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Rush St., Chicago, IL


Faces was a private club on Rush Street.

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Added by Debra Saviano


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Jim |

My wife and I met at Faces on a magical evening 33 1/3 years ago this month. We are so sad it is not here so we can recreate the moment.

Yes, there were many stars that visited giving it a special image, but to us the best part was the dancing. We love to dance and we love to watch other great dancers - there we so many.

The staff was also awesome! Bill the DJ was great; Ahmad, the host was very memorable; and Bear, the bouncer was the perfect image of a broken nose ex-football lineman that kept things in line. Waitresses were great but I forget their names.

We were at Studio 54 and others in New York but they weren't comparable. Faces was the real deal..

There is nothing comparable in Chicago today. Syn and Jilly's and PS Chicago tried but didn't make it. We think it is ironic that the closest we have seen to disco glory days is on a ship. And in fact most ships try to come close. But Faces is still the top dog. It isn't close...

Diane |

I loved Faces. My friends all went there. Yes a lot of famous people came in because they could just have a good time. Frank Sinatra and his wife walked right in front of us one night. He sat at a booth with friends and just enjoyed the music. Those were great times.

Kathe |

I worked as a cocktail waitress at faces back when Ahmed was the main man. I had a blast working there and when I wasn't working there I would hang out there...great memories!

Pete J. |

If you go to youtube and do a combination search of Barry Manilow and Soundstage, you should be able to find a channel 11 special with the first 5 minutes filmed at Faces. Faces was cool, it was the hottest spot to be in Chicago 35 years ago, but too snooty for me. I preferred BBC's more.

Carol |

Darla and I lived in the same Apt. Bldg on Dearborn St and I think we spent more time at Faces than at home. It was the place to be back then. We met so many celebrities and made friends with people from all over the world. We went to all the clubs in the Rush St. area but I think Faces was my favorite .

Bri Fallon |

My Father was one of the men who did the designing for the dance floor area and the sound system and small rooms around like bar and game room. Bands like Chicago, The American Breed, players from the Chicago Blackhawks, Ceasar Romero, d*** Butkus, Barry Manilow, Rod Stewart! Like others I can find any pictures of Faces nightclub I would love to see my fathers work not sure if it was 1974,1975!

Darla Dye |

Yes, I remember FACES well. The best, the very best of times. I met so many celebrities there and danced the night away!! I miss those days of the 70's and 80's. There was so much class there, everyone dressed with elegance and glamor and we danced till 4am. I lived on Dearborn st. and could walk there. Alfies, Jays, Arnies, and yes Sweetwater was great, but FACES, you never knew who you were going to see there or be with!! Those were the days my friends, I wished they'd never ended!!

Mike Harden |

My wife was a longtime card holder at FACES and every time I visited her that is where we went, This was before we were married of course. I am trying to put together an album of pics and info on FACES for her birthday this year 2013, You might even have known her. Any information would sure help me. Please e-mail me at silkchute@aol.com thanks for any help you can provide.

Jackie |

Be still my heart. A page for Faces? Lived on Goethe and Dearborn in the 70's and nothing could compare to the fun at Faces, Sweetwater, BBC, Jays and Arnies. Miss those days!


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