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836 North Highland, Los Angeles, California



Probe was a large Disco in Los Angeles featuring a Graebar audio sound system.

Jon Hirsh (1983-1990)
Mark ???

Greg Ellsworth (1981-1984)
Steve Fabus
Tom Johnson
Michael Lewis / Mike Lewis (1980)
Bobby Viteritti

Jeff Christian

Thank you to Steve Fabus for the above Probe scans.

Photos below submitted by Jauers

Photos below submitted by Steve McBride
Attached are front and back of a newsletter from 1986, with my old membership card. Also, a scan of Probe bumper stickers. From Steve McBride, Dj at the Fresno Express from 1981-2002.

Photos below submitted by Jauers
Front and back Christmas flyer for Club 1970 at Probe.

Exterior of Probe dance club.

Photos below submitted by ToddJim.
Description: Probe cards. And an event flyer - sponered by Probe- my fav version of their logo...


Photo below by Robert Bazan

Photo below from Freddie Oaks.
Description: Freddie Oaks on the left and Graves Ivy on our way to a uniform party at Probe.

Photos below from Gary Wallen.
Description: #1. !983 - Official re-opening party and initial events schedule following the purchase and remodel of Probe by Mark Hundahl and Jon Hirsh.
#2 and #3. WHITE HOT NIGHTS PARTY was produced by Richard McCoy - a member of our fan family, and who'd previously lived in San Fran. JUST A PARTY was produced by Probe bar manager, Jim 'Marilyn' Lindgren.
Probe 1983 reopening advert

Photos below sent in by Louis De Marco.
Description: First photo is of Michael Duretto in the DJ booth sometime in the mid 1990s. 2nd photo of Steve Endo and friend Peter, whom we saw every Saturday night at the entrance of Probe/Icon.
Michael Duretto in the DJ booth
Steve Endo and friend Peter,

Photo below by Freddie Oaks.
Description: I found it: "Alive With Pride in 85."

Photos below from Paul.
Description: The Probe today is a furniture store. Located just east of West Hollywood, the late night private men's dance club was where the hottest men in Los Angeles and beyond dance the night away til dawn. It was a unique place that trying to describe it to young gay men today is pointless because you had to have been their and experience PROBE to get it. They have no idea what they missed which might be a good thing since so many of those beautiful men are pushing up daisies now. The 2nd picture is of myself as I would go out to PROBE after a couple long island ice teas from "Mother lode" is West Hollywood. That got the night started.

Photo below from Tuck John Porter.
Description: Hi! I'm Tuck John Porter, mostly known as "Tucker" on the crowded Dancefloors in Hollywood. I was one of Billy's GoGo Dancers circa 1992 at Club 1970. I remember squeaking my 68' Bug up to San Francisco to open Billy's "Sister Club 1970" then barreling back down to L.A. the following night to GoGo Dance a regular shift at our Mother Club 1970 inside The Probe. Then once, Madonna came by the club to recruit dancers for her MTV "Deeper & Deeper" Disco Video. Our Guest List Girl gave her a "hard time" and asked Madonna what her last name was as she checked her V.I.P. List. Everybody, outside in line, started cracking up. For one of Billy Limbo's last Gay Pride Parade Floats, he had a giant "Platform Shoe" built for us to dance in, jamming Santa Monica Blvd. Amazing times! You will find some of us remaining "Disco Fossils" still burning the dancefloor at Blue Mondays inside the Boardners building on Monday Nights. Once a month they even have a retro '70s Night there. Let's see if my pic uploaded here of one my GoGo Dance outfits for Club 1970.
GoGo Dancers gear

Photos below from Robert Bazan.

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Robert Bazan |

I started going to the Paradise Ballroom in 1974 and I was here when it became PROBE ,on opening night in 1978. Studio One's Scott Forbes was my date. My favorite times here were all through the 1980s with my friends, Randy Redmar. Steve (Kiki) Espinoza, Lance Scroggins, Buffer, Pam Cooper, Cheryll Watson, Flawless, Patricia, Michelle, Steve Reimel, Ski, Peter Purtell, Peter Kallen, Eddie Garetti and so many more...... The Poseidon Adventure Party, The Sodom & Gomorrah Party, The Egyptian Party, The Recovery Party and all th Black Parties. Those were the days my friends...... ...and walked down the street to Greg Blue Dot for Church, in the morning, & Tea, later in the afternoon.

Louis De Marco |

I just realized I forgot my contact info....my email is: laguna11570@yahoo.com XX

Louis De Marco |

I love to come back here from time to time and hopefully catch up with some of the great people I had the pleasure of meeting, when I was a fixture there every Saturday night with them during the early 1990's (1991-1994). I would love to hear if anyone has any info or whereabouts of ....Steve Endo, Michael Duretto, Cameron Moffett or others during that period of time. It would be great to catch up with them...:))

David |

I lived on Las Palmas two blocks away so I could party at the probe every weekend from '93-'95. I can't say I met too many people there, I was happy dancing all night and morning with people I felt comfortable with. I met my friend and roommate Roy Navarette there and we stayed close friends until he passed in '99. I wish I could remember more, but thanks to those that have posted play lists - they bring back happy, but hazy memories. I remember most clearly loving to dance to Bananarama "moving on" in the early morning.

Freddie Oaks |

I cannot believe this exists. All the memories and all the people. All of my close friends are gone now. I do recognize names here. My roommates Joe Vitale and Brian Smith introduced me to Probe at the tender age if 22. Cory Simons the love of my life at that time. I have photos and a Probe T-shirt somewhere around here. I was one of the lucky ones in my crowd. What I would give for one night out with these guys again. Please let me know of the next reunion dance contact me at fhoaksjr@usa.net I would love to meet you all again. Much love to those still here and those we have lost. Peace!

Bob H |

Michael Hunter
So sorry I missed you at the PROBE reunion II as I was there also, great seeing everyone

Rudy |

Wow so many different peps that attendant the Probe from the 70's to end. I went several times in 94, the music was great, what about when they would play Morning Music in the pre-dawn hours. I only went to church once after at Gregs Blue I dont know how you boys did it to party all night till sunrise then head to Gregs Blue dot. Does anyony re-call Lance Weiss who DJ there for awhile in the 80's.

Big James |

I was amazed to see that Stuart Barkal was not listed at the top af the page as one of the resident dj's. How could such a talented music master as Stuart be overlooked. As I scrolled through the comments I noticed many people remember him and recall his unmatched skills at the turntables. I know there have been a lot of different dj's that played at PROBE but to om it Stuart from that list is just unimaginable. I mean those of us lucky enough to be there call it the Stuart Barkal era.

Michael Hunter |

PROBE reunion last night, times have changed. It was a Tea Dance that started at 5:00 to 12:00, PROBE would have been pact by six and the dance floor would have been full. I was excited to here the music that I danced to back in 1978 to 1983, I forgot that PROBE was open a long time and most people I know have passed on or have move out of LA. Well I met a nice guy at the door and we talked about the great times we had at PROBE and how magical it was, of course my time there was ten years before he walked through the front door, but the time he spent at PROBE was just the same as my own. Viola Wills if I could read my mind was the only song the dj played that was from the time I was dancing at PROBE, don't get me wrong the dj was mixing his a** of, so I danced by myself most of the time, he had my old a** Harley riding long haired self doing, I'm 62 years old now so it didn't take long before I was cooling off. But really that poor dj was doing a great job and people just standing around like a Jounior high school dance. I dj for myself now after being out of the game for a long time so I get to here the music that takes me back in time to the wonderful Saturday night Sunday morning times at PROBE.

Sten |

PROBE was the best! So many good times there. A friend of mine use to have a cassette of music by the DJ Tom Johnson. I wish there was some way to purchase music from the PROBE days. Once in a while I’ll hear a song that minds me of the old PROBE days. I get a funny feelilng in my stomach and a flash back of all the great times I had.

Really miss that place

Kevin Norte |

So they are having a Probe Reunion on Sunday Oct 27. 2013. Its a tea dance from 5 - 12. Rain, 12215 Ventura w/ Bryan PFEIFER and Ron Thomas

PiBoy |

Gentlemen, I am overwhelmed after reading all these comments, the rush of emotion these memories brings is amazing. I realized I was not the only gay person in the worl one saturday night in 1991 at Probe. I married Dominic a couple years later and we moved to Colorado. I still have access to hundreds of hours of Tom Johnson parties that were recorded. Hundreds of hours. Piboy

Paul |

The reunion should be held at the original location. The disco ball is still hanging on what was the probe dance floor.

Danny |

Forwarding message from Jesse Baltazar:

It is with great pleasure to announce Probe Reunion II Tea Dance! * Sunday, October 27, 2013 from 5pm to 12am * RAIN Night Club, 12215 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA (same place as last year). This year, I am extremely honored and excited to announce our DJ line up. Our very own Resident Probe DJ BRYAN PFEIFER will be retuning again this year. And sharing the turntable in a dueling DJ event also coming out of retirement is PROBE/ICON popular guest DJ RON THOMAS! You don’t want to miss it! Admission is $10.00

Hope to see you all there!

Paul |

Sorry to hear about Sanders. He was the GL blond guy, right?

victor dewitt |

d*** sanders...One of the owners past away in Studio city a while back and I have Various things from the Probe if anyone's interested

Heath |

Looking for any kind of apparel or print materials from Club 1970...if anybody has anything, please let me know! Email me if you have any or know where I can get it.


Robert Heick |

Robert Heick | Jun 06, 2013 | 2:24 am

Gary Ellsworth, the mistake has been corrected and you truly did deserve credit for all the years you were there, you were dearly loved...........So sorry I meant Greg Ellsworth

Greg Ellsworth |

I totally appreciate the lovely things Kevin said about me. Kevin and Don, remember that New Years party in Palm Springs that you never left the dance floor? I wil alway treasure that night. We will always be together in electric dreams.

Kevin Norte |

I am glad that the Greg Ellsworth oversight has been corrected. I still remember how flattering Greg was to me when I danced with him. I actually did one of those pre-Probe parties in the hills (even rented a dance floor) and had Greg play as a prelude to the rest of the night. Greg played his Probe style and then about 200 of us headed over to Probe. My husband and I were the last to arrive. Peter comped us because we filled the club (Greg played from 9 - 12, started with Aquarius because it was my b'day and ended with The Flesh Failures from Hair). Greg, Don (by future husband) and I entered by walking down the staircaise onto the main dance floor. All of our freinds from the party were there. They saw us descend. We go to the bottom and were flooded with well wishes and hugs. It was our best night at Probe and Greg Ellsworth made it our night. Greg shined that night and in many ways it was our way of saying Thank you to him. I mean we had a Probe DJ play at a private party. Greg never played Probe again but that pre-party played in a pure Probe style. Greg played with all his heart. He joined us on the dance floor and it was magical. Boys came up to all of us and he shined very brightly that night. We tipped our hats to him.
That night Probe felt like our. Duretto knew about our party and continued the majic with some of ur favorites. Probe was the Private Men's Club that we were a part of. In many ways I believed our party, "The Ages of Aquarius was our party in the Hills with a list and valet parking. It cost me more than you could imagine but I wnated it for my friends at Probe and Greg.
Don and I wanted to let everyone know that Greg was a great Probe DJ. I was unsure why his contribution was overlooked. I am happy it hasn't.
If anyone ever wantes to help me figure out how to use the Probe scenes from American Gigilo to make a new movie, please contact me.
The American Gigilo link has been previously posted.

Robert Heick |

Gary Ellsworth, the mistake has been corrected and you truly did deserve credit for all the years you were there, you were dearly loved

Greg Ellsworth |

I was a resident DJ from 1981 through 1984. I feel a bit sad that I was not in the list of DJ,s. My favorite night was New Years Eve 1982.
Some favorite people there who were regular patrons were Patricia Dietz, Lance and Linda Strugar, Frank Landin, Juan Carlos ( the doorman), Bob Bruno, Bob Jones (light tech), George Spett, and Daniel Warner. There was a nameless man who danced all night standing on his hands! Also, a guy who stood on the stage and "directed" the music mad stopped whenever he did not like a song...plus the guy who war a choir robe and a blond wig who danced near him (he worked at Duncan Donuts).

Paul |

Thanks Kev, I haven't seen that flick with a young Richard Gere in a long time. Must have been 1979 when "American Gigolo"n came out? The entrance to "Probe" as Richard is walking in, the stair and of course the dance floor brought back a lot of memories of the good ole days.

Kevin Norte |

This is the link to the only theatrically filmed scene that I am aware of that was filmed at Probe.
For my future husband and myself, PROBE, a Private Club, at 836 N. Highland Ave in Hollywood used to be our playground. It was the place of some of the best memories & most fun experiences of our lives. Although we have separated from most of our club friends, we both still smile when when hear Union City Blues (the place we escaped from). We enjoy hearing from other guys who's lives were touched by this incredible gay institution.

tom terlecki |

I had the best times when I moved from nyc to LA in 1992. my friends ben, maria (one of the few girls allowed in) anthony, frank, peter H, scott g would go out and have the most amazing nights and continue at a pool the next day. Does anyone still have Probe reunion parties??? I saw on this site that last year in they had a probe Tdance !!!! wish i knew. would love to hear from someone who may know the scoop, if there is any fun dance parties like probe WAS!!! Thanks, Tom

Bob H |

Michael Hunter,
First let me say I'm sad to hear about your twin Steven Passing, I was so heart broken over loosing so many great guys, it was hard for me to take so I left Los Angeles in 1985, I lived with 4 wonderful men, Val Zadilla who worked at ABC studios, Daniel Warner who was Bartender at Revolver, Andy Schwanbeck another Bar Tender at PROBE, Bryan Doak Hairdresser at Jose' Eber and Myself who also worked at PROBE. I cannot remember the DJ you have in mind, my favorite two DJ's were from NYC and played many many times at PROBE, Larry Rosiello who came from the ANVIL, NYC, a man named Felipe Rose was one of the go-go boys at the ANVIL who danced in an American Indian costume and was approached by the late Jacques Moali and Henry Belolo and ended up being one of the founding members of the 1970's gay Disco group " The Village People ", the other DJ was Vincent Carlello, who in my opinion played the best music ever starting around 2:30 am until 6-7 am, which of course was my favorite time to dance because I was off the clock and could enjoy the music, I hung out with Christine Mulholland who worked the door sometimes with Ray Bilbool, Christine also worked at Studio One, we hung out together for about 4 years and used to go to the SPIKE for " Church " until GREGS opened, Johnny Eckhardt was Dj at GREGS from the time it opened in 1980 until around 1984, Christine and I used to go every Sunday morning for Church and drink at least 8 to 10 drink a piece before going home sometime around 1pm, I went several times with Steven, your twin, Loura and yourself to the SPIKE and always had a great time and remember you all fondly, everyone at PROBE for sure felt like family, as far as the " tunnel " or entrance to PROBE when it opened you used to walk through a long hallway and step on pressure plates that would light up the person walking through, we also had 2 strong jet dry booths that were big enough for one person to fit inside and it would dry you off in a matter of a minute or so, PROBE when it opened was the brainstorm of Raymond Sanchez, I, like you could go on and on and I would love to chat and send some pics if interested and you can reach me at RBHeick@aol.com I would be happy to hear from you, Take care of yourself Michael and hope to hear from you again
Bob Heick


Bob H, yes my twin Steven and I both had dark hair and mustaches. I can't remember the name of DJ that played one Sunday night, he was having a meltdown in the DJ booth because his boyfriend broke up with him, he played Big Girls Don't Cry, do you remember his name? Shortly after that Frank Collins form Numbers night club in Huston Texas. became the DJ. I remember Ray at the door scrutinizing who got in PROBE and walking down the entrance, every step you made the light would come on above your head, like walking into a space ship, music pounding and then at the end you look down at this dance floor with hundreds of people dancing. Out of all the clubs I have been to, I have never experienced a better time, the Graebar sound system and the music was the best. I remember dancing all night and the sky light would open up CHANGIN by Sharon Ridley and ( Saturday Night Sunday Morning) would play, a wonderful feeling would come over you as the Sun came streaming down over you. the Frank would drop I Ain't Been Licked by Diana Ross. We were diehards and started going to the Spike for Church till, I can't remember the name of the bar down the street let us go there, this is before Greg's Blue Dot. Oh so much to say. ALL the people that we lost, my Twin being one of them. I can still see him dancing in the morning light. It is good to see your still with us Bob H, I hope your happy and ejoying your life.

BobH |

Michael, if you and the person I am thinking i remember Steven, Loura and yourself, do you have dark hair and did you and Steven both have a Moustache? I worked at Probe from 1978-1982


Any one remember when Frank Collins was the DJ? My twin brother Steven, Loura and me Michael use to go there in 1978 to 1980.

vince bantinelli |

thanks Bob,....iseem to remember Eddie Garretti(who i adored)briefly opened a bar there...called Oz,or snow white.....?????anyway.....good to hear from guys n gals from the best era ever!!!!!!

Bobh |

I meant I worked in the building, I was a bartender at "836 North" the space before PROBE then went on to work at PROBE serving Juice and food after hours

Bob Heick |

Vince, if the Photographer is the one I think you are thinking of his name was Michael, I worked at PROBE from 1976 till 2nd owner sold Which I believe was 1983

vince bantinelli |

thanks for telling me about mark the bartender.....photographer....?

Paul G DeCroix |

Yes, I remember George Dufour fondly. He was HOT! Super nice guy away from the scene! He passed away in a very undignified way like so many other. I have his Playgirl pictures somewhere. He was a fixture at "The Probe for many years.

DougieG |

Thanks for the memories. I began going to Probe in the beginning in 1978. My lover came home & told me about this new hot place & we got the steel membership cards. It was very intense disco, pounding disco music, fan dancers on the stage. One New Years Eve party I was there maybe 1980 & there were guys dancing in jockstraps wearing Ronald Reagan masks & boots on a platform on the 2nd story above the dance floor. I knew Stewart Barkal & his identical twin Steve. Stewart made tapes for me for the car. One was called "Queen of Queens." We danced on the dance floor shirtless snorting amyl nitrate until one night I got amyl nitrate (poppers) in my eye & ran into the bathroom & flushed water in my eye to no avail. I knew Raymond Bilbool too as he worked with us at Fred Sands on Sunset Blvd in those days. He was part owner of the place. He sat on a stool at the entrance on Highland to pick people out of the crowd to be allowed inside. We would stay up late to watch Saturday night live & then drive over to the Probe afterwards. This was the age of mushrooms, qualudes (Lemon or Rorers?) Your choice. They were selling qualudes or giving them away in the bathroom. I could name names but so many of this era are gone now for over 20 years that it is painful. Some of us lived to survive the AIDS holocaust.

JohnF |

I am from Canada and went to Probe several times when I was visiting LA. It was a magnificent club, from the second you walked in and heard the magnificent music pulsing through the walls. The neon hall way and black door at the end was like a vortex that sucked you into the club. Standing at the top of the stairs and feeling all that incredible sexual energy is something I will not soon forget. I saw Sylvester, Viola Wills and Stacy Q there..(no eye rolling, she was great!). A friend of mine took me there who has since passed. But I remember him looking at me on the dancefloor during an epic Donna Summer run and he said "It doesn't get any better than this". It was a defining moment. I do believe, as someone mentioned before, George Dufour, posed in Playgirl...a stunningly beautiful man.

Larry Henderson |

I worked at the Probe (Security/bouncer) in 98' just after the Air Force, reading some of your comments, WoW, I was in Highschool from 88-91, so you all are old, but I appreciate the Nostalgia. Mark was the owner even then but rarely was seen there! My fave night was 80's night. Good times Good Times!

Jeff Manor |


Bob Heick |

Are there any that remember the first 5 to 6 years of PROBE? I don't remember a John and Mark as owners, I worked for Raymond and Raymond who's lover was Michael I worked at Probe for 6 years from opening until I left in 85 and d*** owned it then I also worked for d*** and before it was PROBE it was a short lived bar called 836 North, I was a bartender there, before that is was Paradise and I used to dance there all the time, any Older guys around?

Paul G DeCroix |

The 90's were the best of times, worst of times..... I don't think anyone in the early 90's could imagined the changes compared to life today in 2012. Sadly, a club like "Probe" doesn't exist. I rode by where the "Probe" was located recently. It's a furniture store now but they kept the disco ball hanging. If those walls could talk. Thinking about "Probe" brings a certain level of sadness only because so many beautiful men around then became casualties of AIDS and/or drug abuse. Still, I like to think of the good times those nights where nothing else mattered.

Bob Heick |

The Hottie that was at Probe the first three years and studying to become a lawyer was Mark

Jeff Manor |

To Sergio: Yes... I remember the earthquake @ 3am that dancefloor was shakin' And I thought it was just me... until the fire dept arrived! LOL

Jeff Manor |

PROBE PROBE PROBE! All I can say is that there will be something very similar like it in HEAVEN. It was a musical oasis in the city where the beautiful ones would gather. Although my time there was short lived 1991-93, I carry the memories with me! It was a place where your imagination could run wild and everyone there was good company! Even the outcasts were welcomed with open arms. Music like Abba: (The Visitors) & Xpansions: (Move Your Body) would draw people to the dance floor like flies on honey. Many times I stayed late and even closed the place as the last dancer. My very first date with my soul mate took place at Probe and nearly 21 yrs later he is still in my life (My favorite guy )Who could forget Tom Johnson, Thomas @ the door or even an occasional performance by Tamourine Anna! Anyone who was fortunate enough to have the Probe experience knows what a one in a million night club it was. To whomever is reading this, God bless and love to you! My final comment: "Probe,something that could never be replaced"

jon hirsh |

How have you been?...Great to hear from you-- I just came upon this page...i love reading the reflections of the 'good old days'...keep in touch!

George Spett |

Hi Jon, how are you? This is George Spett, ex bartender, writing from Argentina!!!! Good to hear from you! Please tell Mark I said hi!!!! Hope all is well!!!!

jon hirsh |

Hello All~

Just found this site~ It's Jon from the Probe...I owned the place with Mark from 1983-1990!. Mark and I were at dinner tonight and just laughing about some of the memories from the one and only Probe!....we certainly knew how to throw a party--the great days of Hollywood Disco....

Kevin |

OMG! I have such memories of Probe, Spike and all the rest. I have DJ mixes (CDs) from Bryan, Joe D'Espinsoa, Manny, the 20th anniversary and the rest. Also some great CDs made for me by my friends, Dawna Montell, Paul E, Ron Thomas, and Rick Mitchell. Great times! Anyone remember LA ONE or Spike's Midnight Mass? So much fun!

Dj Mike G |

I was at the Probe in 85....and have a REAL dj Mixed tape from The Probe,handed to me from the DJ.........The last Probe Reunion at Club Rain...None of the above music list was played!.......Who else was at Club Rain for the event?.......Dj Mike G

vince bantinelli |

who was the hottie who took pictures at probe,and where r they?
the bartender i went to was studying to be a lawyer!anyone remember him?(first 3 yrs of opening....)

vince bantinelli |

PROBE....OH MY MaryDontAsk!
Eddie, Michael,Ray...and more. wish id kept my original card...
was there with my lover Mark & we always ended up fighting .blame it on the drugs...i wouldnot trade those pre -aids days for anything...love to have all my buddies back...newer generations just have no idea
the men at probe were the hottest.....

Paul |

My first memory of the legendary "Probe" night club was in 1987. We were looking for parking and drove by the entrance of "Probe" and there was this beautiful, bare chested, smooth skinned, tan, blond God talking to his friend. We never made it to "Probe" that night but a few days later, I was eating at the French market where at the time, it was sort of like what the "Abbey" is today. I was eating my lunch and who should walk in but this blond hunk who was standing in front of "Probe" just a couple of days ago. He glanced in my direction and gave me a big smile. I could not believe this man anyone would want was looking my way. I later discovered this beautiful man had a long list of admirers. We became friends, not close but WH friends...... His name was George Dufour. George died of AIDS in 1991. I was living in Hawaii at the time of his death when a friend called me with the sad news. I was told about a month before George died he went to the "Probe" in a long blond wig. All his hair had fallen out from the medication he was taking and his body was nothing like it was a year ago but George wanting to do what he loved one more time and he sure as hell did. I think for that little bit of time under the disco ball, lights.... he forgot what was happening to him. He was a very sweet man and is sorely missed. I'm sure he is dancing the night away somewhere beyond.

Danny |

Here was Bryan Pfeifer's playlist for the Probe Reunion party last Sunday:

Cher Love Is the Groove

Janet Escapade

Hazel Dean Love Pains

Precious Wilson Only The Strong Survive

Kylie Step Back In Time

Lonnie Gordon If I Have to Stand Alone

Melanie Not Enough

Mariah Carey Dreamlover

Talk Talk It's My Life

Vic Moore Breathe

Diana Ross The Boss

Tracy Ackerman Get Here

Donna Summer Carry On

OMD Pandora's

Rozalla I love Music

Lionel Richie All Night Long

Lonnie Gordon Happening All Over Again

PSB Always On My Mind

Dusty Springfield In Private

D:Ream Shoot Me

Happy Clappers I Believe

Dan Hartman Relight My Fire

Yazz The Only Way Is Up

Barbara Tucker Hot Shot

Pat & Mick Use It Up

Dana Dawson 3 is Family

Olivia Xanadu

Kim English Unspeakable Joy

Donna Summer This Time

Hannah Jones Young Hearts

Jimmy Sommerville Mighty Real

Deborah Cox Nobody Suppose to Be Here

Whitney It's not Right

Abigail Let The Joy Rise

Voyage Souvenirs

Living Joy I am Dreamer

Madonna Ray of Light

Lighthouse Family High

Donna Lewis Fools Paradise

Abba The Visitors

Sunscreem Looking At You

M People How Can I Love You More

Communards Never Can Say Goodbye

Celine Dion My Heart

Sarah Washington Heaven

Indigo Perfect Day

Brice Smalltown Boy

Olive Outlaw

Temperance Forever Young

Cut Class Without Your Love

Shawn Benson Seclusion

Erasure Blue Savannah

Viola Will Stormy Weather

Marlena Shaw Touch me in the Morning

Dario G Sunchyme

Donna Summer Last Dance

John Paul Young Love Is in the Air

joop1 |

Thank you for the link Michael. Yes, those are fabulous and unique memories. I'm glad I can still look back, and in spite of the sadness many of those memories do evoke, I still feel the joy, excitement and freedom of living in those times.

Michael Garza |

Love In The Shadows by E.G. Daly

(Stuart Barkal used to phase the s*** out of the intro to this, then go back in with a instrumental copy. Along with the red neon arrow 'lightning bolt" lights and the room completely in black light, it was FLAWLESS!!!)

You saw me standing alone in the dark,
Lost in the silence of my heart,
Crying for angels, crying for light,
Crying for someone tonight

No time for wasting, no time for truce,
No time for innocent lies,
Touch me like heroes straight from your eyes,
Lead me to worlds far beyond

And I know it´s you for freedom,
And I know you can fill the space in me

I need secrets in the dark, love in the shadows,
Passion burning out from under my skin,
Take me for a ride until the night time's over,
When daylight steals the magic of the dark

I´ll give no reasons and no border lines,
Kill the fire that brakes the heart of love,
No more crying for angels, crying for light,
Crying for someone tonight

And I know it´s you for freedom,
And I know you can fill the space in me

f*** AIDS! It's still OUR party!!

Michael Garza |

Good times fasho! After graduating from Odyssey1 in 1981 it was love at first sight! I was 18 years old when I first went to Probe OMG. In 1986 I worked as lightman at Studio One until 1988. The entire staff at Studio always went to after hours, including Greg's Blue Dot. I loved the Stuart Barkal era!! This is what I remember most back then.. During those uncertain times back then this one song gave me hope!



Paul |

My memories of Probe are fun, fun & more fun!!!!! Would be hard to relive the sounds of "Probe" at "Here" though for me anyway. So many of my gay brothers are not around unfortunately. Life goes on but I have a heart that is sad when I think of those wonderfully sexy men dying like the way they did, so young. I was at the building on Highland and they still have the huge disco ball hanging from the ceiling. I think t is a furniture store now?

Dj Mike G |

Had a Blast!.....Probe Reunion Banged!.........No Mercy........No Wimps!

Tony Teabo |

Wish I could be there. Not enough notice as I live in the Washington, DC area. Love me some Brian Pfeifer though. I'm sure he's still hot in and out of the DJ Booth. :)

Danny |

Attention Probettes: Our Probe Reunion Tea Dance will be held at Rain Nightclub (12215 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA) on Sunday March 25, 2012 beginning at 4pm. Our opening DJ; Coming out of retirement just for our Reunion is Probe resident DJ BRYAN PFEIFER!
Admission is $10.00 with a portion of the proceeds going to Pet Approved Care. Bryan promises to take us on an amazing journey, so plan on being there by 4pm!!!

George Spett |

Hi all. I just found this page and all the memories came back at once. I started going to Probe in 1981 I guess, when d*** Saunders owned it and Marylin managed it. Then, when Mark and John bought it, i worked as a bartender until 1985 I guess, with Jake, Juan Carlos at the door, Gary, Jeff Abraham at the coat check and Wayne was the cashier. Rick Sommers, Bruce, and I were bartenders... Greg Ellsworth and Lance Wise djs, Sam, Patricia, Rose de Castro, and so many others...were loyal regulars. Lots of friends, good times and great memories... Those were happy times and unfortunately not many witnesses remain. To all my friends from that era... here or gone, thank you very much for the good times. George.

Jeff Christian |

WOW !!! I just found this web site, I was looking for pictures of divine, you remember hair spray.. I worked at the probe from 1984-1997 you may or may not remember me I was one of the lightman, Jeff christian. yes i'm still alive ! By the grace of god... wow. I have had aids since 1984 And came down with cancer in 2001. And i am as well as anyone you would see walking down the street. Oh how i miss my friends who are gone and the days of magic at the probe. I am wondering if any one knows if John ford. ( lightman ) is still with us. He was the one who got me the lightman job at the probe. What a great job that was to have and be apart of. I am also looking for Michael Otto who also worked the lights most every weekend. If anyone knows how i can get intouch with John or Michael please let me know. And i would also like to get intouch with Mark Edwards, Dj. It was nice of him to remember me.. My e-mail. Jeffs5dogs@hotmail.com If you would like to say hi e-mail me. Maybe we can find that magic again. JEFF CHRISTIAN.........


probe music party was that a one night gig and where is HERE IN W.HOLLYWOOD located is that a club? lol HERE !

Christopher |

Probe - The Dance Legacy Collection at CircuitAndAnthems.com

Also available, the Probe - Companion Set

Probe – The Dance Legacy Collection

Digital Emotion – Go Go Yellow Screen (Extended Mix 8:35)
Abba – The Visitors (DJ Remix 8:31)
Revanche – Music Man (DJ Remix 10:13)
Nightforce – D.A.N.C.E. (Extended Mix 6:49)
Rofo – Rofo’s Theme (Extended Mix 5:22)
Lighthouse Family – High (Parts 1 & 2 11:37)
The Lisa Marie Experience – Keep On Jumpin’ (Extended Remix 7:59)
Bizzare, Inc. – I’m Gonna Get You (Extended Mix 5:20)
Lonnie Gordon – Happening All Over Again (Extended Mix 5:35)

Quartzlock – Love Eviction (Extended Mix 6:31)
Olive – Outlaw (Extended Mix 7:26)
Olivia Newton-John – The Rumor (Extended Dance Mix 6:36)
Grace – Not Over Yet (DJ Remix 6:08)
Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On (Doom of Dub Mix 6:36)
The Flirtations – Earthquake (Extended Mix 8:47)
Patrick Cowley – Megatron Man (Full Length Version 9:06)
Café Society – Somebody To Love (Extended Mix 7:21)
Man Parrish – Heatstroke (Extended Mix 7:40)
Yazz & The Plastic Population – The Only Way Is Up (Extended Mix 6:51)

Azul Y Negro – The Night (Extended Mix 6:01)
The Urban Cookie Collective – The Key, The Secret (Extended Mix 6:11)
Patrick Cowley feat Sylvester – Do Ya Wanna Funk (Extended Mix 6:57)
Dolly Parton – Baby, I’m Burning (DJ Dance Remix 5:11)
Amii Stewart – Knock On Wood (Extended Mix 6:11)
Alicia Bridges – I Love The Nightlife (Extended Mix 5:20)
Macho – I’m A Man (DJ Remix 17:36)
Linda Clifford – If My Friends Could See Me Now (Extended Mix 10:11)

Viola Wills – Stormy Weather (Extended Mix 7:41)
Miquel Brown – So Many Men, So Little Time (Extended Mix 7:23)
Hazel Dean – Searchin’ (Extended Mix 8:26)
Pamala Stanley – Coming Out Of Hiding (Extended Mix 6:14)
Phyllis Nelson – I Like You (DJ Remix 6:31)
Pat & Mick – Use It Up, Wear It Out (Special DJ Remix 6:30)
Donna Summer – Carry On (Extended Mix 6:20)
Kim Appleby – Don’t Worry (Extended Mix 7:46)
Erasure – Blue Savannah (Extended Mix 6:55)
Bananarama – Movin’ On (DJ Remix 5:19)

Donna Summer – Love’s About To Change My Heart (Extended Mix 6:16)
E.G. Daily – Love In The Shadows (Extended Mix 8:41)
Trans X – Living On Video (DJ Remix 7:06)
Man 2 Man – Male Stripper (Extended Mix 8:17)
The Trammps – That’s Where All The Happy People Go (Extended Mix 7:56)
Tantra – The Hills Of Katmandu (Extended Mix 13:10)
Kat Mandu – The Break (Extended Mix 8:40)
Patrick Cowley – Menergy (Extended Mix 8:48)
Chimira – Show Me Heaven (Extended Mix 7:53)

Hypertrophy – Beautiful Day (Extended Mix 6:49)
Red 5 – I Love Stop (Extended Mix 6:23)
The Twins – Love System (Extended Mix 6:33)
Rofo – Flashlight On A Disco Night (Extended Mix 6:51)
Viola Wills – If You Could Read My Mind (Extended Mix 6:52)
Paul Parker – Right On Target (Extended Mix 6:20)
Donna Summer – I Know This Time It’s For Real (Extended Mix 7:24)
OMD – Pandora’s Box (Extended Club Mix 6:29)
Tina Turner – Disco Inferno (Extended Mix 5:30)
Laura Branigan – Gloria (Extended Mix 5:20)
Blue Zone – Jackie (Extended Mix 6:05)
D:ream – Things Can Only Get Better (Radio Mix 3:04)
Eve Gallagher - Love Come Down (Extended Mix 8:19)

Probe – The Dance Legacy Companion Set

Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey – Together In Electric Dreams (Extended Mix 6:28)
Black Box – Strike It Up (Extended Mix 5:17)
M People – Movin’ On Up (Extended Mix 5:29)
Happy Clappers – I Believe (Extended Mix 7:16)
Fantastique – Mama Told Me (Extended Mix 5:17)
Peter Griffin – Step By Step (Extended Mix 5:13)
Sean Heyden – Party Boy (Extended Mix 5:47)
Loverde – Die Hard Lover (Extended Mix 7:16)
Livin’ Joy – Dreamer (Extended Mix 5:40)
LOeland – Don’t Make Me Wait (Extended Mix 6:49)

Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey – Goodbye Bad Times (Extended Mix 6:25)
Limahl – Neverending Story (Extended Mix 5:16)
Menage – Memory (Extended Mix 7:08)
Jolo – Last Call (Extended Mix 6:47)
M People – One Night In Heaven (Extended Mix 6:48)
Clivilles & Cole – Pride, A Deeper Love (Full Club Mix 11:12)
Ce Ce Peniston – Finally (Extended Mix 6:59)
DeeLite – Groove Is In The Heart (DJ Remix 6:47)
Crystal Waters – 100% Pure Love (Extended Mix 8:04)
Harlow – Take Off (Extended Mix 10:17)

Teri DeSario – Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You (Extended Mix 6:33)
KC & The Sunshine Band – (You Said) You’d Gimme Some More (Extended Mix 7:32)
Harry Thumann – Underwater (Extended Mix 6:00)
Natalie Cole – Pink Cadillac (DJ Remix 8:10)
Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch – Good Vibrations (DJ Remix 5:29)
Full Intention – America (Extended Mix 6:16)
MARRS – Pump Up The Volume (DJ Remix 6:01)
Emergency – Bad Love (Extended Mix 7:00)
Stacey Q – I Love You (Extended Mix 7:33)
Culture Beat – I Like You (Club Edit 3:56)


The Probe music party is actually SATURDAY July 16.. at HERE in West Hollywood..

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, July 16th - XL at Here Lounge.. the sounds of PROBE are returning to Los Angeles! Yes, please join me for a full night of your club favorites.. Christina Aguilera.. Evolution.. Sister Sledge.. China Crisis.. Cher.. Beyonce.. Time Bandits.. Donna Lewis.. Abba.. Sarah Washington.. John Paul Young.. Mary J. Blige.. John Davis & the Monster Orchestra.. Claudja Barry.. Rihanna.. Dan Hartman.. and MANY MORE!!!


One of the great DJ's from Probe, Mark Tarbox is having a party at
HERE in West Hollywood this coming Sunday..

You can find out more on the FaceBook page....
"Friends of Probe Los Angeles"


Reece P. Thomson |

THE PLAYLIST FROM PROBE (NOT THE) 20th Anniversary Partyp;

That's Where The Happy People Go - The Trammps - 1976

I Love The Nightlife - Alicia Bridges - 1976

Pandora's Box - OMD 1991 - Dedicated to Tom Johnson

Use It Up And Wear It Out - Pat & Mike - 1990

Do You Want To Funk - Slyvester- 1982

Things Can Only Get Better - Dream - 1993

Stormy Weather - Viola Wills - 1982

Together In Electric Dreams - Giorgio Moroder - 1984

Sing Hallelujah - Dr Alban - 1993

The Visitors - Abba - 1981

Show Me Heaven - Chimera - 1996

Love's About To Change My Heart - Donna Summer - 1989

Outlaw - Olive - 1997

Some great music in there; listen to it often through Apple TV and my iPhone...very familiar memories as my Probe days were 1978 thru 1986 constantly and monthly after that....Was there when Ray and Mike opened it and Church was at The Rusty Nail.


Tony T. |

Boy! I have so many great memories of Probe and all the great guys I met there. I was a country boy from the hills of Virginia and had never seen anything like it. I went to Probe during it's last years (1995-99). I became friends with the bartenders and the DJs (Hello Mike Duretto!). As superficial as LA could be, the guys at Probe made me feel very welcomed and I soon became an "every weekend" participant. I still have a few of my annual VIP membership cards. I love the Probe Family and would love to see a Probe Reunion event on some large scale sometime. I live back in Virginia now (DC/Metro area) but would definitely make a trip west for an Probe event.

Bob |

Just found this site and can't believe it! I was a member from the very start. I remember opening night, and if I'm my correct the first song ever played there was "Where the happy People go" by The Tramps. I also worked part time in the coat check for the first couple of years, under Ron Shipton, who also had the coat check concession at Studio One. The best years of my life were spent in L A and PROBE was one of the highlights, I now live in Atlanta and would love to hear from any guys who might remeber me.

Michael |

Seems like I fell madly and deeply in love there every week-end, until it became Icon, then it kind of bombed. LOL! The music, the dancing, it just took you away to a beautiful place. (OK - there was, on occassion, some artificial assistance on that journey!)

Jesse Ward |

Former bartender from Probe starting in 1989. Eddie Garretti was managing the show, Tom Johnson was spinning the the music, Michael Otto took great care to provide everyone with an impressive light show, while John Hines and I had the honor of serving the community from the bar. Good memories....

Sean |

I was a Probette religiously from 1991-1994, then sporadically after, but some of the best nights of my life. The Brotherhood of Probe & "Living in Oblivion........

imnor37 |

WOW Kevin thanks so much for the playlist you rock. when i am home and able to find my old probe promos i am going to post them asap. wow i cant wait to put togeather this playlist i have about 60% of it it will be a fun challenge to find it all. thanks so much.
p.s. when is there going to be a probe reunion i think its time?

Kevin |

I posted this Probe playlist on another thread. It captures the phenomenal Tom Johnson era. I know I'm missing a lot, though:

Stormy Weather - Viola Wills
Harmony - Suzi Lane
Body Rock - Maria Vidal
Blame It On The Boogie - Big Fun
Uh Uh Ooh Ooh - Roberta Flack
Happening All Over Again - Lonnie Gordon
Love Pains - Yvonne/Liza/Hazell
Stronger Than That - Cliff Richard
Love In The Shadows - E.G. Daily
If Only I Could - Sydney Youngblood
Is This Really Love - Jon Otis
Love & Devotion - Michael Bow
The Rumor - Olivia Newton John
I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That - Elton John
Use it Up - Pat & Mick
Lay All Your Love On Me - Abba
The Visitors - Abba
Without Your Love - Cut Glass
Do You Wanna Funk - Sylvester
Breakaway - Watson Beasley
The Calling - Ken Heaven
No Regrets - Quartzlock
In Private - Dusty Springfield
Always On My Mind - Pet Shop Boys
Daydream - Beagle Music Ltd.
American Love - Rose Laurens
Some People - Cliff Richard
The Best - Tina Turner

Please add to the great memories. —Kavo

Ron Orser |

Hi Reece Maybe Posting The Playlist Here would Be Nice. I Would Love To Create My Own As Well.
Thanks Ron

Reece P. Thomson |

Michael A, I have the 20th Anniversary CD for Probe. How can I send you the playlist?

Michael A |

PS. Yes, it was NEVER called "The Probe". Just Probe.

Michael A |

Many many fond and fun memories of Probe. 87-90. Especially Black Party 1988 (My First!!) and the first If My Friends Could See Me Now party. Does anyone have a track list from the 20th Anniversary CD? Would love to create a playlist for my iPod!

joop1 |


Thank you. I wondered about the "THE" in many postings. Probe did not need an article (the) to differentiate it. It was a unique place. When one said "Probe" people knew what was meant. Imagine calling her "The Cher." Never. Why? Because she's also unique.

Let the music play....


Why must everyone call PROBE - THE PROBE?

I worked there with Raymond when he opened it in 1978, and through the 80's; still have my original METAL membership card, as well as Employee Card, and it was always JUST "PROBE".

If you look at all the promotional material above does anyone see "The Probe" ?


The best music and greatest Gay Club in LA!!


I have lots of pictures of people that I hung out with from the probe and jobsite after parties anyone remember going to al minetti place after the probe on Martel got lots of pics wethotboxxx@gmail.com from annasplayhouse love u dj fabian from the arena studioone and of course annasplayhouse


OMG I'm reading everyones memories of the probe and I started to cry those were the best years of my life that's where I learned how to fan dance n play my tamborines. I was one special lady dancing n partying with the most gorgeous men all around me.afterwards to the jobsite and of course always a great after party. I love all of u and will never forget the good times john hogan is no longer with us I love you bro valentino I miss I still have one of the cats you gave me he'll be 19yrs old this year. Lance from the jobsite is no longer with us either. If anyone wants to get a hold of me wethotboxxx@gmail.com

Zane Rhys |

Anyone remember the New Year's Party at the Probe in which the theme was "There's Got To Be A Morning After"? As I remember it the place was decorated to look like a ship that had turned upside down (Poseidon Adventure?) - a Christmas Tree was hanging from the ceiling, as were chairs and tables. I even recall the exit signs had been turned upside down. I'm thinking it was like 1983 or 1984 maybe. A lot of water has past under this old bridge since then, so my memory is a little foggy.

CC |

Probe is always in my heart, it was amazing and full of thrill, I also worked in the coat check during the early 90's, It was the place to be during my 20's, wow all the beautiful guys and beautiful music. Great relationships, it makes me sad to remember.

Michael |

I spent my mid to late 20's at the Probe with Eddie Glover, Kevin and Dario, my ex, Wayne, Kav Delux and Scott. I have so many great memories of the guys there. One night I was standing by the door when a guy dressed in a devil costume came to the door. When the doorman asked him for his id, he didn't have it on him, so he couldn't come in. I said, "I can't believe you're not letting the Devil inside the Probe!"

Kevin |

Hi, Kevin here... I just found this page & I hope it helps me connect with my lost Probe friends: Eddie Glover, Mike Yatkowski, Steve Endo. That was a short, but great time in my life. Steve Wilson, my fav, passed away, I think. We were fixtures from '89-'92, then CRASH — our group splintered apart — you know how those treats kinda took control...
My email is keviniskav@sbcglobal.net Thanks!

George Tannehill |

I started going to the Probe when they began having their annual "If My Friends Could See Me Now" benefits; I was blown away and became a member shortly thereafter! As a former club DJ, I thought great music was a thing of the past until Tom Johnson proved otherwise. Those nights; that music; WOW, the best of times!

Michael Trankina |

I can't help the tears running down my face after reading these incredible comments.

The Probe was my Saturday night escape and I spent each and every one there. It was like having an out of body experience every week. To me this is the meaning of the "good old days". Some of us are still here but unfortunately a whole lot more are not and it breaks my heart but I thank God for the experience and am SO glad that i was in the right place at the right time to have been able to have that.

What an incredible time to remember and hold so close in my heart. We were a family, dysfunctional as we were it WAS our Saturday night family... and let's not even discuss incest. We all knew each other intimately, and I use the term loosely. I love all of those memories and I am the extremely well adjusted man that I have become for having been there.

Thanks... I love all of you.

Jauers |

Yes this was where Club 1970 used to be held. I still have a flyer of the Brady Bunch for the club.

jakki |

was probe where club 1970s was in the 90s? i used to go there all the time and i am trying to figure out where it was. they had membership cards and it seemed semi equally gay/straight. if it is the right place, does anyone remember a guy called sean who worked there. danced a lot!

DJChris |

Putting together a "Probe" flashback club party here in Long Beach. Does anyone have the track listing for the Probe Anniversary CD???


Steve McBride |

I visited Probe quite often from 1984 - 1986 when it was owned by Mark and John. Regular DJ's were Stuart Barkal, Lance Wise, and a few others. Stuart Barkal was my favorite! I hung around with Martin and Larry, who helped on the PAC. I remember the Pride Party in 1985 "Alive With Pride in '85". Still have some t-shirts. We were on the dance floor all Saturday night, and in the morning took the huge Statue of Liberty out through the crowd into the alley and loaded it on the float. Someone added a Probe t-shirt, armband, and sunglasses to the Statue and we were ready for the parade! That was a great weekend!

Randy McDonald |


Randy McDonald |

I have one new PROBE cd! Contact me directly at extremelyme_rm@yahoo.com Thanks, Randy

Randy McDonald |

Contact me directly at my email address if interested in buying a NEW 20TH ANNIVERSARY CD!!!

ed |

Where can one buy the "20th Anniversary" CD?

ed |

I remember that Grace Jones night. My partner (now going on 27 years together)and I went out to out to our car to get some air and some dry T-shirts. There sat Ms Jones in her limo doing some coke and looking hot. I seem to remember she finally performed around 3 or 4 am.

What a great place to just let go and dance. Royd and I would usually go to The Detour, play some pinball, go home around 1:00am, change and head down the hill around 2:15am to go dancing. There will never be anything to equal it in LA. We still have many of our yearly membership cards. They are part of our history since we met at Probe.

Randy McDonald |

I JUST RECEIVED Probe's 20th Anniversary CD, brand new! I will be copying it & will sell the original if anyone is interested. If interested reach me at extremelyme_rm@yahoo.com

Randy McDonald |

PROBE, PROBE, PROBE!!! From the fabulous fan dancers to the tamboriners & whistle-blowers you were SURE to shread your shoes after the marathon dance fests. I went to one of the Halloween parties when I was at my peak physically, dressed in leather from head to toe, had the zipper head mask & while slithering through the chest to chest crowd actually came face to face "LITERALLY" with my ex, starred right into his eyes as he tried to look everywhere but back into mine & he didn't even know it was me because of the full face mask. From upstairs you could see over the balcony down to the dance floor. Sometimes people would blow up balloons & throw them over the dance floor to watch them float above the body heat of the crowd. The harder they danced the higher the balloons would rise. I used to love taking my girlfriend Michelle there where we would dance the night away but found(under rather funny circumstances) that some parties she just wasn't meant to be part of. One night we went through the downstairs conversation room & realized it had been turned into something you'd find in a bathouse so I grabbed her hand & lead her out before it got covered with lube. I remember going there with on of the DJ's of probe, Lance Wise & all the extra special attention I got just being seen w/him. How come no one on this site hasn't recalled the night Grace Jones was suposed to perform & as all the pariters waited excitedly for Diva G to come out the fire department showed up & closed down the show because of over crowding. That was the night the fire department was almost massacured by all the tweaked out bitches there to see Grace & got told to go home before she even came out. The music, the fantasticly gorgeous men & the lighting all were there for us to feast on. I truly remember (the next day after the drugs & alcohol had worn off) that I always ended up with shin splints from the continuous dancing. That truly was a period of my life I would never have traded form any other experience & am so glad to be still alive (at 55) that I made it through those times. It truly was the last of the big blasts of funtimes had by all & I will always be grateful to have been there in those years starting in 1979-the mid eighties. One last thing...Michael (w/ENVIRONMENTS) if you're still out there & read this I thank you for the times we danced at Probe (we met at "Basic Plumbing")to when I helped you on your job go to Jerry Weintraub's house in Malibu to decorate the house for his sons birthday party.

Arena |

One night on a pill that made me tell the truth, I told my mother I was Gay. She screamed and yelled and threw me out. It was 3AM "Eternal." Where do you think I ran to? The Probe. I was there until Noon. By then my mother had paged me and I used the pay phone located downstairs in the back next to the pool table to call her back. We reconciled with Boom Boom Boom in the background. What great memories...

imnor37 |

wow do i remember the probe i started going to the probe in 1988 and went religiously for 3 years or so and then off and on for a few more years. i to was at the probe for gay pride when the earthquake hit wow that was a memory. i was also a friend of anna cascio valantino (val) michael sigmund sean fitzpatrick etc etc etc. i also hung at the jobsite and the partys in the valley. wow what a great time. i wwould love to chat with anyone still around. my name is ron orser my email is imnor37@yahoo.com i have pics of the era as well. give me a shout.
p.s. i cant even listen to electric dreams without getting probe chills down my spine WOW

Dennis Falsetti |

Okay boys, you want some memories?? I moved to LA from NYC in 1977. Construction of Probe began, oh, late 1978 or so. The club that was there before? Paradise Garage, right? I was even in Probe while it was under construction and the sound system was being tweaked (pardon THAT pun). I received my STAINLESS STEEL membership card (that was also good for entering Flamingo in NYC) very soon after. I was at Probe the night the guys from Casablanca (Marc Paul Simon we love you) first introduced "Last Dance" by Miss Donna Summer (heard she was even in da house). Do you remember those small tight rooms that you could step into and it hit you with blasts of air to cool you off? How about that stairway that led you right down smack in the middle of the dance floor? That was a test! The place defined the era and will never be duplicated and really, do you think it could possibly exist intact today?? Never! How we all got up on that stage in various forms of undress, fans flapping and tambourines ringing! I too am so happy that we are still here writing and reading on this site. A shout out also to all of our friends that are dancin' in heaven. I do remember Eddie, what a sweetie. Didn't he and his partner own "Hardware" that clothing store on Melrose? Anyway, I've never been good with names but I do know that those were the greatest guys. Thanks for making it all possible! I'm still out there dancin' and lovin' and livin' Peace OUT!

Palinurus |

Friends from UCSB told us that a club named "Probe" was the place to be. We soccer boys heard of an underwear party and we headed down to L.A., it must have been 1994. When we got inside, we stared down from the balcony at a sea of hot shirtless men. We knew instantly that this was the place! The times we had there! I would say things got strange around 1999. The name change and the arrival of a different clientele did it in. There will never be another "Probe".

Adam |

I also remember the Probe.
I remember Eddie, Gary (who would always arrange to let me in and take me higher) and the wonderful doorman.
I usually danced alone so I could admire all and all and all of the beautiful MEN!!
I usually hung out outside the DJ Booth right next to Tom his turntables.
Nothing but the BEST!!
I PROMISE(when in Rome) these are not RUMORS!!

Jeff Ritter |

Great memories of Greg's Rockers parties at the Probe in the late 80's - was such a great time alng with Billy Limbo's Ground Zero and then (later) Club F*ck. Greg was also so cool and ALWAYS came over to say hello! Great times - I will never will forget them!

Richard5164 |

1990-1991 Ah, the memories. I remember at the time I was seeing, (but not committed to), the Coat Attendant at Studio One. He told me, "Stay away from The Probe. There's nothing but tweaking dancing queens all night. I said, "really!" So, after I called it a night that evening, I went to see what The Probe was all about. It's about 1:30 a.m. and after getting myself a drink, I asked the nearest person for a ciggarette and he said that was his last one. I said, all right. So I went and danced for a couple hours until the place became full. I took a break and someone approached me and said, "hello". I smiled and replied, "hello". Then he licked my ear. I introduced myself, "hi, I'm Richard." He responded, "John". We hung out together and danced. We took another break and he pulled out a pack of ciggarettes. I then realized that I had bummed him for ciggarettes earlier and said, "Oh my gosh, you had ciggarettes the whole time." He explained that people always bum him for ciggarettes and did not mean to be rude. He then invited me to his place and he had the cutest little pug dog named, "Schmidie". We hooked up and did some recreational activities on so many levels. We later drifted apart but occasionally I would run into him at the Probe and we'd danced and hung out there at the club. John H., if you happen to run into this post, contact me. I wanna know how you are doing? I miss you. I still remember when your birthday is. Contact me at obama5006@yahoo.com

Steve Fisher |

OMG...best of times were then..late 70s, early 80s at THE PROBE...I was chicken and pretty and lucky to be admitted to the hottest new club in town. The evening started at GREGS BLUE DOT around 10 for a few beers and a few drops then on to Probe when it opened at midnight to burn it off and dance it out until GREG'S reopened for Bloody Marys and the firepit. Then on to Chez Claude around the corner on Melrose for brunch and chamber music. I remember lying on the hurricane fencing over the dance floor and watching what I called the "fan dancers" I remember wandering the halls and going into doors marked "Utility" and there being a fabulous sculpture to gawk at and then going through another door marked "Exit" and ending up in the alley and being gawked by the bouncers with a smirk on their faces at us for falling for their joke when we found our way back to the whoosh of the glass doors and shiney black entry hall lighted in green neon. Does anyone remember the plastic c*** and balls that would inflate and become erect when the music got hottest? Most of all I remember the fan dancers. Does anyone out there know where I can get a hold of two pairs of these fans? I need them for play, THE RITZ by Terrance McNally, I am directing for The Palm Canyon Theatre in Palm Springs, California that opens in March '10. Have searched and searched to no avail. Contact me at juststevefisher@aol.com

Jeff |

The disco scene at the end of American Gigilo was filmed in Probe around 1979 a year after it had opened.

Greg Carlson |

I remember the Probe during gay pride.. Thats when I experienced my very first and only earthquake!! Does anybody remember "Woody"??

Michael |

Hey, there is a face book group now "Friends of Probe L.A."

m1beachbud |

miss my Probe buddies, Eddie Garretti, lightman John Ford, Lightman Jeff Christianson

m1beachbud |

love those probe days,I was the dj at newport station. mark edwards

Steve Turgeon |

cont... I finally convinced a friend (Ted) to go with me to a Black Party, in '88 or '89?. Not knowing anything at all about the bar, or really what the theme meant..we put on our best black "Z-Cavaricci"(sp?) slacks, black loafers, and a crisp black linen shirt..and headed up to L.A.(from OC)
The husky lesbian at the door asked us if we'd ever been there, and after we replied "no" she said to have a good time and that we'd be "eaten alive". Wow is all I can say....we stayed until 6am. That was the first time I'd seen men in leather, first time I'd seen anyone snort cocaine (men's room) and I had the best time ever. I never made it back, but had the time of my life that night.

Steve Turgeon |

Wow..great to read everyone's Probe memories! I arrived in So. Cal. as an 19 yr. old in '85..and didn't make it to WEHO until I got into Rage one night in '86 with a fake ID. (I was 20) I remember a "super heros" theme going on there. Anyhow, I had heard about Probe being a "big boys" club (those with maybe a little more "grit" and experience, so, I stayed away, figuring I had no business going there. I'd read the advertisements about the big parties at Probe, (Black, White, etc), in the now defunct gay rag "the Edge" (remember that newpaper?)

Courtney Beaumont |

It's all part of a big disco dream but lord the staircase. I remember the Earthquake during Gay Pride Weekend,early '90's, and I had just made it to the top of the staircase. I had a permanent smile on my face.

esb |

Does anyone have pics to post of the exterior or interior of Probe nightclub?

Michael |

I too lived at the Probe, every Sat. night from 1993/94 until ??? When did it change to Icon? It was not the same. So many great nights. So many Probe friends. The best ever! I think I still have my Probe card somewhere. I still have all the music and when I listen can close my eyes and be right back there. After Probe it was off to Spike and on those really long nights / mornings 7702.

Eli Rivera |

Hey Guys and Hazel
I was the one of the younger members of the Probe guys in the 90's.Eddie was a wonderful friendly man who loved the club life.He used to tell me "Eli you know I went to NYC when I was younger man and went to the biggest club in NY at the time the Saint and was amazed and determined to create the same thing in LA.He would tell me this on one of those amazing nights at the club when he and his boyfriend Greg would stay and dancedignity with us guys who worked the club Steve Endo,Ralph,Mike Durretto etc.Eddie led a mostly quiet life and the noisiest was when he was doing an event.He always conducted himself with dignity and looking out for others.


Hi, My name is Hazel and Eddie Garretti was my older brother. He pass away about 10 yrs ago. I really didn't know much about him. He was much older then me. If any one remembers him. Can you please tell me a little about him. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Hazel :)

Gabe Sanchez |

WOW!! A site about the unforgetable PROBE. I was a regular from 1992 to 1995. I will never forget the great times I had there and all the friendships I made during those times. Remember the " Morning Music"? You knew that's when the evening experience was once again coming to an end. What about all the different theme parties... White Party, Black Party, Underwear party(one of my favorites I have to admit),the list goes on. I still have most of all my Probe Tapes that Mr Dan Cross had made me. I even have a orignal Tom Johnson tape.Everytime I listen to them it takes me back to those Saturday nights like it was just yesterday. Wouldn't it be great to go back and experience it all over again for just one more night. I mentioned Dan Cross,it was his place we would all go to Sunday Morning after the probe and talk about the night and listen to more Probe music.

Lance Gayhart |

Mike Duretto, Bryan Pfeifer :D

7TNR7 |

WOW! this is a trip to find this site! I was a member of Probe for about 10 yrs I new John ford he did lights alot. I was one of very few women that came. for me it was all about the music the mixing the tribal almost primal aptmosphere that was generated by some of the greatest DJ's at the time. I danced alone and with others, It was a place I could loose my self and be a shadow among men who let me just be me. some of you out there may remember me I was in my twenties then. it was a time and place that unless you were there it's hard to explain or understand, I still Dance . I went on to become a Flamenco dancer. but i still listen and dance to the 12" records i keep from those days. And I will always have a special place in my heart for the boys on the dance floor lost in each other and the music at the Probe.


I still connect the fondest memories with this club. I went there for the first time in ´83 and got to know one of my dearest friends, who used to work as a DJ there at that time. Unfortunately he quit DJing in ´85 and didn´t wanna have to do anything concerning disco music right after that. I had been to the Probe only once in a while (lived overseas. so I wasn´t able to go there very often), I always loved it in there. As far as I can remember we used to go to Greg´s before the Probe. I never had been there on a Sunday morning.

Chris Jerger |

Oh My God. I just discovered this page. Thank you, all - you have reminded me of some WONDERFUL music that I had forgotten about - and I just found a couple on iTunes store. I actually have a playlist on my iTunes called "836 N. Highland".

I used to be at Probe EVERY Saturday night between 1988 and 1993. I agree - it was (mostly) a wonderful and memorable time. I never made it to Greg's Blue Dot, but did go to Jobsite once or twice and I laughed when someone mentioned the house in Northridge - LORD - HA HA. I used to hang with Todd C., Art, Nick, Michelle, Michael - I don't remember last names.

I had the "20th Anniversary" CD and banged it up, too after a few years. Don't know where to get another one.

Yes - ONJ "Rumors" was a HUGE favorite of mine. Remember the Probe Anthem - The Visitors? LOL. And I can say the I discovered Kylie Minogue at Probe - "What do I Have To Do" made me jump up and dance every time.

Thanks, everyone!

Robert from San Diego |

Hey everyone. Hangout at the Probe from 1988 to 1992. Afterwards around Sunday noon time go to the Jobsite and after that Some party house in Northridge and then Rage and then back to SD for me to go to school monday morning. Hanged out with Anna Cascio, Lomax, Dominic, Michael Sigmund, George Langoria and Brock, Sean Fitzpatrick and all the others that I forgot. Have lots of pics from those days. Email me and I will send them.

Michael Donnici |

Kevin Dinsmore - aka - HoosierDaddy - where the heck are you? Mail me! mdinkcmo@yahoo.com

Would LOVE to hear from you! I live in KC Missouri now - SO DOES NURSE NORMAN!

David Watt |

So glad I found this page. I was a regular from '84-'85. Every Saturday after the other clubs we'd do Probe and then Greg's Blue Dot. Such fun. We were young and pretty back in those days. I sure met some amazing looking men (not so much anymore...). Thanks for the memory.

john shivers |

i was a probe regular when the club ended.... regular starting in 1997, it was the venue of some of the best friendships & most fun experiences of my life. Although I have separated from alot of those old friends, I still smile when I hear the songs from back then. Still love to pull out my 20-year anniversary CD and listen sometimes. I totally love hearing from other guys who's lives were touched by this incredible weho institution.

Sergio Garcia |

Wow! A website with information on The Probe. Olivia Newton John's "The Rumour" is still one of my favorites. Yes, there was no place like it. So many friendships, too many drugs, the earthquake (does anyone remember that?), the New Year's parties, "The Visitors," etc., etc. Tom Johnson, the best deejay ever. I am older but haven't finished "Movin' On" (Bananarama) from those years. The sad thing is that you hear from the younger generation and they just don't have things like The Probe anymore. Man, we had fun and, really, there was never a bad moment. How many times can I remember being the first person in line when they started serving drinks at 6 a.m.? And I remember the first time I ever walked in there...1989...Tom was playing Viola Will's "Stormy Weather." And how about Belinda Carlisle, "Summer Rain"? If anyone reads this and wants to hit me up, please do so. I was the Cuban dancing fool. Me and Eduardo, my partner in crime. And, of course, Richard Johnson, who I will never forget. Long live 836 Highland.

Richie Lindemann |

Wow, It is Great to hear that Bob Byrns is still around, When the odyssey1 would close, Steven Smith who was both a DJ at Probe and Odyssey and I, ( i was his Light man at the OD. would ened up at Probe, and sometimes after a stop at David's Pierce's home.


As of August 2008, the former Probe building is now the new showroom for Blackman/Cruz.

Chris Brooks |

With the widest of eyes, I recall (with the help of Bob Byrnes) Bev planning the biggest, most spectacular New Years eve lighting ever. By mounting the large mirror ball on a track in one corner of the room and at the stroke of midnight he could move that big puppy into a cluster of smaller mirror balls in the center of the room.

However, as midnight approached, and he started moving it, it got stuck on something in the middle. As he yanked on the cord to get unstuck, the huge ball started swinging so much that the crowd on the floor "parted like the red sea".

Still looking to contact with Jude E. and Toni, who were ever present on the floor with their tamborines :D

Louis De Marco |

I just happened to be thinking about the great times had at Probe tonight & thought I'd google it see what came up...& came across this site. I was one of the "hosts", if you will, along with a good friend back then, Cameron from around 92-94.
We always made sure everyone was having an amazing time! It was always one big extended family for me. From greeting Steve Endo & Ralph at the front door to spending time talking with Eddie Garretti during the night to hanging with Michael Duretto in the booth.
Everybody all watched out for one another, which led to one of the most amazing times you could have inside a club atmosphere. I wish it was still like that & Probe was still around. There is & never will be another club like that!!! I'll forever miss those Saturday nights & all the friends made during those years.

rich (white mohawk) |

I was there during the Seamus, Leon, Graham, Pam, Armando years...(1987-90)..danced for hours to 'A Little Respect' 'The Promise' 'Electric Dreams' 'Love in The Shadows (Thief of Hearts)' 'It Would take a Strong Man' 'You Came' 'The Remour'...I felt magic on the dance floor (Confessions??)where scandal and mystery were not only pretty common but expected...throw a little of Greg's Blue Dot (with sunglasses distributed LOL) and Coral Sands (something out of a cult 'Federico Felini' movie) into the mix! I had a fantastic NY Eve 88/89 at The Probe!! Oh what a life!!!

HoosierDaddy |

Mr. Donnici! I am amazed to run into you by chance after all these years. Do you know I still have the picture of the two of us back to back, arms folded across our chest, slightly blitzed on the jello shots we did in the Valley before heading to Probe later that night? Good to know you're still around. -Kevin Densmore (Nurse Norman's roommate in the Kings Road penthouse)

ramp |

Wow! Bring on those memories, 25 years-plus, and we're here to talk about it. Live in AZ now, but my heart will always be in WeHo.

Chris Brooks |

Well, hello Mr. Eckhardt...

Probe was such a blast - I would bounce (literally LOL) back and forth from Probe to the Jobsite in the valley in the early 90s. I remember Gary, Tom Johnson, Bev on lights. I remember at one time most of the lighting consisted of a huge mirror ball and a follow spot.

And walking down that hallway at 9 am was like "going into the light" - where was my sungalsses?


Johnny Eckhardt |

It's nice to see other suvivors the area. I was the DJ at Greg's Blue Dot on those Sunday mornings (1980- 1984). When I think back to the hours I was pulling then...Friday nites, Saturday morning...when we were doing Sat morns as well as Sunday....very often Saturday night then always on Sunday morning....into the afternoon.....then Sunday night at Studio One...back at Greg's on Tuesday nite...Wed was supposed to be my day off but I had to go in to do the sound for the live entertainment during their "Rock & Roll revival night"....Thursday nights. I was pretty much there 7 days a week for one reason or another. I couldn't imagine trying to work the hours I did now. I wouldn't trade those days for the world though. they were some of the best days (& nights) of my life. I'll never forget the first time I played at Probe. I got all set up and ready....it was about 3 minutes before opening time....and damned if i didn't snag the cord on my headphones and ripped the wires right out of them. Can we say "panic"? Lucky for me, I only lived 1 1/2 blocks away at the time and was able to send a friend to my place to grab another pair.

Michael Donnici |

Hi there,

I lived in L.A./West Hollywood/Silverlake '83-94; went to the Probe Sat/Sun's...it was one BIG night pretty much, well, I went ALOT for 3 or 4 years. Spent a year on the PAC - Probe Activities Committee, helping set up for the parties, including the first Poseidon Adventure New Years Party - hard work, a helluva lot of debauchery and fun. Wouldn't trade those memories for the world.

Greg's was the Sunday after Probe bar, a place to commune with other 'all nighters' - those that survived that era certainly saw alot. Glad to have been there, LOVED the PROBE, the music, it was a blast.

SouthBayRick |

I didn't know they had a CD. If you find out where to get one let me know too. Do you remember the track listing? I just came across of photo of Robert Braucci who was a disc jockey at The Probe and Greg's Blue Dot. Do you remember him?

chrisstuve |

I am looking for the Probe's 20th Anniversary CD. Mine was damaged in a move and I haven't been able to locate another.

Thank you,

Chris Stuve


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