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1194 Commonwealt Ave, Boston, MA


One of the best clubs ever. This club started as Zelda's and then Future and then Cache. DJ'S were Joey Carvello (now record producer with Atlantic) and The famous Eddie K. Sunday nights were the best. The club was a tiny venue and on Sunday nights they crammed at least 1,000 people (thank god there was never a fire).

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Paula Mae K |

I was a cocktail waitress and bartender in Cache. Eddie K is still a DJ. He is one of Boston's Best. Our club was never raciest. We were, however, a small club, and use to get packed. That is probably the reason why some people could not get in at times. There was a certain dress code too. The club was a classy place. I enjoyed working there. We had a diversity of clients. I miss that club. Great memories there.

salma |

Cache represents in my view, the final segment of traditional disco in Boston. I started going there around 1981. The club was right off the Trolley and located roughly between Boston College and Boston University. This location was ideal.
My experience with the club is somewhat bitter sweet in retrospect. Bitter because it was seemingly racist in it's admission. Being a Black man, I got in with white girlfriends at the time. I did go solo quite often though but I think I got in because the bouncers knew me. I rationalized their admission at the time as an attempt to maintain some sort of ethnic balance.
It was sweet because it was thee place for pick-ups and one night stands : ) I enjoyed that a lot.
The music was primarily the popular disco of the day. Rick James' Superfreak was frequently played. They also played a little funk and new wave. It wasn't the place to hear the underground stuff. The dj mixing was satisfactory. I don't recall the dj getting adventurous in his mixing but it wasn't bad though. The best nights were Friday and Sunday to me. Sunday for one-nighters and Friday was the night to dance your a** off.
I remember going there for a few years and stopped after it seemed the music was primarily rock pop.


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