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Flamingo Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada


Pataglia (?)


Does anyone remember The Brewery? I worked there for a very short time as a DJ in 1978 or 1979. It was prior to the clubs moving into the hotels and the two big Discos were The Brewery and Anka's Jubilation.

The club had a sunken dance floor with booths on each side. I was recuited out of Scottsdale, AZ to work at Epominandas (spelling?) on Maryland Pkwy. I finished my shift at 1:30am and ran over to the Brewery to spin from 2am - 8am. It was a 24 hour club from what I remember. I think the owners were Pataglia? Love to hear from any one in that era that knows about those clubs.

Photo below by Bryon Jaffee
Description: I'm the one one that looks disco, yea with all the hair and gold! With Frankie and Mike Anobile.

Photo below sent in by Desiree
Description: It is uncanny we can post pics here now, because my Father just came across and gave me this picture last night! I am Desiree ~ I was out with my g/f (yes I am bi) and a friend that night, it was New Years Eve, 1980. I was 19 years old. I cannot remember where we were when the picture was taken. I do know that we were on our way to the Brewery after dinner!

Can you believe the make-up, get-up and all that hair? Oh Dear Lord I wonder how much shampoo and conditioner I used back then! I do remember I used those old hot rollers, I don't even know if they had curling irons then! The picture is sooooo embarrassing! And remember those old instamatic photographs the girls would try to sell, going from table to table, making the men feel bad if they said no?:) Even the way they would do the circle scheme around the person, so Las Vegas and so corny. I just wish I had the entire picture showing everyone at the table. My thanks to Bryon Jaffee for posting his group picture with Frankie.

It's so funny, I was at The Brewery almost every night after work and 34 years later I can still remember what Frankie looked like and that picture reminded me what a sweet smile he had and the sweet personality he had to go along with it! We'd always talk when he put a long vinyl on - he always played songs for me as I'd slip him a "fin" (lol) each time he did. Remember the old "shake hands palm the money move"? Only in Vegas. The money I threw around back then was unbelievable!

I am so happy to hear that Frankie has done so well for himself. I cannot think of anyone who deserves it more. He truly is such a Las Vegas success story, one of so few. When you think he went from spinning records to where he is now and all that he has donein between...truly a Vegas trailblazer! Cheers to all that were part of Vegas back in the day. We were really all part of history and it WAS the best time of our lives!

Photo below from Cathy Kudzia.
Description: I have no pictures at The Brewery, but I do have pictures at Tiffany's Disco in the Jockey Club where I worked. The picture is of myself and Ken Uston who I used to date, he lived at the Jockey Club. He was the card counter that was banned from all of the casinos. We used to walk over to the Dunes to listen to Steve Beyer on the piano. Kenny liked to walk around the pit just to piss off the pit boss, ah yes good times! Was sad to hear Ken passed away in 1987 in Paris, gone too soon. And the lady in the green was his mother!

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Desiree~ |

Hi Ritz - It seems we had the same mindset back then when it came to The Brewery and dancing/nightlife in general being very important to us....No matter what! I was 19 then and I remember at one time I had a waitressing job from 7AM-3PM - Those hours were horrible, I was always used to working nights. If it was my weekend to work, I would plan the weekend nights around the Brewery. One - Pack work clothes in car but Dress for Dancing - Two - Arrive at Brewery around 2AM, Peak Party Time - Three - Party but keep it cool and leave around 6:30AM - Four - Change in car lmfao - Lord Knows who saw me! - Five - Arrive at work like I did nothing wrong! The Brewery was that addictive! I cannot believe that you also loved the Elephant Bar - we went there almost every day. I loved that place, so elegant. Do you remember the way they cut the shrubs outside into animals (if I remember correctly). Thank you for your story - it was fun reading and really reminded me of when I used to do the same thing!

ritz |

Yes, I remember dancing my a** off at the Brewery and later at Jubilation. I went to Gorman, and there was group that loved to dance there and I joined that club when I was 16. Then the drinking age was 18 and I could get away with it as long as I packed on the makeup. I remember I had 3 velour dresses that I rotated every week for my dancing outfit, when all the the other gals wore Danskin tops and skirt and Candies with nylons. I was a very sophisticated teen with a NY flair even though I was born and raised in LV. I would drag my 13 year old neighbor out dancing with me. We would take great lengths to gear ourselves for nights of dancing and sweating our makeup off. The night would start at 11:30 where I go off work at the hospital. I would run over to the MGM and buy a snappy leather skirt or some accessory that made me look chic.
The brewery as I remember it was so great and I would just spend the night there and go to school from there around 8am sill in my dancing clothes, looking like a hooker in high school and college. Big nights for picking up guys was the nights conventions were in town and there was plenty to choose from. Ludes were offered, and denied. I remember playing champion level packman with everyone. I never wanted to leave. I remember the middle eastern guys playing backgammon on multiple tables. Its was such a scene and the way the room was laid out in a perfect rectangle where you could circulate all around the dance floor and see if eyes would meet. The dance floor was surrounded by wall of mirrors and booths for those who wanted to dance all night. There I met DJ Frankie D and Hypo Scott. An unfortunate dj name. Some nights later on I danced all night at the
very elegant and NY styled Jubilation. It was so expensive. I remember men tipping 50 bucks just to sit down. Drinks were not cheap, but the live acts that sang their disco hits were something great to be part of. Other nights I hung out at the gay discos with girls just looking to dance like freaks and leave the sex at the door. The Gypsy was the best and there were others around town. It would all start or finish at the Elephant Bar which was the start or finish to the evening. I remember the club at the Jockey Club, but not liking their lingerie nights for entertainment. There was some little tiny great short lived disco near the Circus Circus, but i don't remember the name. I just followed DJ Hypo Scott around town as he had hooked up with my girlfriend. Nights never to be forgotten, nor repeated. It was a once in a lifetime.

Desiree~ |

Hi Gregory,

Caesars was always top notch - and even though I am in recovery (wine was my drug of choice) The Wine Shop sounds amazing!

If I ever make it to Vegas I will definitely hit you up.

It's been very nice talking (((HUG)))


Gregory Woods |


Cool...look forward to it.

I usually stay at Caesars and they've added a nice lobby bar across the lobby from hotel reservation check-in. And there is a really, really nice wine shop in the Venetian where I go and buy great wines and that is my wine supply for the duration of the trip.

So, again, looking forward to the meet and greet...Take Care.

And since we're now all on the same page, I guess I should mention this...I have an import/export company and that is what I do for a living...60% of our business is food and agriculture commodities.

Have a good one...

Desiree~ |

Hey Gregory,

I returned to Vegas in 2003 and could not believe how much it changed and how much it stayed the same. I went to look to see if an apartment I lived in was still there and sure enough, it was. It's too bad the employes were out of the office because I would have loved to see the apartments again. There was even a small staircase in the back I remembered - very bittersweet.

I could not STAND what was done to Freemont St. It was soooo cool driving down Freemont at night and seeing The Freemont Casino, looking like a Palace, at the end of the street.

I have looked up trips to Vegas several times since then but have not been able to make it. Gregory, if I do plan a trip, I will definitely let you know. A drink and reminiscing is in order!


Gregory Woods |

Hey there Desiree and Bryon,

Is there any one of us posting who still lives or left and went back to Vegas...the next time I go we could meet for drinks...
for drinks...

Desiree~ |

"The 80's" are on Nat Geo right now :) 12:17 PM EST

Desiree~ |

Greetings Gregory,

I agree that it seems everyone posting here has fond memories of that time in our lives. The era, being in Las Vegas, the way Las Vegas was back then (SO different now)! And I would be afraid to tell anyone stories of that time of my life. Nothing too bad, just kind of wild....I was only 19!

I, like you, am glad that I found this forum too ~ it'sice to hear stories of others who experienced the same things we did.


Gregory Woods |

Bryon...now that is a funny story...what I like the most, I think, about this site is that everyone has great, great memories and stories of the good-ol-days...we should all get together one weekend and relive those days...would be an interesting weekend, to say the least.

Bryon Jaffee |

I Remember when the Jubilation was closed on Sundays,,,,,Drew Varga was managing at that time. We were friends, He his GF {Janet Sobel} Me and mine wanted a place to go after dinner at his house. He suggested lets go to our own club,,,yep The Jubilation ,,he opened it for the 4 of us and what a time we had ,,open bar,,Music and while we were there the back door opened and it was the cook who was moonlighting making food for some private party outside of the club,,,,,,Needless to say we ate good, got polluted,,,,in fact Drew couldn't put the key in the lock at the end of the evening!!!!! Just one of the many stories.

Gregory Woods |

Hello Desiree,

You're welcome...Thank You.

I can only imagine what a great book or movie could be written or made if we all got together and told the true and most memorable stories from those days...if our children only knew what we were like back then...if they only knew how easy and fun life was back then.

Anyway, Desiree, nice to meet you and I hope all is well...I'm sure glad I found this site...brings back good and great memories, as we all know...and reading your posts and the posts of others confirms that most all of us had a great time back then!

Desiree~ |

Oh, and I forgot, drink and party!!

Desiree~ |

Hi Gregory,

Thank you so much for your post - it was so interesting! You took the words right out of my mouth! :) Nobody bothered anyone back then, but I think it might have been because of what what the "party preferences" were of the day! That, and like you said, we all got through our work day ASAP so we could go out and gamble, F&*K, or dance! I agree, what a time for a younger person from nowhere! They really were the days!

Gregory Woods |

Bryon, so you were at the fight that night too...cool. One of the best all around nights of my life, except for how the fight ended. I also remember that the newspaper reported the next day that the crowd at the fight represented the 3rd largest city in Nevada, by attendance...those were interesting times. The young kids today just don't know how good life was back then...and you were in the mix with real stars...Ali and Norton...not the phony publicity starts of today...thanks for the update.

Bryon Jaffee |

Gregory the night of The Ali Holmes Fight I was Ali's Wife's Bodyguard courtesy of Ken Norton!!,,,,At that time he was married to Porscha,,,,who was stunning

Gregory Woods |

Does anyone remember the Brewery?...what a question! Of course I do. I moved to Las Vegas in December of 77 and stayed until January of 82...had the time of my life. I was 25 when I arrived and, as all of you who have posted know well, Vegas was a much different town then. Easy to get around, and only a few clubs. The Brewery and Paul Anka's Jubilation were the two I went to most often. Another was a club, whose name I can't remember, that held a wet T-Shirt contest on Tuesday or Wednesday nights...perhaps it was PJ Bottom, can't quite remember the name.

The Brewery, for me was IT...loved the place. As one of the few Black guys who went there regularly, it was a world of fun. I remember the night, early in February of 78 I was standing outside the door of the Brewery, like a Tuesday or Wednesday night, and Leon Spinks arrived in a cab, stumbled out of it (loaded to the max) and went inside. A few days later Spinks won the Heavyweight title from Ali...one of the greatest upsets in sports history. I remember Don King hosted his Don King's Sportsmans Ball at Caesars in, I believe, June of 78...got in for free, but the ticket price was $100...not an insignificant amount of money in those days...what a party that was...stars and women everywhere...bars and food everywhere...what a party! Was the night before the Larry Holmes-Ken Norton fight.

I remember seeing Gregory Peck and his wife walk through Caesars on the night Frank Sinatra hosted a dinner event for Joe Lewis...the first and only time I can say I was star struck...Gregory Peck. Saw The Temptations open for Dianna ross at Caesars one night...it was my buddy Johnny's wife's birthday...great show. Saw Jimmy Chagra
(didn't have a clue who he was at the time) gambling at craps at Caesars one night...dropped $270k while I watched, was with some little guy he called "the governor"...after losing the $270k, he dug into his pocket and pulled out about $5k and left it as a tip. Any of you who don't know who Jimmy Chagra was, look it up on Google and you will see the relevance and to whom it means today.

There were many fights we attended during my stay there, but enough of that for now. The last 2 years in Vegas I drove a cab for Checker Cab and met many good guys there...we were all around the same age and had all moved to Vegas within the last few years. Being a cab driver, especially for Checker, opened up my eyes to what was really going on in the town...and that is when the fun really began.

As you all know well, and we don't need to go into details, but things were different then...you could do whatever you wanted, within reason, and no one bother you...'cause it seemed as if everyone else was doing the same things you were. So, for the sake of argument, let's just say it was wine, women and song...and reading what you all have posted, you know well what I mean.

I remember going to the Brewery one night and met a group of girls from can't remember where...took a liking to one of them and her girlfriends literally insisted she go with me...great night as I recall. I was living then in the apartments located on the Strip, behind the Shell gas station, next to Caesar's parking lot...anyone remember those apartments? Think about it...I was 25 years old, living on the Strip, next to Caesars Palace...how cool do you think I felt at the time...life was good!

I saw Dionne Warrick one night at Jubilation and saw, sorry to mention this, OJ and his then girlfriend Nicole Brown at the club...man, she was a pretty woman, to say the least. Had Nipsey Russell, Flip Wilson, the actor Paul Burke, and Dr. J in my cab over the two years I drove. One of the most fun nights was in December of 80...remember when the showrooms closed down for abut 10 days before Christmas? Wayne Newton then hosted, every year, for all who worked in the industry a free show at the Sands, the last show of the night, a 2am show, free to all of us. Now, you may say, Wayne Newton...well, for those of us who lived there then, Wayne was a great guy and put on a show, his 3rd show that night, for the ages...the number of instruments he played...that night Victor, Bill and I tipped the Matri'd and sat at one of 2 of Wayne's front row table...great night of fun.

The best night of the four years, not including the one's we can't speak of (you know, the stories we could tell) was the night of the Ali-Holmes fight at Caesars in October of 80. Each of you who has posted know that night well...it was the greatest make money night in my 4 years there. I was driving for Checker then, of course...the FAA reported that that day Vegas had the largest number of private planes flying in in there entire city history. The airport was packed...guys standing out front, not in line like they were supposed to in order to get a cab...;standing out front of the airport holding up $100 bills...just to get a ride to Caesars...man, everyone made money that night. I drove from about 4pm until about 7pm...then went to the fight, the only Ali fight I saw in person...my buddy Bill snuck up to front row and was sitting in front of Sinatra...what a great, great night...money and fun. The other big money fight then was the Leonard-Hearns fight...didn't go to that fight, but saw Jack Nicholson, his then girlfriend Angelica Houston and her dad, John Houston as they walked past the pool and into the fight at Caesars.

Just to name of few of the shows I saw while there: Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Redd Foxx, Rick James (at the Aladdin Theatre)...the spot where the most beautiful women on earth were every Saturday night, without question, Caesars Palace...the most beautiful woman I ever saw, well, who can tell...but Susan Anton was something to behold!

Here's what I remember about the Brewery...and yes Desiree, I do remember the Spring Break hot tub spot you mention...went there once...at the Brewery, you never, never, never had any problems...no fights and no one messing around. The doormen were cool, I especially remember a night manager there around 78 who was a really cool guy...don't remember his name, but he was about 5' 8" or so...always treated me well...what I remember most is that we would go there around midnight or so and some nights we'd be leaving and you'd need to put on your sunglasses as you walked outside....and the women...well, everyone went there, whether you worked as a waitress, cocktails, dealer, nurse, "working girl", whatever, everyone went there for one reason and one reason only...dance, dance, dance!

As I remember those days, and I'm 61 years old now, I remember how much fun it was living in Las Vegas at that time...and were it not for the Brewery, I would not have as many good and great memories of days gone by as I do now.

To all of you who worked at the Brewery from 77 through 81, I Thank You! Wine, Women and Song...what more could a 25 year old kid from Berkeley, California ask for...living in Las Vegas, earning a living, and wine, women and song....Thanks for the Memories!

Bryon Jaffee |

Just to let everyone know,,,,,,Mark Rich's Club Hop will be opening May2 at The Riviera Hotel,,,and it will be open Friday and Saturdays!!!,,,,Music will be a little 50's ,60's Motown and Disco,,,Live Band and DJ,,,,Look forward to seeing you there,,,Bryon!!!!!

Desiree~ |

I guess Frankie didn't remember me after all lol

Desiree~ |

Now you have me intrigued Frankie, certainly you could not remember me after all these years....Tell me one thing that you remember :) ((((HUGS)))) You were the best~!

DJ Frankie |

jack webber gave me my start at the Brewery, ill never forget that, then he had me work a teen club he had on the east side of town , i think it was called Vibrations. Jack is a great guy, along with Gary Cosio (RIP) gordon,harold Goz,jimmy e, chuck hauss,,, but it was Mark Rich who gave me my 1st break in this city at jubillation, ,, I remember Desiree ;)

Jackie |

My dad was a DJ there!!! I remember it when I was a kid. Does anyone remember him (Jack Webber)

Desiree~ |

Thank you Cathy !!! It was one of those things where the name was right there but I could not get it! Oh yea, I could tell you stories.....Crazy times! Thanks so much again, Enjoy the Super Bowl!!!!

Cathy |

Desiree, that would be Spring Fever, at Sahara and Boulder Hwy. Never went but certainly heard stories!

Desiree~ |

I don't mean to be a message board hog but there's a name of somewhere that I cannot remember and it's driving me crazy. I've googled and googled and nothing comes up. Back in the late 70's, early 80's, there was an "establishment" that was called "Soak and Poke" (sorry - awful nickname). It was a room you could rent with a jacuzzi/hot tub and a bed built into the wall. We would go there in groups or couples to party and you know what. It wasn't right in town, it was in the outskirts of town. If anyone remembers the "proper" name of this place could you please post it, so I can stop going crazy? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

Dennis Larounis |

First of all the Troubadour was located in the old Lariat Club and an ex sheriff deputy with the stage name of Bobby Douglas played there. He also played at Shiftys on West Sahara across from Wonderworld. Also Randy Rizzo who was shot in front of the Brewery was a linebacker for the Denver Broncos.

Desiree |

Now I am obsessed with finding my old pictures! I know I have them somewhere. We can all have a laugh at the styles back in the day, oh the disco outfits lol. I'll see what I can find. Cheers.

PaulVegas |

Does anyone recall the name of the singer and band and the Jungle Club? circa I can see clearly now and Margartiaville. I used to go in there and listen to music and talk to the women. Loved the place. Good food, Great women. wink!

Legs Luras |

I was miss legs of Nevada. I took the competition at the Brewery. I have pictures of the club jam packed with all the oldies as well as a great picture of Lenny the bar tender doing his thing. How can I post this memorabilia?

Bryon Jaffee |

Mark Rich has two Restaurants,,,Mark Rich's Pizza & Pasta,,,Frankie is still in Vegas doing his thing,,,three months ago he had the No 1 dance two in the country!!!,,Ritchie Scotti,,is back in Ny,,doing comedy and Music!!!,,You can find me on Facebook,,,Bryon Jaffee,,,I'm sure you or would think you would recognize me,,well maybe not,,I've changed alot,,lol,,,

DianaH |

Hey Bryon, I remember Frank. He was the DJ at Jube. And I remember Mark Rich! I just moved back to Vegas two years ago. I'm in touch with Jimmy Katz. Sadly, Dara has cancer. Jimmy told me that Jeannie, Joe D'Maeo's wife, goes and visits her. At that time, he told me it didn't look good. I'd love to know where you are thinking of a night club. Please stay in touch. dhenry192003@yahoo.com 702-749-9211.

Bryon Jaffee |

Diana,,Knew no one who had or to this day has a good word to say about Mike Webber!,,Was just back up to Vegas for a week, and saw Frankie Anobile, and Scotti{Richard} , both won awards for the best dj's in Vegas!,,Of course I was with Mark Rich!,,Hakassan nixed the club at the MGM, but working on another hotel, will keep people tuned in to where it might BE! I knew Dara fairly well, and she wears or wore an a award winning necklace, a star cluster that I have only made ten of! I think Joe De Meo owns a part of The Paradise Club. I always thought Jimmy was a class guy, don't remember anyone saying any thing bad about him.

DianaH |

Oh yes, and Phil who is from Philly, JImmy and I remember you well!

DianaH |

Wow! Love the memories of the best Vegas night clubs ever. So here's some info for you guys. I was one of the first waitresses to be hired at the Jube. My boyfriend was Jimmy Katsenas aka Papa aka Katz. He was transferred from Chicago. His good friend Tony - a sweetheart, was also transferred along with Mike Weber who was the manager - a douche. I would make a lot of money at Jube then my girlfriends and I would go to The Brewery and spend it. Playboy came to town and asked a few of us girls to pose in Playboy. I had a meeting with them but Jimmy Katz was against it. Dara, who was my best friend and roommate dated Tony the bartender. We all hung out together. The girls and I would go to The brewery after work. Jeannie (Tony's girl), Laura, Dara, and I. The "Ant" was a regular customer of mine there as well as PJ Bottoms went I went to work there. So were many celebrities. Thank you Jimmy Katz who got the great stations and taught me how to be a waitress. He and I were together for 3.5 years. The doormen guys at PJ Bottoms, The Brewery and Jube were the best in the business. They knew how to run a door and so did the valet parkers. It's sad Vegas has changed. It was so cool back then. Another Tony, was Tony Calabrassi who owned a restaurant downtown. He hung with the guys of us girls. His good friend was Joe D'Maeo. His restaurant was called Cosmos. if I think of anything more I'll post. Thanks everyone for the fond memories. Oh, and my favorite bartender at The Brewery - Johnny!!! The best, along with my Katz.

Willie Ramirez |

Wow... great comments and memories from everyone regarding Jubilation!! Great stuff.

Bryon Jaffee |

Mark Rich has the original sign From DIRTY SALLY's and says he would sell it! He also was a dj for a month at Billy Jacks. dJ at The Jubilation!

Leza |

Mark Rich- What did you do at Billy Jacks? I remember Ernie "Big E", Ignacio and I talk to Larry Taylor occasionally. I went there with a fake ID on my 16th birthday. Ernie took one away from me and gave it back several years later at Dirty Sally's. Of course I got many more. There were many characters back then. Tuesday night dance contests! I always wonder what happened to my many friends from then.

Bryon Jaffee |

I vaguely knew the Oz,,,Mark I believe worked there and many others,,,Dirty Sallys,,,,,It's Mark's club I will be helping him with it,,and yes it will be 70's and 80's music!,,His Idea,,,,,I could be in Vegas in the next 6 months if its a go!,,,I took Tara out once,,and then she was gone from the club.,,Vegas might have been the best time of my life!!

Robert |

Who remembers Oddesey Records?

Phil Anile aka "radar" |

Bryon, that would be so cool if you and Mark open a place you maybe could bring back some old class vegas style atmosphere...Please via this site keep us posted to the progress!
As for Tara I do remember her very briefly came and left pretty hot girl! curious as to what Drew Varga is up to. Mark I think just left the club when I came there. You seem like a very nice person, if you think oh yeah I know what I wanted to ask you. Was there a place or joint called OZ in the day? I think Jack? was the bartender, and we also use to go to a place called "this is it" on or near harmon.also remember the "jolly Trolly" casino. Take care

Bryon Jaffee |

Mark was I believe the Original DJ there,,Mark is one of my Best Friends,and we talk every week. If I remember right,he opened the club,,do you remember after Joe left,,Drew Varga managed the club?,,We were friends for years he left to take a position at The Big Hilton and then on to Ballys. Mark Rich is in The process of opening a new club in Vegas if so I will be returning to help open it with him. Jimmy was good guy,,had some laffs with him,,,what was the bartenders name from California who worked the bar at the entrance Rudy?,,he to was an okay guy,,Had so much fun at the Jube. I even represented the club on The Jerry Lewis Telethon dancing lolol,,,yep had so many good times there even after the club closed.

Phil Anile aka "radar" |

Damit Bryon, now that i found this site all kind of memories are flowing back. i went to bartending school in Pittsurgh, flew to Vegas, met Joe Demeo at Jube (head Materd'), got a job first day. Back in the day you had to be a barback for a year to get a spot at bartending. I was Jimmy C's barback, I used to envy him with his looks and all the girls that would come and see him at the club. He would aways use the term "badda bing badda bang" like "yadda yadda" He was a hell of a bartender.Aka my nickname "radar" because he used to turn around and ask me to go get ice or glasses and I would already have them in my hands. Their was also a DJ I beleive his name was Kleo, we would always do our "thing" in his little DJ booth at the Jube. Sad though, no pictures or autographs because Andy Anka's policy was you don't ask or take or you will be let go. He wanted the stars to relax. And not one slot machine in the place, he hated gambling, which is why the "ant" was allowed to go and come as he pleased. Was waiting on the "ant" one night when someone (male) came up and kissed him. Well all hell broke loose and I can see Dominic just standing back so no-one else would get involved. He certainly wasn't and was smart not to! Mark Rich, don't remember the name, was he a bartender or where did he work in the Jube?

Bryon Jaffee |

Phil did not know that he was dating Dara,,I knew her ,and actually met her Mom,,,but nothing between her and I just friends,,also friends with Dominic. Every time I walked into the club he would say to me glad you're here,so if anything broke he new I was there to back him up!,,Which was a laugh they used to hide a pipe in the bushes for a little help lol. Do you remember Tara who did a spread for Playboy not a bad looker but was there for a short while? Many a good story came out of that club,and yes never will be a club like it,,,,

Phil Anile aka "radar" |

Bryon, yes I do remember dominic the door man at Jube he looked like the "hulk". saw him break up many fights with just one punch. Nice guy though. I think he was seeing Dara at the time, always was with her at the end of the nite about 7am pampering her, she was a tough women, but sharp as a tack. The restroom'valet guy remember his face not his name, heck of a nice guy. But the people writing in front of us are right Vegas will NEVER be the Vegas of the 70's/80's. Use to stay OUT FOR FOUR OR FIVE DAYS IN A ROW!!!! Everyone visited everyone on their days off and would toke them, and then when they were off they would come and toke you, and the world turned! Once had Tony Danza push start me on my Harley in the Jube parking lot. man those were THE days!!

mark rich |

I worked at billy jacks,pj bottoms,dirty sallys jubilation,metz niteclub,and the hop best years of myn life pjbottoms best club along with jubilation,I would love to talk to any one from the old days. So good to hear all the comments.

Bryon Jaffee |

Hey Phil I remember most of them!!,,,do you Remember Tara she also was in Playboy?,,,Mark Rich,,who I am still very close Friends with,,,how about Domonic who worked the door!,,The Jubilation was one of the best times of my life!!!,,,Wasn't the guy who worked the bathroom Valet wasn't he related to someone at the club?{one heck of a nice guy}. I was pretty good friends with Dru Varga but lost track of him maybe 10 years ago. I really think the Jube was the classed of the clubs!

Phil Anile aka "radar" |


Phil Anile aka "radar" |

I used to work at Jubilation night club, and often bartended with a girl named Michele Sargent. We used to pull in 3 to 4 hundred a nite in tips and had the times of our lives.....

Bryon Jaffee |

I might be wrong,,,it might have been Mike Webber???,,I do remember a Webber though,,,have no Idea what he is doing,,,didn't know but in passing!,,,,Sorry!

Jim K |

Byron, I pretty sure that I worked with Jack at the Brewery and did some nights for him when he opened a club of W Pecos. If you are still in contact please tell him I said high and remember the Porsche that he let me borrow once to impress a female!

Bryon Jaffee |

Jim K,,,,thanks!,,,,,,I heard Frankie was still in Vegas and doing well,,,Patrick Labbate is still there he had dj'd at The Metz,,is still doing his thing. Mark Rich has two successful Italian Restaurants,,who I talk to maybe twice a week. Jack Webber? I remember I believe managed at The Jubilation,,and later went on to one of the Restaurants at Caeser's. Drew Varga was in touch with him for awhile but lost contact with him,,,he last was running the Conventions at Bally's. One of the former managers at Jubilation Mayo,,Demayo???,,not sure if that was his last name,,,became part owner of The Paradise Strip Club.,,,that's all I can remember off the top of my head!

Bryon Jaffee |

I also remember Stevie Schirripa working the Door at The Brewery,,in those days I knew him Pretty Good,,,,But he was Real close to The Anobile Family,,,,,,Stevie had a nickname in those days,,which I would repeat,,but I don't think he was too fond of it,There is a picture of me in Stevie's Book The Goomba's Book of Love,,,standing with Frankie Anobile and his brother, can't believe I looked like that?,,lololol,,but it was disco!!!,,,I remember T shirts being made up ,,I believe one side it said " I'm Big Around Here",,,and on the otherside ,,might have said Brooklyn!!,,,Can't believe that I might be moving back to Vegas again,,,to open a Night Club....But Vegas is not the same

Jim K |

Byron, Richie is back in NYC but Frankie still lives in Vegas, last I heard. I think he still promotes clubs you may want to contact him. I am sure he still has some juice! The time I played in Vegas was the best time in my life! Phoenix was second and Palm Beach FL a close third. Nothing compares to Vegas.. Best of luck in getting back there, if I was 20 years younger I would be there myself.

Bryon Jaffee |

Remembering others at The Jubilation,,,,,Drew Varga,Mgr,,,,Jimmy Cassilas,,bartender,,,,Dominick Bouncer,,,,Rudy,,bartender,,,Dara,,and Tara waitresses,,, Does anyone remember Patrick Labbate dj at The Metz nightclub,,,I still talk with him and Mark Rich!!,,,Just nothing but great memories !!!

Bryon Jaffee |

The Best time of my life,,,,,The Brewery,,but more so,,,The Jubilation,,,,I knew Richard Scotti,,,and Frank Anobile,,,Mark Rich,,,and others!!!,,,I will never forget those days!,,,,and Just to let you guys know I will know in the next month if I'm coming back to Vegas to help open a new Nightclub,,the first of its type in Vegas. My friend is now in talks with a major hotel!!!!!,,,Have so many good memories about The Jubilation!!!!!

Jan |

Desiree - Wow Westchester... Blast from the past. Went to Jr High in New Rochelle! Was in Vegas when you were there. Many a night closed the bar! Could have been standing right next to you!

KJV - Congratulations - you are truly blessed!

Desiree |

OMG.....Cannot believe this thread! I too lived in Vegas from 79 to 82...And danced until the morning at The Brewery , my fav was "Rapper's Delight! I am sure I was one of those ladies you saw at 8am retrieving my car, those outfits we wore! To this day I remember hooking up with a bartender on a Sat. night and unbeknownst to us, we parked in a Church parking lot...found out when some kids ran over to us when church started! Does anyone remember the Serene Room...THE worst dive bar I have ever seen to this day. I am thankful to Gman's post, I had forgotten the gay guys in chaps at the Cowboy Club and also the Keyboard Lounge. Youth... What memories, We all thought we were such hot s***! On a more serious note, I feel blessed to have made it out of there alive, not the best place for a pretty, sheltered, 19 year old from Westchester, NY.

Stefan Buckles |

Was The Brewery the disco dance club located within a bowling alley located in west Las Vegas? I was there in the late 70's. It had a sunken dance floor with seating all around. It was awesome.


It's new year eve 2012 and 36 years ago tonight that I first met the man in a three piece gabardine suit that I kissed and fell in love with at The Brewery. We now share our anniversary on this eve and will always regard that club as the best!

Jan |

I remember both the Brewery & Jubilation. What great memories. Loved Vegas then. Have a picture somewhere on my way to both the clubs for New Years 1980. Gotta look for it. Maybe will post it... :-

patricia tolman |

i used to live in vegas from 1980 to 1984. my then boyfriend, rick "slick" kuna was a bouncer there for years. that was definately the place to be at that time. the owners name was michael paglia. lots of famous people went there.

Robert |

I was dating a girl named Connie Ferraro that lived in Vegas....I was from NYC...Connie brought me to The Brewery while living in Vegas for a while...(I had a business with my dad in 1980 Called Italfoods....An Italian Deli...Off Wynn Rd...I remember the club was Slammin & The Dj loved a song called Sizzilin Hot....By Chuck Sizzle....I cannot find it since....Thanx for the great memories Vegas.

JC |

I too am in the casino work, the Mirage.
What are you doing now, and are you still dancing, I am!! LOL!!
Not the casino clubs but swing places.

CathyVegas |

JC, I did not work there, just seemed like it since I went almost every night after work! I worked in the hotel/casino biz. Jockey Club,MGM/Bally's, and then opened the current MGM. Need to go back for a visit soon!

JC |

Debbie, who said she worked at the Troubadour, do you remember Tino and Vinny?
And CathyVegas, did you work at the Brewery?
Write me and let me know?

jkumas |

I think Chuckie was in my place by the time you started at Jubilation. People still don't believe the kind of celebs that we came in contact with, along with the showgirls coming in after they got off work. One of the best things I loved to do as when I did spin at The Brewery it was the 2 - 8am shift, was to go and stand outside with the doormen and watch the ladies with sheer dresses pick up their cars in the daylight. I know it was sexist but what else could a 22 year old male do! Even though I had gigs in FL, Dallas, Phoenix and some one night shots in California and NYC, Vegas was the best and I vividly remember it 30 plus years later. I am very jealous that you and Frankie are still living the dream after all these years and hope to make it out there to see you guys some day soon! -J

richard scotti |

J- You're right- the DJ booth in Jubilation was like a mile from the dance floor. They had great monitors though. The club itself was way ahead of it's time. To my knowledge it was the first "multi-level" club in Las Vegas history. The booth itself was ahead of it's time as well. It had 3 turntables (Technics 1100's ) The grandfather to the 1200's. They had a long pin to control pitch, as opposed to a slider. The mixer was built in sideways not facing up. Knobs, not sliders. There were two monitors to compensate for the difference in space to the dance floor. In addition there was a cassette deck and a Teac reel to reel. The booth also had a telephone and I would get phone calls from the maitre'd's pit requesting songs for various celebrities in the house. The first night I spun (after getting the gig), I actually got a call looked down and it was Tony Curtis himself asking for a song! I also used to trade phone calls with Frankie Anobile (Brewery). We would compare celebs on a given night. One night I had Kool and the Gang on the floor-so I played a medley of their hits. On the same night Sugarhill Gang was in the club. I enticed them come up and do Rapper's delight. In the middle of cutting up good times and bounce rock roll skate I asked them to pass me the mic so I could rap a few lines. This was 1980 and they thought I was joking. I started rapping and they bugged out! Three years later I recorded THE BREAK on Radar records and became the first recorded "White rapper" on vinyl. The same night I was bragging to Frankie that I had Kool and the Gang and Sugarhill in the house and he said "Big deal" I got Travolta on the dance floors and I'm gonna turn on the squares". (Brewery had the light up squares on the floor just like in Sat. night fever). I put on a reel to reel and snuck over to the brewery to see it. Frankie tried to lure him out and Travolta did a little move and then waved to the crowd-while Frankie had started "you should be dancing". The crew at Jubilation was great. Steve (Stinky) Schirippa (Sopranos) was doorman when I started and became co-manager and Maitre'd. Jimmy Grimaldi (I think that was last name) was a doorman. He was the vocalist from the group Looking glass that had the hit "Brandy" in the 70's. It was a great experience working there and I met a ton of celebs and many fascinating people.Later on Jubilation was used in the film Casino and Devo was playing in the background of the scene. The only non- realistic part was that in the movie they use zebra stripe pattern on back of couches and the real "Jube" never had that. I have a million stories and I will share more and want to start a Jubilation page and post pics too.

Frankie Anobile |

Hi J -

Nice to hear from you. Yes, I see Chuck and Angela a couple of times a year myself. It makes sense now. Great to hear from all of you.

jkumas |

Richie - I was only in Vegas for a year back in 79-80 and Chuck took my place. I recently spent some time with Chuck and Angel and relived our Phoenix times and my Vegas stint. I still remember how far away the dance floor was from the booth at Jubilation, it must have been a 2 sec time delay! I loved the town and the people. I still think about it to this day. I stay in touch with Chuck and now live in NC.

Richard Scotti |

Wow- what memories. I was the DJ at Paul Anka's Jubilation from 1980-1982. My crosstown "rival" at the Brewery was Frankie Anobile. He was the best Club DJ and I beat him by ONE vote to win that title in 1982. I voted for myself and Frankie voted for me so that's how I got him. He handed me the trophy at an awards ceremony at Caesar's Palace sponsored by Billboard. To this day - he is the BEST music programmer I have heard and the most knowledgable person on the planet about nightlife. That's why he has tons of awards and got the key to the city for his achievements. After all these years we are best friends and talk all the time. And.... we are both still actively involved in music and entertainment in general. The "corporations" and suits should tap into his knowledge because many of the mega clubs are not run properly and everywhere my pal ever worked he guaranteed to double and triple their profits and it happened EVERY TIME! Anyway - those were some of the best times I ever had. In my 20's, from NY, working for Paul Anka, meeting celebs every night and all while Vegas was still a "small town" with a population of 250K!!! Now it's over two million people!! Viva Las Vegas- Richard Scotti

jkumas |

Frankie, Are you Frankie A? If so I came up from Phoenix and worked at Epominandas then did two nights at The Brewery in 1979. It was only for a few months when Jack was there. Chuckie H. took my place at Epominandas when I moved back to Palm Beach. He and I were roommates in Tempe and worked together, I was at Mabel Murphy's and he was at Starr Systems.

DJ Frankie |

This is a great site. I have worked in Las Vegas nightlife since 1978. From the Brewery and Jubilation to Shark and Tramps, Studio 54 and Tabu and presently Chateau and Gallery. I worked as a DJ and program director at the Brewery from December 1978 to September 1982. The other DJs that worked at the Brewery were Jack, Craig, Mark, S, Gary Cosio, Gordon, and Harold Goz in its heyday. I've seen some posts on this page of DJs who have claimed to work there. (No disrespect) It's possible but I don't recall. In any event, all this information is great. Keep up the good work on this page.

Steve Gifford |

My name is Steve Gifford My start in Las Vegas was 1966 when my Dad retired from the navy I was 15. I went up to Salt Lake and went to broadcasting school. While I was there I started a small business called "the boogie machine" in 1973, I moved back to Vegas in 1975 and ran into a guy named Danny Leavitt. He had been providing sound for local bands in cedar city Utah and in Las Vegas, Some of the bands were Standard Time, Forward Motion when I met him he was doing sound for a band called Doc Rogers they were actually an incredible band some of the members were Ken Truman, Lynn Cameron, Tim Schofield, Howard Wardle and Kale Stevens sorry if I omitted anyone. Danny quit the band and he and I formed Las Vegas first mobile DJ company we stayed with the name I had been using before The Boogie Machine that was nearly 40 years ago and I am still playing and have played continuously all that time. I quite often moonlighted at Dirty Sally's and PJ Bottoms I was DJing at PJ Bottoms when the bouncer was murdered by a guy he wouldn't let in the place. In the High Schools and Churches and weddings the Boogie Machine became very well name and had hundreds of fans and Danny and I had a great time all those years. I am tempted to write a book about those nearly 40 years it was great gun and still is.

jkumas |

I was the DJ for Epaminandas and worked at the Brewery a couple of days a week. This was in 79-80 or 81, that time was a blur.. Eppies was a fern bar that had a great local regular following. I loved it there and really enjoyed the Brewery!

Stella |

Hi! I moved to Vegas in 1972 and graduated from Las Vegas High School in 1974. It was an awesome place to live and have fun. Dirty Sally's on the Strip was a place to see and be seen. It didn't matter where you went, people dressed up and had class.....and they all could burn up the floor!!! Saturday Night Fever had just come out and The Brewery had all the guys in white suits. Don Jose's on Tropicana had the best sound system.

I remember walking out of Jubilation one night after spending an evening there and seeing Joe Frazier walk in with his entourage, and making eyes at Bob Hope while he danced next to me. Later that evening Mr. Hope walked up to my husband and I and traded stories about the military with my husband while we waited for our cars. Ahhhh, valet parking!!!!

Does anyone remember Epaminonda's? Later bacame Carlos Murphy's
Mexican Restaurant. Sacrilege!! And the nightclub in the Jockey Club? And the palm reader there? As a chick my friend and I never needed a membership. Ha! Ha!

Vegas was a place run by the Mob. There was class, order, no gangs, good inexpensive entertainment, and an energy in the air that made it THE place to be. The 70's and early 80's were the best years before big corporations ruined it. Emjoy the memories.

Mark |

I moved to Las Vegas in 1986, the hottest clubs then were Tramp's at Flamingo and Arville, and Shark's on Koval Lane. I would get there about 1 A.M. and leave about 9 A.M. Nothing but fun all night long. The town was ran by the Mob, and was low-crime, inexpensive and fun. Those were the days. Las Vegas is now a corporate place, high crime, gangs, and a large population. Corporations are much more corrupt then the Mob ever could be.

brinda |

Dirty sallys was the place to go!I was there almost every tue. For the dance contest.remember those? It was mid to late 70s.what a lot of fun that was stars would show up there all the time.it was a class act hot spot at that time.

Andy |

Wow I remember the Brewery I turned 21 a few times there lmao jubilation, jubilation , troubadour ,etc. That was when clubs were clubs! Brewery became packards, sharks, tramps those were the days......(oh and leza by the way that is where the in crowd was honey don't know where you were lmfao!)

Leza Heed |

Billy Jacks was the first disco across from the Hacienda,on LVB. Ignacio and Ernie "Big E" were the doormen. Larry Taylor was the DJ at Billy Jacks. Dirty Sallys opened and everyone started going there. Dirty Sallys was on LVB and Twain. Ernie went to Dirty Sally, I don't remember Ignacio being there. Billy Jacks later became Gibbys which was owned by Danny Gibson. I actually had my wedding reception at Gibbys. There was the Yellow Submarine near The Flamingo, PJ Bottoms became The Oz across from Circus Circus. All the "boys" held court near the front door of the Oz. FBI cruising the parking lot was a nightly event. People would do coke right at the tables. No one cared. The Brewery was always crowded but not with the in people. Brewery was on Twain and Paradise. There was one by the Boulevard Mall but I can not remember the name of it. It was mostly all Cubans going there. Troubador and Moby Grape were much earlier. They also had live music not disco. Jubilation was at the tail end of the disco era. Jubilation later became the Shark Club. Botanys was waaay later and was on Flamingo or Tropicana around Swenson I think. Boy those were the days.

Strange |

Thanks Been there. Le Cafe was the gay club located where the airport currently resides. Many celebs and after hours dancers found refuge there. I went with friends to gawk, but loved the more authentic disco tunes and energy.

Been there |

The fellow who was shot in front of the Brewery was Randy Rizzo. He was a great guy. Before the Crazy Horse One existed, on Paradise and Flamingo, it was Diana's Bananas. The "owner" of the Crazy Horse One was Tony Albanese. His head was found rolling around out in the desert somewhere. Jubilation became The Shark Club, named after the UNLV basketball coach. Dirty Sally's I think was at LV Blvd and Sahara, Billy Jack's was across the street from thee Hacienda. It was originally Gibbys ? Bar. And there was a great "gay" bar that all of the entertainers went to, on I believe the corner of Paradise, that burnt down. I won't exactly say that Vegas was crime free, but it was alot more fun back then.

Victoria |

Troupador was not on Decatur, it was off Western or Highland, where Little Darlings is now. I remember dancing til dawn and then going out for cheap breakfast....like the .99 cent steak and eggs. Does any remember Billy Jacks near the Hacienda, or Calamity Jane's on Boulder Hwy, or The Moby Grape on Tropicana, or how about seeing concerts at The Crystal Palace in Commercial Center on Sahara?

bazza |

Hi, i was there with a friend in Vegas in the Summer of 79, we were supposed to stay in Vegas for a max of 2 days but ended up staying 9, loved the place and loved The Brewery and Jubilation which were deffo the places to be in, I remember coming out at 8AM one morning to bright sunshine, over the road was parked an old London bus. I thought I was seeing things, met a great girl from Mountain View Boulevard that trip. Vegas was fantastic then, been back a few times since but don't feel it is the same.

The Brewery and Jubilation were memorable clubs, The Brewery is still there right? what happened to Jubilation?

cheers from the UK

Steve |

I worked at Victorias Saloon 1980-1981 as a Bar back. It was a great club on weekends. Jeff was the bartender We had so much fun.

Matthew Paglia |

yeah great place. im the son of the owner and his name was Paglia

william bailey |

oh yeah! I used to go with my ex-wife to the "Jungle Club" it later became "El Jardin's" I saw the group "Rare Earth" there, they all autographed my "Get Ready" remix extended version album they where really cool! "Those were the days" anyway take care you all God Bless!! until I can think of something else, thats it for now!!!

roy coleman |

hay any of you remember me i was the gm at the keyboard in the 80s i remember all of them clubs my door man's name was john baca he was a boxer

william bailey |

Does anybody remember "Victoria's club inside the charlston heights bowling alley but is now Arizona Charley's, they had the coffee shop and "Victoria's Club" next to it, I worked valet at Victoria's by night. and dishwasher and chicken wings and hot dogs in the coffee shop at early evening. The Becker family owned it Ernie jr and ernie sr were really cool! They were U S C allumni, and Ernie Sr used to water his rose garden by the back entrance near the parking lot those were the days! I had a crush on the coffee shop waitress Jennifer Brewer a knockout redhead,sweet,nice,great body very energetic and a christian, hope that doesn't offend anybody! If I had a time machine knowing what I know now !! Whew!!!

Kitty |

I lived in Las Vegas 1975-1985 when Vegas was Vegas..not the circus it has become. Every Friday night I use to go the Jubilation nothing got started until 12 am.. then the Brewery around 3 am until dawn... with the Keyboard lounge thrown in... never since the 70's have there been any night clubs that can compare. Both clubs were classy, great music valet parking, no long lines to get in. you dressed for the evening......what a wondertime time in Vegas...it was ran by the Mob...gangs did not exist...Vegas was a wonderful place to live at that time.

william bailey |

I worked at PJ bottoms when they first opened they had Greek owners, my boss was named Deemos, and I had a friend who worked as a bouncer at the brewery randy rizzo who got shot there he also worked at the crazy horse he was always cool! nice to me I wouldn't want him to get pissed off at me. last time I saw him he brought his son to valley hospital there was some battery acid in his son's eye. I worked at valley hospital in dietary back in the day. Those were the days!!!!

Brinda |

does anyone remember the murder at PJ Bottoms in the late 70s? two Cubans, and two Italians? if so can you remember anything about it? like names?

PAUL Woodworth |


strange |

Mike, I was thinking of your Grandfather. Your dad used to run security with another big guy. And I remember your uncle as a pretty young man.

jkumas, I'm sure we ran into each other at one point. I was associated with the record pool at one point.

Michael Paglia Jr. |

Yeah my Dad is still around! And a big tall guy carrying a flash light sounds like it would be my dad haha. The guy that was going to school in California is my uncle, who is a plastic surgeon now in Vegas.

jkumas |

Mike, what a great video. It sure brought The Brewery to life. I do challange what Steve said about the fights. I know it was a long time ago but the way I remember it nobody fought inside that club,it just was not done..I can remember a night when a guy was stealing purses and was escorted out by two hosts and when the came by the DJ booth the guy's feet were not touching the ground and he was taken outside to get a "Brewery Beating".

It was either you or your brother that worked Valet and was going to school in CA. Every time I see Vegas and the guy with the MIT degree parking cars it reminds me.

In my time I worked all over the country, Palm Beach, Sacramento, San Fransisco, Dallas, Phoenix and NY. But never, never has any club or city compared to The Brewery.

Strange... I should know who you are,I was only in Vegas for a year but...Let me know I would like to catch up. jkumas@ezmtgs.com

Strange |

The club across from UNLV was Epiminandas back then. Mike Paglia Jr., Was it you or your brother who ran the security at the club. Is your dad still around? I remember meeting him when I first got the job. He sent me over to get my teamsters union membership, which went effortlessly because of his connection. I can't remember the big tall guy who always carried the flashlight around. It shouldnt be this hazy a memory, though it is almost 35 years.

jkumas |

Strange - Thanks for the info. Jack Webber was the quy I was trying to remember. Was the club off Pecos?? It looks like all the clubs are in the hotels now. I went to Vegas last year and man has it changed...

Cassie |

I used to go to Dirty Sally's in the 70s. Also PJ Bottoms, The Brewery, Crazy Horse before it was topless, and Troubadour. I think Dirty Sally's was on Maryland Parkway, and Crazy Horse was on Paradise. PJ Bottoms was adjacent from Circus-Circus, Troubadour was on Decatur. There was a place across from UNLV I used to go to; I think it was called Magillacullies or something like that. Today it's Freakin' Frog. I remember coming out of the clubs and the sun was rising - majority of the clubs stayed open 24 hours. I kept waiting for the bands to call it a night, which they never did! "John" was a bouncer at PJ Bottoms. None of the clubs ever carded females. The mob ran Vegas back then, and the city was clean, crime free, and entertainment was inexpensive. Those were the days!

Strange |

Let's see, at Rumors, Doug and the Walrus worked there and Gary was also working with them. He went on to open Jubilation as I recall. Jack Weber left Brewery and opened a teen disco. I worked at the Jockey Club on the strip for a while after the Brewery. I Left Las Vegas in 1979 and worked in L.A. At the Jockey Club before a 3 month stint on cruise ships.

jkumas |

Now we are getting somewhere. The headhunter that got me the gig at Epominondas helped me do the stint at the Brewery. I had two or three nights in 78-79 after I got done at Eppies I went to the Brewery to spin. I remember on of the other DJ had just gotten a Porsche and started working at another club off the strip I think on Pecos? Was that Gary? I also worked at Rumors on the strip for a short time. The programmer there wound up in FL with Penrods. I think his name was Doug.

strange |

I worked at The Brewery in 1977. Craig ? was head of Disco programming. Craig, Jack Webber and I were the original DJ's there. Wild times were a nightly occurrence.The real dancing started after 10pm. and went till past 3am. Great memories of Vegas in its prime. Gman- are you Gary?

Debbie |

I used to work at the Troubadour in late 70's. I used to go to Bogie's, Jubilation and The Brewery. Wow, those were the days. I think those were the best clubs. We would dance until the sun came up.

Gman |

The Brewery was on Paradise Road between Twain and Flamingo. "Paglia" is the family name of the owners. It later turned into the Z-Tejas Grill. The Brewery, along with, Paul Anka's Jubilation Restaurant and Disco, were the two most popular clubs in the late 70's and early 80's. I worked at Jubilation for several years, which was located on Harmon Avenue, between LV Blvd and Koval Lane. It later turned into the Shark Club. (It is now a timeshare tower!). Other very popular clubs in Vegas back then, were Bogies, The Keyboard Lounge, PJ Bottoms, Botany's, The Troubadour, Dirty Sallys, the Cowboy Club, and The Hop.

CathyVegas |

I went to the Brewery all the time in the late 70's and early 80's until someone got shot at the door and that ended that club. My friend and roommate Harold Goz DJ'd there and at Jubilation on Harmon. I went to Epominanda's also, if I remember correctly that club wasn'r far from Sunrise Hospital. The Brewery was the hottest thing in Vegas when I moved there in 1977, sure miss those days.


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