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Homer's Odyssey

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Academy Boulevard., Colorado Springs, Colorado


Homer's Odyssey was a warehouse/nightclub/discotheque in the mid-late 1970s and early '80s. Alan was the club owner. This was an 18 and over club where they served 3.2 beer. There were always hot guys and girls here and it was THE club to be at in the Disco Days!

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Jamie |

Wow! Blast from the past- I worked there starting when I was a senior at Mitchell for 2 years. I still remember the burgundy and silver leotard with black skirt, fishnets, bow tie and cuffs. I loved working there, you could never hear the orders because the music was so loud, and I always left smelling like sour beer and cigarettes, feet killing me, but it was great money for a teenager!! Great times!

TA Doug |

I was just talking about the place with friends, and I would love it if someone could post a business card or something with the Homer Logo on it, I always thought that was the coolest character.
Man. Saturday Night Fever days/nights. The clothes, the sounds, ah, the good old days...

John |

Lighted dance floor Red Yellow Blue Squares Pitchers of Beer. Beer drinking contest through straw (I won once)
Foos ball tables in back 1976 to 1978 was 18 year old Army Track vehicle mechanic Combat Support Company

Darrell |

Man what a club I was a floor walker there in 85 and 86 I worked with a guy named Bj,Greg,Jeff, we would close at like 1am and reopen for a after hours club Hell of a time. Allen ran the club and was seeing a lady named Linda he always said if he caught us dating any of the girls that worked there he would fire, guess he did not know everything great times. We wore those tacky a** silver jackets.

jc |

I was at homers on opening night and practically lived there for the next 5 years , it was great place great people and great fun, I saw one fight there the entire time, guess I was too bush chasing girls LOL. Its sad there are no pics on google

Jerry |

Lori, wow another Homers Odessy story!! When did you work there??

Lori Smith( Oliver) |

Hello Jerry , long time ,I also worked there as Head Cashier. Locked in the ticket booth for hours @ a time,lol. That was a fun crazy place , and there was something new every night . I do miss working there and the staff.

Jerry |

I worked at Homers Odessey in 1976 as a floor walker. Lots of army servicemen and hot babes. Lots of fights also. Club had great soundsystem and guys would crawl into the speakers and pass out. Great place to be in that age of disco. Lots of drug activity and busted deals in bathroom everynight. MP's from Fort Carson and Spring's police were called everynite. GOOD TIMES !!!!

navelbone |

I can't give an accurate recounting of the place at this time; it may take a little hypnosis therapy to dredge the memories. I was a young army guy, just under 21 (circa '76 to '78) stationed at Ft. Carson working on the airfield back when the 4th Infantry was still in town. Back then 3.2 beer was available in the barracks, but the chicks were all downtown, so...
I wish I had some pictures for you, but I rarely traveled with my 35mm - especially when trolling for females (didn't want to give any wrong impressions).
Never had much interest in Disco (I was more Rock & Roll and R&B ... still am), but the place was hypnotic.
I remember the "Homer" character used in the club graphic; a kind of baldish alien looking fellow with bulging eyes depicted with an oscilloscopic rendering of music waves passing through his head (in one ear and out the other). Is it a coincidence that later on this type of character would reappear with the name Homer Simpson?
I will keep an eye on this site in hopes that someone else can add some data to jog my memory.
Thank you for starting this page.


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