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Peachtree St., Atlanta, Georgia, USA


backstreetsBackstreet Atlanta was the definitive club for Atlanta for 29 years. It was three levels consisting of the best dance music ever, entertaining shows, and a huge game room. In the 1980s it became a 24-hour club with the motto "Always open and always pouring." It closed and the building was destroyed to make high-rise condos. So many fond memories...


Photos below of Backstreets member pass submitted by Andy Stickle
Backstreets Backstreets

Photo of Backstreet Atlanta crowd on the dance floor submitted by Jonn Barber
Backstreet Atlanta disco

Photo below from Jessica Echeverri
Description: Backstreets, Manpower night.

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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lisa brooks |

Im making a documentary about Backstreet and need to interview some of you if you want it will be in the film...Plz contact me lbrooks770@gmail.com my page on FB is called Backstreet the Documentary I will add you by your email so respond under wanting to join..THXX Lisa Brooks 9546435905

Will |

I worked at Backstreet Atlanta in the ninetys height 96-98 as a barback former dancer at the Metro. Would hang out at Vikis Apt. At that time Backstreet was going Strong.

John O'Quinn |

Anyone remember Tommy? He worked the fishbowl bar in the early '80’s. Great guy. In my late teens and early 20's, I virtually LIVED at Backstreet every weekend. Loved it. MISS IT!

lisa brooks |

Chip and others interested in Backstreet Im making a docmentary abou it now..the brothers names were Joe and John Fernandez and the decorater who froze to death caping was named Joe I cant remember his last name if anyone does plz email me I need info on the opening events that led up to Bckstreet becoming the notorious place it was for 30 years...lbrooks770@gmail.com..Stephen Kontoes you say you are well versed in all the early emplyees plz contact me K>>>>Lisa Brooks

Chip |

Does anyone remember the names of the two brothers who (I think) along with Mendel Rom ran Backstreet in its early days? I think one of the brothers was Joe...the other brother died in a hiking accident in Colorado if I recall correctly. I just can't remember their names.

david j nastasi |

Angelo Solar was probably one of the best club Dj's of all time!The Atlanta dj community was so close in the 70's.Jim Burgess,Robbie"T"the mad hatter,Rikki Meriweather,Tony'"Crickett Farris,Chris Collins,and I, Disco Dave Nastasi all have fond memories of those times in Atlanta.The city then rivaled any city in the USA when it came to clubs,and music! We will always remember those times,and memories...

Lisa brooks |

Steven n ric this is less brooks producer of backstreet the documentary plz call me my #is 954 643 5905 Stephen I want u n the film plz contact me ric thx for the pics u sent...

Ric Wilson |

Hi Stephen -
Thanks for your response to my posting.
Please contact me at ricwilson_2000@yahoo.com
I would like discuss Backstreet with you!
- Ric

stephen kontoes |

Ric reliefe light man at backstreet. You and i have to know each other . I worked for john sills
and we installed a lot of the new lighting with tom billingham . I worked at numbers as a light man
with ricky meriwether ,and joe masina he took the dj position when angelo died in 1983.If you are
the same ric i used to have a huge crush on you.. To whom this may concern i am ready to sit
down to dicuss my memorys of backstreet.

ric wilson |

Hi All - I'm Ric and was relief lighting tech at Backstreet-Atlanta from 1978-1982 and worked there with Tom Billingham, Angelo, Solar, Joe, Mark. Keith was manger there and Todd worked the door - then later owners Carmine Vera, and his son and daughter - (Henry and Vikki) managed the clubAlso worked with Limelight and Sensations doing lighting.

Lisa Brooks |

Stephen Ive tried to get ahold of w no luck your input is very important I neeed to interview you plz cantact me...I need the stories of backstreets early days reaaly bad so plz contact me ok...you will be in the movie of course

lisa |

Stephen plz call me as soon as you can ok id like to chat with you about the movie..954 279 3707

lisa |

Im in Atlanta until Oct 15th filmimg for the documentary and I am a professional filmmaker and have 30 years of footage of Backstrrets years of glory days. but I need history from peeps like you who know the truth about what happened when it opened I will interview you on camera and you can tell me everything ok Lisa Call me you have my contact info ok Thx LISA

stephen |

I will call before the weekend is up. Im going to bed im very tired.
Please tell me a little about u please . Are u in atlanta.

lisa |

stephen Ive given you my contact info so plz call me now Im up you can be in the film lets schedule an interview ok

stephen |

I want to be in the film

lisa |

Stephen thx for your message I am making a film about Backstreet and really need your input ok plz call me 954 279 3707 lbrooks770@gmail.com

stephen |

Peaches passed about nine months ago in savannah ga. I knew him since i was a teenager
i worked at the gallus on cyprus as a dishwasher. i was only 16 and used to sneak in
backstreet on peaches nights off because he would throw me out for being under age.
I later on became very good friends with him and henry.

lisa brooks |

I am making a documentary about Backstreet and Stephen I would love to interview you. as I am looking for all I can about Backstreet your input would be invaluable .Im interviewing Mell man and the Veras so plz contact me lbrooks770@gmail.com 954 279 3707

michael |

do you guy really do disco

Lance Paragon |

Thanks for your comments, Stephen. Backstreet was a classic! Do you know what happened to Peaches? I remember the fish bowl bar and when they cut the hole in the floor. I loved to watch people dance from the second floor looking down. The mechanical elements going up and down between floors with the neon lights was so hot! Truly a great place!

stephen kontoes |

I can tell you who designed the logo for backstreet. where he is at, and why.
that logo used to hange on the wall that was on the peachtree side. The logo
was taken down after renovations to backstreet and the hole cut threw the floor
from the old fish bowl bar. By the way that is where peaches basically that was
the deal carmine , henry and mendel rom made with peaches after he sold the club
to them. formely peaches back door. I love talking about this place. A lot of it
i cant remember . Imagine that.

stephen kontoes |

I hung out with angelo solar before he passed in 1983. my father william b kontoes
was the original electrician to help open backstreet. Tom billingham, joe messina
mark ferris ( cricket ) dixie peaches henry vera ment a lot to me and still do. I
had the opportunity to do maintenance work at backstreet from 1978 to 1981. I also
performed work for henry and carmine at weekends warehouse (lavista) weekends on (ptree) packets on buford highway (northeast plaza). There are not to many people other than the employees who knew the people i knew and the ups and downs. I could sit with you for hours and talk about this place and others that were around.


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