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Casa Camino Real

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Oak Street, Los Angeles, California




Casa Camino Real started in the early 1980s. It was so much fun it was located between Washington Blvd. and Oak Street in the city of Los Angeles CA. I grew up in that neighborhood so when i heard about it I would even walk to the Club (LOL) I have such good memories from there........If i'm not mistaken it closed ealry '90s.....Teddy boys just to play cesar deniro.....Copa dancers, boys from brazil

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dj nusensation / midnite illussions |

I sure do miss those days and thank you Cesar mr. Dinero and of course his dad. I enjoyed being a teddyboy superstar dj.

Bridgette |

OMG! Great memories here my husband worked as a bouncer here in 89 and he took me here on our first date and all hell broke loose when I saw some good friends from high school and partied till dawn! Good times wish I could find the same music we used to play back in the days! AWSOME MEMORIES!!!

discodean3001@yahoo.com |


atocoto |

Man i was 13 driving on Hollywood Blvd my cousins mini truck Sporty toyz,,,5 yellow pages to see well,,,wine collers...and FAKE id to get in FLORENTINE´S,,,,,

Kandi Simpson |

Those were the days! We danced for hours while in leather! There were 4 of us girls at all times! I got see the Fat Boys, Cover Girls, Trinere, Company B, etc then as the the years past, funk and rap became more predominant within the club. We hung out with Easy E, DR DRE, Warren G. on Friday nights. And at that point we stopped going because the club changed so much and became unsafe. I have fond memories of this place though. We were on fire on the dance floor! :)

art |

GREAT MEMORIES...Midnight Lover...

Roberto (Tu Gentz of Hollywood) |

If anyone still interested in this music safari and wings in Covina has it; QC's in Moneterey Park has it. I am sure there are other places in L.A. that still do this......I wonder if Odyssey remembers me from Florentine Gardens...I still remember Robert Risque', Equus, Men of Heaven, Electra, Tony Morales Ballet, Poison, Frank Del Rio, Robert Hernandez (Circus), Boys of Brazil (the twins), the Freestyle dancers (original dencers: Frank and Robert-brothers), Clifton, Nelson...the list goes on....these days are gone, but not the memories......I still have my 4000 12' vinyls from back in the day in perfect condition.

I will be getting married soon and I need an old school d.j. that plays all of the 1980's/90's, KROQ music, salsa, merengue, cumbias, bachata.....if you know of anyone please send them my way..here s my e-mail address, Thank you

Roberto ("Robert")

Victor H |

Wow! I was sitting at work thinking back at the Casa days and found this...alot of names i remember seeing and hearing. Really miss those days and music (i am now 41years old as of last week lol!)! Let me know if anyone knows of a club or a night/reunion bringing this back at least for one night.
Thanks! victor,haro@ymail.com

Roberto |

I used to go to Ginos II, Circus in Hollywood, Florentine Gardens, Details, both DQ's, Kennedy Hall, Marylins, The Copa on Huntington Road in Lincoln Park, Brandi's, All of the ouse parties with known DJ's and their party crews...been there done that.....I have all of the vinyl still from 1980 to 1994...I used work at Florentine Gardens when it was Pajama Party thrown by the Teddy Boys; Fridays was MOD night...I met the O/G KROQ DJ's as well......these times are gone, but I still have the music and the tables and mixer...it is like riding a bike....once you learn....you never forget and it is always fun I don't care how old you are....by the way I am 46, and a freestyle dancer from Gino's...remember Frank and Robert (Brothers), Zombie, Hector and them.....all of the these guys wore their Giorgio Armani clothing...

The DJ's of today are not DJ's...they do not know how to do a real good mix, double, triple, synchronize...Frank Del Rio knows about this so did most old school DJ's.....you tell a DJ today, they look at you crazy......they have no idea what it was to be a DJ and a dancer back in the 80's and early 90's...for all of you people that were part of this, Bless you and I wish you a propserous and safe 2013.

David |

My dad use to do catering for wedding and quinceneras at the Casa but everytime he had an event there i used to volenteer to go and help lol of course i would never help my and I would sneak in to the different halls and pick up on the girls man thoes times where crazy especially at the Casa !!! Experiance I will never forget ! My fathers name waz Julio Vale I'm sure ur parents knew him !!!!

michael angelo |

the casa is legedary,i had the privilage to dj there a couple of times in the mid 80s and in 92 brought cypress hill and ice t there for the PHUNKY PHEEL ONE big ups to all the ogs who strated it all from cesar dinero,teddy boys prophecy maxwell house jimmy from travel and u cant forget tony g to dj beej all sorts of diffrent party people hav got down here ...memories

sonia caceres |


Christina |

So many great memories at the Casa! I will never forget the 80's all those sexi dancers, clubs, the music, car clubs, cruising the list can go on and on....

Sergio N. |

Those were the days. Re-unite Friday 27th. @ Casa Camino "The Reunion"

Sergio Navarro |

your best bet at this point is to call Carlos R. or Burt directly their phone numbers are on the back side of the posted flyers.

Jose gomez |

love to go would like know where do i get tickets

5150 |

If what you say is true I applaud you for the memories that you setoff for me and many others at the Casa! I long to relive them days everyday and I too have a wife who says that I live in the past. So who gives a F&#!*, that’s one thing you can never take from me. I remember joining the Cop Dancers and soon made a name for myself by dancing with CHAKA (best female dancer ever) and chasing tail with the other boys in places like, The Casa, Honk Kong Cafe, DQ's, Brandies, Alexandria Hotel etc. Thank you sir for creating a place that will forever live in my heart like Casa. I now live in Dallas Texas and due to 3 kids, a wife, 2 cars, 3 dogs....should I keep going? I regret that I will miss the Reunion but much love goes out to all that attend.

Sergio Navarro |

I Started the Casa in the upstairs hall because we didn't expect such a turnout.
It headlined, Myself Odyssey,DannyPoison, Optica, Zodiac,Robert Magnum, and many more.
the rest you became history. I also owned the Copacabana West on soto. Along with Alex F. (Undercover) and Benny N. (Zodiac) That's where the "Copa" dancers originated after the club name Duh.
I hope to see all you Peeps at the reunion July 27th.

JG |

The Casa was the place to be back then! Along with DQ's Down Town, Kam Tongs, Uncle Jams Army, Shamus O'Brien, Troubadour, Club 47, Pico Rivera Sports Arena, Florentine Gardens & the list goes on and on.... My wife always tells me I'm stuck in the 80z and why not? 80z were great! Lets not forget cruising Sundays @ The Lodge, Arroyo Seco, Montecito, The Hole, The Winery, Whittier Blvd then changed to Rosemead Blvd up to Leg Lake..... Then going to school on monday sleeping in class.... waiting to do it all again! I'm going to this event as well as SAGE in uptown!


from the suburbs |

A reunion has been put together and I learned about it on Facebook. Look it up under Casa Camino Real The Reunion on FB. Its set for Friday July 27, 2012. Thought I'd share.

john |

the best place ever, how can I forget about....I lost my virginity in back of the club, sorry I just have to share this with u guys....a place like that never ever again......love it!!!!

Fernando Ramirez |

The best of times! I am now listening to the music today! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGkDv-cz5RU&feature=autoplay&list=PLDABF352249304206&lf=results_main&playnext=7 I live those memories everyday like it was yesterday... Shaking Cats Rocky Billie's. I was one of them dancing disco with my creeper shoes!! Friday nights and Saturday's were the days I was there all the time from San Fernando all the young folks use to drive there every Friday and Saturday! Click on link and let's bring back great memories together!

Hugo |

Thanks for the comments M20. I live them days often in my mind and most recently I have created a catalog of all the jams Djs played back then, and let me tell you HINRG disco had and still has a unique emotional feeling you don't get in music today. Even though we may not have been friends back then... you are a new friend today.

M20 |

Hey Hugo,
Although you and I weren't friends I do remember you and now I remember Chaka. The first time I saw her was at DQ's on Soto and all I can remember is that she nwas amazing, anyway I'm glad there other peopl out there that remeber those beautiful days (for a moment I thought it had all been a wonderful dream).


Hugo |

Here are some names of the Copa Dancers.......maybe missing a few others.
William, Mario, Tony, Oscar, Hugo, Larry, Little Mike, Victor Hugo, Edgar

We were the s***!

Hugo |


That young lady was called CHAKA!

Hugo |

Sorry, last post was for Elean regarding William from copa dancers.

Hugo |

Please have your husband hit me up at hugoramos@tx.rr.com Like to talk to him, we have lots of old memories.

victor |

I allways remember those days were the best i was from casanova and physical attraction.

m20 |

I remember William and watching him and others dance including an African American girl that was amazing. Those days were the best, if you guys have pictures please post them.

Elean |

My husband is william he used to be copa dancer as well

Victor bulnes |

Many dancing floors to choose from, this was the place to be in the 80's wasn't it originally called casa de espana? and I think this building is for sale, someone should buy it and make it into a museum pr a retirement home for old dj's Disco is not dead, iot is back at a different beat

Hugo |

I was a Copa Dancer at the Casa. We ruled back then?


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