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Bayou Landing

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Dallas, Texas


Bayou Landing was the hottest gay club in Dallas in the 1970s, later eclpised by the Old Plantation.

Huge space in a "no man's land" area near downtown.

Photos below from Howard Martin.
Description: Photos 1-3 of the Landing Dallas, TX circa 1971-1972.
Photos 4 onwards of 1974.

Photo below from Daniel McAdams.
Description: This was Kandi Delight performing at Bayou Landing in mid 1970s.
Kandi Delight performing at Bayou Landing

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Mimi Gold |

I am a lesbian who went to the Bayou Landing in 1973-1974. Best bar ever!!!! I had so many fun nights there. I loved the fact that there were many floors and many things to do. Pool tables, restaurant, the quiet bar, and, of course, the disco. Was the beautiful black queen's name Saghi, or something like that? I loved the drag shows. They were the best I've ever seen. EVER!!!

Rose/ Ms Lisa |

Danny, can you send me the pic of Ms Delight? Longoria1019@aol.com

Old Timer |

Remember Terry's Ranch?
It was located at 4117 Maple Street in Dallas, Texas.
Looks like it has been torn down for new construction.
Whatever happened to Terry's Ranch...Any history, pictures...???

Rose |

Would love to chat with my (old Gay Mates )from back in the day.

Rose |

(Feel the need in me) The Detroid Emeralds.... How I, remember the Bayou. That was my first Gay Bar, I, knew a lot of people. I, was 2nd runner in 1974, in the Miss Gay Dallas Pagent. I, later went on to become a "Tranny" and Lover to Henry, the manager of the Old Plantation.
I've since had the Change:) Married for 30 year's and Adopted my Daughter.... Now 22.

I, wish we could get more pi's from those day's.

I, ran with Jimmy Waldrop, Steven Rily , Kandi Delight,

Also, yes I , worked at the Mark Twain, back in my day.... LOL

mike c |

Hey Scott M, did you ever work in Waco? I remember you

Susan Crowe |

My friend Steve was robbed right outside the Bayou Landing (really great part of town we partied in!) and was furious that he had to buy another Club Bath card for $15. Saw a lot of my high school class there around Christmas 1974, just after graduation and came out there.....Halloween was amazing. My friend Marta made us Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes and we felt like cotton candy in a sex shop...one guy had a full beard, bald head, ample chest hair and a pink tutu. Ahh, the 70's.

Mr Duck |

I knew Dennis very well ( as friends ) I lost track when he went to prison. I read where he was a fugitive...then someone write they saw him at the the club in the 90's ....which is true? Is he OK...OR GONE.
DENNIS WAS A GOOD GUY. A NICE PERSON...HE AND MY WIFE WERE GOOD FRIENDS. I HAD NO SEXUAL RELATION. I am straight but liked Dennis a lot...wish I knew how to find him

Ashley |

Howard - By the way - my email address is hula_hut@yahoo.com

Ashley |

Howard - thank you so much for posting the pics - would love to hear from you and to be able to download the photos for my records if you would allow that...this always brings back so many great memories and though I only did shows for about 15 months, I had a ball doing them. If you have more pictures, I would love to see them - as one of the performers, I don't have pictures (which is always the case! - LOL!).

Mike C. from Waco |

I was taken to the Bayou Landing by some friends right out of high school, and started going from Waco to Dallas every weekend after that!!! Does anyone remember a bar named the "Mark Twain" ? 1975 0r '76

Howard |

Hello all who remember the Bayou Landing in Dallas, TX. I have posted pictures of one of the many Sunday Night Drag Shows. Glad I could share these with all of you!! Great Times!!

Howard |

/ To Ashley (Wilma Wallflower) : I remember your show on Sunday nights! I especially remember the song "The Leader of the Pack" (Midler version)! I have pictures from several of the shows. I would like to post them for all to see. What great memories!

Howard |

I was reading all the comments and it was like a stroll down memory lane! I remember the first time I went to the Landing. A high school friend of mine took me there one Sunday night to see the Drag Show. It was like another world, it was Great!!! The shows were spectacular!! I remember the dollar cover charge free beer, hamburgers and hot dogs every Sunday night.

Scott Manning |

I started as the DJ at the Bayou Landing in 1974, hired by Paul Lewis, when it was owned by interests represented by Dennis Sisk, who lived in, and owned the Landing in Dallas. (I lived there when that building on Pearl Street was torn down around 2001 -- I found a piece of the parquet dance floor in the wreckage and still have it.) Frank Caven invited me to stay on after he took over the club on Kipling as The Old Plantation. (For a while, there were OP's in El Paso, Dallas, and Florida, too.) Later he turned it into a straight rock club and I went to The Depository -- both at the old bank building a couple of blocks away, and later at the erstwhile funeral home closer to downtown.

The Wednesday & Sunday shows at the Landing were directed by Jennifer George, and featured Tiffany Jones (famous for her numbers done as a roller skating nun), Carmelita and Ernestine: AKA Randy Zachary -- one of the funniest spontaneous performers I've ever seen. (Jerry Vanover [Remember his "Stand By Your Man"?] was the star of the show in Dallas and came to the Houston club for guest shots.)

One of many unforgettable things about the Bayou Landing? The big hand-drawn sign on the front of the counter at the door, announcing "This Is A Gay Bar!". And going on to make it clear that anyone not comfortable with that who made it past that point would be removed from the club if they did anything inside to upset the regular clientele.

Tom Jones |

I had no idea so many guys (Queens) in the area were so eger to post a note. Seems as tho being GAY is a bit more tolerated today,but in pre '90's, 'there was no way' it was a No No.
Among other Bayou Landing drag nite elite was 'Peaches', as well as Cheree, Naomi Sims,and Abby ,and starring Jerry Vanover,Two whoop's and a holler Funny.Jerry NEVER did a live performance,But an excellent lip sinc FUNNY Character actor. I was in a bar one nite when there was a power failure during Jerry's bit. He picked up the Skirt around his feet and rushed madly off stage. Later I asked him why, His Comment was,'I have never spoken a word on stage and it will remain that way.' Jerry created and made ALL his costumes,which were flawless.
All of the shows I saw were absent of any low quality action or foul language. Very popular Broadway stage shows were reproduced Tastefully,but a little countryfide.

Ashley |

Worked at the BL from October 73 - January 75 doing shows as "Wilma Wallflower". I had some of the best times of my life during that time. Would love to see some pictures from those days...if there is anyone that I knew from that time, I would love to find out what's up in your life. Happily partnered and living in New York state for the last 4 years and lived outside of Seattle for over 12 years after leaving Dallas.

Bill McCarthy |

Just a quick suggestion, Frank's partner in later years was Denis Weir, not Dennis Sisk. Sisk did own the Bayou Club and Landing with Tony Caterine, but I don't think the relationship went beyond the sale of the premises.

Michael L Smith |

And P.S. to Tom Jones, I do remember the Tiki Bar and Chuck Kline, who passed away years ago. Chuck ran that bamboo room with White Russians and Screwdrivers, and his surly, no b.s. attitude. I was 19 when I met him, and, God knows how, he was always there to cool me out. I missed out on the fried chicken, but remember the Sunday free burgers and cheap draft.

Michael L Smith |

In my Bayou Landing days (nights), it was understood that Mr. Frank Caven owned the club. We said hello or gave him a hug when he walked by. Everyone appreciated him for keeping the club alive and thriving, in those original gay disco days. We assumed Frank had an "agreement" with the police. It was rare to see a cop in the club. The late Dennis Sisk, Frank's partner, went on to inherit Frank's business, which included the big disco on the Cedar Springs strip. I forget the club's name in the late '80's and early 90's, but it's the space now occupied by "S4." Dennis may have been involved with Caven's Bayou Landing. Anyway, later I got to know Dennis in the early 90's, he was a friendly guy. He loved his disco, the music and he loved to dance, which we did.

Tim |

Graduated from HS in 1976. Old Plantation opened that summer in an old bowling alley near downtown. Went for several years. Also went to Crews Inn on Fitzhugh for many years. Tuesday nights were big. Strongest drinks in town!

Robert |

WOW. What memories. I write today, April 15, 2012. On this day in 1979, I met my partner at the Landing. We celebrate 33 years today and revisit the Landing in our memories every year. It is tempting to say we met at the DMA. lol.

Tom Jones |

The club was owned by Dennis Sisk. At that time Dallas Gay bars were competitive. Bartender Chuck Kline ran the TIKI Bar. The Island decorations made the Tiki about the best cruise bar in Dallas. On Sunday afternoon The Landing had .10 cent draft beer and home fried chicken dinners for .50 cents. Many kids that had been rejected by society anti gays could depend on a well balanced meal at 'The Landing'. Previous to Being the Bayou Landing it was a Classy Dinner Club named 'Pearl Street Warehouse'.

Michael L Smith |

Hey Danny (and everyone), I was a regular fixture at the Bayou Landing in Dallas, '72 - '75 or so. That was a long time ago, but I had a blast there in those days. I graduated high school in '72 / Carter H.S., Dallas. I had close friends and a boyfriend or two in high school, but when I found "The Landing," I rocked my gay 18-22yo self in a brand new way. The club was big and welcoming. But the best thing about it was the music: Sly Stone, Temptations, Ohio Players, O'Jays (Back Stabbers, For the Love of Money)... Those days were pre-disco, and by '75 we were rocking to David Bowie (Fame), and then Donna Summer and the Bee Gees. But those pre-'75 nights, we put our names on that- we were firsts. I love that time of my life.

Danny |

Would like to chat with anyone who remembers this. Was going to school in Dallas late 1975/76. a lot of memories from then.


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