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Isadora, Juliannas

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San Juan, Puerto Rico


Charlie Garcia


Isadora was owned by one of the most famous ballads singer at that time and her husband, Nydia Caro, Isadora offered class and great atmosphere to its visitors. Weekly Disco competitions were the "must do" activity on Fridays. Likewise, many others at the time offered us plenty of places to go, dance and enjoy that era every weekend. Love & Kisses, Cerrone, Alec R. Costandinos were my favorites at the time, and still are.

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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dennisdetres |

hola soy Dennis Detres en la decada de los 80 fui el dj de la musica latina en el viejo sj llamado club camelot comense con el dj antohny viviano q fue enviado para la discoteca hollywood ya q ambas pertenecian al sr.stanlye passafaro y hai comenzo baron lopez dj junto comnigo q compartio cabina de dj hasta el cierre del club.

dennisdetres |

Saludos,fui dj del club camelot junto a baron lopez yo me encargaba de la musica latina participe hasta el cierre del club.

Pjm |

I think nobody has mentioned Hollywood on calle Tanca, where Neon's used to be. Now Hollywood was one of the best clubs during that era. Music was great, atmosphere was outstanding, and my kudos to dj ruby, and Anthony Viviano. Great djs. And I forgot about Sacromonte!!!!

Jessica |

Felix Botello, nunca me olvidare de los Tom Collins q me hacias que eran buenisimos ademas de todos los shots.... mi madre siempre estabas en la barra de al frente y como baile en Neons. A lo major te acuerdas de mi porque fui la muchacha que tuvo el accidente de carro con Volton o Edgar y quede en silla de rueda. Pero gracias a Dios ya camino despues de tantos anos me gustaria volver a bailar el pastrani y beberme los tragos que tu hacias.

Johnny Sarria |

Carlos, I remember you! Call me and let's talk MEMORIES!!!!! 720.495.0430. Un abrazo amigo!!!!
That night with Liza was when she was performing at The El San Juan and Johnny Popa y Papote Rivera were her dancers. They also danced for "La Chacon". I remember that night like it was yesterday. Thank you for bringing back such an unforgettable time!.

Carlos "Charlie "Melendez |

I used to work at the DOOR at ABBY, Otello, San Juan San Juan... We used to be around 15 o 20 (like FAMILY) the owner Bill Cis. was a great person... The Party the night Liza Minelli showed up we closed the door's early and people want to come in PARTYYYY but Sorry !!!.. Lived in Old San juan, Isla Verde and Condado GREAT YEAR'S Hell of a TIME !!!!! Patio de Sam, El BATEY the way it used to be....You could walk San Juan at any time .... Rest. Las Nereidas late 70's.Discoteca Hunca Munca (El SAN JUAN Hotel) El Conquistador "Sugar " puedo seguir por buenos ratos !!! GOD'S WILL TO ALL !!! LET THE GOOD TIME'S ROLL Yes I Old but not young and Young but to not OLD !!!! 61...And still want to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHAO" ;) :)

Carlos "Charlie "Melendez |

Used to work at the Door at Abby's Otellos, Warehouse, SAN JUAN SAN JUAN !!! Used to be Billy, Holly,Niel, Eric , Papo , all the guy's from Guaynabo.. We used to work at the door.. Remembeer the night Liza Minelli came to Otello and Bill C( the Owner ). had us close the doors at 11:00 0r 12:00 when people started to make lines to get in and we made it a CLOSE PART !!! I also remeber Carlos , Alfonso , Stanley, etc. we used to be like FAMILY and we still are !!! Let the GOOD TIME'S ROLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus M. Hernandez "manny disco" |

Carlos De Jesús, si mal no recuerdo fue gerente de Othello's también. Y crème, Othello's fue tremenda discoteca. Muy Buena música, buen ambiente, excelente decoración y los bartenders excelentes.

felix botello |

Hello mi nombre es felix fui uno d los mejores bartender que tuvo neons rock videotech en san juan trabaje con el mejor equipo d staff y gerente y dj dennis delgado mejor manager con quien tuve el privilegio d trabajar y carlos d jesus sin dejsar d mencionar a carlos lampaya buen dj y mickey garcia.

DiscoDuck |

Remember when El Boquete opened, I was in my early teens, family lived in the Condominium complex, one of the neatest clubs I have seen, rotating dance floor and the slide. Got to see Vicki Sue Robinson (Turn the beat around) who was rehearsing for her show at the El San Juan, Sammy Davis Jr, Santana at the late Caibbean Beach Club who was preparing for the Mar Y Sol pop festival.

Diego Carmona |

I am of the pioneers (Shannons PUB) shaneros as they told us because we were like family, before he was famous pub and always compared the atmosphere like a movie from the 80's well famous St. Elmos Fire where everyone knew you in the pub .

Diego Carmona |

I always remember Billy, a friend and original owner Shannas pup Loiza Street at the end of happy hour every Friday could not miss the classic song Bye Bye Miss American pie for everybody drunk out for your home.

Diego Carmona |


Debbie |

Oh my God great memories. I used to work at the warehouse for a few years. My friend at that time Madeline dated dated on and off Victor the dj. I used to dance with Albert Salas every night. Mondays abd Tuesdays at star and bachelors. Wowww great times

Angela Wendkos Jackson |

Hi. I used to DJ at Juliana's in the Caribe Hilton back in the 80's. fantastic time. I would love to find out any information about a very good friend of mine, and Juliana's manager, Edel Arrondo. I was so crazy about him...what happened to him? Please do tell if you know...my email addy is ajackson83@cox.net Thanks so much!

Jesus M Hernandez Manzano (Manny Disco) |

Es cierto Kamila... LOL Habia que bailar bien. Yo frecuentaba mucho Othello, Mirage y el Boquete. Cual era tu favorita?

kamila |

Que tiempos. I was the dancing g queen. Comenzaba a bailair los miercoles y terminaba el Domingo. Los Jovenes se vestian elegantes. El que Mas atraia Chicas lindas era el mejor que bailaba el hustle. Saliamos por Tv bailando en la discoteca warehouse. Nunca hubo tiroteo ni peleas. Una epoca llena de amor amigos y alegria. Mi fotografia adornaba la disco karin en San Juan.

Jesus M Hernandez Manzano (Manny Disco) |

Hey esos tiempos de los 70's eran bien discotequeros en Puerto Rico. El listado de las discotecas en los 70's es larguisimo. Algunas fueron Othello (la mejor), Mirage (de las mejores), El Circo, El Boquete, Warehouse Disco, El Jardín, Jezebel, Julianna's, Leonardo's, El Inodoro, Rachid's, Marakesh, Isadora, Flying Saucer, Pegasus, Lions Disco, San juan-San Juan, La Cueva de Luis Candela en San Germán (la mejor en el oeste).

Dj Silvermoon |

Que tiempos... Como estos ninguno...!


Joe,unfortunately Edel Arrondo(not Adel Arroyo) passed away about 15 years ago. He was a very good friend and was one of the most succesful models in PR during the 80's.

Jessica |

Necesito el nombre completo de Edgar "Voltron" q trabajo en Neons en el 1987 y 1988. Gracias por cualquier ayuda con toda su informacion.


To Eric Garcia...eicgarciasr@live.com Stanley Pasafaros live in El Doral (Miami)fl and his
ex..Jimmy Rosario lives in South Beach.

Miriam |

All the clubs listed on this site are clubs that use to be aroun back in the day, sadly none of them are there anymore, you can however google new clubs in the san Juan area, if you are looking for Gay clubs, google Gay clubs in San Juan, Clubbing use to be the best in San Juan, not sure if that still remains the same.

Israel Vazquez |

I want to know exacly where is this place in san juan ???? Any body can give me the address???

Joanna |

Hey Mickey, do you have an email address or phone number?

johnny sarria |

Many years ago but I will never forget the fun and times we had there.

Mickey |

At that time I was living in the Condado area, but was going to head back to NY soon, I made friends with that Joanna she gave me her number and address but
I misplaced it, and lost contact, :(, always kept her in my mind though and wondered how life had treated her, I even placed a post on this site about 1 or two years ago looking to see if someone knew of her.

I had met Isa at the Lions Disco and one Sunday which by the way was the best day to go to that disco, she brought Joanna and a friend and thats how I first met her, but she said she was on vacation and would be headed back to Ny shortly, we hung out a few Sundays and she gave me her phone and address in NY, but I misplaced it.

Could this be you?, does it all ring a bell?,

Joanna |

Yes. Where did you live at the time?

Mickey |

Ok, the Joanna I met back in 1978 or 79 was in Puerto Rico she said on vacation and said that Isa was her cousin... that Joanna told me she lived in the Bronx, I believe in either River ave, or ryder. are you the same person?

Joanna |

Isa rivera was a neighbor who lived in santurce.

Mickey |

Hi Joanna did you ever go to Lions Disco in old san juan..did you have a cousin who lived in santurce named Isa Rivera?

Carina Galan Aparicio |


I think I remember you from Flying Saucer, do you have a sister that worked in Estee Lauder?

Joanna |

Wow nothing but good memories in Puerto Rico. The 70's and 80's night clubs were fun and met a lot of interesting people. Lots of basketball players hit the clubs while playing games during summer vacation. Often wondered about Manny Figueroa played for Quebradillas?

Lilbeth |

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW....I went to most of these clubs whenever I visited Puerto Rico...one of the clubs I frequented was "Jeans" inside the Dupont Plaza!!! I was so sad to hear that it had burned down..Peggy Sue was another favorite of mine....."FLASH" where are you?????

joe |

Does anyone no Adel Arroyo manager of Juliannas,,, would love to reconnect;;;;

Frank |

I was DJ in Leonardo's 1977 with Manuel the went to Pegasus with Manuel then Manny went to Isadora

Charlie |

I used to go to a very nice upscale club in the late 80's named Souvenirs. A club filled with famous people, hairdressers, models, trendy punks and fashion designers that are well known now in Puerto Rico.

Fabian Kroselj |

John Mojica, J. J. y Johny J como yo te decia, te estoy buscando para la actividad del reencuentro de los ex socios y clientes de Isadora, espero que sigas entrando a esta pagina y veas este mensaje ya que la actividad es el 4 de Febrero. por favor comunicate fabiankro@gmail.com o al 475-4022.
Si alguien ve este mensaje y conoce a Johny, por favor haganselo saber, gracias

Iliana |

Does anyone remember Bizar Bazar across the Plaza De Colon in Old San Juan. What about Rachid"s in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

Tribal Plague |

Funny that no one has mentioned Levels Discotheque in Santurce or Metropolis. Those two were my favorites. I used to go to Levels almost every weekend. DJ Carlos Colon used to mix there.

Fun Times!


Iliana |

Remember Le Jardin, in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, and Rachid's. Also in Isla Verde? Those were the days.

Miriam |

Back in the late 70's perhaps 78, 79, I use to hang out in Lions disco, it was situated in old San Juan Calle Luna. The Disco use to get jam packed and I remember meeting a girl
who was on vacation she originally was from Bronx N.Y., her name was Joanna and she went to the club with a cousin named Lisa, I would love to know how Life has turned out for this girl Joanna, she caught my attention back then and comes to mind at times. I think the family lived in Santurce, Ocean Park. I would also like to know if anyone has heard of Victor, he use to be the DJ sometimes at that Disco and he was a looker, men and women use to go ga ga for him..lol...
Well I have written this in hopes that Joanna see's this, after all I found this little Disco from San Juan niche, maybe she will to.

Mickey |

Oh yes I remember all the previously mentioned clubs, especially, Abbys, Lions was great I met my partner at the time there and we were together 10 years back then.
Bocachhioos was also great, Caimito...OMG, the memories...I do remember Victor
being DJ at Lions, is he still around?...

John Mojica |

Hi' there , I guess people will remember "Discopatin" at roberto r.h. todd in santurce, Villa Caimito Country club at caimito area, Isadora's at the Condado plaza hotel and Amadeus" at El San Juan Hotel as well, by the way my name is John Mojica , known as J.J. former DJ of those clubs , just say hi to all the people who dance with my mixes" on those clubs, that was the best time for me as a person having a chance to work for clubs. Some of these guys still playing in some private parties in P.R. 70's and 80's Dj Baron Lopez, Carlos fernandez, Pablo Flores with my respect the best DJ I ever met, Carlos Colon, Jorge Valentin, and from the late 80.s Ivan Robles. me as a DJ I am retired I am' 50'years old but I still have those great Memories and Pictures from all those clubs that I worked, there's a lot of new generation Dj's from the 90's in P.R. but nothing like the 70's and 80's so where ever you are here in P.R. or the States just keep listening to those great disco songs. Ciaoooooo, your friend J.J from P.R.

Paula Stryjewski |

I used to work part time as the door hostess at The Warehouse that was owned by Alberto Salas. I lived in PR from April 1978 to 1980. I remember Luisita Cristales! He was quite an entertainer.

Those days back then were the best!

Paula Stryjewski

eric garcia |

If any news from SMILEY DJ, or STANLEY PASAFARO, PLEASE write me back at
ericgarciasr@live.com, please help me Eric Garcia former DJ 862 888 2819

eric garcia |

Iam looking for Smiley DJ from the Disco days in old San Juan, my
we played as DJS, Lions Disco, Bachelors, and Stars Disco, if any of you out there knows, please write me back or call at 862 888 2819
I will be very thankful former Dj Eric Garcia

Edwin |

Can you remember The barefoot bar ,eyes club ,Cats jass bar ,Chesperic,s privat club in condado late 70,s

vidalarn |

Remember Dulce & Amelia at Bocaccio?

vidalarn |

Great finding these connections; I was worried I was the only one left. Yes, i remember the Abbey atop Playboy Box in Old SJ and Bocaccio, my coming out party. Fabulous music, great dancers. What memories - remember some of the characters there? Luisito Cristales, Eduardito Chacon...

joe |

i use to go to juliannas, became friends with the manager there Adel Arroyo can anyone tell me about him would be great to reconnect...

joe |

i remember back in the late 70's early 80's i was on vacation in Puerto Rico, went to Juliannas and i became friends with the manager there, very cool nice guy his name was Adel Arroyo,,, can anyone tell me how he is doing,,, maybe he is on facebook.... would be great to reconnect...

Letty Campo |

My favorite was Julianna in the Caribe Hilton. Remember San Juan San Juan, Bachelor, Leonardos, Lime, Isadora, Flying Sauccer (which by the way they stole my purse) El Guayacán in Old San Juan. WOW many memories and lots of fun during those years.


Greeting everyone! My first job at a club in PR was in "El Boquete" in Isla Verde... The owner was Sunny and the DJ during those days was Cuto... He used to play with a very unique style... Later I went to work at Lions Disco as Assistant DJ to Humberto Rivera (DJ Smiley)... Victor was also a DJ there... Lions Den was attached to the club as a stand-alone bar... At that time the known DJs in town were: Pablo Flores in Bachelor, Juan, Oscar and Edwin at the Abby, Othello and San Juan, San Juan... At Rotz was DJ Sean, DJ Leo was playing at Zira. DJ Papo came from NY to play at the newly built Flying Saucer... Later I played at Topaz after a few years with Pablo at Bachelor as his light man...
Pablo Flores now has a nice Facebook page for both his personal memorabilia as well as a Bachelor dedicated page with nice music and pictures…. I still keep some great mixed music in both cassettes and transferred CDs... If anyone interested in trading, please let me know! Great memories!
Feel free to conatc me: b727crew@gmail.com


In the 80's and 90's DJ McCoy also played rocking music in Club Lazer, Neons and Peggy Sue but nobody seems to mention him. Does anyone remember this guy, what was his real name?

rickyricardo |

hey do not forget, jesy teen, billy joe en el condado,levels en santurce la rulletta,hotel empress, hotel playita,dumbar shannon pub en calle loiza escambron beach club, crash,

Frank Rivera |

I remember I as DJ we broght Donna Summer with producer Paul Jabara also Santa Esmeralda,This was in Leonardo's in Pegasus we did partys to Willie Colon and all his singers,and we broght Meco they were playing the music of Star Wars.


Wow so many good memories. I can't believe so many people remember the good old days.To Pochy Lopez yes I remember Juan, like yesterday, he played at Othello, Abbey & Stars. Also I had the priviledge to leard to dj & Stars in 1980 when Rafy Jimenez was the dj. But my places were Warehouse & Hollywood disco. From 1978 - 1981, them I came to NY. But nothing compares to those days. In fact I have all my vinyls from that era and I still mix them often, I just can't get enough. I glad to hear from all of you. GOD blesses all of you.

Harry |

YOU GUYS ARE GOOD' IM Harry, I DJ at the flying saucer untill the end of its era. one of my many great memories was the artis that came to perform live at the fying saucer like: kool and the gang,gloria ganer,the villsge people,tito puente, el gran combo,iris chacon,even MENUDO in their beginings, and so many many other celebrities and turist that made frequent appearances. IT WAS THE PLACE GO' when in pr, it was famous. my other best? yes' the people, what a crowd. and if your like me those times and music still run through my body.

Bernard Lopez |

Thanks for the list of other clubs in Puerto Rico, but could you add them one per page at: http://www.discomusic.com/clubs-submit/
I would like each club to have its own dedicated page so they get the full respect they deserve.

Steve William |

Here's some of the other clubs missed:

1- Cañanga's; Calle San Justo between Calle Fortaleza & Calle Tanca in Old San Juan (1970's).
2- Lion's Disco, Calle Luna in Old San Juan (1970's)
3- Illusions, near Town Plaza behind the Church in Fajardo (circa 1979-80's)
4- The Express, Ponce (1970's-80's)
5- World Upside Down, San Germán (1970-80's)
6- Bocaccio (original location), this club was located 1/2 block north of Tu Tren Station between Ave Muñoz Rivera/Ponce de Leon near Calle Guayama in Hato Rey.
7- Faces, this was a small club across from the Centro Judicial on Calle Peñuelas.
8- Caimito, Barrio Caimito in Rio Piedras (almost like heading to Caguas).

Frank Rivera |

Hello is mi privilege to tell you that I was one of the disk jockeys of Leonardo's in Condado PR an the i worked also in Pegasus in Isla Verde from 1977-1979. I worked there in both discos with pioneer disk jockey Manuel Hernandez he then left for Isadora in Condado.We were the first pioneers in PR with disco mobile for partys.



Bernard Lopez |

Hi folks, there seems to be a little confusion as to the names of many clubs in Puerto Rico so I would like your help in clearing it up. Each club has its own page here on the DiscoMusic.com site, but this one is listed as Isadora, Juliannas, Flying Saucer... so what is the name of this club? I would like to make it so that each club has its own dedicated page so things don't get mixed up.

There is another Flying Saucer Disco in Isla Verde, Carolina, Puerto Rico listed elsewhere at: http://www.discomusic.com/clubs-more/10429_0_6_0_C/
Is this a different club or the same as above? Thanks!

If anyone would like to add a page for a missing club in Puerto Rico then please add it here: http://www.discomusic.com/clubs-submit/ Just remember: One club per page entry.


Oh my god! Thanks PR for the late 70's and 80's. I think we had the more clubs per square miles in the world in those days. Leonardo, Jetzebel, Isadoras, Juliana's, Rashids, San Juan San Juan, Bachelors, Flying Saucer, Pegasus,Amadeus and Warehouse( My favorite)to name a few. In San German Las Cuevas De Luis Candela and don't forget El Coqui in the Cerromar Hotel.
I can't beleive I still have the neurons to remember!

magic moe |

yes i was the lightman at stars /abbeys /sanjuan sanjuan/hollywood/flying saucer/othello/peters in condado/dj harry first place then moved to flying saucer any body wants to get in contact email me at castelo69@yahoo.com any time.love and peace magic moe

C.P. |

In regards to Pochy's comment, I do remember Juan Rivera. I have pictures of him spinning his turntable @ Stars. I worked there for a while back in 1981 and also at San Juan San Juan just for about 2 weeks.

Fine Hustler |

How can i not remember those good all days, there wasent a club that i dident go to in that era especially in puerto rico, bachlors othello, rodz, warehouse, abbeys, stars was the bomb flying saucer, lion den thats where i had met the love of my life for 25 years, neons, isadora, and so many other ones those were the days and i sure missed them

C.P. |

I remember all of those but everyone forgot STARS on Vendig Street in Condado and also PEGASUS in Isla Verde..!

Kenneth A. Yuret |

I Loved..loved..loved NEONS the best bar ever...loved the music,and the crowd..not to mention the location....

Johanna |

I was a waitress for the Grand Opening of the Flying Saucer, i continued working there for a year, Great disco, the beginning of music videos. All the affulents hit this night spot every weekend, Iris chacon and hubby always passed by among others. Charlie Garcia was the owner. I read somewhere about Wilfredo Gomez being the owner, Never did he patronize the place. Great memories. Any questions just ask. Mad Chemist gave a right on discription. The ceiling lights dance to the music.

Mad Chemist 13 |

To Lauren Sanders and vyniljunkie,

Back in the days, I used to frequent “The Flying Saucer” almost every week. I did my last couple of High School years in PR, and that gave me the opportunity to go to quite a few clubs down there (underage but had the connections to get in). My all time favorite was “The Flying Saucer”; that place was out-of-this-world! (no pun intended…LOL) The outside of the “Flying Saucer” was shaped like a dome, with silver-colored metal panels covering it. Smaller white acrylic domes at about eye-level formed a “ring” around the structure, like portholes to the outside world. Inside the dome, there were multi-level sitting areas and bars, almost stadium-like, that covered its entire circumference. And right smack in the center of the dome, a sunken round version of the dance floor used in “Saturday Night Fever”; the design had the look of a spider web. The dance floor was surrounded by yet another bar; you could have a drink right were the action was. The sound system was incredible; talk about megawatts of base! (It’s a miracle we’re not deaf… LOL) The DJ booth was about half way up the dome (ceiling). Right behind them, and making a complete 360 degrees around the dome, a series of giant video screens that were the top of the line those days; they formed a flawless 360 degrees “window” on the “spaceship”. They had a multitude of “alien” characters dressed in costumes walking around the place, and the waitresses were dressed in tight silvery “spacesuits”. For all of you that had the opportunity to dance there, you will remember their “signature theme song”. At midnight, they would stop the music and start playing the theme from “2001: A Space Odyssey” as loud as they could, while playing a 360 degrees video of the “Flying Saucer” flying over San Juan, PR and around the world (kind of like a Disney ride but a million times better!). I truly felt like the darn thing was flying!!! (LOL) Then, towards the end of that tune, they would start mixing in one of the hot pop songs of the day (like Michael Jackson’s “Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough”).

The building is still there. You can go to Google Maps and enter these coordinates (18.442699 - 66.024268) in the “search maps” box to locate it. Then, click on the “satellite” button on the map to switch to a satellite picture. You can then zoom in to look at the building. I also have a copy of the “signature theme song” mixed with “Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough”; a friend of mine gave me the file (mp3 format). It truly brought back memories! I hope this bit of info brings back memories for you guys too.

manny munet |

dj like fabian crosgei (mirage,isadora)ruby(hollywood)raymond acevedo(original dj from isadora)baron lopez(the legendary dj work on most of stanley passafaros club like camelot,lazer,neons well the list is long) me started as lightman of bachelor with pablo after that club 305,mykonos before i was dj at el coqui (cerromar)julianas (caribe hilton)by the way me and baron are the only active dj of that era.


Isadora, wow great memories of that Disco. That was the best disco in San Juan, great music, people, ambiance, etc. everything was great!!!!!!

vyniljunkie |

Was this place actually a "FLYING SAUCER"? Was that the design? The interior? Was the sound system out of this world?? Serious Questions!



tuti |

And don't forget cueva pajita in Camuy
and Baccus in Ponce Hilton

Pepe |

Neon's, Isadora and Peggy Sue


I remember all these famous discotheques in my country, Puerto Rico. I went to Mykonos and Isadora (it was in El Condado Plaza) also I remember Amadeus, Neons (the #1 New Wave dischoteque), Clash, Bachelor, Julianas in the Caribe Hilton (unforgettable), Lazer Videotheque (unfortunately today a Reggeaton disco) and how could I forget the most famous disco in the west area, La Cueva de Papo Candela, Levels in Santurce (and their famous spuma parties) San Juan-San Juan, Leonardos and many, many others.

joker |

How can anyone forget befor Isadora,flying saucer and julianas,

HOONKAMUNKA @ the hotel san juan i was 13 when my dad took me from miami to san juan to do some buisnes with another cubano and i took a peek through the door and heardthey were playing that great song where is the love by betty wright and those older beutifull puerto rican ladies walking in god bless the boriqua ladies so beutifull.............

Lauren Sanders |

I'd like to know if the club I designed back in the early 1970's is still around? Someone 'took' my ideas and built it in San Juan. It was called "The Flying Saucer" a videoteque. Appreciate any info. LS

magicmoe |

yes ido remember i did lights for the flying saucer ,abbys,hotellos,neons,sacromonte,hollywoods,werhouse,sanjuan,sanjuan,discopatine bachelors,manymore need to get in contact magic moe


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