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Carlos and Charlie's

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8240 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California


Carlos 'n Charlie's was a Mexican restaurant and disco in the early 1980s.

Photos below from Alberto Muñoz-Diaz.
Description: Carlos 'n Charlies staff photos.
Carlos and Charlie's
Carlos and Charlie's

Photo below from Christian Nitz.
Description: This is an exterior photo (from 1986) in front of "Carlos 'n Charlie's" (Sunset Blvd.).Carlos and Charlie's

Photo below from Linda Guillemette (Frenchy).
Halloween group photo under the awning.
Halloween at Carlos and Charlie's

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Christian Nitz |

Hi from Berlin,Germany

I will add/upload a photo to this site in some minutes.
I took this exterior-photo in October 1986 when I celebrated my 22. birthday at
"Carlos 'n Charlie's" (8240 Sunset Blvd.). Sad to hear that is gone...

sergio perez |

gracias a todos los que conoci por formar parte de mi historia

Tommy Borsdorf |

I started there when it opened in 76, worked 3 years then went to Tiburon to open Carlos O'Brien s. Joan Rivers sister didn't work there, it was her doppelganger, Bernice Altshulz and her husband. That had to be one of the funnest times in my life.

susan hoffmann |

i used to work in the disco upstairs where Joan Rivers did her shows in the 80s she was Awesome! her sister owned it and EVERYONE used to come in all the time. Joan liked me so much she would tell me to stop working and dance with her friends! i also used to work the first rows of her comedy show so she could crack jokes to me while i was working , it was sooooo fun. if anyone else worked there when i did email me! it was a great place i miss it! i hope Joan and Melissa remember me i love Joan!! she was always the best and hilarious and super nice!

Shree |

Partied there in the 80's...several nights...always in VIP as a guest of legedary Cleveland Brown Jim Brown ..I believe Joan Rivers sister owned it but I could be wrong...danced the night away one night with Superfly legend Ron O'Neal...those were the days...

Jenni Sisk |

Yep, I remember it well. I used to be the cigarette girl at El Privado.

George |

I am working on a story of the old Carlos N Charlies.. anyone have pictures of the place or comments.. very interested! Thanks ggeary@aol.com

J. Lynn McCall |

I was a bartender and Carlos n Charlies and up stairs disco- el provado in the late 70's early 80's. I remember 'frechy and Sergio and others

Linda (frenchy) Guillemette |

I started to work at the El Privado in 1979 for almost 4 yrs then left and came back in 1986 and worked there at Carlos & Charlies for another 8 yrs! Such a wonderfull time! Miss all my co-workers and friends!!!

Victoria |

In addition to my last comment, I also worked at a restaurant in the eighties, now closed called Little Joe's Italian restaurant. It was on Broadway. We had a BLAST going out to Carlos and Charlie's for drinks and comedy. One of the girls who also worked at Little Joe's, (Monica was her name) was married to the guy that owned the parking lot at Little Joe's and also the lot across the street from Carlos & Charlie's too! This made it super easy for us to take over the whole town. LOL. He had a few parking lots around LA at that time. We drank gin gimlets and danced and danced and danced. GREAT times! :D

sergio perez |

I used to work in the earlies 80.i had a grat time.my best things to anyone that i met there.

Vanessa |

Does anyone have the recipe for Azteca Steak from the restaurant?

ismael jr |

My father Ismael was chef there for many years at. Carlos and Charlie's...I loved going there...great memories. Hanged out with the waiters. Cooks.

Victoria |

I went there in the eighties.. saw comedy in the vip upstairs area.. I think Joan Rivers' sister was the manager or owner? At that time they looked very much alike.. almost like twins! It was so fun rubbing elbows with Hollywood's elite. Great disco and fun fun fun... miss those days! :(

MR B |

Many many great times were had there - After closing you could go the Larry Parkers .....
Good Old Days...

verona baker |

Really miss Carlos & Charlies..spend some Monday nights there in the late 80's Shalimar Eddie Murphy & Orsena Hall shared tables with my friends I I among other stars We dance all night long!! Valet parking very classy spot! Its a shame they closed it up!! Went looking for it 2 yrs agoa and all gone!! Had some great times ther...!

Steven Gallanter |

The video for Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing' was filmed at Carlos n Charlies.

jay |

No disrespect intended to the new jacks.... but these were the best of times. Carlos N Charlies, the Candy Store, Osko's, the Speak Easy and then Red Onions,Bobby McGees, Stringfellers, on and on.... I miss the days

Anna C Urias |



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