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Honka Monka

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Queens Boulevard between 40th and 41st Streets, Sunnyside, New York


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Photo below by The Paul
Description: This is the original drawings for the outside sign before it was produced.
Outdoor mockup of Honka Monka sign.

Photos below sent in by Hollywood
Description: Marie Sgandurra (grey sweater) belts out a standard, with her backup singers Gail & JoAnn.

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Added by yhtak nileva


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maggie |

The Honka Monka -oh yes! The days when a baptism certificate would get you in the door. My friend worked in a rectory and we all had forged certificates to make us of age. Love the music and the groove.

Geno |

Happy birthday....

Hollywood |

May 30, 2014 marks the 67th birthday of the Gracxe Slick clone, Marie J Sgandurra.
Happy bithday Marie, keep that voice belting out great music!

Geno |

Ahhhh yes , Lowery St. The bakey was the greatest.The Lowery liquor store what a store they had everything .LoL ,I went to Aviation H.S ......

Taffy B. |

The turning point of my life occurred at Sunnyside, Queens, was l8 yrs. old
move into the Side from Port Jefferson, NY, take it from there was a girl on
her own rules and the Honka was the place! Lived on 33rd street ...steps from
aviation school in 1965. from there went onto Astoria! How about the Lowry Bakery, Lowry bar!!

Hollywood |

What yrs did the club operate?

Hollywood |

Back in the day one of the most dance-able happening disco clubs in the NYC area was the Hunka Monka club in Sunnyside Queens, this was no small feat as NYC proper had what many consider the greatest clubs in the world. Many were loyal habituates of the club, and the bouncers would great many by there first names!
Two in particular were known as the Sicilian "twosome", brother/sister Tommy and Marie Sgandurra well known around the Burnet Street section of Brooklyn's Marine Park. Tom and Marie were the Derek & Julianne Hough of their time. Those were great times, and the memories will live for an eternity.

Hector Saroza |

Has no one mentioned the ST4, their regular band that had an awesome sound and replicated every tune to sound like the original artist especially "Three Dog Nkght"...

the paul |

My Father was the owner of the club.. I found pics of the sign he had made for the outside of the club..

limomangus |

Johnny Mastro and the Brooklyn Bridge played there too.The Illusion played there all the time.My mom worked there back in the late 60`s.

Flynn |

Saw Ike & Tina Turner @ The Honka Monka also The Fabulous Illusion
Before it was the Honka Monka it was The Inwood East !


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