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Corner of 4th and Wabasha, Saint Paul, Minnesota


The Oz was the Studio 54 of the Twin Cities. Oz featured a lighted dance floor (with gold railings around it), separate soundproof room with couches and a piano for intimate trysts. The seating area around the multiple dance floor sections had coffee tables that were actually aquariums with fish swimming inside! The sign outside was on a big awning that said simply, "Oz... A Discotheque."

Along with Scotties on 7th in Minneapolis (and the larger more downscale Uncle Sam's--which became 1st Avenue as seen in "Purple Rain"), The Oz was the premier disco in Minnesota (the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul). Ladies night on Mondays was definitely prime prowling time--the best of its kind ever!

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Chantell |

I remember going to The Library in Saint Paul. My girlfriends and I used to have a lot of fun there. It was either there or After The Gold Rush. :) The Library always had a creepy eery feeling to it though, but awesome music because of course, it was the 80's.

Daniel Old School |

Its crazy because I was in Minnesota last summer and I walked by what use to be the Oz and did not even notice until I hit the corner. I had to retrace my steps to find the old enterence. some good memories but mostly not so good. Its Ok to club if its just a once a week thing and your in your early 20's but so many of my "friends" made it their lives. Now almost 30 years later the majority have no education, dead end jobs, multiple kids by different people and alcohol problems. I worry about the young people today because times are just so much faster.

Rediscovering the Oz |

Looking for pictures of the OZ, interior or exterior. I'm working with the owners of the building on a development project and would love to know more about what was once in the lower level where the Oz was. Pictures or any other information would be great!

cheri doerfler |

My grandpa lives in AZ now. I am going there monday so ill have to ask him when i visit. Hope I can remember. my dad told me so many stories of the OZ

brent |

Cheri: do you have any old pix or stuff from the oz? Would be fun to own pieces of the past!

cheri doerfler |

My grandpa owed oz night club.

Daniel |

I was a little younger and would go on Sunday which was teen night with no alcohol but I think some of the kids did there drinking in the car before they went in.

Brent Baker |

Lol...remember winning a Saturday night fever contest....polyester bell bottoms and a red satin shirt opened to show off non exsistent chest hair...bit hey..it was a hundred bucks...which almost got two bottles of champagne to impress the ladies!

laura hartylap |

I remember

Daniel |

Hard to believe that its been over 25 years when I use to kick it there over the summer. I have a photo of the club outside with The OZ sign but that is it. I walked by the place a few years ago when I was in town and it is so unassuming. I walked right past it before I recognized it was the enterence to The Oz.

Kitty |

I wish I had photos from those days! They are pretty vivid in my head, I danced there a lot & think of ot often.

Daniel O School |

Doug-We all have our days. I remember around that time sleeping with 2 women on the same day. I really thought that was something and that those times would always last.

Doug Johnson |

I remember the disco scene at the Oz before I was caught dating 3 women at the same time. I even lied to my friends about where I worked. Crazy days indeed.

Daniel Old School |

B. Baker - The Library was when I really thought I was "The Man". Never had as much "success" with the women then the summers of 1986-1988. But the common denominators in relationships and friendships is what makes or breaks them. I am finding myself still drawn to the music of our generation because of so many memories of a more simple time. I keep my ear to the music of today as a way to relate to young people but so much is based on the shallowness of materialsim.

b.baker |

Daniel- I dj'd at the library about the time you were there- I agree that many found nothing but failed relationships and alcohol or drug addictions thru the clubs....I just loved/still love the music of the late seventies and 80s...now at the age of 50 even enjoy some of the new music....tho not the rap!

Daniel Old School |

This was the first club I ever went to (1985 Teen Night) and later The Library in St. Paul. I remember thinking how unfriendly people were but after I graduated I was drawn to these environments as a way to meet women......27 years later, shallow friendships, a dozen of disfunctional relationships and an alcohol problem, I tell my students (I am a high school teacher) to be very careful of the environments and people you hang with. Nothing of substance can come from hanging at the clubs.

B. Baker |

The Oz was a guiding force that was to propel me into being a DJ for the next 20 years! Loved the music-the fashions...THE LADIES! hope someone will have pictures to share of their experiences at the OZ!


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