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1081 Gayley Avenue, Westwood Village, Los Angeles CA 90024 USA


Dillons Discotheque in Westwood, CaliforniaDillon's: "Four Fantastic Floors of Entertainment."

Know anything about Dillon's in Westwood, California? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

Photos of Barbra Streisand @ Dillons - Dec. 18, 1976 - A STAR IS BORN premiere party. submitted by Alan Light

Dillons Dillons
Dillons Dillons

Photo below submitted by Al Napper
Description: I was going through some old boxes recently and came across this Dillon's towel. It was a gift from a friend in the 1970s, recently returned from a trip to California. Does anyone have any information about this item? Thanks.

Photo below submitted by Bambi Asulin
Description: Name Badge belonging to my old boyfriend Mike Kruzelock (circa) 1980.

Scan of Dillons flyers submitted by Eric S.
1. Dillon's flyer for New Wave music. circa 1981.
2. Dillons Westwood 1984 Duran Duran video event.
Dillons in Westwood = new Wave music flyer
Dillons Duran Duran KROQ event

The following Dillons' flyers and clothing items submitted by Judy Hill.

Dillons baseball cap
Dillons t-shirt

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Added by Bernard Lopez


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Dinah |

I was a Page at NBC at the time and had become friends with Paul Williams during his many visits to Hollywood Squares. We were all big fans of Streisand and had attended the Premier of Star is Born. We were desperate to get into the after-party. As we approached the table where the guest names were, I happened to spy a name down the list and when it was my turn to approach the "guards", I said, Chuck Lyons, party of 6. They only let 4 of us in and we had to go seek Paul out for help to get the others in. He was pretty out of it, "celebrating" under a table. It all worked out and we got in and had one of our best nights ever. BTW, those pages are still my best friends today, some 35 years later.

Nettie |

I loved going to Dillions. That's what I looked forward to a few nights a week. I met the Bus Boys on the New Wave floor, I remember Dusty Street being the DJ once there too. I loved the New Wave floor and the Hip Hop floor. Almost got my butt whooped by 2 chicks on that floor thinking I wanted their guys. (wasn't true, I didn't) But I still went back. I was just talking about Dillions to some friends a few days ago. Wish it was still around! Great Memories!

oceangirl |

In 1980-1981 I enjoyed dancing at Dillions every weekend. That was one of the best times of my life!

Wayne Pierson |

Was working at Hip Bagel café in the early 70's .Handed over dishwasher chores to Scott McAdams. Where are you Scott? Hope all is well Seen Billy Holtz and Ester and Gena?

Jeanie |

Oh wow! Loved Dillons '79 - 81' ... Best times ever! We used to go at least three nights a week ... Met the Harlem Globetrotters there one weekend. I remember Mike and Chuck, mainstays on the New Wave floor ... Kept Mike out of jail one night LOL!! Great memories!!

Paige |

So glad to see that others have similarly warm memories. What a great dance club this was. Didn't need a gym membership because I got my workout a few times a week on the dance floor. Someone should open up a chain of dance clubs like this - they'd be popular now. Loved the multiple floors and the elevator. At the time, I couldn't go to the 4th floor because I think it was 21 and over, but definitely spent time on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Trivia: I danced at Dillon's with Bob Crane just two weeks before his murder.

Scott Kathan |


I, too, used to go to Dillon's WW...what a great place! Loved the multiple floors; esp the New Wave one. Speaking of New Wave (and I hope this doesn't get me kicked off this feed)...I am extremely interested in obtaining one of the Dillon's flyers for the Duran Duran video event. If an extra copy exists, or if the one posted is for sale, please let me know.. Again, I hope I don't bother anyone with this post...but I've GOT to get a copy of that poster! :)

Randy Rush |

Wow, this is way to cool, I was bouncer from 82 to 84, to many good times! if anybody from that time remembers, I'm still in contact with Tony Hall and Eric Raspberry, (RAS) but have lost contact with many of the other guys, especially the Stunt guys from Kahana's Saw Eric Sears years ago about twenty to be exact. And heard that Jim the manager at that time had passed. Some of the regulars I've seen over the years, Danny (the magaician), Michelle and Eileen I talk to on facebook. Eva and Gladis. Everyone else I've lost contact with! would love to hear about them. Hope all is well.

Paul Stern |

Remember hanging with the Bus Boys at fatburger after they played Dillons.

Cathy Hodge |

Anyone know how to reach Jeff Dillon? Bill Hodge's sister wants to know. chshere@gmail.com

Hannette |

I was just talking with some friends about Dillon's the other day and now stumbled onto this site! I have lots of fun memories of going to Dillon's, late '70s, early '80s. I would go with a group of girl friends; I didn't really like disco music, so I and some of my other friends would go to the top floor where they played the "new wave" (I really thought of it more as alternative) music. Saturday nights, squished and trying to dance on those dance floors that seemed so small! One memory I have was seeing the original, uncut video of Duran Duran's "Girls on Film" there. I was pretty shocked that they'd show something like that (hey, I was pretty young then!), LOL! Dillon's (and Westwood Village) was a lot of fun back then.

judy hill |

Mike-you can reach me at hiltune@aol.com


I started going to Dillion's in 1979, and continued going there until early 1983. I used to dance on the first floor, which was soul/r&b/disco. Around 1980 they added new wave on the 3rd floor. And , for a short time , there was one floor devoted country&western because that was the time of Travolta's Urban Cowboy movie. Those were the days!! There was a Mexican/Cuban restaurant next door that had the best nachos and quesadillas. What is there on that lot today?

mike blakely |

Hi Judy,
Love to talk to you sometime.

Judy Saltoon-Hill |

Hi Mike-

Don't keep in touch with Gy anymore. I do remember you. I really enjoyed working with everyone there. I do have pictures somewhere but I get what you said about cameras and cell phones:)

mike blakely |

To much info to leave

mike blakely |

Hey Judy and Guy,
Remember these guys

kurt bohne |

i can still remember the elevator door opening and getting hit with the sound system nice and loud! gino soccio's "try it out" and the humidityform all the people! also fun in the parking lot afterwards. maybe eat at la salsa before going in. 80,81 were fun. i remember the d.j. as "lenard", am i wrong? waiting in line, you might hear your favorite song and be bummed you're not in yet! but once in, they would stamp your hand to go in and out! nobody does that anymore! i think there's no pic's because we did'ent carry cameras around at the disco! we focused on having fun with no distraction's such as cell phones' texting, just people watching, drinking' dancing! i hope more people add to this!

Judy Saltoon-Hill |

I remember when Dillon's had a strip club on LaCinega Blvd in West Hollywood. It was only opened for about a year Ii think then fizzled out. Jeff Green installed all the sound and there was a live DJ playing all the music for the girls, Guy Ryder. It was wild.

dan |

probably cause all of us are so old now we probably havent thought of it for many years, and boy there was alot of that going on back then LOL.................

Disco Denny |

I went when Dillon's opened in '76.
Guys I worked with at Bob Burns Restaurant in Sta. Monica began working there.
I do not know how long RICK and JEFF lasted in management.
I tried to read all the postings, but I have not heard anyone mention COCAINE and I cannot think of the four stories without thinking of that.

dan |

an old friend of ours use to go to dillions was joe luizzi , he was with the studios
doing location managing back then he knew rocky really good probably still talks to him I will see if I can get a hold of him. my brother manny passed away bout 5 years ago at 48,,ed cuesta passed too way to soon..im 52 boy time fly! but the memories still there

RD4 |

Danny - I remember the names Manny Mendez and Ed Questa but can't picture them. Do you remember Jeff Green - another Captain Disco DJ, and do you know where he is? Also, I forgot to mention that I was the flying DJ at the downtown Dillions for a couple years a well...then Jeff took my place. Also, did you know that Les Miller, the owner of Captain Disco, died about ten years ago! I communicate with his wife, Lisa, on Facebook. Another DJ that I'd love to connect with is, Rocky Allen - (that wasn't his real name) - good DJ.

danny |

I also hung out few times at fantasia after it opened,friend of mine was dj there bobby pendergrass
knew him since my teens at teen clubs,then we all progressed from county line parties to the night clubs...really liked dillions it was like paradise!

danny |

hey ron, i remember your name really good ,my brother manny mendez and freind ed questa knew you, mentioned you many times they liked your music, ,ed and manny worked for captain disco they used to go into dillions alot and if I remember right questa dj 'd there too for a bit.....back in late 70's.i was djing many clubs in the 80'sall over the san fernando valley, i helped ed do a big nbc party at the sheraton universal,early 80's i think I went there(dillions) several times,late 70,s hard to remember that far back, especially jumpin from club to club,still remember a lot of faces but hard to remember the names. some stand out and I clearly remember yours. went to a lot of after hour parties too! boy those where the days! we also dj'd at osko's 333 S. La Cienega Blvd
did some roller disco shows back then,ed questa put together a group for roller disco shows back then,we did one at the alexandria hotel downtown, had chanson there (dont hold back) went to their studio with them to record that album......can go on and on good to here from you.

RD4 |

Danny - I was head DJ at Dillions and Captain Disco in late 1970s - when were you there????
Ron DeFore

danny m |

oh i forgot we used to do the roller disco shows at danny's apple in encino before they closed it.
i probably met most of you at some of the back then ,last dj job was at the santa clarita bowling lanes at genisis night club..........

danny |

my brother and friend and I all worked for captain disco back then,our good friend ed cuesta was a dj for captain disco for many years and worked at dillions many times,as well as many special events we dj'd for captain disco ,boy brings back memories....

Nick |

I remember you Moe. You had a younger brother, right? I used to go by the name Shawn. Tell me where you're at?

Moe |

I use to go to Dillons from 83-84 and remember Torrie. Me and my friends use to dance on the stage on the new wave floor. Those were great times.

judy hill |


Will be back home on December 23rd until January 4tth. Any chance of getting together?

Judy Saltoon |

Glad you are well. Haven't live in those parts for 20 years now! Go back about twice a year..don't see anyone from those times. Would love to catch up sometime...

JimM |

Judy, Such a sweetheart! I'm still in LA
By the beach, doing well
How about you? Well I hope!
Ever see any of the old crowd?

Judy Saltoon |

Jim M-Can't believe it's you. You were so great to work with! Where have you planted yourself?

JimM |

Wow, I just stumbled across this!

Boy hearing all the names of the people I worked with brings back memories.

I managed the club up until it changed hands for what I think was the last time. Went through the disco, western, jazz eras.

Man, what a ride!

To all that might read this, "Hello" and I hope you are doing well.

Jim M

Bambi |

First went to Dillon's as an underage 17yr old. Used the ever useful "fake ID".....
Met the love of my life there shortly after my first visit back in mid 77. He was a pro ball player (short lived career) and then he actually went to work at Dillons as a bouncer 79-80 or 81. Mike Kruzelock....anyone recall him? I still have his name badge. lol

Great thread of memories.

Shawn |

I used to go to Dillon's on a regular basis from 1983-84. I have won a few dance competitions there.
Anyone know Tori?

RD4 |

Judy - would love to catch up with you. Do you have contact info for Guy, Jeff, Floyd or any other folks we knew back then? ron@defore.net

Judy Saltoon |

Yes to Ron and Rob...

Rob |

i think i know some of you - are any of you on Face Book?

RD4 |

Judy - are the Judy that was Guy Ryder's girlfriend?

Judy Saltoon |

Hey Ron-I remember Captain Disco! I worked for them too..and in the office. Still in touch with Lisa. Les passed away many years ago.
Most of my pictures were water damaged but still trying to locate where my other ones might be. It has been many moons!

Ron DeFore |

OK, everyone - I'm going to blow this whole discussion wide open: I was the head DJ at Dillon's for most of its time. I can't believe I found a website dedicated to it! I can't believe I searched for it! I knew Guy Ryder and his girlfriend Judy, Rocky Anderson, Jeff Green, Dan Vining, etc. - all great DJs. I was also the second "flying DJ" at Dillon's downtown club. The contract to supply DJs was actually with Captain Disco of which I was also the head DJ.
Ron DeFore

Judy Saltoon |

Hi Eric!
This is amazing! What a nice thing to say! This is amazing.......
Thank you.

Eric |

Judy! Remember you as being the sweetest people I knew while working there. Always enjoyed you dance mixes!

Judy Saltoon |

I am sure there are photos out there! I will come out sometime....keep in touch.


Hawaii Rob |

wish we could upload some pix - maybe we would spot some old friends


Curt |

Oh, one last thing, I also worked as a bouncer at the old Chippendales in Culver City. For the record women are much harder to throw out, then men:).

Curt |

I worked as a bouncer for the last 6 or 8 months the club was open. I met my wife there. We've been married 24 years. It was a fun time.

Judy Saltoon |

WOW! Hey-it's Judy! I just happened to find this site what-after 30 some-odd years!!!! The missing can't remember last name of the 3rd floor DJ "Saltoon" Boy, yeah can I tell some stories. I do go back home to LA quite often and when I go to Westwood oten think back to "those days" How can I forget the impact it left! I worked with some great people!


Scott McAdams |

Dillon's opened Nov. 15,1976-I was there- came from the"Hip Bagel Cafe'",right around the corner(before it became"Fatburger")as a cook in the first floor restaurant.Man,we had a chinese cook,a young lady that performed miracles daily-ever taste celery soup,made from scratch?(Much better than any drugs-what a beautiful buzz!)."Jonathan" worked beside me,diligantly preparing crepes,etc.,absolutely hated making poached eggs for the management in the early a.m.,who knows why,but I can guess it was the old caste system at work.
Overall,it was a great place to work,thoagh the candle-light ambiance of the old cafe'was a hell-of-a-lot more romantic.(Whole 'nuther ballpark,there.)
Best wishes for happiness to ALL the old crowd.

Raul Gamboa |

I learned how to dance at Dillons... met some great people there including my girlfriend (now ex).

I think I still have some old KROQ bumper stickers that are signed by the KROQ personalities like Rachael Donahue, The Poorman, Jed the Fish, and Richard Blade.

I danced and partied in all 3 dance floors!

Those were the days!

Tony Triche |

Holy crap, boy do I EVER remember Dillion's. Some of the best times of my life were spent on Friday's and Saturday evenings there. What made Dillion's special was that unlike other disco's they allowed admission down to age 18 (your hand was stamped for no alcohol). There were three floors, I only remember the main floor well because dancing was all I cared about back in the late 70's. I remember meeting this cute girl there once...we went to my old 1972 Maverick F'ed our brains out smoked a couple of joints and went back to the music and dancing all inside of one hour. :-) Never saw her again after that night.

I once danced with Jaclyn Smith there, oh with the permission of Dennis Cole of course!


WOW, this site is interesting! I grew up in O.C. attending Santa Ana High School in the late 70's and Dillons was the best place to party and not have "the boyfriend" find out where i was on the weekends... LOL ! To my surprise one Saturday night someone called my name on the dance floor...it was one of the Singleton brother's from school, feeew! Thanks to the Orange SwapMeet where we had our fake ID's made, we were able to enjoy all floors and other clubs. Anyone remember the Dillon's Red lounge ??

Robert Olague |



I was a doorman @ Dillions in Westwood and downtown. I remember a lot of what is be posted here - I now live in Hawaii but I would fly in for a reunion.

How about it?


Dennis |

Dillions was the place in early 80's. I had great fun partying and danceing with my friends..Keith,Dave, Kiran,Will and Karen at the door.

vegastaco |

WOW just ran into this site Dillon's, I love the stories brings back memories,I remember hanging out there when I was under 21 drinking on all the floors, got away with it cause of my stash lol, I remember the stunt guys and putting on a show in the elevator getting beat up so when the doors opened people would trip out lol, fun times trip'n the light fantastic lol.........Jesse from Culver City, sin city now

Cathy Hodge |

Does anyone remember Bill Hodge? He ran the place for the first three years. Big athletic guy with reddish blond hair. I would love to hear your memories of him. I am his sister and he died this last month. Dillon's was his passion.

Cathy Hodge Smith |

Very interesting reading these details. I was there when it all began. My brother Bill Hodge was running the show. He was the owner of National Event Services. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers Bill Hodge. Thanks. Chodgesmith@sbcglobal.net

Gizella |

I loved Dillon's Westwood. Met my roommate, Regina there. My friend Kaz and I used to party there (from USC). No one has mentioned Craig Turner - our favorite bouncer!
There was a guy who used to show up with a red sportscar - can't remember the name but so nice.
Those were the days! Ladies night on Thurs., Odyssey(before the Beverly Center exsted, remember, the parking lot and horse rides?) ON Klub. YEAH!

Jeff Dillon |

Dillon's street address was 1081 Gayley Avenue, Westwood Village, Los Angeles CA 90024. The phone number was (213) 478-5088.

The advertising slogan for Dillon's was "Four Fantastic Floors Of Entertainment."

Public Relations was by Ron Rogers of Rogers & Cowan of Beverly Hills.

Advertising was created by Southwest Advertising out of Houston, TX. Full Page ads ran in Los Angeles Magazine and the Los Angeles Times Calendar section for months prior to the opening.

Jeff Dillon |

More Dillon's Trivia...

Dillon's was four floors...originally a Model T dealership. The large elevator was installed to move cars from floor to floor.

Dillon's was designed by Todd Morgan and Kathy Clinesmith of Design Spectrum in Brentwood, CA. Their receptionist was the daughter of Jayne Mansfield.

Andrew Lee did the sound and lights.

Dillon's had a "soft opening" on Saturday, November 15th. At that time, the third and fourth floors were still being completed.

Daniel Rothschild was the first manager, an aire to the Rothschild Dynasty.

Tim Considine, Jr. was the first D.J., a son of actor Bob Considine.

David Kenner was the original attorney for the partners that originally owned Dillon's, a group of Texas oilmen.

They also had two other clubs, one in Honolulu and one in Downtown Los Angeles.

The downtown Los Angeles Dillon's was originally supposed to be in the Bonaventure Hotel, a space later occupied by Fantasia, The Nightclub of Tomorrow, that had the same designers and sound and light people.

Dillon's was the first disco to not have a mirrored disco ball.

"A Star Is Born" premiere and after party was on Wednesday, December 17, 1976. Dillon's official opening was on the following evening, Thursday, December 18, 1976.

The average wait time to get into Dillon's on a Saturday night was two hours. 500 people were lined up outside on opening night.

The third floor originally booked top-40 cover bands such as "Liquid Blue." "Liquid Blue's" founder went on to form B.B. Chungking and the Buddaheads and had a recording contract with Capitol Records.

The property was sold in 1979 after three years of operation upon advice to the owners that the lifespan of a discotheque was three years.

Near the end of it's life, Dillon's was run by an agent for the federal government. It had been seized by the I.R.S. for unpaid taxes.

Tina Turner was not turned away from the premiere party. She was escorted to the other side of the building to a private elevator by National Event Service security so she could go up to the 4th floor where Barbra Streisand, Kris Kristofferson and Gary Busey were waiting.

Barwood Productions rented the entire nightclub and restaurant for the evening at a considerable cost. There were open bars and free-flowing Dom Perignon Champagne all night long.

The film which cost $5.6 million to make grossed more than $150 million and was Streisand's biggest commercial success. It even won an Academy Award.

Eric |

Some Dillon's trivia:
* Originally owed by lawyer, David Kenner.
* Sold to some 'businessmen' around 1983 who first tried to turn the fourth floor into a jazz club (which failed); Then let the club be run into the ground until it was shut down in Sept '85. I was one one of the lucky ones who got their last paycheck when Sue - Dillons bartender as long as I can remember; Also, Dillons manager, Jim M. wife - came by my day job the same afternoon to tell me the club was going to be shut down that night.
* The Ivar Burlesque Theater in Hollywood was one of the other places owed by same businessmen.
* On some nights, some of the strippers from the Ivar worked as cashiers to Dillon's front door....

Dillon's....Someone should write a screenplay....

Keith |

This from:
Author unknown. http://www.inthe80s.com/clubs2.shtml Retreived 6/21/2008

Dillon's Westwood, CA
1976-1986. Started as a tri-level disco and evolved into the best all around nightclub in L.A. during that period. KROQ would do shows from the third floor. On the second live bands, and I mean anyone and evryone from the New Wave era. Groups such as Wham, Haircut 100,Phys. Furs, The Bangles all played there. The second floor had R& B and was the place for the better break dancers to perform. One of the best who unfortunately died at a very young age (I do not know how...medical condition I believe) was "Ticking Tony". He was a cousin of "Berto and Yaddar". If you knew Dillions you know those two brothers. I was a bouncer there along with Randy, Billy Rae (Head case), Eric, Keith, and "The Stunt Crew". Good times and the elevator has stories that could fill a book. It was also a great place for the Sweedish Aupairs who were looking after all the babies in Bel Air and Beverly Hills tocome and "break out"!!! A lot of them never went back!!

susan |

I was living in Culver city early-mid 80's and Westwood was the place to go with Dillans in the heart of it all. Even tho underage myself and friends got into this awesome nightclub. I remember the club and having a BLAST ...it's too cool to see the chat going on now :-)

Keith |

Dillon's was awesome! Me and my crew used to go there most nights. I was the youngest and used to sneak in to the 21+ floors with my friend's I.D. I was a bouncer and a DJ until the end.
I guess it was 1985. Showed up for work one night and they were closed. I never got my vinyl out of there!

When I worked there there was an R&B floor, a new wave floor and another floor that played top 40 or rock. I heard they closed because a customer got beat up on the elevator and sued.

It was a great time. The best time I remember was the summer of 1984 with all the hot women athletes from around the world from the Olympic Village at UCLA. People were real friendly and I still stay in contact with some of the people from back then. I remember Eric (if thats Raz) and Anthon (DJ) and the manager Sean and cashier Karen. Dancing all night and then Fat Burger!

It's El Pollo Loco and UCLA Extension now. If people at the restaurant knew what we did in there they would never eat there again! Feel free to write me! - DJ Keith

NewRomanticTommy |

dillons was a cool place. multi levels of disco magic! they had new wave mights at the end days of the place.. they weren't too hot.. i remeber even then thinking,, just go ahead and play the disco,.. it goes way better with this place... LOL!!! went there for the party for the opening of star wars.. it was crowded insane


Raul |

Irene, did we dance at Le Hot once? LOL! WOW! This place is a virtual time warp...
Thank you all for the memories...

irene |


Patrick |

As a teenager, I attended the "A Star is Born" premiere at Dillons. The crowd was asked to wear white for the benefit for the LA Film Exposition. I remember walking to the disco alongside Marisa Berenson and some other celebrities. Streisand was nowhere to be found inside, despite the photo above. They had some type of private room. I walked past Tina Turner who was being turned away. (She smiled and didn't seem to care.) Other than that, I just remember being too young and aside from grabbing some food, feeling a bit awkward in my white tux. Ryan O'Neal and Peter Bogdonavich were among the other celebrities there that night.

Rissie |

OMG! I just happened upon this website looking for an Under 21 Club for my daughter to have a bday party at. (too many Sweet Sixteen shows) I was a regular on Thursday and Sunday Ladies Night from 82-84. It was great! My best friend Lila and I would go there all the time. Loved it! Jeez we were total regulars. I was in line waiting to get in when that guy got stabbed. It was total chaos. I used to drive my white VW Bug to park in the back and have Lila jump out and raise that wooden parking arm so we could park for free lol! I lived in Torrance back then. Very Cool!

Eric |

David Lucas. He among the security crew when I came on. Bobby Hammond, Darryl Pierson, Ralph (forgot the last name)...Some of the bouncers I recall. I kinda remember Jinnie - Cashier at the door; Lived in Venice. I've wondered what became of the rest of the Dillon's cast. Remember Randy? He was manager there for a while. Last I heard he went home to Oregon. The DJs? Where's Guy Ryder or Sue or Jeff Green or Leonard these days?

marci |

Eric - do you remember a bouncer by the name of Luke? I had a lot of respect for him. He taught me to disco.

Do you remember Jinnie - she worked the door.

Eric |

Marci? I remember you! I was hired by Floyd back in 80'. Then Jeff took over as manager not long after, followed by Jim. The third floor was the live bands, but the only band I recollect by name was Roach and The Whiteboys. Then, for a time, that floor tried to milk the 'Urban Cowboy' craze by going C n W for a while. Looking back, some of our Dillon's memories would make a good indie film. What about memorable Dillon's bartenders like Doug or Shane?

marci |

I worked at Dillon's as a cocktail waitress in 1979. Floyd Butler was my boss. Jeff was the assistant manager. I usually worked on the disco floor. I also worked on the floor with live bands. I'm trying to remember one of the rock bands that played there.
The name was something like The Bandini Bros. Does anyone remember?

TIME's DJ Pandamoia |

Well if you want to go to a decent disco club now days go to our web sight this place is happening...lots of fun.
and it's in the area...I also dj disco



Eric |

After getting off work at Dillons, I would sometimes go to Odessey with some of the Dillons regulars and DJs (Guy Ryder and his wife, Judy, Jeff Green) since it was one of the few after hours clubs in LA back in '82. Does anyone remember the Zero Club or O.N. Klub or Flanigans (Marina del Rey)or the Caribbean Disco Paradise?

Tony Pe |

I was wondering what had happened to those night clubs back in the 80's. Dillons, Odissey an 321 were the best ones in town. I used to go on thrusday back in 83 and 84. At the time I was living in Torrance. Me and my friends used to go to Numero Uno Pizza and then to Dillons. Great time.Rap was

Frank I. |

I used to go to the Under 21 floor with my Girlfriend Valeree at the time. I believe it was 1975 or 1976. Had many fun times there and then once i turned 21 we used to go in a big group and have a blas.Fatburger was around the corner we use to eat a grease burger after drinking and dancing the night awway.

Lynn |

I was there in the late dsco years, 79
I entered a couple dancing contests all over LA.

searse |

As I remember it, one of the bouncers' - Remember 'Coco'? -parents had a house out there. The guys were always shooting off somewhere, distance be hanged, after work. They usually made back to work the next night. Then again....

Daniel the Sheppard |

I remember the bouncers running us off to Palms Springs to enjoy ATV and Quad. Does anybody remember this???

John Martinez |

Oh Boy, can I tell you all some stories about Dillons. I spent way too much time hanging out there!

Rika |

Dillon's Westwood

I went every Thursday and Sunday nights from 84' on until it closed. Had a lot of fun and made many many great friends. Love to hear from Tony Ferguson and others who may remember me and my friend Julie ! It was such a fun place to go, I will never ever forget Dillon's.

Tony |

Hey Eric....quit holding out on me. Break out the photos!!! LOL

searse |

Speaking of DJs - Does anyone remember Guy Ryder or Jeff Green or Judy(last name escapes me)...? During my last 18 months there, I often wore the hats of bouncer, manager, bartender, cashier and DJ - Ocassionally all in one night.....
I remember when Dillons decided to add a New Wave floor as the disco era was fading - - I started working there in Spring of '80 - During the last days when the Dillons' manager was Floyd Butler - anyone remember him from the Friends Of Distinction? Or Dillon's Downtown?

Tony |

Searse is absolutely correct on the dress, except he forgot the Madonna craze from'83-85. Dance skin dresses morphed into tights under chiffon and a few bare mid sections. Breast were in belly's were not hip yet. We were THE stop for break dancers with actual talent. A few guys actually got "80's esque movie rolls from showing their talent at Dillons. BTW...what ever happened to Sara, the sexy english chic who was the cashier for a bit or Dori Schrodensac...what a name!!!!

Ian |

I was a DJ at Dillons on Tuesday nights in 1979. At the time, the 2nd floor was the all disco floor. The 3rd floor has live bands and then piped in the music from the 2nd floor during the band breaks. The 4th floor was another separate disco.

The building is now owned by the UCLA Extension and I've taken classes there. It was a shock to go up that elevator and have the doors open up to -- a hallway.

TonyHall |

I was a "bouncer" there from '81-"84. It was insane. The funniest guy I ever met (his first Name was Eric) was my Supervisor. I learned a lot from that experience. It did have three floors. The Jazz Club's first act was the legendary Joe Williams. It also was the "center" of the New Wave era for a short period of time. I remeber it going down hill in early 1985 when someone was stabbed while waiting to get in. If anyone wants to email me, feel free to do so. I would love to see how everyone is doing. Our "gang" was a tight group full of wanna be bad asses. But we stuck together and that is where those great memories have their meaning. anthony_nfl@hotmail.com

searse |

1081 gayley avenue
los angeles ca

dress code?
Back in '81 - Still disco chic; Women: danskins (think that was the name for those silky dresses); No opened-toed shoes. - Men: Rayon / Silk shirts; Angel Flight style pants.
By late '83: 4th floor: Poser punk - spiked bracelets, bandanas tied 'bout the thighs, ankles, wrists, etc. Kids not brave enough to go to Madam Wong's in Chinatown, or the O.N. Klub in Silverlake or the Zero Club - where that decided to be on a particular night - The 2nd floor: Westside funk a la Rick James. Rap just kicking in ( anyone remember the Egyptian Lover?) -- 3rd floor was more or less a hang out floor - fashion limbo.
Billy Idol lookalikes chatting up with Vanity clones.
Especially remember Ladies Night on Thursdays and Sundays - Seemed like most of So Cal was there. Had some regulars from Riverside and San Diego that made it their weekend habit.
Cutting to the chase here, actually a bit more detailed, but don't want to bore people.

Bernard Lopez |


Could you provide us with a street address, what the dress code was like... Thank you for posting your memories!

searse |

Actually, there were three floors of music; The first floor, sometimes a restaurant, usually vacant.
Second floor was disco (to the very end); The third had various lives as: disco/rock, live bands - rock, pop, and country-western; Fourth floor was the 'New Wave' floor - Though it had a short romp as a jazz club. That failed due to the beat floating up from the lower floors.

memories of an ex-Dillons bouncer

LaJerry |

Dillons had about four levels with different music. One disco, one jazz, one for under 21, and I forgot what the fourth one catered to, maybe soul/r&b. Pretty fun, you'd go up in an elevator with an attendant who would make sure you didn't get off on the wrong floor if you were under 21 like I was (I think I was around 16 or 17). It seemed really cool at the time, getting into a disco. Sometims celebs and performers would be there, usually listening to jazz.


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