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Dance Your Ass Off

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900 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, California


Owner: Stu Goldberg
Artist: Steve Smad
DJ: Pete Struve (Peter Struve)

Photos below submitted by DJ Peter Daniel Struve
Description: #1 Steve Smad's Dance Your Ass Off Bilboard #2 the Dance Your Ass Off Lapel Button #3 the marquee #4 DJ Pete Struve in the Dance Your Ass Off, DJ booth.
Dance Your Ass Off Billboard Dance Your Ass Off lapel button Dance Your Ass Off marquee Pete Struve 1975 Rolling Stone

Photo below by Roy Hembree
Description: The exterior wall of Dance Your Ass Off, snapped by my mom in October 1976 from our car window.
exterior wall and sign of Dance Your Ass Off

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Added by Peter D. Struve


Your Comments

Pam Christensen |

I used to have such a great time at the club. So much fun! Ah, the 70s!!

Sue White |

Cannot seem to locate you Stu. If you are still around my number is 305-663-9080

Stu Goldberg (not the keyboard wizard) |

To Sue white (above Sept 24, 2012): Just saw this site by a friend's accident. Your name conujured up the most wholesome, lovely face I have ever imagined. You were the love of my life, Sue, at a time of undue business pressure and turmoil in which I should never have been involved. My heart was never the same following your absence (twice). Here's hoping you were able to realize your ambitions and have yet landed on your feet at this late date. Look me up on linkedin sanfrancisco stu goldberg should you ever see this.

stan |

stu can you believe this is the first time i've seen your site !

Sue White |

It's been many years since the girl from Miami visited San Fransico and met Stu Goldberg. Thanks so much for teaching me to dream....I will never forget you. Hope you are healthy and well.The club was such a success because Stu put so much of himself into the club. His ideas, enthusiasm and creativity. Back then he even lived on site a little known fact.

Lenwood Simmons |

Joanne, I was also at Ft Ord during that time and used to go there also. I think I remember you. My friend Eddie Clark and I would go there with our girlfriends at that time. We would also hang out in Oakland since that is where Eddie was from. I loved going to Dance Your a** Off and the disco scene. I still enjoy dancing even now.
Lenwood Simmons

Joanne Arnold |

I went to this huge Disco back in the 70's from 1975 to 1978, WOW!!!! I still have my big red Dance Your a** Off pin which I saved due to loving this dance/party place. I was a real Disco dancer that would dress either in all sequins, glitter and silks or with a Gangsta hat and zoot suit with walking cane, struttin' my stuff. I miss the Disco scene/music soooo much!!!! I was in the military (Army) back then and would come from Fort Ord with friends to it. Wish I could see pictures of the inside from back then!!! All you Disco-ers from that era that went there - I wish you well my friends...

Alexandra |

Wow! I remember that place was huge!! and there was an upstairs as well. I remember doing the hustle on that dance floor with about 200 people. The year was 1976. My girlfriend and I would go there every weekend,the place was so packed with people we would end up losing each other in there. I still have a photo I took with a blind date, there was an area a photographer would take your picture with the dance your*** off logo on it. Oh what memories.

Rod Jensen |

I took a walk down memory lane today and ended up at the club site on Columbus. I recall going there in early 1975 but there is now a café on the corner of Columbus/Lombard. I thought that the entrance was there on the corner or maybe this was subdivided later. Is the current Cobb's Comedy Club basically the same venue space as Dance Your a** Off? I also recall taking disco dance lessons perhaps before the club got open to the general public in the evening. Would this have been Karen Lustgarten in 1975 giving the lessons? What year did the club close and are there any pictures of the interior from the 1970’s? Thanks for any help in reliving my youth 35+ years later :)

Barbra Losel |

Is there any more memorabilia (pics, ads, etc.) from D.Y.A.O. around? My then-boyfriend lived in the Olympus Hotel upstairs and we and our friends spent untold hours at the club (as well as many sleep deprived hours upstairs-lol). We've been reminiscing lately, and I thought I'd do a little poking around for memories. Thank you, and thanks for all the hours of fun back in "the day."

Peter D. Struve |

Stu... wow - great to hear from you. I have had recent conversations with Karen Lustgarden and Steve smad... I'm

Stu Goldberg |

Yo Peter: saw your input here. The good old days.
gimme a buzz. Your old pal Stu


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