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Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia


Limelight Atlanta logo I may be wrong on the closing date, but Limelight was BUMPIN' for years. As Atlanta started to shed it's backwater image-this club led the way. It was located in a strip shopping mall and everything else in that mall became identified with the "DISCO" prefix. As in :

An overwhelmingly straight and White crowd. If you were Black and un-intimidated... LIKE ME... you could end up going home with a hot little White chik or two. This not only annoyed the White guys in the club... it was'nt playing too well amongst the Sista's on my side of town either. Beez like 'dat sometime. ;^D .Limelight was the place where celebrities and visiting ballplayers would come to get there Studio 54 fix and coupla' lines of the powdered stuff. Haven't seen Atlanta in years. Wonder whats on that spot now?

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Amie Akers |

I'm looking for someone who might have known Wayne Akers he worked that's why I'm late in the 80's

Ed Bales |

I use to go there with my girl friend. After we broke up she got a job there doing the robot thing at the top of the stairs... her name was Shelly Johnson. Heard she got married and moved to Boston. If anyone knows her, tell her Ed says Hi.

Donny Kirkland |

I worked security with Reza, Mark Gore, James Hampton, Mike, Jeff, Dudley, Ray....Big Red...Glem Coontz...what a great bunch of guys..i believe Callahan was one of the best bartenders ever..i like Kenny and Sal but Callahan was in a league all his own.Bob was a strong poorer too. Probably the greatest bar talent Atlanta will ever see, and dont forget Ci and Teresa...awesome, Music thanks Randy and always entertaining. Randy would close with the Jetsons theme music and Ci and Teresa would fly around the dancefloor to enjoy the end of another night. What a fun group of people to work with.

DJ Pop n Lock |

lets do another party in 2015 ..yall ready?

Paula |

Although i was there many times and have told my son how wild it was i dont think you could appreciate how great the clubs in Atlanta were in the 80s. I worked for The Peasant Restaurants then and they had our company Christmas party at Limelight one year. That was 1 wild party. Thx Steve and d***! Too much fun!

Scott Kinney |

Had the opportunity to see, on separate occasions, Grace Jones and Peter Allen perform at Limelight. This place, when still new, was "the place" to see and be seen in Atlanta. The mix of straight, gay, bi, white, black, etc., made this an incredible experience. The theme nights were out of this world. The flower arrangements were out of this world, and enormous. Stick around long enough, and the light show got better and better as the night progressed (or maybe the strength of the drinks from one of the several bars had something to do with this). There were men in tuxedos and ladies "dressed to the nines" in Limelight; there were men and ladies in blue jeans and t-shirts (but my fading memory seems to tell me that a visit to Limelight was an occasion to really dress up and splash on lots of cologne or perfume. In those days, for me, it was Grey Flannel or Aramis, I'm sure! I had outgrown English Leather and Jade East, although Canoe by Dana was still pretty nice!). Of course, there were thousands of lights and, it seemed, out of this world lighting effects. A few hundred speakers, so so large you could dance on top of them. And a portion (can't remember if it was large or small) of the dance floor seemed to be clear glass (or similar), and underneath, while dancing, you could watch guys and girls in swimwear doing whatever in the world they were doing, and I'm pretty sure that on one occasion a wild animal or two was put on display in this under-the-dance-floor section, must to the rage of the animal rights people in Atlanta. It was not at all unusual to see limousines lined up outside, and if ever there were celebrities in Atlanta, it was pretty much a sure thing that they would end up at Limelight. If these celebrities were gay, they probably headed to the very popular Backstreet after leaving Limelight, which was also a sight to behold in its heyday. And, almost forgot, if you never visited Limelight, at the entry, you walked down a rectangular corridor, which led to a grand expansive sort of "floating" staircase, which gave access to the level where the main dance floor was located. That's it. Hope my memory has served me correctly. Lots of flashbacks as I think of Limelight tonight, on January 24, 2013, some 35+ years later! Has it really been that long? !! (By the way, does anyone know where it would be possible to find any professional color photos of Limelight? One would think that thousands must have been taken before the place closed, considering how popular and beautiful this place was. Most of the ones I find on the internet are out of focus, of poor quality overall, etc., but I keep thinking it must be possible to find some really excellent interior photos of Limelight. Would appreciate any information or links you might be able to share. Thanks very much!)

Loup |

The only time I got to go to the Limelight, was 1980. My fiance, his sister,
who was my roomate, and her boyfriend drove from
UNA, in Alabama to see sister who lived there. tried to be cool, and dressed up (imagine head bands, gold skirts, puffed out hair) to get in. I got so jealous
when my fiance could not take his eyes of the Mannequin models,
I actually threw the engagement ring into the crowd and
left alone and rode around Atlanta with a super cool cab driver.
Great night! were the sharks ever really there?

Mack2 |

Does anyone remember Cynthia Best the Mannequin on the ledge of the stairway. If you do please tell her I would like to talk to her. Leave a note here. Thanks.


Stacy Axel |

What was the name of the fabulous band that was there regularly. Any body remember?

Mack2 |

I know there are so many stories that could be told and I love reading them. This was a pretty exciting time in my life. I wonder if I knew some of the people that were telling their stories. I went to the limelight every night one week out of every month for almost four years. I got to the point of stoping when I was walking down the stairs to look at the live mannequin and even remembering she had the most exciting body and facial features I had ever seen. I know this sounds crazy but I started speaking to her when I would pass by. I do remember as I stop to look at her one night she was so still I couldn't even see her breathe. I made a remark to her and she moved her eyes toward me and wink with a light smile. I melted... From that point on I made a point to stop, speak, smile. I did get many winks from the lady on the ledge. So, MS. Cunthia Best if that was you... Thank you.

Doc Wixson |

I worked at the Limelight from 1985-1988 as a bouncer. My station was at the bottom of the main stairway (just underneath the Mimes). What a great job!

Anyone ever hear from Mark (pictured in the Greeting photo on the video), Reza or Nancy? It would be great to hear from any of the old crew! I just don't remember everyone's names!

Cynthia Best |

I worked as a live mannequin. I stood on the ledge on the side of the stairway which led down to the dance floor. I got to do my cool "robot" moves. Saw everyone coming and going People actually thought we weren't real. We had the coolest costumes and make up. Once I got to go inside the cage and come down from the ceiling into the dance crowd. I was back stage and walked right past Grace Jones. She had quite a "vibe" about her It was a great experience working there!

stef |

I loved the Limelight had times you would not believe, now I work in the same building as a supervior who would had thunk

stef |

I loved the hell out of the Limelight and now I work there as a supervisor at World Market who would have thunk it

David |

Saturday night; August 6 at 8pm (VIP) 9pm general admission.The venue is Center Stage at 17th Street and West Peachtree. Pamala Stanley will be performing.

Gloria |

When is the 2011 lime light reunion and where

Cris |

I waited tables there in 84. It was quite an experience. I have often wondered what is there now.

Noel Aguirre |

We are in the process of planning New Years Eve Limelight Style party. Stay tuned for details or feel free to look us up at http://limelightatlanta.com for more details as they become available.

We will have early bird ticket specials.


Tom DiNardo |

Bartened at limelight for years would love to hear from some old friends.

Wayne |

Oh damn!!! I would love to be able to go to the reunion, 30 years I think??? I just can't get away then, I know it will be agreat time and alot of great memories. I wish "The Limelight" and all the people to have the best time ever...Please make sure many photos are taken. Please someone take photos and send me some. Have an Awsome time. durn I have chills thinking about this.

DJ Noel |

VIP fast pass tickets for Limelight "One More Night" are on sale for $85.

In addition to the great music and lights witness Mesmerizing Mannequins - Experience The Limelight" AV Show on The Buckhead Theatre's Big Screen Featuring Fantastic Photos of Limelight in it's Prime

VIPS get Fast Access to Cash Bars & No Waiting in Long Lines Silent Auction benefiting Atlanta Humane SocietyYou won't want to miss the Reunion that Really Rocks http://www.limelightatlanta.com

Noel Aguirre |

A 30th anniversary reunion is planned for Friday, July 30, at the Buckhead Theater (formerly The Roxy). Original DJs Randy Easterling, Noel Aguirre and Aron Siegel will spin records and a big light show is planned. You’ll be partying like it’s 1981 all over again.

Tickets are on sale now for $50 (VIP-Sold Out). Doors open at 6 p.m. and the party continues until 2 a.m. Buy tickets at www.limelightatlanta.com Let the music play!

John Wilson |

I was a waiter at The Limelight 80,81,82.
Sometimes you just know when your having the time of your life!!!!!! And that was definatly one of them. Looking forward to the reunion. will be coming from Sarasota Fla. for the fun

David Squires |

An FYI --there will be a Limelight Atlanta Reunion; July 30, 2010.


Wayne |

This is awsome!!! I have been searching for anything on the "LIMELIGHT" for sooooo long. Of course I'm alot older now but I often wonder about the crowd there. I was from Warner Robins Ga. and/or close by but I would go to Atlanta sometimes for a week at the time. Oh man I remember the inside of that place very well, actually I purchased the last light blue "Limelight" jacket they had. That was about a month befor the "Limelight" closed. I still have that jacket. I would love to have someone, anyone to contact me Those were the best times...


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