned on the lights we could head to morning madness at places like the clock
Good times with good friends.

Tracie |

Hey Dave good to chat again! Man I miss everyone so much

Tracie |

Tex I remember running into you quite a few years ago and you remembered me. I was wearing black leather and you were working at where was it, the vogue? Whats your facebook name?

Tracie |

Hey Linley see ya found the link! Scot M is on facebook - look him up! As well as Bryan P, Sammy, Ric, Tony, Alan, Sheila

Tracie |

I was blonde Tracie - hung out with Alan, Ronnie, Sheila, Debbie, Kevin, etc...

David S |

Hey Linley, everybody is on facebook. It's nice to see that you are well. . Little Tex

shawna |

I knew most, if not all of those people you named Linley..alot of others too..

Linley Valdez |

Anyone remember me linley valdez/// i use to run the club hard back in the day i ran with kenny arms , milo ,kevin cole ,randy ranchrio,joe moralis ,bambee,hollie ,lulu,red head laura,i cango on for ever with the people i new bake then.

Bill Lenneman |

Hey, stumbled onto DiscoMusic.com totally by accident. We were at the Monastary 1980-83, Most excellent times!

I notice a couple of comments from Scotty McRoberts. I've got one email address and will try to reach you there Scotty. If you read this contact me at wflenneman@yahoo.com If anyone else knows how to contact him please let me know. I'll keep checking back.


Linley Valdez |

Oh ya those were the best daysssssss of my life what I still hold that feeling in me today .

Kelly Vick (Hounsell) |

Wow what a trip? Geez can you still get MDA....yeeeeehaaa! Does anyone remember Scott Scribner he used to hang around with RJ. I hung out at the donught shop and the monestary with little cheryl, biker kim, steve krueger I am on facebook and have pictures from back then. Here is the link
And where is my f***** who used to call me fishy??? We would be yelling across the clock restraunt hey f***** and he would yell Hi fishy! anyways I miss him.
Lil Kelly

scott |

In 1984 I was a 16 year old Bremertonian Black Metal kid. I took a ferry boat ride with a bunch of downtown bremerton kids so I could buys some cid. They led me to the monestary. I was wearing a slayer t-shirt and jeans, long hair and mustache. I was very outa place. I new what a goth was, but had never seen a place so full of people dressed in spandex with make-up and goth hair. the smell of cloves filled the air. I barely remember a maze-like area full of booths, kinda like a honey-comb pattern. Lots of black lights and darkness. I saw the booths upstairs from down below. I remember the dance floor and Frankie Goes to Hollywood "relax" blasting as people danced. I got my fry, went outside alone and freaked out because of the mexican looking dudes by an old car that seemed to want to chat. I ran, ran, ran all the way to the ferry. By the time the boat was almost to B-town, the fry was hitting me and I walked home listening to the frost covered landscape talk to me in an echoey language. I will never forget my brief moment in the goth world.

Brian Foulkes |

anyone know what happened to Brad Starr? he was my foster father

tomh2430 |

I was in the Army, stationed at Ft. Lewis from '80-'83. Made it to the Monastery only a few times in 1982, but it made a big impression on me. I'd never been to a dance club with such energy before, haven't seen one like it since. Watching movies (I believe porn) while sitting on airplane seats. Watching the dance floor from the little booths above (doing other things there, too) and dancing to music that really celebrated life. Was sad to discover it had been torn down, surprised really that it survived as long as it did as a religious institution. What a trip it would be to walk into a place like it again today...

Katie McMillan |

Here's a shout out to all the kids who populated the Monastery in the early days...I was an emancipated youth at the time (1979) and working a steady job in a diner under the monorail. Yeah, I could hear the Monastery's speakers all the way down on 4th & Virginia when the sun went doen...around 9:30 closing time. I'd jump into my satin wrap skirt & babydoll pumps & hit the club until 4am with D.H. Then it was off to the clock for a bite & home as the sun was coming up.

A couple of years ago I bought 3 sets of remastered reel-to-reel recordings from Rick Ashmun...still playing them today as I roll down Broadway or Alki.

If anyone knows Doug Hopper from the Monastery...or if you see this blog, Doug...let me say thanks for being the best date & BF a sweet sixteen girl could have in '79.
Thanks to you I had a prom...every Friday night...it really helped me find myself when I was so lost & out of school/home.

You were so very, very cute, exceptionally considerate, sweet & charming...yes...you were a great dance partner too. I'm sorry my life was too screwed up at the time to really give you the love & care you so deserved. I hope your life has been blessed with prosperity & wellness...love.

Things are good, really good with me.

Love always...Katie

godhead |

I met George at the Clock before the Monestery opened. He had me stick flyers on cars at Boren Street disco to announce their opening. I remember working the coat check opening night and George (& others) arriving by helecopter.
I left Seattle for texas in 1979 and lost contact with other early Monestery goers like: Gavin Cantu, Chris Durham, Don Love, etc.

Dany Jones & Charles Ledray went to NYC. Michael Campbell went to Miami.

Sure miss those days.

Outlaw Shanna |

This comment is for Mouser: I was "downtown" b4 any of my friends from Woodinville, I learned about the Monastery ffrom an older Bi-chickenhawk named J.Wacholz...In a way I turned em all out, I went to Jr.High w/ Dina Linstad.....I miss her too..

David B. |

This is the coolest page of the past I've ever seen. I was there in 84 when I stayed at the Seattle YMCA.

Jill |

Hello everyone!. love the monastery and the memories of the "purple Light!". I can only say that it was the best and worst times I've ever had in my life!.The best being the music, the energy, the people high and me high on mda, crystal and alcohol!. The thumping of the hit songs, one by one.Dancing on one of the three stages!. over looking the crowd in one of the rooms upstairs!. The orgies upstairs!.Tweaking out on acid!. Being kicked out by george!.the white party, the red party!.Too many people to name; but a few: Lulu(Rip),Jamie and her women!,michael,steve).The bad times, were the addictions that haunted me for many wasted yrs of my life!..but, to be honest, I wouldn't change a damn thing!.The monastery, was a once in a lifetime experience, and I feel honored to have been a part of it all!..Jill

Hollywood Mike |

Ben woke up late in the evening, and Darren had already left the apartment for the night so Ben put on some music and drank a cup of coffee. Ben had always had more than a little social anxiety when it came to the cool crowd and took a long ritualistic shower to insure that he would be glowing on his first night out. He dressed in a tight fitting pair of black pants and matching button down short sleeve shirt that breathed on the dance floor. Ben threw on a black leather belt with a silver buckle and matching cowboy boots then started out the door.

As Ben walked down the hill he looked up for a moment staring up at the full moon that was burning a hole through the misty night sky. Ben stopped for a moment to contemplate the concentric rings of light encircling the lunar body, revealing a nocturnal rainbow. At this moment Ben felt that time stood still, the calmness in the night air only seemed to confirm his observation, Ben had never felt so free.

As Ben approached the Monastery he could hear the music calling out from two blocks away. The closer he got to the building the faster Ben’s heart raced. As Ben embarked upon the wooden staircase of the old turn of the century church building, he noticed that the old four story structure appeared to be pulsating in synchronicity with the thunderous base drum. Ben reached for the over sized wrought iron hardware and opened the enormous door. When he stepped inside he saw another staircase and a small group of people lined up in front of a pulpit waiting to pay their entry fees. When Ben got to the front of the line a handsome grey haired man wearing a tweed jacket and slacks accepted his money with a smile and a bow as though he were receiving a donation in a collection plate on a Sunday morning.

Ben got his hand stamped with a series of numbers in fluorescent ink under a small black light that was attached to the wall; Ben looked up and saw another set of doors open as a heavy fog poured out cascading down the staircase as if to greet him on his first night at the club. Ben entered the strobe light filled room and the music was so loud it practically carried Ben through the crowd like a marionette. Ben saw a blonde woman wearing an arm full of bangles. “Ducky, it’s me Ben!” He waved to catch her eye. She began jumping up and down and clapping her hands with joy at the site of Ben. Ducky then motioned to Ben to follow her down stairs to the lounge area were they could talk and catch up.

The young pair both took a seat in the lounge area. “How have you been?” Ducky inquired enthusiastically. “Don’t ask!” Ben responded unwilling to reveal the events of the past few days. “How have you and Sheila been doing?” Ben wondered. “Don’t ask!” Ducky responded in kind. “What are you doing here tonight? Ben asked trying to make simple conversation. “I am going to get high, do some dancing and maybe even get laid!” Ducky vowed. “See that good looking guy over there wearing the black t-shirt?” Ducky Motioned across the room. “Yes, I noticed him right away” Ben said with a smile. “Well he has got the best MDA around.” What’s that?” Ben asked feeling a little naive. “It’s a new drug that is great for dancing and sex.” Ducky explained enthusiastically. “Would you like to try some tonight?” Ducky tempted. “Sure my wallet is flush tonight.” “How much does it cost anyway?” Ben asked. “It only costs seven dollars and its well worth it!” Ducky pitched. Ducky motioned to the young man in the black t-shirt and he made his way over to Ducky and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Who is your sexy friend?” He asked Ducky, smiling intently. “This is my friend Ben.” Ducky said proudly putting her hand on Ben’s shoulder. “My name is Daniel, nice to meet you man.” Daniel said as he shook Ben’s hand. “I hope to see you around later tonight, but I’ve got to get out to the parking lot and sell the rest of this stuff, it’s going to be getting busy soon.” Daniel turned and walked away looking as good on his exit as he did on his approach. “I thought we were going to buy something to night Ben said anxiously.” “We made the switch when he kissed my cheek, so you owe me seven bucks.” Ducky chirped. “They are big capsules so we better buy some soda.” Ducky said as she headed toward the vending machines. Ducky returned with two root beers and they swallowed the oversized capsules. Ben offered Ducky a cigarette as they sat waiting for the drug to take effect.

Only twenty minutes had past when Ben noticed the club suddenly seemed to have filled up with people. Ben looked around the room and noticed strange looking people dressed in black, pale and gaunt, wearing black lipstick and nail polish. Ducky explained; “they call themselves Goths, they mostly come out at night and some of them are into vampirism.” Ben also noticed a few familiar faces from the doughnut shop as well as some of the boys from Penny’s corner. “The only crowd that hasn’t arrived yet is the after hours crowd.” Ducky continued. “After all the gay bars and discos close they will all come here to drink.” “You see, this club is legally a church and this is a private party, if you are over twenty one you can make a six dollar donation at the door leading to the second level balcony, where there is a keg of ice cold beer on tap!” “There they sit and drink while they watch the people dance down below.”

Another ten minutes past and Ben began to notice that all the Lights were glowing with a different energy and everyone in the room appeared to look like some sort of creatures other than human. Ben looked over at Ducky and said. “Your eyes have turned black and as large as saucers.” “So have yours silly” Ducky giggled. I think its time to go do some dancing! Ducky declared.

As Ducky led Ben up the staircase, they seemed to float effortlessly as though they had suddenly entered into a zero gravity environment. Ben and Ducky could feel the stare of more than one hundred eyes upon them as they made their entrance onto the dace floor. Ben could no longer feel his legs. Thick smoke billowed out of the fog machine and lingered close to the floor, garnishing the effect of floating on a cloud. A new song began to segue out of the DJ’s mix and Ben was begging to feel every sound in the complex musical arrangement no matter how minute.
And for every sound, Ben’s body made an almost involuntary interpretive motion. Ben felt sexy and for just one moment, he touched perfection. An older black man standing high above the dance floor up in the DJ’s booth picked up a large heavy object that looked like some sort of space weapon. He then mounted it on a tripod and took aim at a half spent bouquet of helium balloons that were hovering overhead, and fired! When the one inch thick electric blue beam hit the balloons it made what looked like an exited plasma reaction, and sounded like a thunderous hive of bumble bees.

Ben and ducky danced for hours, entranced by the rhythmic sounds and photonic eye candy along with the rest of the menagerie. Ducky pulled on Bens arm and pointed to a good looking admirer standing against the mirrored wall and staring intensively at Ben. Ducky stopped dancing and called for a time out as she led Ben back down to the lounge area.

Hollywood Mike |

I first went to The Monastery at age 13 in 1979-83. They called me “Hollywood Mike”. I remember the doughnut shop. Günter Manholt, “Crazy randy” “little man” (Michael Larkin) Bambi (Connie Supernor) her sister Becky. Ducky (Douglas) Page and April. “Little Jimmy”, Skye, “Nelly David”, “Daddy Daryl”, Alan Matias, Gina Maria Adriano,, Bobby Stomp, Panther & Cola, Lulu, “Jiminy Cricket” Angie (limped), Kelly Green, Kiki, And yes George. I also remember many faces in my minds eye but their names escape me.

mouser |

wow cant believe all the info about folks on here mouse is in the house :] to funny neil brewmeister are you out there? does any one remember dina linstad her death hit me hard. :[ randy labrush aka crazy randy hello remember me?. :] bobby larson little john sanders robert couch shannon thorne are any of you out there? i really would like to here from shannon. i remember being at the monastery when the raid took place,everybody was throwing stuff out of the pockets and i was picking it up. lol the cops hand cuffed me to the railing upstairs and were not gonna let me go cus i had n id. and wasn't a day over 15, i think it was condor or officer fourdice that said "whats your name"???? Mouse i told em they didnt like that too much shortly after i ended up at 1211 east alder. wow only by gods saving grace am i still alive and all intact :] any body who remembers me and wants to email me please do so marcusmichelsen@comcast.net

Gloria Farman |

I had just graduated from high school in Tacoma and moved out of the family house up into my first place at the Biltmore on Capitol Hill. I was taking classes at Seattle Central Community College in the fall of 1977 and was looking for a hangout...a place to dance my disco loving butt off. A fellow student gave me the address and direction (name too) for the Monastery but didn't tell me anything else about it. So there I was...seventeen years old and rather 'innocent'. I remember walking down some stairs into a large room with sofas and my eyes adjusting to the light. As soon as I saw guys coupled up with other guys I thought this wasn't the place for me so I turned around to leave but coincidentally as I was ascending the stairs I was confronted by a young man that I'd had a horrible crush on in my high school and drama class descending the stairs. He recognized me...hugged me and pretty much took me over. That night was the beginning of an ongoing expansion of consciousness for me. The first people in Seattle who mentored me and made me feel welcome, beautiful, and a part of a larger loving community were the dwellers of the Monastery. I kept going back time and after time and miss the companionship and acceptance I felt in that place. The Monastery changed my life and that is no exaggeration. Oh the stories I could tell! Now I have two gorgeous daughters who have benefited from the love I experienced as a member of The Monastery.

Silver |

Jezus! How bizarre to find this page out of the blue! I went to the 107 Club, the Association and The Monastery - sometimes all in the same night.

I'm going to attempt to read all of the comments above, to bring myself up to speed, then I will add more.

Best wishes, all!

Rick "Rxmx" Ashmun |

Monastery Reunion - Red Party 2010

10:00pm Saturday, July 10 2010

Location: Re-bar in Seattle, 1114 Howell Street 98101

Come join us for a beautiful night of reunion and dance.
DJ Rxmx from Seattle will be spinning late 70's/early 80's
classic & underground Disco and R & B.


21+ with ID

Wear anything red!


Visit our presence on Facebook: "Monastery Reunion - Red Party 2010"

You can also check out: http://web.me.com/djrxmx
to contact DJ Rxmx for more information.

Eric |

I was 17 when I first left home and hitchhiked to Seattle. It was 1981. Upon arriving in Seattle, the creepy guy who had picked me up from the Spokane freeway on-ramp dropped me off at the entrance to the Monastery and said "Just go inside here. They'll take good care of you." Not trusting this perve who had repeatedly hit on me in the car, I ran away from the building as soon as I hit the street.

I had awesome-huge hair and loved to dance, but unlike all the lucky folks who posted here, I was a conservative Christian kid who was far too scared of the scene at at the Monastery (or any of the other clubs) to ever go in. Instead, I and my kind commuted monthly out to the Redmond VFW Hall for the “Dance of Joy.” (Bwaahahaha, I know, it’s hilarious.) I must admit despite the tea-totaling crowd, we had great times, especially dancing to the brit-techno-wave music that was church-youth-group-approved, as well as a handful of US groups that I still have some respect for. Whenever we spoke of the Monastery, City Beat or Skoochies, it would be in very shocked, serious and concerned tones. The debauchery, the drugs, etc…. yet somehow we knew in our hearts that it was at places like that that the “real” people were blazing out the cultural trails we attempted to walk on (and lamely copy), especially regarding fashion and music.

Despite the parallel universe I was living in during the 80s club scene, I do have distinct first-hand memories of the Monastery: on Sunday mornings, I would take the bus to church for Sunday School. On the way, the bus would stop at the light right next to that infamous institution, that den of iniquity and intrigue. With my Bible opened on my lap, I would try not to look out the window, lest I be tempted by naughty thoughts as the sweaty kids trickled out the Monastery’s door into the early morning light. To no avail… the thumping of the bass would travel through the floor of the building, through the dirt, sidewalks and asphalt, up the rubber tires of the bus and all the way through my nether regions and chest, causing my head to start bumping involuntarily, and inevitably, as the light turned green and the bus rolled on, I’d break down and steal a longing glance at those people I simultaneously pitied and envied.

I'm now a Burning Man aficionado and am at dance parties on a regular basis, and know that in the midst of such amazing beauty there still exists some ugliness. I'm really happy to see so many positive testimonies posted here, and am grateful that so many found a sense of community and shelter at the Monastery, along with the great times dancing. On the one hand I wish I could say that I finally got the balls to pass through the doors of that place in the early 80's, but on the other hand, I didn't have a good sense of self at that time, and could easily have fallen prey to some of the darker elements that may have left me an addict, or even dead. To all of you who did make the Monastery a safer place, THANKS for doing so!


Ronnie Lyman |

I loved new new wave night at Tuggs. The Ramones, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Lena Lovitch, Devo, Iggy Pop and Blondie. Me in my red High top Chuck Taylors, bouncing to the music, God that was sooo much fun, I miss it. I still love to listen to that music. Just re-bought Sex&Drug&Rock&Roll by Ian Dury on Itunes. You can find me on facebook under Ronald

JonnyB |

My first gay club when I was 17 was the Monastery. I went there from 1980 to 1985 and have very fond memories of the late-night-up-until-dawn-let's-go-to-the-Clock-for-Morning-Madness times I spent there. George was always really great to me. My most vivid memory is of one New Years Eve when my friend Phil and I bought 4 bottles of really cheep champagne and I was so drunk when I entered the Monastery, I fell face down on the dance floor. Ah, to relive those days again. And Ronnie, I used to do happy hour at the Park Bench and I think I remember you. Remember "New Wave Night" at Tuggs?

Ronnie Lyman |

Wow, its like a flashback without the teeth grinding. One of the memories that has been seared into my memory was being to high to dance ( which only happen a 2 times in all the years I frequented the Monastery ) was stumbling downstairs to chill out and sitting down in the front row of airline seats just in time to see Alien the first time. Needless to say it was a revelation on mda. I also remember not being able to get out of a pair of handcuffs that I was in for Halloween. Any body know what happened to blonde Sherri from Lake City, worked at Safeway or her friend Lisa? Man I have such great memories of those years. Friday nights start at the Alexrock then go to the Monastery dance til 6 then go to the Park Bench with Dana and crew,drink till noon then crash, and do it again on Saturday night with a trip to Tuggs for Sunday tea Dance







Maxi |

Very exciting to see this dedication to the Monastery. I first went there in 1980 thanks to my bestie, Charlene Noble, who introduced me to Linda Eaves, Paige & April, Scotty McRoberts, Brian Trombini and tons of others. I remember going there on Friday and Saturday nights, dancing the night away, intoxicated on something other than the great dance music, and then leaving in the morning reeking of frankincense. I'd end up on a bus headed back to Edmonds, but not before hitting up the Clock.

I'm interested in talking with people directly about the Monastery for archival purposes. Feel free to contact me at the following email:

remixlab @ gmail . com


P.S. Jonathan Hubert Roeder, I was one of the resident DJs at the Space and I DJ'd at the Union Station show you mentioned. If I recall correctly, you guys had us DJs TRY to DJ atop that cherry picker, something like 50 feet in the air. I remember the sway of that cherry picker made it impossible to spin records because the needles jump all over the place. Regardless, those days were fun.

tiny |

hey pretty eyes :) u can see alot of us on face book & myspace....if u go to....tinystreetwise u will pull me up on myspace & then u can add me as a friend. hope to talk to u soon.


shawna"pretty eyes"chambers |

What a pleasure to find those I danced alongside so many years ago....so many fond memories of an awe inspiring place and time...The bass pulse felt blocks away a siren song and the promise of always belonging when you were there appealed to a street- kid. As a 15YO girl "volunteer-away"..(no need to run, just go away!) from bourgeois Woodinville in 1979. It WAS a safe place to be! I was an "outlaw" and "Streetwise" tho' declined to be in it... Timmy F., Bambi, Tiny, Kevin, LuLu,Shadow,Toothless Bill, Kenny, Mikey and many others knew me...I met alot of "boys" that worked 2nd and Seneca; thats how I got into the Monastery in 1980. I was enthralled and was a regular as often as I could be...I wish I could see all of their faces again....
George looks exactly the same, still very handsome...got some of Dana's music, Thanx, djRxMx
I havent walked pavement in Dwntwn Seattle in 25 yrs. I'm sad I wont see that building when I come back to my hometown in 2010.
Thanks for the walk down memory lane

namerequired |

I came in '84 (15 yrs. old) and was one of the Gothic (then "Batcave"...) invaders. Had no idea of the history and fun all you folks had before that. I lived in Seattle, and came to the club very often. My crowd at that time included goths and fun, cool gays. Did lots of drugs, watched films, and danced, sometimes even crashed there. If I could go back in time for a day, night & morning... It would be there.

Was filmed on the news when one of the local TV stations came to interview people outside the club (waiting for it to open...)when there was pressure to close it. What a downer when it closed.

Never thought here would be a page on the club! So Cool!

Never got thumbtack-attacked... That I know of...

Rick "Rxmx" Ashmun |

Correction, by accident I included the same web address twice. (The only thing that frustrates me about Discomusic.com forums is that if you make a typo, you don't have ability to correct or edit it. Argggggggggggg)

Anyway, here's the other web address I intended to include:


Once again, Peace!

MC |

Randy and I spent about 2 hours on the phone last night just talking and remenicing about the "old days" at The Monestary, Brothers, The 107 Club and "bunches" of our old friends and "friends"..... had a great time.......

MonasteryBryan |

Tiny, glad to see you.
Miss the old days too.

MC |

Wow...did I s**** up...Craig and MC are the same person....little ol' me.......

Craig |

Hey Alex...and everyone....I'm still alive and kicking...in Arizona now and semi retired....still keeping a toe or two in the music business.....glad to know someone remembers me........

CrazyRandy |

ALEX---I AM Crazy Randy, Ma Craig was and remains my best friend and we are still in contact. He moved back to Arizona in the late 90's. I used to live across the street from Paige and April with Lisa Green in Bellevue, but back then I lived MANY places, I have not seen any of them in many many years.
Seneca ,I believe moved to Las Vegas though that merely a rumor I heard.
Sadly we've lost many of the others.. You know how it went in the 80's
And The Band Played On

Alex |

Oh, and Paige and April (and Paige's killer MDA), and Brandia, and the sprinklers George put out over the parking lot to get us to come inside, and of course the CLOCK....................

Alex |

I remember it all too well and I miss so many people: Tall Todd, Speedy Ronnie ("Wanna buy some speed?"), Crazy Randy, Deana "Tropical Fish" McCandles (my former roommie), Ma Craig, Phoebe Tyler, and my companion the first night there, Seneca Jones. Would anyone know of what's happened to these folks?

dyan |

monostary reunion party at r place friday june 26th at 8pm come and join the crowed!!!

bigpoppa |

PS: a bit of disco trivia directly from George Freeman. Originally the name of the club was the Monastery, then it was changed to the Sanctuary and then back to the Monastery. This was all within the first 2 years of opening.

bigpoppa |

In a strange twist of fate, I am spinning a house party for George Freeman tonight. Should be fun.

Rick "Rxmx" Ashmun |

Hey Church goers!

In addition to the 1982 Red Party recordings by DJ Dana Andrews at The Monastery, I have also made available the next year's event. Both '82 and '83 goods can be found here:


There's also more cool stuff here:



Rick "Rxmx" Ashmun

Jonathan Hubert Roeder |

My name is Jonathan Hubert Roeder, and I am a DJ from Tacoma.I am the man who did lighting and staging at Club Maxim in Tacoma, working side by side with DJ Paul Butler as his relief, eventually earning my own night. I am responsible for bringing Donald Glaude to Maxim, as well as N.W.A., Egyptian Lover, and Sir Mix-A-Lot. I designed and with my roomate Gage Sims, built Club Vertigo in Tacoma. I was given the unfortunate moniker of DJ Q-bert, after my middle name, unknowing of the scratch DJ master DJ Q-Bert, and creating confusion and disappiontment for many fans of both. I designed and built the rave nightclub Space on Mercer Ave in Seattle. I was responsible for the monster halloween party of 1993 at the Union Station. I've done more since then, but I never properly recorded my (mis) deeds. Does anyone have pics of these halcyon days, especially at Vertigo?

Alex |

I remember seeing the Monastery but I didn't start until Club Broadway where I met George and some mentioned here, David Keller, Roxy, Boy Mike, Nick Valentine, Edmund & Marcus, Navarre, Mercy, I think I know you Izeekiel, It's Alex from the Womb @ Denny & Olive. Didn't you live down on Olive & Bellevue Ave around 87? I was also called Flower for awhile back then. I cherish those days even though I was a little late I still remember the wildest people from every walk of life getting together for a good time & hot music & good old fashioned MDA! Never really seen anything like it since....Long Live 70's & 80's Seattle!!!!

bigpoppa |

Mark63, that sounds like the old Dana we knew and loved! I remember a lot of times he'd let me crash over at his place and our "breakfast" would be to split a 1/4 gram of blow into 2 lines. Wild...but not as wild as the night I went into the DJ booth and Dana was wearing only his chaps! Everything else was hanging out he spun totally un-phased. My time at the club was from 78 to about 82. I stopped going as much when Dana wasn't spinning there as much.

wazo |

hey there went to the monestary alot in the early 1980s till I moved away in 1984,danced alot too, email me and lets catch up! waso.olsen@gmail.com

candyman |

Chris in Texas,
Wow, a friend mentioned that there was a new post by someone, they didn't list a name, they listed part of what the post said.
I was like... that sounds like Chris. What's up boy?
I'd like to hear from you. email me.
Scot Mc.

mark63 |

dj shane lol
it was a sunday morn and the place just shut down for the night. and shane and i went to clock for morn madness. affter that we went down town and went into the bon. shane had some wind up teeth and he was vary high as was i. he was walking around stoping old ladys and saying HEY HEY LADY IM FRYED
then he took the teeth and stuck them in a jock underware display was to funny seeing teeth chomping in a manacans underware then we got kicked out one door and we walked around to the other door this went on for about 2 hours tell the police came then we ran lol
shane was allways a funny guy to hang with

Chris in Texas |

Wow... I cannot believe that so many others out there were as touched by those days as I was / am. I was one of the "army guys" that shared an apartment with Sammy on Capital Hill (sorry Ric, I'm drawing a blank on your face just now). I have extremely fond memories of those days.

I remember the first time I went there like it was yesterday. I was a straight, openminded 19 year old army airborne infantryman who was wandering around town. And then I saw it - the purple beacon. As I neared I heard it - that pumping bass. Life from that moment on would never be the same for me.

I met so many amazing people. I can recall so many of the faces and names although I admit there are a few that are a bit hazy. Sammy, his little sister Sonya, my army buddies Kit and Scott, Scotty McRoberts, Speedy Ron, Ricky LaFontaine (R.I.P.) Navy Scotty and his bf Dave from West Seattle (funny story about those two), Francine, LuLu, Jimmy, Kevin, Caroline, Claire, Jill, Bambi, Mass, Gretchen, Cindy, Trashcan (Aaron), the list goes on and on.

I still think about all of you frequently. When I come through Seattle on business I always try to make a point of driving past the corner of Stewart and Boren and let the memories flood my mind.

Warmest -

Chris W

mark63 |

Lol Just Remberd Somthing About Dana .. It Was At The White Party I Was Coming Down From Upstares And There Was Some Guy Standing There In A MDA Zone Out I Walked Past Him 3 Times On The Last Time I Was Picking Up Trash And I found A Big Bag Of Pure Mda I Did Not Know What It Was Affter All I fOUND It On The Floor So I Went In To The DJ Both And Showed It To Dana He Said Let Me Try A Tast So I Opend It And Dana That Crasy Guy Licked His Hole Finger And Cramed It Into The Bag And Then Jumped Up And Down Saying Oh Hunny That Pure Mda IT Was So Funny He Even Gave Me Big Hug And Said Thanks HeHe I Will Allways Miss Him God Bless Him May He Dance And Spin In The Affter Life RIP

mark63 |

You are all here well maybe you remember me... my name is Mark. I was 13 years old. My dad had to give ok for me to live and work there I played lights, hung out at the door with bobby good times (hi nick )
thank god I don't have to carry dry ice in a trash can ever again (l.o.l.). Got scorched evry time i dumped it in to the fogger (r.o.f.l.) you call all find me at www.myspace.com/fozz63

I live in Bremerton and oh yea I did live!
I miss them days, geting raided was allways fun. I miss DJ Shane and Dana and I miss our long talks Bobby.

mark63 |

I Was Light Player In The Early Days I Even was Talk To By Conny Chung Of The News Becuse I Was So Young And Living At The Place I Miss All Of My Old Pals I Turnd 18 At The Place I Danced On Speakes And Sat At The Door With Bob

miss shane bob boby lisa jacky realy miss evry one was a real good times back then i was allso the one putting the dry ice in the foger lol got scorched evrytime lol well fill free to contact me . miss you all .. ps mr freemen made a point of pointing out that i turned 18 that night i was there from time i was 13 so i was there at the start god bless all hope you all are well

mark the light kid


Hey there people, waso is alive and in the building!
Doing well living in portland drop me a line at my email sometime. WaZO

Carrie |

Yes... after Scootchies closed down the crowd changed, in an effort to appease both crowds musically the DJ would alternate the music to satisfy both crowds. It felt like an invasion, and it was annoying to the regulars... Anyhow, the music would change and all of the Goths would run up the stairs to the dance floor, some barefoot. Well- clever and slightly twisted Nelly Kelly went to 7-11 and bought thumb tacks and littered the stairs with thumb tacks. I tried to stop him, but he could not be swayed. He sat in the airplane chairs and waited for the music to change. It was horrific. <Shaking my head in utter embarrassment>. Does anyone remember that night? If we hurt anyone, I am so sorry… I think I was 15 or 16 years dumb.

Carrie |

Jim Carr,

We know some of the same people.. I actually have a picture of Donny and I, (from the day) and was friends with Joey West, and Gregg Kays and Sean. Please e-mail me: akacarrie@gmail.com

Carrie |

Max, I think I remember that crazy weekend on Capitol Hill. Didn't he have a basement apartment? Little Jeff and I were just talking about it, and we wondering how Jiovani was. So sorry to hear the news. Sounds like you are doing well, so nice to hear from you. Kevin Becker.. dark bown hair.. perfectly coiffed. <big hug>
Google has this cool street view feature, to see 1900 Boren Street now click the link below then select "street view": <br>


skyeambrose |

OMG! Tex, Izeekial, et al! I miss the whole scene, adn frankly nothing... and I mean NOTHING, has ever compared to the Monastery! I would love to revisit these days...i remember at some later date a bunch of us actually lived in the Monastery for a while..adn the cops came and chased us out! Remember that? wow...good times!


izeekiel |


my real name IS izeekiel. it has been my name since i was 13. its MINE!

anyhow, thanks for telling me about Todd Burien. damn that is sad. last time i saw him was around 1991-92. he was alot of fun. everytime i drive by where he lived with his grandparents i wondered where and what he was doing....alas.

anyone know where he is buried?

Max |

Yes, how are you Kevin? Jio passed away in 95. Jio was always real brave and he went that way. Easygoing to the end.Okay, better stop...
I moved to Austin partied some more and a couple of degrees later(it took me forever to get out of college-Ha!), I'm now in Florida working. I was married and divorced and married again and have 2 kids 11 and 6 boy and girl. Sorry to break the news about Jio, but we always used to talk about the good times we had back then, must have been the teenage hormone storm. I could never outdo it. I remember that triangular light. It seems like when that turned on, the whole place pulsed. I'll e-mail you.

Kevin Becker |

Max Castaneda! I've been looking for you and Jiovanni for 25 years! please get in touch with me...We all hung out together on Denny and Bellevue with John Ewing and Buster....dude would love to hear from you. desertguyps@hotmail.com Kevin

Max |

Wicked Wanda, Michael Jackson, My Brother Jiovanni, Girl Jiovanni,Billy the accountant, Egyptian Lover and World Destruction, Obsession-What a blast. I think I know Carrie. They tore this place down! That's criminal! I remember hearing that bass all the way to the morning madness at Arnolds and home. I think there were 30 people day sleeping in my brothers apartment on the weekend ;)
Good times!!
I'm in Florida-Help me remember!

Ric |

Agree'd Jim! Positive ROCKS!
I've nothing but fond memories of the church - irregardless that some of us recieved and some of us taught drama 101 there lol

C'mon and shuffle ... Manhattan Shuffle .....

Jim Carr |

It's hard to believe it has been 26 years since I first set foot in the Monastery. I was a bi-curious 19 yr old living in the suburbs and working at a convenience store & in walked John Celuch and Greg Kays. They were crazy, in a good way, and eventually convinced me to go with them to the club. I was scared, but had a great time. Eventually I became friends with several guys/girls from the Monastery, including my first boyfriend - Bill Strickland. Some of the gang I remember are: Geoff, Kris (in her vintage dresses), Phil, Steve LaRocca, Sean and Joey, Doug, Leona (whatev), Jimmy, Danny and Donnie, Gretchen, Sam & Lucy, etc. I miss those days & can still hear some of the music from back then and imagine myself on the dancefloor surrounded by great friends. I know those who are no longer with us, are cutting up at the big Monastery in the sky - probably dancing to Orbital be bop.

The memories that stick with me most are the first White Party i attended. The first time i heard Blue Monday, walking over to the 76 station to get gum and coming back only to find that the sprinklers were on (hey- water was the enemy of 80's hair), leaving at 7am when the sun was coming out & having George say "sin no more" when I walked out the door, New Yrs eve 1983 dancing in a circle of 12 friends with our arms around each other to we are family, How I would get lost inside that place even after I'd been going there for a couple years, Seafair 1983 when Greg went in his Red Robin mascot outfit after being in the torchlight parade and shaking his tailfeathers on the dance floor. I think I have a photo of him sitting on George's lap in the office in that costume. Last but not least the awesome music / sound system. I was a rocker dude before falling in love with dance music. The first disco i loved was "Playing for Time" by Madleen Kane and "I'm gonna get your love" by Jade. It wasn't long before Van Halen and Rush were replaced by the thump thump of monastery music in my car stereo.

I, too, have mix tapes from the monastery that I wore out. It's nice to see names of people that I remember and glad that 95% of the comments are fond memories.


David |

iizeekeil and KAT
I knew todd burian he introduced me to my first bf...I was 15/6 at the time....what is your real name izeekeil? and KAT yeah i know Shelby...if it is the boy....he is still living in tacoma last i heard and with his partner....
And izeekeil, if you didnt know, todd passed away about 10 years or so ago.....
My name is David...
If you need or want to contact me....

Rick Ashmun aka DJ Rxmx |

Rick Ashmun aka DJ Rxmx |

Reunion party....hmmm.....HELL YES!!!

Sounds good to me. I would love to deejay the event. I have tons of music from the Monastery era, including some very high end digital versions of the signature cuts.

Hills of Katmandu (Tantra)
Born To Be Alive (Patrick Hernandez)
Your Love (Lime)
Feels Like I'm In Love (Kelly Marie)
Harmony (Suzy Lane)
Ultimate Warlord (Immortals)
Red Light Lover (Gwen Jonae)
Lift Off (Patrick Cowley)
Walk Right Now (The Jacksons)
Magnifique (Bobby Viteritti Remix) (Magnifique)

This is not even scratching the surface.

Still have the same website, btw


Yours truly,


CrazyRandy |

I just fell upon this sight doing a search for Lee Hartell. My God I remember half the names mentioned here. Speedy Ron OMG I remember the first night I ever met him down by Pennys and the doughnut shop... Yes people I AM still alive and well and back in Seattle sine 2000.

Kat |

LOL I have no idea if I'm "the Kat" or not. I'm certain "Kat" was probably a common name on the streets back in the day. Can you give me more information that might jog my failing memory? :)

Ron |

KAT.if this is the kat i met way back please please get back to me at dfforlife@hotmail.com

billynmiam |

reunion party sounds like a great idea ill fly in from miami with partner :):):):


Kat |

Wow. Just ran across this place and I'm surprised! I don't recall many names from back in the day, but I remember Tiny (if you're the same petite, pretty girl I recall). You probably don't remember me, however, there were so many people. I was in a Tacoma group that came in on weekends 82/83. I'm glad to see you're doing well, it's the most I can ask for with people that grew up wild like we did.

Too many memories - and you all are bringing them back to me with this website. I'm glad to hear that the majority of people here have better memories of that era than I. That eases my spirit.

If anyone knows (or recalls) "Shelby" from Tacoma during that era, please let me know! Thanks!

Peter Reyes |

I was doing some research and to my surprise I came across all of these loyal followers from "The Monastery". I had the honor of being one of the DJs and working with George and the whole staff from 1981-82. John Kmetz did the sound,Bobby worked the door, and John Selek would fill in for me. My dear friend Tony Medina would later come out and guest DJ for me. He ended playing at Neighbors when they opened. Besides the Monastery, I had the chance to play at several other clubs: Tuggs, Club Broadway, Boren Street, and The Eagle's Nest.
I was also involved in the buying of all imports at Uniwax records with Francine and was a member of the Seattle Record Pool with Ramon Wells. I stay am in touch with Roman since we work here in NYC.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of staff members, fans, mixed tapes etc. I think a reunion party is past due???
I will be submitting play list,mixed tapes,invites, etc soon.
My love to all...

DJ Peter Reyes
The Monastery

P. Allen Brown |

Anyone is welcome to contact me:

To the best of my knowledge, you can still reach George Freeman at:

Universal Life Church Monastery Headquarters
1425 Broadway Ste. 67
Seattle, WA 98122 USA

Monday - Friday
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PST)
Phone: (206) 285-1086
Fax: (206) 285-7888


P. Allen Brown |

My Mother wouldn't let me go to the Monastery!
But -

In 1989 I worked at Celebrity and OZ for Keith Olson for a period of time when I was the roomate of his younger brother Mark. I ran lights from time to time for Mike Joyce, Lee Haertel and others. Worked service bar at Celeb and even DJ'd New Years 1990 @ Belltown for Geordy Z.

Brad Read was my Best Man at my wedding in '93 and of course Johnny Kmetz did the sound with Buster as DJ. I love these guys with all of my heart, and am delighted to see that they have influenced so many people so positively throughout the years. I have been honored to call them my friends for many years.

George Freeman issued my doctorate from the ULC and still runs the ULC Monastary in Seattle.

Peace and Blessings to you all.


izeekiel |

TEX!! baby! yes, too long. i am glad you are doing well and happy.

i am acting, doing improv right now in olympia...did the role of 'chelsea' in 'on golden pond' earlier this year. check out 'olyimprov'. i am there. got shows at the end of this month.

i just watched 'streetwise'. i had never seen it, you know? couldnt do it before, but i can now that so much time has passed. even though i came like a year or so after that, i remember so many people....it sure brought back some memories, bad and crazy-good. theres a lot of people i miss.

so let me tell you tex, i love it that you are happy and have made it this far sweetheart. it is a very special thing for me, knowing any of the old crowd is having happiness.

i too am surprised, who would have ever thought little street rat me would be living out my dreams.

We Rock, don't we Tex?

i used to have a tape you mixed (it had 'on the grid' and i'm so hot for you'). losing that was....well damn i wish i still had it:). remember navarre? and erich? we used to listen to it all the time. like waaaay back in the long ago.

kiss your family for me...and huge hugs to you. you totally made my day. i will look out for your shows and try and come and see ya babe!

loving you!


Tex |

izeekiel, Long time no hear. nice to see that you are doing well. I've been doing sound at the Capitol Hill art center and working as a Local 15 stagehand I now have
two wonderful kids Davey and Evey and living out in BFE. I never thought I'd make it this far. I hope this message reaches you. Take Care David. Aka little TEX http://www.myspace.com/djnightbreed
P.S I love this site keep the flashbacks coming.

izeekiel |

i am having total flashbacks!!! Hi Tex!
i was just a punk from tacoma and todd burian took me to the Monestary. i was only 14-15yo the times i went there. it was the last year it was open.

i just found out my long lost brother, jon cross (we hadnt seen eachother in over 20 years) went to the monastary in 79-80. strange to find i was 'walking in his footsteps' just a few years later.

i remember the night after one of the final raids, when we all had to prove our ages to get in. they had a phone set up so they could call to verify your age. i was only 15 but they called my aunt who said i was old enough to get in.

the first time i was in the club changed my whole life. i wanted nothing to do with anything boring ever again. i felt accepted as no freak in tacoma ever can LOL.

when i ran away from home shortly after the monastery closed down, i was a seattle streetkid, and was at 'city beat' every night, just down the street, not nearly as cool, but sooooo better than any club nowadays.

i remember the clock, the first night i spent as a runaway in seattle i saw two huge bears walk in in glittery blue eyeshadow and pink tutus. my world it was a'changin.

i told my parents (while going to the monestary and before i ran away from those total maniacs) that me and todd were going to church. WELL IT WAS TRUE! when i came home from school one day, there was george, and a buncha too high kids from the night before on TV; a newscast laying out all the debauchery of the 'church' i was attending. i was in so much trouble after that.

glad i found this site. they dont make clubs like that anymore, and kids these days have no clue how to party. i wish i could go back in time. those days were hard core and sucked, but that club....i would go back for that club.


Rick Ashmun aka DJ Rxmx |

After 23 years of not running into "Mother Ron," I was pleasantly surprised yesterday and saw and spoke with Mr. Gomez. He is doing well. It was quite emotional; he has always been family to me. He still has the great sense of humor.


Tim |

George Freeman, are you there?

I've just noticed you posted earlier in the thread. I'm writing about Galaxy 21 and Walter Gibbons. Please get in touch if you read this: tlawrence1@mac.com



Tim |

Hello everyone

Great to read this thread -- fascinating stuff.

I wrote a book about 1970s dance culture called Love Saves the Day and would very much like to track down George Freeman. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with him?

Sam, it seems like you do from the following post:

If anyone who know of George's whereabouts could contact me at tlawrence1@mac.com I'd be very grateful.

Many thanks
Tim Lawrence

Phase Linear Darrel |

I wanted the people here to see my all of my contributions to the discomusic.com site
Tracks DC
Schoochies Roller Disco
Tonites The Nite Discotheque
Axel Rock Saloon Disco
Mr Dillions
Tracks Denver
Darrel Fisher "Phase Linear"
Richard Piselli
John T. Kmetz
Yellow Pages
Brass Door / Connection
Club Broadway
Hide and Seek Complex

terry |

hey joslin! scotty! call me! 503 975 4978

terry |

meagen,I,miss her! keven,candy.sorry!meagen came on to me at your place when wazo and I came back from frisco.Drummer terry.

Phase Linear Darrel |

Hi everybody I just found a tape it is dated 11/7/78 and features Alan Parsons Project I Robot in the mix and I am sending this tape to DJ RXMX to Digitiz
If any one wants to call me about this project we are doing call me 719-738-3666 thank you!!!!!

Rick Ashmun aka DJ Rxmx |

Just a little update. I am in process of digitizing more Monastery tapes, including deejays Dana Andrews, Neal--YES, Neal, Peter Sanford (spelling), and John Kmetz. These are raw digitization's so it's time consuming, minor editing will take place more than likely to get rid of any nasty pops and audio anomalies.... There are also more tapes on the way from Colorado, courtesy of Lucifer Phase Linear Darrel, yeehaw.

I've been sounding like a broken record--what can I say, as I am a broken human being, lol--but my site is still current with lots of groovy old school mixes of music from the early 1980's (a little bit of 70's too). Samplers, DJ Dana mixes, DJ Rxmx mixes, play lists, and photos. So get your butts there if u haven't done so.



little ronnie |

Darrel just called me and let me listen to george give his sermon at the 1981 toga party.its the real deal.I was there that night.boy what a blast from the past.yes Dana was spinning that night. whoever asked yes this is ron from pennys corner. Carrie your a doll for calling.you will always be in my heart.please stay in touch.your still a pretty girl.

Phase Linear Darrel |

Hi everyone I just found a Tape with an Aniversary Toga party on the tape Gerorge offers first prize to the best dressed white outfit. 1st prize is 6 months free of contribution to church!!! I am sending this mixed tape to Rick Ashmun DJ RXMX to restore for me

Carrie |


Woo Hoo! Calling you now!

billynmiam |

so where is george now .......

Ric |

Mother Ron (Gomez), Speedy Ron, and little Ronnie were all visitors to penneys corner 'back in the day'.
Lovin the memories - Arnolds for morning madness (or the clock or even that chinese restaurant on broadway by safeway where bruce bartended), the building behind the jag dealer with kevins apt and johns apt and peters apt and tony and megans coat with the fur collar and getting candy to school (and getting her to stay there), francines regal gertrude (or was gertrude scots vw?) ... axelrock, marshalls office, tuggs, tubs, brass door/connection, neighbours (we had to grow up a lil y'know) ... dantes for the kegs ... sammy's apt w/ the army guys ...

billynmiam |

is this ron from pennys corner

Rick Ashmun |

Wow, Billy, u touch on a lot of historical stuff regarding Seattle, he he.

I ran away from home in 1979 and did a lot of be bopping around the city. My short fling girlfriend at the time, by the way, was "Cola" whose sisters name was "Panther;" they both were related to Gunther, the mob boss at the "donut hole." Cola was the first one to bring me to the Monastery, and she taught me how to dance, he he. The Monastery was the ONLY place for teenagers to go to in that community - it really was the only sanctuary away from the dangerous streets.

Yep, Club Zodiac was a historical landmark as well; in fact it is still in existence -- it's currently called "Club Z."

Tuggs was the place to go to to hear DJ Ramone. Kind of an alternative to The Monastery, located in Belltown of course.

The Clock, always loved that place for its serious seediness. Always fun to have breakfast there lipped on acid, playing with the colorful eggs and pancakes, he he. The real party was happening in the "flawless cocktails" lounge. I always remember hearing "Passion" by Rod Stewart semi-blaring out of the bar. Was always irritated because I was too young to enter it, being 16 years old and such.

Omg, who could ever forget the Olive Terrace Apartments, just up the street from The Clock. That was party heaven, he he. The Monastery sound system was so powerful that you could hear it all the way from Olive Terrace. (Correct me if I am wrong, but that building is the tall one just one block from The Clock??)

What memories!

P.S. Anyone remember "Mother Ron" aka Ron Gomez?? What was The Axel Rock, Clock, and The Monastery without that guy. He always knew where the good dr*gs were too, lol.


billynmiam |

ok im hooked -remember the park bench club-volunteer park after the bars closed -marshals office -ok i gotta stop this sites for the monastery but when you open old memories well ??

billynmiam |

i'm also looking for the bailey bros mark and whats his name -sorry i heard bruce lane was murdered in his basement --oh my - if anybody remembers i was the doorman at the brass door who wore the leather jacket -any body remember the zodiac or
johnnys hand bag aka tuggs on first ave belltown -the clock rest -the dough nut hole and gunther-catch a raising star -and the gay bath on first ave next to the army surplus store -lion o reilys -wicks hair cutters -olive terrace apts and the pink appliances -shellys leg niteclub-
the neon sign for grandmas cookies -the big toe on wheels that was the car for the seattle towing company
well thas all i can think of now
heres my email bcaf@bellsouth.net
would love to rememnice about gay seattle of the late 70's early 80's
i fled miami during the anita bryant rain of terror and seattle was a perfect fit and lady greytop where r u :)

billy from miami |

i was so happy to land on this site
i was a george freeman devotee back in the 1978 79 era omg patrick juvet" i love america "i remember the basement where there was a buffet of food and couches
i was going to u of wa and really loved my time at the monestary i drove my yellow vw bug does any body remember me ? looking for chris durham- brad boyles -danny jones-scottie mast-
-capital hill richard - ray dillery- i found allan fuller george you dated my boyfriend michael campbell we were together 21 years he passed away in 1999- thank you george for giving me some great memories where did the time go .......

little RONNIE |

so happy to hear you are al doing great.this was the best time of my life.the church didnt mess anyoneslife up it saved mine.hi carrie.anyone wants to talk call me 480-449-9572 or email me at dfforlife@hotmail.com love allwho belonged

Phase Linear Darrel |


Phase Linear Darrel |

Hi everybody after months of negotation and talking with John Kmetz ,(Phase Linear Darrel Fisher) DJ RXMX (Rick Ashmun)managed to come to an agreement with John Kmetz to restore digitaly all of his recordings has has kept all these years I am confident he chose the right people for the job!!! this includes hundreds of hours on reel to reel tapes and cassettes. Some of these tapes feature DJs such as Dana Andrews, Peter Sanford, Neal Patrick, Brad Read, John Selek, John Kmetz, plus I am sending all my recordings from the monastery that I have in my colllection to (DJ RXMX Rick Ashmun) including 3 90 minute tapes marked RED PARTY by John Kmetz with DYMO labels.

Katie McMillan |

Hi George...
I love that anyone even CARES about the Monastery music play list. I LOVE that it matters to someone else besides me. I found this discussion on the mixing styles of Dana Andrews a tribute in itself...all of share memories of incense and a a kickin' sound system...friends past...the details are often personalized. I think it's great that Rick is mixing this as a tribute to his mentor and friend...
Rock on Boogie Man


Phase Linear Darrel |

For what its worth I belive that DJ RXMX Tapes are the real deal no matter what!!! FROM THE RED PARTY!!!!I was there!!!! I even lived there for a Time!!! Phase Linear Darrel



DJ Rxmx |

Some additional information regarding the questioned authenticity of the 1982 Red Party Monastery recordings that should clear things up and uphold the validity of what is being made available. Also keep in mind that I have spent countless hours making this music available via the web. I am probably the only one who had done this with these recordings, and I don't ask for any fee. Just provide your own broadband Internet service so you may obtain them.

The morning of the 1982 Red Party's conclusion -- Saturday, February 12th (the event could have actually been the week before or week after, not a hundred percent sure, as this was 26 years ago -- ended about 5 am. Some friends of Dana Andrews, Bruce and Woody (both were partners), had approached me outside the club to let me know they were having a party at their house in Seattle. I had just met Bruce about a month before that as a result of Ron Gomez (a.k.a., "Mother Ron") introducing us. (Btw, I wonder how Ron is doing these days--what an incredible guy, he he.)

Anyways, Bruce told me that they also had recorded cassette tapes of the night's event. When I got to their house we had a very fun party there, as you can imagine. It was very festive! The recorded tapes were also being played at their house when I arrived--in fact, Bruce played these tapes the entire weekend, he he.

The most surprising flaw of the tapes was the side where Soft Cell's extended "Tainted Love - Where Did Our Love Go" actually gets cut off right in the middle of the song (i.e., where Tainted Love changes to Where Did Our Love Go). That is, the 45-minute tape side ends right during this transition. I remember specifically all of us at the house busting out laughing very hard because of this, and the fact Tainted Love was THE hottest song ever to be played at this time period at The Monastery--everyone loved this cut. Not many people owned the 12-inch at this time, so having it on tape was a gem. I also know that Dana wasn't really keen on fading out the volume on some of his tapes, including changing the blank cassettes quickly and consistently.

Bruce and Woody were the first people to expose me to these tapes. This was the same music played the night before, same songs, same order.

It was about 1 to 2 months later that I received my copy of the tapes from Francine. Same music, same songs, same order--including the flaw on the one side of one of the tapes.

I really hope this clears things up. Once again, I hate having to write this.


Rick Ashmun

DJ Rxmx |

Point of correction:

Where I state "Gino Soccio's" Trippin' On The Moon. This is incorrect. My intention was to reference Cerrone as the original artist of this song.

Rick Ashmun

DJ Rxmx |

Rest assured, John, they are the real deal. You know how I know--I was there. It was the Red Party, and I saw Dana Spinning with my own eyes. I remember the night vividly, and I also remember how well John Kmetz had tuned the system that night. The sound system was on fire (i.e., figure of speech).

I also think John Kmetz would have no problem attesting to this fact. I also think he might have had duplicate copies of these tapes that Dana gave him, not sure though.

I specifically remember the core of the songs that were played at the event. No one was really playing, for the most part, The Time, Kid Creole, Hall & Oates, and Soft Cell at the other gay clubs at this time, so that was one of the things that I specifically remember when I was there, and the impact it had on the crowd.

I also remember that Gino Soccio's "Trippin' On The Moon" had just come out, and Dana played it that night.

Moreover, I had a pretty strong relationship with Francine at the time. We had been partners for almost 2 years. I got my copies from her that she duplicated from original tapes that came from Dana.

Dana's mixing that night was very better than average, I specifically remember that as well. That night was a huge success for him. There was even a lazer light show there that night--something like a grand or so was spent to have the 2 professionals come in and operate the equipment.

As for myself, I wish to recap my attendance at The Monastery. I started going there in 1979, and from that point I went "religiously" every Friday and Saturday up until about 1984, then I went maybe about once a month.

I also knew very well George Freeman, Alan Butterworth, and John Kmetz during this period.

Phase Linear Darrel, of whom I am in close contact with even to this day, will also attest to the authenticity of these recordings. Darrel also attends this forum on a regular basis. Not only was Darrel present at the 1982 event, but he also worked very closely with John Kmetz during this time at The Monastery with respect to some of the sound system engineering. Darrel was also professionally close to Alan Butterworth, as well. Alan Butterworth played a huge role in the design of The Monastery's sound system. My hat is off to these guys for what they did there and making the audible experience what it was, I must say.

It is unfortunate to have to write all this. But I feel strongly about my experience at The Monastery as well as my involvement with deejay mixing, and the presentation of memorable and important music from this time period.

Last note. One of the things that I remember very well about Dana and his style of deejaying was that he was a very improved DJ when he returned from his career in Spokane, WA. There he deejayed at a club for approximately one year (this was around late 1980 and early 1981). When he got back from Spokane and resumed his career at The Monastery, his music style exhibited a night and day difference in depth and ability to transform the dance crowd. By 1982, Dana was pretty much at his peak, imo. I personally think this was Dana's best year for deejaying.

Yours Truly,

Rick Ashmun (aka DJ Rxmx)

Bigpoppa |

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but after hours and hours of listening to these tapes over and over again, it is my opinion that these are not from the Red Party at all. As anyone who went to the Monastery will attest, it was virtually impossible to make a mixtape without skipping a record thanks to those gawd-awful hanging turntables. And with all the drugs that he usually took...well...! The first 20 to 25 minutes on Side 1 does not sound like Dana, but another DJ, possibly Francine who used to run Uniwax records. You will notice that the mixing really smooths out and actually takes on a different style. The rest of this series does sound like Dana however. Most likely what we have here are duplicates of some of the mixtapes that Dana used to make and sell to the old bathhouse, Club Seattle (now known as Steamworks.)

Again, not trying to upset anyone, but it's best if we all know exactly what we have here and enjoy it for what it is, a great slice of music from a specific time period that was truly fun! If I actually run across any more of his mixtapes, I'll let you know. If anyone has any of his tapes, I can transfer them to CD for you.

Tex |

Hey everyone, this is little tex. I came across this sight when I thinking about all of the fond times I use to have there. 1984-apr 85 I'm glad to see that everyone is ok.

Love, Dave

DJ Rxmx |

...UPDATE -- ALL FOUR (4) PARTS of RED PARTY 1982 MONASTERY -- that's Part 1, 2, 3, & 4 are available. Just go to the MUSIC page at my website.




DJ Rxmx |

More Good Stuff!!

PART 4 of RED PARTY 1982 MONASTERY - mixed by the master himself, DJ DANA ANDREWS

48 Minutes


Let me know what you guys/gals think!


DJ Rxmx |

I have added the following disco mixed set to my site for your listening pleasure.

Take A Chance: A Tribute To DJ Dana Andrews 77_84 (73:37) - mixed by DJ Rxmx

01. VOYAGER (Alan Parsons Project)
02. MAMMAGAMMA (Alan Parsons Project)
03. MIRAGE (Kebekelektrik)
04. MIRAGE (TOM MOULTON REMIX) (Kebekelektrik)
05. WAR DANCE (RXMX REMIX) (Kebekelektrik)
06. LIFE'S A PARTY (Michael Zager Band)
08. GLORIA (Santa Esmeralda)
09. DANCE FANTASY (Free Life)
10. FOR YOUR LOVE (Chilly)
11. PULSTAR (Hipnosis)
12. CHINATOWN (Cruisin' Gang)
13. HEY HEY GUY (SWEDISH MIX) (Ken Laszlo)
15. TAKE A CHANCE (Queen Samantha)
16. SEA HUNT (Patrick Cowley)


I encourage any comments or questions regarding this set. Also, feel free to email me (ashmunr@hotmail.com).

Carrie |

Jill, ROTFLMAO. I totally forgot aout the campfire girlz costumes.. I think we wore garters under them. <shaking my head> Those were the daze. You are the best!

jill_is_nothin_but_legs |

I remember countless times going to "church." Carrie and I would show up after 11 and it would be packed, but we'd always squeeze in at least six hours of dancing and fun. We dressed up for the big Halloween bash and ran a close second in the costume contest. The next year we dressed as naughty Camp Fire Girls but never made it to the costume contest because we were too busy flashing all the old farts through the windows at Steve's Broiler on First. I wonder where Kevin Ross and his little sister Candy ended up. I havent seen them since I moved out from Kevins in 1986. I remember morning madness like it was yesterday, with Kevin, Carrie, Nina, Jeff, Greg, Kevin, Kelly, et al. I spoke with Carrie for 2-1/2 hours about old times. I finally found Carrie while wondering mindlessly online and then BINGO. I haven't heard from Nina since she married in 1986 and moved away. Enough of the babbling, I think I'll play "White Lines" to reminisce, of course it wont be close to the pounding mix at Church. Six hours of dancing? What the Hell was I on? LMAO

Peace and love,


DJ Rxmx |

I have updated my MUSIC section with more 80's dance including many selected cuts played at The Monastery. You will also find Dana Andrews' Part 2 of Red Party 1982 on one of the pages.


DJ Rxmx

Carrie |

Maybe some one can fill in the rest, but I think the mural on the side of the church read: "...Confused? Don't be. One certainly is"

Bud_ |

Too many memories (all good) came flying when I found this site, still tryin to catch em all.
Anyhoo, this is Ric Smith - better half of Ric and Bob, groupie, deacon, Scotty sidekick, general guy friday (and sat and sunday if i wasn't too tired) -
Toss s'more memories at me budcando@hotmail.com and I'll try to do the same.

You all look so young! lol

peas kids ;-)

Ravenne |


Ravenne |

P.S. There is a vhs out on those wonderful people I knew back then! Its called "StreetWise" from 1984-6 . Alot of you were in it, names are in the credits at the end! I "Marie", contibuted some insite to the producers but not in actual program & Kevin himself! are there! Hope you enjoy, cause these are the days we miss the most, even though we were "growing up".......

Ravenne |

Oh My God !
How is everyone!?!!!
The Monastery 1984 lives in my soul forever!
I was one the girls that was let in by George himself through one of his guyfriends who recommended me)& I was also Kevin Koll? the pimps nemesis! He had to have Damien C. get me off his street, cause I was taking all his girls business! I used to get money for nothing, as guys were freaks back then! I was looking for a killer and met him when I had to jump out on the freeway, and I found the Monastery exciting with Scott F. a.k.a. "squirrel" after THAT episode! Anyone remember these guys? I had the best memories of my life! We were wild and free and ourselves, nothing can bring back america's real freedom anymore. I have never found a club to compare since.....and I was there to light those candles when it closed! (You can find me on the front steps in the newspaper for that night!)I danced till dawn & then some! & I was never treated like a blond, only as a unique individual! I love and miss all of you Real people, as I was bisexual myself & got hit in the face by a 2x4 by another girls gal on accident on 1st & Pike St. in broad daylight (after a sunburn and then my cheek skin peeled off to the darned bone), I was innocent! & just stood there and said: "ARE YOU DONE YET"?! and she & everyone else just freaked, I wonder if she still remembers That?!! Was it LULU herself? Cant remember for the love of me, she apologised and offered me protection, like I needed it!)!!!, The Stealer of mens' souls herself......C-Ya where the souls wander..... The Raven!

pony |

george thanks for everything,the great memories of love laughter and dance!the trips to costco with you ,the boat trip to seafair and the place to call home.sitting watching star treck the wrath of khan on airplane seats tweaked on mda and crystal.trying to pee in the open bathroom cursed with being pee shy!dancing in front of the mirror all night,watching the place fall out of favor and becoming quiet then busy again,bobby bru,mohawk mellssa , philo,so many wonderful friends,but most of all the man who made me feel welcome George


i am trying to reach alan tillinghast he has moved to north dakota does anyone have his address or phone number. heres my email address catherinethed@yahoo.com Girl samm

Leah |

Who would believe it if they didnt experience it for themselves?my memories of the Monastery come from the perpective of a 15yr old girl, streetwalker.I was taken there every weekend to dance and relax with our "group". Inside the church I felt safe and comfortable.It smelled good,the people were so pretty.he lights and sound were entrancing,I could feel my blood pump to the beats.I have never been in a place that could match it since.It really was a hidden world in there.Over the years I have thought back often about the club and the people I met there with a special fondness.I wish so much that I could visit that time once more.

BigPoppa |

Other DJs? Dana Andrews passed away in 1989, Paul Curtis is now living in California, possibly the Bay area. Lee Haertel who some of you might remember later in the club's history (1983/1984 to close) is around Seattle somewhere but I have not heard of him spinning recently. All I can think of at the moment.

DJ Rxmx |

***** Hey Peeps - For sample mixes go to http://djrxmx.multiply.com/ *****

Keeping the beat alive!

Rick Ashmun (DJ Rxmx)

terry |

can anyone here tell me when the monastery closed? i think i was there when i was a kid, but that would have been when i was 15. i thought it was around 86. or is that too late?

also, any of you disco people out there might want to join the fun at Circus! @ Pony. it's always the last thursday of the month. we're trying to have a pre-AIDS gay disco vibe with lots of italo, and electro-disco. it's a hoot! judging from the red party set-list, you all would LOVE it!

justinearly |

the monestary defined me. George kicked me out but i know he loved me... I guess 13 year olds shouldnt be disco dancing
thank you george, brad, neil, john kmetz
i remember getting laid for the first time with someone who is still very close and special to me
In the end booth upstairs
i havent been laid since
haha just kidding
love to all, justin early

Carrie |

What happened to all the delicious and talented DJs? I found this artical about Peter, but what I really liked about the artical was this positive descriptive paragrah about the Monastery: "Peter landed a residency at the The Monastery in Seattle, Washington, where the legendary DJ Walter Gibbons of Salsoul fame was about to leave for New York. There Peter began developing and honing his techniques and cultivating his emotive style. He played 15-hour sets to a weekly crowd of 3,000 plus frenzied dancers. Soon he established the club as a haven for the likes of Madonna, the Pointer Sisters, Culture Club and many other great performers." More about Peter Here: http://www.discomusic.com/people-more/3127_0_11_0_C/

DJ Mad Dog Tannen |

Wrong code for the HTML image, sorry.
Here is the flier image.

DJ Mad Dog Tannen |

It's so great seeing all the regular posts on this board.

As an 80's DJ, I'm fascinated with the New Wave movement of the 1980's and REALLY wish I could have been there to experience it.

I have created a group on Myspace in an effort to get as many people talking as possible about the old Seattle club scene. I love hearing these stories.

Here is the Myspace link.

Also, I spin at Saturday Nights @ Buddha Bar in Belltown.
While not exactly Monastery type of music....I'm getting there and it's my goal to set up a format devoted to early 80's dance music.

Right now I spin some of the dancier stuff like Dead or Alive, Front 242, Ken Laszlo, Patrick Cowley, etc. mixed with early 80's post punk. This is probably as close as it gets to what you experienced in the 80's and it gets better every week.

Here is my flier and if any of you are still in the Seattle area....come check it out sometime!!

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v632/roapr5150/Buddha300x500_JPG.jpg" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">

Carrie |

Silly Bear, you forgot to list your e-mail address. Here is mine: akacarrie@gmail.com

<blush> Thanks Rick. ;)

John, Was Darryl Boyd (AKA Kelly) a ship mate of yours?

BearBoxer |

Hey BlondeCarrie...Do we recall each other? It sure was along time ago but maybe I remember you..just E-Mail me!

John Kowalski |

WOW! I was in the Navy in 1983 and I was with a friend one night and noticed the BLUE LIGHTS as we were driving by. He said it was a dance club but refused to stop. A week later a few gay shipmates and I took a ferry from Bremerton to Seattle to explore this magical place. It was the first time I ever took "X". I loved that place. The people, the music, the atmosphere. George and I never were properly introduced but a funny thing happened one night...I was walking down the stairs to the movie area and George met me on the steps. He asked me BY NAME how I was doing. George and I had never been introduced formally but he still knew my name. To this day I'll wonder how he got my name. He introduced himself as "The Chaplain of The Church". I recall becoming a mirror queen dancer. Hours upon hours of dancing in a mirror with myself. People bringing me water so I wouldn't overheat. I kissed guys and girls and whatever was available. X set me off. I loved everything about The Monastery. Being in The Navy at the time, it gave me a place to be myself. I never was gay or straight, just myself, placid. The music just blew me away literally. LOUD LOUD LOUD !! I never made it up to private area upstairs but I can only imagine. I also recall walking out at 5 or 6 AM and the sunlight blinding my eyes. We'd then do a Morning Madness at a nearby grease house and try to cure the overnight blues. I loved that place and met so many great people. KUDOS to George and his staff way back then.


DJ Rxmx |

Cutie! BlondeCarrie.


He he he, what can I say.

Carrie |

I have not visited in a while, but just wanted to concur that the music that DJ Rxmx (aka Rick) is offering is, "Flawless!" :) I highly recommend Rick; he is a stand up guy. I really appreciate the mixes... xoxoxoo

Below is a link to a recent picture of me, I am on the right. Let's be honest; it's been a while, I don't remember everyone's name, but if you recognize me. Please reply. I would love to catch up.


KatieMcMillan |

Hi George (& Everyone )

Wow! I just read the new Stranger & it says George is running for city council!
Cool! You have my vote!

Hey Big Poppa...Tea Dance on Sundays @ the Cuff complex, huh?

What about organizing an AIDS/Chicken Soup benefit Monastery style called:
Born To Be Alive, Red Party 2007.

I can provide 200 promotional post cards, and 100+ sticks Frank & Myrrh incense...(of course)...maybe someone could make some red Monastery T-shirts to sell?

And the icing in the cake? Maybe George could say a few words of wisdom & freedom??
All in favor, send a post to this site!

Katie McMillan

DJ Rxmx (aka Rick) |

For Monastery music including mixes by Dana Andrews as well as tribute mixes from me in HIGH quality mp3/cd format, EMAIL (ashmunr@hotmail.com) me. If you don't believe these are good mixed sets, just ask Phase Linear Darrel and Katie McMillan who regularly post here.





Phase Linear Darrel |

Hey everybody just received my restored Monastery CD!! It is incredible!!!! Part of the CD is a Red party!! The recording is Flawless which John Englund and Rick Ashmun!!! have worked very hard on!!! You guys ROCK!!! John I am going through all my Monastery Tapes!!!! I have so many !!! Work in progress some are high quality some low some have sporatic noise recorded some of the mixes are not perfect!!!Some have recordings of Gerorge Freemans 2:00 Am serman!!! one is very long!!!most of the tapes are 70 microseconds high bias TDK, Maxell, and BASF some are low bias 120 microseconds The Music of The Monastery was different was not typical disco!! It was mix of undergound Music !! As Gerorge Said Many Times The Message is in the Music !!!! Phase Linear Darrel

joeyNYCLA |

Hello All,

Joey here-I started this posting and am happy it has become a forum for people to reconnect and remember the magic of the Monastary. DJ Rxmx-can you please let me know how I can order the CD's you made of the Monastery music? I would really appreciate it! Can it really be that it was 1978 when I 1st stepped into that magical dance palace? Time will always stand still for me when I think back to those glorious nights of dancing till dawn-we were all so lucky to have been part of the memories.

Hugs, Joey

BigPoppa |

Thanks all for the complements, but I only transferred the music from one medium to another. I use good but simple equipment, its all very clean so that I can get the best possible signal into my computer. But as anyone who understands sound knows, you must have a decent source material and those cassettes were damn near reel to reel quality. Also I follow a lot of guidelines laid down by the Library of Congress as far as not trying to change the original sound in any way. I too was impressed! PS, it's John England and I am at the Cuff Complex every other Sunday starting at 4 PM spinning their Tea Dance which usually lasts until 1 or 2 AM...quite a long set! Don't expect a night of all Monastery music, we do cheesy right next to underground...it's literally all over the road. Come down and visit me.

As always, if anyone finds a mixtape from that era, contact me and I'll see if I can transfer it for you as long as I get to keep a copy.

Michael |

Hello Again! I just wanted to know if anyone has seen Alan Butterworth or knows where he is, do you? And Rick, thanks for the emails. Michael

KatieMcMillan |

Hey Rick... (Hi Everybody)

Been dancing all over the place since the 1982 Red Party CDs arrived...
The typos in my last post...understand I couldn't think, couldn't type...all I could do was groove...Neighbors showed up with a bottle of wine...they thought I was having a party!
Boogie Man...you're into what ever you can...& I like your eye (& ear) for detail...
Freakin' AMAZING sound on these CDs...thanks for passing the remixes along...your passion for the music & technical expertise is way, way over my head...Half the time I don't know what you just said to me...I figure either you're speaking techie or I'm having flashback... :)
We need more archivists like John & you in the world....


DJ Rxmx |

Point of clarification regarding the "remastered" 1982 Red Party recordings. The recent digital restoration of the tapes was technically made possible by the grace and expertise of John Englund at Seattle's Record Pool, a.k.a. Northwest Dance Music Association--period. I only supplied the tapes and help coordinate the effort.



DJ Rxmx |

Thanks, Katie,

Boogie Man, lol. Love it.

"rock" -- he he, I think u meant disco. ;)

Part of the sound engineering with respect to the digitally restored Red Party tapes is courtesy of John Englund, NW (Seattle) Dance Music Association. John, U ROCK!

Also, small correction: 1982 (I believe January or February) was the year for the event. And I have to agree--the sound quality is very good. I still scratch my head a little thinking about the restoration of these tapes, for lack of better words.


KatieMcMillan |

Hey Everybody...

I got a set of Rick's digitally remastered CDs...I now call him,
"Boogie Man"...he is an amazing rock archivist...a man on a mission...keeping the beat alive...good times.

I don't know how you made an old cassette recording sound so good...

The live recordings from the 1984 Red Party Kick a**!

Katie McMillan

Rick (Rxmx) |

It's me. Long time since I have been to this thread--the best thread of course!

Anyways, awesome to see that Darrel is here. Great submissions! Thanks a million. And Darrel is right; in addition to John K. and Alan B. maintaining the Phase Linears, if it weren't for Darrel, the Phase's would not have even made their way to the Monastery. You rock, bro!

Anyways, anyone who is interested--includes Booker who has been waiting very patiently--in mixed music from the Monastery era, please email me. You won't be disappointed! (A minimal donation to cover media and postage is all I ask for.)

Rxmx (Rick A.)

KatieMcMillan |

Hi George ( & Everyone ) Anyone know what happened to Doug Hopper?

Thanks for all the fun George. Truly it was the best of times that summer 1979/80...dancing til dawn...I was a runaway at the time, & working as a waitress...Sweet sixteen? I can honestly say I never feel as if I missed prom...It was every Friday night for us...Doug was so handsome in his 3-piece suits...
I still burn Frank & Myrrh incense...Can someone confirm did I actually see a young Donna Summer perform on the stage, or was that a drag act? I was very, very high. : )

Doug, if you read this, please email: sacredhoney@msn.com

I don't know what happened to you. Thanks for the brightness you let into the darkness of my life during those lost days...Thanks to you it was sweet to be 16.
Your kindness helped me for years after when I understood what it was you were trying to say.
I remember how we danced the nights away. You were always a perfect gentleman in your 3-piece baby blue suit. Breakfast @ the Clock at 6AM...

Thanks for your love and teachings. I'm hoping this message in a bottle will find its way to you.

Here's hoping we'll talk again.

I hope your life is beautiful & full of happiness...I hope you're comfortable & well.

Peace & love to you and all who let this message pass.......


terry patterson ,the drummer |

oh ya! jeff and anne hi! i still love you!!!! anybody that was there call me 503-995 3113-cell, bye terry.p

terry patterson ,the drummer |

hey people it is me terry patterson the old drummer at the church,you know tammy and donna,s brother i miss you all!still alive and kickin.tiny hi, mouse,john,kamentz,little terry,randy rantreha,nick you big guy.everybody,and you wazo,waz up!

ValentinaGem |

Amy is my mom!

Carrie |


So happy to see you online. Many moons ago, Mouse said he saw you, and you were doing well. I was pleased to hear it. I am always happy to hear that fellow dancers are doing well. I'll send you an email.

tiny |

hey everyone this is tiny. wow im glad nick told me about this site. i really miss the church. i wish there was another place like it cause i would be sure to be there. i use to hang out in the parking lot cause george would never let me in & if he seen me in there he would always walk me out & say (u cant be in here ur to young)...lol but as soon as he walked me out nick would let me back in when the coast was clear of george...lol. i was only 13 then. well if anyone remembers me then drop me a line & i will be sure to get back with u. i would really love to here from u again.


Lori |

Amy was my bestfriend back in the day. I was only 14 when they let us in. I remember George giving us food, MDA and shelter in exchange for cleaning the club after a night of craziness.

Deon |

Oh my god ... I remember the Clock and the wicked waitresses. I would only order danishes because I knew that they weren't made there :-)

BigPoppa |

Remember Morning Madness over at the Clock Restaurant?

Charlie H |

Wow what a trip!! I remember it was halloween 1980 the 1st time I walked in the door. Those stairs going up to the ominous podium with tough looking Bob the doorman gaurding the book. My name was put in the book that night and I found my santuary! I came out that weekend and became a regular fixture at the church. I worked there for quite some time, pouring beer in the rectory or sitting at the bottom of the stairs deciding who went up and who didn't. Dana was a friend, I was with Jeff the light guy for a few years. We partied back then but it all seemed so inocent. I can't even count the number of times I same the movie Alien or how bout Showboat! I hung with Paige and April a lot. I remember a red party where after a bit too much mda I became strangely attached to a red ballon! Today I'm all grown up happy and healthy. I do cherish the memories of my days at church! Scottie Mc it is cool to see your name here! How are you my friend? I will email you! My favorite songs from those days are The visitors by Abba and Turn the Beat Around by Vickie Sue Robinson. Peace and love to all!
Charlie Hill

BigPoppa |

PS: when you say Leroy Salazar, is that the same Salazar from 1,2,3 fame?

BigPoppa |

Does anyone remember Francine from Uniwax Records? Heard she was still around but haven't seen her in years.

There was one thing I hated about the Monastery though, they way they suspended the turntables from the ceiling. I understand why they did it, but to use a single cable made for a very wobbly environment for the DJs. Would have been better to use 4 cables on each end, wider at the top than at the turntable level, which would have made the whole thing roll instead of bounce. Still it was fun to watch Dana get high and try to maintain control of those bad boys! Anyone remember 2 other DJs from that time period, Simple Simon or Paul Curtis?

KevinB |

Nothing to say but good things about Church...so many good memories. Jimmy, Sam, Dirk Leona, Lucy, Nelly Kelly, Carrie..these are some of the names I remember..I owe alot to George...he saved my life.
Kevin Becker cadzrtlvr@hotmail.com

Deon |

I would really love to get some cds or downloads of the old music from back then ... especially John Kmetz from the late 70's. DJs rarely put the kind of effort into mixing music anymore and I miss really good mixes.

I remember Sherri and Lori, they were two of the straight women who used to frequent the Monastery. Women were allowed ... I know ... I "knew" (winks) many of them.

Phase Linear Darrel |

I remember the Baseball girl and Frazine from Waxtracks my Patrick Cowley record is signed love Franzine and Tacky Tourists Carol those were the Females I remember.
Phase Linear Darrel Fisher
PS my Contract with Monastery gave me priorty for cassette recordings have Dana Andrews Tapes from the RED PARTY and the WHITE PARTY, JOHN SELIK, JOHN KMETZ SHANE AND MANY OTHERS MANY RECORDS GIVIN TO US FROM THEM
Phase Linear Darrel SSL@BRESNAN.NET

ValentinaGem |

Does anybody ever remember Amy or Lori? They were one of the rare females allowed in.

Scottfin |

I am so glad I found this site. It brings back such great memories. I was a Goerge Freeman disco boy from 1980-82. The Sanctuary had a very particular aura. The UW had gay support meetings, and this is how I learned of the Monastery. I was 17 years old and still in High School. I remember walking into the Monastery for the first time and I was hooked.

The Phase Linear amps pumped 2000 watts of the best dance music I had ever heard. Of course most of it was from NYC. Goerge Freeman burned incense and the place reeked of it. He told me that he wanted people to remember where they had been the night before, after they woke up. You definitely knew because your clothes smelled of it.

I remember at one point that Goerge purchased a used Hearst ( there was no coffin in the back). We used to drive that up and down Broadway on Capital Hill, and he would say,"look at that old person. See how they cringe." We would laugh. AIDS was not a reality yet so there was a lot of sex going on. There were a lot of drugs. Upstairs is where Goerge had set up a place for people to take the blood of Christ AKA the beer garden. Around Midnight they would play, Aint No Mountain High Enough, and all us queens, queens in training, and the faghags would get on the stage and hands in the air jump around to the chorus. It was so fun.

One night Goerge had invited a singer. I do not recall her name, but I remember him saying, "just put on her record, and give her a mike. She'll be so high on coke and booze. we do not want the audience to hear what she really sounds like. She'll just think she is singing well, and she'll never know the difference." You had to give a donation to the church when you went in to the inner sanctum. AKA the dance floor. It was really a cover charge, but I never had to pay it because I was young and cute.

I had such a great time there. I am so glad that I found this site. I have every 12" record that they played there. I have put most of it on my harddrive. I listen to it still in the car. I also have some original mixed music from there. It was on a tape that got warped a bit, but most of it I transferred to CD. I am still looking for old Kano songs and a few others.

sleepingbeauty |

If Anyone remembers me I was the pretty one. Actually moving from Colorado to attend U. of W. I found myself walking around on a bet with a friend how long it would take to get to the space needle. well along with that I found myself walking and being directed to the sound of an incredible bass I never heard before.

I found myself on the corner of Stewart and Boren, next to an old church. All these kids were running in and out of the place and were dressed in short pants and wearing headbands asking me if I would like to go on in. They were sure that with my looks alone I could get in. I was quite intrigued but a bit standoffish. Well Hell I was like Robecca from Sonnybrook farm. So I quickly made a mental note of the location and vowed to my new little fairie aquaintances I would be back the next weekend .

I went shopping at Bluebeardes and the Brass Balls the following weekend got my outfits all ready to see what this place could prove to me. Oh along with a quart of 151 bacardi rum under my full length trench coat and made my grand entrance into this world I only would dream about and fantasize. I was taken on a tour of the club and left to enjoy myself.

Sitting on a barstool in the dance floor feeling the bass vibrate my hungry lions for what I saw dancing on the dance floor were the most beautiful people I had ever seen in my life. Wow there was a God and he had mad my dreams come true. Nipping on my bottle through the night and from there on out I would dance the nights out and make friends make sure I was always found by George or one of the staff passed out in the kitty balcony in the first booth as you walked up the stairs. This is were I met this one guy with really thick glasses,he kept poking me with his finger as to walk me from my slumber. I told this fool to leave me alone and to get lost. He introduced himself to me and I told him he made me sick. He would never know my name and ever be so lucky. Well after six months of this dudes unrelentless courtship were were married at the Monastery on Jan 21 1980 and I know I was a pain to others please forgive me I was a homophobic Hispanic comminbg out and boy it's rough for some of us.

Now I'm A female impersonator know as Titania LaVey who by the way has made a good living in a dress and stilletos. Thank you Monastery for being the vessel of my coming out One sure thing Darrel and I are still together and in love. I'll never forget you for the joy you brought to us. love and kisses go out to you into the universe.John Kmetz I'm ready for a rumbble any time along with all you gorgeous bar backs and bounces this time hell i'll do it in a dress haha. Leroy

candyman |

You remember, Jeff Joslin.
My better half of the last 12 years asked me to say hey too all of you.

Yes, he's still alive and kicking.

candyman |

Hello George, Nicki, Bobby, & all.

WOW, What a trip down memory lane. I remember when I was 16 walking down Denny from capitol hill, hearing the beat of the Pied-piper all the way up on Bellevue St. calling one and all.

Like everyone else, I have such fond memories of the Monastery. I miss that time in my life very much, and I miss all my friends that have passed on from that time; but like all things, time moves on. I feel very fortunate to have been alive during a time to be able to experience this whole Era of Disco and the Monastery.

I'm still alive and kicking if anyone is still wondering.
Doorman Bobby, if you see this... I forgive you.

Take care all!
Scottie Mc


Michael |

OOPS! Correction for typo: "coyote" instead of "coyete" Bonwit's would never forgive me if I left it that way!
Michael Kerasotes

Michael |

Dear George and Gang, Wow! What a treat! Darrel Fisher and Leroy Salazar just sent me the website and I am just thrilled to see it. Boy, does it bring back memories. I can see myself in my full length alaskan coyete fur coat from Bonwit-Teller in Chicago slugging down beer after beer with my bodybuilder friends protecting me in that room at the top of the ole place!!! Remembering Dana Andrews, John Kmetz, John Seleck the DJ, Shane, Bobby the doormen (what delightful hunks), and, of course, George Freeman brings back the best visual images in my mind. Yes, and all the others that are too many to name or mention at this time. Those were the days, indeed! Take care all, love and hugs, Michael Kerasotes on the Ides of March 2007 Thursday Morn! email me @ michaelfrommountains@comcast.net

"Phase Linear" Darrel |

I am the Guy that brought the Phase Linear amplifiers to the Monasterey it was called the the Sanctuary at the Time I remember
George Freeman and I were Talking about the sound system and I got a little cocky and said I have amplifers that will blow yours out of the water!!! George said until you bring those amps down here!!!! you are out!!! I will have them here tomorrow!!!!
The Phase Days had come to Monastery!!!I am happy to say i am the biggest pain in the a** that George ever had to deal with!!!!! and got away with it!!! The big night had come the Test!!! not with out problems John Kmetz said we need to have fire extinguiser nearby because he was going set them on Fire~!!!Disco Inferno!!!! had come to be another Legend!!! That first Night the amps pounded so hard it like Walking through Water the Subbass shook the place these amps were connected to a subharmonic synthesizer DBX 500 witch I still have in my posscession it has George Freemans intitals on it GF!!!along with giant bass W cabinets with Gauss 4580 Drivers did you ever hear of nobody can just eat one I have 25 Phase Linears Now they are the amps you Love to hate!!!!that first night the amps reciveed such low frequency going to the that they would cut out come to find out they the amps were protecting the speakers but John said it was problem so I solved the problem the next night magic the heart beat of Hell had arrived!!!any one wants to call me Here is our number oh I almost forgot 24 years ago me and my lover were married there still together Today
Phase Linear Darrel Fisher and Leroy Salazar!!!! we have a website www.starsoundandlight.com 719-738-3666

Bobby |

Just spoke with Nicky this past evening,we always speak of our old home as if we were getting ready to open on a Friday night. The place may have been hell to some but it was heaven to the rest of us. I miss the early days and all of the people and the smell of Frankincense & Myrrh (that's what we burned in the furnace in the basement to make that trademark MONASTERY smell.---Oh, who am I ?---The Doorman ! It is great to have all of the memories and know there are still those who remember when. With love , peace and prosperity to you all---especially to you Georgy Boy,without whom , none of this would have existed..Lest we forget!!

BigPoppa |

Must say this is quite a trip down memory lane! I am the record pool director running the same pool that Dana Andrews started in the 70's call the Electric Canary, although we did end up renaming it to something a little more corporate. Dana Andrews was my mentor, he taught me the rules of being a DJ and spinning but more importantly, he taught me how to break the rules and go with your heart when you are working the crowd. Most importantly, he taught me how to program the music. I could go on forever, but here's the main reason I'm poosting: If ANYONE has any mixtapes from those days, espcially Dana's, I am begging you to let us make copies so that we can archive the music in order to teach new generations of DJs what all the fuss was about. I can record the sessions in Pro-Tools and will convert them to CD, of course making you a copy in the process. It is up to us to tell the story, to play the music and to share the knowledge that was handed down to us. Thanks.

DJ John England (you can get my email address at http://www.nwdma.org

rXmX |

Hey Peeps!

Long time to check in at this awesome topic. Been away for a while.

By the way, Robyn, I remember you, omg! You were the first person I met at the church! <smiling> Please email me. (Does the Dutchmen off of Spokane Street ring a bell?)

Cracked up reading about that comment by the guy who claims The Monastery messed up his life. The Monastery messed up no one's life. Life is messed up because of one's own choices--period...Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

If it wasn't for my exposure to the church, I probably wouldn't appreciate music the way I have and still do today. I am FOREVER grateful for the blessing of The Monastery. Plus, how can anyone ever forget the sound system there (Phase Linear amplifiers developed by Seattle's Bob Carver).

I also agree about The Monastery being a 'Sanctuary' away from some of the unsafe situations lurking outside of the discoteque; I say this literally and metaphorically.

Someone asked about typical cuts being played there by the DJ's. Some of you alluded to some of the great songs. I will add a few more myself, a mere sampling:

MAGNIFIQUE (Magnifique)
IT'S WAR (Kano)

Others I know who have fond memories. I hope BlondeCarrie's doing well. Mouse is doing great, as I see him about every two weeks or so. I ran into George not long ago; still the same upbeat guy I've always known. I also remember and miss Lisa, Sherri, Todd, and others.

Booker, feel free to email me. (Mixed Monastery stuff is always a good topic for discussion, availability etc.)

Personally, I have been spinning music since about 1983. If it wasn't for that event, I might not have ever learned of such a profound way to present music to those who listen to it (for a lack of better words). One of the wonderful memories I have is of DJ John giving me a handful of my first disco 12-inches (Debbie Jacobs' HIGH ON YOUR LOVE, being the first of the provision).


RXMX - ashmunr@hotmail.com

clubencore |

good memories of the monastery and progressing to Skoochies and then OZ. why did skoochie end? I always wondered. I worked for the local school radio station. Im sure you heard my voice more than once identifying the radio station saying.

C-89 FM

Terry |

I can't remember the first time I went to the Monastery, but I remember the group that I ran with in the early 1980s - - Mark, David, Steve, Cheryl, and Mouse. I lived with Mark, David, and Cheryl for a short time at the Villa Roma Apartments in Northgate. We'd take the bus into town and party 'til dawn. Though I didn't dance naked, I would on occasion get on top of a speaker and shake my groove thing. Yes, everyone got high a little, but it was my year of living dangerously and something I've never had any regrets over. I sometimes wonder what happened to the guys (and girls) I used to run with back then? But, I'd never go back - - - I like the story to proceed. Oh, back then, for me at least, it was all about Debbie Harry - - - and what I was going to be wearing on Saturday night.



booker |

I'm not sure what to say. Spider brought me to the Monastery for the first time in late 1980. As soon as I met Bobby and Nicky, boom, I was off. I have never felt so at home as I did at the church. It must have been two hours before I ran into my friends again. I was too busy introducing myself to everyone. The place sure took on many floor plans as it matured. Who remembers the Kiddie Balcony before they put in the booths? What an orgy! My strongest memory is of the purple lights in the steeple and the sound system booming six blocks away calling all of babes to Toyland.

rXmX, I would love to get a copy of Dana's tape from you, whatever it takes.

I used to dance with Lulu, correction, Lulu used to grab me and have me dance with her. Downtown Seattle isn't the same without her protecting her posse. And, how many times did you go to The Clock?

Remember the fan dancers and the guys who danced naked on top of the speakers? I think one of the naked ones got his butt maced, literally, and he ran out the back door and into the night, never to be seen again.

Towards the end, there was the hot tub in the far corner of the basement and who can forget the gay porn from the Boeing surplus airplane seats? I had two friends that called the Monastery, "The Beast" after the line in the Eagles song, "stabbed it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast." It took them so many raids, so many times of taking the guest book, and so many undercovers to finally put that place to rest. But you know what, I'd go back in a minute if they could somehow bring it back, even if it was only for an hour.

Robyn |

I loved the entire Monastery atmosphere- the way you always felt you fit in, the booming sound system, the lights- I got to play them a few times, the smell that stayed with you way after you got home. Anything by Donna Summer was my favorite music. Let me know if there's any reunions.

Jerry |

I was a gay boy stuck in Federal Way in 1979. The Monastery was where I met other gay kids, was free to express myself and find other freaks to dance with. Yes, there were drugs, there was sex and there was great music but it felt safe and fun. Especially compared to Federal Way. A lot of my friends felt that way, too. We had a great time. I only found trouble there when I looked for it.
I'm grateful that it was there. I often think it saved my life.
Jimmy- I hope you're doing well. I used to see you around town but I don't get out much these days. I'm doing pretty good. Maybe I'll see you out at Karaoke sometime?

Casper1 |

Yes, it was all a very High time indeed. but how many lives did that place ruin? I started going there when I was 15,the club had only been open for a few months then, John was the DJ, he came with George from NY. I dropped my first acid there
(green window pane) with Alan Buttersworth's lover. Forgot his name, he only had one leg. took my first mda, and snorted my first crystle meth. I actually lived and worked there for awhile. I was there at the end as well. I talked with George at the back door one night when he knew he was losing the battle with the city. He told me, he always new he would only have 7 yrs. I ran into George a few years back at a club in Portland. Same old George.
Honestly, what a waste! The Monestary set me on a path of destruction that took 30 yrs to get off of. The guilt and the shame of that place kept me paralized. Thank God there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Thats right, Born Again!
Yes there is life after the Monastary

Known as Casper

Jimmy |

Ok. I'm a little too excited to have found this place to talk about the monastery. I'm tempted to just start rattling off names to see if anybody remembers anybody.
My name is Jimmy and I was/am best friends with Leona. I hung out with Sammy from Tacoma and Lucy. I didn't show up there until 82 or 83.
God, that place was so much fun.
I saw Brad Read the other day. And, Lee Hartell. Both were Dj's there.

agent_orange |

I am not Milo. Milo is dead. It was Milo and me that took on this little crusade. Yes, it was about 1985. I saw everything that the Monestary was. I was 15 when I first started going there. Regrets about what? It is all in the past.

Carrie |


How did you come upon this site? Did you do a search for Monastery. Do you miss it? How old were you? Did you start your promoting in 1985? What did you see in the Monastery? Do you have any regrets? Reminiscing is fun please, tell us more.

agent_orange |

Hello George. Long time no talk with. I am sure you remember me--and Milo. Sorry for the change of scenery in the Monestary in the Mid-80's everyone, but it was fun. As I recall, the club was a bit empty, when my friend and I came to know Freeman. We spread the word far and near--skipping school mostly--to hand out little cards with my name on it. "Come on down as my guest, this card will get you in." Do you remember that Freeman? There was no stopping it after that.

rXmX |

I was there, and my life will never be the same because of it. Best sound system on the West Coast, as so many from the country have commented. The years I remember vividly are from 1979-1983 (after '83 I purposely forgot as The Monastery wasn't the same anymore).

Dana Andrews was the best DJ The Monastery ever had--period. Dana proved his brilliance when I attended the Red Party (1981) as well as the White Party (1982). I always knew Dana was quite good as a DJ, but his ability to transform the dance crowd became so evident to me at these events.

Beside Dana Andrews and his wonderful magic, I cannot forget the sound engineers that made the musical experience what it was in support of Dana's spinning. Alan Butterworth and John Kametz were genious in keeping and maintaining the Phase Linear- powered sound and wattage. To this day I have not heard many who can tune a club's equilizer subsystem the way John accomplished it.

Oh, and Carrie, I have some of the recordings that were made during the Red Party of '81 (these were originally taped by Dana himself).


P.S. Trivia: Anyone remember how bad that beer was that was served upstairs? He he he. It really didn't matter anyways because of the mind-numbing affect of the other chemicals (like "Three Sisters," for instance) being consumed by much of the crowd.

Carrie |


Here is a classic for ya...

Patrick Hernandez - Born To Be Alive

Everyone one would run up the stairs at the Monastary to claim a spot on the the dance floor for this track... an oldie, but still a hit.

I'll see what I can do about getting some pix.



This club fascinates me. Unfortunatly, I was born to late so I never got to experience The Monastery and I wish more than anything I could experience something like that today but the club scene in 2006 is much differant than they way it was 20 years ago.

I am now 26 and a DJ focusing on a lot of 80's material along with some current and classic EBM and synthpop. I LOVE the 80's probably more than anyone and it's great to reading stories about the experience back then.

I'd love to chat with some of you to get some feedback. Does anyone have any pictures? I have no idea how The Monastery looked from the inside as a danceclub. Also, I would be interested in knowing what your favorite dance tracks were. I'm curious to learn how your requests compare to the requests I'm getting today.

Feel free to email anytime


Carrie |

JoeyNYCLA, Are you still a DJ?

Carrie |

George, Where are you? Where will "Cathedral" launch?

nick spinelli |

deon, where are you,buckette? please call me at 978-469-8356 asap. miss you, nick

Carrie |

In spite of all of the negative political press the Monastery in Seattle received prior to it's closing... it was and will always be a safe haven for me. I have nothing but fond memories of this time in my life. I loved this club, the energy, the music the flawless fanfare who attended religiously... every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Last but not least... I loved the talented, gorgeous DJs, who really knew how to spin. I miss you. I wish I still had a few of the mixed cassettes (yes cassettes - before CDs) that were made during this time.

If only I could go back in time... I would. This club still serves fond memories, and when I hear music from this time period, I can't help but to get a little groove on... it has fueled my ever present passion for dance music that is with me today. I especially enjoyed the White Parties, VIP balcony and the friends I made there, who unfortunately I have lost contact with. Cheers to everyone who survived this period, but still hold it dear. I wish you all the best!

"Confused... don't be. One certainly is."

XOXOXO BlondeCarrie from Capitol Hill

george galaxy |

After a series of wild dance parties at the 5th Ave Hotel Grand Ballroom Galaxy 21 was my first NYC club! It was a dazzling episode with a gorgeous mixed crowd. It was out of this world for me. I also remember hearing Ritchie Family's "Arabian Nights", Carol Douglas "Midnight love Affair", yes, those were great times. I too was just a kid, and what introduction to the world of dance. The DJs I have met like the late great Walter Gibbons and others truly brought out the sprit of dance! I owned Galaxy 21 and went on to build Experiment-4 NYC, The Monastery Seattle, Skoochies Seattle, Club Broadway Seattle, Vortex Seattle, SoundStage Las Vegas, NV, and Phantom Seattle & San Jose CA. I am currently in production with Cathedral which we hope to preview by summer of 2007. Thanks to all the dancers, Ive had the pleasure of dancing with.

Deon |

Ahhh ... I have fond memories of this old church. I was just 18 years of age when I dropped someone's name to get in. It wasn't long before I was hangin' with George, Nick, Bill and the crowd ... David in his robe and the big guy at the front door who hated women but loved me for some reason. It was my entre into the gay scene. I remember going to a lesbian bar the first time a couple of years later and being terrified ... I was so used to a mixed club. I remember making "communion" wafers for one New Year's eve. There were about six teams of us who made them in shifts. We all got so high tasting the mix that I think most of us missed the actual night. I remember feeling the magic, dancing with Mark, Sherry and Lisa and so many others. Yup there were alot of drugs, sex and pulsating music, but damn it was fun. I always said it was like a laboratory for my drug experimentation. I was always inside the club (or outside nearby) during the peek of my high and how the djs and the lightmen could keep us going all night long. They were such good times, it's a shame they ended so shatteringly. Would I go back, knowing what I know now? No probably not but let an old classic disco song come on and I can envision where I am on the dancefloor and who I am with. I loved the Monastery and I miss it and all of the people I knew there. -- Deon


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